I haven’t seen my wife for half a year, telling the truth, I really want to make love. She is working in construction company, the unit is very liquidity, where there is a project, she is accounting, naturally lifting the engineering team, and I am at home. Don’t see it in half a year, the phone is naturally constantly, and the daughter is talking to some “children? Good results? Next year, it will not be greedy, etc. …

And talking to me, I said some kind of conventional teaching method and some trivial things of the family, others are some incomplete words: my husband, I miss you, I really hope that you will go to me immediately, I miss you. The meat stick is inserted, I was smashed by my wife’s crotch.

I have to work with my wife to work, I will wait for you when I come back.

The phone is very high, the time is 260 yuan, because the phone bill is too high, I have recently bought a computer, my wife is a computer, so that we can chat, no money, it is good.

Due to the computer just bought, I recently got a URL SIS from my friends. After looked, it was fascinated. Every day, because of the yellow things of the yellow things, the brain is full of these things, sometimes there is a metamorphosis, I will not think, the more this, the more like this, The more you think, just let it go, but it is better.

One day, I went home, after home, I saw my daughter’s panic expression left from the computer, I felt that her expression was unnatural, asked her what happened, she said that the daughter in my heart is definitely What is full of me.

“Go to your room to learn” I said.

The daughter is 17 years old. It has grown into a big girl. To be honest, my daughter is very beautiful, a black shawl, 1.65.

After the daughter went to her room, I was sitting in front of the computer, I clicked out the browser found a SIS’s URL in the address bar, my heart wants to: bad, I forgot to cut the URL, she definitely browsing this website. .

The daughter is big, I am not good to say, hey, I am not careful, I must be careful next time.

Hurry to know how to prevent children from browse the adult network, I will also ask some computer knowledge, and I have made some technical deals in accordance with my friends, think that I can do everything, next few days, I Always feel different from the daughter’s look.

In order to further monitor the daughter, I have bought a mini camera to “computer city”, hidden behind the curtains, I went to work, I was back at night, after home, my daughter is still falling. Tea gave me, I was tired of me, saying that I was tired, “I went to write the homework.” I came to my own room to locate the door, take a hidden micro camera and computer to connect to the storage. Video image.

After I saw my daughter, I quickly opened the computer after school, and my hands and feet clicked on the keyboard. After the keyboard, the SIS picture immediately appeared, she first saw some articles, and then opened the picture and opened the picture, and I was not enough for the picture. Odd, but the daughter is here to see these things, I found that my daughter stretched into the pants, my hand didn’t stop, my eyes did not leave the picture, I saw that she stood up and left the computer.

About 1 minute, I came back, I saw a ham sausage that she took a peeled peeling in her hand, she slowly took off her pants, I still saw the daughter of her daughter, there are many hairs. And my wife is almost, she slowly inserting the ham into the vagina, I am going to take the clothes, she also takes off the shirt, her daughter’s development is very full, the breast seems to be more than her mother, her hand Holding a ham, I have been inserted, after a while, I saw the daughter’s body tightly, and the hand also accelerated the speed. After about 2 minutes, my daughter gradually relaxed, and she was very satisfied. The clothes were seen in a while, I left.

I saw the daughter just like that, I pushed it, the brain produced a fantasy in her vagina.

“Dad, I have a topic that I will not do, I want to check the computer.”

Daughter’s voice. I suddenly awakened, I was very awake and I called myself, “she is your daughter,” I thought.

I quickly hide the equipment, set the god, opened the door. Finally, I understand that the daughter has been browsing the adult website in the past few days. There is no way, I have tried the network cable.

After a few days, it was calm and slowly, it took these forgotten. One Sunday after a month, I got up in the morning, the weather was very good, I took a good to the zoo, I took my daughter’s quilt and pad. The balcony goes to the sun, because the balcony space is limited, my quilt is not dry, everything is good, have eaten breakfast, I took the car with my daughter to the zoo. After the zoo, I saw many wild animals, lions, tigers. , Elephant, buggy, African, zebra, grassland horse, etc. … Daughter is happy to play very happy, when the car is driving to the wild pavilion, a male bonard is estrus, on the mother’s back, very long The genitals inserted into the mother, accompanied by a rhythmic slide, the daughter’s face was red, the daughter took my hand quickly and rained, and ran very far away, shy looked at me, finally Loosing the pain of catching my hand.

I have been accompanying my daughter to other places, it is already 12 o’clock noon, the stomach is hungry, “Daughter, hungry?” I said, “early hungry”, so I found a clean hotel to sit down. , I have to be a bottle of half a white wine, and I have daughter to eat a few dishes.

Just when I was eating, the sky was blurred. I suddenly remembered the quilt that was still sunburden, I said: “Worse, there is still a quilt”

I hurriedly took the rest of the one-two drinks, and hurriedly took the table, I suddenly went out of the restaurant, I suddenly became a rain, the rain was big, the umbrella didn’t bring, the morning weather is still good, who will think With umbrella?

The quilt is definitely a lot, I want a taxi, after home, the quilt is full, my daughter is bad, “is a bad father, bad father, you lose my quilt” “I will know today? The weather forecast said that it is no rain today. “I said. Look at all, the daughter’s mood seems to be more calm. Open TV to look at the entertainment program, run a day, we are tired, all are tired, I said: You sleep your father’s bed, The daughter quickly fell asleep, I also sat in the nest, I saw TV, gradually, my upper eyelids were fighting with my eyes, I was still asleep, waking up is already 8 o’clock in the evening. I shouted my daughter to get up to brush your teeth.

I have eaten dinner, because I am plenty, I am very good at my daughter, my daughter’s homework is done on Saturday, she is sitting in my nest, I am sitting in the bed, my daughter is very hot, I have been warm in the nest, I think of my wife, some people are so comfortable, 10 o’clock, we turn on the lights, the daughter is lying on my side, just like my wife, the plump body is already big. The girl, I haven’t made love with my wife for a long time, and I lay a woman around him. I also sent a deep woman’s body, so I had to miss my love wife, I remembered the scene of my daughter to see the net. , Slowly, my lower body is hot, and the yin rose is rough. I deliberately control my wrong idea, but the daughter’s scene is always present in my mind, and the dry heat is developed by the whole body, I I feel very hot in the nest, my daughter said: “The quilt is very hot” and said she took off his underwear. I only wore a triply. I can’t stand it. I also took off my underwear. I only wear a shorts. .

I chatted with my daughter in the north of Northern Northern Daughter. The hand of the daughter has arrived there. My body is fierce, it may be the reason for a long time, my daughter has quickly pumped back my hand, I can feel the daughter’s heart In jumping, she turned into the body, back to me, I interested in unintentional to my daughter’s body, although the body still had a certain distance, but my yin has touched her daughter. The ass, I didn’t dare to rely too close. I was afraid that she was scared, my yaw is already hot, my daughter seems to have a fever thing that has been fever, and I can’t control the shaking of the yin, it seems like If you want to go in, I feel that my daughter’s body is fever. I can almost hear her heartbeat. I quietly take off the trousers. I finally jumped out, and the old high, I also put it. No, that is, I put it on the same, I stroked her daughter’s hair, gently compatible with her earlobe, her daughter said that I was so comfortable, she said she was so excited, this feeling never passed, I said as long as you happiness Dad is happy, I put the lower body and close to the daughter’s body, the yin blocked in the middle of the daughter’s ass, at this time, my yin is already flowing, slid, I The lower body is close to the daughter, and the yinjing is inserted into the butt, as the shaking of the yin shaking, the shake of her ass, the daughter is originally two legs. Mine, this time, my daughter tapped up the shape of the legs, but the ass naturally couldn’t help but come to me, but it is still back to me, my yaw is already on her vagina, only Seeing the daughter’s body fierce, my hand couldn’t help but grab the daughter’s upper hand on her firm breast, my daughter breathed, my body twists, my daughter is slippery. Love liquid, the trousers are wet, because there is a lubricant’s role, the yinjing has been inserted from the side of the trousers, just at the vaginal mouth of the daughter.

I have already felt that my daughter has flowed very water. I told forward. The glans parted in the vagina. “Hey” daughter screamed, I thought she hurt her, I didn’t dare to go again. Go forward, because the daughter wears the trousers, the junk eyelashes are also uncomfortable, I will slowly retreat, I gently put her trousers, the trousers are water, the bed is also, these we don’t feel it, Some is just a pleasure, my daughter is still not facing me, back to me, or just the posture, my lower body is close to my daughter’s ass, because I haven’t blocked, I will be on the vaginal mouth, I am not inserted. Go in, I want to enjoy this bliss, my daughter is close to me, the yin journely, I can’t speak with my daughter, my daughter’s butt is rhythmically, I also moved here. Hey, I started to breathe, and I stroked two strong breasts in my hand. It is really happy.

The daughter turned to me, I took the yin, I kneel on my daughter, my daughter’s extremely smooth skin brings me a lot of pleasure, I am gently sucked the daughter’s nipple, our love liquid It has been flooded, I guides the daughter’s hand to grab my yin, my daughter’s hands are soft, grab the yin’s eyelashes in her vaginal mouth, I will enter, the vaginal mouth is tight, relaxed than the wife The vaginal is comfortable, I slowly pouching the yin first speed, only half half, but I have never dared to put it, I am afraid of it, my daughter’s snoring is called, my daughter’s hands I have been in my body. I am too excited. I can’t control a few times, my daughter is called, “Ah, good pain.” I saw my daughter hurt, I stopped and soft. The female film of trauma, I didn’t hurt for 20 minutes. After my massage, my daughter’s pleasure came again, now I can put my strength, as my daughter is hit by I hit the body of the body, along with my daughter gently哼, I will get up, the speed is gradually accelerated, the daughter’s humming sound is rushing, and I am very tight, I feel very tight, I can’t control it, I can’t get it. Praise the yamjing, all shot into the daughter’s body, we are very satisfied, the next day I went to the pharmacy to buy some contraceptives, make up the mistakes yesterday …

The daughter didn’t care about me again. I was looking for her to talk. She didn’t have a good expression on her face. I didn’t like me. I have a deep self-blaming, I should not have such an ethics. Things, my mood is thoughable, what should I do in the future? How can I face my daughter and my wife …

… Just after this day, my daughter’s emotions slowly improved, and I gradually had some expressions on my face. I saw my daughter, my mood is much better, my family is live. , Washing clothes, bakes, cleaning … In this way, after half a month, the family recovered the laughter of the past, and my daughter was more close than before. When the respective faces of the clothes were not as good, even the underwear, because of the relationship, also There is no shout, I have time to scratch her itch, she runs, I catch up with her, put her in the bed, she is taking the arm, I am “bad father, bad father”, my When the mouth arrived in her mouth, the tongue reached into her mouth, our tongue wrapped around, and smashed each other, slowly daughter sent … Hey … Hey … Sound, my yin The eyelashes are topped, and the top is on the daughter’s yin, although I have a pants, my daughter feels obvious, ah … ah … ah … Her hands holding my butt close to her lower body, up and down Friction, the daughter is full of red, obviously eager to plug in.

“… Dad … I want to …” I got off my clothes. At this time, I saw the computer, saying to my daughter, “I put the computer online, we look at the adult network is good, adult network is now The daughter has no need to avoid it. “I am embarrassed to see?” The daughter said that her daughter has been default, I got up and found the crystal head for two network cables, and found a tool pliers, a few minutes of hard work. Just do it, plug in the network cable, open the computer to enter the SIS website, first open the picture to make your daughter appreciate, a picture of the yin, the daughter’s face is blush, I found a film of the foreigner download to the film. During the time of the computer, I downloaded the picture, my daughter had already stimulated the content of the picture, slightly gasping, I put my hand into my daughter’s pants, pants wet a big piece, I took off her pants and saw the daughter’s labiarous red swollen, the hair did a lot, I put the hand in the clitoris of the daughter.

Her asthma is getting bigger and bigger … … … … …, the whole body fell to my arms, “… Dad … I can’t stand … Hey …” , The film is finally downloaded, turned on the movie file to play, it turned out to be a piece of European group, three men and two women, the man is using the tongue of the woman, the woman is enjoyed, while holding another man Also rough, then, the man who just licking Yin enjoys the strong meat stick into the beautiful woman’s small hole, I opened some of the volume, I heard the waves of the woman … ah … ah …… Ah … ah … ah … Sound, my daughter can’t help but I can’t help it, Dad, you can’t insert it, I want to die, the waves of women in the movie … Ah … … … ah … ah … ah … dad … I can’t wait to insert the meat stick into the daughter’s small hole, I feel the daughter’s body tremble, I will put the daughter’s honey hole. The sound became a lot of emperor … ah … 喔 … Oh … fast … Dad … ah … I accelerated the speed, the next time in my daughter’s heart … Oh … my girl … ah … Dad … Love you … Daughter … Are you my wife … Yes … Dad … Insert me is cool … ah … Oh … fast … fast …… Ah … I want … The daughter tightened the body. I know that my daughter wants a climax, accelerates the speed, but also many … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah. Ah … I and my daughter have hit each other … ah … ah …!

Delicious into the vagina’s vagina … hugging each other, and the meat stick is still in the body of the daughter.

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