In 1991, I graduated from the Food Department of Agricultural University. In the year, the impact of “learning tide” in 89 years has not ended, and the situation of college students work is generally poor. I also didn’t go back to the city of my original life, and was assigned to the agricultural technology promotion station in the jurisdiction. The county is not big, there is no a few street lights in the evening.

A joke is circulated locally: the roots of matches can take a circle around the county. Ha ha.

It is a crop, you can take a walk, which is a fun thing for me a child who lives in the city from a young life.

There are several people who are also destiny to work in county, respectively. So, our college students from the city naturally formed partners.

The initial days are still happy, and time will be fast. In the second year, the partners returned to the city through various relationships.

Seeing everyone left, my heart is not panicked, starting with an empty fall. But I was born in the family, the economic conditions, and there is no social relationship. I want to return to the city to become a difficult thing.

For helplessness, I have to decide to apply for graduate students, this is my only way out! After a year of hard work, I have taught my alma mater for 93 years, and learn milk products.

My master’s instructor is a woman, surname Zhang, 35, six years old, tall, long phase is not particularly beautiful, but it is also moderately biased.

I didn’t cause me to pay special attention to her cheerful personality. It is my kind to my brothers and sisters, I am very good, everyone is very harmonious.

The first school year is mainly in class and earning a diploma, and it is busy every day. From the second grade, I entered the experimentatic selection and implementation phase, and I don’t have to be in class. I feel easy. In order to select the topic and laboratory arrangements, I will go to the tutor business.

The instructor tells me that she just contacts a landscape technology cooperation this year. It is mainly working in a larger dairy factory. Although the academic level is limited, there is a contractual funding, and some income can be added properly, ask me to do it?

I naturally agree. I didn’t expect this consent, and I actually introduced a unusual story.

After I agreed, I quickly finished the opening report with the help of the mentor, and then inspected, designed and arranged experimental content with the mentoring factory.

The factory is very welcome, in order to facilitate the experimental work, deliberately cleaned out two rooms on the third floor of the factory administrative building, and also bought new beds and bedding. This is arranged to make it easy to see the situation at any time.

In addition, a small experimental device has been placed in a largest workshop in the factory, and it is separated from the normal step of the partition and the workshop to the workshop, and it has been used for experimental and conventional testing.

In fact, there is nothing between me and the tutor, and in order to speed up the progress, the daily work is over 8 hours.

In addition to the experimental work in the factory, we have no other things can do, so often go to work overtime after dinner.

In the evening, in addition to having a few duty workers, it is occasionally to patrol a circle. Most of the time, the Noba’s workshop only works with the mentor, while working on the side, the relationship is closely increasingly close, and later almost It is nothing to talk, but also a joke.

At this time, I knew that my mentor is a Liaoning person, and I have a child with a child a few years ago.

When I was admitted to the school, I got married in another teacher, and I will encounter an opportunity to go abroad after marriage. I went to Singapore.

The child is 5 years old. It is temporarily in Liaoning to take advantage of the foreign public. It is ready to pick up the elementary school next year.

In the factory, all live tutors always do with me. Sometimes I met some dirty lives, I said: Teacher Zhang, you should rest, I am a man, I will do it. At this time, she always said: Oh, don’t forget that my body is good, I have to have several full school badminton champions!

So the teachers and students are happy, I feel that we are relatives in this strange factory.

Once I work in the aseptic room, I have been tired with the tutor. When I take a break, the instructor takes out an apple, but there is no fruit knife, saying that we will take it together. She just bitted Apple to her mouth, a constant temperature income, I didn’t know how to take a fire, and I can’t let go of Apple, we quickly fire. After the fire, we both are dirty, but Apple also bite in the mouth of the mentor, she indicates that I use my mouth. So I bite Apple. She took a bite first, then took it with my mouth, I took a bite … so we finished the apple. After finishing, we didn’t laugh at each other. At this time, I saw the mentor slightly blush, she smiled and said: I am the first time to eat apples. I also have some different feelings in my heart.

I don’t feel more close to the next day, when I am a little time, we will still go to the outside to eat hot pot, or sing songs to the cart hall.

I remember that in the screening experiment in strains, the workload was relatively large. My tutor cooperates with each other and sits on the same ultra-clean platform. The ultra-clean space is small, and the ear is not expaffed in operation. Until the job, we opposed the mask, and he was speechless … finally hugged each other.

At that time, my heartbeat was very fast, and I can feel the heartbeat of the mentor. Summary, I and the mentor double lips.

I took a tutor, and the mentor didn’t stop. Later, my hand entered her clothes, stroking her waist, abdomen, back, and finally finally garing the tutor’s breast. At this time, the mentor gently called the tone, the lips left me, the head is backward.

I touched, while kissing the neck of the tutor, my hands felt the mentality of the tutor slightly shaking, the mentor couldn’t help the zipper and stroked my little brother. I am very excited, turning through the body of the tutor, let her sit on my legs, I close the mentor’s back, and I will constantly touch. This is the first time I stroked a woman, I feel that I have been trembling.

Until I tried to put one hand from the abdomen of the tutor into her trousers, the tutor was tightly blocked, and I grabbed my hand across the pants.

In the end, I didn’t touch the private parts of the mentor, but I touched the hair, very soft.

On the evening, we had another return house after finishing the meal, and didn’t work overtime. I am very late, I found that the tutor’s room also lit the light, so I went to her door. That night, we said a lot of words, from life to work, to life, to a child, there is a feeling of emotion, but nothing.

The second day of experimental screening of strains need to be transferred, but after all, it is relaxed than the previous day.

In this secret space of the world, I am sitting on my legs, looking at the mentor transfer bacteria, I gently holding the tutor’s waist to blow the tutor’s clothes. One side of the instructor turned softly and laughed softly.

And my little brother has also become unconscious, and I want to stand hard in the tutor’s buttocks.

Today, my lovely tutor is more than yesterday, and I will twist my butt and make me more excited.

After the tutor took the strain, the body was born to me, and I didn’t hesitate to hug the tutor to stroke.

This time, the mentor did not refuse me, I stroked all the tutors all, until the mentor started to breathe, and the body also twisted, and he also grabbed my little brother under the ass.

I picked up the tutor’s white experiment, trying to fade the tutor’s skirt, I didn’t expect the mentor to work very well.

I looked at the tutor’s white and round thigh, I can’t control it for a while, the little brother is also looking for it to see it.

For me, it is a first time, it is, I don’t know how to explore for a long time. The instructor stood up at this time, picked up the skirt, riding on my legs, kiss my brain, and then she helped my little brother to enter.

At that moment, oh, I feel comfortable. The warm and soft meat is wrapped in my younger brother, just like entering a gentle cloud.

The tutor looks like I look, knowing that I will give birth to the rain, she leaned against the workbench, support my knee, and surging the beginning of the crotch one.

My little brother is harder in the soft body in the mentor. Later, it is a big impulse, and finally spread out, then gradually succeeded. The instructor is red and asked me: Is it comfortable? How can I answer, naturally it is very comfortable.

Then we wipe it with the sanitary cotton autumn in the sterile room and hugged it again.

When I was going to work in the afternoon, the instructor did not come out from the room, let her sleep more for a while. I went to the workshop to check all the equipment and samples and recorded the information.

In the evening, I went to the tutor to eat, the tutor played my mind in the door of the room. Say: Today, the big sister invited you to go out.

Her, when did the mentor become big sister! But when I heard, my heart is still beautiful.

So I said: Why should I ask, should I ask you to ask you.

The tutor smiled and said: small bad guys, you have worked hard today. I have to laugh at it.

After dinner, let’s go to the workshop and look at the experiment process, then return to the room. I didn’t enter my own room, but I entered her door with the instructor. When we entered the door, I was hugged together, and I saw a TV together and touched each other.

But when I want to touch her sensitive part, she will not let. I suddenly remembered what, asked: Mr. Zhang, are you comfortable today?

Is my time too short? The tutor smiled and said: a little boy, the man is the first time, it will be fine in the future. We look at it.

Suddenly, the mentor said: You have turned over the lights in your room. I heard the god meeting, I quickly opened the lights, and pulled back the curtain and ran back.

I came back to tell me: Come on the factory for half a month, I will go back to school tomorrow to deal with some things, here you will be defeated, I will come back for a while. It’s not early today, let’s take a break.

I said: I don’t want to go back today, let me sleep with you tonight.

Starting the instructor still said, but wraps for a while, the tutor finally agreed, say: Well, let’s hurry to wash.

When I washed back, I turned off my house’s lights, and then went to the tutor room to see the tutor.

I went to bed, immediately and the mentor roll together. In my constant touch and kiss, the instructor began to whisper, so I faded the pajamas of the mentor in the nest, turned over to the tutor. The legacy of the tutor just wants to enter, the mentor does not say, you kiss me again.

So I kissed every part of the mentor body (didn’t kissed private office, then I won’t have the hands upstream of the tutor soft. Slowly I found that the instructor is getting worse and worse, the body’s twist is getting bigger and bigger.

When the tutor took my younger brother, kissed me when he was, and the head was light in the abdomen. Finally, the mentor said that I immediately made a very bish to enter and quickly twitch. At this time, the mentor said that it was slow, I slowed down the rhythm.

Until the tutor, as I started to take a tip, I quickly hit the rhythm.

This time, it is not as long as the time in the workshop is like morning. In the tutor’s snoring, I feel a burst of tutor in a warm and soft private place for a while. At the same time, my hands are holding my neck, and the lips kiss me.

I think this may be a woman’s climax. Sure enough, the instructor said softly to me after a battle: Oh, you haven’t come yet? Then you don’t move first, hug me, let me take a little more.

I did it, I feel that the mentor gradually moved, so I started kissing and stroke, until the mentor reacted, I started to play again. The tutor can’t help but squat, this time I have always been a fast pace.

The voice of the tutor is getting more and more anxious, and the hands began to smash my ridge. I feel that the mentor has a burst of contractions. When I am preparing to stop, the mentor said: Don’t stop, get it out! So I stepped up the action until the tutor’s snoring disappeared, I continued to add about ten minutes to diarrhea.

The tutor took the breath and whispered. I said: Well.

The mentor said, let me take a break, you get up, take some tetles to me. I took paper, and the mentor took behind the private part.

I won’t scrub it from the warm flask, and then pick up a pot of water to the tutor. The tutor was scrubbed on the dark, and he said: You all hurt me.

Then, our naked naked. Because it is a single bed, the place is nervous, the mentor will let me sleep, she rely on my arms. I just held my mentor, I didn’t see it in the past.

I wake up in the middle of the night, listening to the uniform breathing in the tutor, feel the gentleness, like a dream.

Grinding the back neck of the kiss tutor, the little brother under his body was hard, so I used the hand to find the private parts of the tutor. It may be too tired all day, the mentor has not woke up. Finally, I touched the tutor’s soft flesh, and I wake up again. At this time, the mentor woke up, said: No, I will hurt.

Then tell me some knowledge about women. I follow the mentoring method, I have tried it in the body of the instructor.

So, I was a great war with the mentor, until the two were exhausted and let go.

The next day we didn’t wake up on time, it was a noisy voice in the corridor woke us.

We got up and quietly wear clothes, and then quietly quietly quietly, I went out and went to the workshop.

At noon, the mentor has left, leaving a note in my gantry, writing: small boy, big sister is gone.

You have to complete the experiment, don’t think about it. I have to respond to the factory in time, I have already greeted the factory manager and the director of the workshop. Pay attention to brains, big sisters believe you can do it.

After reading the strip, I am lost. The next day is actually like that.

Total is back about a month. At that time, I was busy living in aseptic room. Suddenly behind the door, look at it is my mentor, I can’t help but feel happy, there is a wet feeling in my eyes. The tutor will turn on the door and we are excited to hold together.

I said: Mr. Zhang, I want to die!

The mentor said: Yes, let me see where I thought?

So waiting for my work in my hand, we started sports in the aseptic room. This time, the instructor used her Xiangli to take my little brother in the first time, and our movement has grown a level.

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