This matter has been a long time. I still remember now. When I was in Guiyang 37, my class teacher Long Huanlong teacher, and the story of a master and slave.

At that time, I didn’t know what to call SM, nor did you know what is Queen! But this matter then made me spirit up greatly. But now I think it is so wonderful!

The story is like this.

Once I didn’t finish the homework, I learned from Teacher (my class teacher). When she was class, she let me go to the front penalty, and began to criticize me. For a while, she let me take my homework. (I am very honest, it is also very bold)

I will start writing below the podium. She stood over, in front of me, then stepped on my head with the feet: “I have to make you, see you, I dare, I dare.”

I looked up at her, a pair of her biggest look!

I took tears, humiliated, resent, and I went to get out of class. She said: “You come with me to the office.”

I came to the office with her. She sat on the chair and said: “Come.”

I am near. Low head. Who knows the most cruel humiliation begins.

She said: “Why didn’t you have a job.

I said: “Sorry, Teacher Zhang, I didn’t dare to come next time.”

She said: “I have to call your parents.”

I said: “No, please ask for a teacher, don’t?”

People in the student era are afraid that the teacher is a parent!

She said: “That’s good, not called, I will let you do what you do!”

I said: “Okay, you let me do anything.” I secretly happily, think: I am doing me to work.

She said: “Ok, let’s go back to a later, go to my office.”

“Ok.” I said.

After school, I came to Zhang Mr. Zhang’s office.

There are no other teachers in the room, it has already got off work.

Teacher Zhang is sitting in her position.

“Oh, come in.” She let me come in.

“Come, stand it.”

I am near.

“Kneeling.” She suddenly said very serious.

I was shocked at the time: “Ah, I?”

“Don’t you promise what I do? I’m so angry.” I hesitated a second, kneeling in front of her.

“This is right, obedient, I will forgive you.”

She suddenly lifted his left foot, and the shoes flew out, I don’t understand what it means!

“Go, check my shoes.”

I stood up and went to her shoes.

I just had to reach out, she said: “Don’t use your hand.”

I said: “What is the use?”

She said: “What else can I live?”

I said: “Is it gone?”

She said: “I can bite my mouth!”

I haven’t chosen, I climbed the body, bite the side of the shoes, took it.

“True, come, take it.”

I walked over and biting a pair of shoes in my mouth.

“Put it on it.”

I am squatting at her feet, she lifted his feet, I took the shoes and bite the shoes, and slowly close her feet.

“Is it very clever?”

“Is it fun?”

I don’t have a sound.

“There is more fun!”

I thought in my heart: I have to play, I have to die by this old demon today! !

She took off her shoes again and stretched the feet to me. “Come, bite.”

I opened my mouth and contracted my anges into my mouth. She was excited.

“Yes, that’s it, make it strong, 舔 … 舔 脚, ah … my pro …”

I completely obey her and lick her feet. After 5 minutes, she said: “Well, the dog son, my mother is tired, come, change a place.”

After finishing, she got a skirt and revealed a black underwear.


I have to put your mouth.

“Let’s say it.” Said, she used her panties to the side, revealing the already swollen clitoris, and opened the pussy of the mouth.

I slowly insert the tongue into the open mouth, I want to kiss the vagina that I kiss.

“Ah … cool … Well …, I am in a little, good son. Stretch the tongue into it … ah …”

For a while, her vagina began to flow out of the prostitution, flowing into my mouth, 腥, a bit sweet.

I am squatting between her legs, the face is completely consistent with her, the sky is seamless!

There is 20 minutes of touch, and her face has exposed a smile.

“Okay, I am comfortable.” After I finished, she stood up.

I looked up at her.

She stepped on my shoulders, and the yin, and there was me.

“Dog son, said:” Please ask me, give me a lot of urine! “

“Mom, give me a lot of urine, I beg you.” I said: “Ha, true, good, mother wants to pee.”

I opened my mouth, and her pussy was facing my mouth.

“Ah … Well …”

“” A warm urine sprayed on my face, she quickly grabbed my hair near the diaper!

My mouth has been sticked to her diaper!

“Drink … I will drink … I can’t …”

The urine is going down in my face, and I will squat in my neck.

I strongly praised a bite, I almost vomited it, but I have neverned it.

It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard to swear, but there is no smell.

After her urine was finished, “said” Dog, give my mother clean. “

I climbed under her, licked her and dripping the vagina.

“Okay, can you drink, still?”

“Good drink, too good to drink, I want to, ask you, give it a little!”

I told her.

“Ha, small dog, next time, give you more next time.”

“thanks Mom.”

I think in my heart, I am really enough.

Things have been a long time, now I think about it, it is a wonderful thing, I have been thinking, can there be once? (It happened a few days after I switched)

I really want to find my class teacher, playing a mother with a dog!

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