My name is small painting, high school, although I have passed the boyfriend, but I haven’t sexually experienced experience, the top more is a good sister who often and the hostel, talk about the idea of ​​that, especially the experienced good sister, I have only listened to their experience.

The big exam is also coming, so the high school students must go to school. Whether it is where to go in the classroom or library, it is necessary to go to the test …!

And we chose the most remote physical and chemical laboratories to self-study, and the laboratory only has 6 good sisters, no other people, it is our secret base …

We will read the book in the afternoon, usually want to sleep, here’s the big head will play MP3 with mobile phones, but this time helpless is too bored, the cracked white girl picks up the test tube shake, to Ajun After biting the little ears, the two of them smiled in the Senson, I knew certain no good things, and the baby was fooled by Ajun, although I am very reluctant to be like this, but this play code is often in the dormitory. Deliven, this time is a transparent test tube. Their people will want to play with the test tube early, but the teacher is managed, and she didn’t let us steal! We have taken off the baby’s underwear, “Come to the baby! Let us see your sister!”

“Don’t make trouble … I have to play back to the dormitory and play … ah, ice 喔 … Well … Dead Ajun, do you have a clean you first?”

“Come on … Don’t move, be careful of the test tube is broken!” Hearing here, baby is lightly moving …

“It’s so beautiful …”

“Well … Well … ah … A … Auntie, Dao Dai … Change the roots only good …”

In this way, they gave me a live performance.

We have 6 sisters, only Ajun, Bai Giji, baby’s sexual experience, the rest of the three people also include the 待 待 …

Sigh … I want to be a slave tonight, take the egg to help our massage …

“I have to go up to the toilet 喔”.

“Little painted, don’t want to escape …”

“I am really going to the toilet, and I will come back and let go …”

I quickly rushed out of the classroom, left the prostitute, and went to the toilet …

I think that I have to go to the toilet. I have to change my floor to the toilet to go. I can’t be found by them, otherwise they can’t blocked my gates, and the consequences can’t imagine … (this is the so-called good friend, bad students)

So I ran to another building to go to the toilet.

Only, I heard someone to go to the toilet, and I was next to me. When I was squatting, she was flush, she was on the water, I think the urine may have a last one. The user’s excrement is, so I will flush early, but I am thinking, I suddenly jumped behind me, and then I can’t see anything, and I was in a bag.! ! And pressed my head on the ground, I didn’t want to say that it was a mirroad in their pranks … The butt is high, I feel that there is hot foreign body, and my sister is there! ?

The fake mask does not have this touch of A …

“Into … I really put it in it …”

“Don’t exceed it …”

I feel that the things are slow, but fortunately, when I just saw the sisters when I was in the baby, I was already a little, so I didn’t feel too painful, but the joke also had the limit …!! ! !

When the glans plugged into a female film I was the most painful woman, they immediately returned, and then slowly dripped in this space …

Suddenly that person presses the body and the rain in my ear.

“Is it very comfortable?”

At this time, I woke up from the panic, I know that she is not my good sister, it is boys! ! ! !

“Study old is still a woman! … as long as you learn, I will take some points, then escape 喔 …”

“Don’t! Don’t go in …”

His action seems to be very late, with a deep depth of the glans, in my sister gentle into and out, make me numb, sticky lascivious water.

I am more and more feeling that my body is not mine …

“Well! Students … very comfortable …”

Suddenly he said with the final defense line of the glans.

“Can I go in again …??”

I really tips it … I had a feeling of love in love very much ago, but I am helpless and my boyfriend is a colorless shy person. This time I can finally “margin” after 18 years old. ” “But it is in this way, let me say not to regret it, say that it is too difficult to love …” Studies … If you don’t want me, but if you don’t talk, it is the default, I will treat it. Student … “


He pulled the flushing hand, let the toilet open the flush, the penis also begins slowly, I called it out, the glans struggled to break my female film, one bit, slowly sliding, I feel The glans were very small, but later gradually felt that the penis in the late stage of the glans was getting more and more thick, making him more and more difficult to get rid of the cruelty, and stop in the middle.

“Study, will you hurt …? You are so tight, wait until the school sister can continue again …”

He stopped moving my breasts, which made me feel the pain of breaking, gradually transferred to the comfort of my breast, but also let me start to relax the nervous body, and slowly start to make a feeling of love, While he licking my breast, the penis was slowly tweak, and I also slowly turned to a kind of acid and itching.

“Study, can I in close a look?”

“Well ………… Small Little …………”

He stopped the dive, with his pointed glans deep into my vagina, slowly inserting slowly inserting I think his penis is so long, and it has already felt that the vagina has risen, and it has already turned to the homework. I use my hand to prevent my abdomen. I will continue to enter, but my strength is not enough to stop, he sees that I stopped and said, “It’s alive …”

Then he suddenly struggled! I have a hairy, and the full scrotum is playing on my labi.

“Can I start …??”

“Um … small bad … egg … can …”

He began to enter and exit the penis, inserted, but suddenly inserted into the end, under the rhythm of his regular, I started to really feel the full feelings of the penis in the vagina, the tiny touch of the glans grinding When I was hurt to the uterus, I also had a wonderful feeling when I was inserted, until he changed the flying rhythm, that kind of feeling, so that I have a heart dizzy The vagina is a feeling of ridiculous, which is that it is a feeling of climax!

“Study, I am going to shoot! Can I shoot it inside you !?”

When I listened, I really want to tell him! But I am very painful and very cool, I can’t get it. I can’t say anything. When I want to say not to shoot in the body, I heard the voice of him pulling the water pulling, and the toilet begins to send a flush. At this time, he also gone in the top of my uterus and started to shoot the thick semen! And my climax is also triggered by the hot semen, so that my body is shrunk together, but he still continues ejaculation, and will add a few times from time to time, let me have a feeling!

At this time, the toilet begins to make a water storage, the penis is inserted into the end, he puts the semen in the penis behind the scrotum, squeezing the semen into my uterus like a squeezing, and then retreats the long penis. Squeezing the residual semen into my vagina, as if you have to put all his semen into my body! Finally, his penis is driving straight into the semen, I am half-sleeplely pouring on the ground, his penis remains in my body, slowly softening, slowly becomes short, slowly becomes small, slowly slowly……

Finally, he took me back to urine posture, took his penis out, he looked at the head cover, let me see the semen of the female blood flow into the toilet, until the flow, he raised my hand To the flush, pull down, watch my first flow to the sea …

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