I stayed overtime in the office, and I have a heavy rain outside, gradually dim, I only open the light to continue working. At this time, I only heard a rush of footsteps from far to near, the door to the office was pushed, running in a person, take a closer look, it turned out to be my colleague Linda.

I am jumping in my heart, telling the truth, I know that she also likes me, but because I have a girlfriend, he also has a boyfriend, so there is no broken paper. I don’t have to go overtime today, I will know that linda wants to be dried. I pulled the chair and sat in her opposite, quietly looking at her. I asked her: “You don’t need overtime today, how come it?” Linda is white, and the face is red. I immediately understood it, so I took Linda and sat on my leg: “Come, I will warm your body.”

I looked at Linda, holding this warm body, Linda closed his eyes, leaning on my chest. Under the lower, the woman in arms, telling the truth, don’t know how many times, when I feel sleep, I think this woman, thinking and her spring breeze, I am afraid, now she is lying on me. Arms. White skin, sexy lips, long eyelashes, petite nose, asthma. I can’t help but bow down, kiss the forehead of Linda, and gently touch Linda’s breasts with a hand with a hand.

The linda is breathed, hugging me closely, unconsciously put the sexy red lips come over, we have kissed together, there is a touch of milk in the mouth of Linda, it feels good! My hand can’t help but reach into the linda’s clothes, ah! It turned out that Linda did not wear a huge, her breast is not too big, but it is not small, one hand can’t grasp, the skin of Linda is like a generous smooth.

搓 揉 揉 双, there is a small nipple, Linda’s movement is getting more and more intense, two legs clips my legs, and the sterling cherry is kissed with me, the smart tongue is My mouth is mad, and use the round small buttocks of a summer short dress slide on my thigh. Her yin is rubbed on my little brother in a thin layer of cloth. Finally, the little brother couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s so flying, looking for her sister.

Linda clamping the younger brother with her two legs, rubbing in her labipings, I can clearly feel that the sense of meat. I finally couldn’t help but picked up Linda gently set off her skirt, ah! It turns out that Linda is today is ready, and the underwear is actually the most sexy t-pants. White chilly body rule me, I put Linda on the sofa, gently separated her legs, revealing the genitals of the night thinking. There is not much hairy, covering the dark lips of the flour, I can’t help but low, kiss her pine. Use my tongue to separate the curled hairy, top the thick labipings, and the fragrance of a shower is rushed into my nose, so that I am drunk, I use my tongue to gently lick the dark red clitoris, light Light jitter, exciting Linda has some sputum, no embarrassment in the mouth “, ah …. Don’t … I can’t stand it .. ah …”

My tongue slowly explored the vagina’s vagina, rushing jitter, entry, rough tongue moss stimulated Linda’s tender vagina, Linda’s voice is getting bigger and bigger, suddenly, two jade legs clamped me tightly Head, a hot mucus sprayed into my mouth. I sat on the sofa, unnovating the pants, and let me have a long time. The little brother is liberated.

At this time, the powder face that has long been excited, the eyes are blurred. I climbed to my legs, gently touched my erectile younger brother with jade hand, gently use his lips to take my younger brother, reach out, slowly scrape my horse, immediately put it up. My younger brother drill is a warm, hot and hot place, and the rise is even more thicker. Linda started with her sexy noble mouth, each time is so powerful, so deep, I am getting more and more close to the climax, I can’t help but call it.

Linda also sets more powerful, and even let my younger brother have been in her throat once again, and she also excited a pair of soft stretch into my clothes, and finally smashed my double. It is pulled into her face, and I sent my soul in the nasal cavity. I didn’t expect that in the weekdays, I was excited when I was excited, all of which stimulated me. Let me go to the critical world again and again.

I couldn’t help but I picked up Linda on my thigh. My little brother touched her yell, there was already a picture of Wang Yang, the little brother frotted in the dark, looking for the place, finally Drill into it. “what! Linda, your holes can be tight, really comfortable. “Is it, then you will plug me. “So rude can speak from the mouth of Linda, I am more excited. The podium is strong, so that I can go deep into the heart of Linda, Linda also clips my legs, together, so far down. I gently picked up the upper clothes, I finally saw a pair of jade milk, not very big, but very quite, a pair of small pink buds on the round breast, I put The face is going to kiss the nipples that make me drunk, the gradually linda’s nipple has become bigger, she is more exciting, looking up, she is slightly mouth, and she still licks her lips, I called the mouth. ” Click … make it inserted into …. I kiss me … I am quick. I have been excited, I can’t, pick up LINDA, cautiously do not let the jade column out from the beauty of Linda. Stand up, letting the Linda on the wall, let her legs on my waist, do it hard, maybe the new position is more exciting, Linda’s reaction is more strong, the legs are closer to my waist, Strongly use it down. I hold the Linda round jade hip, and I am more exciting.

In this middle, Linda has reached the climax, and the following is a mess, the prostitute is everywhere, not only is covered with her jade buttocks, but also a part of my legs, flowing down in my legs. .

I held Linda, walked to the desk, letting her, let Linda climb on the table, revealing the white round little butt, and there is already a bright yin, looking at the Linda’s body, fine Waist, round hip. I slowly put my jade column to her labie, I didn’t have a matter of time, I started slowly, and the Linda at this time was already excited, and the round hip left and right, and The continuous waves of the mouth “… hurry up .. Plug it hard …. Dry me” She has arrived to the state of mystery. I put it, watching my younger brother in the dark red meat hole in Linda, every time you turn out her label, bring a lot of obscene, and accompanied by 哧 哧哧 响 声. I can’t help but hold the Linda’s Qian waist, pull it hard, linda wet into a piece of butt and my ankle, I am hit, I will send out the sound, so that there are hundreds of pieces, linda is in mine. I can’t call it in front of it. ” Ah, can’t stand it, hurry, I can’t do it, I am dead, fast, fast, really comfortable, I will let you interrupted it …. Ah … “I put a slope, inserted Linda The two eyes are full, it is going to dizzy, Linda vagina is tightened, with her low, a hot yumping is sprayed into my glans, I immediately got a climax, in the charming vagina In the back of Linda, I can’t help but kiss her every inch skin, “Linda, I can never be like today, you are so good, I hope we can be like this.

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