Xiao Jing is the next junior English teacher. At that time, she graduated from our class to our class, just taught us that half of the semester English teacher should read the graduate student, and then she has been teaching us to graduate from junior high school.

Teacher Xiao Jing is a standard melon face, and his eyes laughs to become a seam, very cute. At that time, she taught us to pronounce the pronunciation standard. We must pay attention to her mouth, so everyone is very serious about her mouth, then there should be many wolf scorpions quietly fell in love with the two sexy The thin lips.

I don’t have private exchanges from the teacher, but I’m young teacher who likes the students who like it, the results are not very tip, but occasionally take a few good results, and later reluctantly admitted to the county key high school.

I heard that she was married with another teacher in the second year, and it was unknown.

We always guess her and our school’s male teacher secretly talking, or with the male teacher had an legs … huh,.

After that, I rarely listened to her news. I should call other places in recent years, and gradually, her shape is also blurred in my mind.

Last year, I went home for the New Year and took the train to the city. That day, I saw it in the car. I saw the other side of the other side. One short hair mm was very good. The pink down jacket appeared in the head, just wearing a large mirror glasses. I have deepened that I have “90s is brain.” I don’t like this “tide”, “non-mainstream”, I don’t like this “tide”, but she feels some familiar exterior, so that I can’t help but watch a few eyes, very Familiar but I can’t think of it. This kind of special attention is easy to find.

And I am not wretched to avoid her doubtful eyes. After four eyes, she suddenly opened his big double eyes and mouth, and she finally remembered what is like: “That one -” When she rushed me, I bled two At that moment, I finally confirmed that this I thought it was a “90 post-hearted child” is actually my junior high school English teacher for many years – Xiao Jing – I remember her voice.

I have also become the same expression as she in the first time of the reaction: “Teacher?”

“Ah, really you? What is your name?”

Her face immediately rises from the Korean drama, she is self-righteous, the symbolic surprise expression of the so-called acting skill, and then it will change immediately.

“Jing -” I am going to tell her my name.

“Don’t say, I will definitely think about it, Jing, Jing … Jingxing!” She hurriedly interrupted me, and her face seriously.

After some thinking, I finally shouted my name.

“Yes! Wow, the teacher actually recognizes me, but also accurately shouting my name!”

It is really happy that I am really happy, I can encounter my dreams in a certain time, the happiest thing is that I have been more than ten years. She can still call my name.

“It’s not easy, I am really prominent, or enough to naughty, or her mother, don’t teach every student’s name, she is called? That is abnormal!”

I thought about it at the time that I quickly reached out and hit her hands and stunned.

“Of course, you are the best student” of me for so many years! “

At that time, you just have a little bit, now look – growing up … “Although the appreciation of the emotions, I still think that it is to capture something.

We have been talking, I learned that I graduated from my graduation. She took a year from the beginning of the first three, and then he looked at the high school. It was the school I read. At that time, I have graduated high school. So I didn’t see her. She has been teaching in the school, this day, I just went to the city to go shopping with another female teacher, and that a little thing was delayed.

We are very happy, she knows that I have already finished college, sighing a time flies, but immediately pulling elsewhere, we think about teaching at the time, I want to get a little bit interesting, talk about my change, chat work and Life, in the end, I almost talk about her feelings …

Available is the car to the end.

When I got off the bus, she didn’t have a rain. I brought the umbrella and cooperated with her to get the baggage of the two.

“How far is you?” She asked me.

“Take the tricycle in front of it, I am home for a half an hour!” We have three-wheeled motorcycles and bending.

“Do you have a car so late? If you don’t go to my house for one night tonight, tomorrow, come on? Dot rain, dark.

At this time, my lens is always a shower fog, I know that there is no eye on her mirror box. I can’t say it, but I heard her own, hesitated: “No.!”

“Oh, let’s go! Just here! Look at this, how difficult!” I couldn’t help but continue to stick, she walked out, I had to follow the umbrella.

“It’s a New Year, how can you yourself?” Teacher “and children? Many embarrassed. “

I pulled my luggage in hand, and she held her umbrella to her next to her.

“Hey! Hahahaha …” She suddenly laughed straight.

“What is it?” I didn’t know how to stay.

“You said the teacher?” She finally slowed over.

“You are my teacher, your husband is my teacher, is the teacher, the generation!”

In fact, I also think this is very called.

“Teacher, why are you still like a gimmick? Are you 40 years old?”

Seeing her such a pro, I finally gone courage to express dissatisfaction with her “brain damage”.

“40? Oh, why don’t you say 100? Guess how many years old?” She walked over, I blinked.

“38?” I guess it close to 40. I saw her clustered herbalbberry side and saw me, smiling and shook his head.

“Thirty-seven? Thirty-nine?” I have calculated that her university has more than 20, then I have been in secondary school, 4 years old, and I have come out for two years, I always feel that she is not far from 40, and I Also deliberately teasing her mean.

“34 is good, do you look old?” At this time, she looked in front, there was no face, but she could see the color from the side.

“34 and 40 are not bad, how do you still look like this? How do you raise you!”

“What is a ghost look, how good!” She actually licked the hair side, helping the glasses frame and got a charming confidence.

“Hey … you seem to haven’t said a teacher -” I exposed the innocent smile, and I found out.

But at the same time, it really wants to determine if she is really her own, don’t come, a little child runs to call uncle or big brother, but there is no gift.

“There is no teacher, there is no child!” She said very calm.

“Single? Dallands?” I still unclear, use exaggerated tone, I want to ease it.

“What is leftover, I am divorce! The child is in him in these few days! Oh, she is still very calm, but it is still a faint feeling.

“Sorry, teacher!” I thought that there was possible that her husband had a child, and it happened to be home. I didn’t expect to be like this.

“What is this, I am! And five or six years.”

“Hey, I haven’t found another five or six years?” I used exaggerated tone, I showed a shock, I think it looks like a child, and she is more like a teacher. “Then we are not orphanless -“

“Why, afraid that I will eat you? You will always just a small radish head in my heart!”

“No, I am afraid that you are so filled, I can’t help but commit crimes!”

I said to think about: “I want to be a radish head, when you are lonely, it is not a radish cucumber what is grouped!”

“I can’t see it, your kid has a set of girls!” She suddenly stopped, and the magic was taking me badly.

As a result, I really didn’t feel uncomfortable. I only thought that the feet of the face made me tickle.

Or we have been a long time for the old friend. Do not say that the teacher-student relationship is not said, everyone is more cheerful (at least I have this on the surface), very talk.

Sure enough, she lives very close, is a three-bedroom, two halls, is not the single apartment I imagine.

“It seems that the teacher has no less fishing for these years, one, one, people, live such a big house!” I got a lot of time, ridicule she came. “You are sitting, you will go to dinner!” The little teacher took off his down jacket, showing a curve, leaning against it too perfect, really nosebleed, it is really an increase in the fantasy space!

“Hey, if I want me to fight, get it at home, don’t go outside the New Year!”

I don’t know if I have trouble at home, I still go outside to eat, and what is her more?

I am afraid that she is more familiar with her, and I have been eaten with me. Don’t be touched by the teacher, affecting the life behind her.

Although she was ten years old, but it was still mature, I was misunderstood, and she would not be unexpected.

And I think that this evening doesn’t have an unexpected thing, don’t go to the outside, come back, increase what variables.

“OK, as long as you are not too bad. Because I usually eat outside the school cafeteria, I will go home outside, so I said that I have a happiness, I have bought food this morning. ! “

“Oh, that’s it.” I gave a phone call and said that there is no car, tomorrow can go back.

During the process of helping cum, I found that this little teacher is not a general boring, and the refrigerator hides not only one canned beer.

I only listen to her, I am very awesome, “I can do it”, especially by the young master’s knife.

“The cowhide is not blowing, the kitchen of the people and other people such as Ben Ye is still a few times!”

In this case, it turns into a situation in which I am in labor, but I just want to express performance in front of your big beauty …

“Your boy is very good!” Although it is not rich, when the people are sitting in front of a table, it is not allowed to look at it again.

“That is! Reminder, kiss?” I stood behind her, and she took some tentative ridicule.

If I just entered the door, I was a teacher, I still had a somewhere for her, and then she was stupid in the kitchen, and her hand was completely forgotten. I have completely regarded her as a little girl, there is no scruple.

“Hey, I really don’t know how many innocent girls are buried to you!” Beautiful teacher is completely embarrassed to me, pick up the chopsticks.

“Oh, it’s really an ancient 冤, I still do it -” I didn’t finish it, I found that she didn’t listen to me, only have fun.

“Well – good! I will take a drink!”

I don’t know if I don’t care, I have interrupted my neural short road sentence (“God’s sentence”) four or five times.

“Come, beer! Cup!” She took six cans of beer and opened a can.

“So many wine, I don’t know how many nights are in the night!” I thought about the beer while raising the beer.

“Teacher, I …” This meal, I ate a lot of dishes, a bit exaggerated, basically I have a five plates, maybe I am waiting for her to get drunk! I didn’t drink how much wine, although she didn’t eat, but I always drunk, I have already empty eight jars.

“What?” My teacher’s eyes are very blurred, and the face is full of flizzors, so charming, very moving.

“I feel, you are trust me!” I am actually not a flowers, facing a drunken beauty, still very embarrassing.

“Then you, is it worth trust?” She holds the fragrant smell, one hand pinching an empty beer jar with two fingers.

I thought about it, I don’t know what to say, shake your head.

“I am not a good person.” She closed her eyes, then opened again. I took a tone when I closed my eyes and called it when I opened it.

“Teacher, you are drunk, I will help you take a break!” In fact, I really want to know what she wants.

But I am afraid that she said that there is no relationship with me to guess.

“I am not drunk! I, I trust you!” She stood up and a little swaying.

“But you … but I am old, you are too afraid … Old, but come, I don’t know what you think.” She looked at me with a little bit of grievance.

“No, you look at it, like a goblin!” I quickly made up for the mistakes just made, I was afraid of cooked pigeons. “I will talk! Hey, this, I am willing to reward you!” She slowly walked to my back, and the whole person squatted.

I feel that her big Mimi soft pressure is on my back, holding me with my hands, warm left face sticker on my right face.

“Will you want? Small man!” She opened the little mouth, reaching out in my ear hole, blowing in my ear.

“Think! I want to want!” I am dry, know what I don’t need to say, for such a long-lasting body, I know what to do.

I revered the body and hugged her and let her lying in my arms – saying that the truth is quite heavy.

She can’t wait to pull my head and post the lips and kissed each other. I tried to put into her legs. I didn’t know how to feel the gentleness of her, I didn’t know how to feel the gentleness of her, until my finger felt sticky, and the chicken didn’t want to be like this. I can’t afford my blood.

I put the arms of the arms into the master bedroom, put it on the bed, and took off her siping while taking off her.

I don’t know if she is in full, I saw her lazy in the bed, and half a day will retreat to the thigh.

Then I helped her to take her down, honestly, I love to make love with a beach! The light is pulling, and the two legs are fixed.

The skin of her head is really smooth, the hairy is very beautiful, simple, and it is still smooth. The small labello is slightly exposed, the left butterfly wings are slightly long, faint purple on the right. I am not sure that she is drunk, she is taking me with me, but I really have the heart, so I am drunk, I have done it twice, I am shooting inside – maybe I am also trusting her. Then I fell asleep.

I don’t know how to get it in the morning, I feel she climbed.

A tall tough voice, I asked her: “What’s it?” She seems to have been awake, lazy said: “Do not sleep well.”

At this time, I hareded in the heart. I only feel that a smooth sheep retreats to his arms, and it is more soft and more warm.

“Wake you!” She turned against me, but stuck in my chest.

“It should be natural to wake up, I am too early to bed today.” I said, one hand stretched into her legs in her legs.

“I want to go to urine!” She said softly, the body does not move.

“Oh!” I promised and retired back.

“Classmates, the teacher said to be urinated!” After a while, she also shakes the body in my arms, sprinkling.

“How is it, want to put it?” Seeing that she said that she did not move in half a day, I held her again and asked.



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