This is a real story, which is probably two years ago, then I just was 22 years old. Don’t look at many people to come to Beijing to find a job, but I can find a lot of income in Beijing. I am not looking for it. I am from 18 years old. I didn’t find a good job. There is no way, people always To live, no matter how much you earn, you can eat it.

Under this psychology, I found 1 job for 1,000 yuan per month, dinner at noon, but often travel.

There is a small business there, saying that the company is actually a lot, plus me and the manager is only 6 people, of which five are all women, this story happens on me and manager. Our company is to do Siemens accessories. Usually my summit manager go out to other companies pick up, delivery, etc. We also have customers of steel mills, which is our economic main source.

At the age of 35, I should not remember the wrong, 13 years old, his husband is the first steel but in the foreign business, only her daughter and her daughter in the family, so, she put all the energy Work, huh, huh, the company is a man, although not handsome, but it is average person, she always calls me to take me, this, I will sit in Bora every day, sometimes I have a touch of touch, if she is in the inspection, I looked at her big butt, I would like to stand in front of her half a big white tits, so I returned to the company. After I always want to go, but I can’t get it, I will hit the hand in my company. Every time I am running fast, I called a sentence: “Xiao Li!” Xiaoli: “Well?”, I will shoot, because I am in her time, fantasy is her comfortable. Call.

One day, a manager said that I will go to a business trip, go to Shandong Rizhao, and there is a steel plant, I just go to the goods, I will see their procurement, let the train go, hey, helpless, 1000 + km Take the train, I really don’t want to go, but there is no way, who makes people are managers. The next day, I took the goods again, this time she parked the car in the underground garage, she went upstairs, let me wait for more than 10 minutes, I haven’t worried, I opened the front drawer. It is a small package, the woman used to take the pad, when the chicken, Teng’s got up, the rise, it is uncomfortable, see no one in the sky, take the chicken, I use my hand Fantasy, of course, did not forget to take out a pad and return to the chicken bar, and got a hot fire, the first drop did not stay, get it on the car, I am very careful Wipe the chicken, there is something on the car, because there is no paper on my body, I can only use it, then throw the pad from the window, this time the manager came back, she saw me throwing things, I didn’t talk, I opened the door, but she seems to have been smelling. It may be a special taste. She is a 35-year-old woman, like a wolf, I looked at me: “I haven’t been there.” People? “I said:” No, I will look at me again, I looked at me, I didn’t talk, I drove. ” The next day, I just arrived in the company in the morning, the manager said: “Xiao Lu, I will drive to the sunshine, I am afraid that you can’t find it.” I said: “Good.”

Time flies. In the past, I went to the sun. I got to the sunshine. I just had 5 o’clock in the morning. She took me to get on the bus. I have been walking high speed, but I don’t know how, it seems that I just went to the South skin (just passing Suzhou), a big plain, she parked on the high-speed road, said: “Xiao Lu, wait for me, I have to go to the toilet, I can’t help it.” I got a little, she just took the drawer in front of me. I got off the car, I was uncomfortable in my heart, I really want to see what the urine looks like, but I still have a sensibility. After all, she is a manager. But the chicken is still a bit hard, although she is not too hard, she will come back, ask me outside: “Are you going?” I thought: “How far?” “Far” “Oh, then I also go back! “After I finished, I got off the door, I went to the direction she came back from the ground. I went to it. I didn’t want to go to the toilet, just want to see where she is in. Urine, walk forward, see a large piece of stones, know that it is a place for her pee, the chicken can’t stand it, on this stone, I close my eyes, start fantasy. In this posture of this urine, I finally gave myself a plane, shot, shot in her urine, there is a feeling of my mind and she has a touch of contact, sorting the chicken, and pants, return I didn’t talk on the car, because I am delighted! I am afraid that she knows that I have seen her pee.

All the way, I have been in the afternoon. I just went to the sunshine. After the completion of the goods, I went to the hotel, I opened two standard rooms, all in five layers, charge the mobile phone On the power, we have dinked it under the building, because this is the sea here, so there is a lot of seafood, every hotel is full of seafood, just like now in Beijing’s general hotel. During the dotted wine, two bottles of beer, she drank a bottle and went back to the floor to sleep. Each house, I couldn’t sleep at 9 o’clock, I couldn’t sleep, I took off my clothes in my own house, I only wore a flat-raised underwear, opened the air conditioner, watch TV in bed, watching, looking at the manager is It’s not going to take your clothes, after all, I am 22 years old, I am very energetic, as long as I think about this, the chicken is rising, my heart is similar to the long grass, I really want to conquer her, I want to knock her. The door, just find an excuse to say that I can’t want to talk about it. Hey, but there is no courage, just walk in the house, slow chicken, but the psychology is uncomfortable, there is always a feeling , Because I want to go to her house, but I don’t know how to go. Later, I went out of the room and came to her door next door. I started knocking on the door. “Who?” “Manager, I, Xiao Lu.” “Oh, she opened the door, I At that time, she only wore a pajamas, her hair wet, still rubbed her hair with a towel, obviously the shower, the woman will be more charming, more beautiful after the bath, there is no one I came out, I was a bit stunned, she looked at it, I looked at me, because men worn out of the pants, then the trousers will definitely drum, she also stunned, but she reflected the fast: “Small Lu, is there something?” “Oh, that, the manager is nothing. I just said that I can’t sleep, come over.”

※ | JKF Czech Forum I was dizzy, I didn’t know how to say it. She walked in, I walked at her twisting butt, my psychological feelings I followed, she said: “Sit.” I sat on the couch, sitting on the bed on the side, I saw her, just saw her little grapes in her chest, because just take a shower I don’t want to wear a bra, I really want to catch one. but I do not have. The manager looked at me, I turned my gaze to TV, didn’t talk, but my chicken sold me, my chicken has risen, and the rise is, she seems to understand what is similar, Didn’t talk, I finished watching a TV sentence, she stood up and said, “Go to sleep soon. I have to get up early tomorrow, I have to finish it early.” “Oh” I stood up, I went away. She stands in place, I feel that she seems to look at me, I am not willing, I stopped, I looked back and found that she was watching me, I have to give myself to find a reason. : “If you have long, you will call me.” She also: “Oh”. I’m going out. I didn’t look back, I returned to the room, I hate myself, I hate my own weakness, I know that she just watching my chicken, and she also saw that I was in a daze. In the vague nipple, she didn’t say anything. Why didn’t I do it, why not dare to break this layer of paper, I have to grasp if I and she really happen in that case, she is definitely not Will blame me, hey, unfortunate now, I can’t go, the more I want to hate, but I have not used it. The anger of the chicken is unfortunate. I only vent it when I go to bathe, take a shower room, put the bathing liquid, out A lot of bubbles, use your hand to put the bubble on the chicken bar, so slippery, so slippery, it is more comfortable than every time you do it, I can’t help it when I am ejaculation, but there is not much Because I found it when I was ejaculation, if I called, I would be more comfortable. I found that the woman always called, because it was very comfortable. After ejaculation, I was like a balloon, I fell asleep on the bed.

The next morning, I woke up, I have made all the things that I have to do. It is better to go home early. Because I plan to stay here, I can sleep at home next day, everything goes well, arrived. I finally finished at noon, but there is no way, the local delivery freight company boss is not to ask the manager and I have to eat, because we usually give the sun to the delivery, so we are also his customers, no Method, Shandong people, people who don’t like pretend, we have no way, go eat, during the time, I also drink two bottles of beer, because the manager has to drive, so the boss pays me, I drink two bottles. I ate a big crab. I got, I got a car at two o’clock, but I also had to go, the manager opened the car at high speed, there was an unexpected wind, today’s high speed will traffic, there is no way, I am I woke up in the car, I saw it dark, I was almost 12 o’clock, I was dizzy, she opened 10 hours, she saw me waking up: “Xiao Lu, don’t we go to the front of Zhangzhou service Are there a stay in a stay? If you are too late, even if you go back, you have to go tomorrow, and it is too tired today. “I speechless, nodding. I haven’t opened a lot of service area. We haven’t dinked in the evening. After entering one person, one person is 25 yuan, eat self-help, because only people walking through the high speed know, the service area is all self-help, our two is full A lot, after half an hour, I went to the restaurant behind the restaurant. Put the car at the entrance of the guest house, we all get off all the bus, a girl watching a layer of front desk looked at us, we went in, how much is the manager asked, one asks 228, fainting, this than belt The star is expensive, there is no way, the two will have a small 500, when the manager didn’t know what to think, the waitress said: “You have not yet opened it.” I am dizzy, she may treat our two My mother is. I thought about the woman, is she old?

I am so small? But I really want to thank this waiter afterwards. Oh, the manager heard her saying this, and I don’t know if it is deliberate or really afraid of spending money. I really opened a room, and there was only one big double bed in a large double bed. After I was in the house, then the waiter was out, I was stupid, let me really sleep in a house, I don’t know how to do it, sleep, sitting is not, anyway, it is cauting. , The manager is not polite, put the bag and put the package TV cabinet and then take a shower first, tired “

I haven’t spoken it yet, she will go in, at this time, I listened to the flow of water inside the bathroom. My heart flew in, and I didn’t open the TV. I sat outside silly, I will come out for a while, she came out, Still that action, wearing a pajamas, with a towel in the hair, the left hand is holding her dress, I saw her hand, holding a white bra, my heart jumped, she saw it. Look at me, my face is slightly red, said: “You are also wash!” At that time, I feel like she let me wash it, I am so good, my heart is panicked, don’t say, go in Wash, specially washed the chicken, I have a feeling is that I have an occasion today. When I came out, I only wear the flat-pants, the upper body was light, and I took off my clothes. Put on the TV cabinet, watching her is already lying on the bed, looking at TV, watching the show, advertising, I estimate that she is also thinking about it, I don’t want to watch advertising.

Look at the bed, I am looking at the double bed, I am really embarrassed, after all, she can’t let it go, she also looked at me and said: “Let’s come, don’t sleep?” I face a red I went up, lay flat on the bed, she looked at me, and looked at my pants, I said: “Do you still watch TV? If you don’t look at it.” I said: “Don’t After watching it. “When I finished, I saw the eyes, as if I was afraid that she was raped, she only looked at the bed and had a light. I only felt a black, I know that she closed the light, I The heart is jumping. To tell the truth, I really want to do her after all, I am a woman. After all, I am a man, and it is a normal man. I can’t stand it, but I have a sensibility, I am afraid, I am I am afraid that she does not agree, I am afraid that this is just my wish, I swallow my mouth, and my psychological is tight. At this time, she opened the air conditioner and gave me a towel and said: “Open air conditioner, cover it, don’t make trouble.”

I opened it, I saw the same towel with her, I was more nervous, but she didn’t move, she slept, she slept, I was small, I am more indeed. When I wish, I will sleep, but I feel my chicken in the middle of the night, I really have a moving, be careful, I feel, I feel that my chicken is hard, I The psychology is very happy, I think the manager must not stand it. After all, the husband is in the past, and she also needs. Nowadays and a 20-year-old boy sleeping on a bed, she is also a human, she needs, but I But still did not move, because I am afraid that she is not moving after it, when she has handed my hand slowly reached into her, I met, I feel that she is already a short, She slowly used my fingers, her vulva, wet feeling, soft soft, I can feel that her two big lips are so big, then I can’t stand it, I turned over. I didn’t say that she pressed her under me. She was very excited at the time. While I pressed on her, her hand was in the unopened, and sat up and put me Open, take my chicken with your mouth, give me the mouth, I will give it to the blow, I feel weird, I reached out to the bedside table, I opened the lights. She opened me, did not say anything, and started to work hard. I looked at my chicken in bed, I joked out in the manager’s mouth, the chicken is harder, reach out her breast, put it hard, when I am going to eat, she suddenly doesn’t move, she may Can grasp the feeling of a man, after all, she is a 35-year-old wolf. She turned away, she was lying together, pulling my hand and stretched her forced, my hand didn’t leave, play hard I used her clitoris, I can feel that her waist is very as if it is catering me, suddenly my hand stadons, I’m inserting in her vaginal mouth, especially easier, she goes in, she is. A, when I just entered her my butt, I was moving out. I looked at my chicken. I sat up. “Ah” I said, she sat down, there is a The 35-year-old middle-aged woman sits, that power is full, but her force is very slippery, or if you give me chickens, her ass is very fast. I only look at my chicken, I am trying to be like a piston, I will enter and go out, but who is affected, at the time she was sopermined, and my chicken was very quite. Short, then I started to call, she looked at my face, I know, she is faster, the more you can’t stand it, the more you can’t stand it, I feel a hot flow of my whole body, a white essence She is shot, she is not moving, she is sitting in my chicken, I can’t move, using my hand on my boy, I am not idle, continue to squat her clitoris with the thumbs I got it, I can feel that she is forced to flow out, I don’t know whether she is still my semen, anyway, I feel something on my egg, wet, chicken, although soft , But still in force, can still feel hot, she seems to have a little meaning, but the ass started, slowly moved, this is a few minutes, I The chicken has a feeling, after all, there is no daughter-in-law!

Many years, most of the sperm is from his own hand, so under her strong offensive, my chicken is about to stand, she felt in the first time, this is not a moving, holding two hands My two hands, I will take my hair, I will look at her hair, watching her breasts, the chicken is hard to go to the climax, deep into her body, may be shot once Ok, then I feel that the chicken is hard, and it is quite comfortable, but there is no feeling of impulse just now. When she is still enjoying it, I am not polite: “Manager, you stand up. I will go in! “That is quite obedient, just look at her standing, then holding the bed with his hand, squatting there, I stand up, I also stand up, my ass Looking at her forced, the hairy is very black and confident, I feel that Mao is getting to my ass, I use the thumb to move her ass, she is very big, I will use the chicken, I have entered her big forest. In the case, I feel so tight, I feel much better than I feel above, I feel the clip, press my hand on her ass, I started to attack, this offense is a small 10 minutes, I feel the chicken. After this period, she has been calling, sometimes I use my ass to meet me later, the sound of the speech is echoed in this standard room, and the hand is not honest.

At the top of the chicken, I also bent down on the waist with her big breasts. I feel that I will shoot. I let her lying flat on the bed, holding her own legs, making it a big confourses I stand on the bedside, I stand in the ground, I’m very easy to go, I will go in, I’m going to have two big retreat, press the two sides, I am very hard, I feel her. Called, I have been quite a tight, and I can feel tight in the vagina, and I have a hot flow to my glans, I know she shot, I quickly use the thumb and knead her clitoris. , More twisted, this echo is bigger, with her call, my hot fine is also rushing into her, and I feel that she is forced, I don’t move, she doesn’t move. It is estimated that she will only open her eyes again. After she took the chicken, I took the chicken. I came out of many semen. She took out to the toilet paper from the bag and wiped me. I wiped the chicken. I am sleeping. The next morning, I drive back the company, which may be the reason I am too tired, from the Congyan, I have been sleeping in the car. Later, in her home, we were usually her daughter to school, went to her home to do a few times, now I already have a girlfriend, and I will not find her and have resigned from there for a while. [Full text]

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