Northern XX high school classroom corridor. “Everyone” “Good Morning, Allen” “You don’t know that the new teacher today is a big beauty!” Allen said. “Is it true?” The whole class is around the whole wheat around Allen, waiting for Allen to continue. “It’s true, 唷, you have stepped to my feet, don’t squeeze! Let me slowly tell you the news.” Allen opened the crowded classmates and went to their sitting position. Down. “Allen, don’t hung mouth, hurry with us, what is new and old,” squeezing in front of the Auntie table. “According to this package, the latest news, our new teachers, Fang Ling 21, the high-profile students graduated from the California’s teachers in California, is our principal to exclude, the female teacher, just after I have passed the Academic Affairs Office, listen At several old pig brothers to the Director and the Training Director, in the Academic Affairs Office, in the Academic Affairs Office, listened to the new teacher’s body, a pair of proud big breasts, fine quite The waist, the body is exquisite, and I like to wear a tight dress to go to class, so it is said that our eyes are blessed, you can eat ice cream every day. “Allen said,” Dangdang “at the class clock Running, everyone is letting re-chasing Allen, returning to their respective sitting positions, full of expectation, such as a new teacher. ————————————————— ————————– “……………….” A bright red streamline type The sports car entered the teacher’s special parking lot in the school, and saw the red door opened. Extended a pair of black sexy stockings and red stiletry high heel jade legs “Wow …” Long haired shawl, slim, the beautiful people wearing a low-cut tights were standing inside the car, smiling, giving students with the teachers surrounded by her. “Hello! Hello”, this beautiful and moving teacher did not make a good time, closed the door, and the bag hung walked in the classroom. ————————————————— . It came to the door of the second year of thirteen, a beautiful figure appeared in the classroom of the second year, Allen saw the beautiful woman from the outside, and the eyes were stunned. I greeted this new teacher, I thought about everyone’s heart, “Wow! Beautiful woman! A “standing, standing, salute”, is busy with the password of the squad leader, together with the new teacher: “Teacher is good!” After people turned and picked up the chalk on the chalkboard, I wrote my name on the blackboard. “Dear classmates, the teacher’s name is Mime, the English name is Madonna, today’s teacher first day, in order to understand the progress of the students, the teacher prepared some test papers, ready to give you the students, and let the teacher I know that the progress of my classmates, the squad leader is bold, come over and give you a classmate. “The beautiful teacher will make the killer, the whole class is a full stupid, quiet space, still There is a blant complaint that has dropped, and all people who have slowly fall into the exam, no one is coming again. When I gave birth to the remaining test paper that was returned from the squad leader, a strong wind was blown out from the window, and the remaining test paper on the table was blown up. Mermere, but I didn’t find it. On the occasion of the short, you can’t show the spring light under the skirt, a red small panties that can only cover the triangular zone, in front of the students. Everyone in the field stopped the movements in his hand, and the forty-five eyes were in the tempting triangle, and another breath was in this silent classroom. The people of the whole class moved the movement of moving at the time of Mingmei test paper, and the movement of the movement was moved to the front. Suddenly I didn’t know the stupid guy, knocked down the table, causing the bone effect, pongning the pounding of pangang. Mi Mei was scared by this loud noise, looked up, and the people in the class fell in a piece, and Mermei was stupid by this strange scene. When I got a school, I only gave beauty and leaving Allen, justice Allen was ready to leave, and I called Allen to say: “Tan Tongxue is waiting for” “Teacher, there is What is it? “Allen returned to the body, and I saw the appearance of Mumei, and the love was love. “Tan classmates, what do you think of the teacher, is it a problem there, why do you look at the teacher today, is it a teacher to teach it, so everyone will show this different vision? ? “MY MYT is said.

“There is no such thing, the teacher” Allen looked at the beauty of the beauty and rushed. “Then, why is everyone who is hiding me? Is it what I have to do something wrong, Tan Tongxue, can you talk to me?” Mingsome hands squatted in the table of Allen, urgently asked Allen. “Old, teacher is too excited, everyone is not .. There is no hate teacher, but also specially like the teacher, just … just ….” Allen is not going down. Because the V collar of the low chest, the V collar of the chest reveals nearly two-thirds of breasts, let Allen look at the eyes, Allen is the temptation before this eye, and it is unable to restrain themselves. So I finally hugged Mei, holding a 38-inch breast before the breast, and explored the skirt, “Teacher, the people are very good, but the body is too tempting, I know Do you have a good time today, and there are many classmates to go to the toilet, and everyone is afraid that the teacher will find their own ugly, so they are hiding from the teacher. Teacher, I can’t stand it. I beg you to save me! “Allen said that he took off his skinny dress. A pair of 38.24.36 wore white fleshy in a bright red underwear revealed out, Allen acutely pulled down the red cream, and looked at the beautiful breasts, the hard lower body was on the hips, facing the beautiful The ear is said: ※ | JKF Czech Forum “” Teacher, the tits “is big, soft, touched!” Allen said, reaching out, smashing a beautiful ear, tease beautiful. “Ah ….. so comfortable … Tan Tongxue teacher is itchy, it is itchy ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Go back and talk to Allen: “Tan classmates, the teacher is flowing out, you have flowed out, you watch the teacher’s trousers, you have wetted it.” Mei Yuli has forgotten his teacher’s identity, Pulling the hand of Allen’s hand to the small red tribed pants who have been wet into the pussy, and Allen took the beautiful triangle. Holding a hard nipple. Mi Mei was shaped by the waves of Allen’s upper and lower, so he didn’t want to reach out to the hard pants, the hard pants, and unlocked the belt of Allen, helping Allen Internal and outer pants, a tenth of the ten inch played out. “Wow? Good cock! Tan Tong students don’t think of you, guys are quite big. Come, lying down to let the teacher come to serve you” Meiyi hand pulls the cock of Allen, let Allen After lying down, I kneel on the side of Allen’s side, a mouth with the cock of Allen, blowing the speaker to play, and Allen, who enjoy the geomery, Allen, is not willing to grab it. Beautiful legs lifts the lower body to their heads, and the tongue is stretched away. “Ah …. So cool …. Tan classmates my little kiss …. Your tongue is too powerful …. Teacher is smashed by you … Ah …. Oops … Yes. To .. 舔 老 的 小 子 … 喔 …… …… The teacher is cool … ah …. Can’t ….. Tan classmates …. Teacher itch can’t stand it, fast …. Fast … ……. Ah … “Allen met the wax words of Mei Mei, immediately turned the body, lifted the beautiful buttocks, grabbed the cock to the wet and riding Plug in. “Ah … I am satisfied … My little kiss ….. Xiaofei …. Teacher’s waves are inserted by your dick ….. Insert Full of ….. good swelling … good meats … 唷 喂 ……. 死 老师 的 … ……. .. “Allende made his efforts to pump, completely did not hear the telescopic sounds of Mommel to the extreme, only listened to the sound of” Bu Tit, Bu Tu,, 唧 咕 “in the quiet classroom Continuously sound, mixed with beautiful romance, forming a high and low symphony movement. “Teacher …. Teacher … I can’t help it, fast … I quickly shot it …” The young Allen finally couldn’t help but couldn’t help but Beauty, is about to shoot your first semen. “Tan classmates, my little lover, the teacher is also going to the climax, don’t shoot it inside the teacher, shoot it on the teacher ………………… … Teacher also …. It is also fast to shoot ……………….. “Allen finally couldn’t help with the cock, just see the horse’s eyes from the glans I spurted a rich and more white turbid semen, spraying in the whole body of Mime, Mime Mei, and the body shaking by the beautiful points, there were some slightly yellow and white liquids. The flow of out, there is only two people in the classroom, and it is upstaked in the classroom.

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