Yiyi can say that it is a small and beautiful woman who has loved people, a cute face, leaving a playful short hair, 155 cm, height will make men’s protection. Unfortunately, such a little beauty will be married to a wife. The male colleague in the company also includes me, there is no sigh.

Through the chance of a company, everyone grabbed the toast, but also hit the pistachius from the bottom of the company.

As the red wine continues to go to the belly, Zhenyi is gradually exciting. After sweeping the cabbage on the dinner table, Qiyi wanted to sing together. In addition to a few people who have children to take care of people, we have a few young men and women to kill KTV.

In the early morning, most people were already fascinated to the sofa, including the protagonist tonight, it seems that I only pay only the best aluminum.

After paying the bill, I have helped the colleagues who have survived a little awareness, throwing them into the taxi, and finally tonight, I didn’t wake up my personally lying on the sofa, the cheeks were red, it is estimated I can’t go home.

I wanted to call her fiance to pick her, but I learned that he was in the foreign business trip in the past two days from the vocabulary. Don’t have, I have to carry her, I have found a home in the hotel nearby, and she also vomited once, even some of them also spit on my jacket.

With the awkward look of the front desk service, I prepaid the fee, then take the house card on the 6th floor, ready to put her down and go home.

After opening the door, I put the Yi Yi gently put it on the bed and gasped.

Although the weight of the Yiyi is very light, it can also leave so much, and the odor of the vomit is all the way.

I entered the bathroom, took the water slightly, although there is still a taste, but it does not affect the visual.

At this time, I suddenly rushed in, and I spit it on the toilet.

I instinctively patted it on her back until she gradually calmed down, and only weak breathing in the bathroom, her body temperature passed through a thin sweater, passed to my hand.

Under the action of alcohol, my will force is very weak. I originally planned to leave as soon as possible. At this moment, I just stayed there, the beautiful back hip curve attracts my eye.

Just when my thoughts floating outside, Zhen Yi suddenly got up into my arms. I didn’t prepare, I was originally half squatted, back to the ground, and fell on the ground, and a piece of carpet buffered at the door of the shower. Otherwise, the head may be directly tiled.

But this still makes me a bit aware of blur, I wake up, suddenly I found that Qiyi was pressed on me, hot cheeks closed my face, and my left hand hugged her fine waist, right hand On her ass. Her breathing clamp is blowing in my ear, and the fresh fragrance also enters my nose.

This posture is maintained for half a minute, I still don’t dare to have any movements, I am afraid to make a row. It was only possible to get at least until the cooling of the floor is invading my body. I left my left hand to hold a tightness, and the left hand is supported, and I stood up.

The big mirror in the side clearly saw the scene at this time, my arms held a petite girl, the girl was weak, and the hands were naturally hanging on both sides of the body.

When the childhood, how happy it is, but now I am not happy, because the girl’s face, my shirt is a wolf.

If you want to think, you can’t think of a beautiful girl. I will bend my waist. When I walked to the room, I turned back to the bed and turned back to the bathroom. I took off the dirty shirt, first cleaning up the bathroom. I took a clean towel and took some water, and came out to help her and hair.

After wiped the aftermath, the original beauty, the face is beautiful.

I am hot, I want to kiss fine pink lips. At this time, the body of the Yiyi was slightly trembled.

I am a spirit, there is. After a while, I confirmed that she did not wake up, probably only unintentionally moved.

But my wine is gradually coming, and consciousness is gradually blurred. I finally can’t control my own brain. I suddenly produced a desire to conquer her.

I took off my shoes and trousers, turned over the bed, push her sweater slowly, first exposed a flat lower belly, then a delicate lace bra, leaving an attractive valley in the middle. People don’t look at it, I can’t think of Lu Huan’s look, but it is not a Princess Taiping. I am a big hair, rudely pulling her upper body, take off the blouse and shells that are hindering. A pair of hemispherical cute jade rabbit moments played out.

I can’t wait to grab a shot with my right hand, soft flesh is constantly changing in my hands, and white tender meat will continue to slip from the fingertips. I low-headed to the other side before the idle breast, directly reach the mouth and contracted the nipple and suck.

After a while, the tempting bud has been quietly standing. When I don’t want to leave, it has been wet by my saliva, the color is more deep than just, in the air.

Look at the upper body of the nakedness, the original white skin is not known because of the role of just stimulation or alcohol, some slightly scald, and flour out of a flour.

I turned her with her, and I was re-put on the bed, and I also gradually transferred from the smooth beauty back to the lower body. Without the embarrassment, the short skirt has been smashed into the waist, and the firming hips wrapped by the leggings showed a charming curve. I couldn’t help but tens of tens of shootings in the top, and slammed a swaying waves.

The consciousness of 仪 has twisted a few times, and it is a minimum protest.

Beautiful now, I have already been stunned by the mind, reached out, grabbing the edge of the leggings, brutally going down, I don’t know the little underwear, I am pulled down, both double cards on the knee. Then I sat on the leg of the Yiyi, and the two-handed white hip peaks were in front of the white hip peaks, and the chrysanthemums in the gap were hidden.

My patience has disappeared, and there is no more nostalgic in these places, but to turn the Yi Yi to turn the Yiyi.

In the room at this moment, an almost naked beauty body is lying on the bed, exudes a tempting odor. And I will immediately violate the beauty of this week, and the beautiful face is so calm, and there will be uniqueness for the next thing.

I walked up from the top to the side of the Yiyi, the red cheeks, delicate neck, slowly upstulum towering chest, will will will will will will will will will will will lush waist and flat abdomen. In the end, the line of sight stayed in the triangle of the bulge, covered with a thick black forest.

My right hand allocated with a soft incapacity, and the left hand is inserted into the two legs, trying to explore the final destination.

When my fingers fill the hypertensive lips, touch the mysterious honey entrance, the body trembled, the legs clamped more tight, so that my left hand can’t move.

The pants are really too embarrassed, I have to stop temporary attack, lift the calf, put the leggings together with the underwear to strip. The naked naked in the fantasy appeared, finally fully demonstrated in front of me.

I can’t help myself, and strong pain proved all the authenticity. Get rid of everything, the little sheep to be slaughtered is about to be my prey.

I grabbed her two weak ankles, push the next side, and the lower body of Zhenyi was put into a M word and face the invasive.

Under the thick black forest, some moist small labia is protecting the last ban.

I moved his body before, with my knees to stand on both sides of her thigh, liberated my hands, first dialed the soft incapacity, then directly to explore the closing gap, I have already secreted it out. .

I picked up my finger, I smelled it in the nose, there is no odor, so I have applied it to the entire yin, and began to take care of the front-ended clitoris.

Zhen Yi suddenly sent a sprout, and the mouth was vague: “Old … husband … no … don’t … get …” At the same time, reach out and cover your private parts.

I was shocked by a sudden change, looked up at the face of the Yiyi, and saw the eyes and the small mouth slightly opened.

I stopped the movements in my hand stayed at her. After a while, I didn’t have other reactions. It is estimated that the Yiyi is fascinating to make love with his own fiance.

In order to avoid many dreams, I decided to speed up the progress, got up and took off my underwear on the floor, let the meat sticks that have already taken a long time, and pull the butt of the Yiyi to the bed. Her two legs are weak to the ground. I spit into the mouth of the water to the mask, wipe it on the glans, and open the size of the ladle, and directly at the beauty of the accommodation.

Zhen instrument not only did not resist, but showing the charm of a smile, writhing ass, cock seemed to plead insertion.

Such a naked beauty of the course requirements can not refuse, my waist out of power, Roubang “Zi slip” sound which has slid into an instant feel of wrinkles Roubi hit from all sides, smooth exception.

Finally took possession of her, I had only this one idea, and began a rapid checks, and she begins to hit two people, issued a “popping” sound.

Zhen instrument flushed little face grimaced, his mouth has developed a sweet Jiaochuan both legs tightly intertwined, hooked my hips, along with two breasts thrusting rhythm of , down about dangling, straight to my eyes grow dim.

The instrument Zhen timely grasp their own Rounong up, moans became more rapid: “ah ……

Ah ah …… …… …… old husband …… well … bad …… Zhen Zhen instrument instrument …… …… …… pretty soon, pretty soon you dry out and die! “

Can not think of a usually looks very pure girl during sex would be such debauchery, it almost made me fall off fine, surrender.

Can not easily around her, I think. So the motion to suspend the cock and let it stay in the Chen instrument Mixue years. After resting for a few seconds, I bent down, holding her hand around the narrow waist, suddenly force, so picked her up.

“Yeah!” Screamed Zhen instrument with both hands and hugged my neck.

I’m just holding her, step by step toward the bathroom, en route Zhen instrument constantly sucking my earlobe and neck with hot lips, I have almost twice wrestling.

“Goblin!” I roar loudly, put her on the sink.

Zhen instrument upper body back and had to use both hands to maintain balance support behind, I took the opportunity to head buried in the middle of her peaks, grinding left and right rub. Zhen instrument issued “slightly, slightly,” laughter, the more I have to straighten his chest to press.

Enjoy enough melted milk and meat, and I kissed her lips, a tender Xiangshe immediately slipped into my mouth, and I responded with intense, two soft tongue intertwined with saliva exchange, seems to want to devour each other .

Zhen instrument issued by nasal Relax humming, and my cock became harder, throbbing in her vagina, I twist the waist, try to use thick penis grinding the Mixue of meat tenderizer.

Chen instrument also could not resist getting this stimulus, open my lips, and began to moan: “! Give me fast …… …… …… not …… do not get another on others.”

I felt little beauty has been completely insane, just did not make anxious and easily continue with the grinding, while enjoying the way Chen instrument. He had clear eyes become very blurred, look like weeping non weep, is adorable, but also the introduction of crime.

“If you want it?” I asked.

“If you want! To!” Ching-yee, he said.

I suddenly let go of her, cock also pulled out, put down the toilet lid and sat to sit: “Want to come themselves.”

Zhen instrument eyes firmly fixed on my crotch things, like watching a baby. She stumbled walked up to me, hesitated, turning back, hand and poke their labia, the other hands in the back grabbed my cock. A little cold hand touching my moment, let me shiver.

Thus she adjusted his legs and bend position, then slowly sit down, let the cock once again open the top layers of meat tenderizer, top directly to the deepest vagina.

“Ah …… ah ……” strong stimulus almost did not let her sit tight, but fortunately my hand through her armpit, grab one pair of breasts trembling, only to help her stabilize the body.

Accustomed to the moment, Chen instrument start up and down, but appeared to be very difficult, I decided to help her, with her speed, will once again top cock forward.

Even so, Chen did not take long after the instrument was no strength, so I can not help but disappointing, had to re-take the initiative, hugged her body, her back complete contact with my chest, and then all out from top to bottom Choucha, Zhen instrument thin body entirely in my hands, only drunkenly called Yin.

Zhen instrument pussy secrete more and more Yinye, along the stream down my cock, wet our intercourse at that cock pumping more open.

Suddenly, pussy shrinkage force Zhen instrument, shake people up, his mouth sounds emitted into the high cry, just felt a hot jet out from the depths of sex fluid, poured on my penis. Chen instrument thus ushered in the first climax.

Chen climax after the instrument to his weight against my body, open mouth breathing the air, still fits and cramps in the vagina. My heart suddenly gush of love and affection, tenderly stroking her belly and thighs, while clean smelling her perfumed. “Baby wrong with you?” I asked.

Zhen instrument did not respond, but the exhaustion of the remaining effort nodded.

After resting for a moment, I stood up and hugged her, the still stiff cock back out, above the full Youguangzengliang sexual secretion.

And lost my support, Chen instrument also almost did not stand. I helped her walk-in shower, turn on the hot water to wash the body of the two of us.

Zhen instrument gradually calmed down, eyes are clear and a little, seems to have returned to the point of consciousness, I saw a tear hung in her eyes, and instantly my alcohol, desires, impulses seem to be broken up in general, but also soft cock down.

We are at a moment in embarrassment, they are avoiding each other’s eyes, leaving only the sound of water.

I intend courage to break the silence began, but, Chen instrument on stepped forward and hugged me, buried her face in my chest and cried, shaking more than shoulder.

I only regret, and fear, overwhelmed, had gently stroked her back, mouth constantly saying I’m sorry.

After a long time, Chen instrument to quiet down, and I waited to accept any of her reaction and punishment.

“Just …… just this once.” Her voice was light, “Never again ……”

I could not believe my ears, looking at her face after she pushed. Zhen instrument face redder than before, watery eyes did not look at me.

“I ……” I do not know how to speak.

Zhen instrument looked away slowly from the teeth out of one sentence: “? …… not just shoot it.”

So I did not answer, she grabbed the shower, help me get the body up and down at random rushed a bit, and then I introduced the shower: “I dried her to go to bed and so on ……”

I took a towel hanging on in some, his head still in the foggy, he has recovered to sleep in the bed, still pondering what had happened.

Unconsciously, the sound of water stopped the bathroom, I turned around and saw Chen instrument clutched a small bath towel, wrapped in the fullness of the circumference, but it makes hem towels can not block the legs of scenery, exposing the entire lure human genitals and smooth thighs.

She and I looked at each, I probably was frightened eyes color color, suddenly turned and folded back to the door, tight hips twist twist, the above is also sticking point drops.

Chen tried a few switches instrument was finally shut the lights in the room, warm-colored room had suddenly plunged into darkness, revealing only the white light in the bathroom can make people look at a ballpark.

She walked back to the room, hesitated after I lay face down.

The room fell into silence, and her face only centimeters away from me, I can almost feel each other’s body temperature, but due to backlighting, I can not see her face.

My heart racing, but also because the body becomes stiff and tense, anxious to say something, do something, the brain is a blank.

Then Zhen instrument is actively moving forward closer to me. A touch of perfumed came, so I plucked up courage around her waist, across a huge hand towel and gently stroked her back.

“They are the people?” Chen asked instrument.

“I put them all onto a taxi.” I replied, “In fact, they drink better, to go home should be no problem.”


“U most powerful drunk, vomited several times. I do not know u of address, you can only turn on your sent here, after I get over actually ready to go ……”

I want to explain, there arrived a finger in my mouth, let me say anything.

“Thank you ……” Chen instrument voice full of tenderness.

“No, I ……”

Suddenly Zhen instrument put my face over and nose touching the display, followed by the lips. Unlike before that crazy kiss, the kiss now more like play, Chen instrument tongue playfully hiding. I had licked her crystal Xiang Chun, enjoying the gentle lover-like.

My lower body is gradually waking up, on top of the instrument curled Zhen knees. Chen smiled instrument, hand held my cock slowly up and down Taonong.

“A big ……” Her voice was surprised.

“Compared with the boyfriend?” I also relaxed, ridicule. “Hate!”

We laughed at the same time.

I let Yan Yi lie flat, accounting for the upper, let me uniquely unique bath towel on her body. A little light is reflected in her body, which is a fascinating halo. My mouth and hand are love to care about every inch of the skin, and the Yiyi uses joyful sorrow to vent emotion.

Everything seems to be water to the streak, and the Yiyi consciously separates the legs, the wet honey hole is slightly opened. I still want to tease her again, just rubbing the outside with the glans, so that the 仪 is dissatisfied.

“What’s the baby?” I won the laugh.

“I hate … I know what to ask …” her shy expression makes people indulge.

“Speaking of me to do it.” I looked at her affectionately, “said it, I will satisfy you.”

“Hey … 我 我 …”

“That’s almost ~”

“Don’t … don’t, don’t you still do it!”

“Well.” I waited for her answer.

“Dry … do it …” Yan Yi closed his eyes, “Please do it!”

I received the order, the waist, and I took into a beautiful pocket. The expression of the Yiyi has become painful. Zhang Gazhao did not send a little voice, and his hands tightly grabbed the linen on both sides. Until I adjusted my breath, I started to have a rhythm and rhythm.

“Um … um … good … so comfortable … Good …” Yan Yi’s light body roses as my impact.

I really looked up her legs to my shoulders, making it hit her yukuclear each time: “So numne … no … can’t … Sour … Sour …”

The charming embarrassment of 仪 has become a loud wave.

And I can clearly see the combined part of the two, the meat sticks of the green gluten are constantly entering and exporting in the pink and smooth small points. Every time I bring a lot of prostitution, the glans is like a flexible mouth. Suck it hard.

With the increasing number of pins, the pleasure of crisp is also straightforward, and I am unknowingly accelerating it.

My gasping, the sound of the riye and the sound of the body impact, constitutes the obscenity scenery in the room.

In the persistent pleasure, I predict my own outbreak, pulling out the meat stick in the critical point, and the pretty face of the 准 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪., 精, 精..,

The white turbid semen sprayed on the cheeks of the Yiyi, on the nose, on the eyes, also sticking to the wet short hair.

Qiyi seems to have not been addicted, starting with your own jellyfinder, and holding me in the same hand, I am still jumping, with a small mouth, and the sensitive glans and coronal groove are so comfortable, The remaining semen was dripped by the 仪.

I don’t have much experience, but I have never enjoyed this wait for service, surprised at the shares that have completely disconnected from her appearance.

While I am still enjoying the service, her masturbation is also accelerating, and the whole person starts stocks, and the mouth that I am can’t send “, 唔”.

Qiyi finally reached a climax. After fierce jitter, the whole person suddenly passed down, spit out my meat stick big mouth gasped, and didn’t swallow the fine fluid of her mouth, this scene is very abnormal. Sensuality, also makes me gain a huge satisfaction.

I took a few paper towels from the bedside table, simply the help of the gather, so she could open their eyes.

“Rogue, who allows you to shoot my face!” Yan Yijiao, but his eyes are charming with a love.

“Help to raise your beauty? Nutrition is very high.” I smiled and said.

Yan Yi wiped the sperm of the mouth with his fingers, and unexpectedly re-sent it, and also stretched out the tongue in my face, licking the fingers, and once again, the exaggeration swallowed.

I can’t help but sigh this little goblio.

“Want to take a bath?” I asked gentle.

“Don’t, exhausted …” She hammer me, “all blame!”

I took a paper towel to clean my meat stick and her lower body. The pink honey hole looked at the body. It seems that there is a breath, I almost let me have an excitement.

“Hold me …” Zhen Yi said to me.

I slept to her, covering the quilt, accompanied by fatigue, we embracing.

When I woke up, I was already the next morning. The sun took the gap to bed, we paid each other and chatted with the usual topic. Leave.

In a hotel, I am relatively and enjoying a hearty brunch. During the day, the Yiyi appeared, and people couldn’t believe it and the same person is the same person.

“I said” I said “I only play, I don’t have an example”, is it true? “I asked.

“Hey!” Yan Yi said red face, “Can the wine are true?”

In an instant, I saw the devil’s laugh from her face, which lured my abyment that stepped into the desire.

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