The story happened in a big semester. Because giving my girlfriend’s birthday, I have just started to buy clothes, it caused my hand very nervous.

It can be embarrassed to give a home, and I have to work to the school’s restaurant.

My job is a collection of food, and then sent it to the counter. Selling a meal at the counter is a working girl. At the beginning, she was a bit awkward because she was a little bit, coupled because of the reason for the work, she didn’t have an eye.

Every day is a work, it is basically not talking to others. Until that day …

That afternoon, I was free to go to the rockeans behind the school restaurant. Rockery is very small, and people in the afternoon are less.

I lean against a rock, there is a bamboo forest behind the rock. When I was studying, I suddenly heard a bamboo forest in a bamboo forest, I can’t help but be afraid, my heart thought: “Will n’t it be a snake?” He is tight, just hurts the rock, sneak past, the result is her – Girl in that restaurant selling rice. I thought: “What she is doing?”

The curiosity made me breathe, hiding behind the rocks secretly watched. I saw her east four, and then took the track to my rock on the other side, I was shocked, thinking that she found me, and quickly squatted.

Fortunately, she seems not to know me, but kick the garbage next to it, then actually faded her trousers!

It turned out that she is going to pull ~~ I am speechless … I want to walk and I am afraid that she finds that I have to squat.

I have a big stone with her, and I will not breathe. She hardly exhales the sound of the land, and the odor makes me seem to look at her pull. I just started a bit nervous, and later sap it slowly.

Smell her sickness, I not only didn’t feel disgust, but there is an inexplicable pleasure, I secretly look at her, I saw her white butt exposed outside, and below was her just excret. The distance is too close! !

Even her ass, there is also a crop and the hair on the butt, I can’t help but I can’t stand it. The lower body seems to have a feeling, quietly. I really feel that the following seems to be broken.

When I couldn’t stand it, she pulled it. Wipe the whisper and lift your trousers.

At that time, I didn’t know why, I immediately went to see the pile, and even I used my nose. I breathe as if it is not a smell, but a woman’s body.

That feeling makes me a little fascinating. Suddenly I found out that there is a hair on her 屎!

I was as shameful to pick the hair, packet in a paper towel, and then ran like a thief.

Back to the bedroom, my heart is still unable to calm down. I am ashamed for myself, I want to dig the hair directly, but the kind of pleasure makes me stork.

I can’t overcome my own lust, I have to take the hair out, put it on the table, look carefully.

That is a little curly, very thick, very hard, I also stick to her, I have made it hard to use my nose, I don’t know if my psychological effect is true, I actually smelled a hobby, let me I can’t help but think of her butt and her front …

I can’t stand it, I put it into the trousers and put the meat stick back … Finally, I am shooting! ! The full underwear of shooting is! !

A hair is actually a climax! ! I am very difficult to imagine. In the evening, I called my girlfriend and spurt my lust to her body. My mad made her call.

However, the figure of the working girl is still in my mind. I know, I have love for her – sex the next day, I will pay attention to her. She is not high, about 1 meter, 55, and I have a childish, I will know the face of the society.

Although it is not very nice, it is very charming.

It seems to have a slutty (maybe my feel) and a little pure. The body feels a little bit of meat, but the chest is very well developed, and it is very good in front, and people are very love. I am trying my mind, saying what I have to get her.

When I finished eating at noon, I deliberately sat together with her, I would like to be unintentionally chatted with her.

She is quite talking, and I tell her some interesting things in the school to listen, and smirked her from time to time.

Finally, I want to make her phone number. In the next few days, I have a meal with her, and my relationship is getting more and more familiar. She often said that she envy me and can go to college. And I often praise her beautiful (girls). The two people compliment each other and the relationship is harmonious.

Time on Saturday. After working, it was 7 o’clock in the evening. After eating with her, I suddenly thoughtful, saying to her: “Do you have anything at night?” She said: “No, what happened?” “Willing to go to the school classroom with me to watch movies?”

“I?” She was a bit surprised. “But I am not a student, how can I be with you …” “Hey, it doesn’t matter, go.”

Said that I took her to the classroom. After we arrived, I found two locations.

At that time, the movie was placed in Zhang Ziyi, He Rundong’s love film. From time to time, she was teased by the plot, and sent my arms from time to time, telling me this smile. I am like a caravan, quietly listening to her, watching her laugh. Suddenly, her side is really nice. Laughing is like flowers blooming, deep wine nests make me can’t help but produce some kind of feelings …

After the movie was finished, she smiled and said to me after coming out: “Thank you, I have to go back.”

“It’s so late, I will send you!” “No, trouble, you are so embarrassed.” “It’s okay, I am fine” ……

Under my insistence, she had to agree with me. Looking out, she is still very happy to send her for me.

On the way, I discussed the storyline with her, and said that she suddenly said to me: “Do you know? I am so big, you are the first boy who sent me home.”

After saying that she can’t help, her face is unnatural. I laughed, I sent her to the door of the bedroom.

“Go in sitting, drink a drink, so far, be tired?” She laughed and entered me.

I am not refused, I will go in. “Originally two people, that person, please go home, now I am alone.”

She took a drink while explaining it.

Her bedroom is very simple, in addition to two beds, a broken table, the place is also small.

We do two things to do in bed and drink drinks together. I don’t know why, we didn’t talk at the same time, and she lowered his drink, two feet came back. And I can’t help but speed up, secretly look at her, and Yu Guangli swept her butt, and I remembered the thing that day, I remembered the hair.

I followed a little hot, a little loose loose collar, she was strange to watch me, ask: “What happened? Nothing?”

Looking at her back, I am not hesitating in front of my face, I am not hesitating, holding her face, kissed, she is unexpected, but she chooses to hug me, two lips No reserved, I posted me, our forgetting.

After a while, I left her lips and said to her: “I love you, want you to be my girlfriend, ok?” (She doesn’t know if I have a girlfriend at that time)

“You are so handsome, it is a college student, how do I match you?” She said a little sore.

“Fool, the times are different, as long as you are willing, what else do he do, I am afraid that you hate me, I will not be my girlfriend.”

“How can I! I … I also like you.” She said shy and buried her head into my arm.

I no longer speak, my hands are tightly wrapped around her, and the lips contain her ear beads, and the tip of the tongue licks her auricle.

She is unbearable, and the sound of making me educated her eclipse. My hand removing her coat and sweater, revealing the white underwear inside, the tongue slides the cheek at the same time, and stroked her chest and feels the amazing elasticity.

I pressed her shoulder, making her lay flat on the bed, the tongue reached into her mouth, and she fell together with her soft, the mouth is blending, as if messed us two people. My body is close to her body, feeling the gradual fever of her body, just as heated as heated, slowly warming up until I warm my heart …

I took off her top, revealing the milk full of youthful breasts, two red beans, like two top peaks in hills.

I looked down with her tits, just like a baby, her tits are like silk, like silk, let my lips are like skating, and finally stayed in her teap. I bite it with my teeth. She suddenly called it. The body was shaking like an over-electric … After a while, I went to her pants, show her pink small panties, a few no obedience The yin ran came out, and he horing the outside, I couldn’t stand it. I took off her underwear and exposed her peach. She is the same as the Qing! !

There is no dirt, there is a narrow sarcosis in the middle of the white skin, next to the haired land.

I can’t stand it early, pull out my meat sticks that have been ignorant, align the hole, plug in.

“Ah -” Along with my insert, she made a heartbreaking cry, and huge pain made her almost crying, two hands tightly grabbed me, said: “Tap, lightly – I slow down the rhythm and kissed her body and slowly inserted.

Even so, she still wrinkled her brow. As I have continuously inserted, she also followed the constant call … finally, I want to shoot! !

I pulled out the meat and shot on her body. She is like a virtual, and she is in bed, constantly trembling.

I touched her tightly, two hands touched her back, keeping her talking about her love … She slowly slept, and I hugged her tightly, looking at the bed on the bed. The heart is full of apologies. After about five hours, she woke up.

She hugged me, saying to me: “Do you have a good to me?” I “Wes”, two hands touched her round ass, think of the scene she pulling that day, could not help but have the following hard . I know she is definitely unbearable.

I turned her over, my hand was gently touched her ass. I smelled the special smell from the stockport, I couldn’t help but go to the mouth, carefully lick her asshole, as if I want to grasp the pleats next to her ass.

She is comfortable to send grace’s voice, but the asshole will also take a breath. I licked on it, while playing a plane, I will shoot again.

She is soft in my arms, saying something “later you want to protect me”, and then sleep again …

I have finally taken a relationship with her. Holding my girlfriend, I bought a lot of clothes and sent her a mobile phone when she was born.

She is very good to find me like the prince of the white horse. Maybe she still don’t know, I have no real love for her.

One day on the weekend, I went to her bedroom. Two people met like a dry fire like a fire. Her greed gave me a question, and the two of us “frankly”. And I don’t want to be like us, I said to her: “I will develop your back, ok?”

She looked at me in her surprise: “Is it behind? Amount …?”

“Of course, huh, can you?” I said with a smile.

“I hate, people are your people, you casually,” she is delicate.

When I listened to her, I just came over, I immediately took her, and I attached her ass, so that I was shot, and she also screamed, I laughed. , Use the tongue to lick her asshole, know that there is wet, then put your fingers slowly in.

At the beginning, it was two until she was habitually habit.

She even comforted her slowly, and she had gradually begun to enjoy the feelings behind. I waited until she was accepted, put the meat stick in the fart, gently inserted. She “a ah”, there is no so strong when there is no front.

Her ass is so hot, my meat stick seems to be wrapped by steam, and the feeling of hot baking makes me feel comfortable.

I hold her waist and gently draw.

I don’t think of the farting and inserting the front. I feel very different. It is hotter in the asshole, and I feel tight.

I slowly accelerated the rhythm, and she also swayed her body before and after. With the insertion of insertion, I seem to be like she slowly sucking my body. I took her ass to make her fart, and she kept shouting. The hair is sticky on the back, and the milk keeps the wavy, let me have a lot of sexual desire. I accelerated the sprint, the lower body and her ass … finally, I shot out, the semen rushed to her rectum, I also reached a climax with her! ! Afterwards, I hugged her with her, and she was lingering. Her face showed a satisfied smile, and the limbs were wrapped with me. I know that she has been completely conquered! After a while, I pulled her and let her kneel in front of me, then put the meat stick I have soft to her.

She likes to blame, I look at me, I obey the glans into her pink lips, then press the upper and lower sockets I said, she still uses her pink tongue with her pink tongue. The glans makes me feel comfortable.

The meat stick has gradually reacted, slowly standing up, and the hard is hard.

She loves my meat stick, licking my lips, letting my meat ribs become bigger, harder.

The green bulls on the stick also squat. She was still in front of her, and suddenly the mouth took my egg in. I “ah”, the meat stick kept trembled, she laughed and looked at me, and she began to suck it, suddenly let me Shuo shouted.

It’s so comfortable! !

She lifted my egg as a suction cup, then suddenly let go, let the “Peng” sound, just like the magnetic force after being sucked.

That kind of tight, one tight, put my meat stick to the extreme, and she didn’t stop, still the sale, licking, sucking, let me fluttering. I know that I am going to shoot, just put the meat stick directly into her throat, just like inserting her, inserting her mouth, finally shot directly into her mouth, she is full of white pulp.

Her face reveals a sensual expression, sticking to the semen with two fingers, just like a wire.

faint! ! She actually played with my semen like a child. I pressed her on the ground, and the rude plugged in her vagina, and pickedly pickedly, and she was still rushing … After a while, I just shot.

I am so weak this time, I have a soft, I have a squeezed, I have already softened below, and I am unable to embrace. And she laughed, I told me a sensuality … Suddenly, I understood why some people say that “the women who have a quiet girl will be love to be crazy.” Oh, it seems that this is a fact!

Like my sex toys, I tried to do love postures for her. She really felt that I would marry her and will take care of her for a lifetime.

Slowly, I have a disgust to her. Because after all, the cultural level is different! In addition to making love, I usually chat with her, and she doesn’t know. Her thought is very fluent, there is no feeling of talking, so I can’t help but start alienating her.

Later, I didn’t even want to love her. At the end of the semester, I quit the work of the cafeteria.

When I arrived in the big two, I changed the mobile phone number and started to deliberately hiding her. I will never go to the canteen to eat.

Listening to her friend, she came to find me, I have not found it. I know that I hurt her, but there is no way.

I can’t grow with only sexual women? Later, she left the canteen, I won’t know where to go, I have never got her news.

I sincerely bless her happiness, if possible, I am willing to give her some economic compensation in the future.

I still feel guilty in her so far. Maybe, this is what she punishes for me!

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