A Zi just got the next few days, the days were really hard, to learn to adapt to a new environment, but also learn how to be a competent cadre. Get up early every morning, go to sleep late, but also before the school, the daily exercise will keep him a good body.

Finally, there are some time to concentrate on the office, A is thinking that there is a warm mood to the office for a while.

The people in the whole office are almost all, and only a desk owner is he has never seen these days.

A is a literary book, asking: “Tone, this table is sitting, how can I have seen people for three days?”

Something is a big graduation, only three months from this office, and the same dishes as Ah, it is a complete variety of soldiers, I saw him slowly said: “Hey, that is Chen Guan! She Long It is very beautiful, Yang Guan, do you have a girlfriend? If you don’t have, you can 喔! “

A is a white eye, recalling his predecessor girlfriend, and pays so many feelings for the surrecty woman, and even if you break your hand, you will have some exclusion to women.

The door has entered a young female officer, with a full-moving figure but the waist is very slender, full of chest, the geese face, the pointed chin, a short hair, very pretty. The eyes are not big, but the bright and moving, the water will discharge, sometimes smile, look naughty. When you laugh, you will show a white teeth, there are two small pears vortex on your cheek, quite love.

She came straight to Ah, and Ah was thinking of such a girl. It was a bit embarrassed. When I didn’t know what to say, the female officer stretched out his hand and said to him: “You Ok, should you be a new school? My name is Chen Yuyi is the second phase of the female official. “

The second phase of the female official is indeed coming out, but they first stepped down the army, so Ahi said: “Don’t say this, the next troops are more early, and I am better than I first came to the team. It should be called you to learn. “

仪 红 红, 红: “Don’t call me to learn, I will be embarrassed, you call me a gentleman.”

仪 ‘s little daughter’s arrogant makes A Zi’s heart, I want to say anything, I suddenly call them two: “仪, A is just two, the library of logistics department If you send it, take a brother to come to you, I went to the headquarters to meet. “Said that the division left.

The 仪 turned and wanted to call us, I didn’t expect this guy, but I have already opened it.仪 仪 看 看 看 办 仪 仪 仪 仪 都 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧 吧

The warehouse of the detachment is in the corner of the entire headquarters, in addition to the exuberant, the two people have to open the door. A is the first time to go to the warehouse, the location is somewhat not understanding, the generner tells Ah, what is the point of the teaching brother, tells Ah, where is it, what is the use, let Ah feel that it is really beneficial. .

When the 仪 is in front, Azi is stolen in the back, and the gentleman wears a military service, ironing up the uniform, holding a short hair on her grasp, making the whole person emit out Mature English feels. A is also smelling a girl’s aroma, let him feel moving, and now I am now having a love person, so you can love it in this library.

The 仪 suddenly turned around, A is a hit, and the 仪 “” ah! “Let Aizai awakened, quickly reach out and hold a gentle, so this is like hug仪 is general.

A is the waist of the gentleman, and it feels that her soft breasts are close to their chest, and the nose smells the smell of mature women. A is out of mouth: “仪 学 学, 妳 香 香!”

The 仪 suddenly held a handsome and strong man in his arms, the heart is anxious, the hands are pushed forward, I want to break away, I didn’t expect it to really fall, Aizu hurriedly supported the 仪, but see Yizhen The face painful expression, shrinking eyebrows, hurts the left foot, the palm of the palm of the palm is sad, and it is sad whisper to complain: “Good pain!” The original instrument fell and accidentally twisted the left foot.

Ama tried to touch her ankle, did not see her shout, it seems to be a slight sprain, Azu will help her, ask her: “Sorry, 仪 学, very painful? I Will you send a medical solution? “

The 仪 nodded, Azu helped her to go, but the warehouse in the warehouse was narrow, and the movements of them were like hug together.

仪 红 红: “Don’t have trouble, you will help me to take a break in front.” Aizu helped the instrument slowly walk, Azu soft jade is full, and the nose is smelling his daughter. Eyes can also see the plenty of chest from the neckline, although this place is not suitable for excitement, but the little Ahi in the trousers has supported it.

The 仪 缓 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 人 人 人 人 人 到 到 到 到 到 到 到,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, For a long time, I used to sneak in the school. I have hugged my handsome, although A is never know, but this is deeply loved in my heart, but I rejoiced it because of the arrival of Ah.

Azu helped her nice, squatting her shoes in front of the geotette, “” There is no need to be swollen, it should be just turned to the foot, it should be comfortable to massage. “Ama side The hand is also gently massage the pins of the meter.

Aizhen’s gentle movement made the hearts of the geotet, sensitive, she felt that she seems to be fast down on this handsome movement, and the lower body of unrestrained appearance seems to be moist. “Um ~” 仪 轻 哼

Ahi suddenly discovered the reaction of the 仪, he put down the movement of the hand, “How? Is it comfortable?”

The 仪 looked at him with his face, said that he didn’t come, she was fans, and a face was red and hot. The heart of Ahi kissed it. She let him kiss, don’t know how it is good, A is greedy is sucking on her lips, and a lot of hardships have opened her teeth, and she still has no movement, but she still has no movement. There is no anti-resistance.

Aizan helped her down, kissed one side, and touched the chest from her waist slowly, the gentleman still didn’t move, just the body was shaking. The hand is playing back to some Ahi to touch the soft and full breast.

This is really good for breasts, and it is full of fertilization. It is very flexible, and the girls who have encountered in Azu have become very funny. I can’t think of such a beautiful scenery under tight uniform. A is a circle of the breast, then slowly narrows the range, and then goes out when you come to the peak, so come back and return to her.

The 仪 still doesn’t move, but breathing is getting more and more urgent, so the chest is quickly up and done, and a pair of big breasts are also turbulent. Later, Ah was attacked to the top, and powerful, the 仪 finally “um ~~” makes sounds, the tongue in the mouth is also agitated.

Aizhen saw that there was a response to the beautiful double peak, and he kissed the white neck from the lips. It caused her to move, and the 仪 is too sensitive, Anye A movement made her a burst of “ah … ah …”.

A Zi’s right hand gently decline, slipped into the waist of the geotette, slipped into the military uniform from the edge of the pants, and continued to advance along the waist, finally touched the inner beauty of the geotette, Ahi did not stop how long, along The 仪 有 身 身 身 下 下 下,, 上, 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 仪 上 上 上 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪Her legs and chests have meat, A is a touch, and the legs of the 仪 suddenly jitter.

仪 seems to be lacking, the body’s thermal feeling makes her feel more fear, afraid that the things will happen, but hope that Ah will never stop, she contradicts and expects the mood, only let themselves The body’s reaction is greater, and the lower body is also more humid.

A Zi took the left hand to hold the genk side, and the right hand uneashed along the thighs and jeoparded the buttocks of the gentleman, and Ah was touched by the pants in the face, and finally found the zipper on the side of the trousers. He light Light pull the zipper, the 仪 struggled, said: “Dear, don’t … don’t … Ah …” It turns out that Ah is directly attacked from the edge of the pants to the deep body of the legs.

A is touched in the deep leg root, sliding from the inside to the outside, slipping over the mood of the generner, although in a trip, it can feel her moist. The 仪 is touched by a mysterious zone, and the natural legs are clamped. She is nervous to say: “Dear, I am afraid!”

Aizan re-kissed the lips of the geotet, the right hand still moved deeply in her legs, and the 仪 实 受 受 受 来 来 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪Take her military pants to go down.

The reaction of this gentle meter is very strong, and the hands want to pull the trousers, and Ah grabbed her hand to her hand. There was a lot of giants in the hands of the eupo, and the heart was shocked. “Ah!” Exclaimed, the original is too great.

Aizhen wants to use his hand to love the big dick that has risen for a long time, while kissing the gentle, while sliding along the edge of the trip.

“Don’t … don’t … touch it … ah … ah … don’t … Don’t touch it again … Ah … how this is … Ah … you can’t … Ask you … ah …… … no … no … don’t stretch it … ah … ah …… “

A is already stretched out from the bottom of the trousers, and the pussy is already wet. Along the moist cavity, Azuan is gentle to touch the clitoris of the 仪.

“Ah … don’t … um … um … light … tight … ah … ah … how … ah … will be comfortable … ah … so comfortable … Director … you …… You … ah … ah … I am so strange … um … um … ah … don’t … ah …… “

The 仪 is already immersed in the illusory trap, and I have only forgotten myself, just want to enjoy the soul. Aizai is unclear, and unlocking the button on the military uniforms.

The 仪 is the cute underwear with a light blue inlaid, and A is a piece of part that can’t be covered by the bra, and the low is kissed, and then the hands of the instrument will open the bra’s bra, let Her snow-white breast liberation bounces, naked in front of Ah.

A Wei looked at the snow whitening chest, with the right hand index finger, I tried the trial sex and softness, Apan Zhang felt the middle finger, put her left nipple in the middle, and put down, The nipple didn’t have long so hard. He once again opened her right milk to accompanied her right milk, and she was sucking. It was hot and shy, and the arms were in his arms. “Ah A ah, a shallow throat.

Aizhen hugged the 仪 Let her lying flat on the table, the 仪 失 魄 任 任 魄 下 下 下 下 下 蓝 蓝 蓝 蓝 部 部 蓝 部 蓝 蓝 蓝 下 下 下 蓝 蓝 下 下The lace trippers, Aizan screws the thighs of the mean, gently kisses her inside of her thigh, and finally Aiman’s lips stay in the mood of the generner. Although it is still a trip, Ah is still a gentle. The instrument passed through warm hot air.

A is a hoss of the bottom of the trousers, and I kissed the sweet and yin, and he smartly with the tongue in the size of the slong, and Ah kissed the young beans of the geotet, and his hand was not idle. The right hand refers to the shallow digging into the pockets of the geotette. Where there is a feeling of this kind of food, her body began to creeze.

“Oh … oh …” Director … Director … It’s so comfortable … I like you … ah … ah … a little bit … deep … ah … ah … comfortable and dead … ah …… Ah … good … so cool … ah … God … God … I … I … Search … Ah … I want … I want … Ah … I want … “

The 仪 放 放 骸 仪 仪 仪 仪 叫 叫,, 处 他们 处 他们 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深

Ah learned that she was refreshed, and she climbed up, she also lifted her, she stood straight, bent into the table, let the butt, the buttocks turned into a very sensual angle. , A Zimi explained the trousers, revealing his proud cock, he put the glans to the mouth of the instrument, both have been prepared, he suddenly, holding the part of the two people , Open.

“Oh … oh … inserted me … inserted me … I am very wave … Ah … more plug … Don’t let me … ah … you are so good … ah … ah … The most spoiled … I will die, let me die … ah … ah … so comfortable … “

Aizai listened to this gentle school girl, then yang called bed sound, more sold, her charming, I can’t help but hold the ass, crazy insertion, gentle The legs are shaking, and peeing flows through the size of the upper legs.

“Oh … I am finished … I will die … I am finished … my brother, you cars me … I am coming … arrived … ah …”

She is mad spray, wetting the entire floor, Ah knows what is the meaning of this representation, although she hasn’t arrived yet, but still stops letting the meter to breathe.

A Wei is inserted in her, and the niche’s lamb foot is narrow and urgent. I will wrap the cock in the cock. The heart is convulsted by the climax, and I will suck the Ama Pierk, so although it is just plugging In the gentle, I also made A Wei.

Ahi took the tempting pleasure to smoke the 阳 具, take the opportunity to turn it over and lying on the table, the 仪 has no strength to cover the shame, Ah is touched the sole and shame of the generos, fine Examining the beautiful attractive place. “It’s so cute!” A is said.

仪 张 张 阿 阿 她 到 到 伏 将 将 将 死 死 死 将 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 好 好 好 好 好 好 找 找 找 找 找”Oh … oh … Dear …” Light, two people together.

Ah is so slowly inserted, the two sweet kiss together, and take each other to suck the opponent’s lip meat.

“You are really beautiful!” Aizhen is handy with her face.

The 仪 力 力 力 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪

Ah did not dare to neglect, immediately hurt the backbone, and let her do the small hole “Stain”.

“Good brother … I have to come … ah … ah …… Ah …”

“仪 … 妳 妳 … is the most beautiful … I love you … I want to die … The more beautiful, the more beautiful … I am not right …” Aizi said.

“Ah … ah … so comfortable … ah … ah … good school long … good brother … good husband … ah … ah … sister love you … Oh … oh … I … I …… Ah … ah … “

“Wait for me … I have to come …” Aizhen pushed up.

“Ah … ah …” Director … arrived … arrived … ah … ah …… “

At the end of the gentleman, there was a big beach. The points were contracted and hot. Azun couldn’t hold it, and the finery is a peeled, and the savings are mostly in the deepest part of the 仪.

“Ah … so comfortable …” 仪 said.

They have a tight embrace and enjoy the temperature afterwards.

仪 pushed A Wei, asked him to get up: “We don’t do it, wait for how to explain with the division!” A Wei smiled: “We didn’t do it, but we have a good thing. Although it is said, the two still hurry to put the clothes, then warm, and the time to go to the warehouse will go to the warehouse to go to the office, and they will return to the office.


Every time I go to a holiday, Azuan’s mentality is sorry. Why? Because the family stays far, there is no special thing, Ah is there is no way to go home. This is probably a non-freedler of the military, there is no way to choose the unit, you have to go, if you can choose your own unit, then you really “money, you, leave home Near, how can the military school may not recruit a student?

It is also a rare holiday in the afternoon of Saturday. On the hot sun in South Taiwan, a person walks on the street, the heart is still “boring”! The 仪 回 回It became this scene, a poor young officer walked under the big sun and looked at a pair of couples around him.

The mobile phone vibrates in the pocket, along with the “super-than one ratio” sound, A Wei returns to God, pick up the phone, it turned out.

“Ah, how have you been there for more time! Are you not graduated? You said that you have to ask you to eat!” Daxie greeted his enthusiasm.

“Daxie, just think of going to you, you can call, it is too clever, I will pass later” A is a little guilty, it is true, the army is three weeks, but did not think about it. Visit your school, but also let the big boy call.

“Well, then you will come over! Dinner is eaten at home, you have a good two cups with you, waiting for you!” Daxie still taking Aza as his own little brother, from the sound I can feel her concern.

“OK! Just like this, Da Hao is going to meet, Byebye!” A is turned to the station, from here, there is still a road! “

The seniors of Ji Ah well, at the former school, the two of them would often drink together, talk, seniors also take care of Ji Ah, Ah Ji deemed to be the same as his brother. Sister called Xiao Hui, the anti-communist patriotic education is to know when the political warfare school seniors graduate, do not count on a bigger Ji Ah, now given the rank of lieutenant heart auxiliary officer, Xiao Hui people had been pretty hard to imagine that the military will also make such beauty, her figure is not very high, was small, but lots of flesh, Stephanie is simply a smaller version. Press the doorbell, sister’s voice sounded from the door, “Ji Ah you finally arrived! Waiting for you for a long time,” Ah Ji, the door did not see the seniors, “Not really! Just a little traffic jam on the road, seniors? He is not ah?” a Ji also a task that seniors today.

“They play cards in the room too! You just come to the kitchen to help me with that bunch of crabs fast too busy to me.” Ah Ji sister his legs hand to introduce the kitchen.

Sister today wearing a casual tracksuit, pink skirt and T-shirt, revealing that smooth and delicate snow-white thighs under skirt let A Ji excited, from a long time ago Ji Ah will start to see the girls look up leg , which both lively white pink legs, heart Ji Ah will follow flying up.

Xiao Hui hair easily rolled in the back of the head, revealing a pale shoulders, she looked from behind, T-shirt bra Indian point of view not out of the traces, “Do not wear underwear sister today?” Ah Ji thought, my heart can not help but burst of impulses, that restless little Ji a seems to have started around the corner.

“Ah Ji, you help me kill crabs, I put the bass get.” Ah Ji sister’s voice that awakened from the fantasies. Xiao Hui told shining quickly, grabbed the crabs from the tank, only a wash of decomposition, and then discharged to the steamer, cut a few slices of ginger scallion paragraphs, add a little rice wine, may be you can take it go steamed.

“Ah!” Xiao Hui suddenly mews loudly, original piece of bloody perch even to a dying, thrown a piece of water, flowers splashed chest Xiao Hui, Ji Ah look quickly stepped forward to help catch perch, this has not been finally fall upon the dead through the perch.

A Ji Xiaohui took from the hands of a kitchen knife, easy to cross the maw open, clean out the intestines and stomach gills, scales will give a clean shave, cast salt, the fish will be discharged into the same dish, and cut a few slices of ginger paragraphs onion, the fish poured some wine, or with steamed. “Well! Now you can not jump it!” Ah Ji said proudly.

“A very powerful Oh Ji you! You do not see a big man turned out to be so great cook!” Said Xiao Hui appreciated.

“Okay, grew up at home with my dad learned a little, fun thing.” Ah Ji somewhat embarrassed, because the face of Xiao Hui, just to see her because the water splashed T-shirt, transparent and clear printout of Xiao Hui chest.

Xiao Hui Ji also in accordance with the Arab-Israeli eyes looked suddenly blushed: “You bad yeah, your eyes see where!” Quickly cover with both hands in the chest.

A tense Ji blurted out: “Sister, you really beautiful, I love you!”

Xiao Hui suddenly heard such a compliment own words, was a little surprised. The first time I saw this handsome brother from elementary school, by his eyes already see this younger brother of desire for her, and he is it not one of the Arab Ji as an object of sexual fantasies of it, but today for the first time from his mouth to say this with love, then listened to pour quite good enough.

Xiao Hui playful Yah Ji smiled and said, “I like you, ah, but I am your sister yeah!” Then she kissed toes paving the Arab Ji forehead.

A love moving Ji Xiao Hui will embrace in his arms, he said to her, “I know, but I still like you, I would love you forever.” He looked at Xiao Hui affectionate kiss down.

Xiao Hui is like their school brother embraced and kissed, and my heart is happy and nervous, happy that this has happened in the dream thing, even today, in reality it appears nervous now that she has married man woman, and Mr. own brother or learn most beloved brother, contradictory heart to let her know what to do.

A Ji Xiao Hui see no break meant it tongue trying to pry open her teeth, Xiao Hui to be kissed some faint, and his tongue sticking out and Ji Ah mix together until two people have to breathe , and only separated dismay.

Xiao Hui have heart, but deep down she still remembered her as someone else’s wife, although embraced Ji Ah, she quietly said: “Ji Ah … no … not enough …… I …… I am your sister ah … … “

Aizan now listens to these words, he lowered his head and kissed the ears of 慧, put the ear pose gently in the mouth, and the whole body “Well”, the whole body is numb, physiologically reacted, but Still why: “No … Ama … we can’t …” A is kissed the lips of 慧, this time no longer needs his requirements, two people are deep in French-style hot In the kiss, Ah is gently moved along the edge of the t-shirt of 慧. Only a while, the rumored breasts in the hands of Ah, he gently cares for the tits,搓 揉 揉 手

慧 红 红 呻 呻 吟 呻 吟 吟 呻 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 是In addition to the Jiuyi cloud, she is only thinking about this annoying pleasure now. A is the t-shirt of 慧, and the head came to the nipple of 慧,, he concentratedly licked the nipples that had been standing up. The right hand along the waist. For the short skirt, he gently scrubbed the thigh of Hehui with his fingers, came to her two legs, it is already a moist, 慧 液 液 液 三 三 三Touching the wet place, even with your fingers forward the tuning.

Because in your own home, my husband played the card next door, and Xiao Huik did dare to issue “um ……………..”. But in Azhen Ear, it is a biggest encouragement, and Ah is a hand, bringing the rigital pants of 慧, and put it in your pocket without seeing it. The stood up and kissed his hook, the right hand still caress in her yin outdoor, and lick the clitoris of 慧.慧 受 受 受 受 了 了 了 膀 膀 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 上 了 上 了 了 上 了 向 了 了 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向Unsupported sets.

Aizan pushed the short skirt of Xia Hui, took her to the pedestal, three or two, took his trousers, and did not wait for the big dick into the pussy of 慧,慧 “Um …” bite the shoulder of Ah, I can’t make a bigger snoring, but this is like this, I can restrain, A is only inserted a few times. I felt the twitching in the pussy in the hub, and the Hui Hui has arrived, and she climbed in this pleasure.

慧 “Well ~~ …”, the lips rely on the ear of Ah: “It’s so comfortable … Ah … Let’s come … Let’s go together …” Azu continues to step up our efforts, the whole The buttocks are big, and the penis will enter in the small hole of 慧, and Ah is looking at the seductive hole of 慧 自己 自己 大 大 自己 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同In order to inform the brain, this is a very beautiful thing!

Looking at this beautiful scene, I also felt that I was ejaculated. He said: “Daxie … I … I am coming … I want to shoot …” 慧 is already refreshing, only listening Got her “um ………” The voice of a happy and low, finally came to the second climax of 慧, A is also coming. He sent thousands of sperm to the uterus of 慧.

Ama and 慧 immersed in the long rhyme after the climax, two people embracing, the place where the intimate engaged is still inserted together, until the climax gradually retreats to breathe, they are not reluctant. Separate.

慧 声 的 阿: “Today is not a safe period, when you are, is it your or you? He also hurts her to ensure that she is in her ear: “It’s mine, I will cry with big love, I will love him forever, always love the big embarrassment forever.” 慧 高 的 的 手 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 骥 骥 骥 骥 骥 骥 骥 骥 骥The chest muttered: “As long as you have this heart.”

There was a laughter in the kitchen, it turned out that the seniors were already finished, and Ah quickly put the fish and crabs on the steamer, and steamed the shrimp, and then fry the tamae. Ginger silk eye soup, finally stir fry the dragon must be vegetable, okay, the table is on the table.

“A is really, you don’t know.” The seniors said. “You only remember to play cards, I still want to get together, this table is a person who is completed! You have to respect today’s big kitchen!” Shu Hui said next to it, then A glanced eye.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare. Dare, I respect you!” The school brother! Of course, the cup will take it first. By the way, the people who play cards in other students have nodded and ask: “Daxie, these are …?”

Shu Hui hurriedly said that he said: “The last time is not telling you to introduce your girlfriend? Today I will come over, this is the end of our unit, she is Huang Yunfeng. Ah, you have to treat him well! “A is only a cup of grabbing, first respecting a cup of Yunfeng said:” Miss Huang, hello, first meet, I am very happy to meet you, I am A Hey, I respect you. “

Yun Feng face is red, low, low and low saying: “Hello.”

Then, Xiao Hui introduced the other two, one is the political warfare of their units, Xiao Xiangru, people are also very clear, thin and high, but there is a proud double peak. Another one is the instructor in the same unit of the school, the period is relatively high, it is no wonder Ah, I don’t know, A is quickly raised the wine glasses to respect the second valve. A meal is happy in everyone’s happy talking.

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