I am in a business trip, the real experience is very happy to get everyone’s support after the first post, may also have a Wolf Friend I think my first article is too poetic, so that the description of the H is far less than Heart and background description, although it is more like to write things from a small time, but the first time written H text is still very unknown. The part of the H is, not very much, it will be moderate, so that the article is not stimulated enough, in fact, the present is to share the facts, only ask for expensive in real, deliberately adapted the stimulus, it is not what I hope, the pen is wrong Everyone forgive me. But regardless of whether you wrote or not, please don’t question true and false, because I am very serious and share my real experience, so I don’t want to see it.

As mentioned before, I didn’t break the contact with Xiaoxue. After resignation, I also organized a few colleagues in the busy schedule, but I was attended by Xiaoxue and her husband. What special things happen.

Until a few months ago, due to the year-on-year incongment of the tourism industry, the good colleagues who had been working in the travel agency have resigned. No one is engaged in the tourism industry. It is also officially detached from each other. The relationship of peers, at the time at the travel agency, a male colleague was just priered earlier, and he prepared a party before the year of the newspaper.

Weekly before the party, I am in the WeChat group, I am talking about the discussion and time of my thoughts, the statistics gatherings, in fact, the party is also a meal, drinking a wine, Xiaoxue also mentioned the group of her husband because of the group There are some things in the family. It seems that I can’t come back to my hometown. Everyone is not intended. In fact, every time she has to participate in this thing itself is very inexplicable. Although other colleagues have not said, but there are fewer still feel strange, after all, everyone is a colleague, every time she is only her husband is so called ” Outside the foreigner, leading to the topic of everyone to talk, some topics can’t talk, some topics are more talks about half of it.

And for me, because her husband is not there, there will be more expectations for this party. After all, her long-term hegemony has her man is not around, it is more likely to let me and the snow began to find it before. Intimate feeling, I think this will be inexplicably excited in the past few days ago, although this party is not planning to me and Xiaoxue before the last time business trip, but the group of small snow is not intended. The information has evoked my infinite look at that night.

“The XX is doing drinking, and when I will send me home.” The group is awkward, the snow is so embarrassed. (XX is naturally me).

“Well” I @ 小雪, only reply to the word, no one cares.

The party finally determined to be on Friday, the location is the restaurant downstairs of my house, I certainly arrived.

Next, everyone landed, and hugged cold. No one pays attention to Xiaoxue to sit down next to me, picking out the bib or the shawl of the scent of the scent, the short down jacket of coffee color, The body shaping jeans puts out her slender legs, always reminding everyone that her body is still such a slim, chestnut snow boots, snow white sweater, also highlights the size of the half body than before, and of course, I understand the double chest of Xiaoxue. Unless she is interested in breast enhancement, this is definitely just a special effect of gathering bras and tight sweaters.

On the dinner table of the wine glass, everyone shared everything in the near future, recalling the jokes of the classic jokes when they were working, who were the marriage or the old family of my husband, how much money lost, Also feel that the city travel agencies under the riverside day … The topic is more trouble.

Under the blurred lights, it seems that the small snow around me is so beautiful. It is beautiful to have a heart that has never had a heart. The fragrant flavor may just be just because I haven’t seen it too long, or too long doesn’t have such a close contact, so that these lives that have changed in small snow make me slightly. But a few times a few times of jokes near my ear, and the natural handle is placed on my leg, these details and moves make me feel that although this woman is expensive as a woman, it is also a bit more temperament. With elegant, but she is still the small snow I am familiar with, the snow I have got.

Looking at the men’s colleagues on the table, from time to time, I said that I thought I had a humorous joke, I was in the snow, I obviously intentionally, I was not interested in it, this is not surprising, the snow is really Sitting, it can also be said that all colleagues are the most beautiful. It is undeniable that Xiaoxue is also the YY object of these colorful wolves, but there is no one known to this table, may never know, they or once The heart of Xiaoxi, I have already been got by me. She has already tasted it. I have been in the picture, I have appreciated the small snow, and I also licked the little and cute little breast. I think this is It is more and more strong in the crotch. Although I promised that Xiao Xue sent her home, but did not stop her colleagues, Xiao Xue was temporarily persuaded to be opposed, nor reminded me to drive her home, after all, this party’s atmosphere There is no alcohol to promote alcohol. After a few cups, I gradually entered a state, talking about various people and things on the table, and the heart also became somewhat lost, and the truth that couldn’t drive, let me send a small snow after it. This bridge is also completely promising.

But the more you often, the more developing is unpredictable.

Bulk, everyone says that in front of the restaurant door, reluctant.

“I can’t open the car.” I looked at the steps to stand on the steps, and I was barely and high. “The bus sent me.” The sound of Xiaoxue is small to hear.

“OK.” The promise of the situation, but the heart is not conquered, why should you take the bus instead of a taxi.

In this way, inexplicable, I and Xiao Xue like a couple, I took the bus to send her home. Since I got a big disease, Xiao Xue was directly cared about my recent physical condition, I asked my condition. This question, repeated remind me what to pay attention to, what should be eaten, it is still the same as the sister. Alever, more or less and I share the marriage, although there are some daily trivial, quarreling, but after all, the husband of Xiaoxu is the university classmate. What is the knowledge of the character, and can earn money, so I have to earn money Say that Snow’s marriage is still very happy.

I suddenly realized why Xiao Xue would let me go home after getting off the bus, because my husband is not in Beijing, so Xiao Snow is going back to her family to live in her home, and her home off the bus station I have to walk for about 10 minutes, and it is the kind-of-style dormitory building, no community, the small road is very dark, and people are even more scarce. In such a quiet environment, I suddenly woke up, and I understand that Xiao Xue Snooked would want to convey my message.

After the streetlights can take, walk to the small road, less and smaller, the topic is getting less and more embarrassed, but the small snow naturally rolled up my arm, holding me, slowly After walking, after the old tree, we have been served, we stand next to it, the small snow is stuck with my shoulders, the gesture of the couple, give me the old tree. Memories, and all kinds of interesting things in childhood.

And I can’t hear it, watching the side face of the snow, I can’t help it, I will hug Xiao Xue in the premium, but the snow “Ah” has not pushed me, it seems to be like me, I low down, close your face close to the snow, Xiao Snow looks at me, I know that these four eyes are only kissed.

“Don’t, there is a neighbor …” Xiaoxue wants to push me, but no mouth is not deliberately escaped.

I am getting tight and tight, I am born behind, and the snow is in my chest.

I bowed my head sniffing the fragrance of the snow, strange and familiar with the taste.

“I don’t want to go home.” After half rang, the light language of the snow.

“Let’s take a taxi on the road.” I replied.

“I will take a taxi again, the road is not good, and many old neighborhoods are.”


The small snow on the taxi is holding me, leaning against me, as if this is a matter.

The small snow in the hotel is holding me, relying on me, and the couples of the unreliographies.

After driving a good room, I went into the house and sent my girlfriend to WeChat. Xiaoxue also sent several WeChat to him, and the mobile phone was quiet and the skilled. I took off the coat and sat in bed. Xiao Xue also retired bloated down jacket reveals very highlighting her tight white sweater. I took her on my legs, and we kissed the blurred. I haven’t had any bondage and criminals. I slide away from her mouth, on her mouth, on my cheek, and Xiao Xue is also very excited to let me feel the tongue, I am awkward I am sighing that she is still like the slim, and the chest of the small snow is also analyzed. It is mostly the touch of the bra. Put the small snow in bed and hug it to the quilt, take off her clothes, pink bra, very gathered, gathered to me, not unlocked, but I want to taste the small nipple of Xiaoxue. Push the bra, then the familiar small breasts appear in front of me, and the past is that today’s room has not shut down the lamp, the bright light is on the chest of the small snow, because the book is not big, there is no Obviously sagging, after all, only 30 years old, can clearly see a few fine hair surroundings around the nipple, while the cold in winter also makes the small nipples are very incomparable to this sudden exposure, I can’t help but open the mouth. Kissing up, sucking, kneading, and enjoying a small snow-red cheek, and enjoy the expression.

In the bricks, it is difficult to take off the snowy jeans and autumn pants, and the bra is not supporting the gray lace underwear, and if the hidden hairy, the fantasy of the legs is fascinating, and I am greedy. The underwear sniffed, kissed the private parts of the small snow, and forced the seductive sophisticated taste. The moment of taking off the small snow panties is also sighing the moisture level of the small snow, and the viscous love has already been covered with the entire pussy. Although the two intermoded hairs may have been trimmed because they have to wear swimsuits, but other places are still as familiar , Heavy hairs, hidden clitoris to me, seeing this long-lost lower body, a few years of years have made fungus than before.

I don’t know if someone has a feeling of being like me. Sometimes it is a beautiful woman, white ketone body, but the legs are the appearance of the pair of black fungus, but it is not only disappointing for this contrast, but more exciting.

In the teachings of my tongue, the snoring of small snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the whole pussy is slippery, the small waist also swings with irregularity. Whenever my tongue passes the sensitive bacofei, Xiao Xue will force my head, when I sent the tongue into her honey hole, Xiao Xue also used my head to press my head. Obviously, today’s Xiaoxue has already put down, and the movement of cooperation is more natural, full enjoyment. After gaining, I got up and lie down, I was holding a hot kiss, she constantly went to me, her body is close to me, I will slowly appreciate Xiaoxue, I have never seen it. Outth, estrus.

I deliberately didn’t take off your clothes, of course, I have to leave the snow.

I am lying on the small snow body, and the left hand passes through her neck, gently touching the earlobe, and the right hand is constantly moving all the sensitive belts in her body. The bed has been talented by me. The more active shows the desired movements, kissing my chin, neck, open my T-shirt, soft little tongue is accurate to find my nipple.

“Well ~~” The sudden pleasure made me a sound.

“Is itch?” Little snow head looked at me, cute expression, caregive tone.


Snow skilled uses tongue to make men’s chest hidden sensitivity belt, kiss my chest, and then do it earlier to pick up my strength. The body of the small snow gradually walked down, took off my outer pants, when I took off my underwear, I looked down, and the picture of the head of the head was even more excited. (Zhengdend girlfriend is short hair ), When the lips come into contact with the glans, I want to open the Xiaoxue’s hair to appreciate this beauty, but by her, there is no success. Although Xiaoxue’s mouth skill is not the kind of professional, but from the meat stick to the egg, Xiao Xue has not been letting, and the 壹 壹 舔 舔 壹 壹 壹 壹 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下Holding a musky expression, I opened the quilt and try to make a long hair in Xiaoxue.

“… don’t … I don’t look at it.” Xiao Xue smiled, didn’t look at me, the right hand dragged the meat stick.

“Why don’t you let it look.”

“Oh … don’t look …” Xiaoxue low, will cover the long hair, use his hand, and continue to be shy and mysterious to absorb the meat stick. I am worried that I am too excited to pay in advance, I get up to put the small snow into the bed, open her legs, prepare to take a gun into her honeydown.

“You don’t have a sleeve …” Xiaoxue looked at me. “Don’t bring it, it doesn’t seem to have it.”

“Yes?” Xiao Xue soft, doubtful and cute tone.

Use the glans to hit the small snow, rub the lips, this kind of big, I have to enter the feeling, the woman can’t stand it, Xiao Xue holds my waist, sometimes can’t help it up and down, sometimes with your fingers I didn’t pay attention to my nipple, and I didn’t pay attention, but I kissed her earlings on the small snow, and my ear was panting, and her mouth is just right. I am quasi-me, enjoy the small snow and charming.

“… I am coming in!” Snowfags said five words.

I have a good job, and the meat stick is easy to slide into the small snow, the small snow legs will be surrounded by my baby in her legs. I will put the small hole, and touch the body of the small snow. The slender small waist, the nippled nipple, as well as a red neck, and because it is winter, there is no shave. Appreciate the ketone bodies such as jade under the body, as well as the smashing of her.

After inserted, I suddenly pulled the meat stick, the legs across the chest in Xiaoxue, Xiao Xue first consciously, so she came back and looked at her may have been craving. The brother’s big meat stick. It is also suitable for forgetting shyness, no longer just stop me from appreciating this beautiful scene, but generously stretched the neck, Zhang Kaikou got a mouthful, using the lips to hold the glans to absorb force, although the posture is very Don’t turn, but that is often seen in us, I have received a real liberation, and I finally appreciate the small snow to put the meat stick in the mouth of the mouth.

“Good to eat?” I threw out the problem of a sensuality but the scene.

“Good to eat …” The small snow that spit out the meat stick and answer, cute white, I am eye-catching.


“…” Xiaoxue didn’t pick up, and I was white, and I continued to succeed.

After got a battle, I took the sun across the soaked in the small snow. I took the small snow with my butt, Xiao Xue also tall the movement of this one. I would know that this is her and my husband. Frequent postures, skilled motions. Pull the small snow, gently smash the small snow, Xiao Xue suddenly swear, thinking that I have to enter her back court, just as she is surprised, I will ask me, I suddenly The meat stick is filled with her small hole. With the smashing of the small snow body, the tempting honeydown continues to emerge, but I just like just right, put the meat stick on the face, quiet Skilling Xiaoxue, white little butt, deliberately not adding.

“… I’m going to click …” Little snow is back to me, didn’t look at me, anxious and lustful voice.

“What are you doing?”

“… I hate” Xiao Xuejiao drops.

“Hey, don’t do it …”.

“… hurry …”

Hey, the small snow, lovely white little butt, two bodies in the rule of collision, the house is diffusely with the taste of sex, the small snow is low, the head is long, but it is not a lascivious, but also Intoxicated. I looked at the beautiful naked back, slender small waist, the small hole was dried by my meat stick, and the honey hole of the stuffed, the silky love, but this lascivious picture cooperates with the past The fragment is fast, and I think that Xiaoxue has just arrived at the company. When I arrived at the company, I remembered that I used to take a partner to take the time of concern, I remembered the happiness of the QQ mutual spit, and I also remembered When you are on a business trip, inexplicable tennis … This is a woman who is taking a knife in me. This is a woman who is caredily cared about with a relatives. This woman, the woman, the woman. Many male colleagues in the party secretly love YY’s woman, at this time, there is a double hip in me, and I am embarrassed by me, let my big meat stick in her lascivious small hole. Thinking about these, I feel that Xiao Xue is getting bigger and bigger. I know that Xiaoxue is coming, I have a small snow, I am in the snow, the sound of the snow is going to break out. The meat stick, Xiao Xue half squats on the bed, gasping, I put the meat stick on her ass, shot, shot, shot the lot of the excavation.

Did not wipe it out, but the first time climbed down and Xiao Xue tightly.

In that moment, I found that I love her.

Two people with naked naked hugging in bed, not doing each other.

Forgot to have been dozens of seconds, or for a few minutes.

“… Let’s don’t do this,” Xiao Xue in me, suddenly whispering.


“… I am afraid that I like it” I expect in my heart, but I am most afraid of hearing.

“…” I didn’t respond.

“Take a shower …” Small snow “um …”

“… my legs are soft.” Xiao Snow did not have a badmation, and Jiaojiao also took a child.

“Then I will hug …”

“Ah ~~”

I put the petite snow, put it in the bathroom, Xiao Xue did not agree to us, but I pushed me from the toilet. It was clear that the small snow after the male and female love was in the moment and recovered. The forces of the past, I have become a bit shy, I haven’t strolded to go back to the bed quietly smoke, and there is no purpose to show TV channels, all kinds of hearts, and messy.

That night, we did four times.

Among them, they were shot on the face of the snow in the case of not agreed, and she was tapped by her.

When we fierce, when we fought, when the naked naked, the naked naked, smiled, holding each other.

Sometimes loud jokes, sometimes in this bed, talking about our respective half.

However, no one has made it to be determined, or ending our inexplicable relationship.

The next morning, the weekend, I personally woke up.

Looking at the empty room, the air seems to be filled with the smell of the frontier love.

Little snow is home, because there is a wedding at the next day to participate.

And I am lying in bed, looking at mobile phone, there is no message.

Inexplicable feelings in the heart, empty.

At this point, I will tell the story and the story.

After the party, we have never contracted it.

The friendship has been praised to praise each other, and it has become a gently praise.

No longer a message.

No one will bother to disturb each other, but no one will pay attention to each other.

I took out the story of the previous business and shared it, but I just thought that I am in order to make this article.

I want to be in this special, maybe she won’t see it in this life, carefully record my story and her story.

Pen to this.

I have experienced my experience with her, and embedded her unique feelings in this pure land.

Maybe, as Xiao Snow said in me, she afraid that she would like me.

And I didn’t want to tell her at the time, I am not a simple favorite.

Perhaps, it should be said.

I love you.

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