I was after a 90, to work in an advertising company, we need to give this time to say that I told the story of our company of a Boobs.

We both know that when I was just recruited, she is in charge of our department, but to me not a department, and sometimes their departments do not have enough companies will send us just recruited new employees to their department to help, we that’s when know. Both of us are careless character, what are more relaxed, after also play QQ games together, our relationship first occurred in one night, the day we play the game as usual, are more familiar with each other because, adult Well, there will inevitably be some liberties with the language, I would have to add her Boobs coveted, so just try hooked hooked her, said her boyfriend after her bed thing, and I with thick the nerve to ask her if she had had an orgasm, she scolded me one metamorphosis, because on the internet Well, I do not know that she is angry or not angry, but Ma Wan I still play games with me, I think I should is not angry, so I was insatiable, just like her bet, we bet I dare you to go to her house at night, when ten o’clock at night, I said I dare she say I can not go, I dared she said that if I went to a certain afraid to sleep with me, she is a competitive person, especially her age than me, but also the older employees, all of a sudden she was fooled, and finally we agreed well, if I went to her house, she let me through the night with her (just overnight, then there is no mention to lovemaking session), when she just thought I was joking, so I agreed, and I was a hot head out the door, we’re both rent an apartment, the landlord when we have closed down, I raised that tale of our colleagues said something went wrong, I went to do me a favor, do not come back at night, and then went out, I’m afraid the time too late , go hit the car passed, and the way it ten minutes, she has to call me, and I did not answer, so I went to the door of her rent an apartment when I call her and let her out, she thought I was joke, I said it was not a joke to open the door to know, she also skeptical of the door, I will never forget the face when she opened the door, saw me after she had been scolded me, saying I was a great metamorphosis, neuropathy, I did not say anything, just smiled at her, and finally she is really no way to let me into the house, and then we chat in her room, talking for an hour about it, we are sleepy, I said sleep, but she insists on not undress, I said OK, I did not dare circumstances forced too fast, but winter is not too cold to undress, so the two of us to cover a quilt, I was in bed secretly hold her hand, she did not dodge, I think there are so mean, so I suggested that undressed to sleep, but not all naked, we only Qiu Yi, so sleep is also comfortable point (in fact, I think so I’m good start), anyway, two people have a bed to sleep, if not want to see naked, wearing little more than wear the same, she thought a moment he agreed, but I was on music blossomed, so we just have to take off the remaining Qiu Yi, and to the bed I was holding her hand, so she let me take this time I started a little not satisfied, I will secretly to her side a little move, hands a little bit of hold to her waist, the beginning she was still dodge, but by my bedside when she pushed back to the wall, there is a little bit on my side, so I hugged her when I complete He quickly kissed her, she had opened his mouth to say What, but still did not say anything, so I see her and kissed again, this time she simply would not look at me, my eyes closed any parent, I saw Me and started to kiss her, I could feel her tight Bengzhuo body, I do not know because of fear or because he was nervous, I’m just a little bit to let her body relax, then fraud, and I know she is done with her boyfriend, not a virgin as long as I can get her emotional hook, slowly she relaxed, began to hold me, we just hold pro for a while, I began to undress her, when she was still very Qiuyi off with, I take off her bra she is also a little bit of resistance, also from me, and when I undid her bra when I was shocked, it is only because of the size, though it was night, and off the lights, but on the outside street lights I saw her huge breasts, I was unable to control myself, and a latch onto her nipples, licking back and forth, lick left breast when I catch the right breast, right breast licking when I rub the left breast, she slowly moving the situation and began to press hard my head to her breasts, then my ashes also thoroughly by her hook up.

When I want to take back her panties, she pressed my hand tightly. I didn’t let me open the last defense. I also had an eye. I have been here. I don’t let me enter, this Which line, I turned it over and put her down, forcibly took off her underwear, soft, I only came to work, wait until I really took off her underwear, she didn’t resist, she did not resist. Just lying there, don’t look at me, don’t talk, although I don’t cry, but I can’t see any happy expressions. At this time, I suddenly be soft, and I have moved the little brother who was already knocking. When she felt When I came down from her, she opened her eyes. I saw it from her eyes but more is a inexplicable emotion, I am grateful, there is questions, but I didn’t say anything, from Next to her underwear, gave her, she silently put on the underwear, I took her in his arms, said sorry, I was soaping, she still didn’t say anything, I said you are too charming. I can’t help but do this, but I can’t bear to hurt you. She tied her head into my arms, so we slept in the first night. I was awake, I know, if I entered her body, we will happen this time, there will never happen again, but I am not only the desire to be in the body, in fact, I am Still very like, so I have neverned it.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum When I went to work next day, we didn’t happen. I went to her out to eat at night. We came out to a small restaurant, you have a spicy chicken, you want A preserved egg tofu, she didn’t say anything low, I didn’t say anything. I sent her back. I got downstairs. I said that I wanted to sit, she said no, I said that I was in the first day, you What are you afraid? If I want to hurt you, I have a chance, will you wait until now? Finally, she didn’t ban my soft grinding hard bubbles, agreed to sit up and sit. We bought a snack downstairs. After going up, we went to watch movies together. After reading the movie, he went to the night. I made a night, she did not oppose it. At this time, she didn’t make a dress to sleep. I took care of her clothes, and I hesitated when I was left, I still didn’t touch it, or I held her, we entered the bed. After I was still yesterday’s procedure, I first kneaded his mouth. This time she didn’t be as nervous as yesterday. We touched together, our tongue is wrapped together, a little bit, I started from her mouth, After that, I gently lick her neck. She also made an um ~ um ~ 呻吟 sound, my hand rubbed her breast, one hand to catch her butt, wait for me to find that she has already emotionally I have to say her breast, I have to say that her breast is really beautiful, the left and right milk is very small, but the right breast is slightly small, the uli is very well, the small nipple is standing on the side, her skin It is also very good, I went to the right milk from the left milk, and the hand has been extended from the underwear to the underwear. She didn’t find it, or I didn’t have any opposition. I didn’t have an urgent taken her underwear. It is from the breasts all the way. After the breast, I started to lick her stomach. Her belly had a bit blessing. I think this is why her breasts are big, although she is somewhat fat, but the figure looks very coordinated I feel very kind, I add a meeting around her navel, I jumped over the underwear, starting to lick her thigh root, step by step, wait for me to get to her calf, she can’t help but start Ah ~ Ah ~ Oh ~ 的,, I know that I am still a little bit, I will attack her breast again. This time I got her nipple, and I slowly aggravated her butt. When I bite her nipple, she took a deep breath, up and down his hand, left and right, I put the knee to her two legs, and stimulated her clitoris in her panties, slowly I feel her ass. I started to accompany me my leg, I tried it, I knew the time mature, I didn’t pick it up with her underwear, but stopped all my actions, watching her face, she can’t say special, but It looks particularly comfortable. At this time, she opened her eyes, looked at me, I asked her in her ear, can you take off your underwear? She didn’t talk, I hugged me, I stretched out my tongue gently licked her earlobe, her body shaked, I know this is her sensitive point, so I started to attack her ears again, from The auricle has not been released, and I have asked again, can I take off your underwear? She nodded. At this time, I started to get it, I bite her earridge, I want to listen to you, not nod, she closed, wrinkled, not talking, slowly started to strengthen After a quality inspection, her expression will be relaxed. I will frown. Although I bite her earrings but I don’t have a special force, I started to gently biting the part of the earlobe in the mouth, she also insisted Can’t live, say, you can, don’t want my ear, you take off, so I have already put her, gently took off her underwear, I saw her labipings have begun to congest. Swelling, The two legs are also bright crystals. I climbed to her, slowly separated her legs, put the younger brother I have already already hard, put it in her small hole, waiting for me to go in, she has long been out. One breath, I am also very excited, I finally gone with her.

I started slowly, waiting for her face when she started red, I just worked hard, I took her legs and let her sideline, so our sexual organs can be more sufficient. I took a few hundred, let her lying on the bed, holding her own leg, so I can see all of her, I am selling hard on her, she is also um ~ um ~ ah ~ ~ ~ 着, but the sound is not very big, I feel that she still has not let go, still suppressing himself, I put her down, the sold force was put, my egg was played on his ass. The sound of the squatting, I was afraid that she turned over this posture, and she turned over and let her kneel on the bed. I attacked it from behind, when I entered her body from behind When she suddenly screamed, I thought I had painful, but she said that she faves this posture, so the most comfortable, I know that I found her sensitive posture, so I used her ass. The pillow is slightly mat, so it is more convenient for me. I put her hipster, hard to do her, maybe this posture stimulate her, he is completely let go, start selling, began to speak, What husband is used to do it, put me inserted me, it’s cool, I am going to die, I know that she is not the first time, let go of the hand and feet, keep the quick thrush for about five minutes, I started to have ejaculation Desire, in order to give her an unforgettable first time, I went up from her, stand up on the ground, then picked her from the bed, let her two legs on my shoulders, then hold her, start dry She (this is my personal feeling least easy to shoot, but too tired, the physical strength of the man is particularly high), then she has already completely let go, and it is very loud, I am afraid that she is too loud. The neighbor to share, I started to use my mouth to block her mouth, but she is still! Hoot! Because this posture is not easy, it is also very waste of physical strength. At about five or six minutes, she began to shake, and very hard to hold me, Zhang Dazza, I want to leave the fish. A little low, I know her climax, I put her slowly in bed, then gently stroking her face, asked her comfortable, she nodded and comfortable, I said to bed, I will Let you fly once, she is in the bed, I started to attack her again, I know this is her favorite posture, so I started working hard, I haven’t had time I have a desire of ejaculation. I told her to shoot, she said, it didn’t matter, I would also like a climax. I made her a few times. After I felt, I took a tight, I took it into her small point, I was The semen is hot, and she is climax with me. After that, we didn’t pick up, I let her lie down on me, I put her little brother who hasn’t softered again into her small hole, she was surprised to watch me, you have not met, I said it is satisfied, but I I have to insert you here, play me, say hooligans, then we will sleep like this. Since the first day is too late, we all got late the next morning, and hurriedly went to work. From then on, I will go to her from time to time, every time I’m full of “sex” blessings!

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