At the age of 12, I occasionally got a yellow novel of a hand, I was touched by the vivid description of the novel, and my organs also gave me the opportunity to try, and I started to be obscenity, masturbation . However, this cannot meet the desire of the feeling of the protagonist in the novel. I start looking for my prey.

Time is 16 years old, when it is a popular foot pants, if the quality of the pedal pants, wear a good sexy, and even out of the sexy underwear of the painter. That fragrant hip, the high yin will make you intoxicated, let alone me who is looking for prey. At this time, I have already entered the third day, and the school. Many of the female teachers, especially young female teachers like to wear this kind of trousers. I can’t set attention when I am in class, I can only stare at their legs, especially two legs, think about it. The novel is a mulberry beauty and the meat of the woman.

Especially a teacher, I started paying attention to her, let me know this small color wolf, she can’t run. She taught us politics, that is, just 30, no children. Special love wearing some sexy clothes. Of course, the sexy clothes at that time and now couldn’t ratio. The pedal pants is a special sign. The most important thing is that I noticed that she is absolutely good, her legs, beautiful buttocks, unable to describe it. So I think that the teacher’s sexual desire will be very strong, this strong packaging of their own woman, her labia is very fresh.

I start looking for opportunities, close to her. I started working hard to learn her subjects and strive to ask her questions, so that she can get closer to me, smelling her fragrance, woman’s aroma, closer to her legs. beautiful.

Her home is very far from our school, usually only go home on Saturday. I pay attention to her, that is, she is particularly brighter every Monday, while Friday, I am particularly urgent to go home, I haven’t thought about it. I think, I will not think about his old man. No, it should be what I want to think. Now because it is a graduated class, the learning task is getting tighter, I finally found that this week didn’t go home. I also tried to ask her, “Teacher, don’t you go home?”, “Hey, not for giving You make up the class. This winter, I will not go back. ” “Oh, then your family will not be angry.”

I can rest assured here, now I am studying for me this is a tool close to the prey. I have always intentionally intentionally and unintentionally, I will open my jokes, still touch her hips behind her. But it is very hidden. I don’t dare to determine my teacher in the end, I am a teacher. However, from the surface, she didn’t bother me, maybe because I learned a good reason.

A unintentional experience made me sure to go to her determination. She let me go to her dormitory to help her last time we touch the bottom. She gave me the key of her dormitory. After entering her dormitory, this is the first time to enter a single dormitory of a mature woman. The woman is tasteful, so comfortable, take a roll, my chicks are not supported. Because I saw the teacher on the underwear in the house, a sexy underwear. Just in the bed. It is the teacher to dry. Especially the part of the vagina is very small, just a thin belt, I imagine, this east, the teacher’s small hole is sexy. No, I have something to see again. The first feeling is the teacher’s bed underground, there is a box, the lock, don’t be tight, the teacher gives the door key, it is a string of giving, should have this. Really, open, heaven, sexy underwear, simulation, there should be!

No, the time is too late, quickly lock the lock, took the roll out. But at this time, I also understand, the teacher is still beautiful. I must satisfy you!

When I gave the teacher, my face was red, suddenly I found that her face was red.

In the evening, 11 o’clock, lying in the dormitory, can’t sleep, one closed is the teacher, and that simulation appliance is really the first time, there is no such concept. I imagined her lascivious guy into her body with that thick guy, she was shaking, groaning, twisting … I can’t do it, I have to go see.

I secretly under the bed and pretend to go to the toilet. Light hand, the teacher’s dormitory building, in fact, I know that the teacher’s dormitory is to lock, but still hold a lucky psychology, but I have found that I want to hide the door to the teacher’s dormitory building. Gently pushed it. Heaven help me too.

The hands of the hand came to her room, listened carefully, there was a quiet, and there was a sound, and there was a sound, and the sound of the bed. But it’s very small, don’t pay attention to it. My great rod is hard. A beautiful illusory map is immediately presented in front of you!

Originally, I only listened, I’m going to have an addiction, but the hand didn’t die, and I got soft to the wooden door. Opened, my heart jumped quickly ………

No, don’t explain, I am really unwilling. Take the sky: the so-called sexy underwear is her own transformation! The so-called simulation appliance is, it is her own homemade, common way is to contraception flour! However, at the time, in addition to only have seen a A-level article, others did not experience itself, obey, more can’t talk about A, it is basically no, or few recorders (screening), it is more impossible to see Really woman supplies! Leisure less, the continued fees of the face, your eyes, do not believe, small, not reluctant, no need to force!

In fact, I have been seduce by her step by step, so that I have a smooth near her room, I just at the time, almost in the nerve chaotic state. I haven’t experienced it, you won’t imagine. Of course, all this is later, she told me.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum At the time, he only saw that under a dim light, a red woman, is close to his eyes, and use something in the legs, the simple single bed is with her body. The peristaltic sound is sound. I don’t know if it is afraid, stupid, just like the robot to move, come to the bed, then discovery, what is red, the outer sleeve, it should be a condom, shine, it is from her The intersection of the two beautiful legs, gently enter and out. Especially when the thing is pulled out, I am more stunned, the head is very big, it is done by the man’s thing. (You don’t misunderstand, later learned, it is a carrot!) I only know the swallow, and then stupid stand.

Suddenly, her hand grabbed my hand, I was shocked, I haven’t reacted it yet, she put my hand on her yuki, only knowing is a soft and hard thing, and above A piece of wet call. I squeeze out a few words in her scorpion: “Little son, give it to me”. Look at this look, I started to wave God, I have to wait for her! Merry her little hill, because the light is dark, I really want to observe her close-up, just down, this is she suddenly lifted, her yin took the semi-crossing fake mask, Send it to my mouth, while holding my head with hands! God, is I dream?

Under her abetment and guidance, I started to lick her little BB, while using that false thing into her honeydane. Soon she twitched, from the depths of the scorpion, I made a frightening and charming voice, simply using language difficulties! Turn on the twitching, I don’t move, quietly lying, and I am happy to faint! As such a beautiful figure is now in front of me! I have to hold her, my ancestors have risen. I took off my clothes in a few times, and the huge family was replaced with the false thing, and she started climbing her soft and comfortable flesh. Because there is no experience, just the wind is inserted, but it will be shot soon. The shot is a mess!

This is what she slowly puts me flat, came to my crowd, a warm hit, I barely looked up, see her chicken with my mouth. Just just shot, I haven’t had soft sticks yet, and I have a teasing, it is hard. Almost full of her mouth. That feeling, the beautiful teacher who dreams of, I can’t help me, I can’t idle, I started to explore her body, especially double milk, round, and firm nipple. She is a tremble whenever I met her nipple. She began to shake her hips. This is what I found. In fact, she has always wearing underwear, that is, there is only one belt in the genitals, just I am too excited, I have no attention. Her underwear has tried to arouse my desire, because this thing is telling me, “Come on, I am a Saixian.” I started to touch her hips, good sexy, good and round. It is a difficult idea to use the words I don’t say to describe women’s carcass.

My hand touched her honey hole, just now my semen and her yum, and the honeydown of Wang Yang. I started to come back and touched her laborary, there is a nipple, she started to take it again, because there is still a chicken in her mouth, so I can only hear the sound of snoring and more sexy.

She was estrus, fierce riding to me, put it next to the top of the door, and did it on my chicken, so deep, she is intoxicated, I almost called. Come. She used her Xiangli to my mouth, did not call it, she started crazy and lifted her ass, every time, it was deeply inserted. Then it is desperately shaking, I am also very happy to enjoy her, with her.

The stability of the slutty and flatness is too big.

We almost didn’t speak, just to guide me with her hand or eyes, serving her for her, and she also tried to serve me. I don’t know how long I feel that the honeydown of my chicken chicken is contracted, it is tight, and my hand is touched to her yukuclear, which has been completely erected. And she hooked his lips, the sound of the sound was emitted from the bottom of the throat. I know, I am going to sell, I can’t get a chain at this time, I have just been shot, I can still stick to it now. I turned over and put her crazy. It seems that she is comfortable to bite the extreme. She quickly bishes the pillow in her mouth. Under my crazy attack, she almost shouted, I can see, She is very useful! Holding me tightly, Xiao Hao Kong is also tightly holding my stick, and still moving a moving twitch. For a long time, she calm down, lying there, touched my back with my hand, look at me. My guy has not yet met, I woke up, I started attacking, when I quickly shot, I didn’t know how she saw it, and I pushed me deeply with my guy. I am deeply shot in her mouth.

We are tired and lying on it. She looked at me and saw hair. She laughed, “The small colors, I am a little bit, you will hook”. It turns out that everything today is carefully arranged. From she let me take a roll, I saw the sexy underwear, at least for me, I was sexy, even these rooms, all of her I deliberately left me. Moreover, this is also given by Mr. Her.

It turns out that her gentleman is a teacher in our county high school, and the idea is relatively open. They are very open in this regard, almost every week. It is also because of this, her sexual desire is getting stronger, and a weekly night, it is difficult to meet her. In the work, she began to find a good fortune. Once an accidental opportunity, her underwear was in her labipings. At the time, she was born in the office, she began to twist the body, soon she was sole that her is solely. When I returned to the dormitory at night, she found a small triangle underwear at that time, which cropped in the genitals, so that she can rub it into the yukuclear, almost always feel comfortable.

Her husband knows her creativity, I am very happy, I also praise her, tell her with a hidden tone, you can see if you can find a boy during the situation, wait for her. She didn’t care at the time, but as her sexual desire increases, she began to pay attention to the surrounding man, she felt that the teacher, too unsafe, the key is that she wants to find some people.

I entered her sight, purely a chance, I was also on the second, the adjacent teacher, the surname king, the teacher just graduated, at the time, especially avant-garde, the principal was reprimling her, she It also converges, but it is difficult to say. The exam, Xiao Wang teacher and me gave us a monk together. Xiao Wang teacher wearing a short dress. The most critical is that we have to answer questions on the stool (the country should know, but more explanation), and Teacher Xiao Wang sat on the podium, I just saw the spring light in her skirt, and there was no time. I have begun to obscene, and the big stick is so thick. I have been masturbating in my pants, and all this is discovered by me. So, she took me step by step.

Explain, the little teacher, because it is still a girl, I don’t dare to have too much hope, I don’t like that.

Ok, she is a teacher’s teacher. When we blend them two ghosts, she still has no life, I just started a lot of worship, we are busy every day to 3 am. Later, she was afraid of affecting my senior high school entrance examination, agreed to each week, only twice, this is more refreshing than her home. Stimulate. However, we also have to hold it, the third time, the fourth time.

I know that I am in the exam to open the school. Later, there was less. My old family in the past, listening to the classmates, she and her husband went to the provincial city to teach.

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