Ying Wen is a female colleague in the coffee shop I work. Today, after work, replace the uniform of the coffee shop in the staff in the staff. But the peace is often different, and a white shopping bag is put in the dark, and the bag covers a smart flashlight with shooting. Moreover, the video of the flashlight is open.

That is my flash. I am using it to sneak shirts. In fact, Ying Wen is already the last victim in the store. There are five clerk in the coffee shop, except for me, the rest of the four, including the store manager, is a woman. They didn’t fight for me, I didn’t expect that I would be so bold and sneak them. Now, I look at the three women’s dressing segments in the flashlight every night, while playing a plane.

I saw Ying Wen who wore a neat uniform from the lounge. After coming, I took the rest room to retrieve my mobile phone. But I stepped out the door of the lounge, but I saw a female colleague in the store. The lobby stared at me, and the female storeman made me more.

But I didn’t know the danger at the time, and I strongly turned into them until I saw Ying Wen’s face mutation, my eyes were full of fierce light, I knew that the situation was not bad, turned and went to escape. However, the café’s clock has been pulled down, and the female shop chief and all colleagues also contribute to me.

“The store is not going to open the door, why do you pull the hairdressing?” I hide my panic with a curious voice.

“You still have garlic!” Ying Wen’s eyesight sharply, directly looking at my face.

“What kind of garlic?” I thought it was atro.

“The store manager, let me alarm arrested this sneak shot!” Ying Wen bite his teeth.

“What have you done, you know.” The female shop is angry with me.

“I ?? I didn’t do anything?”

“What didn’t do? Let us look at your phone.”

“I ??” I slammed, like a thunder, I can’t move, my head is blank, there is no way to say anything.

I suddenly realized the conversation between the women. It turned out that smart Yun Wen, I have already pericated that I have the flashlight in the ax. She is very calm, immediately views the phone, discovers that there are female shop captains in the machine and the clothes of the other female colleagues, and see my appearance when I am placing my mobile phone. She then put the mobile phone back to the original, when I retrieve my mobile phone, I came to a person with other colleagues.

I heard me, Ying Wen can’t help but live three thousand feet, I don’t wait for me, she just drink: “Forget it, I still have alarm.”

“Sorry! I am really sorry! I am just a moment of impulsive, please forgive me, give me a chance to change your self!” I quickly changed, myself had no sophistry, only frank with my colleagues, I don’t want to admit it. Call the police.

Ying Wen seems to laugh, I look at me: “Do you think I forgive you? Okay! That is to teeth, it is also eye-catching, you can replace a uniform in front of me, let me take a film to take the film.”

“Isn’t I put it in uniform?” I was still silly, and I was old and said that Yingwen said.

Ying Wen pulled up her skirt, showing the appearance: “When you sneak shot me, what are I replaced?”

Her words, this is like a eye, let me stay like a wooden chicken, just standing there.

“Don’t understand it?” Ying Wen is known to ask. I thought, my boy, I was forced by Ying Wen to put on the skirt, and it was ashamed to be a little red.

She took a word a meal: “I want you to change the female store in front of me? Skirt? Sub-system service.”

Ying Wen deliberately put the word “skirt”, raising the sound, shocking my ear, said: “When you dress, let me take it, slowly afraid in the future.”

I have no chance to talk at all, Ying Wen is aggressive: “You choose: First, I am alarm, one is your dress. What do you say????”

When she asked the sentence, the momentum was stunned. I am widened, I don’t know what it is, my thoughts are very poor. It is like a beast that falls into the trap. Many sweat beads are squeezing out, I consciously face gray, shaking whole body, cold sweat, test : “I ???? Then I will take a fragment of the dress, will you let me?”

“See your performance 唷 ????” Ying Wen, I said coldly.

In the threat of their alarm, I had to don’t want to take a piece of my shirt and pants in front of them, until there is only the underwear. “Don’t take off your underwear, I even have a girl’s trousers to help you prepare!” Ying Wen turned to hi, smile and took out a lace small panties.

“When you usually change to work uniform, do you replace it in underwear?” I certainly don’t want to get clearing in front of them.

“Do you really don’t wear this little pants? You will regret it.”

I am awkward, I have agreed, I have promised their request, put on the uniform skirt wearing girls in front of them, let me have this boy, lose the male face and dignity. If I even have a symbol of the boy – the men’s underwear can’t keep up, then I am a thorough fall, it has become a waste man who is dressed up from the inner trousers! So I resolutely shook my head and refused Ying Wen’s unreasonable requirements.

Ying Wen is soaked, suddenly hard, pull my men’s underwear, and then take a scissors.

I have a green face, silly eyes, and the back of the ridge is chill. Ying Wen is not going to cut my chicken chicken? !

Fortunately, Ying Wen just cuts my underwear with scissors, then the whole tangle: “Hey! Waiting for it, see who ask me to put this girl pants!”

I only know that I have a stupid, I’m looking at Ying Wen. The women saw that I was lighted, everyone was smiled in the blurred, but you said a word, let’s evaluate the meat stick below.

“We can’t find my girlfriend, but I have to shoot us dress, come and look at the plane to fight the plane! You are so small, like a small caterpillar, the girl will see him!” Girls It is definitely a big insult to say that the old two of the boys is not good.

“Hey! Even caterpillar is more strong than him! I see that it is a toothpick!” This is more meaningful.

“If I am a boys, the little brother is so small, I have a knife to cut it, I will simply when the woman is calculated!” Said that this is Ying Wen, she also waves the scissors on her hand, and she wants to give me the body. Cut.

“So we are actually helping him. We are giving him a chance to learn how to wear skirts, let him change to be a girl in the future. Do you sisterate, I am right?”

“To right. That is he should ask us to eat, thank you?”

“What to eat?” Whip “?”

“His man” whip “is so small, how can we eat four people?”

“Don’t eat enough, then cut his eggs too?”

“Ha ha ha ha????”

These sentences have a ridicule, dignify my male dignity, degrade the mud with underground.

“Hey,” Small Tag “! It’s rare to have a beautiful woman teaches you how to play girl, you still don’t hurry, come down right?”

I think it is crying, my grievances, the whole body slightly shakes, it is difficult to pick up the narrow body skirt, and the chicken hand puts it. The women have taken out their mobile phones, and they can’t shoot my “first” from different angles.

That uniform dress is more tight, putting my butt package. The strange thing is that the next half is the feeling of the skirt, which makes the first dress, my heart is very interesting, I can’t help but swallow a mouthful.

The old second is not controlled, and that feeling is really unable to say.

Ying Wen is very keen, and I am aware of my lower body. She pointed at the small hills of my skirt in front of my skirt, I took a bitter: “Your little brother lifted up, I seem to tell you, he really likes you to wear a skirt!”

I heard Ying Wen’s degradation, immediately lowered, blushing, this moment is really shy. I am obviously a crulmed girl, and it should be able to resist their torture. Unexpectedly, my acknowledgings have no silky anti-pit, only to wear their demands according to their requirements. And my body is even more reluctant, I actually got a physiological response, I’m giving Ying Wen, I have to discover my old two. It is more important to say that I am like Ying Wen who likes to wear a skirt. The old two is more excited.

“A psychological boy, if he wants him to wear a skirt, he should feel the humiliation, how to be excited about this male colleague? Such interesting things, I really have to study.” Female shop long expression Excited, touched me to bounce the meat stick outside the skirt across the skirt. Naturally, my meat is getting more and more rough, heaches big, in the surface of the flat skirt, supporting a clear and visible big tack. The girls see the shackles, this is not playing the mind, but also begins to eight feet, and I am already a highly high-quality meat stick in the tun. I am like an eye-shameful girl, struggling to push their hands. But how do I enemies in my hands?

Later, I didn’t know who it was, I played, and the sorry reached into my skirt, and I didn’t touch my chicken chicken. I can call it out, and my face is rising, I feel that breathing is angry, and I have a shortness of breathing.

In the case of eight hands, I was put into my skirt, my skirt was so much higher, and the little brother was fully exposed. Ying Wen did not stop with my meat stick with my hands, and I made my glans rose red, and the borders were rough and long, and the greenness was blind. Ying Wen’s fingertips came extremely strong, so that my body is also The instinct can contribute to the rhythm of the regular rhythm, and rock the waist.

My little brother is excited to reluctively, a burst of crusts straight spine. I can’t breathe myself, the glans finally sprayed another hot flow, I was ejaculated.

Ying Wen saw that I couldn’t help but be “mandatory ejaculation”, first stayed first, then laughed. She smiled very happy. This is this time I met her, I saw her for the first time.

“How do you get a touch?”

I am breathing, I didn’t plan to answer the problem of female shop president, but just looking at Ying Wen said: “I have let you take it to the female clerk uniform, is it a way to tell a paragraph? I can take off Go to the skirt, wear my pants? “

“You just have just compensated your sins committed by Yingwen, but sneak shot this account, you haven’t repay it yet?” The female store manager, with his fingers to other two female colleagues, but the eyes are very sternly looked at me.


I heard it, the war is asked: “” You? You? Also think? How do I pay? “

“I want to see that he is raped by me!” Speaking is a good-time, another female clerk.

Being riot I immediately slammed a slutty in the Spring Palace. The Peter was awarded to me, Zhang Dafu, let me down the thick iron rod, without retaining her prostitutes The time is too late, and the time is slow. After I took the thousands of times, I used to slap in the end of the Pearstane vagina. ? ?

The female shop is also ideally thinking about the approximate scene: “You will be raped, will it be the retaliation of him, but it is cheaper?”

The eyes of women are concentrated on the peer and see her reaction.

“He is now wearing a skirt, and the identity is no longer a boys, but it has become our female colleague. So I want to violent him, of course, I am rampant like a girl!” Xi Yin smiled, And raise her middle finger: “And I am” boys “, just use this to violent him! See how I all!”

When the girl heard it, I first had a good time. After instant, I understood that I was intended to “refer to”, I burst a smile.

I opened my mouth, I didn’t expect the weekdays and amiable, all-madly tamered, and there was such a crazy metamorphosis. I used this method to insult me. I retaliated that I sneak her dress!

“Come, squat to the table!” The Peer and beautiful moving mouth is slightly tight, and it has been a smile.

I am ashamed to the head. How will this? I am a boy, I am going to be treated by a cock today.

Diaphry, or female colleagues I met? Why will I have this experience?

“If you don’t listen to me? Do you think about alarm?” Peter threatened me in a threatened tone.

Although I don’t want to be taken to my chrysanthemum points for the first time, I can’t reject her. Who told me to have a handle? I don’t have already, I have to obey the requirements of the peel, press my hands on the table, and I will squat, but the ass.

“Hello, pick the skirt.” The Peter is full of contempt, 揶揄, 揶揄,.

I thought that it is already insulting enough to have a skirt. How can I take myself to pull a high skirt, take the initiative to show your ass to help? However, in the face of the threatening of the peer, I didn’t dare to retain her, I had to let her. “Hey, come, separate the legs bigger.” Xi Yushu smiled and said.

I didn’t dare to resist, and my shamelessly opened the big legs. And the rest of the three girls are also very exciting, surrounded me.

“The girl, it is right. Now put the ass to open the point! I will open your ass crack, let me see your small hole.” The sound of the penette, like a naughty girl.

I don’t want to pull my butt the two meats of my butt, it is like a piece of meat, I am a piercer. The Peter is toned to my ass, completely exposing the ass.

“You haven’t been played here yet?” Beinn is a kindness, massage my asshole, saying: “How cute.”

“I can’t think of it, boys also have such a round ass, really like a girl!” The girl finger me finger.

(Don’t look, I am difficult to die ???)

“So I said, we don’t bother him, don’t let him become a real girl, really violent!”

They are not in love with me.

“For it, he has already put on the skirt, and it is barely as half a girl. It is better to witness the Peter.” The four women are excited at this time.

The middle finger of the peel, the surround circle of my anus: “Okay, everyone’s audience, the expression official!”

I know that I am going to be “open”, I am nervous to breathe, breathing.

Pearry suddenly inserted into my ass, then dig the chrysanthemum hole of my dry: “Oh! It is very tight inside, it is a virgin anus.”

“Ah! Pain ??? pain ??? pain ??? ??? pain ??? is very painful ??? !!!”

I feel that there is hard object in the anus, like the weak anal wall of my weak. A stinging straight to my head, hurting my tears straight, and I can’t say a word.

“Haha! ???” Four women once again hilarious sound, with my call shouts to intense comparison. I have produced myself that I fell in hell.

“Don’t be afraid, you will steal the music later.” Pei Yin put some sticky ointments in my asshole, it seems to be the like of Vaseline, then continue to use the fingertips, attack me later that is hot Cave.

The Peer’s finger digs in my delicate chrysanthemum petal, rotating like a stirring rod, making my ass clamping this evil aggressor. I want to cut out all my feelings, but the fingers turned in the body, so I can’t feel it. I feel that my face is getting more and more hot, the heart is getting better, and my heart is inexplicably in my heart.

This is the first time, there is an outer object into my anus. I have never experienced this feeling. But strangely, I don’t have a disgust it, even a bit enjoyable this intricate sensory torture, and the second also congestion .

“Hey, you seem to enjoy, see your little cock!” Pace with a obscene smile: “You are really a girl’s material, or the kind of lingering. Don’t hide, feel If you feel comfortable, let’s let it be! “

I am embarrassed, I don’t understand how I will be “raped” like a girl. ” Unfortunately, I slightly twisted with my butt, and I wrote in conjunction with the rhythm of the peer, I deny it in the mouth, my body, my reaction also disclosed the truth. I can only don’t care, and I will respond to the irony of the ear of the ear.

“Is it very cool? You started to be embarrassed!” Xing Yin is higher: “Sisters, it is better to play her together, tune her into a real prostitute girl!”

To be “gang rape” by a female colleague I know? My shame turned nausea between my shame, I felt a chill, the body trembled. I want to say that they don’t want to engage in me, and I will change it again. I am afraid that it is hiding, I have, I’m thinking.

In an instant, I feel that there are many fingers inserting my back court, coming to “吱”, “” sound, my ass will become their play. Although I hurt, I can’t say it, but a strange and pleasing my body, the disgusting of the nausea has become the thrill of Mingming, and the desire to abuse the inner underground is stupid.

“Hey, your small dicks have flowed out of prostitution!” Ying Wen Geng smiled. “Look, you are really a born baby, you can engage in your back court, but you will continue to flow out of prostitution!”

The female shop is laughing.

I saw that I was very straightforward, the constant jumping, the stepping head is like a treasure, but also exudes transparent and rich juice. This unable to control physiological response, which is shy and embassy. Why are their metamorphosis, so that I have impulse and pleasure? Why do I have this special sex?

If you go to this point, I also take care of you and decent, and you will let the peeling of the peeling, abuse my chrysanthemum points, thus generating sexy. Others curiously inserted for a while, and smoked his fingers and closed his hand. The feeling of sudden empty cave, but the body feels a loss.

Fortunately, the Peter left her in the middle finger, constantly entering my tight hot hole: “From today, you are my woman. I will make your sexual desire to be satisfied, you will experience you will experience The taste of the soul, 嘿嘿 ???

“Ah ?? ?? ah ?? ah ??」 呻, plus on my hard-filled green barley stick, the broth of the gladia diaper mouth, more stunned, Peter, I want to abuse me Psychology. So, she also added index finger, no name, and finally actually put the whole fist into my back court, like it is going to explode my anus.

In addition to the peer, holding my swelling brother, keeping back and back: “Little guy, your hostess is being tortured into such a child, you are still so strong, order Your owner now I don’t know how fast, I am very rampant. “She said, actually stretched the finger, squatting on my brother, but also shaved my bag with sharp nails, make it My body is rushing to the lower body.

“As soon as comfortable, I will make you more cool!” After the Perseus is moving before and after me, the other hand hiring in front of me. Xi Yin is hopping me, the kind of pleasure is compared to yourself, there is really a good thing.

Yin also asked me: “This is cool?”

I was so comfortable, I nodded, I really hope that I have been in this life. Looking at my breathing gradually urged, it was already going to climax, and Peel suddenly stopped. I lost down at once, she looked at my expression, smiled strangely: “Today, this is.”

“Why stop?” I got a big breath.

“Do you like to rape your fart?” Xi Yin asked narrowly.

I am a mess, but I feel that the Yu Yun just happy is still in the body. So, I finally took some nodded. I just started to be shame when I was anae, I didn’t know the body. The thrill is replaced. After the first time I tasted the climax before and after, my metamorphosis was quickly challenged, just like drug abuse.

“Don’t face!” The group of girls in the store gave me.

“But my hand is very tired! It’s better, I cut down your good stick, let you use it to satisfy yourself?” Pace smiled.

“Good idea. Anyway, she likes to wear a skirt; that is, she likes to be a girl; if you are girls, no longer need the meat!”

“Yeah, you can make her a real girl!”

“Cut the guy who is useless, you can also immerse the specimen, put it in the store, warn other porn mad boys, bullying our girl’s lowerment.” The three women have a number of people.

I have been stimulated by them, I have already burned red sworn, more like explosive. I concentrated my spirit, control the little brother, don’t let it go. If you are known by the Peé, I have heard it, and the body is more excited, maybe this class becomes the demon really will me? ? ?

I shook my head: “No, don’t blew me! You can use it, just don’t blew me!”

At this time, I don’t know where the Peer is going to get a fake mask, I am still swaying in front of me: “What can I do with this? Can you use this?”

I stopped, like it is very difficult to teeth; Pear is not reminded, because she knows, I can’t reject her request.

“So big things plug in?

“So do you want this fake 阳 具 or? Don’t even calculate it! I cheat your little teeth and use it to insert your back.” The root of my man, but the heart is fantasy, and the evil smile is the peer, with an extremely proud and domineering, the scene when I fell by my hand, and the old two almost couldn’t help.

“Then you want me now, use this fake 阳 to insert your obscene points? Say!”

“Use this fake 阳 ??? ??? inserted me? Good ??? Well. But can you be gentle?” I lost my thinking ability, I didn’t care, I said my heart.

“Is it afraid of pain? It’s better, I let you insert it. However, there is no license, you can’t pull the false 阳具. Can you?”

I am deeply embarrassing, I only know that I nod, I took the false row. At this time, I still don’t know that I have fallen into the trap, just look at the fake, inexplicable excitement, more palm Itch is difficult.

I can’t help but I can’t help, hurry to insert it into the anus? ? ? Ah, I can’t think of it, I am going to this point, put the girl’s self-use massage stick, and put it into my ass.

How much didn’t have passed, my body has a strong sputum, and the burning meat stick suddenly emits hot milk white liquid from the front end.

When I was in the big mouth of the big mouth, I was in the speed of Thunder, and I was unable to put my fare.

“Yeah!” I hurt crazy and called, and Porin said that: “Yes, this is my souvenir! Remember your commitment: No license, you can’t pull it go.”

The female shop captain patted my shoulders and said: “It is very cool in it, is it!? However, I know the punishment, more cool!”

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