Pastor: Do you regret everything you do?

Jin Wei: Do not regret, never regret.

Pastor: You still repent, maybe you will get God’s forgiveness.

Jin Wei: I will never regret.

Pastor: Hey.

Jin Wei: It is full of unfair in this world, why can’t God do not have permanent fair?

Pastor: Fairness is not fair to say in the world, but you have not tested.

************ The story will also come from me to the company.

After graduating from college, I am eager to make a resume in the society, I have a resume, but the echo, the echo is either, but the answer is waiting for notice, and this notice may never have a copy.

Looking at the surroundings who have a bachelor soon quickly find a job, I really worked quite. Some students who have entered a good company with relationships, often blowing their own salary, how much work is, and how much power is good. And I have, I can only do anxious at home every day, waiting for the opportunity.

It’s hard to have a company to hire me. With my English advantage, I was assigned to the company’s import and export department, mainly responsible for exporting business matters, in other words, it is to keep up.

Our company is a subsidiary of a group of S, but because the S city is inland city, the sea export is cleared in our A city.

So City and I mutually cooperate with each other. She is called Chen Yi’s girl. She is primarily responsible for the business, and I am helping her a customs in A.

In fact, the so-called business is just a scorpion. According to I know, the products produced by our company are very popular in the international market, and they don’t have to go out for sale, and people will come to the door.

And more exaggerated is that in order to buy our products, sometimes even give us tips, please eat, it can be said that the salesperson in the city can be a very oil-water job, and the treatment is very high.

In our city, there is no such good treatment, the salary is low, like a undergraduate graduation, the monthly salary is only 1500, and it is busy, there is a good business, we have no stop here.

More gas is, we have never paid overtime. I want to make a complaint, he will do it, do it, don’t do it, not to recruit.

In fact, you don’t know how to live this. As we all know, the customs are sitting in the south. Treating our customs clevers is very fierce, and it is a good mood, and the work is still smooth, but once it encounters a drill, and that day, when the mood is not good, then Some bitter.

Every time I have, some companies will give these associates to give gifts, send money, so the customs of the customs will be very friendly on these gifts, and our boss is a “iron cock”, so. Our company is a little things that will not give people, the result is that doing things are very uncomfortable.

In this way, I started my career after the trial period. But there are more and more contradictions.

Since this is unfavorable, I often be hurt by the salesman of the city?

In fact, this is really awkward, I do a good certificate every day, I have to go to the customs, but their associates deliberately mart me.

And I have never been hard, just in the work business, I argue a few words, but she is completely in my heart, and one is far from being like.

What is most happiness is that she is always to my leader to hit a small report, and I still say what “I heard my voice is disgusting”, the insulting discourse.

Fortunately, my leader is a more friendly person. On the one hand, she advised me to speak very much, don’t talk more to those people who don’t explain, just do your own job.

On the other hand, she told me about some things about Chen Yi.

Chen Yi did not read how many books. When the junior high school was left, after graduation, the technical school was graduated, with the introduction of the S-City Group Corporation, the company entered the company, and assigned to this very “oil” position. .

She don’t say that in our subsidiaries, even in the group of group companies, they also call the furnishings.

People don’t dare to sin because she has a strong background, even her fault, others have to say their own fault, and my former is also left because of her temper. In the group of group companies, the best customers are all her, don’t have to go to work every day, they will be full of her table, and her assistant helps her solve contact, and Chen Yi’s monthly salary is higher than I have a whole 10 Multiplier.

I was really angry. I really angry, can I have as high salary? Why don’t she don’t work, but I can get 10 times a monthly salary? Can she tell my bad words in front of me? Is it hard enough?

Why is this world, the child’s child is always the poor, and the rich child is always a rich?

Dig the first bucket of gold, but I don’t have this strength, I can only be put into the willingness.

It is such a thing about Chen Yipin, everyone is not too annoying, because I only say more about her bad deeds, everyone may not rape and kill her behavior, At least I want to fight some sympathy for me.

Once Chen Yi arrived in the city, I would like to have her background to let her also touch some society.

To a city, naturally, to our company first report, when she stepped into our office, I saw her noble look, the body is a famous brand, and also wearing a margin.

We managed to greet her, but she was very good, just nodded, then took off the sunglasses, looked at me and smiled.

When I got to help her, I was going back to the office. I heard Chen Yi said to our manager: “I told you to recruit a handsome guy, you see him, to the customs, it is necessary to be closed, people enterprises are a beautiful woman , Handsome guy, so do things smoothly, you will see the deputy model of Jin Weina, and people will certainly refuse him. “

“If you can’t say this, people are giving gifts, our company is not, then Jin Wei is very serious, I testified!”

“I am very dissatisfied with him anyway.”

After listening to this conversation, I really want to cry. Even if there is a background, why is my appearance to be discriminated against others? Is this my fault? Is it really power?

In the next half of the year, Chen Yi always deliberately find me in the work, and many things that are completely impossible to do it, and once it is not successful, go to the leader, gradually, I am in the company’s high-level mind The status is getting lower and lower, and it is also reasonable.

One day, our manager said that he said to me, because of the current difficulties, so you can only lay off, you misfortunes become one of them.

The manager also comforted me, she knew that my ability is very strong, work is very excited, I definitely find better work, don’t be desperate for this 1500 yuan, there is a month time, you relax a little. The lives in the hand are temporarily handed over to me.

However, these are excuses, 5 days later, come to a big handsome guy, this so-called layoff is fake, it must be Chen Yi’s ghost there, this is definitely a group company’s order.

A angry feelings are born, I was hit, and my teeth were biting “giggling”.

Why do people work hard will never pay?

I suddenly felt that this society is not a place in this kind of person. My parents are small ordinary staff. There is no backstage in relatives’ home. In order to let me buy a little advantage in love, I will help me buy. The room, the monthly repayment is 4,000 yuan, once I am unemployed, how can these money go?

I thought I thought about this vicious woman, but where did I come? She is in the city, I am in the city, I can’t go to revenge there, can this vicious woman can live like this? Don’t she be the emperor of this company? What do you want to do? Is this natural ethorse really a miracle that is uncomfortable? No, I want to die together!

I don’t know if it is a sky, or because Chen Yi’s what is anger, the opportunity is finally here, and this opportunity is the only chance.

This is around the last month, receives the notice of my manager, Chen Yi has to go to the A city, and that time the manager is in the family, please take a vacation, so she asked me to do it when I was. Good last thing, then entertain her well, it is also a face for the manager.

Managers also told me that Chen Yi now four months pregnant now, but also I take care of her, try to open a number of stability while driving slower and the like. Now the opportunity has come, then I will absolutely not let go. I give myself secretly determined, since the law can not be this woman “justice”, I’ll punish you, send this woman go to hell.

That day finally arrived, I look forward to for a long time.

Chen Yi is still used cattle, accustomed to cold, habitual to me had a tantrum, uh, in her eyes, perhaps to seize this last chance to call me, teach me some of it, Chen Yi, ah, you gas is too small, curse you enjoy it, that is your life cursing my last chance.

That night, Chen Yi on a good business is already 21 o’clock, perhaps not right to talk about business, she began loses his temper in the car, his mouth saying “it does not matter anyway, they do not buy, when to enter not the goods do not come to ask me ‘kind of thing, I called her fake Hsin do not be angry, bad for the unborn child. But get is a “Do not you tube, open up your car.”

I looked at the car’s rearview mirror face deformed with rage she goes, I coldly smile, a sudden, I felt my soul like a new person like, before that I was completely lost in this world I seem to become a devil, he becomes a demon.

Perhaps this is the anger in my heart haunted by it, that anger from hell finally my good nature gradually evaporate, like ashes thrown in the air, accompanied by crosses into the unknown.

My foot pedal in the end, the car startled, rushed forward a bit, then I’m going to my good goal before the rate of 80 yards.

“You crazy ah, drive so fast, the belly of the child to play something you afford it?”

I did not answer her because I know at this time, silence speaks, on the other hand, is still in the city, Chen Yi may at any time for help, is still the first not to let her know my purpose as well.

“Excuse me. Miss Chen, next time I must note, so you are afraid.”

But Chen Yi chattering classes in the back seat, of course, is to put some curse me, this time I do not take care of her doomsday is coming soon.

Opened a section of the road, cars and pedestrians on the road less and less, I know there are going about 20 kilometers out of town.

“This is not the road to the hotel Well, you do not know the direction?” The same cow B, the same tone, but she does not seem alert.

“This is the way Yeah, that’s blocking the road especially at night, so I chose the long way, but you can save a lot of time.” For this reason I long to be good.

Soon out of town, I will increase the speed to 130 yards, this time Chen Yi obviously felt a bit wrong, and see the lights less and less cars on the road almost gone, Chen Yi seems to feel horror from her Getting closer.

※ | JKF Czech Forum “What do you want, ah, ah this is what I want to get off?.”

“Late, wait a minute you know where we’re going up.”

“What do you want ah, I want to call the police.”

I did not think this step, Chen Yi have the names of the phone, she can call the police. But fortunately she was not very familiar with the case of A City, had a clue what is now in place, we estimated that police found almost complete and I own the animal.

I continue XL force, not far from where I planned, there are 30 kilometers, my speed faster and faster, the days seem to going to rain, lightning flashed in the air, uh, Chen Yi, I on a rainy day you send it to heaven.

I took place at a small woods, there is a year-round place where no cell phone signal is not very strong, so it should be for me to be very safe.

I’ll Chen Yi dragged out from the car, did not expect the imminent death of her mouth is still very hard.

“Fuck you are not human, you beast, your family and hope to die.” So saying, I will be hard to get rid of his mouth desperately shouting “help.”

“Hu total this time can not do anything right, you usually this woman is really too high.”

I will this woman on his shoulders, to the depths of the trees around, the way this woman crying loudly, but his mouth is foul-mouthed talk incessantly.

I choose the right location, the floor and cried throwing shoulder Chen Yi, Chen Yi screams, hand touched the stomach.

“You have a livestock, don’t face.” Said that Chen Yi kicked my crotch, I didn’t prevent this woman’s trick, but I played this on my little belly. I also supported it. I am getting bigger and bigger, I am like a beast, let alone the beast that is attacked.

I walked on the face of Chen Yi to Chen Yi’s face. Chen Yi was still yelling. At this time, my hand can’t stop, and again, the slap is getting more and more heavy, Chen Yi’s cry is also The bigger.

Oh, today I have to play this woman, her vagina may not be an ordinary man can insert it, must be the kind of money, the ethics, there is this “lucky”, but I have to put them ” Fortunately, it is dark.

My head extends to her lips, I want to kiss her, but she actually refuses to belief, I bite a bite on my mouth, and I feel that there is a bloody taste in my mouth.

I spit my mouth, raised her palm, hit her mouth, play a few, I grabbed her chin, fix her mouth, then I bite her lips, Chen Yi’s The two legs kept struggling, I used her huge body to press her.

I have enough, I crude her clothes, the two breasts are more ugly, and some sagmented, maybe being pregnant, the slightly tummy belly is a symbol of my mother.

I got so much. I used two palms to grab her pair of breasts. I was pinched hard. The kind of power was like squeezing something.

Chen Yi couldn’t stand the pain and screamed.

“Agricultural animals, livestock! You must die, don’t live, I called someone to kill you.”

“Can you live out?” I didn’t have much, just said it flattened.

The two tender breasts pinch in my hand, as if it is Chen Yi’s life, I want to knead it to die.

The two black nipples also became the object I attacked. I used the nails to desperately smash hard, and then touch her stomach, hey, poor children, you find this mother is also Your inverted.

Yes, the child is innocent. Every child is born is a white paper, but the parents’ education is extremely important. It is like encountering this mother who encounters Chen Yi. This kind of child is born, it is better to die now. Mother.

When this kind of child grows up, I have been ruthless by Chen Yi’s barbaric education, and I will go back to others in the future, so equality is getting farther and farther away from reality.

Chen Yi’s trousers are particularly relaxed, so it is also very convenient, although Chen Yi uses his own hands to take his own pants, I want to keep my last defense, but I will have a madness where I will let her.

I took a bit bite in the hands of Chen Yi, Chen Yi lonely, I grab this opportunity, pulled her pants to the calf.

At this time, Chen Yi saw trousers. I want to keep my underwear, huh, you think too far, even if you put on ten pants today, I will peel them one by one.

I took my underwear to pull down, the night was relatively late, so I can’t see that her small hole is pink or black, but a lot of Mao is an indisputable fact.

I picked up a small cluster, pulled down in the reverse direction of the incadvenation, Chen Yi hurtd two legs, a cluster of mane was grabbed, in my thumb and index finger, I took it in my hand, I took it in my hand, Then blow with a mouth, the miama flew forward, just like Sun Wukong’s seventy-two changing.

Chen Yi’s voice really made me more and more annoying, to this point, the general woman is not the strength, but why she wants to call.

I am brutally put into my two fingers to Chen Yi’s vagina deep, I really want to directly insert her uterus, let her make a gods before they die.

I am using the male protagonist in Japan, quickly use my fingers in her vagina, “Flying”, Chen Yi is a woman, unconsciously, actually has a little sophisticated water.

I used my nails to stroke on her clitoris, I am really benevolent, let this woman finally experience a wonderful life.

I took off my pants, the meat stick had already been hard as steel, and the red glans is like a missile head, which is used to calculate the direction, and this goal is Chen Yi’s vagina.

I touched my own mask, which is a symbol of male majors.

When the penis is about to be a vagina, Chen Yi, Chen Yi is obviously, she is desperate to come to me, and I will take this opportunity to grab her two calves, separated from the left and right, then, the body Before close, keep the distance with her ass. But Chen Yi still didn’t give up struggle, I am a little angry, reach out of my fist, just a punch to her belly, Chen Yi hurts to roll straight on the ground, but also a lot.

I am aiming about her vagina, and then presses my huge body, I lost the last defense, Chen Yi, had to be honest, and once the penis is inserted into the vagina, it is very difficult to separate.

At this time, I have a very powerful possession, I want to occupy everything of this woman, I have to tame this woman like tame a horse.

I put the two hands of Chen Yi, Chen Yi didn’t move, I started the last enjoyment in my life, I must also grab this last chance to enjoy a woman’s body, and if you can do it next life is also a Big question mark.

Chen Yi’s vagina doesn’t seem to be like that, thinking about it is also a technical school, where is there any virgin in the technical school, the key is how many men have been made, with her so loose vagina, it is estimated that sex events Play less, her husband is really poor.

But this is okay, can delay my time, my penis keeps switched in her vagina, and sometimes accelerate, sometimes slow down, Chen Yi also seems to enjoy this wonderful time, not struggling, just Gently issue “Well” sound.

Suddenly I feel very urgent, yes, she has reported a police in the car, perhaps the police will come immediately.

I think this, I am speeding up, my last sprint I use it very much, let’s take a look, and getting more and more heavy, getting deeper, suddenly, I feel the bones of the whole body, the semen passes my valerian Chen Yi’s vagina flowed deep.

After the climax, I also relaxed alert. I didn’t expect that this evil girl didn’t have a compromise. I was a foot, I was now bored on the ground, Chen Yi saw this opportunity, picking up myself I want to escape.

At this time, I feel that I have slipped into the bottomless abyss, I told myself that I can’t let this woman, this woman who is very tragic.

I have endured pain, I don’t know where to come, I ran more and more quickly, soon catch up with this woman, I use a shovel’s posture to put Chen Yi, Chen Yi, a rolling, even rolling on the ground.

I was completely crazy by her feet. At this time, I am a beast attached to the body. I am a demon attached to the attractive, I am like a madman to fight her stomach and punch, Chen I can use the nail to die into my meat, the more painful, the more power is bigger.

“You are a fuck, mother, there is a background, is it? Is it?”

I’m mad.

“Your pig, I called someone to kill you! Kill you!”

“Playing, you die. Hahahaha!”

I suddenly slammed her neck with my hand. Yes, I want to bring her endless death, let her accept the torture of hell of hell, although I will go to this place, but I don’t regret it. , I want to be with this woman.

I don’t know how long, Chen Yi lying on the ground is not moving, she is killed by me.

“Booming -“, a thunder, then the rain, I raised bright red hands, in the rainy night, like a vampire, I laughed, I laughed again. It’s over, everything is over.

*********** I didn’t choose an appeal, because I know that I should pay this price. I just felt that I was always the people who worked hard.

Now, why is there a background in the background, and the money is much more, and it doesn’t have to work hard?

Those who have successfully succeeded through knowledge, but very little, even if they are very poor, is it rich, rich in second generation, rich three generations … is forever?

Yes, the priest’s sentence is right, I have not touched the test of God, perhaps the bitterness of this life is destined, as long as I can stick to it, maybe you can get happiness, or like those rich people, think Will you have anything.

Finally, I just want to say, no matter what, as long as I work hard, it will always have a fair day.

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