I have a sister, big tits, butt and round, it is an object of my masturbation.

My sister is a nurse, and every night is very late. Recently, their hospitals have to move, so they have to work every night. Today is already two, my sister has not come back.

Occasionally my sister will go home later, but it is the late time tonight. It must not be off work yet. So I embarrassed my excitement into my sister’s bedroom, ready to make a black underwear of the beauty sister. I will embroidered a white pattern on the 16-inch D cup. I buried my face into the cup and deeply sucked into the sister’s smell. The sister’s body is so horrified, long and pure, how can I use so many colors underwear, especially this, I haven’t seen it, and I haven’t used the black underwear, it looks so lascivious …

“Sister … Let me do you …” Borrowing my sister’s underwear, when I got up, I got up and embroidered a white pattern on the black gumper trousers, and the cup of the black milk wrapped the mask, another The cup is rubbing the glans. “Ah …” finally. Looking at the sperm and spurt, the milky white juice has a shade of the cover. The black d cup of my sister is in my white semen.

I didn’t come back at 1 o’clock, I decided to go to the hospital to find her. It’s been 2 o’clock, because I have to move almost no one in the hospital, my sister said that she is a duty. I saw a ward’s light is still bright, my heart wants my sister to be there!

I got on the building, I came to the door of the ward, I saw it from the door, my sister didn’t come inside. There is also a hemp face lying in bed and a baldness that takes care of him. My sister is going to take a needle, I’m immediately squatting on the bed, I looked at her ass tight, some gently twisted, even under her short skirt, I can see the red lace root root root root roots. Panties.

My cock is hard. I am masturbating, then what I can’t think of things happened. I saw that the bald reported the sister’s waist and threw it on another bed. Excited shouting: “Big Brother, fast, finally can fuck this Sao!” My sister was scared in bed, one sentence Unable to speak. At this time, the hemp face slammed from the bed, and he said.

Bald put his sister on the edge of the bed, holding his hands on a bald, the bald drill into the mini narrow skirt, “啾” sound, look like a small hole in the sister.

Available bald! I saw this scenery. I shocked and anger. How can my sister do this kind of halt? The old bald hands hold the sister’s hip cavity, stockings and yellow silky underwear have been faded, the shallow green set of the upper body is also stripped with a beautiful arc, and the big crisp is still covered. Yellow bra.

“Hey … … …” The sister closed his eyes and shouted. The soft long hair is elegant, the beautiful face is pink. Anyone can’t see that the pure sister has the behavior of obscenity. “Oh … … Don’t go in … Your tongue …” Listening to my sister’s light, the hateful baldness hugged his hips. “Hey … Hey … I can’t stand it … oh …” The eyebrows gradually picked up, my sister’s look is nervous. “Oh … don’t … don’t like this … Hey … I can’t stand it … I can’t stand it … 喔” a long call, my sister softly squatted to the bald, long hair recovering her climax Face. The pure sister actually leaned his legs to give the old baldness. Bald quickly kept her body, kink and smiled and put the two fingers into his mouth.

The sister was supported by the bald, and his hands were breathed on his shoulders. Sudden bald straight straight two fingers quickly poked into the sister’s lower body ….. “… pain …” The sudden attack makes the silky sister straight back, yellow milk falls on the floor.

I widened my eyes and stared at my sister’s chest to the towering double peak, a plump and charming beautiful curved shape, and two red grapes that would be jitter on the tip of the milk.

The baldness then turned back and forth in the palm, as if it was the same. I saw my sister’s face and painful, and the slender legs were shaking, and ten fingertips grabbed the bald shoulders. “嘿 …” Bald laughed.

I saw the bald sister, I really want to rush into the house to save her. At this moment, the bald finger had a lot of crystal juice, and it is a sister’s prostitute. “Only I can dig your sexual desire! Said goods, usually see your big ass, I want to do you! The prostitute is like spring, like honey, falling from bald palm to the floor.

The bald words make me surprised, is it a confusing woman? The bald finger began to pick up and down, and the sister lifted his right leg stepped on the bald shoulders to put the bald plugged hard.

“See it! Your hole is tight! The sound of the water is from the bottom of the mini narrow skirt. Bald sometimes inserts the finger root and then continues to pump, sometimes he is like a vagina that is buckled with his sister, sometimes it is stirring. My sister wearing a mini narrow skirt also shakes because of the movement of the bald. After a few minutes, the bald fingers didn’t stop the sister. After a few minutes, my sister was “嘎 嘎”, the body fell down, sitting on the left shoulder of the bald.

I saw my sister’s daily breasts in the white buds on that bald. At this time, bald pull out your own masks, and the situation will take your sister’s hips, and a thick-long hook is inserted into the sister’s body.

Bald stood up with my sister, my sister’s two feet also wrapped his waist, climbed on the baldness and kneaded her.

Since my sister’s body is very high, my breast is placed on the bald. The highly narrow skirt reveals the white wide round jade buttocks, spit with a graceful slutty. Semus is also constantly dripping from hip dumps. The sisters in the room were taken by bald butt, and the bright long hair was also very flexible. After a few seconds, I also heard the aromatic sound of my sister “Well”, just like stickers, but also smell the fragrance of my sister.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum I hesitated for a while, and I was looking at it. It turned out that the baldness made my sister’s hands on the bed. The baldness was tightened with the buttocks of the beautiful sister accelerate her. I saw the two sisters of my sister, I was caught by ten fingers. As long as I spit it, I can pick up my mind, and now I am looking at the old bald bullies. Bald, one hand holds his sister’s waist, and once in front of the big tits, I went to knead my sister. Bald is rape my sister in front of me, in front of me is the ugly mask of raging sister.

The mask that is being pumped is covered with sister’s prostitute, and the red and tender purse that is filled is still not broken. Ah … ah … ah … ah … a good crisp … ah … ah … ah … ah … “I heard the pure sister will call, can not help but feel sad. In this kind of mood, I actually produce sexual excitement. I took out the inexplicable rigorous rigorous mask, and I looked at my sister to be bullied.

“Ah … ah … 荷 … 要 … 荷 … 荷 … 嘎 嘎 … 嘎 …” The sister called two times, bald stopped the action, my sister was soft and soft in the baldness. The pussy with the hustle and hustle and squeeze out a pile of semen. My semen also urged it. Bald is full of pushing the chicken, said to the hemp. “Big Brother, I am cool, I am!”

My sister is now a unpispired show in front of the hemp face. The hemp face must be blood boiling. I warmon myself in my heart, the priest is still behind! The hemp face has taken his triangle pants. His blood-over is overfold, and both hands are opening your sister’s legs. The sister’s pussher also opened. I can only see the sister’s double peaks and hairs of the sister’s double peaks and thighs of the thighs. I can’t live in my heart, I want to rush into the bedroom to touch the black hair and the warm hills.

The appeal did not leave me a chance. He has extended his head to Linlin’s legs, reach out of his tongue, and licked his sister’s clitoris. “Oh ~” The sister is unconsciously sighing, and the waist also twisted a few times. My sister has already stopped the car. He continued to work hard in her sister.

Sister by bald dry, may have no feeling, she only felt the sheching of the lower body, only realized that the love is rapidly liter, she began to enjoy the sexual happiness in this half-drunk semi-dream. The twist of her waist is accelerating, and it is still very stunned to meet the caress of Qi Qiang’s tongue. The small mouth has also tiled, spit out of the intermittent, “Oh … Oh … heavy … heavy … 噢 ~ ~.

The hemp face looked more and more heavy, he understood the time, he turned over to bed, and he was pressure to the body of my sister. I can obviously see my sister’s double breasts becomes flat, and the right hand of the hemp face is in his legs, imagine that he is holding his hard bio. Search for my sister’s meat mouth. After a while, I saw his waist, I understood him. Just at the same time, my sister sent a heavy judge, “…” This proves that my judgment is right.

At this time my heart really vinegar, sex intersect. Watching his sister back straight and hip in someone else’s pumping, the heart can not help but jealous, that strange sister Grievance too, regardless of whoever is giving dry. The other side, for the first time looked at his sister Huan Yin in someone else’s body, but also feel very stimulating, obsequiousness sister, sister Jiaochuang makes me excited. I can not help it, and again his hands quickly Taonong from their own negative eyelashes, but only move up and down a few sets, an incomparable feeling tickles rushed forehead. “Ah!” I could not help myself, endured throat, muffled cry, a surge of male sperm will jet out, the harder I Taonong the cock body to the fun, non-stop launch pits bow up, get sprayed semen clothes and hands are everywhere, but it is also more comfortable than the usual love it.

Fine finished shooting, I gradually calmed down. Can the bedroom, pock-marked, and my sister is also being Hing head. Sister’s hands wrap around the waist has a pock-marked. Two people mouth is glued to a piece of very pro-investment, pock-marked waist arch positive force moving forward, that Yingun beneath him is certainly a positive into a negative sister interspersed in the hole. The sister that stood in small Man Yao move around vigorously, Feng Yu ass a fit with a pock-marked the pumping.

“Oh …… fast fast ~ ~ Oh baby ……” mouth just two people separate, sister of obscene language will be followed out. “Ayo comfortable …… …… …… clothes pole. Ruthless fast …… ……. …… then plug fast ……” pock-marked the sister turned over, from behind dry sister. Pock-marked dry side, with one hand while rubbing her sister’s pubic hair, the other big tits kneading hands in front of her sister. Pock-marked meat eyelashes a deep one shallow inserted into the hole Yin sister, my sister has not moan, and she was crying.

“Good! I speak …… …… I am very exercise of your great hole hot …… …… …… and I want my wet dry dry …… God!” Before and after the pock-marked side should side rapidly swinging hips again and again deep hitting sister bother, but my sister’s hands now is pay close attention to the sheets, “ah ~ yo ~ ah ~ ah ah. …… ah ~ good ~ good …… ah. ah …… ah ~ then again …… …… …… pumping a quick point. …… dry out and die. I …… a ……. …… ah ah ah! “

Pock-marked and violently pumping hundreds under, he might come to the edge of the heaven “hum …… I – I’m going to shoot a shot …… ……!” “…… shoot. Shoot ~ ~ no …… not closed system …… fired into the ah ah ah ah …… …… …… go. “

Sister seems to have been rushed to stand his onslaught, strong body trembled. After a pock-marked is violently swerve bother, the people froze in her sister’s body, his hands tightly clutching Linlin shoulders, I understand that he is in ejaculation, his penis is emitted thick white semen, they are scrambling to drill into the shade to her sister, the uterus.

Two of them after the finish sister slipped. I crept to the sister went to bed, lying naked sister. Towering breasts, sexy pussy put in front of me. First, I softly called a few times, but she seemed like dead, that did not respond, this time I can rest assured, but in case I still shook her body in order to prevent, hey! I could not help, then to gang-raped her sister.

First, I stroked her sister’s breast, this time she had no feeling, let me adultery with, and then I put my other hand into his sister’s thigh, slid slowly up her sister’s pussy, instant, I horde, and it was in that moment I was out of control again, my second child early on in the head from what is begging to me, then I have to continue to rape my sister, I’m with your fingers straining to pull her sister’s cunt, while the other hand is not idle and continue to rub her sister’s breasts, I will be excited to face the entire breast is placed between two rubbing and sister enjoying that unique girls body fragrance, I rubbed my hands upon her sister’s breast, while they open our mouths sucking, biting, the circle, licked her little nipples, I suddenly felt a sudden need my dick sister of Yin Xue Hello borrow.

Originally adultery in my plan, my sister is not going to plug the vagina, I just want to see her sister’s body naked state, proud of the way that my sister rubbing her chest and Yin Xue, but to date I have been unable to control themselves, so I once again the courage to break through the limits of my heart and pulled out my shiny distended her second child, right and wrong, such as the big bang cross inserted into the vagina sister.

While I was thrusting forward, while spitting down my saliva, I learned from all these pieces in A, the sister of my vagina slowly being filled with saliva, become very smooth, then I also seems is a heaven-like, so hot, I felt my sister’s getting hot inside the vagina, I found suddenly see out of the sexual secretion from her vagina, then I do not understand why in the end, but I did not want to take advantage of I shot the boy thick fine, I seem to shock, and I lay sister’s chest, his mouth shouting her nipples, about ten minutes before I got up.

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