My name is Wang Hanlian, just studying from the American high school summer vacation, I have met some things this year, my sister and my sister and the cousin have some things to have a seventeen sister on Saturday. Brother, drinking open-day coffee in Taipei Square, in the morning of the next morning, the sister and the thirteen year old brother, because of the stomach, walk to more than two hundred measures to buy barbecue skewers, three people in a net coffee Two men’s police offices in the Taipei Police Station, the police officers found that the two were not 18 years old, and they would be rejected back to the police station.

My mother said that the parents said that the parents drink coffee in XX City Square, I have to pay a notice to the police, but the police officer does not borrow, and ask a policewoman to support, I want to ask the female police to accompany the parents “I To call my mother, my sister, she wants to find my mother. “

The policewoman said: “The phone bill is very expensive, do you want to pay me?”

The policewoman said, “One is to go with us, the second is that I am on the bus, the third is that I will get the name of my name.”

My mother caught back in XX City Square, the riding car went to know, the police also left the 14-year-old sister, and the three people were forcibly brought back to the police station. The sister had already cried, only 10 years old small cousin It is calm with your sister.

My mother was informed of the police station, saw the three men’s way to stop, and said: “The Hong surname police said that the station is not good.”

I went back to China that night, I learned that this thing is, “Han Lian, you are coming back”

I said to me, “Listen to my mother, you have to buy a night in the late night.”

My sister cried and said “My brother …. You are finally come back.”

My sister hugged me and said, “They say that I am still half-squatting.”

“She is stimulating is really big”

I touched my sister’s head and said, “Don’t my brother come back, don’t be sad, my brother will think of a magazine for you, wait a moment to buy your favorite snowflake ice to eat, don’t be afraid.

My body is the most loved on the head of my sister is my sister. People who dare to bully my sister I will not let me pull me to the kitchen. “Han Lian, what do you want to do, Mom has already went Apply for a national compensation?

I said, “I am not white in the United States, but I have learned a lot of good technology in the United States, I am sorry, I have to go back to the room.”

I took the metal gas sniper gun before and made the international call “Xueli, can you send me the thing, that is, I have mentioned the one mentioned last month, I don’t need a real bullet. Shipping and props fee I will come out “

After three days to four days later, Xueli sent me what I needed, and it was smuggled. I can’t send it in normal pipeline. I will change the gun buning into anesthetic gun. It is Xueli teaches me to make. , Xueli is a female friend I know in the American high school. When I changed a anesthesia gun, my face took the white mask of Maci Mai and the props wearing the props wearing it, holding anesthesia gun. See the face of the policewoman from the touch of the mother’s touch mobile phone (have seen the moonlight “

I saw the police in the nearby patrol, I hid in a white building in Taipei Square, I was very clever into the building of the building. It was because the guard was called for a shot, and I was dragged to the basement. I hold my mother. Touching mobile phone looks at the face of the female police finally appeared in my observation, there were other police officers nearby, I was smiling at this time, “No one, no one, I can see where I can run go”

I deliberately put the bricks of the top floor, and I ran over this evil female police, and I came over. I slammed the woman’s body, she just was so late. “嘻 嘻Oh …. is a red heart

I waited for this arrogant woman to wake up, I moved her to the building of the building I took her with a gun. “Do you want to find this?”

The woman saw that I was shot. “Who are you !!!! How do I be caught !!!! What is this dress !!!! Let me put me !!!!

The female policeman was smashed in the top of the head, and I didn’t resist the ability. I touched her clear face. “Is it very beautiful, but the heart is so replica, is it very good? Look, Hongshao this name is so good “

I gave birth to her figure “Your metamorphosis!” The female police screamed when I approached her, and I started to unlock the button on the women’s police uniform. I laughed and continued a one. Button, loose her top. He reached into the clothing, touched her breast, the police said angrily twisted body, but there is no effect. “I will arrest you !!!!!”

My fingers have always been a police skirt to extend it to the paters. She is wearing a lace underwear, and the fingers have hit it in “lace underwear, the original 妳 骚,” “” “” “” “” “” .. Cut …………

The policewoman angry, I pulled her police skirt, my fingers were inserted into her vagina … um … ah … um … ah “… um … ah, you …. Give. …I live….”

I laughed and smiled. “How is it strong, the female police of chastity, you should have a boyfriend ….. 嘻 嘻 … ……”

Hong Siwei said to me “Ah! Stop! Start! You are shameless.”

I rushed up, I strongly kissed the shoulders of Hong Shuowei, hands on her naked breasts and pinched, just let me play, 36E’s cup of breasts is really soft.

I immediately sucked her nipple, and I played her nipple “Ah! Ah! Have you stayed!” The Hongsha lost the resistance ability is only shameful.

I took a picture of the female police uniform of Hongsi’s naked body “ah! Don’t this!”

I laughed and smiled. “Hey, the pink nipple is hard, clear the mouth, is it honest, hob, it seems today I am going to be fixed. “

The half-naked floodwright is in front of me, and I have taken countless nude photos by me, “Ready to upload the network.”

“I won’t say it !!!! Ah !!!! Ask you !!!! Let me !!!! Where is I sin you !!!! Why do you want to be like this!!! !who are you!!!!”

I pulled the trouse trousers to reveal the hard meat stick. First, I first rub my glamor with the flooded nipple. “It is really comfortable with the nipple”. “

I looked at the 36e breast. I didn’t say she pressed her on the ground. Her giants were put on her waist. “

“The meat rod is rubbed and her breasts will be nearly five minutes. I will be ejaculated, anyway, I am going to be climax, I am very good ….”

“By the way, help me in, you dare to bite, be careful, I will spread the photos in the mobile phone ….” 嘻 … “

Hong Siwei looked at the big meat stick, “I will not take pictures”. “

I immediately grab the head of Hongsi, “Give me it !!!!”

“… … no … 唔 … …”

I grabbed the head of Hong Wiwei, I have been entering and out, forced her to help my mouth “The taste of the female police mouth is really good, um …. really comfortable …”

I am struggling to pay for three minutes later, I finally refused to stand on the spot, “…” !!!!!!

Hong Siwei is full of my semen, and it is really cool to fly to the sky. “Hah …. Ha …..”

Hong Wai Wei counsed “cough ….. um ….. cough cough …..

Looking at the majestic policewoman in the next day, I was now in front of my own, I am eager to occupy her. I faded my pants, and then forced her police skirt, Hong Wiwei’s body trembled, she whispered, crying for me, “I beg you, let me go.”

I immediately kissed Hong Shuowei, Hong Shuwei used her incense with her incense, I responded to me, I took the two-degree penis to the vagina that was quasi-Hongyu Wei, and immediately pumped. stand up. Rape remaining in the police uniform, Hongsi, who is uniform, no matter what is enviable, “Don’t … … no … … … um, …. .. .what…”

I held the waist of Hongsi’s waist to pumping Hongshawei, “Um, ah …. Well, um …. Good … cool …. you … um, what….”

“Come … Ha … Ha … climax … Ah … no … 妳 的 体 体 的 的 好 好 … … … 好 … 好 … 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好

I finally broke the hot semen in the vagina of Hongsi, I went to put her police uniform before I left “” Let me wait for me next time. If you don’t catch me … ” I pointed to the camera “Take a look at the camera next to it, I will sell it to me, I have been circulating.”

Hong Siwei looks at the camera, the camera is crying, I caught my cry, I said to her ear, “By the way, help me have a child, it seems that today is the dangerous period, hunch haha”

Hong Sway finally cried and cried. I left before I left. “This is a revenge for my favorite sister.”

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