One day, I accidentally visited this website, I saw a few erotic literature, I saw a “I and my wife and friends </a".

That is a good article that can incite people’s desire, but I think that is too exaggerated. Always don’t have it.

Until one day, my boyfriend came to my stay. When he kissed me, when his hand started to be uneasy, I suddenly remembered this article, I excitedly connected and instructed my boyfriend to watch. Of course, he is willing to stop the movement of your hand, while you rub my breast, look at the firem.

I found that he is more and more concentration, he wants me to include his second, he seems to be affected by the plot, more excited.

When we lying in bed, he asked me why he told him to see that article. I am faint to answer him, because I am very interesting theme ~ But I think it is impossible to happen. Who is willing to make my girlfriend to make love with others.

He asked me if I changed to me, is it willing to do with another man?

I said that you are giving me.

He smiled and said that I am obscenity ……….

That night, we were sending me a big fight on the way home. On the way, the car is he apologized. He is aware of the car to make a friend, go to my residence to drink, I promised.

I thought he was because I thought about spend more with me, that friend, I am also very familiar, just like my boyfriend.

We have been drinking more than three o’clock in the middle of the night, I usually drink less, I don’t drink, I have dizzy at the time. Just at this time, my boyfriend was hugged, I usually wake up when I was drunk, but I couldn’t be strong, the whole person was soft, I am in my boyfriend’s arms, and I am struggling.

He has taken off the thin and shoulder strap on my shoulder, and his friend A Qing is watching my half-breast, I am very embarrassed, but I really don’t have strength.

My boyfriend has already pulled my top, sucking my nipple, I am really comfortable, I can’t help it, I don’t want, but I just stand up, I thought he had to go, but he It is to turn off the light.

When he sat down again, I was all right than my boyfriend. I have been dizzy, I am going to be fainted in a dark, but my boyfriend will call me.

I have a violent feeling. At this time, I turned his hand touched my little hole. I trembled. At this time, I understand that what is it faced, my boyfriend is more than one time. Come to love me.

Maybe I am afraid that I will refuse to make them two, I have a hate, I want my boyfriend to die, my spirit is more than half.

Um … um ….. … um … My name is the same as the girl in Japan, the sensuality is very proud.

Well ……. A …………………………………………………………. .. but not let them plug in.

Dougang in my breast, a sucking my little hole, and inserted into the hand, my name is particularly awkward …

A … um ……… Oh ……….

Torfe them let me be deceived, I feel better, but after the happiness of my retaliation disappears, I started to get better.

I opened my legs, waiting for them to do anything, my boyfriend first inserted in, and the young two of the Qing Dynasty put it in my mouth, I think it is going to die.

Boyfriend also turned over, from the back, and my mouth is still busy, my climax is coming, I am boothing.

Unexpectedly, the Qing immediately hugged me, turned over, and continued to do me, and my boyfriend is watching.

It’s gentle and gentle and slowly.

Wake up in the sky, I thought it was a dream, but the full wine bottle … I really don’t know … I should be good ….

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