In August 2004, this is a real story that happened to Carrefour. It should be known that Carrefour is a legal businessman, which is a foreign business .. and I am a marketing company (supervisor) .. responsible for taking care of the staff, see They have to be lazy or have to help; this time, the point to be patrol is the resident of the resident of the cosmetics, and things happen to happen this way .. ## 约 中 中, I went to the store, I didn’t see people, I I thought: I didn’t see people at 1:13, but I didn’t see people at 1:13, this is too mixed, I don’t want to remember a stroke, I thought I thought I called my mobile phone. The information on the patrol list, called them :: Hey !! (I am very loudly, in fact, my younger brother is very polite to people)? To you .. Toner of the phone: 喔 ~ We went to eat Ye ~ (I thought: Tian’a .. This voice is so sweet ~ Maybe this point is not aunt, but a student sister ..) I said: That What should I do, I have to sign in, I have to make up the gift to give you, do you really come? Toner: There are Ah, we really have come ~ I said: You have dinner there, I Go directly (because I didn’t have much time, I have a break early, Of course, pull, how to see my sister? ~) The phone is another: um ~ we are at the 7-11 next to this Mom eats a small hot pot .. I haven’t finished, I will go to find .. ## I only saw two people in the store, because I have been half a half, I think, it’s them, Ha, I think about what I think. Sure enough, it is a student girl, so communication is not a ditch .. I said: Yes, I am supervising the left and long hair: um ~ is Appeal 1: Usually the station student will have A little afraid of supervision, because of the supervisor (newsmaked) .. will be lazy because the work is lazy, it will be buckled.) I said: What time is it to eat? Sitting on the right, a playful short hair The girl in the hook, but the girl who seems to be very well-behaved: We will come out to eat first. We have no guest, just take a break ~ After saying that the long hair is nervous and a little angry look at the short hair. The girl also kicked her under the table under the table, as if she was so honest ..

I think about it :: 妳 How do you bring a tooth =. = “. But it is honest. It’s really stupid that I will say :: Um ~ Hey. Sign in here, then, give gifts first, wait I can replenish the guests, do you have any questions? They said: Yes .. Thank you. Nothing to pull – then Johimo two or three minutes, then I will talk to them, let’s eat slowly, I Go first, there is a problem, call me ~ and they say BYE ~ BYE ~ .. and the short hair girl has always looked at me, very embarrassing, although I have a tooth, but I remember the sound, very sweet, is I like that type of girl, it is more difficult to be, I am still so honest in front of me, very well-behaved patterns, saying that I am impressive and quite good ~~ ## Every day today Sunday (usually need to be patrol six days, 2 days will be 6 ~ 10 points) The fire, my personality doesn’t like to wait for someone, and they have been late for three or forty minutes, too outrageous !! When you want to call, they come, correctly, should be, only one person comes (fortunately She is coming, otherwise I have to worry, I should know who I said) I am sorry, I am late, she is not talking .. I said: I said: She said: She said: She I don’t want to talk nonsense today, just say: Let’s pack it first, wait a minute to sell? (I am afraid that Carrefour’s class length or the director of our company, so she will be deducted,)

She said: I have a bag first (before the original cosmetic shelf), you first help me look at it. After finishing, she walks into the place where the employee can go in and then take the shelf. I am very fast. Help her then, then help, suddenly, she said: A! Forgot to change the clothes .. Let’s change, I am here (additional explanation 2 um, yes, the group of cosmetics will be changed Dedish skirt (because it is a bit thin. Usually, there will be more clothes, there will be a shortage of protective deaths)) After a few minutes, she came out, yesterday didn’t see the lovely look of her white clothes, I saw it today, huh, huh ~ height 165CM weight is about 50kg, a touch of makeup, the body is very good ~~ I didn’t think too much and then I said: I came to assemble it ~ .. Sudden mind: Wait. My eyes seem to have a mistake wrong, I have been thinking so .. Have a mistake? Do you see you, please see it down .. ## I put together her with her, and the hands of our hands will occasionally touch, although it is very normal but I am inevitable. Shy, because I am a very inherent person (good, everyone, don’t smir, but I am true), but she is not careless, I don’t know if it is intentional, she bends down the waist Staying things, but also getting the butt and high,. Everyone, you must think that I saw her gangshow!

Wrong! I am not this kind of person, in fact, because the skirt is very long, so I can’t see it, I saw her purple thong, yes!! Actually, only to wear throws! Director in the pre-training teacher taught us, but I am a boys, she is a girl, so I am embarrassed to say, anyway: I will see it, I don’t want to suffer, then she stands up. At the time, the traces of the punch pants couldn’t see it. After a while, she went down this time to see more thoroughly, even the traces of the upper purple underwear showed it, wow, good fire! I am completely forgotten It’s very anxious, she is very urgent to say: supervise you will group? I said: I will have taught it before, but this lift seems to be a bit old .. I thought: Ha .. I only But I want to see more, I feel a bit strange, she should be A.. What? .. What is her movement is deliberate? .. I carefully think about the details (she should be a very well-behaved girl). Suddenly, I am very fast, I don’t dare too much, I have already been 11:50, so I quickly set it up ~ After signing, I said to her: I am going first, there is a problem, Call, I, Because I think she is strange, then, I will watch it with her, like the eyes of Saygoodby, when she left Saygoodbye, she looked at me with a very strange look, his teeth bite the lips, I don’t know what to think, it seems I suddenly wanted her very suddenly, then she said: I will come again in the afternoon? (Supplement 3: Supervisor can come twice a day, see if they are lazy) .. I said: This can’t be with you We worked in the work of the readers (with the work of studying, so that they can be lazy) 喔 ~ Well .. She lowered my head and looked up at me .. I said: Well .. that 掰掰 ~ She didn’t care about me .. I will go first ~~ ##,, of course, I don’t leave, my intuition tells me to stay ~ I just sat down the black tea shop outside, think about it, this girl Not bad, it should be not bad, it is my favorite student sister, but how, how to wear purple dippers and underwear in white dress, do not comply with the company’s regulations to wear clothes, … feel very hot. Think about it, just 1:15, simply, look for her to eat lunch .. ## 1 point, I went to the store to find her, .. Hey ~ I greeted her ~ She didn’t What is said, just a smile to me? Let me say: Let’s go! Let’s have lunch ~ she said: But the time is also .. I haven’t worry, I haven’t affected it. ^^ .. then I am going to the warehouse to put things, then she said, you wait for me, I will go to the locker room to change clothes, I will say: Well, I am here (warehouse walkway), etc., I will wait … I Haven’t finished, a employee pushed some goods on the cart ~ Big box, quickly rushed over, the man said very quickly: borrowed!! It seems that it is very anxious, she seems I was scared, so I couldn’t rely on me. I am afraid that I have hit, there is no way, the walkway is too small, I think the employees are very rushing! Just, when she hit me, it is positive I have hit it, I still take her, then, we will see each other a few seconds. I don’t know how, my hand still has been holding her waist, um ~ is quite slim ..

The strange thing is that she just looks at me and then the lips is closed. The atmosphere is really good, and she is so fragrant ~ I’m so .. I can’t help but think too much. Go, I want to kiss her, the result =. = She actually slowly avoided, I am a little disappointed … but I don’t want to bare her, I don’t want to bare myself, because I am not such a person, after all, my girl is To be emotional, but just now, how can I have a lot of aging to kiss her? ((May be because of the warehouse walkway, secret .. There are four or five employees in the cargo, think of a few days later I don’t think I am too bold.)) When I was disappointed and apologized, I apologized, when she was gently letting her hand, she quickly sneaked my face, at the time, watching her strange eyes and Shy expression .. I am stupid ~ ## 就 This is a few seconds (of course, my hand quietly licking her waist) … I said: We don’t stand in a walk, so you can I gently push themselves, she nodded, then we went to the locker room, .. After a few seconds .. She still didn’t talk … & ^ ** $ * .. I am already awkward I know what to say, although I have dinner at noon, the warehouse is nothing, and it is close to the dressing room. This is even more no one, but I am still stissible with her ~ I don’t know what to be shy, so I said: : Let’s go to the clothes, I am waiting for .. (I can’t say a hundred percent of the gentleman, but it is not just a dangerous person who takes the cheap person). She nodded and said: Well .. She walks into the locker room (At this time, I hate myself, why did you say that, is not what I think in my heart, I see the four no one, I boldly tapped it ..

She said: What happened?

I said: Open the door, she said: Is there something?

I said: Fast! After dozens of seconds, she opened the door, I rushed in, then put the door, said to her: I want to have just the same, I want to kiss, because I just kiss it. I …. (Hope, I don’t know what I am talking about ..) ~~ ## then, I have a little hugging her, just tapping, feeling her body temperature, good feeling, warm jade Wen Shu in your heart, satisfied, then kiss her, wow !!! There is a tooth feeling is good……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. This way we mutually kissed each other, but there is no next action .. After a few minutes ~ she looked at me, I also looked at her, she was a bit anxious: I can’t stand it, I said: I also said: Then you .. I thought: she should not say how you have no action .. Sading will .. She said: Don’t you have not done? I am very nervous: It is A. After half a second) ㄜ .. isn’t it ~~ She laughs …. then say: I feel that you are very handsome, very sunshine, so it’s very good, you are also very good. Polite, so I want to tempted you today, I want to know you … I was very embarrassed by her, I said: He said: She said: I didn’t expect you to swear first, I still Call me to open the door back to say: Yeah, I’m, I’m.


She told some naughty tone: Then what do you want? I can’t help it again, hold her pro and stroked her, then, touch her chest, really very soft, very flexible, quite big I don’t know how big, I only know that I am very cool, then, I tried to take off her white dress, it is really difficult to take off, later, she took off, wow, I bleed blood, The CUP of her bra is still bigger than my older, my old girl is C, maybe she is d, the waist is also very thin, the skin is white, although there are 165cm but the legs are not like the MODEL seen in the magazine. , But not bad, I am a little impulsive, but it is still very gentle, she slowly takes off my clothes, and my little brother has been with respect to it. She will help me. Blowjob, I can only say that it is too exciting, her tongue is flexible, I almost have to break out, watching her to vomiting, I said: Don’t succeed, use it, just like it , Didn’t take a lot of bunch, I am so excited, she also helped me wit, said that I really saw her, I am really grateful, of course, I am also wear from me very quickly. In the jeans pocket, I gave her, she was very grateful to watch me, then, how did you suddenly come out, I am scared, I am embarrassed to look at her, I know she is teasing. My … ## After she wiped it, I stood again. Of course, the little brother stood up. She looked at it, and it seems like saying: How can I say so soon, I think I want? If you don’t wait for her reaction, I will take off her underwear, then take her milk, rely, good addiction, and I haven’t been idle. I don’t have it to touch her another milk. It is really good to slip, very Touch, so I played it, I think it’s hard to get ridiculous. I took her purple dip pants. At this time, I have already already bloodded, and then I found that she under wet, then, I will rush in. I didn’t expect that she suddenly grabbed me in this time, and she was shocked. She took the next to her, and wipe it with a lot of water and even evenly in my little brother. I have already If you can’t stand it, you will open her hand, then rushed in her small hole, not so good, tight, maybe it is not used to it, after a few times, I suddenly vigorously a thorn, cool!.. Go in 5 branch 4, relying on .. Really cool, she also wants to be very cool, I have been sprint, this feeling is good, so stimulating, my little hole is very comfortable, I don’t know how to be 5 ~ 10 minutes, although there is no fierce in the first time, I know that I will shoot, I think I can’t stand it, I just think that my little brother is hot, There are a lot of water inside, I don’t know if she spurts out of obscene, suddenly!! ㄜ !! I am shot, I didn’t wear a set, but I can’t take much more, I will shoot it directly, I don’t know why I don’t want to Pulling out, shooting inside, I am so happy! I have been shooting for a few seconds, shaking a few times, very comfortable, she is also very satisfied, then kiss me, she said: Hold me, I am also very satisfied. She, touch her, kiss her, the little brother is also I can’t help it in it, … after two minutes, we looked at each other, I said: I just like a little excitement, what is it loud, how is Ah, what is it so small, and I have a painful, .. She said: I am going to remind you. You forgot this is that is the? You are stupid !! Just wanted to remind you that it is too cool, you can’t call it, you sprinkled so fast … ~ Fortunately, no one is coming, otherwise it is. I still want it, she looked at me. Then she said: It’s so embowed here, and the rest time seems to be coming ~~ I understand what she means, but my brother does not understand, she stood highfully, it seems In demonstration, I said: I will hug, so I won’t be tired, I can’t squeeze ~ then, I put in her small hole, let her hook my neck, pound my waist, I have two hands, I am holding her hands, wow! Cool! I have 1 stimulation! But, … so tired .. and .. it is difficult to act. She said: You still understand a lot ~ I Say: Look at the A piece of learning .. Fortunately, she can cooperate, weight is not heavy, so that the movement of the above-down movement is really cool, her big tits will rub my chest in front of me, let I am more exciteful, soon .. I think I seem to have a lot of power, the legs suddenly tired and a bit soft, just put her down, then she is already cool, the whole body is like me, but I still didn’t shoot it out. I told her to turn her, I would like to try my feelings from behind, but because the space is not enough, her waist is very up, she seems to have Yes, after I am ready, I sprpen like a crazy, I grabbed her round butt, sprint, she: A. A … !!

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