The afternoon café returns elegant music, this time is not much, the quiet and faint atmosphere is the reason I always like this.

“Lu Shuang, in fact, I have been paying attention to you for a long time, although you know your mind of your love, but I, but I … ah hahahahaha”

The girl next to the table is only like imposing my tone. Finally, I can’t hold it, I laughed at the table. The internship service from the side of the drink was scared, rushed to put the willow orange juice and coffee on the table.

I am not happy to sit on the other side, “Qiao children are really bad, bullying people!”

The girl smiled and got some of my nose, “You, how can you do this? This is not a laughter.”

I have unconsciously stirring coffee, saying that “I also know that Lu Shuang is learning … but people can’t control …”

“Speaking, do you like Lu Cream??” Qiao pedicure sister asked me.

“Amount …” When someone else said that the advantages of the object of their favorite are a bit shy, I am a table, watching a small table in the distance, thinking about half of it, “Although Lu Shuanggrass, although not very handsome But it is very gentle, very delicate, I know how to care about others, I am very reliable, I promise that my business has never been done …… “

Huang Qiansale took the smile, the eyebrows were slight, looked at me, “Hey, you are very good, learn the character of Lu Co, if it is a virgin girl, I am afraid that I have a double bed, but … I follow The two of them have been in the student for more than two years, Lu Co is in love with the affection, that is, the average person is unimaginable. “

I bite my lips, “I know, I know, I used to look at my eyes when I was in love with my love …

… “said that tears have not been angry.

Huang Qiao is helpless, “What do you plan to do in the future?”

“I don’t know, let’s continue to follow the work of the students in the hands of the Skirts. “

“I still don’t know you, you will definitely not die.” Huang Qiansi handed a napkin, “Come, wipe tears, I will tell you a secret of Lu Co.”

I looked at the curvature of her mouth, I didn’t know what medicine she was selling, but I really want to know more about Lu Colesale, so I quickly took the paper carefully wiped tears.

Huang Qiao Chung Positive Tao: “This is right, our family is also a little girl who loves to see the flowers, just …”

I heard the Qiao School sister who has always poisoned, I am a bit embarrassed, but I am looking forward to her next.

“It’s just a lot of love than Xiaoxiao.” Huang Qiao said, and laughed.

I didn’t expect to say this, stunned, or generous admitted “Xiaoxiao’s sister is so elegant and beautiful, learning is super good, work is serious, chest, chest, chest is also very material, …”

“You finally opened some, come, let go, tell you the big secret of Lu Co.” Huang Qiao’s face is more strong, slowly put the pretty face.

Qiao pedicure is a famous big beauty, tall, smile, and will be self-tempered, and will be dressed, although the same is female, she is so embarrassed by her.

I can’t help but curly, I put the ear up, Huang Qiansi blows like the blue, slowly said; “Lu ~ Frost ~ Ah, he ~ Yes ~ one ~ silk ~ Sock ~ control ~ Oh!”

“Ah” I almost knocked over the coffee in front of it, “Qiao children, you, you, you really tease me.”

Huang Qiansi drank his mouthgrass and orange juice, saying faintly; “This is not a stupid sister who marry my, Lu Cang likes to love, but I saw another girl’s stockings, but always secretly sneak.”

“This is …” I low below.

Huang Qiansi nodded, “Yes, if he secretly sneaks to the sister, I am.”

I am still surprising, my face is unbearable, “Hu said, Lu Shuang is also a man, will definitely be attracted by the beauty, but how can I get to Qiao pedicure, you follow your love so nice.”

“Oh, so say that he is a stockings control, so I like to love, but I can’t control my own stockings, I can’t see other girls, but I do this today.” Huang Qiaon pointed to the table.

I looked along with her fingers. Qiao pediatric sisters wearing a dark-grained black stockings and denim hot pants, two legs cross-folded, both slender and type, no meat, heart could not help but rush. “Silly sister, you know the meaning of your sister.” Huang Qianer took the mysterious smile, do not talk, it has been packed, stand up and prepare.

I have been driving the last coffee, receive your own things, Huang Qiaoyi returns a smile, “I still have a date, can’t accompany the sister to school, you go back to understand what I said.” Said With high heels, the biggest meteor came out of the cafe, hehe, this sister is everywhere.

I looked at the phone, it’s broken, I couldn’t catch the class in the afternoon, hurry out the store. Seeing a black high-end car, a black high-end car is parked, but the female gathering, but the lack of expression, Alai, Alia, is standing next to the door, in the elegant end, slim suit, with a white silk glove, one Dressress for the deputy men’s clothing.

I saw the smart school sister passed, and the devotion made her open the door and welcomed her to get on the bus.

On the other side, there is also the brother Huang Xiaofei, the brother of the high school, and the sister who likes to catch people. His innocent Mu Shen, although wearing a brand, but the gods, but it is a common neighbor boy, no matter what Different sisters, land, or in front of me, are very cautious, and at home will always stage the routine that is bullied by my sister.

When a taxi opened to the body, the driver stretched out and asked me, I quickly received my attention and took the bus to school.

The driver masters the steering wheel, throwing the cigarette butter of the hand, looking at the car window, “The girl opposite the road”, the girl is rich, there is no one million, here, I have to open one It’s okay to go back. “

I know that he is talking about the smart school sister, and there is no more explanation. Only the same sound is.

In addition to one of the most popular beautiful women in the school, Huang Qiao, the backbone of the student leaders, or a thousand golden masters of the large number of large companies, can become a good friend with such a veritable Bai Feimei, I don’t know if it is a coincidence. Or is it lucky.

The driver’s master looked at my lush look from the rear view. “What’s wrong, girl. Love? Oh, I told you, the young man is not reliable, my girlfriend played one, Don’t care, you have a good time. “This driver seems to be very much like to talk to the guests, and the presentation of my predecessors will come.

The land is not that kind of person, if he accepts my confession, we will definitely love to graduate, then marry in everyone, think about thinking, the heart is getting more and more grievances, and some sour Tears seem to have come up.

When the driver is like a mistake, I thought that I have evoke my sad thing, and the old and real shutdown is concentrated. I am too lazy to take care of him and bow my mobile phone.

Lu frochardn, the sister’s class, the student will be an open secret gossip, second only to the news of the boyfriend from the big beauty Huang Qiansi. Both parties are people who take into account the overall situation, may have emotional confrontation, but the scene is a sentiment, there is a laughter, the student will go up and down, no one dares to break this, just as a tea after the meal.

Although I was awkward for a year, I couldn’t restrained the emotions of the sessions of the land. I got a time to say my my mind, and the result is Of course, it is huh. Where is the school sister? I watched the phone screen indignant.

I have a hair of my hair, and my hair is supplearable in the girl. I usually pay attention to maintenance, I don’t make my fork, watch the posture of the phone screen, and the “Most boys dreams like the smart school sister” “

The level does have a certain gap, but it is also the level of Chinese people.

I found that my eyes were somewhat red. It seems that there is a tear mark, adjust the mobile phone to the Selfie mode, find the wipes from the package, wipe it carefully, after all, I have to go to the school, I have to go to class, I also read the electronic engineering department, class There are many boys and who are seen to see it.

Even if I have a taxi, I still caught up with the afternoon less than ten minutes. I entered the classroom under everyone’s gaze, it was ashamed, and the second half of the class was too tired, I didn’t consciously fell asleep. , Sin.

With the courses, the fascinated is called by the classmates, and suddenly remembered the students who have to organize them. Today is a strict Chinese teacher sitting in the get out of class, in case it is not a bad, I quickly picked up the book, run To the office of the student.

“You are coming? The table table above is finished today.” Teacher Hua, after he was working on his desk, his head did not lift it, and he said on the side of the book. Teacher Hua is a old woman who has been married for more than 30 years. It combeds a single horse tail, the eyebrows, the eyebrows, always board the face, according to her still have a few points, insist on exercise and keep it Shui-convex and bodybuilder, wearing dressed and do not have an old board, can go to work in our university, the salary income is not low, the home seems to have no bad background, it is estimated that the character is too bad, it requires too much, it is scared that others are not Dare to chase.

I hurried to the table. I looked back and saw a shadow. I was sitting not far away. I hit the snow white long skirt, the hip wind, sitting straight back, should be the same as me in this sinful Su Ruo dream sister.

This sister belongs to the student, there is another department, with me, but the campus rumors she is a famous iceberg beauty. The high-yield attitude is very famous in the school. Every year, the boy who is refused is awkward, and I see me. Even the push pitch of the call, there is no emotional fluctuation, and I am so excited, I will continue to work in hand.

I have also expected that this will be a good classmate. I will help me get it soon. However, since I am a dream sister, it is true, I am talking about him, I am not happy to hold. Before sitting in the form that you have finished, I will probably reduce the longevity in an office.

As a result, when I finally finished, I was already a time division of the sunset, and the teacher was impatient and criticized a few words, let me have a few words, “Ummm”, I should have a few words, I Hurrying up the door to escape from the student office of the magic castle.

Strolling on the school’s avenue, the breeze brighches my hair, I feel very comfortable, I have been coming to rush in the afternoon, I really appreciate the feeling of hunger. However, I don’t know if I have already gone through the best cafeteria, I have a little hesitant, don’t go back, and I am afraid that I can’t control too much.

At this time, the stomach coordinated, the stomach is blocked, I bite the teeth, or decided to copy the small road.

Walking and walking, suddenly a figure came over from the other small road on the side, oh, actually, I was awarded the love of love.

Xiaoxiao’s school sister is not as good as the smart school sister, but it is also the scope of a common girl. Water’s big eyes, smart laughs, delicate and smooth skin, exquisite body, are envious of the same sexual consecutive generation. Although the value of the color is less than the smart school sister, in the beautiful collections, the school is not rolling forward, but the temperament of love and sister is not more than the food quality of the fireworks is a general beauty.

“茜 ~ Is it a bitterness that was dried by Teacher by Hua.

Today’s Xiaoxiao Sister is wearing a black bottom-white dotted hanging dress, covering a knitted cardigan, showing a large white skin in the neck, the skirt just went to the knee, wearing a thin flesh stockings on the legs, feet On a parallel heel of slope, the black-bright hair is free, but it is not messy.

I remembered the words of the smart school. Is this a gap? … I barely smiled and replied: “Well, the teacher has explained some jobs, just finished, the sister is going to eat?”

Xiaoxiao Sister smiles slightly, “Not Ha, the sister is still working.”

I am “oh”, according to this road, it seems to lead to school libraries, I want to have a complaint opinion of the actors of the library’s attitude, it is necessary to communicate, I just love Xiaoyao in love last week. The school sister’s land cream is white, and now it is a bit difficult to stand in front of the real person.

“That, the best dish of the canteen is like selling light, then I will go first, and the school sister will work!”

I panickedly found an excuse, and I ran a small way.

“Okay ~ come back and talk, there is no street light, be careful,” I came to the voice of the sister, I am more embarrassed.

Finally, I still bought the crab tofu I like to eat, but the food couldn’t dispel my heartbeat and deep embarrassment about Xiaoxiao’s sister, although my appearance is not bad, but In the integrated, it is still more than a beautiful woman who is a first-class woman, just a little girl.

The drums rely on the seat of the canteen, thinking about the dress of the school sister, and I am also a very important ring with her gap, in addition to the temperament, dressing is also a very important ring. But I really won’t dress, now wearing a general plaid shirt and harmonious pants, and the popular black and white canvas shoes that can be seen everywhere, and the smart school sister often joking, “Unfortunately, this look, good to repair clearly It can be a little girl. “Xiaoxiao’s school sister today, how to say, although it is as beautiful as it is, but it seems to be more sexy. According to the time now, is it going to date, but the school sister said it is to deal with work, and the small road just walked again. Isn’t it, in the dark, unmanned, boyfriend? !

Not right, I heard that Xiaoxiao’s sister has not talked for a few years later. This allows the Lu Shuang to learn, probably I feel that I am used to showing the image of the panel for the library.

“The cafeteria is closed, and the students are eating.”

To make it, the aunt, the cafeteria, came over, and quickly wiped my table. I had to throw questions when I have been thrown into my mind.

In the end, I still can’t put the inner question. I went to the library. This library is the division of the science and engineering. The location is relatively small, and the scale is also relatively small. Our college is still very nice, the night book reading There are still many self-study students.

I quietly approached the administrator aunt, put a cute smile: “Auntie, is it to learn today? It is a girl who is responsible for the study of the student meeting with the library.”

Aunt’s look focused on the landlord game on the computer desktop. He didn’t have me.

I carefully asked a word, “Really?”

Mom still didn’t carry it, “There is no way. My eyes did not forget. Is that Nizi is not a news department?

Although she called Xiaoxiao’s “Nizi”, I made me a little uncomfortable, but this big mother is a sense of temper. There have been many people to come to school to complain about her. Finally, the student will communicate with the library, and the aunt actually For the representatives of the Student Association, they looked at it. Fortunately, the grandfather of the security office at that time was medically to mediate her honest.

Today, I will think that she is persistent to the card, and she didn’t point to me. I quickly said, thank the service desk quickly.

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