I used to play when I was young before, I met a girl who gave birth to play, and two people didn’t have long been developed to the last step. At that time, I didn’t know what contraception. Two young people were addicted to the flesh, often found opportunities to come to a wild passion.

Not long, a girl is pregnant, and the person is discovered by the person in the house. So under the pressure of the female parents, we have two people registered to marry. When I was more than 10, I wedding, when I was Dad.

But the wife is like a wife after marriage, and I didn’t have a marriage. I will always leave myself, or I still have to go home until three in the middle of the night. We have no more than a few times for this matter, but unfortunately, our wife still did not change her thoughts. Finally, one day, because this is a noisy, the wife will come back after running out.

My parents have no way to continue to upgrade, and I have to work hard. Some are not happy. Now my wife ran, and I often blame my original mistake. And the father-in-law, the mother of Mother, I didn’t have a good face for me, my daughter’s belly, and now my daughter can’t see it, so that the two sides can keep the bridge that the last came, and the relationship between each other is naturally.

So the two elements have not approximately the same attitude toward this matter, no one reaches the hand, I can only take care of myself alone. Fortunately, my physical is not bad, you can do some heavy work and feed yourself and daughter.

Because there is no other person to help take care of your daughter, I can only do things yourself. Including feeding, diapers, help daughters, etc., they have to come by themselves. From the beginning, don’t understand the hands of the hand, until later, it is easy to skilled, and there is nothing to know how much sweat is experienced.

Daughter grows up every day, feeding, diapers naturally no longer need, but the habit of taking a bath, I have been to my daughter now high school, or continue to be kept. We often use each other to scrub your body, then bubble together in the bathtub, listen to the daughter talking about what she happened in school.

With a different place in adolescent girls, compare with friends, daughters prefer to pull me with her to go shopping. Therefore, the daughter’s clothes are all I bought with her, and even the underwear is no exception, so I also know that my daughter is now a plump C cup.

When I took a break, I will take the initiative to take my daughter to go out. The outside daughter always likes to pull my arms, but also on my body from time to time, and don’t care about my own stunning snow and I touched me. I am a relatively young, sometimes others see our relatively gesture, and I will be misunderstood.

In front of the daughter told me that it feels that the bra is a bit tight, it may be that the chest becomes bigger. When I asked her daughter, when I became bigger, my daughter told me: Every time my father helped me taking a bath, I always stay in the chest too long.

A few days later, I took my daughter to go shopping, when the road was passed through an underwear shop, my daughter shouted to change my underwear, and I also gave me hard. Said to have a father to help her, wear it on your body.

Carefully pick a few pieces that feel good underwear, and go to the fitting room. Every time I changed a good one, I opened the curtain, and I put a variety of postures on the outside. I think I feel good. I will also throw one or two of the graceful eyes, although the sexy charm is insufficient, but it is matched with a bra, and the deep cleans, still let me see the meat stick. I can’t stand up. I am hurting, I don’t dare to stand straight in the store. The daughter looked at the desperation of no conscience, and she didn’t realize who was the culprit. It’s hard to wait until the daughter chooses the underwear. Finally, in the weird eyes of the women’s clerk, I quickly finished the post, pulled my daughter escaped the underwear.

Because my wife ran out, I didn’t come back, I didn’t have a intimate object. Nothing to pay new girlfriends, afraid that the daughter feels that they will be held by others. I don’t like to spend money outside, so I just solved myself at home, I still accidentally hit it several times.

In the evening, I was sitting in the room, and I sat in the computer desk. I wore a headset on my head. I looked at the A tablets in my computer. Hold my own meat stick, and released a few days of desire.

Suddenly daughter grabbed my neck from behind, the whole person passed to my back. I reached out to remove the whole cover, looking back at daughter.

“Baby, is there anything?”

It is usually taking a bath with my daughter. I habitually habitually habitually happened. I didn’t hurly hide my erect meat stick, let it be told to be told to the daughter’s sight. Of course, when I took a bath with my daughter, I rarely had a reaction, and my daughter didn’t often see my meat bob.

The daughter put the head pillows on my shoulders, and the eyes looked at the meat sticks that shook their heads, and didn’t answer my question. After the daughter looked for a while, the curious reached out my meat stick and learned my masturbation in my impression, and slowly moved my meat before and after. I can’t help but smash it, plus the chest on the back of the back, and the movement of the stickers, but also strengthened the sensory stimulation. . Although the daughter’s movements are very jealous, I finally sprayed a lot of white turbid semen under the small hand.

I didn’t expect my daughter to get into the essence of the essence, and he will observe his eyes, but also reach out the cute little powder tongue, licked the semen on your fingers. When I saw my daughter extended his tongue, I took the semen into the small mouth, I feel that my meat stick is still awkward, and I will gradually congestion. Frowless daughter licked the semen on your fingers, wrinkled with brows: “Strange taste.” Then left my room. Otherwise, let the daughter see me again, I don’t know what I think.

One night, when I passed my daughter, I want to see what my daughter is doing. Because my relationship between my daughter is relaxed and casual, so I will go straight to the door. I didn’t expect to see the daughter’s half-sitting on the bed, the two legs opened into the M-shaped, one hand held in bed, and he was in the case of selflessness.

Seeing that I suddenly came, my daughter exclaimed, and the hand that supported her bed immediately. Hands that are supported in bed, the daughter’s gravity is on, and the body lie on the bed. The head is taller, and I look at me wide. Two rounds full of chests, under the squeeze of the two arms, extruded a deep and long cleavage in the middle.

The daughter’s nude will take a shower every day, so I now see my daughter is so masturbating, I have no evil idea. After walking to the bed, I reached out to my daughter’s head, and my hair was born.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

“I hate it … Dad is not to see it, hurry out, I’m going out, I am unrestead, and I have a little bit of pink buds in my daughter. I am so fascinated that my cheek drums, delicately glances. I am proud of laughing, I am very enjoyable to have no clinics between this and my daughter, and a relaxing atmosphere.

“Good, Dad left, let the baby can continue to do a shame.” After playing, I am preparing to get up with the daughter’s room, so that my daughter can do her what she wants to do in the room. The daughter suddenly reached out of me, and the face would still stop.

“Baby, what happened?”

The daughter bites his lips, hesitating in his heart, and finally decided to ask me. ※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum “Dad … Can you help me see?”

“Baby wants to see what to do with Dad?”

“I am … I just watched it … The fingers accidentally made too much … Now there is a little pain … I don’t know if it is … I broke the hymen … Can my father can’t … help me? ? “” Oh, okay! “

After I finished climbing my daughter’s bed, squatting between my daughter’s legs, giving a head to the daughter’s small point. Just, my daughter just took my hand, and immediately put his hand back to the front of the hole. Now the two hands of the daughter cover the small hole, I can’t see anything.

“Baby, your hand is full, so Dad can’t see it!” The daughter shy slowly moved her hand, although I took a shower with Dad every day, my father can see my body. But so close to your dad observe your little hole, or let her feel the blush.

The daughter slowly moved slowly, and the hole also showed a little in my eyes. I saw some of the fine black fluff, and the distribution of the thin comb comb is above the hole. But the daughter did not have a small hole that was being opened, and the two petals outside were tight, and they did not see the look.

I look at the right left left, I saw the old half a day, or I can’t see my daughter’s female film. I am still trying to see the small petals outside, my daughter can’t help but shy, and I urge you.

“Dad, have you, have you seen it …”

“Baby, your petals are tight, Dad can’t see the situation inside.” “What should I do?”

Although it is a daughter to help me, but I want to be my father, reach out to open my daughter, it seems that it is not so appropriate, so I have to let my daughter do myself.

“Baby, you will open your little hole with your own hand, so Dad can only see the girls inside,” I heard the requirements I made, my daughter’s face is instantly red. Just once impulsive, I have to help myself to check myself, and she has made her feel hard. Now I have to do myself to open the petals, let her feel that her face seems to be vapor.

The daughter is somewhat hard to look at me. I didn’t think about it in front of my father a day. I have to open the petals, let my father observe the hole.

But the final daughter still twisted, pressed his petals, and it was also contaminated with honey sauce. Slowly separate. In the original, a neutral seam is slowly expanded, and the scenery in the small governor has gradually emerged. Looking at Dad, I watched my little hole. My daughter was ashaped to turn my head, I didn’t dare to continue watching me, and the redness on my face was also on my neck.

Two pink petals, with a hurry to breathe a one-in-one. The small hole inside is not because the daughter stops masturbating the movements, still in a nervous mood, the stimulated secretion of some honey juice, and the daughter’s small hole is contaminated with wet wet.

It’s just that my daughter has dial on both sides, I have seen a female film for her daughter in half a day. “Dad … You have seen it … my women’s film is still not?” “Baby, you turn a little again, Dad still didn’t see your vast film.” The daughter listened to more and shy, I have already endured Show, open the small hole to let Dad observe. I didn’t expect Dad who didn’t think it was enough, and I also asked myself to make another one more. But thinking that I would like to help my father, my daughter is still in accordance with me, and the hands tremble with their petals to open a bigger amplitude.

With the complete opening of the small hole, I finally let me see the scenery in the small hole. The small hole in front of the eyes showed a charming pink, and the inner wall in the small hole was in a breathing, and the tempting of the odor was emitted.

The transparent crystal love liquid, with the movement of the sheet, slowly flowing, and rendering the small hole diameter to be more bright. The beauty of the eyes makes me see some forget, so I can’t help but have an excitement. The breathing is not imposed by the autonomy, and the heavy breathing keeps spraying on the daughter’s small hole.

I feel that my father and my little hole are so close, plus the warm nose is constantly blowing the tender meat of the hole, let her have a shirt, but feel a different stimulus, the small hole is not self-contained and secreted More honey juice. I found that I had a reaction under my dad, my body had a reaction, and the small hole became wet. The daughter’s face was like a ripe apple.

At this moment, I seem to smell a clear and elegant breath, and I think carefully. I found that it is the taste of the honey sauce flowing out of the daughter. The fragrance has been floating in my nose, with the beauty of the front daughter’s hole, keeps stimulating my desire, let me feel a impulse. Then, like a magic, there is no thoughts that stick to the tongue, and the daughter’s flower is gently swept away.

I was so sudden attack, my daughter like an electric tremor, and there were more honey juice in the small hole.

“Ah … How do you suddenly 舔 舔 舔 舔 舔 我 我 我 点 点 帮 点 帮 点 … … … … … 点 … 点 点 点 点 … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 点

The daughter shouted so, I realized what I just did, I actually licked my daughter’s small hole! I quickly collapsed my own thoughts, and I got a spirit and concentrate on the daughter’s small hole. After a closer look, I finally saw the transparent film in the depths of the cell.

“Baby, your shadow is not broken, it is okay.”

“Oh, then it is good … Thank you Dad.”

After completing the daughter, I hurriedly left my daughter’s little hole, afraid that I would like to see more, and then make another out of the move.

After I got the head, my daughter didn’t hide, let your own round snow and pink small hole naked before my eyes. Anyway, just the most shy people have done it, the holes are also got to Dad, and now she will cover the hidden.

I packed myself and became a bit dry mood. I was about to get up and left my daughter’s room. I didn’t expect my daughter again to pull me again. My eyes didn’t care about the naked body of my daughter’s exquisite and floating, and finally stayed on my daughter’s face. I didn’t know what daughter pulled me again.

“Dad … You just saw me too light, I want to run away now, so it is too unfair!” “What should I do if my baby wants Dad?”

“Well …” Dad takes off the clothes, I have to watch my father’s naked. “” Oh, Baby is watching every day, I still see it is not greasy? “” Hey! I don’t care, who called Dad suddenly ran into my father People’s room, I also see people’s masturbation, I have to look back. “

“It’s good, baby is angry, Dad is going away.”

Anyway, I took a shower with my daughter every day, and there was no psychological pressure in front of my daughter. So I was in front of her daughter, and I took off my clothes. It’s just that it is not the same, just close to the little hole of the daughter, I licked the daughter’s flower, and the fragrant virgin honey juice and pink and tenderly attacked small points, or brought me some physiological stimuli, Let my meat sticks are now hard.

The daughter let me stand on the bed, then sit in front of me, with curious eyes, close my meat stick. Although the daughter has helped me play a pistol, but it seems that it is not so careful, so this is the first time that my daughter is so clear to see my erect.

“Dad, it’s so bad, so high …”

“It’s been taking the baby …”

“How can I teach my father, people just call my father to help me check the women’s film, and the father still steals the small hole of others …”

“It’s good, it’s the fault of my father. Because the baby’s small hole is too beautiful, Dad just accidentally see too fascinated, will secretly lick, baby don’t give birth to my father!” “To 对 … … are all the faults of Dad, Dad steal people’s small holes! But I will not give birth to my father, I secretly talk to my father … When I just got, I felt that there were some Ma Ma, but also Also become more wet … “

“Oh, the original baby is also a small colors.”

I didn’t put out the face of the parents to reprimand her daughter, but it was a joke of a daughter like a friend. Then touch the head of the daughter, and the pet is ignorant.

“Baby is finished, didn’t you finish your dad, you have to take a dress.” Stems the floating blood vessels, let the meat stick look a little, a hard meat stick is a slight jump, and the daughter’s sight is followed up and down. Also let the daughter look at it. The meat stick beating in front of you, as if calling her to touch and touch.

“Dad, can I touch it?”

“Baby wants to touch it, but the baby can not be too hard.” The daughter is only curious and shy slowly, and she has retretful and shrinks. Finally, she holds my meat stick. I feel that the meat stick jumps in the palm of the hand, and it also exudes warm and hard touch. The daughter stroked her meat before and after, then learned my previous movement, holding my meat stick, starting slowly. I was so cool that my daughter’s sudden movement, and the horse’s eyes were naturally out of transparent liquid. The daughter is curious to look at the transparent liquid, and suddenly reach out of the small powder, I am rolling the transparent liquid into my mouth.

“Um … there is no taste …”

I was caught by my daughter, but I was so cool.

“Baby is touched enough? Let’s let go … Dad is a bit can’t stand it …” The daughter heard that I said that I found a fun toy, but I stretched out a small powder on my glans. A few times.

“Baby don’t lick … you can take it … Dad will shoot …” “Dad, you are honest with me … Dad wants to shoot it?” I struggled in my heart, in my daughter’s continued Move down, finally, I still want to occupy the upper wind. I said my answer: “I want … Dad wants to shoot …” “Hey, Dad surrendered, change me to help my father.” The daughter opened her little mouth, and the movement of her meat, with my meat stick, with the action on the hand, let my meat stick in the mouth of the daughter. Just after all, the daughter has no experience. Although the daughter is so pleasant to make me accumulated, it is still a little bit. I can’t get it in desire, I can’t help but open it, and guide my daughter.

“Baby … Multi-use your tongue … Don’t let your teeth touch … Use your hard absorption … Yes … it is like this … The baby is really smart … Dad is so comfortable … Baby continues … Don’t stop …… Baby is doing very well … “

It is based on my guidance to identify the meat stick, after hearing my encouragement, more selling the meat stick in the mouth. I was swallowed by my daughter such as a burst of selling, but I felt pleasing, I couldn’t help but reach out to grasp the daughter’s breasts, grabbed the embarrassment of delicate flesh. The daughter was robbed by me, and the body rose a pleasure, but the little mouth was filled with my thick meat stick, and I could only send a delicate from the nose. “Baby … Your breast is really good … I am round and big … 喔 … I have been a few years … I can’t catch my father … I can’t catch it in one hand … Oh … I didn’t know later. .. Which man is so lucky … you can touch your baby’s breasts … “

The daughter spit out the meat stick in the mouth, and when I saw me, my little hand still grabbed my meat stick, and continued to help me with a pistol.

“Dad … I have no boyfriend now … I only have been touched by my father … um … When I took a shower, I didn’t have a shower … my father was not all … Help others … Well … Well … Dad is also every day. Touch … Why envy others … um … Dad doesn’t touch it too … The chest of people is … “Dad is giving big …”

“Baby don’t worry, men like big, my father will help you, your boyfriend will love you more. Baby don’t talk, Dad’s meat stick is still harmful, and help my father! I support my daughter’s head, and I sent the meat stick to my daughter’s mouth. The daughter first stretched out the tongue, licked a few times on the glans, and then opened his mouth and contained the meat rod into the mouth.

“Oh … Baby your little mouth is charming, the breast is so big, you will be happy to die in the future.”

The daughter once again spit the meat stick in his mouth, an answer me in his face: “Hey, then I don’t want to lick my dad, learn how to learn, so that my boyfriend will love me more. ! “I can’t answer my daughter’s question, and I quickly put the meat stick back to my daughter’s mouth. The daughter obviously also wants to talk to me a few more words, and I looked at me, but I used the skills just learned, and I tried my meat stick. The daughter’s tongue wrapped around my meat stick, let me call hard, I grabbed my daughter’s full breast, and smoked. When I feel that the thrill will arrive at the vertices, when I force the meat stick into my daughter’s mouth, I didn’t expect my daughter, but I left my meat stick to the daughter’s warm mouth.

“Baby, why don’t you continue?”

“Dad, you really hate … people have their mouths, you are so hard, I don’t care about you …”

On the side of the daughter, the daughter returned to the door, while tongue my face, the last smoke turned and ran out of the room. It’s just that my daughter didn’t know, she just running, the two groups did not be bored with a bundled snow milk, and how charming milk waves were swayed in front of me.

Looking at the daughter’s figure disappeared outside the door, I laughed, and I still have a hard meat stick, and I followed it. This time doesn’t have to guess, and you know that your daughter should go to the water to prepare a bath. Going to the door of the bathroom, I really heard the sound of water inside, and the bathroom was already vapor.

In the bathroom, the daughter was standing under the head, holding a bath towel and scrubbing her body. After I went to my daughter, I took the bath towel in her hands and put my hands and put the bath towel to my daughter. Then use your own hands and help your daughter continue to work. And my daughter also cooperated with his legs, let me scrubbide every place on her body. Just between the action conversion, the daughter’s little butt should not encounter meat sticks that I still have a hard.

“Ah … How do you still so hard?”

“It’s all the baby just contracted half of the escape, and the father has to continue.” The daughter in the mirror, I am embarrassed to laugh at me. The micro-cherry blossoms make me unconsciously, the charming small mouth, just trying to suck the meat stick. Thinking about thinking, it is stopping the hand that is washed on the daughter’s chest, and I will slowly add the force. Originally simple scrubs, gradually changed.

I was forgotten with my daughter’s delicate snow milk, one hand came to pick up in the fate of the daughter curve. The two hands alternately alternately, and the turns shifts in the delicate body of the daughter.

The daughter also perceived the changes, the buds of the chest, the rapid rising hard, rising, so that she felt a little hurt, eager to get more soothing. The big hand of her full of snow, like a cradle of the current, and she touched her body tremble, and couldn’t help but send a silence. She felt that his feet didn’t seem to have strength, and the whole person was soft in his father’s arms. But I feel a hot and hard thing, tightly in my own hip.

The daughter looked up his neck and looked back at me. The little mouth was slightly opened, and there was a fascinating in the eyes. I brother the daughter’s pointed chin, the urgent kissed it. Caught the daughter’s abundant snow milk, hard meat stick, the top of the daughter’s hips. Previously, my daughter often took the initiative to kiss, but it was the kind of doodle kiss, and it was also slightly touched when kissed. So when I put the tongue into my daughter’s mouth, there is no daughter who kissed the experience, I don’t know how to respond.

I used the tongue to hook my daughter’s little powder tongue, my daughter was ashamedless, I didn’t dare to touch my tongue, and my sparkle hide and avoid my chase. I am patiently slowly plotting my daughter’s enthusiasm, teaching her to respond with my tongue, until the daughter gradually adapts to this kind of contact, only enlarged the courage, and the tongue of my tongue, and my tongue is entangled together .

Until the daughter’s cherry blorn, I released my daughter’s mouth. The daughter’s little mouth is free, leaning on the gasping of my mouth. The awareness of the big hand is still in the chest, the daughter quickly pressed my hand and didn’t let me continue to knead her chest.

“Dad … you are so bad … This is bullying me … I don’t have strength, I can’t stand …”

“Well, then we wash, go in the bathtub!”

After I first flush the daughter, my daughter also helped me to scrub the body, and I also held my meat stick for a while. When we were rinsed, I took into the bathtub to sit down, my daughter took into the bathtub and sat between my legs. Daughter just sat well, my hand automatically climbs the snow milk in the chest.

“Dad … You rub my chest … um … you will take this again … The front bursts just bought underwear … I have to buy new one again …”

“Nothing, underwear father still bought, baby … Let Dad touch more!” “I hate … um … Mother before … Helping me to take a shower … um … not daily … Touching … um … how to get it today … Special strength … I will not let go … um … Don’t knew … I think … I feel so strange … “

The daughter feels that Dad’s big hands seems to exudes heat, let their body fever. The chest has been touched, but it seems that I hope that Dad will continue to touch, let her can’t help but twist the body. The daughter is sitting in the legs between the legs, with the body’s twist, friction in the small petals. Al both daughters feel more uncomfortable, I also gave me a small stimulus.

“Hey … baby, don’t twist …”

“Dad will also feel uncomfortable? Just bully me for so long, now I will bully you, hehe!” The daughter listened, but I feel very interesting, not only didn’t do, but more exciting twists a small ass.

“Baby, don’t twist again, twist down to Dad is going to shoot, shooting in the bathtub, we haven’t booked!”

“Hey … I don’t care, who called Dad has been bullying me!”

The meat stick does not stop the small petals, let the daughter feel the pleasure of burst, and the mouth begins to flow fine. The daughter still wants to feel more comfortable, so there is no words, still twisted their ass, let the meat sticks and small petals continue intimate contact.

“No, Dad can’t stand it. Baby will help your father!” After I finished my daughter, pulling my daughter and took the bathtub. Then press the head of the daughter, I want to call my daughter to help me let me get a meat stick you want to get. I haven’t waited for my daughter to get ready, I will not be in a hurry to put the meat stick to my daughter’s mouth.

“Hey … …”

“Baby hard to suck … Use force to suck your father’s meat stick … 喔 … Dad can’t help but see Dad to die … Dad wants to eat baby’s mouth …”

The meat stick is inserted in the small mouth. I hug my daughter’s head and don’t let my daughter will have the opportunity to get back.

At this time, I don’t want my daughter to give my daughter to serve my own skills to serve me, just want to let the desires that are uncomfortable.

When the thrill accumulates to the vertices, I excitedly sent a scream, spray a lot of thick sperm in the daughter’s mouth. The daughter was smashed with the meat stick in the mouth, and quickly arched his hands and wanted to spit a lot of semen in his mouth.

I saw a white grievances under the mouth of my daughter. I suddenly felt very excited, and I made a crazy decision in my heart.

I pulled my daughter’s hands closed, and said to her: “Baby, don’t spit out … swallowed, Dad wants to see baby to eat Dad’s semen into the belly …”

The corner of her daughter is out of the tears, and she looked at my serious eyes, slightly wrinkled, and pulpted the semen in his mouth. “Dad, you are so bad …” Southern people eat what Dad shot … “” Is it delicious? Baby eat more! “

I will be covered with saliva and the sperm of semen, and I will put it into my daughter’s mouth. The daughter is well-behaved with the mouthfuls of just learning, carefully cleales the residual semen on the meat stick. The daughter looked at the appearance of Dad’s face, and the little powder was more excited to kiss every corner on the meat stick. The bright eyes of the daughter looked up at me, there is still my meat stick in your mouth, let me have an illusion that I don’t seem to be high.

The daughter struck to suck it for a while, only to clean the meat stick, but in the daughter’s sold force, my meat rod is still hard in the daughter’s little mouth. While stroking her daughter soft hair, I started slowly inserting the meat stick in the mouth.

I thought I still want to come again, my daughter quickly spit out the meat stick in my mouth, and took my hand on the meat stick. Regardless of yourself, I still drop the water drops, and I ran out of the bathroom. I left a sentence before leaving: “Dad is a big wolf … I want to continue to insert everyone’s mouth!” After the daughter ran out, I Time is somewhat awkward, I don’t know why I suddenly make these moves to my daughter. I didn’t get a result for a long time. I shook my head, pick up the big bath towel on the side, walked to the daughter’s room. Going to the daughter’s room, I really saw my daughter with a small mouth, sitting in my own bed. I sat next to my daughter, while I wiped my body with a big bath towel in my hand, and I took the initiative to apologize with my daughter.

“Baby is sorry … Just Dad didn’t know what happened, it may be too comfortable by the baby, when you stood up, you will be like this.”

“Dad, you hate it … people have helped their fathers, Dad is still so thick … Hold the head of the people, desperately put the meat stick to my mouth … and shoot a bunch of semen in my mouth, no Let me spit out, it is also called people to swallow … “

“Baby is angry … Forgive Dad, Dad will pay attention to it next time.” People, I don’t want to care about you … “

Looking at the grievous look of the daughter’s drum drum, I feel that I should do something for my daughter. There is not much thinking in my mind, and I have a sentence. “Don’t you change your father to help baby service once, okay?”

I was stunned on the spot, I didn’t know what I was fainted. When I responded, I have said that I have been exported, I’m still returned. I looked at my daughter, afraid that my daughter gave me a dislike, let her daughter began to hate my father. But I didn’t expect my daughter to take into account it, I actually promised.

“Okay! I also want to try my father to help me with myself, there will be something different. But let’s talk about it … If I feel uncomfortable, I still will have a father’s breath! After his daughter lies well in his bed, it is a little nervous and slowly opened his legs. This hand did not cover the small hole, but held his own red face. Although she nodded made Dad to serve her, it is still inevitable to feel a little shy. And I didn’t think of my daughter will promise, but my daughter is ready, I only have hard scalp.

My body is somewhat rigid to bed between my daughter, my hands smoothed with my daughter’s smooth and delicate thigh, looked at the daughter’s pink petals, and slowly took the head before. I don’t know how things will become this, which is completely different from usually with my daughter, so that I don’t know what it is. I extended his tongue and lick my daughter’s flower, and the hard movement made me completely like a door, I can even feel my forehead. The palm is not sweating.

“Hehe, … so itchy … Dad, you are serious!” “Ah, baby is sorry …”

“When I helped my father, I tried to help my father lick your meat. Now I will help me, my father began to be lazy.”

Looking at the cheeks of the daughter drums, I know that my bad performance makes her daughter unhappy. I keep breathed and exhausted, try to relax my body. Until I feel that I have recovered the usual mentality, I showed a big smile in my daughter.

“Baby is waiting, Dad is already ready, will let the baby feel very comfortable.” Between the buddy of the daughter again, I extended the tongue and gently licked the daughter’s flower, the tip of the tongue Ti, in the above round. This action becomes more flexible, and it is not like just like just stiff.


The sensitive flower is pulled by the tip of the tongue, so that the daughter has a feeling, and there is a kitten in the mouth. Huadi gradually congested, and the hole also became more humid, and the transparent honey juice was squeezed with the petals of the honey, and kept from the small hole. I put my mouth up, including the whole flower, and swallow the spicy sauce. Then use the tongue to quickly go back and down, and the daughter has stimulated more nectar. “Dad … ah … good … can be numb … ah … my little hole … was caught by Dad … It’s good … ah … Dad … Dad … ah … so comfortable … so comfortable …… “The daughter smashed the head, and the hands were grabbed, and I didn’t call my father in my mouth. The two legs were tightly clipped with my head. Looking at the daughter’s reaction is so strong, I will add new offensive again, use the tongue to imitate the movement of the movement, and quickly in the small hole. This makes the daughter can’t stand it, the toes are shrunk together, and the two legs are in bed. The little butt is very moving, eager to make the tongue into a deeper place.

Finally, at the sustained lack of lack, the daughter made a high level of odd, and reached the first climax outside her masturbation. At this time, the daughter’s small hole suddenly sprayed a lot of honey, and it was full of face.

I am going to clean it, but I see the daughter’s forehead, and the tired smile is revealed, and I opened my hands.

“Dad … hug …”

I climbed into my daughter’s body, holding her into his arms, and my daughter’s hands were also on my back. The snow white double peak has no gap in my chest, a soft and tender touch from the chest.

“Dad … just … so comfortable … call … more than me … with your hand … I have to be comfortable … I was called by my father … I was so fast … I can’t breathe. … “I held my daughter, listened to her whispering to tell the feelings, but found that my meat rod was accidentally facing her daughter, and half a glans had fallen into the small petals. I slowly contracted my butt and wanted to pull the glans from my daughter’s category. I didn’t expect the daughter’s little flesh to be too narrow, the glans were actually caught inside. I work hard to latter the hip, I want to pull out the glans, just because of the relationship between her daughter, the space that can be active is too small, and I have not succeeded for half a day.

It is a problem that the daughter is caught in my move, and the glans will be frozed back and forth between the two petals, and they will be scattered in the body.

“Well … Dad … What are you doing … um … you make me … so itchy … um … but it seems … 有 comfortable … um ……”

Originally wanted to make a stealing, I didn’t expect to be discovered by my daughter. I quickly stopped, afraid that my daughter thought I had any bad attempt. Just I didn’t expect that I stopped, my daughter was unfailed to move my butt, expressed her dissatisfaction with me.

“Dad … how do you stop ….

Looking at the daughter, I sent me a delicate expression, the pretty face like her mother, as if I got to go back and my wife just met. At that time, we were very easy to impulse. I only need a gently slamming, so that the other party’s lust, the two people are always too tired to roll up.

Perhaps too long did not touch the relationship of women, a little can’t be pulled in a memories, I am still in detailing the passion between my wife and my wife, my ear suddenly comes from a daughter’s pain. I went back to see, I found that my daughter crumped frowned, biting my lower lips, like what to do.

“Baby, what is you?”

“Dad … hurt … you hurt me …”

Listen to my daughter, I have a great feeling in my heart. Just think of the situation of my daughter, I didn’t expect that my meat stick is like a tight package. I immediately felt that I had a cold sweat on my forehead, and I took the body to see it. Sure enough, I saw that my meat stick has deeply buried into the daughter’s small hole.

I didn’t think that I was just a fragment that I had sex before and my wife, but the body didn’t intend to make the same reaction.

Don’t look at me, I also touched again, but also let my daughter help me, and finally licked my daughter’s small hole. But I didn’t insert the meat stick into the daughter’s little hole. The daughter’s vast woman is still complete. I think this is not a mess, the top more is the contact of my body. Too intimate. In fact, I don’t really want to make love with my daughter.

At this moment, my mind is chaotic, there is no way to think about it, and I just want to quickly exit the little hole of my daughter. But I didn’t expect that I just retired, my daughter immediately hugged me. “Dad … I hurt … stop and stop … Don’t move it first …” I was stiff to my daughter, my mind is not thinking, why, why will it become now?

When I was constantly thinking, my daughter feels that the pain seems to have gradually returned, and the meat sticks filled with the caves give her a real feeling, but it seems to have missing something. After stealing a few little butt, I took the courage. I said with shy and whispered to me: “Dad … I think … It seems to be a bit itchy … You move … Ok …”

At this time my brain is still in a state, it does not understand what the daughter comes out. Just heard the daughter’s words, the body didn’t conscious himself.


What should I think in my mind? How to deal with? How to face your daughter in the future? I don’t realize that I am pumping with my daughter.

“Dad … um … it seems to be compared … it doesn’t itch … um … Dad’s meat stick … Inserted inserted … um … I feel with my masturbation … completely different … I am so comfortable … um … Dad … can be deep … “

After a few minutes, I came back to God, I found that I was pumping with my daughter. And the daughter is also in my pump, I will make a hm, my ah. I was shocked, and I quickly stopped the action.

“Well … Dad … How do you stop? I just is so comfortable … I am still moving … I have a small hole … It seems to start … there is a little itchy …” “Baby, sorry, Dad Just thinking about things, not deliberately doing this for you.

“It’s okay, I don’t have a father’s breath. Dad … Anyway, you have already plunged, continue to do it. Dad is moving again, is it good?”

“Do you really want to continue, are you sure?”

“Well, I am sure. I like Dad’s meat stick just in my small hole into and out, and I feel very good with my favorite dad, I feel very good!”

“That … well!”

Since the daughter said so, although I still didn’t completely let go, I feel that the burden of my heart seems to be much reduced. I tested my waist slowly, my daughter was also encouraged to show my smile. As the rhythm of the entrance is gradually accelerated, the daughter has kept the smile on his face and begins to make a seductive fine.

“Dad … Ah … make love with me … Is there … more than yourself … Punching is comfortable?” Strong feel. It’s just that my daughter asked, plus this is her first time, I still want to take care of her mood.

“There is … Baby’s small hole is tight, Dad is caught very comfortable.” … When needed … I can accompany my father … do love … Ah … I was also very comfortable … I am … Ah … I like … and Dad make love … ” I hold my hands to catch my daughter’s chest, my finger is irregularly contracted, and I will pick up the palm of the palm. The plump snow that gradually grows to the D cup, let me in the hands of the delicious bomb Q, even many from the fingers. Although the speed of the waist is not fast, but every time it is deep to the heart of the hole.

The first sex of her daughter was attacked to the upper and down, so that she felt that her body climbed in a sensitive place in their body. I saw my father who was moving with ankle in front of him, and I wanted to seek Dad’s soothing.

“Dad kiss …”

I heard my daughter’s call, I lowered to kiss my daughter’s mouth. After the daughter came to kissing and helped me with me before, I have learned to take the initiative to explore the powder tongue. For a time, I have a good time, and the two people are all in the mouth of Xiangjin saliva.

After a while, my daughter couldn’t help but turn the head to a shoulder. I lost my soft cherry, change and find other goals. The big mouth is kissing down all the way, the daughter’s neck, the clavicle, and the snow is not let go. Finally, I came to the top of the snow, and the tongue was changed to the top of the pink fruit above, or contained in the mouth.

The daughter originally wants me to help smash the heat in the body. I didn’t expect this to kiss all the way. Finally, I was still suffering from the lance to suck, but I made myself more comfortable. The daughter’s eyes bite his fingers, and there is a lot of 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟. And I didn’t stop under my movement. I still have a deep top to my daughter’s heart, but also make my daughter feel like it. “Dad … I can’t … ah … I am going to … I am killed by my father … Ah …” One Box is rising from the body, so that the daughter is forgotten, hands climb in me Rear back. Two long legs also firmly clamped my waist, and also with my rhythm, and hard to work hard, so that the meat sticks are topped in a deeper place.

“Good deep … Dad … You died in me … ah … Dad’s meat stick … Top to me … Sweeping … ah … my little hole … It seems to be dadded by Dad … … ah … “” Do you feel uncomfortable? The father doesn’t insert so deep! “

“Don’t … Dad continues … ah … this is just right … I like Dad … I am going to be … ah … Dad … I am … I am so awkward? Not only do you love … but also be dad … … getting a small hole is wet … ah … still calling Dad Don’t stop … Continue to plug 我 … “” How can Dad like baby so. Baby’s small hole will be very normal, but also to Dad Strive to insert a pocket. “

Will be loved to be a surprise with the daughter, and the daughter’s hole is indeed secreted many honey juice. The meat stick is very slippery, and there will be water sound from time to time, but I can’t say that my daughter is so sensual. In order to be afraid that the daughter left a bad feeling, it is still necessary to appease and praise.

“Really? I am so happy … I am still afraid … I am like this … Dad will be angry …” “You are my father’s favorite baby, how can Dad get a baby?” “Dad is also … My favorite person! Dad, you are … I didn’t think … very comfortable … Ah … Dad didn’t … similar to me … The reaction … Ah … not like me … I feel that my body is hot … … and I have been … I really want to call … “

I didn’t think that although I tried my daughter, my feelings were I was noticed by my daughter. Perhaps it is a daughter, and there is an obstacle in my heart. Although the meat stick is not inserted in a narrow small hole of the daughter, I also think that the meat stick is very comfortable, but I have not I want to spray myself.

In the eyes of the daughter asked, I will find an excuse to tell the proposal to change the posture. My daughter got up in my pointing, gathered in bed, and the little ass talled.

“Dad … This posture seems to be a dog in mating … I feel so shy …” “Baby, if you think it is shy, otherwise we will change back the original posture!” “No need … Since Dad wants this … I want to Willing to cooperate with Dad … Dad coming in! “

I reached out to my daughter’s firm hips, separated the hip pets, looking for small petals hidden in it. When I found my daughter’s little petals, I saw a smell of water, slowly flowing down the roots of the thigh.

“Baby doesn’t seem to wait, the small points began to draft water.” I will harm my little hole so wet … Dad hurry … Don’t plug in … people don’t do my father … “

“Well, Dad is inserted by and helps baby put the water.” I put the meat stick into the little hole of the daughter, then hold the fine waist of the daughter, and the ankle slowly advanced, put the meat stick one Point in a small hole in the narrowed daughter.

“Ah … Dad’s meat stick … Ah, inserted it … ah … this posture … it seems to be inserted … ah … I feel … Dad’s meat stick … It seems to be fast … My uterus … “

“How is the baby feel? Want to be a little bit again?”

“Don’t … this is very good … very comfortable … um … Dad … this posture … Is there … more comfortable than just?”

“There is … Baby’s small hole is very tight, which poses are very good!” “I hate … Dad smiled again … um … Dad’s meat rod … is also great … um … I didn’t regret … and Dad is doing love … um … good health … I feel the chest … It seems to rise … “” Dad to help baby check! “

Hand hold hands on his daughter’s waist, climb it up with a daughter’s body. Slug in the delicate and tender skin until the two groups are hanging more and more fever.

“Ah … Dad … You really like … 揉 my chest … ah … my chest … turn bigger again … I will be in the class … bored boys …… ah … … Dad is … I like a big chest …? “” Well, like it! “

“The father continued to touch it … ah … I gave my father … I didn’t matter … Ah … as long as my father … I like it … ah … Don’t just take care of it … my chest … Also … Action moved … ah … topped … so comfortable … Dad continues … ah … more hard … It doesn’t matter … ah … good news …… “

After a while, I didn’t help but let the snow in my hand, and again support my daughter’s waist, adapt to my daughter’s request, start to put the meat stick in the end. The two regiment recovered the freedom of the riser, and they were swayed before and after it was.

“Ah … I have to die … I have to die … ah … Dad, you … I am dead … Ah … my little hole … I have to be worn by my father …”

“Don’t wear it, Dad is not all inserted!”

“Dad hasn’t … all inserted? I feel … Dad’s meat stick … all in the end … ah … If you plug in, you will insert it … My uterus …” “Dad has already felt very comfortable, so it is enough, it doesn’t matter.” “It doesn’t matter … Dad … all inserted in … ah … put the meat stick into … My uterus … ah … Dad fast Come here … insert it inserted … Ah … I want to try it … The feeling of meat sticks in the uterus … “

“Ok, let’s say it with Dad.” There is a small hole.

Where the daughter’s body is unobstructed, the bodies of the daughter can’t make their own body, and the whole upper body is squatted to bed, only the little butt is still tall.

“Ah … ah … Dad … I can’t … ah … my little hole is numb … I can’t … ah … ah ……”

I didn’t expect my daughter’s most sensitive part in this place, let my meat stick hit a few, there is such a strong reaction. In the atmosphere with my daughter, let my mood gradually relax, and the meat sticks clutched by the small pockets and began to feel the thrills of the thrust. So I decided that a drum was born into the daughter’s uterus, giving her daughter an extremely loved climax, as the end of this delivery.

I took a moment to hit the uterus neck, trying to squeeze the meat stick into the uterus of the daughter. The daughter was kept hit, and the mouth in his mouth was a big, the hole was constantly contracted. Let me feel strong in the process of sprint, which brings me the obstacle to it. Under my continued effort, the stubborn uterine neck finally made me hit a passage, and the meat stick dried into the uterus of the daughter.

“Ah … I am dying … ah … ah … Dad, you are going to … My uterus … ah … ah … my little hole is numb … I can’t … ah … ah Ah … “A series of battles, I feel that I have reached the final closure, and I want to erupt your desire to be more and more strong. I grab the daughter’s floral waist and started quickly and fierce. I plan to send my daughter to the climax first, then pull the meat stick.

“Do you want you? Dad will let you climax first, wait until your father will pull out again.” It doesn’t matter … ah … Dad Don’t pull … I have to … ah … ah … Dad continues … Don’t stop … I have to … ah … ah …… “

“Shoot in? What should I do if the baby is pregnant?”

“It doesn’t matter … shooting in … shot it in … ah … ah … ah … so comfortable … I want my father … Continue to insert a small hole … Don’t stop … ah … ah … Dad wants to shoot … Shooting in … ah … shot to me … inside the uterus … ah …… “

I feel that the desire of a hair is crazy. My daughter has been insisting on the opinion. I have no time to continue to convince her. I have to accelerate the small hole of the daughter and start the last sprint.

“Baby again, my father is running, let us go together!” “Well … Let’s come together … Let’s come together … ah … Dad is hard … Re-use … Top my little hole … Ah … … ah … so comfortable … I am so comfortable … I am so comfortable … ah … Dad continues … Don’t stop … ah … so acid … my little hole … … ah … ah … arrived … I arrived … Dad … I am climax … ah … Dad shoot … shot it in … “shot, come in …” “Baby … Dad … Also shot … “

The fierce love is over, after cleaning up the body, I am lying on her bed with my daughter. The daughter pillows my arm, the cheek is on my chest, two people talk about the day.

“Baby is not stronger, Dad is really not intentional to insert in.” “It doesn’t matter … anyway, I have done it. I also feel very comfortable. I like to make love with my father. And my first Once, it is a favorite father, I am very happy. Still … I just fade, Dad doesn’t like to make love with me? “

“No, Dad likes, baby’s performance is also very good, just our relationship …” “Hey … Dad doesn’t have to worry, I will not talk to others everywhere, I will love my father. As long as Dad likes , We secretly do it, others will not know. If Dad is still mind, then I will mention one with my father, as long as Dad is not angry, we are flat. “” “What? Baby said!”

“Well … I met my mother in front of me …”

“Yes … How is your mother?”

“Mom seems to be very good …”


Suddenly I heard my wife’s news, I didn’t have much emotion fluctuation. After all, it has been separated for so many years, and there is any feeling that is already light. In addition to a simple response, I didn’t express other feelings.

“Dad … I still have a sister. The age is almost like me. I am very cute!” I didn’t expect my wife not only left home, but I even got a daughter with others, I have a bit difficult to digest this news at a time. There is no simple response.

“Dad … Are you still angry with your mother?”


“Mom is not good outside, I want to ask my father to let my mother come back?” “Let’s talk again … You are tired, take a break early!”

End and daughter’s dialogue, in the dark room, my daughter is still naked, with the fatigue after love, and sleeping.

In the morning, I just woke up, I reached out next to it, I didn’t expect it to get it. When you open your eyes, you have no daughter’s figure on the bed, only the remaining temperature remaining.

I got up from the ground, I walked on the four-pool last night, I went to the kitchen, and I saw my daughter is busy. After the daughter went to the country, the three meals at home have been responsible for her daughter. I have a good craft in the past few years.

The daughter has a T-shirt I wearing last night. My clothes worn on my daughter, just like a short skirt, I can only barely cover my daughter’s little butt. It is two long legs that extend from the sustain.

The morning sun passes through the window, which is reflected in the daughter, penetrating a single T-shirt. Let me have some unexpectedly, after the light is irradiated, it becomes a transparent T-shirt, I don’t seem to see the traces of other clothing, and I only see the daughter’s exquisite body curve.

I temporarily pressed the curiosity in my heart, sitting on the chair next to the table, admiring my daughter busy in the kitchen. My daughter didn’t know my arrival. I still have a breakfast until she didn’t want to go back and discovered my existence.

“Dad is waiting again, the breakfast is fine.”

After my daughter laughs, I turned back to continue to handle breakfast in my hand. After a few minutes, my daughter will be on the table in the dining table.

After the daughter puts the table earlier, I patted my thigh and indicates that my daughter sat up. The daughter steps to move to me next to me, sitting in my thigh. The T-shirt, which was originally covered with butt, because the movements he sat down mentioned in the waist, and the little butt was immediately touched with my thigh.

The daughter just sat well, I immediately reached into the T-shirt. In addition to the smooth and delicate body, I didn’t touch other clothes. After I have just guess it, I can’t help but say any questions.

“Baby … How do you only wear a T-shirt?” Casually kitchen clothes, rush to the kitchen … “After answering my question, the daughter saw that I didn’t pick up the hand, but stayed in the chest, let her have a complaint.

“Dad … You come again … I have one day … I will become a big breast cow … um … Dad doesn’t take it out … How do you have breakfast?”

“Baby feeds Dad to eat well!”

My daughter doesn’t have a way, but I have a good white. While taking the thoracic crisp, picking up the bread or milk on the meal, feeding a daddy for breakfast. When picking up and putting down, my daughter’s little butt is from time to time.

I don’t know if it is the relationship between a breakthrough taboo last night, and the desire for a long time in the past seems to be awake. Under direct contact with daughter’s meat, I feel that the meat stick is gradually tall until it is full of congestion. As the daughter switches between the daughters, the petals are grinded by my underwear. When the number of times the friction is increasing, it can even feel a small piece of water on my underwear.

“Well … Dad, you are hard … good color …”

“Baby is also, wet the father’s underwear.”

“Dad, you are very bad … If you don’t have a meat stick … I have been going on me … um … I will not … this is … and I will not be able to eat breakfast … I have been kneeling home. Chest … um … was touched by Dad … I certainly wet … “

“Well, my father is wrong, baby is forgiven this time!” “” Originally, Dad is wrong … Who is a big brush … I always blind my chest … um … yesterday and Dad made love … … together and immediately … with meat sticks on my small hole … um … you see … Dad’s hand to now … I haven’t stopped … “” “Hey … Baby’s chest touches too comfortable, Dad can’t help but … “” Okay … forgive you … “

The daughter took the breakfast on the table and fed me, did not open my handle from the clothes. I also felt, continue to grab the daughter’s full snow milk, while enjoying my daughter’s intimate feeding.

But the daughter is forgiven, I still can’t easily let me. When the body turns, I deliberately increased the action, but also deliberately using a small petal to look back my meat stick, let my meat stick have been very straightforward, and the more uncomfortable is uncomfortable. While punishing me, my daughter himself is not good, and the water mark on the underwear is also expanded at a point.

At the end, I can’t get it, I can’t help it, I can’t help it, and use the meat stick to the little petals of the daughter.

The daughter was sitting in the thigh in the thigh.

“Dad … Don’t be top … I can’t sit still … um … first put breakfast first … Eat it … um … Waiting for it … no longer dad … what to do … um …… If you want to do bad things … I have to eat it first … I will be strong … “

“Dad doesn’t want to eat breakfast, now I want to eat baby now.”

“I hate it … Dad is a big morning … I want to do that kind of thing … um … people have not … Having …”

“Dad has already can’t help it, baby put the little butt, we can eat it.” The daughter just hiped the little butt, I immediately followed the light butt, quickly put the underwear to pull down, will be boring hard Release. Hold your own meat stick, find the entrance of the hole. When the meat stick is right, I hug my daughter’s fine waist, and my daughter sat on my thigh, and the meat stick is only inserted into the small hole.

“Ah … Dad, you are so … what is the monkey?

“Baby … come, take off the clothes, let’s eat it.” I grabbed the T-shirt to pull up, my daughter also combined with me, I will take my hands, put the T-shirt to take off, I I lost it on the side. The waist of her daughter began to slowly pumping slowly, just just moved a few times, her daughter will suddenly think of some ideas.

“Dad … This is your second time … um … I have not had a consent … I will insert into my little hole …”

“Ah? But just baby has a father!”

“But I do not agree …… ah …… ah …… father and father having sex inserted directly come ……” “how to do that …… …… otherwise father to pull out now, as the baby will not happen?” “ah …… father have been inserted here …… father’s cock pussy now …… ah …… also tucked it …… my father wanted to lie it? otherwise we make a bet …… ah …… if Dad wins after the father …… …… and I want to make love, then ah …… …… …… can be directly inserted into the oh …… “” Oh …… baby and dad want to bet what? “” wait a minute Dad …… ah …… If you shoot me …… pussy inside, then …… ah …… …… I promised my father would take my mother to come and live …… ah …… oh …… can not go back, “I suddenly a little dumbfounded, I did not expect her daughter to make her mother to come and live, not even this move to make out. Last night my wife heard her say that life is not so good, in fact, I had a little soft-hearted, after all, whatever the outcome, a husband and wife. Only news came too suddenly, two people apart for too long a time do not know how to accept nothing.

In order to allow the mother to come and live, daughter proactive shake played a little ass. Patience cock in pussy rampage sparked pleasure, and would not stop to let Roubang rest. Little ass ups and downs ups and downs, helping them to be sensitive to the impact of non-stop cock, pussy endless supply of secretion in the honey, the extension of the stem body slowly flow in and out of the room.

Proactive daughter insisted after a while, getting physically bad, the ups and downs of little ass getting slower and slower speed.

“Dad …… ah …… you do not want to shoot it …… ah …… do not support a hurry shoot it …… ah …… …… …… strikes inside my pussy.”

I do not see her daughter shot to the delay, the initiative took my hand on her chest. Just when I started to rub her snow milk, more uncomfortable people actually be my baby daughter.

“Oh, baby, if only this recipe, then let my father shot out, a little difficult Oh!” “I do not care …… ah …… …… I will make today my father shot my pussy …… in …… ah … … has been done at night …… even if it does not matter …… “

“My father can not so powerful, able to do all day.”

“That Dad …… soon shoot it …… ah …… shone inside my pussy …… …… ah …… so your mom and sister …… …… can move back home to live …… ah ……” “We another position, baby so twisted it, maybe you really want to twist night. “I will cup on the table next to the dishes being placed on the empty chair, the empty table so that her daughter climbed up on the desktop. I got up and leaning cock, pussy against a waist, leaving only a moment cock pussy, pussy again back in.

“Dad, you’re bad ah …… …… …… ah …… took the liberty is worth the bother people have knocked numb …… ah …… …… …… Come on Daddy Do not stop …… forced to put it in my pussy …… ah …… …… I will let my father shot out …… “

“Baby really wanted her mother to come and live it?”

“Finally ah …… …… …… ah …… only met my mother and I want to live with my mother …… ah …… …… …… every day, even if the father was shot in the pussy …… does not matter ……” ” this requirement does not seem to me ah …… yesterday was baby let me pull out, now I have to also fired into the baby’s pussy. “

“I do not listen to me do not listen …… …… …… father today if I had not shot inside the pussy …… …… …… ah …… I will not let my father leave …… pussy cock …… ah …… today regardless of father I would like to do …… …… …… …… ah …… with the father of the mother as long as possible …… then come back …… “” that baby daddy want to hear about some dirty words. “

“I can not …… ah …… I would not say it …… ah …… wait …… or else my father shot out after …… ah …… I helped my father …… Well …… cock licking good?” “Baby do not speak, then maybe dad would shoot out yesterday …… oh father is not a long time to put a pussy baby just shoot it? “

“Dad, you bully me …… Okay I’ll try it …… ah …… …… …… if I said dad does not like my father to teach me oh …… …… …… ah …… Even my father listened not satisfied …… you can not go …… ah …… to pull shot in the pussy Oh …… “

“Say good …… baby, father to listen to what the baby would say?” “Dad …… ah …… I was well inserted comfortable …… ah …… pussy are …… …… father’s cock into the wet flow …… …… ah …… a lot of water makes me feel so hot …… …… body become so lewd …… ah …… …… Dad wants to continue with the hard cock …… put it in my pussy …… ” “No plug, dry, and my father is in the dry pussy baby. baby dare more, you can say a little more dirty!”

“Hey … people are very shy … I can’t say it … ah … just those sentences … I finite …” “” Baby continues, just after the father, I just feel very much. ” , More, my father can be shot! “” “” Ok … I try to … Ah … I was daughter … I have a good feeling … ah … I am a small hole … becomes good Wet … is dried by the big meat stick … Ah … I want … Everyday is died by Dad … Let the big meat stick … hard me … Sensual small hole … “” Baby is so doing the big meat stick , See how Dad uses the big meat stick to do it. “” No … I didn’t … so sensuality … ah … is Dad wants to listen … I will cooperate with my father … Ah … Dad, what do you do? … The top is so strong … ah … my little hole … all numb … Ah … I know it … I am a sensuality … I will open yesterday … Let the thighs … Let Dad … let Dad … Help me open … ah … ah … Dad, you really … very color yeah … ah … I said … You like listening … you have … Special power … ah …… “Baby is great, continue.”

“Ah … get up in the morning … deliberately do not wear underwear … ah … just want … Send Dad … Ah … Sure enough, Dad saw it … I took out the meat stick … Insert into my little hole … …… … I was done by my father … I still don’t satisfy … Ah … I still say a bunch … I want my father … more hard to do me … do my lascivious small hole … “

The daughter endured the shame of his heart, and said that a bunch of ordinaryness did not dare, but Dad didn’t seem to have a lot of effort, and the speed ofserting is still not reduced, and there is no signs of ejaculation.

“Dad, you are … I am lie to me … ah … I said … so many sentences … Ah … Dad how … I haven’t shot it …”

“Baby said more, Dad feels a little bit, it should be shot again for a while.” “If Dad is lie to me … I will … I don’t care about you … I will talk more. One … I will listen to my father … ah … Dad listened … I didn’t pull it out … Ah … ah … wait for the next time … I can only shoot … my little hole … … “

“Dad, how to lie to the baby, in case the baby ignores Dad, Dad will be miserable after Dad.” Always like Dad … “

“Oh, Dad will always like baby. But the baby will pay the boyfriend, will not only talk to love, then give the father to one side?”

“Dad is not … I am jealous … Ah … my first time … I have given my father … Ah … and then say that Dad is now … still doing people … Sensual hole … ah … …… What is worried … The next thing … Ah … Oh … Dad did … ah … … only let Dad … The big meat stick … is ejaculation in it … “

“When the baby is really, I don’t forget to shoot my father.”

“Of course, we bet … I haven’t ended yet … Ah … Dad is going to shoot … My little hole … I am numb … Ah … I will not be able to accept it … Dad quickly shot … Ah … Dad, you don’t want … In the cute daughter … Sensual hole … Short a lot of semen … ah … ah … ah … you are ready …… Waiting for Dad … Use semen to irrigate … “

Looking at the daughter has always thought that she wants her mother to come back, I feel that I have been touched by my daughter. I used to be unhappy with my wife, and the daughter of the baby, it seems not so important.

I accelerated the speed of entering and exiting in the small hole, I want to sprinkle the semen in my daughter’s small hole, as this bet, the representation of my daughter wants to pick up my mother.

“Baby is good, Dad is coming …”

“Dad is shot? Dad quickly continued to do me … Drive my little hole … ah … can’t … unplug it … Ah … Dad hurry … shot … shot … Tongxong shot in … … ah … let the sensuality of the small hole … was shot to the climax by Dad …

I feel that the impact of the meat stick in the small hole is getting more violent, the daughter knows that Dad should go to the limit. My daughter still didn’t know, I have agreed her request in my heart. In order to be afraid that Dad finally Lai Pei put the meat stick out, in addition to moving the butt with Dad’s insertion, I decided to temporarily throw the shame of the heart, and then talked about more stimulating down, add the last fire.

“Dad … Do you feel … we look like … ah … His yesterday … dog mating … The posture is a bit like … ah … ah … I seem to … a little bitch … I am fighting with Dad … … ah … Sensual small hole … was filled by Dad … Ah … ah … ah … The big meat stick is inside … Do not stop … into and out Out … ah … Let the little mother … feel good … Ah … I want to let the big meat stick … In the small hole … shoot a lot of semen … Ah … “” Baby, you are really too susceptible, Dad It is shot … “” Really? Dad is really good … I love you! Shooting … I quickly shot in … ah … Dad wants to be like … Yesterday … shot in mine … uterus? … ah … then Dad … Let’s take a little … ah … can you plug …… My uterus … Ah … Dad is so fast … Otherwise, you can only … shoot it in the small hole … Ah … ah … good hot … Dad, you shot … I shoot a lot … Ah … I feel that the holes are full … Ah … all is … Dad’s semen … After I was shot inside the small hole, my daughter won the gambling, and the mood was happy and I started joke.

“Hey … The movement of Dad is too slow … shot to the small hole … call … wait next time to do with Dad … I will let my father … shot inside the uterus …” a battle … Down, my daughter is weak and breathing, I also feel tired. The meat stick still is still half-hard, but also inserted in the little hole of the daughter. I went lower over the upper body, kissed her daughter and sweating, waiting for her daughter to breathe, accompany her to restore physical strength.

The daughter closed quietly and enjoyed the kiss behind her father. The mouth is surrounded by the mouth, telling me: “I am so happy … I won! Dad can’t rely … I have to take my mother … I will take it back …”

I borrow my daughter’s hair finger on the cheeks and dialed my ear, leaving a word in her ear: Good!

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