Just raised the big three, the semester is not too busy, but I have always been a very serious student, the grades are not good but will not be bad, in fact, most of the time is engaged in communities and communication . For college students, communication is also a very important exercise, and the event also knows many of the varied friends, and the female friends are of course absolutely focus.

In this few years of college career, I have already interacted with four girls, they are very beautiful and have a characteristic, but they all have passed.

And said two months ago, I met a dining school girl, and I did understand in the community. Because I am the master plan of the event on the day, I will take the phone number with her and to her phone number. Of course it is easy.

Then I have a chance to give her a few times. Based on the school leader, I took her everywhere, I met the other friends, my husband is not bad, the school girl is quite appreciated by my social ability. After a few times, everyone will treat the schoolmates as my girlfriend, big, Da Yan stated, and we are also confused.

It is not to say that I have no good feelings about her, but everything is performed, and I am more expected.

She can be a flower, a small face, and the long legs seem to be a happy, well-known body, and the men around them are coveted three feet, always there is always the pursuit of male classmates. But she said that only I brought her enough security and maturity.

Our progress is also very rapid, only to know that I will teach her skills in a few days. After the first night, I can’t pull itself, her body, her skills, her voice, make me in the classroom Continuously aftertaste, look forward to, the first thing to buy is to find her and enjoy each other’s happiness.

She took a layer of vintage apartment with a few students, and her room became our heaven. After the door, we indulge in his own small world, regardless of the noise of other classmates outside, we are in the room, I will have the most exciting Desire.

Her experience is not a lot, there have been two boyfriends before I have, of course, I will give it the first place, but her two ex-boyfriends must teach her a lot, her performance in bed is definitely tame any man.

With her month, we have a song in the night, it is difficult to leave.

One night I secretly took her back to my dormitory. We are a male house, but it is not to catch so strict, so it is not a very rare thing with girlfriends.

Although the girlfriend is coming back, it is a very common thing, but my flower beauty still attracts the attention of many classmates. Everyone is looking for an excuse to come to me, and they will hope to appreciate my girlfriend.

The schoolmates girlfriend also played with a few my friends, fart.

The only thing that makes me worry is that my girlfriend is dressed tonight. She wore white sleeveless shirt, the neckline is not too low, but she can see her little breast, with a hot pants, show her long legs.

I have never had any problems, but when she benting the waist, she will stare at her friends, after a few times, I am very curious about what my friend can see, when I was a little near my friend. When the girlfriend has duck again, I also look at the direction of my girlfriend.

I haven’t seen it, I have an immediate response in my trousers. I saw a deep cleret, with the edge of the skin, it is no wonder that my friend doesn’t want to see it.

The girlfriend did not know, and she didn’t study the neckline. Her chest is like this free to let my friend look at all night.

I don’t think so, I am so angry with my friend. After all, the beautiful thing people want to see, but the girlfriend is exposed before my friend, let me itch all night, the more I want to be, I hope that my friends will go back early. Let us renew.

When the friends finally left the room, when they closed at the moment, I put my girlfriend on the table, and the hunger lip was again ignited tonight.

When our tip of our tongue is wrapped together, my one is not politely holding her full chest, just being gaked by my friend, and now in my hand, knead. I pulled her left clothes with the shoulder strap, a soft breast, I got out of her mouth, holding the naked tits, holding the naked tits, put the nipple in the tip of the tip, Keep it.

The school girl hugged my head to put pressure on her, holding me in the legs, breathing, and whispered.

I was in her nipples around and leaving a deep red lip print on a white skin. I simply take off all her clothes, 19-year-old youth’s body once again reveal in front of me, and I pulled her up, standing in front of me is my younger sister, Jihua, I also believe that many other students masturbation the object, I believe just playing friends never dreamed, by five minutes, they stood naked goddess has been the center of the room, let me enjoy. Firm breasts, slim waist, school girl shyly lowered her eyelashes, bright eyes seemed to look forward to the next body of joy.

I ordered her to sit on the table legs open, her sexual secretion from the crystal clear labia slowly shed, my warm fingers immediately labeled her swollen labia, gently rubbing, from time to time with the middle finger provocative red beans labia bean. Her breathing is more intense, and even a little body trembling.

My mouth close to her lower body, beginning with his lips to taste her most original taste, so sexy, so beautiful.

Tongue between her lips hovering constantly sucking, rubbing fingers slid into her pussy, starting Choucha.

She was holding my head, legs tucked my neck, his eyes closed, her chest with every trembling and shaking, covered my whole face sexual secretion from her vagina out, and also my two fingers very hard to test her deepest, when the fast slowly, controlling her breathing.

She took hold of his doublet to squeeze middle fingers kneading his nipples, mouth slightly open, gasping away, every time I accelerated, she will always be careful not to groan aloud.

I’m afraid she moans between alerted to a friend next door, my mouth and fingers a little pause, she is also very close to kneel on the floor for my services.

She slowly lowered my pants, began to hold my hand Cuonong Bang Bang, my eyes closed enjoying her service.

Her tongue on my penis around the circle, you can feel every time around, I’ll be larger.

Can be placed in my mouth? She spoiled asked.

I want to go into. I called her back.

Her hands shook my club, my mouth close to her mouth and swallowed, very seriously with her mouth Taonong forward.

I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror behind the door in her back, naked kneeling on the ground to help me oral sex, this moment I think I am the happiest man, full of hard to please me to please his girlfriend.

Suddenly a strange thing happened, I looked at her body in movement, meaning a moment I will not come until you see the doorknob turning, I found out that someone was opening my door. I just did not lock the door, open the door but who does?

The answer was soon revealed, and when the door was opened a crack, I saw one of our previously playing friends from crevices, and when he saw me looking at him, his frightened expression I will never forget .

Because too surprised, and I was also stunned that no action. Seeing I did not have any words or actions, my friend trying to shift the gaze transferred to my girlfriend who looked at her without any clothes, slight swing graceful body, kneeling on the ground I was eating.

My friend watched for a few seconds, looked at me, as if I agreed to let him seek more waiting to.

At this point, my mind evil spirits force I nodded to him, I did not expect to be so completely exposed my girlfriend, see my consent, my friend opened the door a little and then, we could see more clearly.

Jihua school girl still my mouth Bang Bang, sometimes mixed with lustful moan saliva sound, very conscientious handling with, thanks to the gaze of a third party, I feel swell once again in school girl mouth, holding my hands the school girl’s face in front of my friends to feed my girlfriend eat my cock.

This picture is too exciting, I had to quit school girl’s mouth so that they are a little calmer, she stared at me, look cute, as much as I blame Why so early from her mouth drawn look.

I pull up a school girl, so she turned back to me, I will press his hands on the desk, her hips moved back a little, my mouth and kissed the back of her smooth, seductive, quietly my Bang Bang on her labia, gently rub, so I covered her sexual secretion congestion little head.

I turned to see the door looked like, at this time if a friend has left no peeping, I would be relieved, after all, still worried about his girlfriend found. Just did not expect at this time under the door actually more than two pairs of eyes, just playing the three are back, free erotic show can watch tonight, do not need to see A piece in front of the computer.

I want to see a person or three people, I am in a hurry, push into the small hole of the school girl, she loudly, wake up my inner beast, I accelerate in her body, my hands Her flexible chest, once again on her butt, the school girl’s posture is also changed to the desktop to be tall, hands on the wall in front of the desk. Tonight’s school sister was gang rape by four boys. The three friends did not turn their eyes at the door. Their breathing seems to work with each school girl.

I pulled up the hands of the school girl, let her body is more erect, the head must be back, and her hair is scattered in her neck, I looked at my friend, while driving a school girl. I want to think that although you look at my girl, watching her shake breast, listening to her, but only I can enjoy her body, I can understand the warmth of her small hole.

You tonight … so big! Sisters said while breathing.

Do you feel comfortable. I whispered in her ear.

Well … I have to ..

So thoughtfully stimulated me, my legs felt that there was a kind of ejaculation, I entered the last sprint, the sister’s voice, with my enhanced force, the more the louds, suddenly I felt urgent to shrink.

The thigh clamps, and the sensuality is called. This clip will not endure it, then put my stick out of my stick, I reached out, put her on the side of the school girl, I didn’t think of my meat stick to learn. The soft lips, my hand is still behind his head, but the butt, when my meat stick enters her mouth, the thick semen also sprayed into her mouth.

The school girl is not dare to move. Only I don’t have an independent savings several times. When I opened my eyes, I saw my friends’ envy eyes. I know that I am happy, my girlfriend is love me.

I took two sanitary paper smelters to wipe the residue of the mouth, quietly moved to the door, there is a skill, put the door gently, friends appreciate a good show, the next night belongs to our two .

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