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Year of the month

Name Zhang Xiauru Lin Huimei Wang Shanshan Fang Yumei
Relation Sister Mother classmate High school tutor
Age 16 37 17 25
Birthday 2.25 8.28 6.30 7.27
Constellation Pisces Virgin Cancer Lion
Blood Type A AB O O
Height 160 162 155 165
Weight 45 50 40 51
Three Ben 33b. 23.34 35c. 25.36 32A. 23.33 33c. 23.35
Take the subject National text. history. Sports
Favorite Mother. elder brother. Sprin ratio Dead gentleman. son. Daughter None Parents. Student
Speed ​​Long Writers. Sing. Volleyball Writers. Write prose Many teaching mathematics. Painting
Interests Singing. See a movie. shop. With your brother SEX “new interest” listening to music. shop. Writing Listening to music. Reading novels. Reflection Listening to music. Sing. Teaching
Favorite color pink. White. Light Green Rolandzi. Rose Red Black. White Purple. Grass green
Main Sexy Band Nipple. clitoris. Neck Not found


The morning sun is sprinkled from the window. I woke up in the bird, and I started the day. I don’t know why, my body has some pain. I found Xiao Ru around. I remembered that I got a little bit yesterday. I took three times. It is no wonder that I feel so tired, watching her show, still have a girl’s childish, who can imagine her lascivious performance last night?

Although the body covers the quilt, Xiauru’s full carcass is still half exposed to the outside, the snow white skin, there is no scar, long hair, can’t hide the white neck, I think this is her most sexy On the place, she also likes me to succeed his neck, maybe neck is one of her sexy belt!

For me, Xiaoru’s skin is so fascinated, I always love to kiss her all over the forefront, you may not know, her faint girl is fascinating, can excite people than any perfume Sexual desire, I will open the quilt, I carefully enjoy every part of Xiaoru, a lot of breasts, no words, should be 33b! She has been refused to tell me that I peeked about the marking on her underwear, but it seems to be bigger, probably still developing! Maybe I often take the relationship! Then, the mysterious village, the mysterious stream, the final music, sparse clouds, pink small flesh, how can I see it, I only see the small flesh, some moist, I can’t help it in my heart , This little Nizi is also like this in the dream.

This situation, my own brother has been standing upright, I am going to turn into the top of the “man”, I kissed her face, my hands on her breasts, when I blot, sometimes the circle, and I still stimulate the mountain. The small cherry on the hill, slowly, my lips move to her snow neck, I am unscrupulous, sometimes I will doubt that I may be a vampire, or how can I love the girl’s powder neck? Of course, this is just saying stupid.


Xiaoru may feel my stimulus, there is a sound in the mouth, which is undoubtedly giving me the biggest encouragement, then I started to suck her nipple, I used my tongue to stimulate the tip, my hand moved to her little flesh, first Gently touch the friction, then start with your fingers and knead her clitoris. Of course, my hand has been covered with her love.

“Well … ah … um … ah … well ……..”

“Ah … cool … ah … um … ah … brother … so cool … “

Yes, Xiaoru is my sister, but it is also my lover, I love her, she also loves me, it is so simple.

“Xiao Ru, you woke up?”

“Yeah! Being so, who can sleep, ah! Brother, you don’t stop! People are comfortable!” She looked at me with the big eyes of the water spirit.

“You woke up, come to me!”

She nodded, we have quite a tacit understanding, she turned into my body, and her wet flower completely presented in front of me, forming a 69 posture, I think the younger brother is harder.

“Wow! Brother, we did three times yesterday, how can you still be so hard now, and it seems to be more harder than yesterday!” She is exciting

“I don’t blame your body too beautiful, I don’t feel tired for a few times.”

“Hey! Poverty” she smiled, with the schnitzer finger caress the meat stick, from time to time, it feels so cool, then, her cherry hide starts to suck my meat stick, or suck, or contain, or I am fluttering, I can’t get it! I can’t be so shot, quickly strengthen the attack of Xiaoru’s offensive, her pink flower has already been wet, I extended two fingers and dig, while I lick her congestion, I heard her.呻 呻. “Ah … ah … yeah … there … ah … it is there …”

She was excited, it seems to forget to suck my meat stick, I have to inhibit the impulse of ejaculation, then I put two fingers into her vagina, and pumped it as a penis.

“Ah … um … well … brother … ah … cool …”

Her love is like a flooded secretion, it seems quite intoxicated, I will add my fingers to the speed,

“Ah … brother … fast … I will break you … Ah … big meat stick … 喔 .. …. Insert it … ah … I want a true big meat stick! “

I quickly took out the fingers, turned it, holding my strength, looking at Xiaoru’s small hole, because it has been fully moist, inserting is quite smooth, we take the normal posture.

“Ah … brother … hard … ah … …… Do your little sister … ah. …. “

“Ah … Xiao Ru, you don’t have a good wet, so hot, it is so tight … ah … Xiauru”

I sold the buttock, in her small hole into and out, the time is too shallow, when I am very fast, I have been able to control the time of ejaculation, my hand is not idle, and sometimes rough rubbing Catch, sometimes gentle, you can think about it, Xiaru is like a madness, and tick my heart soul.

“Oh … ah … cool … Good brother … ah … I love you … …… ah … 喔 … “

“Ah … well … I am so cool … brother … hard … um …. “

“Ah – don’t … don’t pull it out! I still have to!”

When I took the meat stick, Xiao Ru shite.

“We change your posture, from behind”

She is slightly nodd from the heart, and she turned into the bed, and she will play the fertile hips, this posture, we often play, I have been inserting the meat sticks filled with Xiauru prostitute into her small hole, she logs Send a satisfaction.

“Ah … again … more hard … brother … ah … …”

I use the waist, put the strength, and my body squat on the back of Xiaoru, feel her smooth skin and micro-heat body temperature.

“Ah … brother … 喔 …….. ah …….. 喔 …”

Xiao Ru’s hand grabs the sheets, constantly embarrassed, and makes a wonderful and astonishing.

“Ah … Xiao Ru … cool! ….”

“Ah … brother … I have to lose … oh … ah …”

“Xiao Ru … you vent it! … I … I have to shoot …”

“Ah … 喔 … brother … shot inside … shoot in the little girl in the sister … ah … I can’t … ah … “

I know that today is a safe period, so even the safety case doesn’t bring, I am accelerating the speed of the throduction, I feel that I have reached the critical point of ejaculation.

“Well … ah … ah … …”

“Ah … ah …”

I shot a strong semen. In my little sister’s small hole, I looked like a small Ru, and we all felt sweet breath, even I could feel her heartbeat, dripping sweat dripped in bed linen. On the way, we cuddled for a century! In fact, only ten minutes, but I really hope to stay at this moment forever.

“Xiaojie! Xiauru! Fast down to eat breakfast, go to school is late!”

Mom’s voice, pull us back to reality, yeah! Going to school is late!

“Hey! I will come down later!” I answered my mother.

I took the soft penis to the body. I picked up her body and weak, in the bathroom, I let her sit in the edge of the bathtub, open the lotus head, start cleaning the sigh of sweat and just love, then small Ru also recovered some plenty of strength, her thighs were micro, which can obviously see the semen from her slimming labi, she looked at me to clean the body, and the face showed a smile.

She looked at me is almost the same, and she got up and went to clean. I was busy rushing the lotus head to her small hole. I used my fingers to dig out, but I feel that the hand has been slippery.

“Brother, I washed myself, you will help me this, the more you have, the more you can wash, when you can wash it!”

Xiao Ru said with a smile.

I also laughed, gently kissed on her lips, handed over the lotus head over the bathroom.

When I returned to the room, I will pick up the place in the place, put on underwear, and then take it out of the school uniform from the wardrobe. At this time, Xiaor is also wet, I threw the bath towel to give her, see She wiped her thigh, breast, genus … After wearing a light pink underwear, it is a style of a general female high school, but wearing her body is full of charm, hello! What am I thinking? Do you want to work again, I don’t want to squeeze the adult! I knocked my head and took the bag down downstairs.

I got down the building, my mother was looking at the newspaper in the kitchen, wearing her favorite silk pajamas, on the table, put three ham eggs and fresh milk made by her hand. Mom saw me, telling me with a happy smile:

“Come and eat breakfast!”

Let’s talk about my family first! My name is Zhang Xiaojie, a high school student, a little one-year-old sister, called Zhang Xiaru, father is a well-known engineer, but during the age of seven years old, leaving this house and not less than heritage, Mom is 37 years old this year, because Dad died early, she independently assumes the responsibility of raising our, relying on the father’s legacy, life is still a well-off, and her mother will make a full-time family housewife, and they will write some prose. .

I sat down to eat breakfast in my seat. My mother fried egg was quite tender. I like it quite like to eat, watching my mother warm and beautiful face. She is really difficult to marry my own happiness. She is.

“Xiauru, you will come to breakfast!” When Xiaru walked down the stairs, my mother said.

Xiaoru sat next to me, picking up the cup of fresh milk.

“I’m stuffed”

“Why don’t you eat Turns, how can you drink milk?”

“Mom – people can’t eat!”

At this time, my mother looked at Xia Ru and said:

“Honestly, what are you doing again yesterday? How is there a dark circle?”

“I … I am not too late!” I know how to flex, I don’t dare to be.

“I know that you are really love, so I have to let you … but don’t forget, don’t forget, you still have to pay attention to the classroom and your body, don’t be sensible … ….. “Although the mother is teaching with a serious tone, there is a bit blush.

“Yes, yes, yes, my good mother”

“I have to make an agreement with you. If you get a bad performance, I don’t just have to ban you for a month, I have to give me a ban on” “

“Well, good, good, we must give you a good grade.” If you say sports, music I am, but general disciplines have more than one.

“Also, have you prevented measures recently?”

“Now … these days are safe period, but I haven’t worn, but the normal brother will wear a set.”

“It’s not my 啰, However, contraception must be done, if …………”

“Good – Mom, you are talking about it, we are so late!” I rushed.

“I really can’t help it, I am fine, go to school!” Mom glanced at me with a helpless expression.

“We are gone!”

After the porch worn the shoes, I looked at Xia Ru deeply kiss because I knew it out of the house, I will become a general brother and sister.

Related common sense

〔criminal law〕

Article 23: Direct or third half, the blood and the traitors are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment

Article 236: The crime of the 211th to 2310 must tell me> by the moonlight


It has been a sexual relationship with Xiaoru. Now I think about it, I really can’t believe that we will become intimate lover from ordinary brothers and sisters, as if they still happen yesterday.

I remember half a year ago, I am like a usual high school student. I am full of curiosity. I will secretly buy yellow comics, the photo is coming, of course, masturbation is also inevitable. My sexual fantasy object is some private admire female classmates or idol stars, often inserting my hot and hard meat stick into their lustful mouth, small points or even ass. Seriously, at that time, I didn’t have a special feeling. I didn’t even realize that she is already a mature “woman”, but our mother and son are good, and the brothers and sister feelings are quite good, so.

Sometimes, I saw Anda’s “Beautiful Snow Snow”, deeply attracted by his story, and the sister of the life, and finally became a favorite wife, and there was a considerable impact on me. At this time, I found out that this plot is a bit similar to my situation. My sister, Xiaoru is also a perfect girl, beautiful, considerate, understanding people, homework, sports, will do something home, really It is a good girl who is not awkward. Compared with it, I will not grow up, except for grades, other can be said to be a place. Now think about it, when you are a little sister who wants me to play with her every day, it has grown up, or a full of beautiful embryos, completely from my mother. And those female students who were asgenerative fantasy objects seems to be a big cut. Seriously, if she is not my sister, I will give her.

If she is not my sister ………… If …….. Of course, many things are not.

After that, I started paying attention to Xiaoru, she once smiled, she gradually bulld her body, her big eyes, ah! I am full of her mind. I also started to preempt the arrogance of some brothers and sisters, the novel, maybe the real life is unable to pay, I have to send these pornography, and you will have the first place for Xia Ru, and the first place! Whenever I looked at her childned cheek, I thought about some low-level expressions, ah! I really hate myself.

“Brother! What happened! Uncomfortable?” Xiaru seems to be aware of some strange, and maybe I look at his look is really strange!

“Ah! Nothing! Xiao Ru, you seem to become more beautiful!” I am busy explaining.

“Oh! Brother, don’t make a joke!” Xiao Ru Deng flesh red, and his hands lightly my chest.

How can I say export? Say I love her, say that I am eager to hold her, kiss her, saying that I want to make love with her love, no! I don’t know what the consequences will have it after the export, do you want me to use strong? How can I treat my beloved sister like this? Those newspapers reported that violent biologists, people who have a bi-life daughter, in my opinion, simply with the animals, although the sexual desire is difficult, but I am at least a good person.

Since then, I think I am like a metamorphosis, often picking up the brady in the brady, and I am smelling the girl’s fascinating fragrance, I think that she puts her beautiful appearance of these underwear, and even go 舔The girl’s sweet secretion in the bottom of the panties, of course, crazy france is often playing in the bathroom.

Sometimes, only when I am at home, I will sneak into Xiaorian room, turn out all of her underwear, playing in the hand, of course, in the fantasy, concentrate in fantasy. I secretly touched these, I have been a month.

“Mom! You can try it out! We will take care of yourself!”

“When I am not at home, you have to be careful of doors and windows! Don’t run, pay attention to safety, and …………”

“Mom! You have already told N times, then you will not go, but will not catch the plane!”

“Yeah! Hui Mei, no longer! We can’t catch a plane”

“Okay! Xiaojie! Xiauru! In short, everything must be careful! I am going!”

“Yes! Mom ~”

Mom’s several old classmates find her a piece to go to Europe, but because of a multi-week, she is afraid that there is no one to take care of it, I want to refuse, but I know that my mother is usually to take home, it is rare, it is rare. I encouraged her to participate, she was pleased to participate in the half-push half, in fact, we all know that my mother wants to travel very much, we have children, and naturally hope she has completed her wish.

Put your mother on the door to take the car to the airport, I think, I will follow more than a lot of worship, I only live alone with Xiaoru, some expectations, some don’t know what it will happen?

After a few days, the family affairs were baked by Xiaoyu. I used to know that Xiaru is not inferior to my mother, it is really a big year! On the weekend night, I looked at TV in the living room. Xia Ru came downstairs, probably just took a shower, the hair is a little wet, the most surprised is that she only covers a loose casual T-shirt , I think she must not wear shorts! Calmly thighs before my eyes, can’t help but show, Xiauru’s skin is really quite meticulous, although I am her brother, but this is not too excited!

“What is it?”

She sat down at the position not far from me, asked

“Well …. I don’t know the title, I know that it is a horror film.”

She seems to be quite interested, my eyes are staring straight, but I, but the opposite, starting from her, I staring at her thigh, I hope to see what, God! She really didn’t wear her pants. I saw her thigh root only underwear, and that I faeful familiar with light pink pants with lace sides, I can’t stand it! God! Do you want to test my strength?

“elder brother—“

Xiao Ru suddenly called me a shocked, did she find it?

“Brother ~ Can you sit next to you? I am afraid.”

It turned out that she is too horrible because the film is too horrible, I want to do it next to it. It’s also unequer that the horror murder of this film is cruel, and the branch of the branch is all, the director mirror loves the fascia that the killer is twisted, it is some afraid, let alone 小 了.

“Yes! You are sitting!”

I certainly seek! She quickly sat around me, I seem to be smelling the scent of the milk, like a rose, like a jasmine fragrance.


Suddenly, she hugged me in the cold, the original murderer appeared again, then I can feel her chest is closely stuck, God! This little Nizi did not wear a bra. I aim to her t-shirt loose neckline. I really didn’t wear underwear. The girl’s crisp is nervous and ups and downs, and the pink nipple is like diamonds. I attract my sight, I, I, I am going to become a super-seizure, no, I can’t lose rationality! Still concentrate on TV!

But who can set your heart? My left hand couldn’t help but put it on her thigh. She smoothed skin is really comfortable. I aimed at her, she still stared at the TV, my hand slowly moved up, and her elegant curve came to the hips. , You can clearly feel the traces of underwear under T-shirt, oh! Old days, my meat stick has already been tattooed, and I will take a tissue under my shorts. If Xiaor is tightening my hand, she will move, she will be aware!

I aimed at Xia Ru, she still looked at the TV, my hand continued to move, starting with her waist, Xiaoyu has a quite slim waist, probably 23! Then, my slight shaking hand, slowly shifted, I met her breasts, I could feel the excitement of this soft tender meat, I really want to grab her, but of course this is not It may be, I can only hold her and feel this taboo.

“elder brother–“

Xiao Ru’s voice scared me, she had already let my hand, her pair of eyes, her face, her face is red, I don’t know how it is good, because she has noticed me the lower body Change, and my left hand is placed under her breast.

“I … Xiauru …”

She ran upstairs, I looked at a series of people on TV. The original movie is over, my heart is so messy, she discovered, how would she treat me?

I stayed for more than half an hour, my thoughts were still complicated. I finally worked in all the building. Xia Ru’s room had no light. I would like to find it clearly but I can’t afford your courage. Go back to the room, I am lying on the bed I can’t sleep, I think, today is another insomnia.


Sunday, waking up is already eleven, think about going to sleep until five o’clock in the morning, I am lying quietly in bed, I really don’t want to think, I will I stayed in the ceiling for a long time, about half a century!

never mind! It’s still coming, I am not a way, I have gone, stretch out, go out, first go to Xiaru’s room! Her door is open, the quilt bed in the bed is completely unplete, she should have already got up, I strongly walked downstairs, the living room couldn’t see her, and the kitchen is also, my eyes are pointed, I see the table It seems that there is a note, no! Is Xiaoyu left home, this kind of TV series, is it really in my house? If so, how should I explain to my mother? I am damn, why do you have anything to do with your own sister?

I am afraid, slowly move to the table, use the slight shaking hand to take the note

elder brother:

I am going to go shopping with my classmates today, come back in the afternoon.

There is fresh milk in the refrigerator, and there is a slopppe in the microwave.

Lunch, you can solve your own!

Xiao Ru 9:25

I am relieved, I just went to the street, but after she came back in the afternoon, what kind of mood should I use her? From the note written by her, she seems to have not talked yesterday’s avoidance. Is it really not there? I am caught in the mind, forget it, don’t think, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge! I am really a “escape” person.

There are also mathematics small exams waiting for me tomorrow, quickly fill the stomach reading, I will heat the pizza in the microwave, solve my brunch with milk, and then go back to the room back to the room to start K book.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the sky seems to have a lot of darkness, just like my mood. Examples of the textbooks and the test questions of the reference book have been done once, and I want to probably no problem! Let go of the book, get up and walk down the floor, Xiaor seems to have not come back, and looked at the newspaper in the living room. The newspaper is not a social case. Now the public is so bad, Xiaoru is a girl outside, will there will not be 啥Danger? Ugh! How did I think of Xiaru.

Suddenly, the “bang”, thundered, followed by heavy rain outside the window, yeah! Recently the season of thunderstorms in the afternoon! What? Does she go out with a umbrella? I found that the foreign umbrella hang in the handle is in porch. Then she must have no umbrella! What should I do if I don’t want it?

Soon, I heard someone opened the door, it was a little Ru. I ran to my porch, I saw her whole body wet, the shopping bag in his hand was also wet, and the white bra fried under her light T-shirt because of the wet, I seemed to see the bra. Seductive Small cherry. I saw her body slightly shaking,

“Xiao Ru, go to the hot bath, don’t catch a cold”

She nodded on the second floor, I quickly took a towel and wipe the rain dried on the floor, and heard her into the bathroom.

About 40 minutes later, strange, Xiaoyu went in so long, did not come out, unhappy, I went to the bathroom

“Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru” I am gently called

“Brother ~”

“How did you wash it for so long? I thought what was it?”

“Brother, you …. you …. You can help others … help people take a bath towel”

Yes! She just hurriedly ran into the bathroom, and even didn’t take the clothes or bath towels. If it is usually, she should shout: Brother ~ Help me take the bath towel. It wouldn’t be a yesterday’s event …….. After she took a shower, she was so long, she didn’t dare to ask me to help her take clothes.

“Hey! The bath towel is coming”

I took a clean bath towel and stand outside the bathroom.


She is finely opened, revealing half of the head, grabbing my bath towel, and closing the door right away. In a short while, she covered the bath towel, opened the door, didn’t look at me, I looked at the room, I looked at her back, and the white thigh was completely revealed. I was a dazzling. Go to the bathroom, I saw her clothes in the laundry basket, even the underwear was wet, this thunderstorm is really not small, I inertially picking up this small gantry, sniffing the unique fragrance, I … Do I have to become a crazy and false? No … I can’t go on this, lose my underwear, I got out of the bathroom, I looked at her door, and I went down the building calm.

what! How can I fall asleep, 6 o’clock in the evening, Xiaoyu? Why can’t you come down? Is it …. She ignores me, want to starve me? Wow! I really have self-sufficient, can’t! I have to be clearly with her, I will take the courage to put the building, and gently shout in front of her.


“I know that you can see me, I am sorry that I doing this for you yesterday, I am doing this kind of thing for my sister! But … really, you become a lot, change It’s so beautiful, so bright, I don’t know when I started, I found that the love for you is not only from brother and sister! I used to be eager to hold you, holding you …….. I know this is wrong, I promise, I guarantee that I will not be like this again after it! “


After the heart, it seems to be more relaxed, and I don’t care if Xiaor is doing it! Going back to the room, listening to the favorite Western old song, I have a teenager’s troubles on the bed. Time division is over, how do you still haven’t moved?

“Xiao Ru, Xiauru” I shouted in front of her.

“Xiao Ru, what happened?”

“Xiao Ru, I have to come in!”

I gently opened her door, there was no light on the room, quite dark, I opened the lights, I found that she was in bed, I have touched her forehead in the past, God! It’s so hot, really caught a cold, I quickly called our doctor, our family physician.

“I helped her have a rebound, and I can rest well!”

“Thank you, what doctor”

I walked at the door, I really grateful to him, a rare day, I would like to see Xiaoru.

“Hey ~ Trouble, please find a teacher ………… Teacher Hello, I am a brother of Zhang Xiauru in your class. Xiaru she has a cold tonight, I need to rest, I am afraid that I can’t get it tomorrow. , Want to leave you a day “

Xiao Ru is sick, I have to be busy, after I have a holiday, I have to cook the porridge, Xiaoru has no appetite every cold, only love to eat meat rice, this I often watch my mother, it should be difficult Don’t fall me.

“Xiauru, do you want to get a porridge?”

“Brother, I want to take a break, eat later”

“You have hot water on your desk. If you are thirsty, I am in my room, I need it to call me.”

Twelve o’clock, hurry to take a shower, return to the room, open the door to hear her shout, but also sleep, tomorrow, there are small examories waiting for me.

Wake up in the morning, the first thing is to see Xia Ru, she didn’t call me last night, to her room, found that she hasn’t woke up, the snow white shoulder appear outside, half of the bra and shoulder strap also appeared in me In front of, Xia Ru really “grew up”, I knocked on the head, I thought, helping her to cover the quilt, touch her forehead, have already blened, watching her tender face, a lot of breath, I I can’t live her cheek, and the smell on her body stimulates my sense of smell.

Leave a note on her desk, I will hurry to class.


I will help you ask the school a day, take a rest!

Parmes in the electric pot, drink more water

elder brother

After three or four years in the morning, after completing the mathematics, I asked the teacher a half-day holiday. I went home to see Xiaru’s situation, anyway, there is no interest in the afternoon music and physics.

When I arrived home, Xiaor was watching TV in the living room, eating me yesterday for her porridge.

“Brother, why are you back?

“I am worried you! ……… Ho! Your disease is just, how to wear so less?”

On her body, she only set a T-shirt. I was almost the same as her for her. It was just that the T-shirt is shorter, and the waist is below the big thigh. Piece of Spron

“People just took a shower! And if you have a cold, you still take care of me! ………… Let me, I have fewer people wear, and how can I know a big What about the color wolf? “

This is in this, I am sitting next to her, and finally I will tell her clearly.

“You …….. 小茹, about the lobby, …………..”

“Don’t say anymore …….. brother … Are you stealing me this morning?”


“I want to punish you, I have to come back”

This … what is she thinking? I will face my face, waiting for her to come to pro, I didn’t expect that she kissed my lips, I widened my eyes and looked at her bright big eyes. Is this my first kiss? What is the taste? It seems to be a smell of lemon mixed with meat bones.


She may be a laughter because of my mistakes, holding a belly lying on the sofa, okay! Your little Nizi will play me, to play everyone, I immediately pressed the body on her, this is always afraid! Sure enough, she is no longer laughing, but she is also shot on her, we are lying on the couch, my breathing is very hurried, I think she is also, we are like this for a long time. I can feel her soft breast under the chest, although it is still so soft, I feel that my younger brother is quite hard, she found it?

“Brother ~” Xiao Ru’s voice broke the silence

“Actually, I have long known, you see my feelings are not as before, I also know, you often come in my room, use … use my underwear, do … That kind of thing

“You … have you known it?” I swallowed the water

“Brother ~ I know …… I know you like me, in fact, my heart … my heart belongs to the little boy who is in my seven years old, for my fight “Her red face said

That little boy, the little boy is not me? I was eight years old that year, she was bullied by a few children, I can’t see it, I told them, and I was hit by my mother. I certainly remember this thing, is it Xiaru … Xiao Ru she also ………….. At this time, I have forgotten that we are brothers and sisters. We are just a pair of love for men and women, I kissed her forehead, her body is somewhat stiff, slowly I kissed her eyes, cheeks

“It’s really refunded” I said

“Stupid!” She was teased by my words.

“Can you?” I asked gently.

She rose red face, I started kissing her lips, I learned the book, put the tongue into her mouth, teasing her tongue, sucking the jinseng of each other, on the other side, my right hand It has been quietly extended to her T-shirt, moved along her flat abdomen to the soft peak, pull the T-shirt to her chest, see her light blue bra, I rudely grabbed her breast I can feel the nipples that have gradually hard work in the bra. I also started to succeed her neck. She suddenly trembled.

“Ah … don’t have children … itchy!”

It turns out that her neck is so sensitive, it will not be the sexy belt saying in the book! I will continue to succeed, I saw that she began to make a sound, which is undoubtedly giving me great encouragement. Xiao Ru is a front buckle, I will do the button, pick up her upper body, take off the T-shirt and bra, at this time, my dear sister is only in front of me, I am lying in front of me. Get up, put the uniform’s uniform, and only one underwear, my younger brother has already set up a high tall account, like it is going to break through the underwear, who will think of it, I have to go home to take care of my sister. I have turned into this kind of “care”, I carefully squatted with Xiao Ru attractive carcass, snow-white skin, girl’s pepper with pink nipples, slender waist, good body proportion makes legs Renewal, in Spri, there is a stream of thoughts, and I am finally gentle, I just got hit, I only heard her privilege:

“Brother ~ you … don’t you see people like this!” She shad her face

I squat on her:

“Xiao Ru, you are so beautiful, I will not be greasy,”

“People will be embarrassed!” She said her face

“Let’s continue!” I said stupid.

I can’t wait for her to answer, my right hand is unable to board her peak, and began to suck the breast on the other side, I stimulate her nipple with my tongue, or bite, or suck

“Ah … um … … ah …………”

Xiao Ru began to make a weak voice, and she could feel that she seems to be a bit pleasure. This is the first time I follow her. I certainly hope to have a good memory, then I started to have the breast that I just caress. And when the hand comes to her underwear, I touched the place of her fort, so wet!

“Xiao Ru, you are so wet here!”

“Ah … brother ~ Don’t say … ah!”

In the panties, I began to stimulate her wet flower, and her secreted love slidably sticky, isolated on panties, I used two fingers to rub her labi and slightly congestive clitoris.

“Ah ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Xiaoyu wonderful calls than those AV female shouts can stimulate my senses. I’m so straight, I can’t wait, I gently fade her underwear, watching that I think about it. Forbidden, she has a sparse and neat hairy. The lower slits are already wet, I think it is really like some yellow novels, like a pink flower bud, and I will open her.

I took my underwear, and the firm meat stick finally breathed fresh air. She glanced at me with her eyes, which may be her first time to see the man erection meat stick! I mentioned the meat stick in front of her portal, I was shining, I saw that there seems to love liquid still can’t flow out, I think it should be wet enough!

“Xiao Ru, I want to go in!”

“Brother ~ you tight … this is my first time”

I laughed and nodded. Why did I taste it for the first time? Although I have no experience, I can also divide the vagina and urethra, I will slowly send the meat stick slowly, so tight! Is this the feeling of women’s pussy?

“Ah … ah … tap … ah … light ……..”

Maybe there is no experience! I used to force, the meat stick has not been taken into her little hole, just heard her scream “Ah” Ah —- good pain! Brother ~ stop! Don’t top! “

But I was in a dizzy, I only know that the madness is inserted, I still don’t care about Xiao Ru.

“Ah … hurt … ah …. stop …. Stop …………”

“Ah … Xiauru …….. ah ……….”

“Ah … don’t …. Hao pain …….. ah …”

At the same time as I have leaking, I found Xiao Ru crying. Her eyes tears, I found my own selfish, I stopped, said in her ear:

“Xiaru, sorry, I am too selfish, if you are very painful, we stop, wait for you to continue, okay, ok?”

I started licking her eyes, while the meat stick resides in her little point, let such a beautiful girl cry, I really can’t bear, let alone her, my sister, just a few minutes like this

“Brother ~ You can move, you have to gently!” She whispered in my ear

“If you still say, you have to tell me!”

I slowly start to restore the throduction, you can hear her that she still feels some pain, but she didn’t ask me to stop, maybe she also knows that this is a woman who will pass! I just didn’t pull the meat stick, put it in her small hole, just to let her habit my meat stick, I kissed her lips at this time, trying to share her pain.

“Xiauru, you can call out, no matter what is painful or happy,” I found that she seems to be suppressing her voice. “

“Ah …….. um …….. 喔 … ah ……..”

“Ah …………………………………………………………………..

“Ah … 喔 ………. ok …….. um ……..”

Xiaor seems to get used to pain, and some pleasure! I started to add some strengths, gradually, I made a novice problem, I only know that the slut is mad, those skull, one deep, and the six shallow depths have already thrown it outside the cloud.

“Ah … brother … ah …….. 喔 ……..”

“Ah … Xiauru …….. ah ……….”

“Well ………………………………………………………………………….

“Ah … Xiao Ru …….. I am shot ……………….

I only feel the back of the ridge, even if I don’t want to be so fast, but … I shot my first man, in my sister’s humid small hole


“May. living room”

After ejaculation, I slowly soften the younger brother still stayed in Xiaoru and wet, and I looked in Xiauru like a leather ball. We both breathed quite urgent. I just did my sweat when I didn’t have sex, I kissed her wet lips, handed over four eyes, and her eyes were in tears.

“What’s wrong? Is it still painful?” I gentlely asked

She said lightly and said:

“No … I’m not painful … I don’t know why you will cry … Some happy …. Some sadness … more insecure … I don’t know … The tears will not live in this way …….. “

I fully understand her feelings, I can’t say it, maybe for us to be happy because of love, maybe I don’t know how to tell my mother, and maybe it is afraid of other people how to see us and sad, really, Complex, forget! Don’t think, I slowly smoke the younger brother, saw the blood of my semen, Xiao Ru’s love and some blood, Xiaoru’s virgin, gave me like this.

I slowly hugged her, walked up on the second floor, into the bathroom, I let Xiaoyu sit on the side of the bathtub in the wall, the cold, do love with me, she is quite weak, I Let’s take a shower water, then rushing the body with the lotus hoe, when I use soap to wipe your brother, there is a feeling of being a man. After washing the body, I started to help Xia Ru cleaning, I smashed her legs before she was separated, and her small hole was somewhat red, the hole and the gathering were covered with semen and obscenity. I will tune the lotus, first Wash the mucus of her hole with the scribe, and then gently dig the vagina with your fingers. Xiaoru may be too tired, and the head is closed on the wall. It will be shaped by my little hole. Uh, the snoring. Soon, I was cleaned. “After all, this is my first to help the girl bath”, and the bathtub’s bathing water is also put, I slowly sit into the bathtub, the water temperature is moderate, called Xiaori sitting on my leg. In the quiet lying in the bathtub, we are quietly lying in the bathtub. Xiao Ru is smooth, and the hips are sitting on my thigh. I am behind the fragrance behind her, and my hands are uneasy. In her double milk, she closed my eyes closed my eyes.

It’s amazing! I have only shot once, but now I am very energetic, I have a hard meat stick like the root stick in Xiaru’s beautiful buttocks, but the small hole of Xiauru is still so red and swollen, how can I bear it again? What’s more, why should you be inserted? How much is our caress, how much is it?

I kissed her earlobe, and then started her sensitive neck.

“Ah … um …….. ……..” “

Her snoring is like a wonderful music, picking up my desire. At this time, my right hand left the milk house, slowly moved to her small hole, but only gently stroke, I didn’t dare to do too much, my left hand continued Pinching her soft breast, and her nipple has already been congested hard

“Ah … ah …….. … um ……..”

“Xiauru … You are really beautiful … I hope this moment will be suspended …”

“Ah … brother … ah … I love you …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

All afternoon, we were lying quietly in the bathtub, except for caress, chatting with a child, and those who met with her.

The flower light is at the beginning, the night is coming, I am doing dinner with Xiauru, I proposed to eat or sell it, but she insisted that she had to make a dish, because this mean is different, it is our lovers The first meal, she must be cooked personally, I have to be next to the second kitchen! Help taking soy sauce, salt, there is a kind of happiness, we seem to have a newly married couple!

Xiauru wore a light green lattice shirt, surrounded by a beige apron, except that there was no matter. Because her holes still have some red swollen swollen, I did a bold proposal. Since only the two people were at home, she didn’t wear underwear. Although she was very embarrassed, she was afraid of friction caused pain. accepted.

I looked at Xiaoyu cabbage, and her broad thighs came from the shirt, and the ear was dripped on the forehead.

I lost a thought in my heart, as I saw a film, it was a big man in the kitchen. It is one of my favorite films. I still recall the story of love, look at Xiauru, My gnome has become a strong giant.


I suddenly hug Xiaru from behind, she was shocked by me, I was like a naughty child grabbed her soft breast in the shirt, and the firm meat stick was on the shorts on her thigh root.

“Ah … brother ~ you …. Don’t make trouble … Ah …”

“Xiauru … um ……..”

I kissed her hair, earlobe, neck, her body in the body is jasmine or lily. She is looking at me, she starts kissing me, she is wet and hot, the cherry is nourishing my lips, the soft tongue begins to tease each other. I feel that her saliva has some sweet sour, like the taste of lemon, and of course her hand has stopped cutting vegetables.

“Well … um …….. um ……..”

She has a sweet snoring, my right hand slowly declines, picking up her shirt, stroking the woman who has developed by I have been developing, after my caress, it is already a little moist.

“Well … ah … um …………”

“Xiauru … Your small hole is so wet … is comfortable?”

“Ah … brother ~ ah … you …. Don’t say it … um ……..” Xiao Ru, I can’t stand it. ” ! I want, I want you, I want to do it again … “

“Ah … but … but people …. Where is people ….. …. there is some pain … ah …”

“It doesn’t matter, I will help you apply some special medicine”

I took the things on the pedestal, let Xiauru sat on the side, one of her apron, this is the plot of the A film, I squatted her legs on the ground, Under the grass, the small hole is already wet.

“Ah ~ Brother, don’t stare it over there!”

“Come, brother is to apply the drug for you, I love the special medicine”

“Oh! Brother ~ there …. there can’t be lick! …. ah …. very … very dirty … ah …”

I hugged the thigh, started to lick her big labia, the taste of her love is salty, some sticky, because there is no experience, I used the way to lick the ice, but she is quite intoxicated. Look

“Ah … um … ah …….. 喔 … brother ~ ah ……..”

“Ah … good …. So beautiful … ah …”

I started to attack the lips, started to lick the small labia, her lascivious water continued to overflow, I caught the trick, the tongue was more flexible, and then start stimulating her clitoris, she fell

“Ah …. there …. Ah … it’s there …. ah …….. Good … comfortable …….. .. “

“Ah … 喔 … brother … ah … beautiful …….. um …….. “

Finally, I lived in her little labie, and I started to take her love, and the tongue reached into her vagina, as inserted into and out.

“Ah …… Ok …….. cool … brother … comfortable …….. So beautiful ….. “

“Ah … …….. um …….. ah ……..”

“Ah … brother … I …. ah … I want you … your child … plug in. …… ah … …….. “

Of course, respect is as good as you are! I will take a short dress, and the penis has been tall, and then she takes away her shirt. Although Xiauru white breast is not very big, there is a beautiful milk, and her nipple is hard, I Holding her waist with her hands, bringing the rising fiery penis to her mouth, starting to rub her clitoris, vaginal oral rubbing

“Ah … don’t grind … Come in …” She rose red face.

“Where is it? … Xiauru … You have to say clear brother to know …”

“Fast … Come in … Go in the sister … My sister’s little hole! … Don’t bully me! … fast. “Her face seems to be more red, the hands are gently watching my chest

“Okay! Then you come to the way ……..”

At this time, she also carefully ashamed, grabbed my thick penis sent to her vagina, I took her, because I had a full moist, there was no obstruction inserted into it.

“Ah ~~ Good ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

“Ah … Xiauru …….. ah …”

I started to play the strength, but because I stand, I feel more laborious, I need to hug her waist to push it with my hand, and my mouth is not idle, I have sucking her sensitive pink neck, I Wild sucking, like a strawberry in her neck,

“Ah … brother … hard ……………………………

“Oh … ok … um … ah ……..”

“Ah …. Xiao Ru, I don’t like my brother’s meat stick?” “Ah … Xiauru … Xiaori favorite ……. I like my brother The meat stick … ah …….. Brother … Xiao Ru loves you … ah …….. ah …… .. hard … ah …….. “

Good people ask, how do you dare to be inherited? I am more crazy, although my penis has quite pleasant, but it has been ejected once in the afternoon, so it is more likely to endure it,

“Ah …….. Ok …….. Brother …….. Comfortable ……….”

“Ah … brother …. I … I am dying …….. ah … ah ……..”

“Ah …. Ok … I am killed, I am … ah ……..”

“Ah … I … um … um …”

Xia Ru was originally placed on my shoulder, and suddenly hugged me. She closed her eyes. I made a weak voice in my mouth. The body was like a virtual, I know that she has reached a climax. She is a sensitive body, it is easy to reach the climax, this afternoon is because I have no experience, she is afraid of pain.

I gradually slowed down the speed until stop, let her stay in me quietly, soon she opened her eyes, looking at me:

“Brother ~ I just seem to die, I feel so strange, so comfortable but it seems to be very empty.”

“You just reached a climax! It’s not every girl can be climax, you are a more sensitive physical fitness, it is easier to climax, do you like this feeling?”

“Well! I like it!”

I will still puminate from her pussy, say:

“You are comfortable, but I haven’t yet! Let’s change your posture!”

“Change a posture?”


I put her on the table, I also took the table and said:

“Let’s try the pose on the men’s women!” I lay flat on the table.

“Come, Xiaru, you are crossing the side of my penis”

She nodded her face, her knees across my body in the penis

“Ok, then slowly sit down with your wet hot little hole”

She asked me, I can feel that she is tight and wet, the small hole is completely enclosed in my penis.

“Well, now change you! You yourself and down!”

Xiauru grabbed my waist and started to swing slowly.

“Ah … top …. Top … so deep … ah …”

This position is a bit difficult, Xiaor is the first attempt, so often swing too much, let my penis slipped out, but Xia Ru is a smart girl like me, no need to teach for a while Learn to control the power, this position is the most comfortable, it is the top, very stimulating

“Ah …….. Ok … Ok …….. 喔 …”

“Ah … brother …. um …….. ah ……..”

Xiaor seems to have been intoxicated in his own rhythm. My heart is thinking, I don’t know if she has a habit of masturbation, she knows how to pleaseself, and maybe this is a woman’s nature? Of course, she has a habit of masturbation, I will only know. From my perspective, it is really quite stimulating the visual sensory, the first scene of our business, naked, the ancients said this posture called “Pouring Candles”, I am a bit feeling, I saw Xiao Ru Slimming, running down my penis, giving my hamma and the stomach wet

And Xiao Ru’s small, the beautiful milk like a wind bell is dancing, and the desire is improved to the ultimate, I certainly not lying there, if so, I will not become the fake mask of Xia Ru masturbation. NS? My left hand began to grab her breasts, and the soft, smashed, and the right hand stretched into Xiauru’s flower, and started to pinch her clitoris.

“Ah …. Don’t … Don’t pinch … well …. good …………………………….. …… “

“Ah … good …….. Brother ~ Ah ……. beautiful …….. Comfort …….. ah. …. “

“Ah … Xiauru … ah … I … I … I am going to shoot …” “” …… Brother … I have to … High …. Crowd …….. ah … “

After so much stimulus, I can’t help but I have a back spondy, in the deep meat of Xiauru, shoot out of the deep semen, and Xiaori panting on me.

So, we got up at 8 o’clock in the evening before I started eating dinner, and finally Xiaru did two pork chops package. I took the red wine sent by my relatives from the refrigerator. I took out the previous birthday cake. The rest of the candles, of course, it is not to use SM, there is a beautiful wine, naturally can’t do not have a candlelight, but there is no candlestick in the family, but I have all the lights directly on the table. I turned off all the lights, sitting and shadow opposite her. Swaying, her blush, like a shy new marriage, under this childish arrangement, we have a romantic child

“Xiao Ru, I respect you, I hope that our love can be so forever”

“Brother, I will always love you”

In this romantic world, I know that tonight is completely us.

Sex this stuff is really wonderful, one but fell, she is crazy to pursue. In the past few days before my mother go home, I will push off all my classmates in addition to class. Maybe go home soon, in the small world of our two, or lying in the bathtub, or in the kitchen is cooking or watching the film on the sofa, we have also rented a lot of a film back Watching, as for the location of love, it is a bit embarrassing, on the living room sofa, in the kitchen dining table, in the bathroom bath, in my bed, there are the traces of our love , Young energy is like squandering, we are so wild, caught in the temptation of each other’s desire, because we all know, after the mother is coming, we can’t continue this kind of love.

Now think about it, then it’s good! In those few days in our lives, there was no contraceptive measures. Later, I only knew that there were the safety period of Xiao Ru Moon, and the chance of pregnancy was small. Of course, we naturally understand the importance of contraception.

A few days later, my mother returned to China. Of course, we are welcome to go home, but on the one hand, there is some lost, because my mother is a full-time housewife, at home is quite a lot, we can only care for each other at the corner of her. Kiss, but I don’t dare to make more love. I am afraid that she will find it. It is hard to go out. After several hours, we will dare to hide in the fierce engaged in my room, but maybe a week is only Once, even there is, in this way, we sneak more than two months until one day


“Xiao Ru, Xiao Jie, I have something to go to you Xu Auntu, do you want to go with me?”

After dinner on the summer vacation, our three people looked at the news in the living room. Mom asked us this, I aimed at Xia Ru, answer my mother:

“No Lord! Mom ~ I still have two small exam tomorrow, there is no way to go to you!”

“This! That Xiauru?”

“I have already told the classmates to call her, discuss the Lord of this newspaper competition!”

“That’s no way, I will go to you!”

Xu Ayi is the best friend of my mother. We often go to her home from childhood. Her home drives to come back to an hour, plus my mother is waiting for it, about two hours, I with Xiao Ru How can I give up this precious two hours? Of course, you have to leave the excuse to stay at home!

After watching my mother, I can’t wait to pick up Xiao Ru, go directly to my room.

“Oh! Brother ~ Don’t you be so monkey!” Xiao Ru said with a brilliant smile.

“Why don’t you worry, I think about you to love with you every day. You look, my penis is hard, hard to you don’t want it?”

“I am not rare!” She said

“Really? That time you will don’t ask me!” I smiled and said.

“Hey! People will not be!” She still said with cute smiles.

In the room, I lost her on the bed, quickly taking off the jeans and T-shirts, only one small bullet underwear, and at this time, I rose some painful penis, which has been exposed from the top of the underwear. I came, I pointed to my younger brother:

“You see! He is still anxious than I!”

Xiao Ru is still full of smiles, I am sitting on the bed and reached out to her shirt. She wore a piece of pure white little and cute, and she watched her, this little cute is another tempting. The flavor, I overwhelmed her on the bed, I was a soft breast with the sharp cut of my soft breast, and the other hand deeply into the cotton lattice short skirt, stroking her some humid underwear, with two fingers Stimulate the flower of her bloom “Ah … um … um … um …”

“Xiao Ru, you are so wet, you still say no in your mouth.”

“Oh! Brother ~ you …. …. Don’t say it! …. Um …”

I slowly took off the little cute and short skirt, started to suck her breast, and the fingers were on her slowly congested small clitoris, and her wonderful voice was endless.

“Well … ah …….. um …….. ok! …….. um ……..”

“Ah … um … there … ah … um …”

I started kissing her neck and gently said in her ear:

“Xiao Ru, you promised, say this time to help me ……….”

Her red face closed his eyes, yes, she promised today to help me, from our first time, I asked her many times, she didn’t exclude my blow to her. Even if I am here, but if I want to help me, I don’t agree. She said that she is dirty, I spend the lip tongue, I finally got this time when she had sex, she had to help me.

I took off my underwear, and the coarse pound is jumped out, it is quite a high-rise, like a demonstration, I changed down, move the penis to her, and she kneeling between my thighs , A pair of big eyes stare at my penis

“Slowly contain the penis in the entrance, gently lick the glans on the tongue”

I guided her. In fact, she has known blowjob in the A film, but she has no experience. I need someone to lead it. She uses a small lips to take my penis with my words. I only feel the hot meat wall. I, like a relaxed small hole, but it is very different, because her soft tongue is licking my secretory mucus, I was so comfortable, the original blowjob is this taste!

“Well … ah … um …….. um ……..” —-> My voice

“Well … Xia Ru, you do it very well … 喔 … um …”

She seems to know how to let me cool, a pair of cherry lips began to vomit to my thick penis, I feel more and more exciting, although her teeth occasionally encounters my penis, but slight friction but more pleasure

I think she unilateral service I did not avoid her, after all, to exchange mutual benefit can be long for a long time! I said:

“I will also serve you!”

She seems to be in a must, I am so comfortable, I am busy across my head, but I still don’t forget to swallow my penis, we have formed a 69 posture, I slowly down her wet small panties, dial her with hand Lips, the tempting pink tender meat is completely exposed to my eyes, and the prostitute also slowly moves her thigh root, flowing into the sheets, I like a puppy who only drinks water, and the finger It’s not so good, but I always succeed that the taste of Xiaoyu is so good.

“Ah … um … brother ~ …. ah …….. ah ……….”

“Well … Xiauru … um …”

“Ah … um … oh … brother ~ … there … ah …”

I think that I have risen the big penis is coming to the critical point. After all, I have not been in a week. I will have a long time. I will try my way to endure you.

At this time, the door suddenly opened, the mother is rising red face standing at the door.

“What are you doing?”

So scared, I shot a week in the mouth of Xiauru, I was sitting in bed with Xiauru looked at my mother, and the thick semen came out from the corner of Xiaoru. Mom did not know how to say What, then turn it back to your room, lock yourself in the room.

Xiao Ru’s eyes looked at me, I quickly took out a few papermips and let her spit out the semen.

“What should I do?” She asked me, the voice appeared sad and fear

“There is always a way, first put the clothes!” I held her, trying to comfort her, in fact, my heart is also messy, I didn’t expect that I was discovered by my mother, I will put it on the bed, I Xiao Ru’s hand said:

“Let’s go! It’s still going to face it, we still go to tell your mother!”

She is behind me, we walked to the door of my mother, I gently knocked on the door:


I turned to the door, the door lock

“Mom! I know you can’t forgive us, but please listen to us?”

I knocked on the door again, my mother didn’t seem to react, I took Xiao Ru, said:

“Mom! We are squatting outside the door, kneelting to you is willing to listen to us”

In this way, we don’t know how long we are outside, and the night is so quiet, but my heart is so complicated.

After a long time, my mother opened the door. We looked at her nervously, and she wore us in a glance. When she was walking down the stairs, she suddenly said:

“You come, I have something to say to you.”

I followed the little Ru battle with my mother to the living room, she sat down on the sofa, sitting opposite her, her eyes were red, there is some tears, standing straight

“Why? Do you know what you are doing?” She almost cried.

“I …. I am really love with Xiaoru.”

“But you are brothers and sisters! Histful brothers and sisters!” At this time, she couldn’t help but tears.

“I am because we are brothers and sisters, we will love each other! I think there is no more than Xiao Ru, I know, I know me more.”

“Mom ~ Since the death of Dad, we have lived in life, and we care about each other. Don’t take care of each other, don’t you experience your brother with my love?” Xiaru, who did not send a lid, suddenly said suddenly

“But you don’t know if this is incest? Do you know what kind of perspective look at you?”

“I am sincere with Xiaoru, others are others, do our families? As long as we don’t know, our love is still ok, isn’t it?”

“When did this start?”

“It’s when you go abroad last time.”

“It has been more than two months. If it is not forgotten in the way today, I will be in the drum in my life in my life.”


“Have you ever thought, if you accidentally be pregnant, what should I do?”

“I … we have contraception”

“Okay! When is my little son little daughter will have contraception!”

“Mom ~”

“Don’t say it, it’s really awkward! Forget it! Just as I didn’t see it!”

When I finished my mother, I went upstairs. I think she is a silence. I am with Xia Ru!

In the next few days, the home became a silent place. We don’t know what to say, and your mother is also. After a multi-week, my mother suddenly became a contrary, like something, I have said, I have a laughter, I think she may not want to turn this in this way!

After that, I just started with Xiaoru, I still didn’t dare to make love again until the atmosphere was getting better, I dare to hide in the room, my mother should do it, just pretend to see it.

Since then, the members of our family have a big change. I have become a real love person “Of course, I am only limited to my home”. Now, I am more unscrupulous with Xiaoyu, no matter whether my mother knows or not, I am always upstream. Can be big, even the door is not close, but naturally no longer have the passion scene of love on the table, and I am talking to Xia Ru often overnight on the other bed, all, I think my mother has already It’s often!



On October, some cool, the life of high school is really uncomfortable, there is a small examination in the test all day, today’s three people-mission, physical chemistry tomorrow, my God! I want to be crazy, because the pressure of the class is not a carnival with Xiao Ru every day, it will make a space for two or three days to make love, and the good body is a small Ru, and I know my pressure, so as long as I I have always requested that she always welcomed me, with her white tender carcass to relieve my depressed heart.

I read the same high school with Xiao Ru. I am the third grade of the natural group. She is the second grade of the social group. Xiaoru is actually a small name. People have a beautiful, smile, so sweet, more beautiful, but also Volleyball school team, I really can’t find a shortcomings in her, often, there will be students or school brothers to give me a lottery or gift, I hope to pay for Xiao Ru, more people ask me Xiaoyu to have a boyfriend Woolen cloth? I always smiled and said: “I know this kind of thing!”

In fact, my heart is laughing at them.

“Hey! Xiaor is alone, you are going to cool!”

But what exactly, I can’t be recognized by the secular perspective, so in the school, even if some intimate, only in the brothers and sister’s relatives, I don’t dare to be too messy, sometimes I really hope that I will talk to her. Love can be booming under the sun, don’t hide hiding, but …………….

Life Zhao:

Do you love a person who is not love, is it so sad? I have been with her a lovers for half a year. I have had a lot of happiness and memories in the past six years. I dare to swear to the sky. I am absolutely love her, I love her than anyone.

Although she is quite a few pursuit, she chose me, why is I am lucky, I really thank God, but I blame Him, why let me not fall in love with her, we are like Romeo 茱 叶, The curse, I don’t want to go on the path of martyrdom, but struggle, is there really happiness in the world?


Teacher believes that there should be no such thing, people who are really love, will gain God’s blessings, I don’t understand you with her, but you don’t want to be frustrated, and many things are not as you think. The rest, let go of your mind, will have a solution

You are a candidate, the teacher wants you not to be emotionally, if there is a problem, you can come directly to talk to me.

Teacher 10.16

Teacher Fang Yumei, this year is only 25 years old. I went to school to teach two years. When I upgrade to my second half, I started to serve my mentor. Due to young people, I didn’t engrave, I didn’t engrave, I will encourage us to fall in love, I will encourage us not in the course. In the case of delay, you can try to communicate with the opposite sex. Originally, the third is not to write about it, but she once said that if we have something to find someone, she is willing to make some psychological counseling, if you are embarrassed, you can write Hand gives her.

Once, my mood is quite low, I wrote the words on the upper, and she also gave me some reply, but if she knew that someone who said in my mouth, it was actually my own sister, she would be like this. Encourage me? Now, some regrets, I should not write my mood in the irrational state, if others know that I will talk to Xiao Ru, what should I do?

“I wish you a happy birthday ~ I wish you a happy birthday ~ I wish you a happy birthday ~~~~”

On October 25, my birthday is a rehabilitation, although I have a holiday, but I still remember the simulation test of tomorrow, I’m a little soul.

“Brother ~ Happy Birthday ~” Although it is my birthday, Xiaor seems to be more happy than I.

“Xiaojie, happy birthday, 18 years old! In the future, it will be an adult. Beginners began to be responsible for himself! Come! This is what I sent your birthday gift ~”

“Thank you!” Mom sent me, it is a set of Western old songs selected CD

“Brother ~ I will give you a little later”

“What gift is so mysterious, should there be a strange thing!”

“You know it later!”

Xiao Ru’s face with a sunny smile, there is some micro-red, I really don’t know what gift will be received later, I will see my mother, my mother is just a smile, I seem to know that Xiao Ru wants to send me some what!

After eating the cake, Xiao Ru called my living room and waited. After 30 minutes, I went to her room. I also strongly told me not to see the kitchen. I boost my hands to be a distinguished gesture, just sit Looking at the newspaper in the living room,

“The Kuomintang is a policy of issuing the elderly owner at the end of the year. This … National Year metal is in social welfare! Three people will not know how will it be tested?”

I still have a heart to care for tomorrow’s exam. At this time, I heard that Xia Ru is busy with the kitchen behind, and then I hope to go upstairs, or don’t understand what she wants to do.

Time is seconds, and seeing the table has passed thirty-three points. I looked at her room to go, the door is closed, I knocked on the door.

“Wait a minute, in one!”

What is the ghost?

“Okay, brother ~ you can come in”

Opened the door, I really scared a jump, I saw Xiao Ru, who took me at the door with the Japanese woman, and she was only wearing an apple green 3/4 hood embroidered lace bra and silk strip. Ding jumps, the hollow pattern vaguely see the sparse black grass, on the carpet behind her, laying on white plastic canvas, head full of many food drinks, like strawberries. Cherry. Honey. wine. Cream, a small iron drum filled with ice “this … what is this?” I asked surprised.

“Brother ~ People send your gift, it is my own!” She said with her cheeks.

“You are saying that these things are ………”

“Well!” She nodded

I put the door and took her to the canvas and asked:

“How did you think of these?”

“People … people are learning from magazines!”

“What magazine?”

“Just … Johns under your bed!”

“Okay! Your little color girl will still peek at my porn magazine! I want to punish you!”

“Oh! Itch! Oh … Oh … people don’t dare to come!”

I took my armpits, she was smiled, she was smiled, I certainly knew that she prepared these things, this is really very novel, Xiao Ru is so good, the heart is quite In touch to move, these days came into me to get and seek, I haven’t hurt her for a long time.

“Thank you!” After a gently kiss on her pink cheeks, I said that I said.

“Let’s take off your clothes! Otherwise, you may have it,” I said.

She nodded, reached out to solve her chest, I rushed her hand to say:

“I come!”

I gently hug her, my hands went to her back to the buckle, took the bra, and she tower the breast and pink nipples, attracted my eyes, I know that the penis in my trousers is ready to move, I The hands came to her slight waist along the curve, slowly faded her sexy small panties, my favorite peach flower source is like this naked presented in front of me

I got up and started to take off my clothes. When I took off my panties, my penis was like a root iron, and Xia Rukou was excited:

“Wow! It’s so big!”

“It didn’t see you for several days, I miss you!”

I want her to lay it on the canvas. I opened the red wine and drunk. I know that the wine is a bit of a sense of rush. I posted her body, kiss her lips, and slowly send red wine, Xiaoyu. Holding my tongue, the cheek gradually is red and red, I stared at her eyes, trying to find myself in the big embarrassment of her water spirit.

I took the bottle of honey, I poured it into a white and meticulous belly in Xiaoyu.

“Well ~~”

Feel the coolness of honey, I made a breath with my mouth. I gently rub it with my hand. I wiped my honey on her belly. I slowly came to her soft breast, I grabbed her double milk to start揉

“Well … um …. um ……..”

My massage responded in her mouth, I started to suck her nipple, honey’s sweetness mixed with girl, faintly filled with a girl, is undoubtedly a delicious, and his fingers extended to her lips, she cooperates The sweetness of the residual, the mouth is still happy in the mouth.

“Well … um … …”

Slowly move your hand to her wet flower, when I blemished her small clitoris, her body was slightly smashed, I reached out and took a strawberry, and rubbed the labia of Xiaoru. Maybe it is a unique touch! She is more exciting, love liquid is more worse, strawberry slowly stimulates her clitoris, her waist has begun to twist,

“Um … ah …….. um ……..”

My penis can’t stand up, gently move the body, and talk to her:

“Let me pick it up!”

She is red face, breathing is quite hurried, we have become a 69 posture, she has gone some honey in my thick penis, the ice of honey does not lower my want fire, but there is a fire to cheer, my penis rises Some pain, she then uses her slender fingers, holding my hot penis, and the tongue begins to lick my glans, I feel that my tip has secreted a lot of mucus, I excitedly called out.

“Well ……..” I am not busy here, strawberry along the clitoris, come to her moist source, I am holding strawberries

“Ah … don’t …. Don’t put it in … ah … um ……..”

However, the strawberries with the soft skin are not like a penis, and they cannot directly put into the small Honey hole. I will slowly rotate the strawberries, and change the tactics of the way, and at this time, Xiao Ru will take me. The penis contains the entrance, a happiness of a wet fever is straight, she has a skill to swallow, and I can’t help but I can’t help.

“Ah … Xiauru …….. um …”

I took a round of strategy, and the strawberry was sent in most. I started to use strawberries to pump in her, and her flexible waist is more intense.

“Ah … um … ah …”

Slowly smoke strawberry, I put it in the mouth, except for the sweetness of the original strawberry, and the sour taste of Xiao Ru love, this is the “honey saucer strawberry” practice.

I can’t help it again, pull the penis from Xia Ru mouth, head to the honey and saliva, I will open her legs more, mention my wet fever, the stem looks to her hole, fell, With honey and love full lubrication, I directly inserted it directly. She is close to her eyes, and her lips are slightly, and her face is red. I started to make a pleasure.

“Ah … ah … um … a little … ah …”

“Well … brother … ah … ah ……..”

My chest is closely stuck in a soft breast, and I full of slippery honey and dripping sweat, her scattered hair shakes on white canvas.

“Ah … um … ah … hard … ah …”

“Ah … I … so beautiful ……………

“Ah … I …. I have to lose … ah …”

“Xiauru … I have to shoot … Let’s lose … um …”

I became quite hurried with her breathing. I seal her wet and hot lips. The tongue sucking her with honey taste. I only felt back spondy, I shot a deep concentrate in her honeydown.



The weather became quite cold. This evening, I read in the room, and Xiao Ru is also in my room. She is lying in bed to see the novel, that is, the girl who loves to see the literary novel, and the room Bed head is placing Zhang Yusheng’s song

The blue night is like a tear that has not fallen.

Lie in a room that is holding a house is flying

Sinking to the dew rose

I know that I am telling you what I am willing to give you myself. I am willing to give a chance.

Your ice and snow, the heart of the ice, I can’t retreat, I can’t retreat, I am willing to give a chance.

I am waiting for you to wait until you have to hurt, you are still too late.

Xiaru has not changed the school uniform, our school girl’s uniform, I think it is quite ordinary, the upper body is a white student shirt, that is, a rain that has become translucent, the school regulations must be hot and smooth. Because it has been changed season, you can choose a trousers or skirt, the skirt is a black aircraft skirt, but you can’t have a knee, but you can’t be short. The priest of Xiaru wears the priest of the knee, I always love to see Holding the calms under her skirt, there is no radish, white and tender, in addition, Xiauru is covered with sleeveless rice white wool vest, while wearing white sports socks

“Brother ~”

“what’s up?”

“Do you have any blame?”

I have the ear to listen, didn’t you hear anything! Only the song in the sound!

“No! What happened?”

“But people have heard it!”

She finished opening the door and went out, I followed her, I got out of the room, I also started to hear the voice, as if I came from my mother’s room, I have been exposed from my mother’s room, I have already listened this is What is the voice, this is a woman who is pleasing, is it a mother in …… I swallowed the water, and I walked to my mother’s door with Xia Ru, and I didn’t get it. , I know that we are about to see the most taboo of mothers.

I looked at the house from the door, I was one of the eyes, yes, my mother is lying on her bed masturbation, from my angle, I can’t see my mother’s face, I have seen some of the following The other places have been blocked, and the mother wearing sexy red lace transparent pajamas. The small ribbon on pajamas has been unfolded. Mom is completely exposed in front of me, and she is painted with pink nail polish. The left hand, I love to care with my pointed breasts, compared to Xiauru pink nipples, my mother looks a bit dark, but the color is still tempting, I consciously under the body, the penis seems to have gradually erected, Xia Ru is also Stick to my mother, I can feel that her breathing is quite rush. Looking down by the breast, the mother does not have obvious lower abdomen, and there may be quite maintenance after giving us! Her black lace underwear has fallen to the thigh, the most exciting, is a thick woman, I saw the right hand finger in the end of the hairy, I didn’t see my mother’s honey, but I was covered from my fingers. Love liquid, you can imagine that mother’s must be quite wet.

“Ah … um …… um …” Mom mouth made a pleasant voice, you can listen, she is somewhat low, but it seems that they can’t Sincere

Vike his mother’s self-comfort, it is really a strange feeling. It is quite excited but can’t connect “her” with ordinary eight hundred mothers, as if masturbating in it is another woman who wants fire, I don’t turn my eyes. Look, the hand started to the little Ru, I hugged her from behind, she had a little wants to struggle, but I just fell along with me, I put her hands into the wool vest, starting with her shirt. Breast, Xiauru made an excitement, but immediately grabbed his mouth with his hand, afraid of being discovered by her mother, and my hard penis is looking at her ass

“Ah … ah … um … good … ok ……..”

Mom’s snoring gradually became rush, I saw her fingers in the clouds faster, and the waist was started to twist in bed, and I slowly put my right hand in the outside. Ru’s average skirt, turned up the lace bush, attacked her flower, this little Nizi has already wet, I said to her ear:

“Xiao Ru, you are so wet! Tell your mother masturbating you are so excited!”

Xiauru cheeks flew down, I started to rub her sensitive band in panties, and she was stimulated. She began to twist the butt, which was more stimulated in my penis behind her.

“Ah … ah … good …….. I …. 要 泄 ………….

I saw that my mother pulled the honey hole, nor to twisted his back, the breast was up and down because of the urgent breath, and there was only a weak snoring in the mouth. I know that she has gone.

At this time, I can’t help it again. I need a wet honey hole to cover my hot penis. I will take Xiao Ru to run back to my room, enter the room, I will put Xia Ru She looked at me deeply, I know that she is also hungry as me.

“Take off the clothes! I can’t wait!”

I started to take off my pants. When I took off my panties, the penis was playing out. At this time, Xiaoru has taken off the wool vest, and when I don’t take off the shirt, I pulled her:

“Don’t take off, you are squatting in bed!”

She nodded, knowing that I have to come from behind, I am squatting on the bed, the hand is rushing in bed, but the ass is quite quite, I turn her uniform skirt with the luggage inside to her back, she is white and full The round hip is completely exposed to my eyes, I pulled her light green underwear to the calf, her pink sweet flower and light brown chrysanthemum buds are already Wang Yang, I use my hand to open her labipings. She suddenly called her pound to her acupoints. She suddenly called:

“Brother ~ You have to bring a set!”

Yes! Today is a dangerous period! I almost gave the desire to flood rationality, I quickly took out the safety case bought from the convenience store, and set it on my big penis, and then inserted into the honey hole of Xiaoru.

“Ah ~~ Brother ~ hard …….. ah ……..”

Xiao Ru’s name is more wild than the past, is it to see the motivation of mother masturbation? I started to move to her breast, and I still wear a bra moved up. I started to joking her tender milk. I began to speed up, from the wall of the corner, I can see Xiao Ru closed my eyes, squatting Lips, face on the face, is sweat, while white dual milk like a windbell is shaking,

“Ah … ah … brother … hard … hard your little sister … ah …….. Um……”

Xiao Ru is exciting my sense of sensory. I use your wet flower heart, every time I hit her stomach, she always catering a wonderful embarrassment.

“Ah … good … beautiful … ah … … um … ah …… “” Ah … can’t stand it … ah … I … ah … “

Xiao Ru’s scattered hair begins to shake, I am more adding speed

“Ah …….. Want …. Want to die … ah ……..”

“I …. I have to shoot … shot … ah …”

Zi’s ​​sound, I am ejacited, shooting in the cutting edge of the safety case, I am weak, holding the bumble of Xia Ru’s full hip, the gasping, and Xiaori squatted in the bed.

When Xiaor lies in my chest, she said to me:

“Brother ~ I saw my mother today, I have an idea”

“What idea?”


“is this okay?”

“This is also good for my mother! I don’t matter.”

“当 … 当 … ringtone more ……….”

The Christmas songs of the TV in the TV, our family is using dinner, Xia Ru took out red wine from the refrigerator, and fell a cup to everyone, I don’t know when I started, I have become a habit of my family. After the meal, Xiaor and Mom were cleaned up in the kitchen. I went quietly when my mother didn’t pay attention, I went to the upper floor and prepared for the hospital.

After washing the tableware, Xiaoyu took the tableware and said to his mother:

“Mom ~ I have prepared a Christmas gift for you with my brother.”

“Our family is almost Christmas, what gift is prepared!” Mom smiled and said.

“You have to raise us, pay too much, we send you a gift is also filial! Ok ~ Let’s go with me!” Xiaru immediately took the mother’s hand.

Before he came to the door of the mother, opened the door to see me, my mother was quite surprised, because the dress on my body, I really can use the blame, I am naked, only the neck is used to play a bow with a pink ribbon, lying on my mother Bed is a giving

“You … what is this?” Mom called loudly

“We know that your mother is very lonely, I hope my brother will accompany you, let you vent your desire.” Xiaru said

“Unhappy … It’s a lot of trouble!” Mom rose red and shouting.

“Mom! In fact, when you are masturbating in bed, we have seen it”

“You …. you ……..”

“Mom ~ take a woman’s position, I am quite understanding your needs, so we discuss your brother to comfort you.”

“What is anything in this, when your father died, I decided not to marry, you have not promised again, let alone Xiaole, you are still my biological son?”

“Mom ~ Don’t treat your brother as your son, you can use him as a father! Are you not often talking about my brother?”

“This … still can’t!”

My mother’s tone begins some softening, Xiao Ru decided to win the chasing, and said softly:

“Mom ~ Don’t think like this! You will regard my brother as a father’s incarnation, I think my father still hopes to hold you in the sky, I hope you can get a man’s comfort! And my brother is the most suitable person!”

“Tang as your father?”

“Well! Mom ~ Let Dad’s avatar to comfort you!” Xiao Ru nodded

Mom looked at me this side, my face was in Hong Pass, I seem to feel that she is looking at my little and unstoppy penis, and then she nodded and said:

“Okay! But we must say it first. Only this evening, I have forgotten it! I don’t want to mess up the relationship at home!”

“Yes! This is our Christmas gift, after today, we are still your good son, daughter, then I don’t disturb you!”

Xiao Ru spit out the tongue of me and walked out of the door.

At this time, I was somewhat shy. I don’t know what to look at my mother, my mother’s face showed a smile, came to me sitting on the bed, she said softly:

“Well, how would you do it?” “You have to unlock the gift it!” I pointed to the pink ribbon around his neck

Mom smiled and reached out to solve ribbon, when she answered, in a gentle kiss on my face, I’m a hungry Tiger bashing sheep posture will overwhelm her in bed, mouth and shouted:

“Mom Mom ~ ~”

“You say you want to help my father substitute? Then your father told me to learn,” Mei Mei “it! So I will not compare Excuse me, I will give you my own, you have to be gentle and treat yo!” Mom said Jiaochen

“Mei Mei – I have to love you,” I said softly into her ear open

Today my mother wearing leisure suits, silver-white silk sleeveless blouse, outside the set pieces rose red jacket, short jacket with a lower body is the same color silk skirt, wearing a transparent color tights on a pair of legs, I started sexy lips kissed my mother, I could feel the heat of her tongue hidden hunger desire, here hands have solved jacket buttons, through silk blouse and began to fondle her breasts, after all, had a baby woman, Xiao Ru mother’s breast than the much larger, and more tender, issued a pleasant hum mother in the mouth start, my penis getting hard up

Gently lift her body to help her jacket and slipped out silk blouse, her mother wearing a half-mask of black transparent lace bra, but also makes the exposed breast is more fair complexion, my neck down to her mother’s kiss breasts, I put her slender hand to my penis come, when she saw my swollen penis, big eyes wide, I think she has not seen it!

“Jill, you have been so big it!” She said with a smile, he began gently Taonong my penis

I am here slowly untied her bra and began sucking mother’s breast, and my tongue began to specialize trained her nipples, her mature girl fragrance of frankincense with Xiao Ru very different, there is a different flavor

“Mei Mei Hello ~ ~ I want to nurse.” I laughed

“You bad ah …. ah …… …… …… really,” she Jiaoyin Road

Mom hands Taonong effort really impress, attractive painted pink nail polish more often Cuonong Rouguan shallots fingers on my penis, let me excited, and right here I have not been idle, secretly stretch into her mother’s skirt, and began to knead lace panties in transparent tights, pantyhose mom can feel all wet, her moans more obvious, I feel my mother Taonong hand penis gradually slow, I I think she was immersed in caress it!

“…… ah ah ah …… …….. …… ah …… the United States.”

I slowly took off her red roses skirt and some moist transparent tights, before my eyes is quite sexy black openwork lace panties, I have never seen Xiao Ru through this type of underwear, so pretty there is excitement, then I leaned over and said to her son:

“Mei Mei ~ help me with it!”

“Ah …… I really miss it …… Jill …….. you not only with your father like …….. even here is like …. …… carved out of a mold. “

She will be one with my penis into it, began haltingly, her mother’s skills much better than Xiao Ru, it must be so often before with my dad do it! And my penis feel more hot and humid Xiangshe wound, I could not help but emit excited voice, I gently took off his mom’s panties and began sucking her wet mouth secret flower, mother’s labia more than Xiao Ru juicy, the color is darker, I think this is the difference between girls and Meifu it!

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… oh ……..”

My penis in her mouth Choucha, she moans some ambiguity, I went on to latch onto her lips had congestive heart as big as beans clitoris, which made my mother crazy, she began to twist waist, swinging Nice Bottom

“Ah …….. well …… that …. there …….. ah ……..”

I pressed hard, continue to strengthen the offensive began inserting a finger into her mother’s Mixue, there should be adequate lubrication, my fingers can be said to be unimpeded, the frequency of more intense twist my mother, and my penis in her mouth too We have reached a critical point

“Ah …….. ah …… ah ……”

“Mei Mei ah …… …… I …. I want to shoot ……”

My fingers thrusting accelerate the speed, but also speed up the penis below sprint, my back a hemp, I shot a thick whitish semen in her mother mouth, which at the same time, my mother actually Mixue also ejects the clear mucus warm, full spray in my face and mouth

Our first climax ends, I lie on the bed quietly, my lip sticker with her slightly, and his finger did not install with her nipple. She closed her eyes, as if positive Waiting for my second wave of offensive, soon, her hand stretched to some shrinking penis, starting gentle strokes, and I also started to lick her breast again, I took her again and wet flower, my The penis slowly recovered the Yuanqi, and it will be hard to talk to the iron bar. “Wow is so fast! It’s a young man” mother “

We caress the top of the desire, and the mother said:

“Ah … I want you … I want you to insert a beautiful little hole ………………………………………………………….. ….what……”

Mother reflects in bed, and the snow white is full of fat buttocks. I certainly know this position. I hold my mother’s butt, open her fat and tender labipings, and take the glans to pierce in her honey hole. Mother’s honey pointed to Xiaru, but there is no imaginable slack, I twisted the ass to sprint, my mother caught the hand in bed, and the mouth made a wonderful 呻 吟 呻 吟

“Ah … hard …….. Weimin … ah …………………….

“Well … ah …….. Good brother …….. hard … ah ……..”

Mother shouting Dad’s name, after this back, she can’t see my face, maybe my mother really imagine my father! I heard the name of Dad, I feel that there is a sense of mission, I want to give my mother, so I am more adding speed, I have to come to her.

“Ah … so deep … um … hard … Weizin … ah …”

“Ah …….. Sister …. Sister is going to vent ……………….

“Well … um … um …”

My mother’s snoring is getting thinner, I think she is already a climax, I will continue to fly insert, and finally, I pulled it out, full shot on her fertile ass.

I have already remembered that we have done a few times later. I only remember that when my mother was riding in me, I was tired and asleep, I was also very surprised that I was energetic that night, perhaps really Dad attached to me. Not not fixed!

The next day, I woke up, I found my naked, sleeping in my mother’s bed, and my mother didn’t see it, I know she should get a breakfast, thinking that the mother’s sensuality appearance, now there is some missing!

After the finishing is completed, go down the building, my mother is preparing for breakfast in the kitchen, I am excited to call:

“Good morning ~ beautiful ~”

“Earlier ~ [Son] ~” She said in white, the son is also aggravating

She is right, we only have last night, today is still a mother.

“Early! Mom ~” I said early, using a son’s tone

Just when it is a dream Christmas memory!

7. Secret leakage


Brothers and sister deformity love society is difficult

[Taipei News] When the Criminal Bureau conducted a young porn hotel in Taipei yesterday, he found that a young man who was uncommon, it was a brothers and sisters …….. Learn … ……………… Experts also pointed out ………… incest behavior …………… Brothersterer ……………………………………… ……………………………………………………… ………………………………………… …………………………………………………………… …………..

It’s rare to be relaxed on Sunday. I just finished the model yesterday. I really should take a break today. I looked at the newspaper in the living room, but I was a social news. Is this not my Tummat with Xiaoru? If you are, I was discovered by the relationship with Xiaoyu, how would others see me? How to see Xiaoru? Even my mother, how do she face the left and right neighbors?

I thought that when I was found by my mother, I hoped to say: “I am sincere with Xiaoru, others are others, do our family? As long as we don’t know, our love Observing, isn’t it? “

Yes! Others can’t manage our family, but we have to grow up, after all, in the face of work and society, one but find our taboos, how do we survive? The family can’t protect us for a lifetime! I don’t think I should think about Xiaoyu! “The author is pressed: This is the selfish deception of selfishness, in fact, it is to think” I ……..

“Brother ~ What are you staying?”

Xiao Ru hugged me from me, holding my neck, her pink little face, is posing my micro-hot face, I don’t want her to see this report, put the newspaper to the fold, kiss her The little face said:

“No! I am trying to do yesterday’s simulation!”

“Is the test not good?”

“No! Not bad! Just some questions have some questions,” I am lying.

“Then don’t worry! Brother ~ I didn’t have a lot of peas on my face!” She looked at me.

I hope that her face, it seems to have some peas!

“Not so much! It’s good to wash your face ~”

Looking at Xiaru, there is some childish face, how can I bear to make her worry about these things?

“Brother ~ How did you have a close to others, people still think that you started me!” Xiao Ru Hong face

I pulled her to the side and holding her hand:

“Stupid, my brother doesn’t love you, I can love you, I am really busy, I haven’t worry about you, I really can’t afford my little brother, it hasn’t seen you for a long time!”

My hand started to touch the chest of Xiaoru, and continue to say:

“Your little color woman, I haven’t been doing you for a long time, you must want it!”

“You still blame others, if you are not your bad guy …….. Now I will not …” Xiao Ru is red and said.

“What happens? Yes! I am a little bad guy, then you just want a little bad guy to engage in your small color woman ~”

I saw her down and shy his cheeks. I started to reach into her indigo cowgirl short skirt, touched the slim thighs, unexpected, but I actually touch the furry hair, and some wet, Wow! Is this small Nizi intend to tempted me at the beginning?

“You still don’t admit that you are a small colors, even the underwear is not worn, there is wet” “

“Oh ~ brother ~ Don’t say it ~ We went upstairs! People … people want it!”

I am laughing in my eyes, picking up her go upstairs, walking, yes! Already a multi-week didn’t make love with Xiaoru, but is it really the reason for the lesson? I asked myself in my heart.

When I arrived in the room, Xiao Ru began to take off her clothes. I looked at her movements. Is it true that I made my little sister? I also started to take off my clothes, I suddenly became an unmacked Adam Eve, I put her over the bed, preparing to release this kind of trek, I started to touch her beauty hair, put black and black The hair is wound in the finger, and the right hand moves to her seductive chest, and begging.

“Well … um … um …………”

Xiao Ru’s sickness is the sweetest movement in my dream. The hair is so soft, and my penis has risen into Bailian steel. I use my lips to rub her delicate little face, slowly Move to the neck and started to suck her pink and white snow neck. She snorted, like applauded my caress, I slowly touched her flat belly, with my finger along her charming navel gently paint circle , 搓 揉, then, my face has been buried in Xiaoru’s breasts, frenzy to absorb the girl’s tempting milk fragrance

“Uh, …….. um … ah ……..”

I gently use the nose to tease her pointed pink nipple. Xia Ru’s villain is more urgent. I will slow down again. I touched her umbilical and sparse fine hair. I have some naughty, gently pull the root of the root Xiaoru is tapping:

“Oh! Brother ~ Mono! Um …”

I laughed and slowly moved to Xiaoru’s sweet label, which made my soul of the peach blossoms. Needless to say, there was already wet, I would like to play water today, my fingers touched her labipings, along the clock clock The direction is soft, she seems to feel a lot of pleasure, start to twist back hips.

“Well …….. ah … well …….. um ……..”

“Brother …….. ah ah …… ………. …….. ah” “ah …… can not stand it. ……. ah …… I …… ah …….. brother …. …… fast fast …… . come to me …… …….. …… ah ah …… “

I immediately put the gun ready to be launched, holding pricks in her Xuekou friction, Xiao Ru seems to wait, and he wriggled into my penis very, I followed her oncoming force one, easy to plug in the end , Xiao Ru call out a cry

“Good deep ah …… good …… ah …… …. …….. hard pushed hard against ……….”

“Ah …….. …… good brother, brother Xiao Ru …… …….. …….. ah love you …. …… “

My legs carried her on my shoulders, so that helps restoring force of my thrusts his hands on her breasts soft wild catch, I gently licked the calf Xiao Ru shoulders, her soft white calf belly, I was one of her most crazy place

“Brother …….. ah ah …… ah …….. ………. …….. there is good … …what……”

I speed up the Choucha speed, because for a long time did not do the first time not sustain for too long, I tried to hold back, at least let Xiao Ru comfortable to shoot ah! “Author’s note: Men’s sad ….”

“Ah …….. good …… beautiful ah ah ………. ……….”

Under tingling, I shot out, thick semen shot entirely in the honey hole Xiao Ru

Noon after lunch, I lay quietly in bed, very tired, and Xiao Ru engage in intense morning, I shot three times, the second in her Mixue years, one in her mouth, do not know that Xiao Ru candidates are physically demanding it? Doing things like this, I’m afraid of myself into human stem

Unconsciously, I fell asleep …………..

“Brother ~ ~ ~ ~ your phone.”

Xiao Ru calls to sleep, I wake up, ah! Already half past two in the afternoon, I ran downstairs to pick up the phone

“Oh girls …”

When Xiao Ru handed me the microphone to me and made a face, I think her heart must be very concerned about that call it!

“Hey ~ I ~ Zhang Xiaojie” I Baileyiyan to Xiao Ru

“Zhang Xiaojie it? I’m your classmate Wang Shanshan”

“Oh! Shanshan ah! What is it?”

“I do not understand some topics would like to ask you, what are you free this afternoon?”

“At present nothing planned, you should ask why this?”

“I’m sorry, I know perhaps very presumptuous, but I was off-limits to his family, I’m afraid I do not know the phone problem, would like to invite you to my house, you will not delay too much time, really trouble you.”

“This …… Well! Where is your home?”

“My home is at………………..”

“Oh! Your home where ah! Not too far from my house, that after half an hour to my good!”

“It’s so thank you ~ I wait for you to come.”

Wang Shanshan was the class of female students, usually I am not familiar with, do not know why I found, but I do not know how the girls reject the request, or go and see! Xiao Ru told me to say something to go out, she seemed quite happy, I Haoshuodaishuo she let me out of her, I rode my bike out the door baby

My family considered exclusive residential area, but Wang Shanshan’s home is outside the villa every couple of choices, than my home where houses are bigger, and the courtyard and the like, twenty minutes I ride it! To address what she said, it really is quite large buildings house for the first time to the girl home, very nervous, afraid her family misunderstanding asking questions, and I stopped at the gate, he pressed the doorbell, but also open the door it was actually Wang Shanshan, she was small, be the kind of lovely type, but his face was pale, perhaps reading too much physical exertion of it!

Listen to students, said Wang Shanshan’s father is president of a hospital, and she is the only child, the family hopes she can be admitted to National Taiwan University Medical inherit the family business, I think she has a lot of pressure on it! Wang Shanshan invited me in, I followed her into her room, for the first time into the other girl’s room, know what to do

Her room is quite big, if there is some flannel doll, it is really unhappy like a girl’s room, but it is like a small library, go to the encyclopedia, and there is a “Jin Yong novel”. … …. Please drink tea, you must be very strange! Yeah, my family is now only I am, but you can don’t move the brain! “She spitted me to the tongue, pale face showing a rare smile.

“Can’t! You don’t want me? Start now!” I smiled and said.

She began to take out physics and chemical reference book asked me some of the questions on the top, in fact, these problems are not difficult! Will you not understand her extent! But I didn’t know how to solve an hour. After that, she said that she took a break, she said to me, she said to me:

“Your hand borrows me? I will help you see your hands.”

I don’t have it, put it out in her hand, she carefully, said:

“From your emotional line, you must be a very good person, yes!”

“I won’t get heart!” I am refiting

She doesn’t talk, just licking, perhaps illusion, I think her hand gradually heat, even start sweating

“hug me!”

Her words made me scared a big jump, I am surprised to look at her.

“Hold me! Hold me?”

“Why is it me?” I asked

“I like you”

“Why is me? I don’t have good, no ……….”

“Have you seen 100% of the girls in the spring village tree? For me, you are 100% boy, I don’t know why? I just hope you come to me”

“This … Sorry … I have already liked people”

“Is your sister?”

“You … how do you know?” I showed out, but then I found my impulse.

“Then you have admitted! In fact, the classmates have long thought that you are weird with your sister, unlike the general brothers, but in the same lover.”

I bowed down, the original classmates have begun to doubt, if other people know what to do?

“Do you think this is good?” She asked


“Are you right with your sister?”

“Don’t say anything, I don’t want to talk about this.”

“Hold me! I won’t say” she starts to let go of the shirt’s button, I don’t know how it is good, is it really going to with her ……..

I nodded, picked her to her bed, start taking her shirt, her chest, the girl wearing senior materials, from her shy extent, I intuition should still a woman, she is stretched Tight, I looked with her little breast, she sent a weak voice.

I solved the button and zipper of her white trousers, took it down, she wore a pink girl underwear, quite cute form, I slowly touched her underwear, she didn’t wet , I think she is too nervous!

I slowly squatted her body, kissed her face, suddenly, I remembered Xia Ru, I think of her appearance, I think she is crying, no! I can’t sorry Xiauru, I climbed from Wang Shanshan.

“Sorry! I really can’t ……..”

I got up, leaving only her face.

Go back home, my mother and Xiaoyu look at me panicked, ask me what? I just said that I have n’thing to do, I will shut myself in the room, my heart is so messy, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow?

With a mood, I went to the school next day. Wang Shanshan had already arrived. She looked at me in a faint eye. I didn’t dare to look at her. After all, my behavior was really hurting her, but I What is even more afraid is that she told me about my death.

But maybe I think more, for a few days, I didn’t find that others used special eye to see me, I think she really didn’t say it, I am relieved, but whenever I meet her, I will think of it. She asked me:

“Are you right with your sister?”

8. Face a choice


Finally, the joint test has passed, and I want to have a good test! I remembered that I have just been killed in the relationship with Xiao Ru, it is really happy to make a crazy move every day, so I seem to be unintentionally revealed, and I have to find her to say clearly, but she Always avoiding me, then, the school is high and three stops, I have never seen her.

At the last two months of the couplet, I started to avoid my questions and Xiaoru, I concentrated on the book, I also made love with Xiaoru, I have a feeling, Xiaor seems to be aware of my heart. Contradiction. She is a dome with a thin girl, she should know! Maybe I am really evading it! Now, the joint test is lifted, but it is necessary to face this thing. Really, I am really a ball! When I was first on Xiauru …….. Now …….. Is I really thought about her? Has me care about her? Every time I do my best to meet me, since I have a relationship with her, what do I treat her?


A week in July, my mother went to the United States to help grandmother to celebrate the birthday, because I can’t go abroad, so even the small Ru also stayed with me, I still have been troubled by the matter, I really want to talk about myself. But you must help me confidential, I think of the teacher, my high school tutor

I played a call to her. She said that there is no way during the day. I went to her apartment in the evening to talk about it. I have been to the apartment of the teacher. I have been to her, I have went to her in her.

In the evening, the apartment came to Fang teacher, pressed the doorbell, no one responded, the strange teacher clearly knows what I am coming! I pressed a few times and suddenly heard a noisy voice inside.

“Teacher … Fang teacher …” I shouted outside the door.

Suddenly, some people came to open the door. She is a teacher, her face is red, the body is a good weight, her face is full of tears, I can’t believe this is the beautiful and cheerful teacher, I saw her swaying. Standing at the door, I quickly got up and hold her.

“Teacher … teacher … you don’t want it!”

I took her to the sofa, and the teacher suddenly cried.

“Wow ~ ~ he doesn’t want me ~~ Wow ~~~~~~~ Don’t I ~~~~~”

Is the teacher lost love? How come, call the phone in the morning is still still good, is it just right?

“Wow ~~ I have saved what I have to save in these two years? Wow ~~~”

The teacher’s boyfriend heard that he was a doctor studying in the United States, and it was quite good with the teacher’s feelings.

“Hey ~~ I am living for your life ~~ Help you take care of your family ~~~ You ~~~ 呜 ~~~”

The teacher actually made so many boyfries, it is really an idiotic.

“Wow ~~ You actually love other women ~~~ 我 我 心 ~~~”

“Hey ~~ What to wish me happiness ~~~ What do you do not do a lover or a friend ~~~~”

“It’s all deceptive ~~~ You are cheating, I am so bad ~~~~”

In this way, the teacher is also poor, really changing! I didn’t know what it was, I had to pat my shoulder’s shoulder and said softly:

“Teacher …. Don’t cry … It’s not worth it to cry for this kind of person ……….”

“Yeah! I don’t want to tears for him … I don’t want to be a fool …” The teacher stops crying, but still have a sip.

She looked at my face and said:

“咦? Zhang Xiaojie …. How can you here?”

The teacher seems to be drunk forgot our, I said:

“Teacher, I have something to come to you”

“Yeah … Talk …….. I need someone to talk …….. I ……… Vomiting ….. “

I haven’t come back, the teacher has already squatted out, spit it on the rice wearing the rice wearing, the sofa is also slid, I looked silly, but I found that she seems to vomit, I didn’t say that I quickly picked up her to the toilet, let her 趴 趴 台 台 干

It’s hard to spit it, then stay in the ground, I gently patted her back, say something comforted, and then quickly smashed the wipes to the living room to wipe the residue on the sofa. After I wiped clean, I went back to the bathroom. I found that the teacher was shaking in the bathroom, unlocking the zipper behind the dress.

“Come … Xiaojie … you …. You are just … help the teacher unlock the zipper ……..” The teacher looks at the head. Me

“This … I … Teacher …”

“Come here … I will help me pull the zipper …….. I don’t wear such dirty clothes …….. I don’t let him look down ….. … Come …….. “

I only whew around her on the back of her dress, after pulling down the zipper, I trembled slowly, I saw the teacher’s white back and the pink bra strap, I will pull the zipper to her slim waist When the teacher, the teacher can’t wait to take off the outer dress, throw it inside the bath, and her lower body is the skin color transparent stockings with light blue lace underwear, I used to feel that the teacher’s body is very good, but she is at school. Wear some of the preserved clothes, now I see such a sexy she, the pink lace bra has a plump double milk in the bra, and the obvious cleans makes me some physiological reactions, and her lower body stockings are attractive in the stockings …. ……Yes! Before I fell in love, the teacher is often the sexual fantasy object in my heart. Now she is drunk … isn’t it to give me a chance? I shook my head, called myself, don’t think, I really shouldn’t use this kind of vision, I only heard the teacher said:

“Xiaojie … help the teacher to the room … I want to take a break …”

I don’t know if I should help her, she only leave underwear, this … but the teacher seems to be inevitably, swaying the outdoor bathroom, I quickly brought her, I can I feel that her full breast is pressed against my arm through the bra. I have a little bit of horses, but I still honestly help her to the bedroom. I put her gently in bed. When I was prepared, I didn’t know. Where is the strength, a pull of my hand, pull me up, I am unstable, fall in the teacher’s bed

The teacher still didn’t let my hand, turned over to my body, her firm mature breasts, compulssed my chest, I feel a hard part, I am looking at her thigh. Root, watching her red face, still having a good wine, she suddenly said:

“Hold me ~”

I froze for a moment

“Hold me ~ I am so lonely ~ I need someone to hug ~~~ Wow ~~~” She started crying again.

I don’t have to reach out of her hands to her, she is no longer crying, but said:

“No, this, hold a little!”

I helplessly, hugged her, this also made her more close to my body, I can’t hold it, my breathing became quite hurried, she suddenly started the rude solution to my shirt, with it It is better to say that it is better to say that I want to pull my clothes. Is the teacher want to me …… Will not! Beautiful female teacher rape cute male student should be the plot of the A film! How can I happen to me?

I heard that when people are falling in love, sometimes some indulgent moves, trying to forget the sadness in the way, do you have to vent it in me?

“Teacher …. Don’t like this … Don’t make a wrong decision because of the sadness …”

I am hard to lose rationality.

“Who said that I am sad … I … I am happy ~ … hahahaha …”

She began to laugh, but she still can’t observe tears. She has already opened my shirt at this time, start touching my chest, slowly come to my belly, wow! She is already solving my belt.

“Old …. Teacher …. Don’t this … Don’t this! You are even, even anyone is not clear …”

“Who said that I am not clear …….. You …. You are Zhang Xiaoyager … Zhang Xiaoyager … No. 32 … Yes … Sports art is not big … I like a girl who shouldn’t love ………….. “

She told my information like this, I can’t think of the teacher, I can’t think of the students, ah ~ When I don’t pay attention, she has opened the zipper of my jeans, released my bloating penis release from underwear. Her white hand touched my hot penis:

“Wow! It’s so big ~ Then I will welcome it!” She was surprised on her face.

I don’t want to react, she will contain my penis in, I will sound, a wet fever is straight up, and the technique she blows in the teacher is quite bad. Maybe I have made it less! But the freshness has made me more excited, I only heard a vague sound in her mouth.

I still have a shadow of Xiaoru, but now wood has become a boat, with the teacher’s blowjob or the teacher’s sexual integration is not too different, let alone the teacher first tempting me “Press: This is undoubtedly deceived” Teacher usually treat me so good Now it’s time that I returned to her.

“Teacher, let me comfort you!” I said to her.

I will squat in my teacher, get up and take off some unbearable shirts that she is smashing, then take off the underwear inside, the teacher looked at the naked me, the red pair of red blinks smile I think she really needs a man’s comfort!

I let her lying flat on the bed, kiss her red fiery face, of course, I don’t dare to kiss her lips, slowly lick the tears of her eyes, my skilled hand slowly solved slowly Her pink lace bra, she is a beautiful double milk presented in front of my eyes, the teacher has a girl’s pink nipple, I think it is still her sexual experience! I buried my head in her full breast, starting to sucking her nipple, and the hand began to slip to her underwear, isolated on stockings and underwear, I began to get her unwoot, I’m tips for Yue woman It is quite familiar, and it is sure enough to get together, the teacher gradually gains a wonderful generous, and her light blue lace underwear is slowly wet.

“Um … um …….. ah … um ……..”

I slowly took off the teacher’s stockings and underwear, unexpected, the teacher wet flower is actually a light, I have listened to the girl, but I still saw it, I lighted. Open her labi, the teacher’s honey is light rose, I watched her hairless wet hole, the teacher kicks up with her hand, looking at me with shy eyes:

“Oh ~ Don’t stare at people ‘s.”

“Teacher, it is so wet, your small hole is so beautiful ~”

“Oh ~ Don’t watch it again ~ He, he used to be a white tiger before, but also said that this is ugly!”

“Teacher, you don’t think that my mind is, he has no eyes, your small hole is really beautiful, let people think more about a few eyes, the teacher, you see that I am hard,” I have to help the teacher to build confidence, Although I am telling the truth

“You … don’t say it again!”

“Teacher, help me with it!”

I don’t wait for her to answer, have risen hot big penis, send to her small mouth, perhaps the role of alcohol, the teacher does not push, I have become a man who is biting by the teacher, she is so good, I naturally dare to be polite, I started to pump in her mouth, and I have begun to lick her hairless, and the teacher suddenly said:

“Oh ~ there …. How can you lick it?”

I am so surprised that is the teacher’s boyfriend did not help her?

“Teacher … Of course, can you be … Are you not very comfortable? Is your negative Han not love you … If he loves you, you should let you enjoy this. Happy! “

“Ah … don’t, don’t mention him ……………….

The teacher may be somewhat pleasant by me. I started to make a wonderful voice of the soul. I slowly lick her little labiarin, and my fingers started to pick up the little tender beans on the upper side. The teacher started to twist the slim waist. More exciting snoring in the mouth

“Ah …….. Good … ah … ah …….. there ……….”

The teacher seems to completely indulge in my caress, forget to have my big penis, but my mission today is to make the teacher happy, not cool! Huh? My real purpose is not to talk to my teacher talk to me. Forget it, don’t think

“Ah … I want … ah … do it …….. Come in …….. Xiaojie ….. … Fast ….. Let me drink … ah …….. “

Wow ~ The teacher’s words are so dark, from her beautiful red lips say such a sensuality, I am a good student, of course, I have to listen to the teacher! I have gripped the penis that has already got a quick and can’t be caught into the teacher without Mao-white wet honey cave. The teacher is petty.

“Ah ~~ Ok …….. ah …….. Big ……..”

The teacher’s small hole is so tight, like Xia Ru, I started to put it hard, every time I plugged in, my clouds hit her hairless smooth skin, there is a very special feeling, I can clearly see me. The two matters have the case, my penis is like pumping the motor, and every deep plug is drawn from the honeydown.

“Ah … hard … hard to do it …………………….

“Ah …….. I am ……………….

I started to suck her girl’s pink nipple, and still sauna, and the teacher started to drive the beautiful hip to catering my sprint.

“Ah … well …….. ah …….. hard ……………………….. .. “

“Well … beautiful … beautiful …….. To ……..” “” …. Ok …….. I … I have to lose …….. “

“Ah …….. Teacher … Let’s lose …”

A shot of a trick, I shot a strong semen in the teacher’s honey, and then I didn’t remember anything.

Ah … how can I fall asleep … I found that the teacher still squatted to sleep, her beautiful face still had tears, maybe she really love her boyfriend! Looking at her exquisite carcass curve, thinking about the fierce love of her, I didn’t expect that I did my love in my dreams.

“Well … 咦! Zhang Xiaojie …. How can you here?”

The teacher slowly opened his eyes, watching me surprised, wow ~~ She will not forget what she will, is it misunderstood, I am raped, my God!

“Oh … Yes … I am drunk … You come to take care of me …….. Results ……..”

The teacher has retreated the white face of the wine, and it has become a red pass. I listen to her tone I think she thinks, this is really a cold sweat, I saw her shy, I looked at me, I have some I don’t know what it is.

“Teacher … I ……..”

“We are all like this …….. Don’t call me a teacher … call me Mei Jie ……..”

“Ms. Sister ~~”

I put her in his arms and began to stroking her skirt, I said softly in her ear:

“Ms. Sister ~~ Just, you are so warm ……..”

“Oh! Don’t say it!” She even the ear of the ear.

“Thank you!” She suddenly said that he said

“What’s wrong?”

“Thank you for comforting me when I helped, I have now a lot”

“You don’t want to think about the heart, you can find a better person to love you”

She nodded gently, as if I think about what, she asked:

“Don’t you say something to talk about me? What is it?”

Yes, I almost forgot the right thing. I then told her about my relationship with Xiaoru. I still have the restlessness in my heart. Of course, I also have the generic love with Xiaoru, let the teacher hear red ear.

“Do you love her?” The teacher said softly.

“I dare to vow me, I love her than anyone.”

“Do you think about her?”


“I know the contradiction in your heart, because …………”


“Say really, I have just loved you, I first feel a climax, I … But I am your high school tutor, although you have graduated, but … but if you let People know that I have the relationship between you … I … I really don’t know how to face my family, facing my colleagues, I don’t want to think about what others will use to see me. There are too many idless words to finger me finger … you …. You are more serious than you with your sister, can you imagine what you have to face in the future? “

I don’t say, I think the teacher has given me the biggest prompt, I ……….

That night, I was in the teacher’s home, and we did twice again, it was her take the initiative. She said, I can’t have this relationship with me again that day.

The next morning, the genius was slightly bright, I woke up and looked at the teacher around him. I gently kiss on her face. I wanted to stay in the apartment. I don’t want to continue this relationship with her, and the left line is only a shortcoming.

I am gradually waking up, dragging the tired foots, back home

9. Last gentle

Drag the tired body back home, open the door, the lights of the living room did not close, I came to the living room, Xia Ru actually slept on the sofa, I won’t wait for me! She was woke up by my voice, and my eyes looked at me. I saw everything in my eyes. She never used this kind of eye to see me. I have a little guilty. I don’t know what to say?

“You haven’t come back overnight, where is it?” “I went to find a teacher, I have some things to talk to her.”

“Do you know how much I am worried? Is there anything to talk to me?”

“Xiauru … I …”

I tried to hug her, but she pushed me hard, I ate it.

“Do not touch me……..”

“Xiauru … What is it ……..”

Suddenly, tears rushed out from her big eyes, she started crying:

“I haven’t come … I’ve been late.”

Ah … How will it? Xiauru’s menstrual cycle has always been very on time. We are also commonly used to calculate this to contraception, ah …….. The pregnancy chance of the safety period is also very high. I don’t worry, if Xiaor is pregnant. ,this…………

“Don’t worry, we want to test it first … Is it really pregnant?” I comforted her, I will cry into tears, Xiao Run in his arms.

From Watson’s buy back to pregnancy, Xiao Ru poured urine in a no-wash cup, put the test strips in the cup, Xiao Ru is afraid of tightly pulling my clothes, I sucked a breath, wait Once, ah ~~~~ Cheap. …….. No pregnancy

I looked at Xia Ru and comforted her.

“Nothing … maybe you are too tired too late or emotionally stable … The cycle is not large ….”

“Brother ~ Do you know? I am so afraid … If you are pregnant, we …………”

I patted her shoulder, I think it’s time to say it clearly.

“Xiao Ru, I really really love you ……….”

“But … we are brothers and sisters …….. It’s not as true as we think, we will face this society, do you know? I am so afraid … When someone discovers our relationship, I am hurt to me, I am so afraid … Do you know? “

I have a little weak, I found that I was so soft, my eyes were wet, I would know Wang Shanshan to know my relationship with Xia Ru, and the teacher gave me the opinion of Mr. I told her. Of course, I didn’t say it. I have been with her, I have been with the teacher … She is red and her eyes began to strengthen tears.

“I … In fact, I am also afraid … I am too afraid that the students look at me with a different eye ……. I am more afraid ……. I am more I am afraid that I have a child ……………. “Xiaru said

“Everything is not good, if it is not me first …….. Now …….. I am tightly holding her.

“No … brother ~ I am willing to follow you … with you …….. Don’t blame yourself … ……. I …….. “The tears that Xia Ru can’t live will make my heart broken.

“Mom will come back tomorrow, promise me to start from tomorrow … We reply to the original look, I am a brother, you are a sister, we are no longer a lovers ……. “My eyes are also blurred by tears.”

Our taboos have begun to be in the mother, and now it is no longer ending in my mother, some comes, is it a lucky arrangement?

I was lying in the bathtub with Xia Ru, I gentle her beautiful breasts, reminds me of me for the first time I follow her, I am also lying quietly in the bathtub, I also care about her. The rich carcass, just the beginning and end of love, so

“Brother ~ Let’s finalize it again!”

Xiao Ru’s voice pulled back to reality, I smiled nodded, there is a tearful tear in the eyes.

Yes ~ Mom is going home for another five hours.

10. Postscript

It has been three years old, still reminds the summer vacation that year, I will never forget the tears of Xiaoru, Xiao Ru’s idiot, Xiaru’s madness

That year, after the mother came back, we told her everything, she didn’t say something.

After that, I put it a list, maybe it’s a deliberate, I got a university away from home, and then I got successful ridge, start school, I found a lot of excuses and don’t go home, maybe I am afraid to see Xiaru Eyes, I will release the lust in my heart.

Later, Xiaoru also got a university, and the opportunity we met is less.

I got a university, my personality became somewhat deep, often thinking about something, I have already paid a few girlfriends, but I haven’t been there for a reason, but I am not satisfied. The name of other girls is the biggest reason, but they all don’t know, my sister’s name is called Xiaoru. Since I let me love with Xia Ru, why let us be a brother and sister?

But I also want to think, if Xiaru is not my sister, will I love her?

Is my sister, or Xiauru?

The forbidden love is over the grass ….. Please forgive … I am really tired … I don’t want to say anything ………

These days come ……. Thank you for your support ….. The younger brother is grateful … Just when I am a love literature ………

Come here .. Go … so …….

To speak Sorry to Kann brother … promise yours out … I won’t appear in the short term …

I have a lot of youth ……. I should do some things now ………..

Always thank people who like my work …….

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