I remembered my grandmother’s heart disease, I sent a hospital. As a biggest granulation, I left accompanied the night. Because of the National Day, there is only one nurse duty at night in the heart of the hospital.

The nurse on duty surnamed Lin, 36 years old this year, is the nurse of this ward, grows very good, the body is a rod, the concave local concave, the convex place convex. It’s a mature beautiful woman.

Because there is no matter in the middle of the night, the situation of grandmother is controlled, I am relatively relaxed, so I chatted with Lin Jie. She is also very bored by her duty, I am also happy with her. I bought a lot of things to share with her. In the first evening, this is so fast, and she is very impressed with me.

In the morning, she got off work. I was also replaced by the cousin to rest, and the two people met in the hospital. From last night, I know that she stayed away from the hospital, walking for ten minutes, I will drive it myself. I said that I will send you. She slightly thoughtfully took the car. I talked to her in the car. I got her home. When she got off the bus, she waved her hand and saw it at night.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, I came to the hospital with night. Lin Sao Changshou was looking at the house and greeted it. When I chatted with the ancestors, I chatted with him to sleep, I took a little sleepy on the side. A sleeping time is 12 o’clock.

I quietly came out of the ward to the corridor. I saw no one on the nurses’ workbench. I wonder where Lin nurse went, I got the past, I saw that there was another room in this, it is a nurse rest. There is also a monitoring device in the lounge to see the information of each patient. The forest is sitting inside. She saw me and opened the door and let me go in. Two people chatted again.

I saw she was attracted by her today. She is wearing a tight nurse, so the two breasts are so full, round, but also to impulse the white nurse clothes actually with a red cream, to protect her breasts, The red cream is obvious. At that time, I wanted to rush to touch her, and the old two is still moving in the crotch.

In the chat process, my eyes have been staring at the long chest of the forest, maybe she also noticed and constantly concealed.

After that, she said that I have to check the room, I have been found. Obviously, I have to go, I have this time in the middle of the night, I have to go, just gratifying, my arm just met her full breast, I saw her face Rhyme, at this time, I also urged a long hugging of the border to put her on the sofa of her lounge, a chaos and doodle, and the forest nurses were scared, and she was very wolf. .

It’s just called: “Don’t ~~ Don’t be like this ~~ I have my husband, let me go, or I want to call.”

And I don’t care about her, I have her mind, I have to be her. I said softly, I can’t hear it for the patient. I have a heart disease patient. I don’t know how to die.

This trick is still very useful. Forest Story is also like this. How can I put her?

Just say: Lin Jie! I like you when I see you. I can’t control myself, I should not help!

Coupled with my original impression, she seems to be silently recognized, plus she has already been in soft, I said soft, I said: “Lin Jie, let me accompany you tonight. “

I gave me a long time, saying: “Quick, you this little bad guy.”

After the face is red, turn the face to the other side, I am so excited, I know that she is waiting for me to bring her, I don’t say, I started a kiss at the beginning, then lips It is not possible to distinguish it together.

Forest Story lengthened the tongue into my mouth and let me abscepted. After I suck enough, I also put the tongue into her mouth, let her suck, our lips are tightly joined together, the tongue is in each other’s mouth Wrap it.

Her breathing is blowing on my face, just like a strong nuclear bomb, let me unable to control myself, and she knows this.

When our tongue meets, they are naturally gently, and they will go straight to each other’s mouth, so that the other side is sucking …

I am very fast to lay the thick light of our two, on the sofa, the forest nurses are very shy, do not dare to see me.

Although my penis has been painful, I can’t wait to insert her wonderful hole right away. I still can’t help but look at it, see clearly, and enjoy it. The whole presence is in my eyes.

My hand strokes her warmth, soft, round, and elasticity like a small jade-like breast, that feeling is really unable to describe, that is a feeling that I have never tasted in this life! My hand continued to squat into the breast. When I touched the nipple, I used the nap to gently and the middle finger. The nipple under my 搓 揉, slowly slammed it. At this time, Lin nurse lifted his back and attached her back to my chest, put the head on my shoulders, and she was completely exposed to my eyes.

I continued to pick her nipple, just started gently, I gradually stepped up after a while, then stroked her whole breast, Lin nurse still took the head in my shoulders, leaning in mine Closed eyes in your arms. “Um … um … um … um …” The embarrassment, enjoy the happiness I giving.

I have to go to Lin nurse’s long mysterious place, I am so excited. Lin nurse has a few clustered black black hamao good, beautiful decorations above the hole, when I brought it to it, I found a long-awaited body of the forest. I found that because she has already flowed a lot of prostitution, the whole pussy is covered with adhesive wet …

I extended my hands and start massaging her thigh and root, then gradually move my hands to touch her hopes, and I don’t want to touch the labie of the forest.

Her hands is tightly licking at me, the eyes are closely closed, her butt is constantly moving down, it seems to be a riding a knight …

When my fingers are hard to get to her tender points, when I use my middle fingers, I will fall into her labimo, I can’t help but feel soft, beg to say: “Oh ~~~~ ~~ Oh ~~ Don’t get it, I can’t do it ~~ Don’t be like this, ah ~~ Ah ~~~~ Ask you ~~ “

I want to probably her husband is not so much to her, she is enjoying the happiness that I brought to her.

I buried my face to her share, kiss her labia, with my tongue deeply inserted her meat, sucking her labipings.

Lin nurse lifted her ass with my tongue’s movement, I didn’t stop the bow, I also put inserted with my tongue with my ups and down, and I can insert a deep depth, while sucking her The labiaries and 汨汨 汨汨 水 水 …

Suddenly, Lin nurse gave a trembling, a slap, a thick prostitute spurted from her meat hole, and most of my face was sprayed.

Her blush did not have strength, I know that she reached a climax under my service, I know this is what she has never been satisfied. I waited for her, I haven’t slowed down, put my big penis fierce into her vagina, this is not.

“Ah … go in …” Lin nurses have been run through, can’t help but. “Oh … light a little … you are hard … I hurt ~~ Light ~~ Light ~~~~”

Forest Story is so weak.

After that, the voice screaming is gradually lighter, I know that due to the long-secretion of the forest, she feels comfortable.

My penis is in her meat, I am very excited, and her snoring is big, I remind her that it is very comfortable, I am very sad, I have been very difficult, but the head of the forest is very difficult. It’s so comfortable, every time I arrived, but I can’t call it. I am really funny. I have stopped, I stopped, smiling and looking at her.

Lin Barries have spring, satisfying me, said that I said: “Ah … you … you are necrosis, you can’t move it, you can’t move …… 呦 … um ……”

I stopped and started to draw a big landing, pulling the meat stick to the vaginal mouth every time, I put it in, my scrotum was playing “啪” on her full butt.

“Lin Jie … Your water is really … You haven’t heard it? … I am doing you …?” I said that the rough words stimulated the talents.

“Don’t say … you are very annoying … ah …” Lin Sao Changshi also satisfied.

I only felt a bursary of her vagina. Every time I installed the depths, I felt that there was a small mouth to have the glans, and a blink of influence with the penis to the sofa. For a large piece, the forest nurses have a full-festive breasts like waves in the chest.

I feel a burst of itching in the tail vertebrae, I know that I can’t hold it, so speed up, and the fierce moves.

Suddenly, I used to take the dick into, and the Nurses screamed. It turned out that I have turned to her uterus. I poured a few times, and a hot junior is poured in my glans. She has reached Orgasm. I quickly scatched a few times, just felt that the vagina was tight because of the climax, I was also comfortable, and the Nurses felt this scene. I know that I quickly shot, she asked for not shooting inside, afraid of pregnancy, It is a pity that it is late, the voice is just falling, and the sperm of my 哝哝 哝哝 烫 精 全 子 子 子 士 长 长 长 士 全 全 精 精 精 精

I pulled out the penis, lying on the sofa, seeing the sperm of the forest sanctuary, I am satisfied, I am so proud, the forest guard is also muttered: “Let you shoot, you don’t listen, pregnant What to do! You are really necrosis! “

I saw that she was still cleaning up the dirt on her body. I have a very proud of the forest nurse, saying: “Is it comfortable? Tell me your husband, or me?”

Lin nurse is very shy: “Go to you, make this still asked?” I know this is what she is so comfortable for the first time.

I said: “You help me clean up, okay.”

I quite quite my old second. I looked at me long and shy. I said that “” You don’t have much truth. “

Then I opened my mouth, I took my meat stick in, and I cleaned up my glans using the tip of the tongue. My penis, my scrotum is really cool.

The sky is bright, I have finished my clothes, I am going to leave, say: “Lin Jie is sorry, but I really like you, can I come to you?”

Lin nurse’s long answer: “Stinky boy, people are all made, shame, and ask!”

I opened my heart, I didn’t think of a 36-year-old woman, I have been born in the vagina, I am really comfortable.

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