[Inspection of medical matter] (full)

The first chapter, my name is Li Gang, of course, is not the news on the Internet. I am twice this year, graduated from the computer system of a science and engineering. Unfortunately, this year’s computer, simply sold the smell tofu on the street, so after graduating, I can’t find relevant work. Under the helplessness, the Central Ascending Relatives has tried the relationship and entered the local formal maternal and child hospital. Maybe you have to ask, I am learning computer, how can I ran to the hospital? Is it to protect the network for a hospital?

Such a good difference, where is the wheel, and what professional and what work is doing, but there is no necessary association. Because the director of this hospital has just resigned the driver, and my driving age (actually a driver’s license is early, there is a four or five years, so I am honored to be a cadre exclusive driver.

In fact, the exclusive driver is to raise me. I will not only have to wait for the leadership of the leader in a week of 24 hours, but I have to be responsible for running legs, smash, director office health cleanup, but only A salary of the driver. But there is no way, this is the current situation of society, and I am not bad. At least in the outside, I have to say that there are hundreds of salary of those who have died, and my income is still sorry to be college students. The identity is.

The director surnamed Wang, called Wang Deyu, although the name, but his prestige in the hospital is not low, in general, although there is no medical speech, but will be a person, all parties have to eat. Follow him, the most is the dining job, almost every day, if there is no outsiders, he will bring your own department to take the flower, of course, don’t spend a penny, who is going to pay? I believe you know.

He is still good for himself, but it is a love to drink, and the male compatriots are naturally irrupted, and the female compatriots varies from person to person. Some he will not persuade the wine. If he is too wasteful; Young and beautiful, naturally his favorite toasting. This is not, today he has just commanded me: “Xiao Li, you know today on duty, Nanyang! No one is going to go! Who is going back, you can work, I don’t have a bit!” The leader put down, I Naturally, only the status, although there is a bit helpless in the heart, in fact, this is really human! Because the arrangement of the duty is hand-handed, he will put some looks on the day, put it on the day he wants to put, and today I bet, there is definitely a young man in the recently entered department.

When I got to the body and liquid room, I really wrinkled with the microscope. I knocked on the door. The older old leaf comrades should sound: “Please come.” I pushed the door.

“Hey! Little plums, what kind of wind blows you? Is it a leader?” He asked me smile.

I sigh, reply: “You are clearly known, definitely this, what? At 6 o’clock in the evening, Nanyang, all, don’t go to work.” Xiao He listens to me, turned the head frown I asked me: “Do you have to eat? Do you have to go?” It’s okay. “Xiao He is full of face, in fact, she didn’t find the old eyes of the name of the name to stare at her? I will find a chance to smash her little hand, but she is just coming in. The question has not been solved. As long as it is in the style of leadership, let her halt a word.

So I don’t want to sigh, I took out a pink little mobile phone and said that after turning on: “Hello, tell you something, the evening department has gather, it is estimated that it is very late to come back. Don’t wait for me to eat it yourself. Don’t use it, don’t pick me up, then say, please. “After I hangled, I know that she is talking to the boyfriend, the boy I have seen, the child is high Still tide, and Xiaomei seems to be a college classmate.

After notifying all the colleagues who go to work, I will report to the Director of Wang. After I knocked on the door, I saw him in the style of the mold. I saw the newspaper before the desk. I saw me coming in to show a smile: “How? All notified?” “” Yes, all notified. I nodded.

“Well, no problem? Do you not go?” He asked again. In fact, I know that this old guy is trying to ask Xiao, but I can’t go directly to him: Leadership! Do not worry! Your young and you promised!

Only continue to reply: “No, everyone supports leadership.” “Good!” Wang Director, Haha smiled: “That’s good! I will call the hotel.” At this moment, it is not far from get off work. , I will check the driver of leaders, and I can start at the time.

Sure enough, the head is ringing, and the director Wang quickly turned downstairs. I quickly opened the car to his face, waiting for him to go up, I was preparing, he said: “Wait, don’t open , Wait a minute. “The leader has instructions. I can only go out, but also stopped in the door of the outpatient floor, if it is a foreign vehicle, I have been defeat. After a long time, I saw Xiaoshi who changed my clothes. This will still be hot, she is wearing a candy color short sleeve shirt, the lower body is a plaid mini dress, which is equipped with Ping Liuhai in recent years, it is really a posture of the young girl.

“Xiao He! Here!” The old fox shouted.

And Xiaomei heard his shouts, with a strange eyes and saw it was his head boss, and blocked the door and waited for her, may not be willing to come over, shook the window Someone shouted: “Director Wang.”

“This …” Xiao He heshiped: “No, I’ve rode the battery car.” “Hey!” Wang Director is unhappy, said: “What are you afraid, the car is safe, I will not be steal, wait for the evening to finish, I will let the little Li help you send it. “I got the mouth, of course, I won’t touch the leader. Xiaomei is estimated that there is no reason to say, I have to hit the head: “That thank you, leaders.”

I want to sit to the co-driver.

“Xiao He Xiaoyu! Come, take me next to me!” The Director Wang quickly lets it, where to leave it. And Xiao He hesitated, said: “Director, I am easy to make a harais, still sit in front.” “What kind of motion! Xiao Li, you give me a stable! If you let Xiaoyo, I will bonize you! He, come! Nothing, Xiao Li’s age is light, but the technology is very good. “If this Xiaoshi does not sit behind, not just not give the director of the king, even if there is still the meaning of my technology, I At a sigh, the leaders really are leaders, and they speak different.

Sure enough, Xiaomo finally succumbed, some unnaturally opened the rear door, sat on the director of Wang. I saw her sitting, just ignited the car.

The director of the king, smiled and smiled, I went to Xiao, to talk: “Xiao He, I heard that what is the old health care, is it?” Talking about the work, Xiao He didn’t dare to neglect, quickly replied: “Yes, I used to do it in the nursing homes in the city. Later, because of the relationship between home, this is coming back.” “Well.” Wang Director seems to think about it, I estimate that he is also installing, because the car has already gone I will not go to see them again, but I am concentrating.

“You this major, and our work is not too counter-mouth.” Director Wang said to Xiao.

“Director.” Xiaobi is a bit fear, rush: “I know that my major is not very right, but I will work hard. Please study more. Please guide the concern, if you have turned the opportunity, please Director you have turned it. I am more concerned … “My mouth is gently, he guides concerns? Caring is no problem, as for guidance, that is, it is difficult for the director of the king, it is estimated that he knows that he hasn’t been half a month.

However, the leaders of course have different people, I have nodded: “Well, your attitude is good, I can see it in this half month, just turn this thing, still have to look at the opportunity, Xiao He said, is it? This old-colored wolf seems to take the opportunity to shoot Xiao Ye’s hand, and I secretly looked at the little sister behind the rear view, I saw her cheeks red, and it seems that some of the enthusiasm of this old man. I shook it again in my heart, I can’t get it, I can’t touch my hands. When you see his true face, it is estimated that you can’t escape.

In fact, I sent the director to Nanyang, there is still a major task that is not completed. Of course, the director will not take the initiative to prompt me, I need my own opportunity.

Sure enough, the chance is coming, in a corner, I see a little boy is in the red light, I quickly stepped on the throttle, just rushed over, I only got away from him for twenty or 30 meters. I haven’t dropped the speed. The old guy is estimated to be looking at it, seeing even the call: “Be careful!” I quickly squatted the steering wheel. In fact, I have a good time, it is impossible to meet, just to put a surprise look. .

Because my emergency turning, Xiaoyi can’t prevent it, a excitement, the body is in the director of the king, and the director of the Wang, who is ready, will naturally put the balance, and put it over. Put it in his arms. It was a warm jade in a time, and I wiped the sweat carried the car, but also stretched out the head to make a few unfortunate children.

When I put his head back, he has pretended to apologize to Deputy Director Wang said: “Director, I’m sorry, just so sudden, so I stopped the car did not advance.” The old satyr He was holding a small shock, a groping also kept stroking the girl’s back, but how small it was substantially entirely his hug in the arms. “How do you engage in? Does not want, is not it! I have to be careful in the future!” Director Wang pretended to be angry with me, thundered. Although I know he was just acting, but still a few drops of cold sweat, quickly nodded and said: ‘! Yes, director sorry, I’ll certainly be careful. “Then I went on the road, Xiao He slowly after a long pregnant from him disentangle, pink clouds face is red to the roots of his neck, he did not know it was premeditated, was still there for me to talk about things: “Director Wang, Mike is not intentional, it is that the child has a surprise ., and you do not blame him, “silly girl, I feel a trace of moving moment, and naturally Director Wang agreed and said:” Never mind, just now I’m just afraid scared you, I do not really blame Mike. “this relieved Xiao He.

And finally to the front of the hotel, the waiter came up to help young He opened the door, Deputy Director Wang said: “Xiao He, ah, you go on our first appear together and the effect is not very good and I stopped the car and then Li up!..” you’ll feel bad influence back, I really speechless. He is estimated to be small really believed, Deputy Director Wang also gratefully looked at, this from the hall door, go to the box we laid down.

The Deputy Director Wang then patted me on the shoulder, ho ho smiled and said: “! Li, ah can approach more and more skilled, and promising promising ha ha!!!” I smile apologetically at one side, the side replied: “leadership is well-taught.” duo laugh.

Chapter parked in a parking lot in the back yard, I accompanied Deputy Director Wang looked into this not too upscale hotel. I used to wonder why Director Wang has always been with us come here to eat, not to those places more on the grade, then slowly know, because people cooked fairly director of this hotel, not only has a special on the service preferential treatment, will also provide some special services, as to what kind of late will be mentioned.

In the warm beauty guide waiter, the director of a protruding beer belly with my strode to the already set a good box, I saw the door was standing a man, seemed to be waiting, I’ve seen this man, remember is a company selling medical equipment business manager, this time is reach out to conspire director Wang in front of his face with a very big smile and said:! “director Wang returning to the long-lost, for coming today you can compliment a meal, it is the younger brother . honor ah “Director Wang Yang a head, a stomach that guanjia momentum naturally came out, he reached out a hand holding the guy’s hand and said:” Chen ah, today you Thanks we invite the entire department for dinner, would like to thank you ah “that surnamed Chen quickly replied:” Shucks, you are willing to come, Chen is a highly of me, do not come out to speak, Director Wang you come! . “said opened the door when Director Wang Ying in, and which has been seated around the table of the first to the crowd, and quickly got up from his chair are, say hello to the Director Wang. Director Wang random in a banker, sat on top of them vacated by theme, and I easily found a place to sit, the Deputy Director Wang Chen sat down opposite of. In fact like this, the factory people invited us to dinner is a common thing, to put it bluntly, they mainly ask Deputy Director Wang this can have the final say, but we’re just passing it together, coupled with the Director Wang already make good use people’s resources at your own people, so every few days to pull our gang over corruption. According to him, this is the work, not the style of wine on the table, and that is bad style of work. So even if we do not want to, in general, nothing would matter only thing obediently accompany them.

And I’m pretty good, because to drive, coupled with the leadership in general are very cherish their own lives, so I do not need hostesses dry matter, while the other male colleague was not so lucky, basically the king under the despotic power of the director, is to ask you to drink spit, Tuwan continue to drink, drink so far has been lying on the ground. And even I, sometimes he came keen interest, it makes me go hard, would rather play the last home.

However, the purpose of today’s prince is obviously very clear. He smiled and sat down the far away: “He !! Come, you take me on the side, change your position with the old leaves.” It’s a rapid retired person. It naturally doesn’t even see such a obvious thing. His face has taken the initiative to take the initiative, and the face is unwilling but there is no choice but to exchange the seat. After everyone sat down, the Chen Manager issued the words: “Leader, what we drink today?” Wang Director’s eyes, the waiter in the eyes: “Let’s open ten bottles of red, not enough to wait again.” The wine here is not very suitable, the price is probably twice the outer, this kind of red bar, more than one hundred in the supermarket, and here must be three hundred bottles, ten bottles are 3,000! I have not so much a month, but that Chen Manager is obviously not careless, calling waiters on the wine, but also asked me: “Xiao Li is? What?” : “Chen Manager is polite, I am casually, Wang Laoji is good.” In fact, I am a driver, I am not bad, under the hand of the king, whether you are a male woman, will drink! Even if there is an alcohol allergy, you have asked you to drink beer. But today, my luck is obviously, only listening to Wang Director’s finger a point: “Xiao Li, you drink! Take a taxi at night, the car is placed in the hotel, you will come back early.” I listened to my heart. ” Helpless, only honestly promise on his mouth, this old-saving wolf is definitely premeditious today, otherwise it will not call me in the end so soon. When the wine came, the waiter turned a circle, and after the red wine was poured, the director of the Wang raised the wine glass and said: “Well, let’s start! Come, dry a cup!” All people cater to the cup, Then put the red wine in the cup, and everyone who has been hungry and panic is finally started. When several young male colleagues and Chen Manager have taken the initiative to respect the wine, the director of the Wang smiled and took the dish, and sent it to Xiaomei bowl: “Xiao He, see you, eat more! You can rest assured, sitting next to me, I will naturally take care of you. “Xiao He sat next to the director of the king, it was a little inseparable, so it was a bit red, and I watched a few times. Eyes, I have not paying attention to her colleagues, this is whising to the director of the king.

Director Wang Xiao smiled, raised the wine glamor and said: “Come, Xiao He, I do it, you will feel free.” After the cup, the cup, I touched it, I took a clean wine in the cup. . The leaders did it, who really dares to random, Xiao He is a bit of a cup, and the director of the king said: “Thank you Director, I also do it.” Then frown put the glass in the cup. Net.

Director Wang smiled and said: “Hey, you are good, it’s cool! Come, eat vegetables to eat vegetables.” It also puts the chopsticks and put it in her bowl. The people around also understand the intentions of the director of the king, and they have begun to persuade the wine. Even I just raised the cup. I wanted to respect the director, all of his hints, temporarily turning the cup to the young, not I know who is the protagonist this evening.

In this way, Xiao He quickly couldn’t stand it. She just entered the society as I was like me, where there was a long-awaited old fritter strip, and a few times, it seems that it seems to drop the water. Soon she borrowed her toilet, escaped. Director Wang did not go to the goal, I was temporarily smashing Wang Lei and Xiao Terrand, which is in addition to my youngest guy in the department. It is said that it is brought by the backstage. It is basically unlicensed. But in the wine table, it is not afraid of death, and the director of the king is loved. This doesn’t take advantage of Xiao He. On the occasion of the middle scene, the director Wang played with them. I will hold it with you. Although the cup is not too big, only two or two cups, but it is red wine, a few cups are a lot of bottles, and the director of the king is just symbolically wet lips.

Just as they called her hard, Xiao Ye finally came back from the bathroom, and the two were loose.

Sure enough, the firepower moved to Xiaomei immediately: “Xiaoshi, how to go for so long, come! First, a cup will be punished.” Said to give her a lot of cups.

Xiao Heikin, even in the handsome: “Director, I can’t drink so much.” “That’s fine, you will drink half, you can don’t say it again.” I have been drinking half, and the director will be happy: “Right, this is a good comrades! You are more than yourself, seeing a little girl, the wine is better than you.” Everyone quickly made the director and Xiaojingao. At this time, Xiao Ye said, she quickly said, sorry, I got the phone and ran to the corridor. I just urgently, I got up to the toilet, I heard Xiaoshi, I heard Xiao Ye, I was to complain about my boyfriend: “You will pick me up, I can’t. Our Director, I don’t know what happened, I always stare at me. Let me drink with him, this will start my head. “I saw me, she revealed a helpless smile, nodded, I greeted.

I also nodded, I ran to the toilet. When I came back, I heard the intercity of her and the director of Wang from the bathroom. It turned out that the director of the Wang also came out. He is talking about him: “Xiaomei, how? Boyfriend is anxious You told him that we are working, he is a boyfriend, you can support you. “Xiaoyi naturally promised. I just want to turn around and return to the box, but suddenly I heard Xiao Ye’s excitement, I am very long: “Director, what happened, you …” I got, I didn’t dare to rely again, I didn’t see it again, I Snoving an eye. The Director Wang actually pressed Xiaomei to the wall, leaning on her.

“Oh, Xiao, I am really embarrassed, I drink more, I am a little dizzy.” He put it as a bit of wine, and there is a breath, and a hand is on the wall, but the body is still a small pressure. what. Xiao He didn’t drink a lot, and then was smoked by the wine in the mouth of the king, and the health of the nausea was more groggy. I forgot to push him away, just there. I don’t know what it is.

The director of the Wang is bile, and a big mouth suddenly kissed Xiao Ye’s lips. He suddenly worched, after a few seconds, he pushed the director of the king, while looked at him, one side Running your lips, but I didn’t dare to scream, with anger of the king director: “You … what do you do! Director you can do?” Wang Director is embarrassed, said: “Xiao He, it is really sorry. Just an impulse, there is no control. “

Seeing Xiao, I stared at myself using a kind of eye god who watched the colored wolf, and then said: “In fact, I really like the girl like you, I can’t help you. Because I don’t know why, I think you are particularly like the first love girlfriend in our university … “I can’t help but wanted to spray this sentence, let me not say that this old guy will not go to college, even if there is, The college students in that year will be like this, wear a short skirt, get such a trendy hair? It’s also particularly like it, it’s just a crap. It is a bit a little bit to be a bit, and the tone is also slow: “It turned out to be like this, but Director, how do you say that you can’t do this, but there is a boyfriend, he knows that you are not looking for you.” Director Wang went up and grabbed her little hand, she said before she didn’t break free: “You listen to me, I didn’t stay with me, I have been forgotten in this year. Can’t let her. “Then I got to her ear. I said something, I haven’t heard it, but I’ve been related to the preparation of Xiaomei and the bonus.

Sure enough, I heard the sentence, Xiao He stopped struggling, I believe he must be a promise, and now the girl has a school, soon will be soaked by the social dyeing cylinder, clothes bag cosmetics what Money will be more attractive to their attractions than in the school.

When I stayed with Xiao, the director Wang once again attacked her little mouth. This time Xiaoshi looked at this man who could be a father, but did not resist. I pearly looked at this scene, and my heartbeat also began to speed up, a fat-headed and old man, glowing a young beautiful style, a girl kissed, such a lens is very impact. I can even see that Wang Director reached into Xiaomei’s mouth, some greedily sucking young girl aromatic saliva.

Director Wang came out so long, in general, the people in the box have already fallen, but they have not seen the situation, and it is estimated that such things are not the first time. They all know what to do should not have anything. . Director Wang kissed Xiaoshi’s mouth, but he was obviously unable to satisfy. When his big hand suddenly stretched out of the blouse, he woke up when he was played, and he woke himned. He pushed him away. He looked at the Director Wang Director with complex look. Word.

Director Wang whole clothes, whispering said: “Xiao He, I just said that I said it is serious. You consider it. I will go in.” Said to push the door of the box and return to the wine table.

Xiao He is standing in the country, I don’t know what I’m thinking, I have been taking it up for a long time, got the hair of the director of the king, which is complicated back to the box.

The third chapter see them all in, I also followed the box. After the people around you, there is no one if I haven’t seen it because I have left my long time, I am boring in my heart. After all, I am just a can have no role.

Director Wang has begun to raise a cup to persuade Xiaomei, and Xiao Ye is probably listening to his words, although he is hesitant to drink with him at a point. While Wang Director kept talking to her with a hint, I kept talking to her, while using my eyes, I couldn’t impress a few quick cooperation with Wang Lei Xiao Zhou. So, in several of our trumps, Xiao He is even couldn’t help. When the director Wang wants to pour her, she finally slammed her head, and she refused to let him down. Director Wang put the wine bottle, the face is pulled, and we said: “You are, the wine is not good. Today, Xiao Xu is not, you should learn from her, and the small Xu wines is general, but Every time, it is very refreshing. The minister. Director Wang said that there is two layers of meaning. One is that Xiao Ye is not cool, and the two nature is suggesting Xu Yan, Xu Yan, although there is any certificate, but because of the director, not only turn it, even Bonus is the most in the entire department. Everyone knows, but no one will break the layer of paper.

Director Wang said, Wang Lei and Xiao Zhou are smirk, because these two people can drink alcohol, but they are not as Xu Yan, which is not as Xu Yan. Can they say that they do not say, they can only have a cup, together with the director of the prince: “The director said that we have not done it, please take a lot of guidance.” And then drank, Just smiling and stained your lips. Since they took the lead, colleagues who were full of tables had to respect the director of the king, and Xiao Ye also couldn’t be spared, and the Director Wang was filled with a red wine, frowning. I just finished it, I couldn’t help but ran to the toilet, and it was estimated that I was going to spit.

When she came back, her face has become paleward from the red, definitely vomiting.

But if you think that the Director Wang will look at you on your spit, then you absolutely want to be wrong. Take it, continue to drink! In this way, Xiaoshi is in a non-stop, I was forced to pick a cup of drink, and I ran two toilets. I think she is already drunk. Even her boyfriend came to call, and did not find out the phone by the director of the Wang. When the director Wang finally announced the license, we have been ate for more than three hours, and those colleagues have rushed to leave a flying away. Xiao He is drunk and a little fascinating, and the director of Wang is still talking about the saying: “You have come back, I will be responsible for sending her back.” Those people don’t know Wang Director What do you have anything, you don’t have your own, and you don’t have anything, saying that such a thing is not the first time, and you have not seen the hotel. That manager has settled the account, and the director of the Dynasty said: “Director Wang, I will take a step forward, we will give you another day.” Then I also smiled.

Finally, I only have the director of the king and the Xiaoshous, Xiao He one drunk eyes, Wang Director, I said, “Xiao Li, you drink a lot tonight, don’t drive It’s okay, I will take a taxi. I will pick me up early. “I should have, I will say goodbye to the director and Xiaomei, I am going to leave, and I found that Xiaoshi has almost lost God, I can’t determine when I greeted. She is heard. I got out of the box, I feel that my urine is pouring, and I quickly rushed to the toilet. After I pulled up the zipper, I saw the Director Wang, who took the door, and tried to hit the hotel.

That service is also the old man, naturally met the director of the king, and then nodded before he enthusiastically: “Director Wang, do you need help?” Director Wang said faintly: “The room called your manager should be better. Is it a few?? “Service student replied:” Please wait! “Then I took out the phone asked it, replied:” Director Wang, is the old room, 522, want me to send you? “Wang Director holds the drunken little, must be very hard, probably many people also support the drunken people, the weight is completely different, and it is difficult to listen to the corpse. Director Wang is not a small age. Natural physical strength is not very good, but I have to nod: “You will move her to her.” The two people have entered the elevator in the elevator.

I drank some wine, I wanted to go home early, but I saw this scene. I actually excited. The wine seems to be scattered, suddenly a bold ideager, do you want to steal Look, if you won’t be done by Director Wang?

This thought, I will never suppress this impulse, plus the wine energy, I ran away from the stairs quickly, when I ran into the fiveth floor from the safety exit, I found 522 Obey opposite, in the most edge of the floor, and fortunately, it is estimated that the Director Wang will come, the room door is not locked, but the director of Wang and the waiter have not yet, it is estimated to be a small It’s too powerful. Even God help me! Can I not seize the opportunity? I don’t know where to come, I suddenly fell into the room. This is only a round bed of gun. It is a huge blindle wardrobe opposite the bed. I can’t believe my eyes. After staying, the voice of the director of the king came, and I quickly missed a bodhisattva, and I rushed into the closet, and closed the door.

Negache it in the wardrobe, although the space is small, you can still endure, and the most cool is to see the outside from inside, and if the person outside this point is not close to it It is impossible to find the situation inside.

“Hey, this little girl didn’t think so heavy!” After a few seconds, the director of Wang and the waiter entered the room, throwing it in the bed. The back of the red wine is probably upset. Xiao He has just aware of it, but it will be as a dead as a dead.

Director Wang gasped and took a hundred dollar bills from the widop, handed it to the waiter: “I didn’t expect this girl to vomit, I still spit you, come and take it.” It turned out that Xiao He was spit on the road, and it was really fortunate that it was so long. The waiter was naturally full of laughing, and the director of the king said: “Then I will not bother, the director of the king will take a break.” Said that the director Wang went out, Wang Director quickly locked the door.

I only leave the king director in the room, and I am in the woolen and hidden in the closet. Director Wang thought that there was no outsiders, and the husband and challenge, Xiao Xiao: “Small Saima, see you again, today I can finally fall into my hand!” I saw Xiao He full of blush in bed. It is regularly breathed, the thin top did not cover the little waist, the tempting navel was exposed to the air, and the short skirt was even more than the long enough, the light pink, small panties, was hidden. The breath of the young girl, let Director Wang almost two eyes, where will I pay attention to the existence of me in the room?

Director Wang is in a hurricane, and it is used to use the thick tongue to 小何 的 爱爱 的 小, 是 吮 舐 舐, 舔 小 小 小 都 被Directly, but wakes up, just contain confused: “Husband … don’t make trouble …” It is estimated that he regards Wang Director as his own boyfriend. And the director Wang knows that it is not himself, and it is also laughed: “Baby is really awkward, my husband is hurting you, haha!” He pulled the Xiaoshi, slapted Xiaoshi’s pale yellow The bra, Xiao Hefeng breasts are exposed to the director of the king. I widened my eyes and stared at the baby’s chest. The towering double peak, the plump and charming beautiful curved, the tip of the milk blooms two pink small grapes. I used to find Xiaoshi’s tits. It is estimated to have a d cup.

“I didn’t expect people to make a small tits, today, I have been sent.” Wang Director left the water, and the two breasts that grabbed Xiaomei were dead. Amazing is great!

After playing the tits, Director Wang, of course, will not be so satisfying, he set off Xiaoshi’s short skirt and took her small underwear, threw it. After separating Xiaoshi’s legs, I buried my head into her legs, it seems to be a tender hole that is smoother.

Available old wolf! Really good flowers are giving like this pig! I thought about my heart. Director Wang hugged Xiao He’s young hips, kept tease the beautiful petals of young beautiful women, and there were some feelings in the sleeping little, showing “… …”, the beautiful face is also Pink, it seems that under the attack of the director of Wang, it has also begun to have a lust.

Director Wang smiled and took a hand, put the two fingers into the mouth and stained the water, leaned the two fingers and slowly entered Xiao Ye’s lower body … Xiao He’s snoring also became bigger, Slowly Wang Director’s finger has an extensive crystal juice, that is the obscene water.

“Said goods, usually see you on your surface, Laozi wants to do you! See how you look at the bed, now I am still dug, I am still drought in this, see that I don’t die today!” After the director Wang accelerates, the prostitutes in Xiaoshi, such as spring water, like honey, from the director of the king, fell to the sheets, and the 哧 水 声 will continue from the bottom of the short skirt. Director Wang sometimes inserts the finger root and then continues to pump, sometimes he is like a vagina, sometimes it is stirring. This kinky master, soon, I will make the babies to make the armor, but the ass will twist with the movement of the Wang Director, the director of the king’s fingers will not stop in Xiaoshi’s lower body. After a few minutes, Xiao He Sudden mouth, I have an unconscious voice, my body suddenly tight, and the lotion spurted out a lot of liquid, and wet a large piece of the sheets, I took it slowly down. Xiao He was killed by the director of the king. I have to admire the doctor’s means!

And the Director Wang has been playing for a long time, and the cock will be swelling early. At this time, I finally removed my clothes, squatted on Xiaomei, separated her legs, my mouth smiled: “Little beauty, you are mine tonight! Look at my little hole!” Then I won the bang’s butt, helping his thickness, and inserted Xiaomei. in vivo.

The fourth chapter “Well! It’s so tight! It’s so warm! The young sister’s small hole is different!” The Director Wang Jun just fought the vagina in Xiaoshi, and it was cool. He was crazy to swing from the waist, and the coarse dick opened Xiaomei’s labie, and he joined the most precious meat hole of the young girl. Although Xiao He was so powerful, he consciously clamped the buttocks of Wang Director with his legs, but the director of the king was surprised. She might thought that her boyfriend was doing her, it was still huned. Voice.

Director Wang hugged Xiaoshi’s hips accelerated her. I saw Xiaoyu’s hip flap by ten fingers deeply, and the beautiful woman was originally pure, but it was yelling at the director of the prince. .

He worked hard, one hand held the waist, and his hand stretched into the front to knead the little tits.

The ugly mask of Xiaohe is covered with the prostitutes in the body, and the red and tender and yin, who is filled with the mask, the pink tender meat is turned over, I looked at Xiaoshi, one side Finally, I couldn’t help but sneak out the meat stick. Xiao He’s charm makes me excited, I can’t help with my hand to quickly set up my penis.

The coarse meat stick under the director of the king is in one way to plug in Xiaoshi’s meat. And Xiaomei was also getting more and more crazy in the sleep, but the butt was actually a quite ate with the departure of Wang Director. Director Wang turned over, then he helped her butt to reveal the cavity, the meat rod was sinking to the sketch of the neighborhood, and inserted it. At this time, he is more like a dry puppy in the geometry, while drying while using one hand to play the hairy hair, the other hand stretches to the front of the big tits.

“I am fuck! I am jealous! Your obscenity is too good! He is hot … and wet … I want to die … I am drying you!” The director of the king shouted, swinging his hips, once again In depth into the small hole, although his meat stick is shorter, it is still possible to directly operate the vaginal depth of Xiaoshi, hit the pure flower of Xiaomian.

Director Wang then picked hundreds, he might also went to heaven’s edge, shouting in his mouth: “Laozi is going to shoot! Laozi is going to shoot in your belly, let you pregnant me, let your husband Help me to raise children, wait later, tell him that my child is wild! Um … … “Wang Director slammed the heart, the whole person was stiff, and her hands were tightly grabbed. The shoulder, I understand that he is ejaculation, his glans are shooting a lot of sperm, they are rushing to drill into Xiaomei, and then enter the womb, the huge pure eggs make Xiao Shi.

Seeing such a slutty scene, I couldn’t stand it, I didn’t make a voice, and I didn’t have a sound. I feel unparalleled but itch but I rushed into my brain. A lot of escorted, I am more The hard sets of meat sticks, the semen sprayed in the wardrobe, the clothes and hands are everywhere, and I am slowly eager from the climax. I gradually calm down.

Director of the King of King, which is finished, it seems that it is calm. He is very calmly wearing clothes, and he doesn’t take care of the Xiaoshi in the bed. The door is waiting for a few minutes, and I can’t help but drill from the closet. Now in this bed, there is only one beautiful girl in a small hole, and a young man in a double eye! Everyone knows what happens next.

The joy in my heart is really unparalleled. I know that I will take this opportunity, I can’t know what I will appear here, I will only think that I have been treated by the director of the king, and I don’t need me to back. It is too perfect.

I quickly rushed into the bed, hugging this poor girl who has not recovered awareness, the young woman’s own fragrance, let me be intoxicated. I grabbed her two big tits, I was biting, playing for a long time, suddenly in my heart, I took out a camera that I usually brought in my small bag.

Because I like photography, the camera I took is not bad, I can say it is a single reaction machine, this will send a big use! My naked naked, from all angles, and even opened a headlight, I have a few close-up to the genitals who have flowed with the semen, and also use the hand to open the lips to the vagina. One, the poor little whistling part is taken within the camera.

After taking the nude photos, I threw the camera aside, continue to stop the way to stop last, I first stroked her to breast enhancement, she was still ignorant, let me play, then I will another I went to the inside of Xiaoshi’s thigh slowly slipped to her pussy, gently touching it on the soft and tender lips, the young little hole is really tender, that feels make me crazy . I continued to pick Xiao Yos’s breast, and enjoy her unique girl incense, one with her hand, one with a mouth sucking the nipple, then just shot the fine cock, actually there Signs, I suddenly felt that my old second urgent borrowing. I took out my sparkling meat stick, and I suddenly inserted into Xiaomei’s vagina. Maybe it was just being done by the director of the king, and there were some lack of obscene moisture in the small hole. I have a good Sanded inserted, smeared on the meat stick while spitting the saliva, because the saliva was covered with a meat stick, and the vaginal finally became lubricated. At this time, I also seem to be a paradise, so hot! Xiaoshi’s vagina is really the best, let me can’t help but feel comfortable.

Xiaomei, I finally dried you!

I lie on her chest, with her nipple in his mouth, and the meat stick rose left in her young little hole, the fierce friction of the cock and the vaginal wall, and the young numbness of the young, Xiaoshi’s enormous pointers finally started the source The ground is flowing, my dicks come in Xiaoshi, change the frequency and rhythm, never think about it to do this, you can do a young girl, and maybe his boyfriend is looking for her, she is looking for her. I have died in my husband to die. I have begun to understand the happiness of Wang Director!

My heart is in the fierce beating, the meat stick jumps in Xiaomei, with the feeling of ejaculation, I suddenly feel compared to the intra, I want to shoot in Xiaomei’s mouth, I am burying I have pulled out the dick before, and I opened her little mouth, and then I started ejaculation. This ejaculation made me black, and a strong pleasure made my testicles. Looking at Xiaoyan’s mouth is my semen, but also flowing down with the mouth, I have a sense of unparalleled satisfaction. I quickly picked up the camera and took this precious and beautiful scene.

After a break, I still can’t let this delicious meat, I put the dick in Xiaomei’s small hand, rubbed back, watching her semen obscenity, the mind is not stopped. I didn’t expect the penis that had just so fierce ejaculation to a miracle, although it is a bit half of soft, but really touched. In the young, the vagina is still more slippery, I sold the meat stick in, and I took a few times, I slowly tally.

I roughly pressed the little why, and I used the dick to continue to plug in her. I only had a thought in my heart. I have to shoot my semen in Xiaomei, because I have an obsession and only ejaculation in a woman’s uterus, In order to be truly raped, this woman’s body, leaving your mark in her body.

So when I think so, I originally resumed the energetic because of the body of ejaculation.

I played with her clitoris in one hand, playing with her tits in one hand, half of the chicken half a sleeper rubbing the tender meat on the vaginal wall, suddenly her body began to tremble, I am surprised, I have to wake up! I didn’t expect it that it was a burst of her body, and a lot of yin crossed on my glans. Xiao Yu suddenly clipped tightly put my meat stick dead.

day! Said goods can be unconscious, I have a climax, I am hot in my heart, I started to insert her more violently, I will not shoot, my sperm is ejected from the glans, and it is filled into her uterus. , Contaminated with the sacred palace of the girl, I am so cool, I only swear, my mouth only: “Xiao He! You this little point! I done you! By shooting you!” After shooting this fine, I feel The legs are somewhat soft, and after the soft body, I will breathe the dick from her body. Because the time is long, the semen has already invested in the uterus, I started to count if I was pregnant with the semen of the Director today, this child would be my or Director?

After the enthusiasm faded, I started timidity. If I woke up at this time, I will finish! I quickly wore the clothes and packed up the battlefield. I watched the clue without leaving my anything or something that is not conducive to my clues. I rushed to leave this room. Of course I left the door. That Xiaoyi is not to be alive in life? I didn’t dare to take the elevator. I went down the building from the Ling Road. Because I was awake, I went to the parking lot to take the car back home. When I went carefully, I watched the naked photo and lascitation close-up. It was really blood and boiling, and I had a few times. I didn’t even feel too few two times. I should do it a few times.

But when I regret it, I also know that if she said, she may say that it is really a wake up, that is, it is my turn.

Sleeping over the night, I woken up in the sky, I really slept in the past, and I almost even the alarm clock was not awake. I have been in the morning, I have been twenty minutes later than usual. Oops! I have to pick him up to the director of the king! I quickly went downstairs and launch the car to step on the throttle of the throttle.

Before the door of the director of Wang, he has been waiting there. I quickly stopped the car. After he got a car, I apologize: “Director, I am really embarrassed, I have a little late this morning, go to the hotel It has been late. “Director Wang is probably a very mood very well, smiled:” Nothing, usually you don’t drink, I have a lot of drink last night, I can get up, I don’t blame you. “Listen to him. I put down my heart. After sending him to the unit, I imagine how Womoto will react today, she will find the director of the king to desperately desperate? But unexpectedly, when I saw Xiao Ye, although she didn’t seem to be silent than often, she did not have special emotions, and it was estimated that she had accepted the facts of the director of the king. It’s just that she doesn’t know, it takes a cheap person who is cheap, and I have this leak.

At the end of the month, Xiao He won the bonus card for her director, although she did not be turned, but he heard that her bonus was still higher than the salary. As for why, this bonus is award, probably only her and king Director knows.

The fifth chapter has done a small why, the next day is still as usual, but it is unexpected that Xiao Ye did not turn it in advance because he lost his hero. happy? Finally, once I wanted to find a leader, I just heard the voice of Wang Director in the door.

“He Man, you have been played by me, why bother to put what is pure? You see Xu Yan, people are more beautiful than you? But she is much more than you, you just have to follow me, turn forward Not a sentence? “I heard the story of Wang Wang, I know that when I was never in, I thought about secretly opening.

But I heard the voice of Xiao Ye: “Director, how can you say this, I am a boyfriend, how can I be with you …” “Hey!” Wang Director, I smiled and interrupt Xiao Ye. : “How is the wife, still have a husband, what are you putting on? Well, I don’t like to force people, if you don’t promise, there is no way. Just I can tell you, others are squeezing my head is a Turning the number, since you don’t cherish it, you regret it, don’t look for me. “Xiao He Sileble and said:” Thank you Director, can I go? “” Go, I think about it. ” When I pushed the door, I couldn’t avoid it, I hit her opposite. She looked at me with a pair of panic eyes, I had to hit her smile and nodded. She is full of panic, it is estimated that I have heard that I have been heard by the breakdown of the Director. In fact, I have been heard again, even the fucking is played together, but I don’t know anyone in myself.

Xiao He has reacted, and the pretty face became popular, and quickly lowered his head and hurried from me. I shrugged, gently buckled the door, and the voice of the director of the king was said: “Please come.” I sorted out clothes and pushed the door. Director Wang has already said, rushing me: “Is Xiao Li, what is the matter?” I tiny, said: “Director, the director of the B-ultrasound, just let me talk, say to you If you have something to do. “The director of the king is bright. This Gu Director is also his oldest, a husband is not around the mature woman, as for the two, I will not be very clear.

He heard the summons of the lover, quickly sorted out the work in his hand, stood up and said to me: “Xiao Li, you don’t have to wait for me, go back. I will go first, what is going to find me, you Transfer. “

I quickly agreed, and I thought about the dog day, I would have to shut down again. Every time I go to shoot, I called the past, I prompt “The phone you have dial has been stopped”, where is there so coincidence? If the leader can transfer his intelligence from the research telecom knowledge to work, the department, the hospital, there must be a day. Director Wang hurriedly got out of the door, and I didn’t even have a light, because I haven’t arrived at get off work, I will not work in advance, so I am sitting on the sofa in the office, I took out the mobile phone to appreciate it. The nude photos taken in the days.

Looking at the beautiful face of the flush face, round the breast, and the close-up of the semen, and then think about the naked owner, I can’t help but bother. I suddenly think about it in my heart, if I can do it every day! I strongly embarrassed the boyfriend of the boyfriend, and I can’t see the young girl who looks quite weak. I didn’t succumb to the prostitutes and temptation of the Director Wang, and I was quite worthy of him.

I am angry with a photo, I am looking to god, suddenly heard a voice in front of him: “What is it, such a god?” Who! I am panic, I want to collect the hand of the mobile phone, the hand is busy with the mobile phone, and the position of the land is in front of a pair of high heels, it is necessary to die, the mobile phone screen is 小 小 小何 高 因为 张 因为Seductive face.

Oops! I want to take back mobile phones, the master of high heels, but I will take my mobile phone in my hands. I am cold, this is over, I’m not seeing others, it is the closest Xu Yan, the most intimate Xu Yan, director of the department. .

Xu Yanzheng turned over the photos in the mobile phone. With a picture, her expression is getting surprised.

“Give me!” I took a mobile phone, put it into the pocket, and my mouth was born with a lot of gas. The corner of the mouth is brought into a bitter smile, I am too big, why didn’t you close the door, I’m looking at Xiaomei’s nude photos, I still have to find that there is no discovery that I have come in, I haven’t found it.

“How do you … will Haven the nude photos?” Xu Yan’s eyes took a deep doubts and asked: “I remember that Herman has a boyfriend! Will not be you, when the third party is inserted Let’s don’t know what expressions on my face, although Xu Yan does not guess the real facts, but if she is in Xiaomei, or I am asking this, I am estimated. Light is lost, and if it is, it is possible to enter the bureau.

“Xu Jie!” Because Xu Yan’s age is almost 30, it is a few years old, so I have been commemorating with my sister: “Can I ask you something, you see the photo, you can help me confidential Do you ask you for your younger brother.

When I made a worship, I couldn’t worry, she was sitting around me, she said with a smile: “I have been coming to find the director, I didn’t expect you. I dare to watch these in his office. If I don’t come in, what is you still have to play? “I hurriedly swayed:” Xu Jie, don’t laugh at me, I dare, I am very large Don’t be difficult for me. “” Hey! “Xu Yanbi challed:” How is it difficult for you? I won’t be a bad thing yourself, this is afraid that I will give you this matter? ” She guess a half, my heart smirk, but if I promised, I definitely be bullied by her, I suddenly burned, I suddenly became a bright smile, and I put out a humble smile, and Xu Yan said: ” In fact, this photo is not what I want to shoot. I don’t want to be promoted. It is really reason. “” Hey? “Xu Yan came to interested, smiled and said:” Ok, I will I listen to you here, if you can’t persuade me, I will tell Ho Many. “

Day, I also threatened me. But at this time, my heart is already in my heart. Of course, I will not be afraid of her, but I will recruit it to her, indicating that she rely over.

She took doubts, but because of curiosity, she took the ear. In the past, I saw her unusual white skin, and she was not like a woman who was already thirty. It was a seductive skin that exuded a unique seductive shiny woman. Xu Yan is because of the relationship with the director of Wang, the only person in the department has never wear a white coat. At this time, she is wearing a purple low-chest dress, a pair of abnormal breasts with the range of the body Deep cleavage, let me don’t help but keep your eyes.

“Little ghost, what is it!” I found my voyeur, Xu Yan did not dodge cover, but a big part of me to watch, just on his mouth.

“To see, let’s see again, first say!” She said, I had to return to God, smelling her Chanel’s fragrant flavor, deliberately gotting to her ear, whispering: “In fact, these photos It is the director of the Wang, let me shoot. “” What! “Xu Yan turned his head to me, carefully looked at me.” You said, He Man, she … “I gave it … I don’t pick up, just point Nod. “This old man!” She gently said in his mouth. She thought a little, it is estimated that I believe in me, asked me: “When?” “Not long, in Nanyang. That day you are not.” Xu Yan nodded. She smiled and said: “I didn’t expect Homan to look so pure little girl, the bones are also a sluggish goods.” I smiled and said: “Xu Jie, how do I feel that you are ourselves? ? “She gave me a look, gave me a very kind of eyes:” I am a Sao, what do you want to do? “While talking while talking on my thigh, even I touched my trousers.

This fox! Looking at her full of beautiful body, I was trying to attack, but she immediately stood up, I said: “Since it is the matter, I will keep it secret. You are also careful, today is I saw I have been seen. If it is someone else, this matter is troublesome. “I can’t take a little hard, I’m busy nod:” Yes, Xu Jie, what you teach, I am too unhappy. “Xu Yan It also reveals a hook, and the sound is lowered to me: “It’s just like you don’t have a girlfriend, you can also understand it. Do you want your sister to pass a few photos to you, 嗬嗬.” I Two eyes are light, and I’ve been busy: “Of course, I don’t want it.” “” Your kid is really dare, want to watch my photo to eat chicken? You think beautiful! “She snorted I broke my fantasy at once, then put a hand: “Director is not there, I will go first, the little lifelings give goodbye.” I had to say goodbye to her.

On the next day, I just met Xu Yan in the unit. She seems to have dressed up today. A fluffy curly hair, painted with a tempting pink lip gloss on his lips, and wear a black hanging on a black haugue, chest and cleansing. The gray tight skirt is wrapped in a delicate hip, below is a translucent leggings, with a pair of red high heels.

I always think she is not coming to work, but to tempting people. A place in the hospital to save the wounded, it should be an angel, she actually dress up the devil dress, let me hate her clothes, bit her nipple, then put the old-high penis and plug in her. In the enormous point.

Xu Yan, which is the flower of the department, does not really have, not just all my men have almost can’t help but use the wolf to tear her clothes, but Xu Yan is calm with a smile. In the geographical department, it is not aware that she is a white-collar worker.

This day I have been spending the fantasy of Xu Yan, causing the director to send the director back to the home, I found that my mobile phone was forgotten. I have to return to the unit, I have to go back to the unit, and I will go to the department to find my mobile phone is ready to go back.

However, after the corridor, I accidentally found the light of the director’s office. At this time, it has been 7 o’clock. The Director is also sent back. Who is there?

If you are solemnly driven, I am sneaking, I have left the past, so I can’t easily go to the door, I actually hear a caravite from the room.

Who is it?

Chapter 6 I have been close to the door of the office, from here you can clearly hear the sound of it.

“Said goods, do you wear such a hook today? Is it not yelled?” The man inside is open, I am in a heart, although I have just been invisible, but I really confirmed that I still had a funny feel. Sure enough, Director Wang! You said that I was hard to send him home. He actually sneaked back, tired?

Leadership is leadership, although most people who break the approach are known, but he can’t really fall in someone else’s hand, even how I am going, he still prevents me.

“Yeah, I am a Search? Director, how long have you been skein, is it recent Ho Mun’s fox?” Is Xu Yan’s voice, I still think that this prostitute is so awkward? I have been in order to seduce the director of the king for a long time.

“Fart!” Wang Director is probably rooted, causing Xu Yan and said, then depressed: “Ho Mun’s little girl, it will not be played at all, it has been played by me, I have to have my benefits. Now I have given me pure, really, my mother! “He jealousted a few words, suddenly thinking about what, opening:” How do you know what I am doing by me? This should be no longer dare Say. “Xu Yanjiao laughed a few times, breathed the sentence:” If you want people to know, unless you are an ah! “Next, he listened to the prostitutes who were not sent by the director of the king. I wiped cold sweat, fortunately, this Xu Yan still didn’t sell me directly, otherwise I can be miserable. I think of this, I suddenly gave me your heart, and Xu Yan mastered my challenge. I have to do something sooner or later. Why don’t I give a good opportunity today?

Plus me, I also want to see the sample she was fucking by the director. I secretly took out the camera from the bag, turned off all the sounds. After adjusting the parameters in manual mode, I walked to the door of the director office. forward. The room in the hospital, usually there is a small glass window, just see the situation inside, and at this time, the director of Xu Yan and Wang will not think that there will be such a voyager in this night. Among them, it is silent in the room.

I didn’t dare to reach the head, just secretly align the camera’s camera inside, then observed the camera’s rotating screen. Although the body belt is not SLR, the imaging effect is also very good. The posture of the dog men and women in the screen appeared.

I saw Xu Yan by the director of Wang in the desk. The clothes were not taken off. The front chest was opened by the director, and the bra was unsided. Among them, the mature nipples, and dark red fear can be seen in a clear. Although Many’s tits are not small, after all, after all, there is no man who has been in the moon. It has not been fully developed. Where is it better than a man who is held in his hand? I visually record Xu Yan. The breasts must be on the D cup, and if the hand is caught by the hand, it is certainly cool.

At this time, her face is flush, and it is in the joy of sex. Of course, she will not find the small camera lens appearing outside the window, and the director of the king is more visible to the door, he is making Xu Yan’s The thigh, the woman’s leggings were torn with a big hole, and the underwear was allied. The director put the meat stick deeply in the vagina of the young woman, and hit the smell of the crotch.

“The goods of the owner, I’m doing you cool.” Wang Director got out of the body of the young woman, stirring the woman’s vagina, suddenly extending his head to Xu Yan’s chest, bitbite to a woman’s full breast.

“Ah! Tap!” Suddenly encountered Xu Yan, oral protest: “So embarrassing, isn’t it afraid to bite me?”

“I can’t wait to bite your baby’s milk!” Wang Director said, while desperately biting the grapes of the nipple, another hand gave another gliped breast, full of Hu The mouth also desperately sucker.

I met this opportunity, and quickly pressed the camera, and left the lascivious scene to stay in the memory card. Xu Yan is playing constantly, and the snoring is more violent. Director Wang turned her, let her support her big ass with her hand, then separate the lips of Xu Yan, and the meat stick is straight to the road. Director Wang was on the back of Xu Yan, and his hands grabbed a tits. He excitedly made his best to advance the woman’s vagina, as if he would take her prosthesis.

“Ah! Director! Power, 顶, dry me!” Xu Yan really is not a general little girl, not only don’t ask for it, but also ask men to be more powerful, she gasped like a mother and beast, I bite my own hair in my mouth, and I am talking about.

Director Wang took a long time, it seems to be a bit couldn’t help. He released Xu Yan’s tits, turned to grasp her hips, and the fingers were deeply caught in the meat. And the speed of the plug is also accelerated, and the feeling of the woman’s soft and vaginal wall wrapped in the woman, so that he is full of pleasure and gradually unbearable. Although Xu Yan has been married for several years, the vagina is still like a girl, so that he is cool to hold her butt, and the speed is getting faster.

“The goods, Laozi is shot!” “Shoot … shooting, shooting in!” Xu Yan also wondered, Wang Director finally broke out, he killed the Xu Yan’s small hole and started eruption. Xu Yan seems to have reached a climax, growing up with a unknown voice.

The two gasped, and it took a long time to pay. And I also quietly pressed the stop button and took the camera back. I just did it, so I didn’t pay attention to it around. Since it was completed, in case I saw the camera, I didn’t have a wonderful, anyway, I have already taken enough time, HD full process! If I leak, these two are not a general trouble. “Xu Yan, you are really a baby, beautifully don’t say, I still want to do it a few times.” Director Wang seems to have a small smoke, spit out a smoke stare at Xu Yan.

“Director wants, how can I be accompanied?” Xu Yan’s slow sleek clothes, while continuing to tease Director Wang with his eyes.

“Forget it, you can’t.

Can Xu Yanma pick up the words: “Director is still modest, my husband is not too much, every time I have been dried to the legs.” Xu Yan is compliment, but the director of the king is still very happy. Connectation: “You, it’s a little demon, marry you the husband, it is a waste.” Xu Yan’s husband is just an ordinary business staff, and it is basically no future. However, Xu Yan is still a feeling of her husband, and the director laughed: “Looking for my husband or looking for honesty, if you are looking for you, when you are tired, you will definitely give me.” The director smiled and did not set it.

He opened the topic: “Right, I will send you back.” “Okay.” This will wear a neat, there is: “Can you give Xiao Li to give Xiao Li? What is going on?” “Playing, I am this.”

Director Wang smiled, grabbed Xu Yan’s slightly: “Let’s go, I will send you home and go back. “

Seeing they are coming out, I quickly flash, hid into the toilet of the body. After they opened the door, I went out, I came out, open the camera and play back, the effect is good, the faces and important parts of the two have no legacy, I smiled, and I watched the return.

I got downstairs, I remembered that the car was parked in the parking lot, I wanted badly! They can don’t see it, otherwise I will be discovered by them.

But I walked all the way to pay attention to the parking lot. I didn’t see the figure of the two people. I thought that I would not be so unlucky. The director Wang did not move in the back door. I quickly launched the car and left the hospital.

When I went to the director next morning, he didn’t say anything, my heart was put down. After waiting for the unit, after sending the director into the office, I was preparing to leave, but was hit by him.

“Xiao Li, you are waiting.” I am tense in my heart, but I haven’t shown it on my face. I have been busy should: “Director, what is your command?” Wang Director looked slightly, said: “B super room It seems that the new comment is a little girl, do you know? ” I thought that things were defeated. It turned out that he saw a new goal again. However, the B-ultrasound has been a little girl, probably and small, but the name is not small, although the reputation is not small. why? Because she is a flower of the B-chamber, the age is light, but it is not inferior to Xu Yan, if Xu Yan is a gorgeous peony, she is a pure lily. The Director Wang probably went to the little girl with a little girl.

“I heard that she seems to be called Zhang Xiaolin, it is the school just graduated, as if it is the relative of the director of the Nursing Department.”

I really do it.

“Well, I know. Ok, let’s go!” He tried his hand, I will tell the door and put the door.

Just went out, I haven’t went to the corridor, and I met Xu Yan, and she saw me with a strange look, suddenly stopped in front of me.

I have to stop, hit the trick: “Xu Jie, do you have a baby?” She stared at me but did not speak, let my heart panic, I want to open again, but she said: “Do you have anything? Nothing Come with me. “I am a bit inexplicably, I still have a nod, she turned into the stairs. what’s the situation? I stayed, I didn’t keep up. Xu Yan stopped and looked at me again. I had to step down to her. What is this woman want to play? I am in my heart, but the blessing is not a disaster, it is a misfortune, now I have her handle now, afraid of her?

Think about it, I will come, I have followed her all the first floor. After watching her, I looked at her. I was really sighing that this Saima is really a big product. I am full of women’s taste. Unfortunately, it is a color color that is rotted by the old colored wolf, otherwise it is worth it. An ultimate woman.

Follow Xu Yan for a long time, my doubts are getting more and more serious, I can’t help but ask: “Xu Jie, where is this?” “My dormitory.” She just simply answered four One word, but the four words are like a hiren, which is generally blown in my brain. dormitory? dormitory! Isn’t this mother to seduce me? The seventh chapter is a dormitory, which is allocated to those who are foreign, as long as you are not local, you can get a room, although it is not almost only put down two beds, but it is good to sleep when you are in a hurry. . As for Xu Yan, she is definitely not approved by the way. I believe it is the director of the king, and I want to understand what to do with toes.

Xu Yan took the road in front, I followed her behind her, and I sent a burst of fragrant flavor from the breeze. Today, she dressed, although she didn’t have a branch of the branch yesterday, I could have no girlfriend. It is very huge to say that appeal is the same. I saw her half-transparent black stockings wrapped in a bodybuilder thigh. The hips wrapped in the short skirt were shaken. The mature woman’s taste of the mature woman is really like Ho Yan, which can be owned. If you want me to summarize, I can only think of the word “物”.

I quickly arrived downstairs in the dormitory of the staff, Xu Yan did not hesitate to go straight to the tower, I thought about this, is I still afraid that you will not be? Even if she is unfortunate, it is also very willing to accept things. This way, I don’t have a psychological burden, but I will cover the water to cover the soil, what is much worried.

Followed by Xu Yan from the shabby stairs, her dormitory I remember it seems to be on the third floor, when I walked on her, I walked up from the bottom, I looked more and more full, but unfortunately today Xu Yan wears a short skirt. If it is the kind of mini skirt, this angle will definitely see the small panties.

At the third floor, Xu Yan went to her dormitory, pulled out the key from the bag, turned and turned to me: “Come in.” And then take the lead in the room, I naturally followed.

This is a room that only ten square meters, except for a bed, a table and a chair, all did not have anything. In fact, it is also normal. Who will really live here, that is, when you can’t go back, you can’t take a break.

“Sit.” Xu Yan first sat down on the bed, although I really thought of sitting in bed together, I didn’t dare, I didn’t dare, I had to sit down on the single chair.

“Xu Jie, you can say it, what do you find me?” I won’t be stupid to think that she is deliberate, I will come over and shoot. Since she is solemn, I will come here, I am definitely something to say.

Xu Yan speaks directly, she is open: “I just asked, did you come to the department last night?”

My heart tremble, but my face hasn’t made a surprising expression. I said a little calm and said: “Xu Jie, what do you mean? I don’t have anyone in the evening?” Don’t install. “Xu Yan changed his sitting posture, then said: “I know you have been here.” Isn’t I found it last night? I started shaking. It can be reasonable to say that it is impossible, my hands and feet are so light, she is unlikely, I said, I know that I am stealing that she dares to continue with the director of the king, where there is such a thing.

However, Xu Yan’s expression told me that she must be said to be said, so I asked me: “Xu sister saw me? Will you see a mistake?” Xu Yan looked at me. The opening: “I didn’t see you.” Halo, the big sister, what do you want to say? I was depressed, but Xu Yan took the saying: “But when I went back, I saw you opened the car.” “What?” I am surprised, last night, I walked late at night. Do you haven’t gone? In addition, Xu Yan just said, directly said that she and Director will go back, this is directly to show up to me, it seems that I will put it again.

“Yes, I came to the department.” I nodded the facts, Xu Yan looked at my eyes and was a bit complicated. She sighed: “If not the director is temporary, I don’t discover the toilet, I will not find it. You are also in the unit. “She suddenly talked, continued:” Then there are those things that I and Directors last night, you have seen it? To tell the truth, don’t lie to me. “” Yes … “I think you will continue to lying. Nothing means, then she and the Director are at all, the secret is open, but others are not broken.

Xu Yan’s face is clear and ugly, I said that I said: “If it is someone else, I will not worry. But it is you …” “Xu Jie, what do you mean? You think I will go out ? “Xu Yan smiled coldly, said:” Then I believe you are not so stupid, I am worried about, you like to take pictures, you will not shoot my and Director last night? “Rely, she Guess, I didn’t think about how to answer, she quickly said: “Look at your face, I know I guess. You probably want to take this 挟 我, let me dare to take you Do you want to say? I doubt the photos of He Man you take, is Director to shoot, I feel that this is a bit impossible, the Director Wang has never had such a hobby. “Tian! I started to be a woman in front of him. Who said that a woman had a brain, I read Xu Yanbi’s average man.

“You won’t … is the leak of the director, maybe I still take the opportunity to do it, why?” She died in my expression with an exploration eye.

I finally surrendered, the opening: “Xu Jie, enough, don’t continue to say …” Xu Yan stayed, his mouth smiled: “It seems that I guess.” “Yes, Xu Jie you Awesome, I have to serve you. “I have a kind of weakness.

“No, I should admire you.” Xu Yan shakes his head: “I have never seen it, Xiao Li, your courage is so big, I am looking at the eye. Not just me, but also the director of the king.” I don’t have a call. In fact, I am not afraid of her, because now our dialogue is all orally, as long as I delete the camera and the young nude photos in the mobile phone, she does not have evidence to sit on my crime, and I But there is a way to make her unlucky, as long as the video of the hand is in the relevant departments, I believe that her and the director of the king have a lot of trouble.

“Okay, since you have already opened it, you are talking directly. What did you shoot?” Xu Yan kept calm and said.

I have a habit, just shooting wonderful photos and videos will pass to the phone, and get a compressed package with a password to save it, so you can enjoy your mind. The section taken last night and has also compressed format, copy to the storage card. Since Xu Yan wants to know, I will take out the mobile phone directly, and I will give her a video.

She took the mobile phone, widened his eyes and looked at the two people appeared on the screen. The Director Wang was fucking her process was taken by I was a clear. Even if Xu Yan is calm, then there is a panic on the face, I saw that she panicked, according to the function keys, I wanted to delete the video, and smiled. Photographed by the camera. It is said that you can delete it by your mobile phone. I also have a way to recover you. Do you believe it? “Xu Yan was gantly abandoned the movements in his hand. Give it to me, then repeat the mood, say: “Let’s say, what do you want?” I stayed, said: “What?” Xu Yan smiled, with some dismissions: “Now I have a handle Falling in your hand, don’t you take this way to you? Does your men like this routine? “I am bright in front of it, yeah!

Not she reminded, I didn’t think that my anti-guest is mainly, but I can fall her army. As for what she said, I really make me a bit movement!

Xu Yan is a one-class beauty, plus private life fornication, even if I seize this opportunity to take the opportunity to take her, I believe she will not pay for this kind of thing that she doesn’t care for chastity, I will not open this. Segment video?

The more I think, I looked at Xu Yan’s eyes, the more aggressive, I only saw Xu Yan’s somewhat, helpless: “Your man is not a good thing, the old small capital is a virtue. Ok. Since my handle falls in your hands, I only have to cooperate with you. How do you want to play? “I smiled and chained:” That want to see Xu Jie, how do you want to play. Xu Jie, I I want to ask, what kind of man do you like? “Xu Yan apparently didn’t think I will suddenly pull this above, strangely:” What do you ask this? “” “I just want to know, how can you tell me?” My heart still can’t believe that I will feel so good, I have to easily pull the west, let Xu Yan can’t see my nervous.

“Okay, little man. I know what you want to listen, I like the man like you, I like the little brother to play with my sister, so are you satisfied?” Xu Yan suddenly told such a smile talk.

I feel that there is a react in the arm, it also knows the opportunity, it is likely that it can enjoy a true esteem.

“Xu Jie, can I sit around you?” I stood up and slowly approached Xu Yan.

“Dexue, I don’t want, will you listen to me?” Xu Yanbai got my eyes.

“Hey, then I will naturally think that you are talking about it, do women don’t like to say violations?” I didn’t pay attention to her, walk straight to her, sitting on her body. “The poor mouth.” Xu Yan said, but did not oppose my actions.

I observed this beautiful woman nearby. Under the near, Xu Yan’s exquisite facial features, sexy ruddy lips, big eyes, long eyelashes deeply touched my nerve, not happy my breath The sound began to be heavy, and the inner heart was extremely eager to immediately put this woman under his body.

Xu Yan looked at me smiles, and I was also asked: “Is the little man, is there?” While talking, while more gotting more, even with his finger above my crotch.

Said! So quickly, I seem to have smelled the smell of her love, so I finally booked the courage, and I hugged Xu Yan’s flesh, and she also Subscribed with the neck of my neck and slowly poured on the bed.

Under my warm kiss, Xu Yan quickly revealed the side of her waves, the sexy lips started to kiss, the small tongue kept ticking me, entangled my tongue exchanged the jug of the mouth. Xu Yan’s kiss is very proficient, the tip of the tongue has reached into my mouth, keeping the entanglement makes me very intoxicated, so I tightly hugged her full-hearted flesh, hands touching her back and hips, Slowly transferred to her chest and grabbed a big talent to start playing.

“Ah … so comfortable, younger brother, play sister …” Xu Yan’s mouth issued a greasy 呻吟, I reached into her breasts to cover her double milk with hands, while licking, lighter Pulling her ripe nipple. Under my play, Xu Yan is also more and more emotional. I will definitely have a smell of Wang Yang at this time.

I finally took off her short skirt and took off her panties, and separated her legs and started a closer look at young women. Although Xu Yan’s labia is slightly black, but the two petal lips are so strong, so I almost rush to bite a desire. My meat stick has been swelling, it is eager to take into journey into this slutty, but when I take it off your pants, I am preparing to hold the gun on the horse, but I find that I have not prepared a condom today.

“Xu Jie, I didn’t have a set, do you have?” I asked her.

Xu Yan shook his head and said: “No, I have never used that thing, the meat paste is called, how? Are you afraid?” Her sex, even I still put her small hole inadvertently, seeing it seems to be clean in the vagina, there should be no problem.

“I am not afraid, I don’t want you to suffer hard for me, if you are pregnant, isn’t you bad?” I said that I said that I was beautiful, and then I looked at Xu Yan.

“Nothing, come. Sister is willing to let you lower in my body.” Xu Yan said, let me boil again in an instant, no matter what! The bid value is worth it! I have a strong separation of her legs again. I put it on her small hole, I entered the vagina that Xu Yan had already wet.

Chapter 8 “Ah!” Xu Yanzui screamed, one side feeling the abnormal hardness of my young meat stick, shouted: “I am still by your younger brother.” “Xu Jie, I have long thought You! You are too tempting, I hate you every day! I will die! “I called the fast action, the penis down killed the Xu Yan’s body, only the heart above her.

“Ah! Great! It’s so cool! The younger brother, your dick is really! Go to my young man with a young man.

Xu Yan’s vagina is soft and humid, and as she is very felt often violent, plus Xu Yan actively catering my entry, rich in bed experience is what I can see before, I will feel quick Head, I quickly control the rhythm, if you are so fast, it is so much too much.

“The younger brother, make it hard! Ah! The young man is amazing, killing me!” Xu Yan also fully put into the joy of cultivating love, then she probably forgot to have been in my heart, but instead Actively twisted butt enjoys a huge pleasure to her.

Under her guidance, I wanted to control the rhythm. I have to do it in sweating. Xu Yan’s body almost let me crazy, and she is making love that a beautiful feeling is completely conquered. My little boys, no wonder, the woman is the best bed is a woman, such a woman dare to play, let go, know how to make yourself and a man comfortable, and Xu Yan is not only such a woman, but also a big beauty, true It is the best. I feel that I am fascinated by Xu Yan. She is seductive, the twisted body is deeply stimulating my nerves, and the meteor’s crisp is still can’t control.

“Xu Jie, I … I can’t.” I was hard to bear, the feeling of ejaculation is getting closer.

“Shoot! Shoot in!” Xu Yan is more exciting to use the vaginal set of my penis, under the huge thrill of stimulation, I finally sprayed, the semen shot into the vagina of Xu Yan, along Vaginal Deli Tesley. Xu Yan satisfied with my fertility, I still kept turned back to twist the ass, it seems that I want to extract a little semen.

She took the initiative to kiss her kisses. After half, I slowly pumped the meat stick from her vagina.

“Don’t take it out! Wait for a while.” Xu Yan actually stopped my movement, inquiring about my doubtful eyes, she went on: “You are cool, but I have no climax! Are you compensate me? ? “Halo, it seems that Xu Yan is not so easy, my mouth is bitter, asked:” What should I do? “” You are moving again, maybe it will be hard? “Xu Yan, took the initiative to meet the crotch and seemed to swallow my penis.

“No, I just shot a lot, really soft.” I quickly asked for help.

Xu Yanbai, I glance, smiled: “Thank you, you are still so young, it is useless.” It was useless by a beautiful woman. It is really a great blow. I have a good thing, I grabbed her milk. Tell, smile in your mouth: “Said goods, you dare to say that I am useless, see me playing with you.” Xu Yan did not resist my rude action, but also looked at me with interest: “Okay, you Let me play! Today, my sister will play, you only manage me to die. “Sensual words, stimulate me and start a little fever, although the meat stick has not been hard again, but the heart is not allowed to do this The prostitutes are screaming, and they bowed their head. But I know that the appropriate rest is still necessary, so the resistance is slowly playing her breast.

I used my tongue to lick her nipple, played the two mature grapes, and I also opened the mouth: “Xu Jie is so beautiful, red and big.” My tongue rose Xu Yan. Laugh, while I said: “You are itchy, it’s good? It is dead.” I played a breast, I licked the belly, then I went closely carefully, carefully observed her paters. Get up, I will gently separate her labipings. I saw the thick hairy. The big labello is slightly black. It can be overall or dark red color. The small cloudy lips will be much better, or the bright red, although it is close to Thirty, sex is frequent, but the laborary is still tight, there is no signs of slack.

“What do you see?” It was observed by a man than his old man, even if Xu Yan was still sorry, she opened: “Just I have to look at you, unfair! You have Let me take a closer look. “” Okay! What is this? “I didn’t care, even for the penis to play with Xu Yan to have an unusual expectation.

“You are lying down.” Xu Yan sat down, indicating that I lay down, I lie well, half soft penis was in front of Xu Yan’s eyes.

“Your dick, it is quite big.” Xu Yan smiled slightly, holding my meat stick with a small hand. I trembled, my mouth but said: “That is, this is my baby!” Xu Yan laughed, and opened my foreskin, put the pretty face and carefully observed my slight red. Glans.

The genitals were controlled by her. I have the same feeling that is played by this woman. Xu Yan uses long nails to gently stimulate my glans, let me shake all the body, I want to get rid of her control, but I was pretty The eyes are angry, and “I don’t move” stopped.

In fact, I suddenly had a feeling, I have some enjoyment of the penis that I feel free to play, I think that I am shocked here, is I have such a happiness? I like to be playing my own cocks by a woman? I can think about it. If it is another woman, I am definitely don’t cooperate, but the other party is Xu Yan, she is a big beauty, and it is a few years older than I am old. I have a kind of acceptable. idea.

Xu Yan did not stop my penis, the gradually meat stick was really hard, my breathing was slowly calm, and occasionally, with her strength, I often made a soft pain.

Xu Yan used his fingers to pinch my glans, and I used to pinch and stimulated my glamor crown. The sponge was quickly congessed soon, and her movement became more and more rude. I finally couldn’t help but ask for help: “Xu Jie, you can. It’s hard, let’s do it!” I didn’t expect Xu Yan to smile: “Do it? 嗬嗬, you think beautiful! I only give you a play My opportunity, now it is a turn to play you! “I am very shocked, I am busy:” Xu Jie, what do you want? Don’t! Ah … Tap … “She is also re-use My glans, that feeling makes me getting up with a chicken. Xu Yan wants to think, suddenly I don’t know what to think about it, my face revealed a smile.

“Xu Jie … is me wrong, you let me let me!” I felt not bad, hurry to ask for help.

“No!” Xu Yan’s light is lightly with your fingers around my penis, one side: “If you want to go to bed in bed later, you have to listen to me. Today I am very uncomfortable, only you let me play once. My gas can be eliminated! “I am full of smile, although I just got up, a woman couldn’t really be resistant to me, but her words made me suddenly broke the idea. I really hope to be able to reverse the phoenix with her again, I also recognize a certain dignity for this.

I believe that she will not let me go today, and I will open my mouth. “Well, Xu Jie, what do you want to play with you, but say good words, you will be able to play with you next time. “Xu Yanlu has made a brilliant smile,” I am very comfortable with you, I am very enjoyable, as long as you listen to me, I will naturally love you this younger brother. “She suddenly released my The penis, when I watched her, when I wanted to do anything, she slowly took off the stockings of the right foot.

faint! I know what she wants to do. I have a bitter laugh, I have seen such a video in the Internet, I didn’t expect to spend my feelings today.

Xu Yanli got a jade, extended to my nose, smiled and asked: “Come, smell, my feet is not stinky?” I gently took a breath, okay! Nothing tastes! I am in my heart, but my mouth is said: “It’s so stink! Xu Jie didn’t wash your feet last night?” Xu Yan face is red, angered: “Fart! I am now use this stinking The feet, come on your smelly chicken! “While talking, stepped on the foot on my penis.

“Ah!” Because the testicles were also treated by her, this hurting my whole body trembling, I quickly called: “I hurt! Don’t let me, let me go!” “No to fight!” Xu Yan acts once again Strengthen, this hurts my heart, I’m going to sweat on my brain, hurry up: “Ok, don’t resist, don’t resist, but Xu Jie is really light, it hurts!” Xu Yan probably looked at my face White, I didn’t dare to step on it, I finally recovered the strength, but I took my meat stick slowly with your toes.

“As long as you are awkward, I will naturally not make you hurt.” Xu Yan took back to my cock with his feet, and the skin of my scrotum was pulled out from time to time.

Under her, I have a red ear, I feel that I am like the Queen’s temptation, and the feeling of shame is stimulating my senses, but the meat stick is more harder, even green exposure.

“Hey, I didn’t expect it to be played like this. You are very cool! See you this rotten cock, what is hard?” Xu Yan did not let the opportunity to fight my, looked at me with a despise eyes, one side Still stepping on my glans with the foot.

My face burned hot, I couldn’t help but closing my eyes, I am not disorderly. But after the eyes closed, the glans was frictional, and the feelings were more clear. I gradually had a kind of pleasure, let me panic, I won’t be a tendency to have abused?

And Xu Yan also lying down at this time, but also started to stimulate my penis and even clamped my meat sticks on my meat roughly. On the side of the supreme jade, one side is a slightly rough stockings, and the meat stick is actually stimulated. Finally, I inadvertently actually moaned.

“Haha! Woman will be cool by the woman with foot, you will be cool, your younger brother is too obscenity?”

Sure enough, Xu Yan laugh at my voice into my ears, I was blushing shame silent, afraid of opening a more unbearable.

“Ignore me? Well! Look at me!” Xu Yan amazing feet to stop, do not want to know, after a while, I actually think there is a something wrapped my dick, open your eyes a look, then alarmed, Xu Yan turned off piece of silk stockings, she should use it to hold on my penis, and kept taut.

“Xu Jie! Do not ah!” I was alarmed, she want to do ah?

“Objective and invalid, look at me tortured your little brothers!” Xu Yan tightens the speed of the stockings, so my glans is miserable by her stockings, because the blood flow is not smooth, the glans Start more red. “Now, let me give you the last killing!” Xu Yan finished the notice, with a hand-held stockings, the other hand directly grabbed my glans with your fingers, and squatting again It is a kit.

“Ah! Don’t! Ah! I can’t!” Dramous stimuli let my body’s muscles are stretched, the glans are miserable in Xu Yan’s hand, but I still abide by the promise did not push her open. Instead, I shake anything by her, my poor cock …

Finally, under the violent crumbling of a madness, finally, I gave a bow, my mouth called, the glans felt the peak, under the bundle of stockings, the semen shot at the horse It is also fierce, straight to Xu Yan’s pretty face, she screamed, actually used his mouth to hold my glans to suck, and under huge pleasure, I shot a semen, I was used by Xu Yan. In the mouth, I only shot two eyes, I was on the bed, she left me, unlocking the stockings from the glans.

I can’t breathe, Xu Yan looked at my face and said: “The younger brother, comfortable? My sister, I am award you, swallow your semen.” I have a bitter laugh. ” Answering: “It’s so cool to die. This is still don’t want it.” Xu Yan smiled, gently stroked my chest: “You are so obsessed with you so much, your sister will love you.” I left Xu Yan’s dormitory that day, my legs were trembled. I feel that I am afraid, I only saw the penis and hard to see the penis next morning.

Since that day, Xu Yan has really different from me. When I arrived at the time, I went to a unmanned place, and I enjoys such a Yanfu, naturally, I will take the video to take the video, I’m looking forward Her plane deletes that paragraph. Xu Yan is happy, it actually allows me to shoot our love, in fact, this woman really understands people, knowing that I like this, I have to vote, I can’t make her a first mistress in the director of the king. Sometimes, she will still be like the queen, I have never promised to let her move, except for her movement, don’t make her play, but I am really stimulating with Xu Yan. The feeling of completely investment in sex.

Chapter 9, on a day, as usual, I will pick him up with him, waiting for a long time, but I have never seen him. I have passed at eight o’clock, I just picked up his number. The phone rang for a long time, I thought that no one would pick up, suddenly the director of the king finally turned on, there was a little anxious voice in the phone: “Hello, Xiao Li?”

“Director Wang.” I quickly said: “I am downstairs in your house, can you come down?”

“Oh, I am sorry, I will forget to inform you, I am in the same way, there are some things to do. You will go to the unit, you don’t have to pick me up these days, I will call me. Give you. “Said that he didn’t hang it directly.

Weird, after I came to work, I didn’t touch this situation. Occasional director had something to do, but as it seems to be a few days, what is going to make him all the department After the brain?

I don’t think I will think about it, I have to go to work, I have to go to work, I step on the hospital.

Just stopped, I haven’t gone home, I suddenly saw two women who came back from behind, I turned around, but I was still acquaintance.

“Xiao He, what is it so urgent?” I watched her strangely, my eyes turned, and I found that her side is the new flower flower of the B-chamber, Zhang Xiaolin.

“What can you do, be late. Hey, this time you can be trained. Don’t go up? Every 8 o’clock. “

I smiled and said: “Don’t run, the director of the Wang is not coming.”

“What?” She stayed, stopped, and Zhang Xiaolin around her didn’t leave, he said she said: “Xiaoman, you are not there, I have to go, I can’t die. I.”

“Okay, let’s go!” Xiaoyang waved his hand, then looked at me waiting for me in the same place, asked me: “You said that Director is not, what happened? He didn’t come with you?”

“No, Director seems to have something, no unit, it seems that these days are no longer.”

“Oh!” Xiao Yose laughed: “Too good, I am lucky!”

I smiled and keeping with her, along the corridor along the corridor. I remembered Zhang Xiaolin, I asked Xiao, I asked: “Yes, what is the beauty, is your friend?” Xiao He didn’t have a psychological burden, and it also relaxed. I looked at me slightly smile: “Yes Ah, she is my university classmate, we are in the unit. What happened? You won’t look at her? She is a beautiful woman. “

I have a red, hurry to sway: “Don’t make a joke, I just ask.”

She nodded, some solemnly said, I said: “I also advise you, don’t spend my mind on her. I know, chasing her man is not very good, from executive children to rich business Son is there, but she didn’t look at people. “

This, I have shrunk your neck, then I have to estimate that people are too lazy to care. However, that Xiaolin is really beautiful, just in a hurry, I have a feeling of Mu Chunfeng.

I was sent to the man’s polite, directly sent Xiao Ye to the body and liquid room. In addition to her, I only have a person in the work today. He saw us coming in, immediately complaining: “I rely! You will not be a date Go it? How can I come at this time, I am not coming soon. “

Xiao He Lian is busy, the face is clear: “Where, I and Xiao Li just encountered downstairs.”

Wang Lei looked at us with his eyes: “Then you are also alive, late is late.”

I quickly said: “Don’t talk, today’s Director is not tight, slowly is coming.”

Xiaomeo was also called a white coat, and smiled and said: “Fortunately, the Director is not there, otherwise I can be miserable. I came out with Zhang Xiaolin in the morning. I was blocked by her pursuit. It’s too late. Poor Xiaolin, it is estimated to be trained by the director of the country. “

“You still don’t know?” Wang Lei looked at me and Xiao.

I am strangely: “What’s wrong, know what? I will pick up the director early, he is not at home, is this not going to the hospital, what happened?”

Wang Lei, we recruited, showing us that we are close, then lowered the sound: “The Director of the Pharmacy, was arrested last night. Now it is detained, the big leaders of our unit, the morning, go to the relationship He. So the director is definitely not there, don’t say it is her, now the whole hospital’s leadership office is at the top ten nine empty. “

“It turned out to be such a thing!” I suddenly realized that I can’t listen to the priests in the morning.

The Director of the Pharmacy is the biggest fat lack of hospitals. It is generally those who are round, and one can do one or two years. When you are in place, it is not that all the benefits belong to him, you are all, I am good.

So he yet, all leaders will panic, if his mouth is not strict, it is a big earthquake.

I have clear the facts, I know that we can have a few days of leisure days. Recently, the Director of the Dynasty since this day is definitely not a mood to take us to eat. And my leader is exclusive, and it is even more unenformer, as long as it is mixed. So I went to find Xu Yan, but unfortunately she didn’t care about the blood, she obviously already know, rush me a smile: “How, have n’thing to do? I have no time to accompany you, give you the key. , Go to my dormitory to sleep. “

I know what she means, let me go, wait for her, if the patient is not too space, she will come. I took the key to the dormitory, and she took the door in bed and saw a novel. I didn’t see it for a while, I feel sleepy, I slept in Xu Yan’s bed.

I don’t know how long I have slept, I have been awake, I have passed noon. I didn’t have anything in the morning, I can’t help but think that if the director is not in this day, there should be how good. However, Xu Yan is probably can’t be too late. There are a lot of people who take blood a few days ago, basically there is no chance to slip off early.

Because the stomach is hungry, I will go downstairs to prepare to go to the canteen to eat. I have no many dishes in this point of the greenhouse, I have to hurry.

I quickly accelerated the footsteps, until the gate of the cafeteria, maybe I am too anxious, one accidentally ran together and the one running from the other.

“Oh!” A crisp female voice rang, I just felt that I hit a soft body, and the owner of the voice was hit by I snapped up a butt. And I just hit the body, I resumed the balance, I watched my heart and watched badly, I was hit by me, I just saw Zhang Xiaolin that I have just met in the morning. I still haven’t come to help her, just listen to anger: “How do you walk? Zhang didn’t open your eyes!”

I only found that I caught a man after Zhang Xiaolin, I took it directly to grabbed my collar. This is a young man, which is probably similar to me. It looks very handsome, the one is half a head than I am a whole, I have one meter, he is probably one meter eighty-five. And he wears a famous brand in his body, and the neck also hangs the root giant gold chain.

“Speaking! Silly?” He looked at me in anger, and he wanted to hit me. It seems that he is Zhang Xiaolin’s pursuit, and it is said that it is a high and handsome.

“Don’t do it.” When Zhang Xiaolin has already wrinkled, she stood up from the ground. She said with a man: “Wang Wei, you will let go, just is my fault.”

That Wang Wei immediately released me, rushed to Zhang Xiaolin, I was attentive: “Xiaolin, you are fine! Where is it? Do you want to look at it?”

Zhang Xiaolin took the gray on the skirt, and he glanced at him: “Is there such a fragile? If you fall, you have to go to the inspection?”

Then she went to me, smiled and sickly thought: “Sorry, I just ran too fast, hit you, I am embarrassed.”

I have some hands, I have just been, I am not right, I am busy: “No, I am not good, I didn’t see the road hit you, you are nothing? Check it, don’t you break the skin?”

Zhang Xiaolin smiled and shook his head, suddenly recognized me, said: “You seem to be the morning in the morning, you are a colleague in Xiaoyu?”

I am busy: “Well, yes! I and Ho Man are a department. Listening to her, today, the fact is embarrassed.”

Zhang Xiaolin laughed: “Nothing, what is this little thing.” And the Wang Wei is in the face of the face, rushing me: “Little son, fortunately, Xiaolin is nothing, otherwise Laozi does not give you some color. Small Lin, we don’t care about this kind of person, go eat. “

Zhang Xiaolin took a disgust to see him, saying: “You are not annoying? It is your own dead skin to follow me, say that I have invited my breakfast in the morning, I want to go back to you. Take you, so much nonsense, you I don’t eat it in the end? If you don’t eat, you will go back early. If you are afraid that there is no place to eat? “

“Yes, eat, eat. We don’t know with this kid, Xiaolin, we are walking.” He quickly died at Zhang Xiaolin. Zhang Xiaolin didn’t want him to continue to entangle with me, gave me a sorry look, I walked into the cafeteria. That Wang Wei followed her, turned to look at me, swept me with the eyes of threats and contempt, and took Zhang Xiaolin to order.

I have suffered such a thing, and I was gone by this disgusting guy, I didn’t want to follow it in the past, I went straight from the back door, I took it in the outside. I was still angry while eating, this person’s model dog sample, thought it was a little money, and a dog’s eyes looked low, Laozi’s most disgusting themselves.

I didn’t eat a few mouthfuls, I didn’t have appetite. I went back to the department. Director is not there, I am not doing alone, it is better to find a little chat.

Entering the body and liquid chamber, I didn’t see Wang Lei’s trace, only Xiaomeo played there. She saw me, smiled and smiled: “You are back, I heard that you hit Zhang Xiaolin today?”

It’s really bad things, I don’t want to think about it. “Yes, I didn’t look at the road, and she knocked down, I really didn’t go.”

“Nothing, she has been there, said that I apologize for Wang Wei’s event, but you are not there.”

“Oh, she is too polite. It is not her fault.” I am Xiaotao: “But the Wang Wei is a little annoying, it seems that I am very unrestrained, a one beats.”

I have been sprinkling. I didn’t expect Xiaoyi to nod to say: “In fact, I also look at him is not pleasing, these children who have money are all being harmonized. You don’t have to go to him, when he does not The existence is. “

I am a little strange, ask: “Is that people not pursuing your girlfriends? How do you say that people are bad? Isn’t Zhang Xiaolin heard you?”

Xiao He nonchalantly said: “? He just sticking assuming I hold really say how he was, he would not be afraid.” “You mean, Zhang Xiaolin did not like him?”

“Nonsense,” Xiao replied: “Do you think he did fly, who would like a bit of money in addition to his ah, what advantages I think he’s still far less than How about you??.”

I listened to the mad cool, instant confidence. Suddenly the idea of ​​a move hearts, mysteriously asked the sentence: “You say, if I catch Zhang Xiaolin, will have the opportunity to succeed?”

Chapter X “What?” Grew up in a small mouth face looked at me in surprise: “You want to chase Zhang Xiaolin?” “Yes.”

I stared at her, as beautiful women who do not like ah, in general, like me, no money, no is no fundamental right to a chance, but listen to what little breath, Zhang Xiaolin Wang Wei did not like that, and I an important advantage here, and that is how small.

Although from the university, I have not really had a good chase girls, there is always one of the two can travel around in the flowers Lover level of livestock, often in my ear against the woman he boasted how powerful, can his girlfriend a week for a like. From their mouth, in addition to bragging nonsense I also learned a lot of experience, the success rate of the largest and most practical point is that the pursuit of a girl, she must first get girlfriends.

I do not know why, like a woman born matchmaker, obviously in on the premise that they did not do any good, and all music is not he, if the success of a pair of like a boyfriend to pay even happier than himself. I do not know who this is for how kind of psychological gossip, but even I do not know why I can still take advantage of this. Heyman is a typical, if her make do, I believe it would be a good breakthrough, won such a beauty Zhang Xiaolin is not no chance.

It then appears to have little reaction came from the surprise, smiled at me and said: “I did not expect ah, assuming your kid look good, but a good girl most people can not find the lantern, do not look wealthy son of Columbia. has been sticking around her, she can never tempted because the matter is too, these days such a good girl really is running out, “I smiled, the way flatter said:” what you were good too little, people are graduating from college He broke up, that your boyfriend is not that you have been staying with it? “Xiao He listening, look a little embarrassed, I look bad, wrong thing, and probably reminded her of something that is contaminated Director Wang NS. In fact, inexperienced young girls, sometimes compromise is not really a mere point of interest for that, as long as the woman willing to learn to bad leadership, money is not so difficult Xiangnong at a young age. Sometimes they just can not resist, cowardly bones of women, so that they are to win the leadership in the case of half-hearted, what small things, too, wine is the biggest reason, what can be small if not succumb Director Wang despotic power, really who could get a drink she did not, which is the so-called hidden rules it.

Think so much, in what seems to me little seems to see her reasons for distress, originally blushing face is red hot, I quickly tear the topic: “Xiao He, I really think Zhang Xiaolin Yes, just want you to help out, I beg you, good or bad, “Xiao He answered a God this, pick up a bit of the mood I said:?” assuming that my college students, and we are the same dormitory ., so my sister and her that you want to go after her, but I have to passed it off, “I hastened to please said:!” Xiao He, dear little despite what you test me, but I sincerely want pursuit assuming you really want to help me, “she white at me and said:” worth mentioning, I just look at that flies do not pleasing to the eye, it will help you, but I have a question to ask you, you have to honest answer “I see have the money, quickly asked:” What is the problem you say, “she thought, first sentence:?” you have to swear, and assuming whatever you did to become, the things you are to be kept confidential, not allowed to say to anyone. “

I stay, what to get so serious point of swearing? But women are generally more nervous, and the oath what I do not believe it will come to pass, as she would say I’m honest Secrecy is, nothing.

So I made a serious face oath, said today she is absolutely not to give out and I said, hit by a car or go out.

Xiao He nodded with satisfaction, suddenly leaned my ear, gently said to me at close range: “If you know Xiaolin and others landed in mind, there is no divorce, you are ready to go chasing her? “

“What?” I exclaimed, stunned to see her. This is too outrageous, Zhang Xiaolin’s age should be small and what almost looks like it’s mid-twenties, Xiao He actually said she has registered over? That means she has as a man’s wife, ah, but what little I even asked her to go for it? This does not mean to say … you want me to pursue a married man’s wife?

My mind couldn’t get turned, and Xiao He saw that I stayed, first complained, let me tight, and then explained: “Xiaoyi will pass a boyfriend, it is his first love. Two Personally loved to die, I went to register in the university, I went to marry. At that time, I could prove that the company didn’t need to use, so the two people didn’t know this. “I bitter my mouth.” “Asked:” That later? Xiaolin … husband, now where? ” When I started school, I love Xiaolin. As a result, Xiaolin was also added, it was called genital warts. Xiaolin is a bitterness for this, even my sister looks distressed. ” I shaken my heart, I haven’t mentioned that I will say that Xiaoyi will continue to say stories. “At that time, they were big, then broke up. When Xiaolin and the man went to the Civil Affairs Bureau, he was told that the household registration has not been pulled. If you want to divorce, you must bring two people. The original account this is coming. So this is no way, and their account book is in the hands of the adults, and after graduation, the account is turned back, Xiaolin wants to divorce him, must have to go to the man’s hometown Row.”

I was shocked by this story. I can’t say it. I watched me in a little box. I asked: “Now, you know Xiaolin’s secret. You still want to pursue her, let her be your Girlfriend? First, please clearly, if you don’t want to understand, you don’t want to provoke her. Xiaolin can’t afford to fight, she broke into the man’s injury. “To tell the truth, then I have a little hesitation in my heart. After half, I asked a sense of consciousness: “That … What is the disease now?” Xiao He uses a kind of eye to see me, seeing me is sinking, but my heart I think about it yourself, this kind of thing must be asked clearly, otherwise you can only look at a girlfriend, can’t do that is not interesting? It is not worth it again.

“Reassured, her illness is basically good. Just in summer, pay more attention to hygiene, this disease you should know, the fungi always has some latent in the body, there is no way to kill, so don’t pay attention Recurrence is also normal. “After listening to Xiaome, I am relieved. At the same time, I actually sympathize with Zhang Xiaolin, despising his unusual husband.

Converse warts are a more terrible sexually transmitted disease. It has been a little bit better because sexual organs are exposed, while women are treated, but they have to use things to open the labipings, then use laser direct shooting in the affected area to kill Fungi. You imagine, you will feel stinging on your face, and the inner wall of the vagina is weak, that pain is unimaginable. And this disease is easy to recurrence, it has to be treated repeatedly, Zhang Xiaolin can basically cure, and it is probably only her heart.

Under the emotions of pity, I looked at Xiaoshi, I said: “Xiao He, you can rest assured. If you are with Xiaolin, I will never do something to her, you just have to test it for me.” Xiao He stared at me for a long time, this was satisfied with nodded: “I also think you are quite good, people like Wang Director, there is no serious, Xiaolin and you should not suffer. “This moment I actually had a crime, and I’m sorry, in fact, I am really not a good thing, I am equivalent to the chance of the chance. And Xiao He is enthusiastic about her girlfriend, it is a good girl. I decided to go back to delete her nude photos, not … I still have to keep it, I don’t read it.

Xiao He pulled out the phone, turned a few times, said to me: “I will give her mobile phone number first, you find a chance to send a message, wait for me, I will help you.” I quickly said thank you. ” I solemnly recorded Zhang Xiaolin’s number. Then Xiaoyi told me some of her hobbies, such as don’t like to go to noise, I don’t like to go shopping, I heard the woman in my heart, love shopping, can’t afford! I don’t like this, Xiao Lin is really not a general girl.

She told me for a long time until I went to work, I didn’t say goodbye to her, I left the body and liquid room.

On the evening, I was lying on the bed at home and holding a mobile phone. I was tensioned in my heart. It was like the first in love. I used it several times because I was not satisfied with me to delete. Finally, I only edited a sentence: “Xiaolin, there is nothing in the day, don’t put it on my heart.” After I sent it, I regretted it, so there is no shortage of SMS, what is going on? But if this will go back, it looks more unnatural, I have to wait for her to reply hard my scalp.

Sure enough, I have been over half a minute, the mobile phone drops, I quickly got up, Zhang Xiaolin only returned three words: “Who?” I smirk, I thought about it, I want to reply.: “He Manman Colleagues, the day you hit during the day. You are nothing to do? It’s really sorry. “This time she came back very quickly:” Oh, it is you. Hohman tells you my number? Nothing Don’t worry. “I am a happy, she looks good for my attitude, but what should I pick up? I stayed for a long time, I wanted to go back quickly, I can’t do it without taking the heat. I have a courage, one word in one sentence: “Do you have time now? I want to ask you to go out to eat something, can you see your face?” I hesitated for a long time, finally decided to no longer revised, and sent it. Press the button. Then I fell into the heart, and I was dead, I was working in the place of the place. Zhang Xiaolin did not return to text messages for a while, so that I was nervous, I was even more uneasy. When I wanted to send a past, the mobile phone finally rang, I saw, she wrote: “Why do I ask me? You What did you think? “This is a sensitive girl. In addition, she has never been pursuing people around, I suddenly think that the routine is a bit boring, it is better to directly. So I suddenly made a determination, I took a sentence directly on my mobile phone: “I like you! I want to pursue you!” I sent out.

The eleventh chapter I am sitting uneasy waiting for Zhang Xiaolin’s reply, but it seems like a stone falls into the water, in addition to swinging a circle ripples without audio. Don’t she go back to me back? I started to lose, just when I was slowly discouraged, the phone finally slammed the ringtone of SMS. I jumped up at once, and I was tangled in the excitement to pick up the mobile phone and transferred the new information.

“You said that I like me, which you like me?”

Zhang Xiaolin actually sent such a message, let me hold the phone, I don’t know how to answer. I started thinking about how I suddenly wanted to chase her? Her beauty is a big one, and she is a beautiful sense of beauty, there is no sense of beauty, this is also a place I like very much. At this time, Zhang Xiaolin sent another message: “What happened? I can’t answer it? Your man, must just be because my appearance is beautiful, I want to chase my?”

“No!” I scored three words under the consciousness. I thought I would like to press: “Indeed, you are very beautiful, this I admit it. But I am not complete because of this like this! I think you and Those grateful girls are different, and now the society is really very little like you, so I really like you very much, not just because of your appearance! “

I have sent the information. I said, I said, the next initiative, I made a decision by Zhang Xiaolin. At this moment, I was very calm. If she refused me, it was normal. After all, we just had two strangers who have just seen twice.

“Ok, what?” It is an ecstatic. She didn’t refuse me! It seems that there is a play!

“Let’s meet first, where is your home, I will pick you up!” I quickly sent a past, Zhang Xiaolin seems to have hesitated, and after a minute, she will send me the address of her home. I looked cheer, I releaved a call to hit your phone, I jumped from the bed, and the heart jumped wildly in that plot, I was so excited.

From the bed, I quickly changed a clean and decent dress, I got out the hair and got out of the door.

The car opened in the unit and rushed straight to Zhang Xiaolin. On the way, the wind is on the way, it is still in the community of her house, I am nervous, and I turn it on the number of Zhang Xiaolin’s number.

The phone rang two times and turned it, and she came to her good voice: “Hello, hello.”

“I … I am Li Gang.” I am nervous, I am a little trembling, I can’t help but feel so much, I don’t have the first time I find a girl, but I show the first and girls dating a little boys. Same.

Zhang Xiaolin’s laughter sounded in the phone, she said: “Of course I know is you, where are you?”

“I am at the door of your community, come out.”

“Well, I am waiting for me.” Zhang Xiaolin said, he hangs the phone. I am relieved, I am busy opening the inside light and check my meter again.

I didn’t expect Zhang Xiaolin to come out soon, she wore a simple skill, and a jeans, long hair in the wind. I quickly got off the bus and opened the door of the co-pilot and waited for her.

She took a smile to me, she found that Zhang Xiaolin did not make makeup at all, it was exactly that Yan Yan appeared in my eyes, but she was the same as that of the young, even when I felt more than light makeup She makes people feel her beauty. Zhang Xiaolin looked at my car, smiled and asked: “This is the shipping of the inspection vehicle? Director of your king is dedicated?”

I have some red face, should be said: “Well, yes.”

“If you take the bus to pick me up, don’t you do?” She asked curiously.

“Nothing!” I said if I didn’t have anything: “Director Wang has not been empty, don’t need me to pick up.

Ok, let’s get on the bus. “She nodded, sat on the car. I waited for her to sit well, only to check the door, then get on the other side. Sitting, I asked:” Where are you hungry? Where do we go eat? Still going to play, don’t play? “

Zhang Xiaolin replied: “Not too early, don’t play. Let’s eat forever and soy milk!”

What? I looked at her, said: “Xiaolin is not polite, what do you want to eat directly, is KFC? Or Pizza Hut? Don’t save money!”

Zhang Xiaolin also looked at me, said seriously: “I just want to eat forever and soy milk, what is good for? Those foreign fast food, what is delicious? If you don’t want to eat too much, you don’t think too much, that is the last name I ask me, I am also eating it. “

“Oh … ok.” Seeing that she is not like a fake, I got some nod and launched a car.

Yonghe soy milk is near my home, and I will go to breakfast when I am often familiar.

So I quickly arrived in front of the store, after I stopped the car, I went to the store with Zhang Xiaolin, and I got some position to sit down.

Zhang Xiaolin only took a bowl of soy milk. I didn’t expect such a big beauty to come out to eat. It was actually a meal that I have recently spend the least. Sitting at the location, looking at her pair of beautiful eyes, long eyelashes, I have started nervous.

“Xiaolin …” I just shouted, and she browed her brow.

“Ah … I’m sorry, Xiao Zhang …” I quickly changed, but it was really formulating, I thought about it, she didn’t like me to call her name, or I didn’t think about me.

Zhang Xiaolin saw that I was nervous, smiled, shakes the head: “Forget it, you will be like Xiaoman,”

I am bright in front of my eyes, it seems that there is a play, I am busy nod, silly laughing.

Zhang Xiaolin looked at my silly, the smile on the face was obvious, said: “I still want it, how can I talk to me today? I didn’t expect you to do her first. “

I am embarrassed to scratch the head, say: “Xiaolin, I want to ask you, I don’t know your phone number, I have to ask Xiao He.”

Zhang Xiaolin premises sighs: “Hey, friends are really used to sell.”

Then she stared at me and said: “Xiaogang, can I call you?” Seeing me nod, she said: “Xiaoman said to me, saying that you are in the present boy, it is still Nice, let me think about it. I also believe that her eyes will not be wrong. “

I heard here, I can’t open my heart, listen to Zhang Xiaolin, listen to Zhang Xiaolin, thinking that He Man is really a good person, I have to thank her.

“But …” Zhang Xiaolin then said: “I will know very short time with you after all. Do you think it is too reluctant?”

Sure enough, it is not so simple, I will open the mouth: “That Xiaolin, what do you mean?”

“I want … I will start from my friends!” She said her final decision, and I also relieved, I didn’t directly reject me, I think it is good, like a man like me, what qualifications Let people who have just started to follow me when I started. Don’t say that Wang Ba is angry, this is not the plot in the novel.

“Ok … Ok, I am facing you, actually a little relaxed.” When I finished this sentence, Zhang Xiaolin laughed, and he said: “I am so fierce? Can you see me?”

“No … You are too beautiful, I have pressure.” I truthfully said.

Zhang Xiaolin listened, and his face was unexpectedly red. This sprinkled girl was actually praised by my casual.

“Mr., your meal, please use it!” Just the waiter sent the fritters and soy milk, and the slightly nervous atmosphere was alleviated. I quickly took the opportunity to help she prepared the paper towel, put the soy milk in front of her, said: “Okay, eat hot.” “Well.” Zhang Xiaolin rushed me sweet and smiled, starting the small mouth.

I also built the gesture in the sky, but compared to my work, I can see that Xiaolin is really naturally in elegant, I actually think she is eating the gesture of her fritters, not more than those The female child of the knife and the western food is poor. I have a word that I have talked to her. She is really like a friend and I naturally chat with me.

After eating the night, I took out the chewing gum of deliberately brought her, and let her eyes bright.

I am fortunate that I decided, and Ho Many told me in advance. She likes to chew the chewing gum after a meal. These details to women are often more important than you think. At least I saw it from Zhang Xiaolin from Zhang Xiaolin. Appreciate.

I sent her directly to the door of the community. This is not goodbye to her. After returning home, I quickly sent her a text message in the past: “Xiaolin, you can come out today, I am very happy. Good night!”

She quickly returned to the information: “I am the same, thank you for your fritters, rest early.”

I looked at her information, my heart was straight, I didn’t expect to be friends with Zhang Xiaolin as soon as Zhang Xiaolin, I believe that I just want to go so soon, she will really be my girlfriend.

I have a little insomnia that night, I can’t sleep in bed, I have been recalling Zhang Xiaolin’s smile in my mind. I always feel that it is something happiest with her. I don’t know how long it is, I am fascinated into a dream.

The next morning, I woke up very early, although I slept very short, I felt 100 times the spirit.

I took a shower, I didn’t come at 7:00, and I went to work yet, I was in bed.

Suddenly, I think, I will go to Xiaolin to go to work, how much? Think of this, I am excited to start, act. I still open the unit’s car, and I have come to the place last night and Xiaolin, but I didn’t expect that there was an unexpected figure here.

Wang Wei! He is also here, and he is by a red BMW car, holding a bunch of roses in his hand, waiting for who.

I know, he is also waiting Zhang Xiaolin. I am a little depressed in my heart, and I look at him from the car. He quickly discovered me, and he also shouted: “Hey, this is not the driver? What do you run here?”

I watched him in a disgusting, said: “What is your business? Rounded, don’t bother me.”

His face flashed a smell, and said: “You don’t give your face, I don’t think about you today, I will wait for the time, I have to come out, don’t let me see you next time. Otherwise, you have to look good. “

My heart is anger. Is these rich people so much? In order to fight him, I deliberately laughed: “Wang Shao, who is this?”

He thought that I succinished, I didn’t smile: “Hey, tell you, I am waiting for your hospital, Zhang Xiaolin. You have seen it.”

Directly upgraded into the hospital, he is really a lance, but this is actually a little agreed, and Xiaolin and Xu Yan are compared, I now think that Xu Yan is more than makeup.

“Sorry, I am also waiting Xiaolin, I am coming to pick her up.” I also looked like Wang Wei with color and provocation.

“You?” He pointed at my nose, haha ​​laughed: “Jun to joke?” His laughter is full of contempt, let me just go out again.

“What happened?” I angered: “You can pick her, what can I not?”

He looked at me, and smiled. You probably a year, it is more than 450,000. It is estimated that you can’t afford to buy a wedding room.

I clenched my fists, but I couldn’t fight against it. I was humiliated by him. At the same time, I deeply felt that his words were actually the fact, and it was definitely what I lost.

He is valid for me, but also gets close to me, then say: “” Just like you, the annual income is not as different from my zero money, I want to make a woman? I advise you to find a black fungus, Still actually! ” I finally couldn’t help but slammed his fist to his face, but he heard a good voice from him behind him: “Who do you want to go to black fungus? “

Wang Wei is distinguishing, turning his head, really is Zhang Xiaolin.

“Xiaolin, I am sorry, I am talking about playing, you don’t really say it!” He hurriedly explained: “Brothers, what do you say?”

“Who is fucking and you are a brother!” I opened his hand he reached.

“Wang Wei, you will listen to it! Who allows you to insult my boyfriend? From today, I don’t welcome you! Please don’t come again!” Zhang Xiaolin actually said that a sentence made me more unexpected.

“What!” Wang Wei can’t believe in the eyes of Zhang Xiaolin. Xiaolin reveals a splendid smile to me, shouting with a very sweet voice: “Husband! You have been good, hard! Go, we go to work.”

Then until she got on the car, I didn’t react it until she rushed myself again: “What happened? Don’t stay, let’s go.”

“Hey …” I got on the car, regardless of the two complicated eyes looked at us, silly standing in the land of Wang Wei, launching the car directly to the hospital.

At this time, I have already thought that Xiao Lin is in order to help me, I played this in front of Wang Wei.

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