Xiaoxia is the manager of the cosmetics department, three years old, three years ago to marry a wife, is recognized by the beauty, fair face, uniform measurements, students have white skin, beautiful charming, exude sophisticated, charming, elegant temperament charm of a woman! Walking around swinging round abundant buttocks plump, seductive shadows so I do not know how many men confused colored eyes. Unfortunately, her newlywed husband is active duty military officers, one year actually a rare home vacation the couple together, leaving her sticking to Xianggui, fighting back the pain of the two Acacia. Misty usually wearing a sweater low neckline and a pale white skirt fresh, cool to give the introduction of reveries, Jiao white face, thin lips under lipstick red, red and clear, especially moving; neck hanging white the value of a string of pearl necklace Philippine shallow, thin apply cosmetics in her soft, round and full of half-bare Breast, two meatballs out a seductive cleavage; white rounded arms flat on the desk, slightly open axillary under the growth of thick bright black armpits, really sexy, this is the scene I see in the eyes dreams, absent-minded. I face every so glamorous Xiaoxia, the mind has always imagined intra her skirt tucked his white long legs of how delicate pussy? That is how long narrow waist belly black lush grass? In particular, the nipple on Xiaoxia that full rounded Breast Hongnen such as whether Peas? Once, Xiaoxia wearing plain silk blouse, conceal the chest one pair of tension suddenly want out of full tits, I can not help bangs, color eyes staring intently Xiaoxia chest, crotch erection dick actually excited to get out of semen, several times the money to the wrong customer.

Time I think of her, the work has gone wrong, out of concern she said to me: “You come to my house at night, I invite you to dinner.” Evening meal in her home, she asked me: ” recently you work how old mistakes? “” know …… Xiajie can …… but I’ve been absentminded. “I began to tease the word lust Xiaoxia, look at her reaction. “Hey, what is your heart worry it? I’d say to listen to it, but also …… maybe I can solve problems for you?” “Xia Jie, in addition to the basic needs of people, whether men and women will have emotions in you …… ? you say it, “Xiaoxia one, microseismic heart, she could see was tall and robust I think Sichun woman:” Oh right, everyone is lust, but …… but do not work! think, okay? to be a good work …… fishes. “” Oh! I …… I think is the old thing between men and women, only …… will absentminded, especially every time to see you, I am more mind the uncertain …… “listening heart Xiaoxia leng:” Oh …… that is why “” frankly, because you have grown too glamorous fascinating looked under your cherry red lipstick painted small!?. Hao sexy lips moving, and your ready to come across the tops of the breasts …… more and more people head in the clouds ah! in addition, in the hallway that was shaking Buttocks your left and right mini skirt wrapped pendulum MT good is charming, I …… I was obsessed with you, harm you and I always dreamed of making love to do …… …… Oh! I masturbate masturbation is not a good wet dream …… …… much suffering excruciating Acacia Honey Xia Jie, I …… I what have the heart to work? “” ah …… you …… you …… “I notice the blatant Xiaoxia listened outsize, her heart suddenly jumping, suddenly suck of breath, nervous that Banlu Chi milk frequent ups and downs. I strike while the iron is hot, then walked behind her, his hands resting on her shoulders, mouth attached to her ear powder, flirty tease, he said: “Xia Jie, I love you, you help me solve Acacia bitter Xiaoxia was blushing bowed his head and shook his: “ridiculous! …… I also older than you, and say …… is a married woman, how can you compare? “” Xia Jie, open era, the lover is too general it! Besides, I do not want to destroy your family, I just want you, you just want to enjoy the love of the flesh. “Then, from the shoulders slid her hands chest. Misty left, extending into the open lower dew embroidery lace collar inserted bra, a grasp round and two flexible fullness large breasts Youmo and kneading. Xiaoxia seemed like an electric shock to make a shiver, she wanted to get away Jiaoqu twist my light, my head suddenly reached over and kissed her tightly Xiangchun.

Xiaoxia is tangible trembling, she Jiaochuan rebuke: “ah …… …… do not stop fast fast …… …… …… ah …… I have a husband not to die ……” Her struggle was more deepened my the desire to conquer. Forced solution to her pullover, bra, but see her suddenly turned white and half-naked beauty, her white plump and ripe flesh tender and beautiful blushing Fenlian, exudes a mature woman blowing meaty, pink and abundance milk and flush nipple I see getting hot, crotch dick even more expansion.

She struggled anxiously shouted: “Oh …… you …… you how to put this chaos …… I …… …… …… let me go I want you angry …… …… …… do not …… you do not let go soon ah …… please …… “panic anxious Xiaoxia turn rebuked by the begging, but I am indifferent resorted to chain fast break, single-handedly Rounong with large breasts, one hand lifted her skirt, stroking across the silk briefs pussy, “ah!” “ah!” exclaimed another Xiaoxia twice.

The woman was so sensitive to the ground and was caressing, but I felt that the whole body bursts, the plump and elastic breasts were brought higher, the small points were very hot, it was difficult to get out of the transparent obscene The tribut is wet. At this point, I faded her three-pointed pants to the knee. I used my hand to play the yuki, Xiaoxia was dialed by me, and the puppet is constantly dodging. The small mouth frequently issues some slight snoring: ” Um … um … “The powder face crimson is struggling to clamp the legs to prevent my hand from further inserting her small hole.

She took my hands to hold my hand, I’m going to say: “You … you can’t make it unreasonable to the big sister … I am a woman who has a husband … I can’t sorry my husband … I beg you to take it out … …, please let me let me … Hey … obeying it … “

“No! Who told you so glamorous, I don’t want to be with you tonight. As long as you are going to pass the mouth, don’t let your husband know, what is the cock outside the husband?” “You …” … you are a big ghost … it is terrible … full of brains, I don’t want to have some erotic … “” Don’t make sense, you just promised to help me solve difficulties. “” I promised, but … … but you can’t use my body! This more people can’t help … “” Xia Jie, what is shy! Please take me your mature sex experience, let me share the joy of love I am so sad. Is it? “Xiaoxia went to say that he was surprised and happy, and it was a woman who had been more than 30 years old. The caressing technique is like the old hands playing the woman.

Xiaoxia gradually became confused by my clever sex. She saw that this big villa is only with my lonely male widow, and I am like a sorghum, I want to be a robbery. NS. I remembered that my husband fares away for a thousand miles, so that she had lacked the opposite sex care and comfort, she had to solve the physiological needs of physiology, lack of men, and lack the man’s moisturizing and pity. It’s a strong sense of pleasure, Xiaoxia’s ingredients are gradually blurred. She feels that there is a warm desire to brew and look forward to the comfort of the opposite sex. She is fever, and the small hole is also numb, looking forward to the thick and hot cocks to comfort. Review my words may be reasonable, as long as the husband changed the taste, who knows? Xiaoxia is very happy, I am very happy, I have a good, very happy, have a sophisticated stern, but she has never played by a man outside her husband, there is still a small timidity in my heart. reserved. She is ashamed, and she will be careful. “I don’t believe you can understand the true meaning of men and women love.” “Hey! I understand very, don’t believe you!” I walked to one stop in front of her, put trousers The zipper pulled down, took out that hard and slapped dicks. “Oh! I am so shy … shame …” Xiaoxia is shocked, she can’t think of my cock is even more big than her husband, thinking that if it is inserted into delicate pockets, how can I get it! The powder face is more shameful: “The small color ghost, ugly. I still don’t hurry back!” “What is ugly? This is the favorite baby, you touched it.” I took Xiao Xia’s jade hand. Live my dicks, I rub her full of big breasts. Xiaoxia was touched, although she had a strong spring love, but she had a skillful flirting technique, and repeatedly teasing her original sensuality. Xiaoxia finally gave up the woman’s chastity, Zhang opened the cherry, and she kissed me. Holding my big cock, I started to make it, she is full of lust, as if Her looks have risen. I see her reaction, knowing that mature glamorous Xiaoxia has been difficult to resist my feelings, enter sexual desire, hold her body, and go to the bedroom full of Roman Tik. I took Xiaoxia into the bedroom and put it on the double bed, and then put it back to lock the door. Her pair of milk is beautiful, I am very cherished, the flexible Ten breast milk, It feels comfortable. I know that Xiaoxia is desirable and scared, women are all ashair, despite thousands of people in their hearts, but they call “no”, “can’t”, actually The woman’s table is different, and it is not to let men play?

I first took my clothes and pounced to half-naked Xiaoxia’s body caress. After changing her short skirt and tribute, Xiaoxia mature and charming carcass was the first time. In front of you.

She struggled, a pair of big breasts shake it is so fascinating, she holds the breast and private part, she holds the breasts and private parts: “Oh … bad … bad children … don’t … don’t … I don’t … don’t … “Xiaoxia, the spring heart, shaking it, struggling to scream, the sweet voice is too beautiful, too tempting. I opened the hands of Xiaoxia’s shame, and her white whispered fleshy naked is in front of me. The body is very uniform, the skin is delicate and tender, the curve is rich, the small abdomen is flat and smooth, the fat hip is smooth, the round is big, the jade legs are long; her yin is thick, black, will be the deluseful sexy small hole It is full, if the hidden charming flesh is covered with wet leak, two bright red labians are moving, just like the cold lips on her face are also tempting. ※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum I separate her snow white jade leg, kiss the hole in the mouth, then use the tongue to suck her size labiarin, then use the teeth to bite like a rice-like yuki . “Ah … ah … small … small color ghost, you make me … I am getting dying … you are really bad …” Xiaoxia was already itchy into the heart, the throne current hit, fat The hip stops twisting, the left and right, the hands are tightly hugged with my head, send a joyful and breathless: “Ah … I can’t stand it … oh … you are … I am so comfortable … I … I want … I have to vent it … “I slammed the biting and biting the moist point meat. Xiaoxia small hole in Xiaoxia small hole has been like a stream. She was trembled with her body, curved the jade leg, lifted the fat buttocks, more high-spirited, let me more completely eat her prostitution. “Dear Xia si, my tongue, my tongue, you are still satisfied?” “Full of your head! Children, you … you are necrosis! Little age will play like this, you can True. I … I am really afraid of you … “” Hey! Don’t be afraid, I will give you a more comfortable and refreshing taste taste, my beloved Xia si. “I am happy, it seems that this The most beautiful Xiaoxia’s empty heart in the unit has been pulled by me, so that I will be sued under my big cock, becoming my beautiful play, so that I will enjoy her snow white carcass.

I handed a chicken, first grind with the big talents, grinding Xiaoxiao painting, can’t shy: “Good brother … don’t grind … small cave is dead … fast … fast … fast … fast … fast … fast … Plug the big dick … Insert a small hole … ask … Ask you to give me a hole … you are so … “

I saw her sophisticated appearance, I know that Xiaoxia, who had been leaked once when I was biting, was in an excitement. I urgently need big cock to a slap inserting side, I can vent her heart . Just listening to Xiaoxia waves, smashed: “Dead brother … I am itchy … you … you still catch me … fast … Quick plug in … hurry …” Xia Zhenmei, hunger and thirst, I no longer hesitate, inserted in the exclusive hole, “Zi” is straight to the end, the big turtle heads to Xiaoxia’s heart. I think that her little hole is warm and tight, and the tender meat will be tightly comfortable.

Xiaoxia has not yet giving birth. The small hole that has not been inserted has been small, tight, in addition to the husband’s dick, don’t taste other men’s cock, the first time I encountered my rough and big cock. She almost eats. I can’t think of her little hole, seeing her expressions, hunger and thirst, and stimulating my sexual desire, sliding into the end.

After half, Xiaoxia Tu Jiaoqi suddenly looked at me: “The small color ghost … You are really heart … Your dick is so big … no matter what your sister is not affected … … 唉 … My sister is really afraid again … you … you are a little family … 唉 … “

She is like a prosecution, Chu Chu’s looks make me feel in mind: “Good sister, I don’t know if your hole is so tight, let you can’t stand. Please forgive me, you have to fight me, I am No words. “Xiaoxia saw me secretly thoughtfully, I couldn’t help but smile:” My sister is not allowed to hit you, now I will pink it, don’t be too hard, I am afraid … I am afraid. Remember, don’t Too Chong. “Her mouth is a smile, it is more beautiful, more charming.

I can’t think of Xiaoxia’s beautiful appearance, and her hole that has been married is so tight, and she can play it tonight. She is really a blessing. I started to slow down, and Xia Si also twisted her light skiing fat buttocks. “Good sister, is there? Is it difficult to take the dick?” I deliberately teasing her. “No … don’t smoke … I want big cock …” Xiaoxia originally enjoyed the kindness of the big chicken Baku, the feeling of fullness, and screaming, listening to me, busy holding his hands tightly My back, my legs are high enough to hook my waist, I will really take the dick.

Husband short dick already made her not sexual gratification, but also because her husband every night jealously guarding embassies and perennial Konggui, Guzhennanmian, suffering from heart lonely she was suffering I have to fuck pussy and then Ma Chi and how can she drunkenly called men and women to pursue pleasure sex? “Well sister, told the pro-husband called me …… it!” “Do not die of shame …… …… …… I do not have a husband …… I …… I could not utter the mouth ……” “Call it! I want you to He called and told me to kiss her husband. Somebody call a thing! “

“Sure you really torture people …… …… …… pro-pro husband …… Oh …… really Xiuren ……” Xiaoxia shame pair closed Erotic winks, as beautiful as the bride’s wedding night. “Oh thrilled yo …… …… …… pro-pro husband …… sister pussy big dick inserted well be comfortable …… pro …… pro …… then plug husband hurry ……” lust rippling flesh with Xiaoxia dick plug hole rhythm ups and downs. Her deft twist Buttocks frequently up top, obscene wave of passion shouted: “Oh …… …… good brother, your big penis encounter other people’s efforts to reach a happy yo …… oh …… well …… I have to vent to you …… oh …… so comfortable …… “

An blanching sexual secretion straight out, I felt a hot glans is sexual secretion downright uncomfortable, to stimulate my original animal also jumped out, no pity to switch thrusting severely beaten with a grinding center, nine shallow a depth , flower arrangement and so moves around to make fun of her. Xiaoxia Jiaoqu like horny, she tightly hug me, just listen to that sound when the sexual secretion dick thrusting out “puff AIDS, AIDS puff” prevalent.

Xiaoxia feel big dick insertion hole brought her boundless pleasure, almost too comfortable to make her mad, she died hug me tight, big Buttocks wrenching shakes, more ecstasy Jiaochuang Sheng issued from time to time: “Oh … … Oh my God …… …… …… beauty is killing me …… ah …… good brother killing me …… …… hum hum …… sister was going to be you Chasi Oh …… …… …… I die and …… …… I have to vent. “

Misty can not stand my Meng Meng get the top, the whole body shiver, pussy meat tenderizer in spasm constantly Shunwen my big penis, sudden bursts of sexual secretion welling vent out, I have to pour unlimited comfortable. I deeply feel that the insertion Xiaoxia pussy big dick like being sandwiched between the sausage sandwich-like feel infinite beauty. Again and again to vent the body Xiaoxia Chi soft paralyzed in bed, my big dick was very comfortable being inserted, see Xiaoxia suddenly does not move, make me unbearable.

Then, raising her hands resting on the shoulders of two legs, then let’s use a pillow under her Buttocks, the more pussy Xiaoxia suddenly very Gao Qiao, hold big dick pussy Meng Xiaoxia aligned one inserted in the end, thrusting mercilessly whip, but then resorted to small Tong Yuxianyusi “Laohantuiche” stunt quite moving, just plug Jiaoqu she was trembling. Superb skills of my hips sway a few from time to time, make great efforts to reach the glans deep in some grinding.

Xiaoxia married for many years but never enjoyed such long thick dick burly, such as ecstasy of love skills, he was thrusting my bursts of cool whip Fenlian get mad pendulum, hair flying, trembling, like a frightened kinky voices cried: “Oh, oh …… …… …… No matter sister is driving down the legs can not stand it …… …… …… ah sister pussy to be breaking you plug inserted …… friends …… pro-husband …… younger brother …… you …… you spare me ah ah …… …… Give me a break, “Xiaoxia Saolang gentile me harder thrusts, it seems vowing inserted through her attractive pussy Cai Ganxin she was inserted as die happy, hair disheveled, her breath again and again, Meiyanrusi body extremely comfortable, fragrant perspiration and sexual secretion a wet sheets: “Oh, oh …… …… …… hello good brother will play a woman …… sister lets you play play dead …… …… …… Oh Yeah “

“Well sister, you …… you bear with me, I’m going to vent ……” Xiaoxia know I want to reach orgasm, and had to bring spare capacity on the Buttocks very hard twist, cater to my final sprint, and resorted to negative wall power, so that a suction hole meat put suck a large cock.

“Darling …… pro-husband’s brother to death …… …… …… sister have to vent,” “pro-sister ah …… …… …… I …… meat sister I have to vent …… ah …… ah ……” Xiaoxia suddenly spasm, clinging to my back, blanching of sexual secretion is a vent, such as injection. I felt extremely large penis Chi Ma, and finally could not help but gush out semen anxious, happy to be launched into deep pussy Xiaoxia, she was that blanching of semen shot was shouting: “Aw …… pro-husband …… US elder brother …… killing me …… “

At the same time we were reaching the climax of, both tight hug after a moment, I drew after ejaculation soft Papa’s dick, his hands gently ask Xiaoxia tenderness sexy plump carcass. Xiaoxia was satisfied after sexual passion plus my understanding tenderness caress her and then tasted the joy of perfect sex life, are unable to enjoy her married life from her husband there, my initiation Xiaoxia love, they were kissed and kiss kiss some only after they meet a tired spooned.

After a while, Xiao Xia woke up and found that the two were naked and did not help but the face was red. I didn’t expect that the two had a physical relationship. She also ventred several times, it was ashamed. However, the sweetness of the sweet and comfortable, still swaying in the body, raising his hand, watching the watch is a little late in the night, she hurriedly waking me: “Good brother, night, you should go back to the dormitory.” I heard the words Holding Xiaoxia carcasses, So said: “Good sister, do you let me stay with you?” “Hey! Small … Xiaoyan, this sister, then promise you to stay with me.. Happy, the little mouth is attached to her ear, deliberately teased asking: “Xia Si, just, your comfort is uncomfortable?” What is the small hole? “Xiaoxia powder face is red, the spring is on the eyebrow, to satisfy the look:” Dead phase! You still know what you ask, really … I hate you. “” How is your husband’s cock and a hole? “” Small color ghost, don’t be ashamed, he … he can satisfy my words, I … I will not be hooked to bed with you! You … you are necrosis … “” Good Xia Ji, my Yan Fu is really shallow, can play the most beautiful you in all units, I … I am so happy! ” “Dead! You are necrosis, my sister’s body is all over, I have to laugh at me. You have to sell it cheap, your sister hate you! “” My sister, don’t be angry! ” I am playing with you, don’t you have this? I will be patient, do you have me? “” Live, who told you that you are ashamed! ” “” My beloved sister, I can’t dare next time. ” “” Good brother, my sister loves you, I will have some intimacy when I will talk. ” I will not blame you, this can also increase the interesting time, but I am still your superior in the unit, but I can’t kiss hot, and the intimate relationship of our two will be discovered. do you know? “

“Yes, my beloved, Xia Si, you see! My dick is hard, I … I am playing again?” It turned out that my cock didn’t know when and stunned. Xiaoxia is flush, nodded, this is no longer holding, take the initiative to extend the jade hand holding my dick.

“Good sister, chicken is so uncomfortable, you … do you have it?” “Oops … My sister has never covered the cock, good … so hard!” “It doesn’t matter, just like a small ice bar. Take the dick with your lips, you will be able to take it out from time to time. “” Well … Well! You … You are my past, I am, “said, never Xiaoxia containing her husband’s cock, even got my big cock, could not help but blush, shy and shy, Zhang opened the cherry little mouth and gently contained the purple talents whose purple shiny talents, and her cherry The lips are full of mouth. Xiaoxia began to use the incense tongue with the big glans, and then suck it with the lips, bite with jade teeth, set into the ground and keep playing.

“Ah … good sister … so comfortable … you … Your cherry pout is like a small hole … Ah … so comfortable … It’s so addicted …” My big dick is tamed by Xiaoxia. The thrust of the glans is spread to the whole body of the limbs, the big cock is smashed, and the iron rod is stunned, and the green gluten is exposed. Xiaoxia spit out of the big cock, turning over the legs across me, the fiber-optic jade hand puts the column of the big chicken to the small hole set, “Oh … so enrich …” Xiaoxia fat hip one Get up. Only heard the rhythm of “nourishing” sex, Xiaoxia plaques the willows, the mess, she is not only fragrant, but more frequently sounded the soul: “喔 … … … my husband … my sister is so comfortable … cool … ah … cool … “

The carcass on the upper and twisted twisted swords rolled her a pair of fat and full breasts, swaying my gods reversed, reach out and holding Xiaoxia’s breast milk, making her original breast breasts more striking, And the small nipple is kneaded to be bleed as beans.

Xiaoxia is more and more fast, can’t help but shrink small cave meat, put the big glans frequently: “Ah … Beautiful … Parents … My sister gives you … 喔 … …… Dear brother … oh … small hole is dead … “

The fragrant sweaty, she desperately up and down, and the cherry is a smooth, and the hair is full, and her happiness is flying with her, she is happy, and the cock is pulled out. ” Zi, 滋 水 交 使 使 使 使 人 醉

I did but feel the big glans, was sucked, was smashed, and it was comfortable to shake, and I used to move forward to the madness of Xiaoxia. When she told the next case, I will go to the top, how can I die? I am really fitted with the latima seamless, comfortable.

The big talents are deeply in-depth, the top of her flowers, Xiao Xia Jiao sounds the sound: “唷 … big chicken brother … Pro-husband … little husband … I … I have to vent … 哟 … … can’t be broken … you have to vent it … vent … “Xiaoxia trembles a few times, the Jiaoqin is in charge, and you will have asthma.

I came to the big turned to put her body under the body, then felt my hands and holding a solid dagger, holding a small hole in Xiaoxia, holding her big breasts again, pinch, and 搓, again Twisted, while the big cock smashed and smashed. “Oh … good Awei … Pro-husband … Rao … Sister is really tired … I can’t stand … My sister is enough … I beg you … You spare … Rao … No … can’t … 唷 ……

“Good sister … I … I want to eat … ah … so cool …” Xiaoxia is busy swinging fat hips makes the hole, “Ah … good sister, your small hole is more cool. … I … I have to vent it … “I took the white semen to Xiaoxiao, she was shot by the fine water, and she was so comfortable:” Oh … pro, the husband … so comfortable … ah … ah … good haugh! “Xiaoxia gave me tightly, I took a long time to take the dick. Xiaoxia, a long time, has been ventilated in this night, and the farther feel is that stimulation, that crazy, after this, I will have a huge dick and superb bed, I have captured Xiaoxia Lonely. Fang heart.

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