I have a college class with my wife, and I have always been related to the big one. We both think are both conservative and open, specific cases, please let me explain.

My wife is a kind of person who is not bold, I think that I put the dick into B. Even if I completely ended her career, I think this is a special heavy thing. To this end, this thing is not to think about 100% taboos. Although I said that a woman should not have this kind of female complex, it should not be a thin film and a bundle of self-ending, but I am also afraid of myself. I really gave people to others. Responsible, leaning, what is responsible, did not graduate, did not work, which dick is presented?

So, we have never been broken through the last line of defense, always maintaining the wife of the wife.

But if you have to turn it back, don’t you plug it? Male and female, in addition to inserting, can “do”!

So we both guaranteed that they did not insert, without the equipment, there was no concern. Watch the film together, masturbation, blowjob, 69 …

The background description is basically the case, and now it is stabing.

That will be eleven in the morning. The class of the class is in class, and it is not enough time. People who have no lesson rushed to the cafeteria to buy rice early. Ten minutes ago, you are still full of self-study classrooms, only I have two people with my wife.

We both do it in the wall, I left, her right. I read comics, she made homework. I am wearing trousers, there is no underwear, her right hand writes the homework, the left gloves and my dick.

Summer, I learned that I didn’t wear my panties after I didn’t wear my naked. For this, the wife is very happy, “I’m moving is convenient”, this is the original words. Even if you are touching your pants, your feel is good.

After a long time, the wife’s homework may be finished, so the strength and speed in the hand are significantly accelerated.

This is originally a signal, but when the Xiangbei team is difficult to find with the Hainan team, how can I achieve?

Seeing that I didn’t respond, my wife came over and took my head on my shoulder, and my neck was born again and again. However, the score of the Xiangbei team and the Hainanese team at that time was already glued between 4 and 6, so I was completely related to my wife’s love. The wife is fire, and I tied to my arms. I went out of the broken cock from the zipper. I suddenly swallowed in the mouth.

Then my wife looked up, and I looked at me. “Or?”

I have long been thrown behind the brain, “I want.”

“Do you want your mouth, or have a hand?” The wife’s naughty uses the index finger to paint the circle on the glans filled with saliva.

“To your mouth.”

We gave a look at the classroom and did not find a suitable location. Although there is no one in the classroom, there are few people outside, but the door of the classroom is not locked. In case someone comes in, it is embarrassed, it is impossible to scare a function or spiritual impotence. It can be done without compensation.

I thought about it, I took my wife to the door of the classroom, back to the door (there is no glass on the door), took out my dick.

The wife smiled, put the hair after the hair, squat, adjusted the posture, took my leg, holding my fen, starting OOXX.

In short, the arrow is on the strings, playing in the rod, the countdown of the rocket is to one, just shouted, just in such a key moment, oh, the door behind me hit my back. Not hurt, but it is very sound. The wife was shocked and hurriedly spoke out of the dick, stood up, organized the hair, and organized clothes. My wife is really scared, she didn’t take clothes again, sorting clothes dry?

The person who pushed the door waited, then pushed it. At this time, I have escaped the door, of course, I also received the cock.

It is a girl, a horse, cowboy, carrying a book, she comes in, seeing us, then began to apologize: “Sorry, sorry …” She apologize, we have two distress, but I don’t know how to Yes, I didn’t listen to what the accent of her speech was strange, I had to go back to the previous seat.

Unexpectedly, this girl actually followed us to the seats in front, then sat down, talk to us: “Do you have faith?”

The time we did was indeed, even if he didn’t hear, he heard that this problem was also an unknown.

The girl is the first foreigner I met with my wife, a Korean, actually under this situation!

Then the girl took out a thick Bible from her school bag, started, started, began to pass to us … In that case, dry, real fucking, let me think that I am a person . In the next twenty minutes, we were forced to listen to her simple introduction to the life of Jesus, and then follow her a short prayer.

Amen, forgive me! I didn’t dare to do some xxoooxx things in the classroom, oh …

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