That day, Jiayu had a must-have to go to the school library and the same group of classmates as a group discussion. After allocating work, Akai and Jiahao are the group to collect information together, so they continue to stay in the library. The second floor continues to discuss. Speaking of Jiayu is really a high-tech sweet sexy girl college student, the big round will discharge the eyes plus the snow whitening and slender legs, each time she wears shorts or short skirts, always provoke a pile of saliva. If you really want to picky, it is probably that it is the bust that is unpredictable.

Jiayu’s breast has only a cup, the little is very cute, and it is full of elasticity of young skin, plus the peanut-backed coffee nipple on the white milk, it seems that there is a kind of young teeth but the strange sexy. But how much makes it a little inferiority. Therefore, when choosing underwear, I always deliberately pick up a CUP cup. At least we wear clothes, you can also vote. However, she loves to wear a low chest or a large V-neck dress, but she often walks and does not know.

For example, now, Akai and her shoulders, Jiayu did not know that she had a table before her body, and her neckline and white lace bra have been completely separated from her slim, and the beautiful girl is deny. Pretty pigeon milk and sexy buds on the tip of the milk have been fully reflected in the eyes of Akai, or even the wrinkles on the nipples and the subtle sweat on the tip, and the red skin of the white is clear. Akai is so unspeakable, the whole night, of course, the lower body is also congested one night. In the mind, I have been struggling with reason, and I am afraid that I am not careful, I have said “Jiayu, I want to suck your baby” so rough and true.

“What do you stay in Akai, I just said that you have heard it? Go back to the soul!” Jiayu said to the Aka, Aka, made Johncena’s Youc’tseeme sign actions in front of him.

“Hey! There is a! Your opinion is not bad! Take you right!” Akai’s answer.

“I asked you that my clothes is so good? See you have always stared at my clothes, what I have not bad.”

Jiayu is going to beat the forehead of Akai.

“No! I am watching your nipple!” Just finished Akai, I found it, telling the wrong words.

At this time, Jiayu glanced his eyes, and immediately looked down at his chest. Sure enough, the collar was opened, and the cup did not cover the breasts, but her peanuts were generous.

“To die! You have a big metamorphosis. I don’t want to live!” Jiayu rose red face and said that he is angry, but you don’t know what to do, after all, it is seen.

“Jia Yan is sorry! I don’t deliberately see it, just really too beautiful too sex, I can’t move my eyes. Sorry! Jiayu.”

Akai has a very low posture of Akai. He didn’t intend to deliberately, and he was treated as a big metamorphosis, it was very bad, and it was a big girlish, and he didn’t know if he walked. Can you blame Akai? Jiayu listened to Akai’s constant apology and kept saying that her chest is too sexy, so there is no way to remove the line of sight. The stupid look is also a bit soft, and it is added. It is a bit inferior to your little chest, but Akai said that sexy, that kind of tempting, so that Jiasheng is a little more beautiful.

“Okay! Forgive you this big wolf!”

Jiayu said that he continued to keep the parallel posture, and did not pull the collar. Basically, it was awarded Akai to continue to peek the permissions of the beautiful scenery, and continue to let the Akai enjoy her snow white breasts and the sexy violet grape.

“! It’s so shy! I know that he is watching my chest, but I didn’t stop him, but he said that my little chest is very beautiful, very sexy, since this kind of test, let him look better. NS.”

Jiali thought, so I didn’t know if I didn’t know, but I didn’t talk to Akai, because she knew that Akai is aesthetic. And Jiayu has turned his legs, because Kai Kai is in a peek, her private parts began to have an inexplicable slightly written, as if Akai is gentle with both eyes and gentle caress, so Jiayi is so constantly At the leg intersection, this movement is slightly comforted with a small feeling, but the blue white horizontal underwear in the short skirt is rendered by the thick juice secreted by Jiayu lower body.

“Jiayu, your nipple is not very sensitive?” After the two silently suddenly, Akai didn’t know where the courage was so unsatisfactory asked such a low problem.

“How do you know?” I did not expect Jia Xuan, not angry, just more shy bowed his head. “Because, I see your nipples each whole very up, so that you should be very sensitive nipples girl.”

Jia Xuan, after listening to a whole each is very shy, just gently nodded, because Akai say is true.

“Jia Xuan, I … I want to touch your chest, can you?” Adelaide finished Jia Xuan did not wait to answer it as if to hand into his inner collar Jia Xuan, Jia Xuan quickly took Akai’s hand.

“Akai do not like this … Not here. We went to school building next door.” Jia Xuan blushing with mosquitoes the size of the volume answered.

Akai Jia Xuan heard this command, natural Kuaishoukuaijiao of good information pack on the table, and then boldly casts Jia Xuan hand, like a rush of wedding bride groom holding sideways like a school building walked.

They came to the building for the school stairwell, where the nights were cool, but also looking at the night view from afar in highway, the whole United States does not hold each income.

“Here, it’s beautiful yo!” Jia Xuan, backed by Akai embrace this saying.

“In the US there is no half your beautiful! Jia Xuan is the most beautiful scenery too.” I do not know what made Akai nerve to say such disgusting words, but angered Jia Yue Xuan while big heart.

“Do not believe it? You see.” Akai Then they opened good hands Xuan hands encircling the chest, then pulled the collar so that the whole Jia Xuan views of each breast in front of Akai.

“This exquisite as compared to a small hill in front of the night on several hundred times more beautiful too!”

“You’re color yeah you!” Jia Xuan said the non-compliance, Akai did not stop, so he continued to see them all.

“Jia Xuan, I want to …”

Akai Jia Xuan head down in the ear Simo, Jia Xuan also turned blind eye, ready to make the Akai unbridled appreciation.

Akai looked good Xuan fresh dripping lips endure for a long time could no longer control the impulse, looked down and picks apples generally beautiful lips, mouth four who would not let the welling up with tongue scroll the tongue two people breathing slowly into rapid.

This will be a good time Akai Xuan clothes and underwear along the shoulder straps pulled down, Jia Xuan touching breasts no longer masking, sit on exposure to the air, slightly elevated breast shape curve is so beautiful, pigeon milk fresh grapes exaggerated tip of the swelling, and others seem anxious removal. Akai gentle and skillful middle finger with both hands, gently painted Jia Xuan nipples, or the roots circle around the nipple gently, then with your fingertips sudden provocation with fast, flexible Jia Xuan full of nipples in Afghanistan Kay fingertips fiddle at Xuan make good sing song reveries.

Then Jia Xuan has been too busy with the Akai kiss, her breathing became very rapid, caressing her breasts in front of Akai has made her whole body felt weak, but for A Kaihuai holding, Jia Xuan already stand. Jia Xuan whole body felt hot, Akai gentle touch nipples to make her feel dumb seems to be absent, and the sudden provocation she seemed to be running across the current, his head went blank, mouth involuntary groan Jiaochuan.

“Kay … ah … ah … Well … people will woo … ah … it can not stand it …” Jia Xuan tough talking.

“How can not stand it?”

“Just … do not … er ah … ah … it would be so cool ??”

“This was okay! I just want my baby Jia Xuan cool happy Yes!”

Akai spoke still kept caressing Jia Xuan breasts. Sometimes with palms covered with small tits good Xuan, Jia Xuan sometimes use your fingers to pull the nipples longer, or is twisted around the nipple Jia Xuan. Jia Xuan already swollen nipples as if to water in general, it looks more fresh and delicious. Akai then lower the body, Jia Xuan mouth put the left one attached to the nipple into his mouth, the tongue is firmly provocation on the nipples. Jia Xuan Where can stand almost dropped to his knees. Akai will be escorted Jia Xuan waist, playing with his right hand on the right breast Jia Xuan, his mouth sucking the sweet left breast swelling bud, eating while for the other side, the Akai busy presumptuous in good Xuan chest.

Akai then left quietly moved down into his good Xuan sexy and unlimited spring skirts, covered with blue and white stripes girls underwear Jia Xuan peach-like rump, Akai big hand in two ass unsparing kneading, said something suddenly, this undergarment to protect the girl has been a Kaila private parts fragrance to the knee, while also pulling the cloth underwear bottom trace of water droplets, the water line upstream of a trace is good Xuan Fangcaoqiqi girls private parts, there is already flooded shell honey, while being within spitting pink abalone soup waiting for the man to taste.

Akai reluctantly, the finger is touched that the crack has been wet, and the Akai took the finger to play his hand to the front of Jiayu. “You see you, put my hand dirty, how to punish it.” Akai said fierce.

“How can I … Otherwise, I will help you clean it? Don’t punish me!”

Jiayi has already lost his eyes, and he can’t think of it. Then, the little sandal sandon’s honey gynecothing on the hand is clean. Akai is satisfied with Jiayu, a burst of heart and kissed her lips, and there was a taste of a sweet and sweet girl juice in Jiayu. Then Akara opened the legs, let her cross the escalator, all the private parts are greatly opened, and the pink crack is also touched by the legs, and the hole is more open, a thick obscene The liquid is low. Akai hurriedly opened his mouth, and he afraid to leak the water of this sweethearted baby body.

A burst of Hexisu, Akai greets in Jiayu private parts. I broke the honey with the tongue, and I took the lips with the lips and used the lip of Jiayu. It was used along the private place. The happiness of Jiayu is not known to be his own obscenity or aka. Then Akai put the coat on the floor, let Jia Li lie on, Jiayu just lying well, Akai suddenly opened the thigh of Jiayu, then lifted Jia Yan’s butt to his chest, Jiayu’s The exposure of the flower valley is not obscured in the Akai face, and Akai holds the hips of Jiayu, and then force the fragrance of Jiayu private parts, the girl’s savvy with a raw meat, Akai can’t pull The face was posted on the body of Jiayu, and when I got it, I bite it. After holding my hands, I didn’t forget to fill my hand to pinch the baby.

Jia Yan is crazy, while controlling himself too loudly, and cannot accept the thrill of the body from the side. The tip of the milk tip becomes a current similar stinging, but it is more comfortable, she now needs to be exhausted, her body does not want to be pity, she wants is a rude and original pleasure. .

“Akai … Hey … do it … hurry to do it … Um … I want to be dried by you …” Jiali said that he said with her sweet temperament.

Akai is also can’t help but pull down his trousers, and the angry stick has brought the card. Akai Helu his own mask, with the Jiayu a mess, although Jiayu’s prostitute has left the butt, even dropped to the jacket of Akai, Akai is still afraid of narrow vaginal can’t stand the sudden tuning. Therefore, slowly use the glans to scrape the two lips, and the juice on the lips is covered with the glans of Akai, and then the gun is slowly taking a slightly. The slow forward, afraid that she accidentally hurts the beautiful girl in front of him.

Akai feels the narrowness of Jiayu, soft and flexible, burning and constantly inhaling his penis, I didn’t expect Akai soon to the heart of Jiayu. The vagina, the vagina is very short, it is easy to be topped, this kind of girl is the easiest way to climax. Jiayi feels full of filled, a pleasant pleasure, just when she enjoys this warmth, Akai has twitched, Jiayu’s lip meat is turned over because there is every pump of Akai. Open. When the Akai meat stems, Jiayu’s point meat is also tightly absorbed with meat sticks. The pink cavity is turned over, and when the insert is inserted, feel the meat stem, the pods on the private place are Ako is also tightly roofed when it is deep. And Akai didn’t forget to knead the sensitive nipple, Jiayu’s nipple, the heart, the jet nucleus on the honey, the most sensitive sexy belt is played, Jiayu is full of heat, the lower body It has been warm, and suddenly a hot flow comes from the lower body. The private part is strong, and the whole person is curled, and the hands are tightly grabbed the jacket of Akai, the kind of thrill is stimulating From the sexual organ to blow, then the cerebral skin is on the foot, the pores on the body are hot, and Jiayu is tried to thoroughly.

Akai is so sensitive, and the climax is climax, and the heart is more painful. In Jiayu, Yu Wen Akai, which is still enjoying the climax, is bent down the body to a tight hug.

“Akai, I love you! I am so comfortable, I am your woman now, you have to love me! Do you want to pity me?”

Akai did not speak, just express it with action, deeply kissed Jia Yan, two people hug together. At this time, Jiayu felt that Akai did not release hard and still in her body. That kinds of happiness are unable to say. She wants Akai, she wants to ride her own man on her man. Because she heard that the girl shakes the posture that makes men can’t resist, Jiayi wants to completely give her man, and use their own vagina to undertake the semen. Jiayu sat on the body of Akai, the two legs opened, let their private parts are closely attached to Akai, then the friction before and after, she feels their own point meat in the swallowing of Akai, close fit Also let yourself sensitive to the peas peas. She is afraid that she first reaches the climax first, and she flips the snow and white powder before and after the sale, and she also picked the small nipple in Akai. At this time, Akai also retalled Jiayi. In front of him, this picture became a good-to-mouth force, and two people picked each other. Unfortunately, the nipple of Jiayu is too sensitive, and his own pod is closer to the root of the penis. It has just been high-spirited to have a very fast and hot machine. Akai has read Jiahao’s reaction. The climax, so the hands of the Jiayu’s hips, faster, so that it is not only good, Akai also feels the burning of Jiayu vagina, and the lower body is also a hot flow.

“Jiayu, I want to eat! What should I do?” Akai said difficult.

“Shoot in baby, shoot into my small hole, my little hole should eat your semen.”

Akai listened to the lascivious words such as Jiayu, and he couldn’t stand the quick shake of Jiayu’s hips. The very fast scrotum is awkward, and a hot liquid jets into the vagina in Jiayu, and Jiayu is also I can’t stand this powerful impact, just in the throne again, and the burning and hard time when Akai quickly shot, let her feel a more intense pleasure, and I can’t control it in my mouth. When he returned to God, he found that he still squatted in Akai. It seems to be narrowed, but still stayed in her vagina, and Akai smiled, it seems to laugh at his own sensuality.

“What are you laughing, you. Big bad eggs.”

“Nothing! I just didn’t know who it was, so loudly, there should be listening to it!”

Jiayu is shy, and the heart is rushing to wear clothes. I have a hurry to stand up.

“You still don’t dare to wear clothes quickly, and what to do so wait for the guard!”

“I want to climb up! But I was just being pushed, that person seems to be at a climax, I don’t know how to do it!”

“Hey? Do you hate it?”

Then two people seven-handed eight feet put on the clothes happily escap the case site. On the scene, leaving only a wet, it is simply bubble into the blue white horizontal girl underwear, and two curled hairs are retained in the bottom of the underwear, and a mixture of a male and female fluid.

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