Jiao Xiaoli Sao Female Colleague is tuned (this story is half-half vacation, there is a fictional ingredient also has real happening, and you can meet your own fantasy.) The character background does not introduce direct entry. Female colleagues with a small deer height 162cm belonging to a beautiful skin. It is not a little black, but it is very thin and very loved to dress. Of course, the girl does not love the beauty, the body slim, dress up the fashion paintings, Jiao Xiaomei.

I often chat with her. I have a joke. I sometimes talk about the yellow section is also hunger. The original relationship is a better colleague. The opportunity to travel has further developed.

That year, I arranged I went to Beijing on thinking on Thursday. On Friday, I could go home on the weekend. She said, I can say that I can play two days in Beijing on the weekend, Happy Valley can play , I said that I have any fun to have a piece of reimburse, she can be reimbursed with me, she said that she may have concerns that can be concerned, I will joke with her and flicker her, result She finally agreed to talk about another female friend together, I didn’t agree, let’s talk about it.

I have been in the past two days, I will contact her to pick them up on Thursday evening. She said that the friend had a fever and can’t get a refund. I will persuade her to come back by myself to retreat a ticket. I am here, I am helping me too, this is the chance to give me God! I retreated the room to re-book, the big bed room 嘿嘿 … I went to the station next day to pick up her hotel. I said first, I will go back to my room, I will check in, she didn’t say what I put it. Play.

On the day, “Happy Valley”, played a day, Wangfujing Street, Wangfujing Street, dinner to eat the full gathering roast duck, deliberately played back to the hotel, more than 10 o’clock, let her go back first, I am Staying, of course, the tourist temple in that season is more nervous and I have not booked in advance, so I have no room. If I returned to my room, I didn’t have a room. I had a proposal to make a good one, she hesitated, still agreed It’s okay, it’s just … 嘿 …

After the respective wash is finished, she said that she said first, I closed the headlights and only opened a small light to lying in bed, in fact, I am thinking about how to get it.

The first time did not experience this kind of thing, if she resists what to do … Consider it for a while, look at her lying in bed, I really can’t think about any excuse, go directly. I quietly came to her bed to reach into the quilt, I touched the waist. She didn’t respond to the butt, the thigh hasn’t responded, and I touched the thigh and butt and then handled the hand from the knee. Touching, her two legs move more tight.

I feel that she is relieved to drill into her quilt, I grabbed her from the back, the left hand touched her chest from the neck, and the right hand touched her small hole, and the little brother of Hard Bangbang In the hip friction, the tongue lick her neck and earlobe.

After a while, I will use my fingers to play with my fingers. Press the hand on the small hole to stop, the tongue is also in the neck, cheeks, and the ear pattern keeps walking. After about five minutes of teasing, her breathing has become heavy, and suddenly returns to my face to take the initiative to kiss me. The tongue is licking in my mouth.

Of course, I am reluctant to kiss, while the movements in my hands are more powerful, and her underwear has been wetted by yumping, so it is a kiss! It’s just kneading! Another buckle! My little brother is hard. I inserted the gap between the middle of the underwear and thighs into her small hole, really tight! A finger is very tight, it seems that it is not too much. The finger is quickly puffed from time to time, she began to send a snoring …

I feel it! It is immediately accelerating the movements of your hands and tongues, and the body is closely sticked to her later brother. Fast rubbing at her labipings. Her two legs have a quick shrinkage snoring in the lower abdomen. At a moment, she is like reaching a critical point of belly, and there is a few times, and the whole body is in the whole body. After a stiff moment, it slowly becomes weak. It seems that she is a climax, but I haven’t played cool, my little brother is still hard and hot, I don’t want to slow down.

As her body becomes soft, my movement has become a lot of movements, and the finger slowly slides out from his vagina in her thigh, the small belly, the hips slowly touch, the little brother is outside her labi Ah, I can’t go in. One hand knead her breast is another kiss, sucking, taking the tongue, biting the nipple with the teeth. Just now, it’s too much to force a lot of details. Nowadays, now I will find that her hairy is very short, like a man in two or three days without shaving the hull, the original, she also shaved my hair………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

In this way, she kneaded her for a while, she started, and now my little brother is cool. She lies in the bed, I separate her legs. The little brother of hard Bangbang has rubbed a few times on the labipings. It has entered the glans. The labie has flowing out a lot of prostitutes and lubrication. It can be very clear. The tight package is wrapped with a penis, very tight when the glans are just entering, it is necessary to use it. After the glans entered, there was no one in the bottom, and then slowly inserted the whole root into the end, the whole root was very comfortable with a fightened package. As my penis, the whole root of my penis also sent a refreshing snoring … When I inserted into it, I could feel her lower abdomen shrinkage to the down to enjoy the full enjoyment and catering my insert. I can’t pay the gun so soon, suppress the impulse of the ejaculation, slowly inserting the penis to plug in the deepest place to make the penis to adapt to the prostitute better lubrication.

I adjusted all comfortable postures, squatting on her body, bending the weight of the body, the left hand rubbed her breast finger from time to tease her nipple, kissed her neck, earnmet, sucking the milk room, the tip of the tongue Small abdomen rapid shrinking penis quickly in the vagina, what three shallow is deep, the nine-shacks have a deep rhythm of all kinds of rhythm, and she is in my body, and the snoring is constantly. The pose under the man is also inserted into the deepest, most remarkable posture. This crazy thrust is turned into the rhythm, the shades and even angles during 10 minutes, and sometimes the side is inserted on the side, and sometimes the glans have just entered shallow The plug is taken after a few times, and the whole roots suddenly takes the end. Her snoring also took me with my cry.

10 minutes of non-stop and tired and … too tight … The feeling of wool is getting stronger and more strong … Change your posture to adjust, I lift the penis and put her hands in the inside to grasp her ankle to let her The two legs are straight up, and the two jade legs that have long sleeves really let me love to kiss a few her calves and ankles. Let her legs stepped up this posture makes the vagina’s wrapping of the penis, her legs The clamping straight up, I took her jade leg penis in the following, she was holding her hands on her breasts. No … this posture is more tight than the penis just clip … I can’t help but shoot … I want to shoot …

I accelerated the speed of the thrust, every cut, her legs intersect the thigh clamping. Such a full-force throduction, I feel that I have to eat, she is tangled with a crying cavity, and I have been tapping. I seem to have a climax, I am pressing her legs. The legs are tight to the chest, and my whole body is straight and straight to keep balancing on both sides of her body. Most of the weights of the whole body are concentrated in the position of the penis and vaginal contact, and push the penis with the body’s gravity. This posture feels deep … Every time I plugged into the deepest, so violently inserted for five minutes. Her body contracted a few times. I reached a climax again. I can’t help but put it intosert. It has ejaculated for more than a dozen, put the penis to the deepest, let the semen inside her uterus.

After the refined semen, the penis still stayed in her vagina, the body kissed her body and stroked her, and slowly slightly slowly sloping from the vaginal, we hugged each other. The next morning, I woke up and stroked her naked body slowly penis, and rubbed the glans on her labips and slowly inserted.

At the beginning, there was no obscenity and lubrication. When I was slow, I slowly slowly took the top, slowly, there was an excessive water to flow out, and the penis was inserted in half lubrication and inserted. After the lubrication, the whole root was inserted. With my insertion and stroke, kissing her also has the reaction to start, changed two postures, we have done it in the morning, and finally she was in the bed. After the end, I took a break, I got a bath, I took the door. We went to the Forbidden City and Gongwang House to play because there was a more intimate behavior between the relationships.

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