Into the gun is forcing itself, but I have a colleague, as the saying goes, that fuck is awkward.

In the barbecue store, the position of the wall is a bit boring while playing with mobile phone, just looking at the webpage, while a woman holding a woman, the opposite woman is also holding mobile phone, one hand When the chopsticks are flushing on the furnace. A little noisy in the barbecue store, but the atmosphere of this table is obviously a bit cold, and the chat scene of other tables is hot.

“Eat, I can’t eat it.” Liu Wei couldn’t help it, and the mobile phone stuffed back to the pillow. Pick up the chopsticks and turned a few meats, while touching the mouth .

“I love to eat fire, do you take it to you.” The opposite woman also received a mobile phone, glanced on Liu Wei, and then turned a few pork belly, clamped, pick up the vegetable leaf rolled up.

“Operation, German, mom, how can I know what you are talking, or you can’t get it.” Liu Wei also went to a sentence.

“Mom is a forced, you still say, put it on the white, but also fucked an extra small gun, I fuck.” The opposite woman took a napkin and wiped the mouth, tat strokes And Liu Wei, you say a quarrel in me.

…… The thing is like this, how to push forward.

Liu Wei took a break in the store in the store when I was close to get off work, I found that there was a photo of a woman who only took the next neck and wore a close-fitting vest, so I logged into my other WeChat account. Talk. Get up, from strange to familiarity, slowly talking about it, I have been going to get off work, Liu Wei proposes to chat with nearby barbecue, the other party is also pleased, and Liu Yizhen came to the agreement with joy. Nearby, the result is a woman in the store, it is a woman who is usually the least and the least dealt.

The sweet star is sweet, and it is actually not sweet. Character comparison is straightforward, so what is said, there is a fast person in the work, and it is blunt. Sometimes I have a deep hidden rule between colleagues, it is easy to be broken when she is present, and everyone is very unpleasant. Although Liu Wei did not have a positive confrontation with her, he also found that this woman did not provoke from the perspective of the bystander, so two people did not commit river water.

At that time, two people were asked, and then the face “I went to fuck” expression, but Liu Wei also under the suggestion of “I am hungry first, I have to say”, I still entered the barbecue store, so The above conversation occurs.

“I took a small gun, it, I admit, I admit, you, you are not a small number, exercise, and find a photo of the big girl with a photo.” Liu Wei said, a few brains The pieces of meat are all in the mouth.

“Mother, Land, rest my photo is still, then fuck is me, hey, hey, right, it is my trumpet of my gun, how to go.” Zhang Xu sweet chopsticks, say finish Liu Wei.

“It is still an eye, this partner, this temper is too embarrassing, or say that you love sinners …

… come, come, sweet sister, whole point, gas, gas, gas … “Liu Wei saw the face of the top of the face with anger, a little feeling again, I really have a noisy, and the big man relieves the atmosphere. Two people, two people, will have it.

“I can’t be angry if you can’t be angry. .

“No, it’s not my deliberate, hey, sister, your” sea level “whole boss is in front, don’t say that there is a magic bra, who is a letter.” Liu Wei’s face is turning the eyes A sweet.

“Hey, smashing, you must be me, let it go.” Zhang Tiang is holding the table, holding a chopsticks in one hand, saying that the chopsticks are tipped in the mouth.

“That’s awkward, it’s really you, hey, you let me land, I am.” Liu Yun quite straight and slammed the table.

“Well, eat, eat, let you lose the heart of the heart to lose.” After finishing, Zhang Sweet sat a few sitting, starting the big mouth of the big mouth, etc., two people have finished eating, very tacit, a apartment is short. Renting a house, waiting for an entrance house, Liu Wei is chatting with Zhang Sweet, while taking off his clothes, just wearing an underwear sitting on the bed.

“Come, big girl, prove that you are not a Ma Pingchuan.” Liu Yuxi took a ridicule and hopped with a sweet.

Zhang Sweet is close to the hair and getting a menu head. When I smiled, I was smiling, and Liu Wei didn’t live, I started taking my clothes. When she took her clothes, Liu Wei was really thumbs up. She said “Mom forced, suits”, with a light pace in the shower like a winner. “Hey, really, I can’t see the clothes, you have a little bit of the two big two!”

Liu Wei is a bit surprised to rely on the door frame of the shower. At this time, the underwear is full of light. At this time, the sweetness is slightly returned, and it is rinsed under the shower. One more little one meter, and it has been covered by the waters of the strips. There is a little bit of posture, but there is a little meat in the waist and belly, but the butt is slightly flat, but it is also firming. It is a big tits that are not very good as it is, which is a little bit of meat, this is a little bit of peeling for big tits.

“Don’t record, I tell you, leave God … Oh, that must be, this is a deep hidden no leakage.” Zhang Sweet looked back to Liu Wei, determined that he did not have mobile phone and other campaigns and other recording equipment. Wash it, but also leave a heart, the back is changed to the side.

“Ah, you are big, I have been waiting for it.” Liu Wei was so cool. “Liu Wei entered the shower room, and closed his hand closed the door. The back curve is stroked.

“German, stand well, I will wash you.” Zhang Xu Xu asked the shower on the small bench, two small hands tied to wash the big cock and the egg of Liu Wei, there is no big chicken with Liu Wei. Just look up.

“Oh, hard, this is not yet, haha.” Zhang Sweet has become a hand gesture to hold the big cock, quickly smash, wash away the soap above, and then rushed with water After a few times, I slowly licked.

“Hey … cool … really comfortable …” Liu Yun handled his hand, one hand holding a sweet head, slightly, hints, Zhang Sweet immediately swallowed in a bite, Liu Yun Sirred breath.

“Call … …” Zhang Sweet hands hug Liu’s thighs close to your ass, the big mouth quickly swallowed a few glans, then hold the big cock, head and put out the tongue in the sides of the big chicken. Then repeated quickly, the other hand also stroked Liu Wei’s thighs and ass.

“I exercise, exercise your mother … this life, true chicken is powerful … I exercise, you will follow the object.” Liu Wei enjoys the pleasure of itself, while looking down at the sale of his big cock Sweet sweet and dialogue.

“Also, most of them are self-learning, I feel that women seem to have a natural day, and there is no teacher.” Zhang Xiang is talking like, but there is no stop in his hand.

“Then I am still sorry, but you are also too chicken, comfortable.”

Liu Wei held a sweet head and said while holding a few times her side.

“Operation, don’t hug it in the rock, squatting old chicken is uncomfortable, you release, I am moving.” Zhang Xu Xiang raised his hand to open Liu Wei hugged his head, Liu Wei’s funny turned back The posture, standing up to make the sweet sweet on his own glans, big dick, and the egg.

“Operation, no, then it is really shot, I exercise …” Liu Wei felt a burst of heat waves, just wanted to smoke it, and the result is a sweet hug to hold the thigh.

“It’s cool, haha, I have to shoot you, I will give you a food.” Zhang Tiang is in the mouth with a glans, tongue in the narrow gap between the oral cavity, has a sharp point in his mouth, obviously feels the glans It is necessary to remove the left and right, left and right, and I can’t help and spit it out while the big cock is lifting the head and talking about Liu Wei.

“Well, I know.” Liu Wei stood in the place where the foot was moved, and he opened his legs. I quickly rolled up in the horses around the horse.

“Operation, no, it is shot, shot, fast, inclusive, including the mouth … Hey! Ah! …” Liu Wei after a few times and a few times, it is a few times, Finally, I couldn’t help but spray it. After the sweetness, Zhang Sweet immediately contained the big cock in his mouth, in the slight snoring of Liu Wei, and the sweetness of the nose is mixed. Zhang Sweet continued to include the glans did not move, wait for the big cock to spit out from the mouth, the glans have a clean drop of semen.

“Sample, cool.” Zhang Sweet wipes the mouth of the mouth, standing on the big cock that Liu Wei soft. “Swallow?” Liu Wei touched the sweet tits, and said to her.

“Of course, you think, do you look at me spit?” Zhang Tiang is re-opened on the faucet, then went to the faucet and went to take the water several mouthfuls.

“I exercise, your business is quite skilled.” Liu Wei took a towel with a sweet hand, and wiped his front and behind, as a shower room.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I have to finish you, you have to wait for me, come, come, wrap it.” Zhang Sweetjus is straight up, and the pad is a few pillows and quilt mats, he is lying on it, fork leg. Liu Wei did not say, followed by, squatting between the sweetness of the sweetness, two hands with a sweet labipings, pressed the whole tongue up.

“… I exercise …, 对 … Wrapped in the seam … Zhang Sweet closed eyes, two hands, support Liu Wei’s head, and one hand grabbed his own tits.

“Oh … oh … really comfortable … This tongue is wrapped in …” Zhang Xiangxiang kept squatting, self-discussed, the following, Liu Wei continued to open a sweet two-petal lip, the tongue is like a soft snake In the middle of the flesh, the two petts lip all in the mouth from time to time.

“Comfortable, really comfortable … mother, you have this chicken … Mom, and then come to the tide …” When Liu Wei listened to this sweetness, immediately turned to kill the nipple, fierce to play in hand Kneaded big tits, including sucking in the mouth, the other hand of the unknown finger and in the middle fingertips, walking with the arc of Zhang Sweet, sliding into the flesh from the clitoris, the thumb is still keeping Outside the touch, your fingers have begun to creep in the flesh.

“Ah … ah … play me … play me Xiaoxue … Yes, wrapped in the head, continue to wrap it so much …

what! Ah … “In the continuous touch of Liu Wei, the sweetness of Zhang Sweet gradually increased from ordinary snoring. Finally, in the moment of the biggest, the legs slammed Liu Wei’s arm, two hands grabbed, leg clips At the same time, the foot fiercely made a bend, and the sound began to shout from the shout of the loudly became a hm in hm.

“I exercise, this, this, wet, mom, a forced, one-handed water, really.” Liu Wei turned over the bed, handed over the bed, the fingers slowly flowed in the sternum water below the sweetness, dripping Hey drops on the ground.

“Comfortable … um … really comfortable, oh … Your whole is really bad, the cock is hard.” Zhang Sweet lying on the bed, after a while, asked if you asked Liu, Liu Wei Half hard cock.

“Come, take you in the big mouth, fast.” Liu Yu lying down, the fork opened the legs, and Zhang Tiang was turned to move between Liu Wei, holding his big tits. The cock holds back and forth in the middle.

“It’s feeling comfortable, ah?” Zhang Xiang’s two hands helped his big tits, so hard to force the big cock of Liu Wei, after the big cock was clamped, the glans were taken back to the moving in the middle of the moving in the middle of the mouth. The point of the tip of the tongue is on the horse.

“Comfortable, really comfortable, hey, give you the object.” Liu Wei back to the back, enjoy the pleasure brought by the big cock below, and also appreciate the beautiful spring scene.

“I have passed a few times. I have been divided … I can’t do it. I can’t help it. The reason for breaking up is estimated to be my grandfather, talking is a bit two forced, there is no way, I don’t have a rare, I am still unrestrained.” The big tits, one side of the gloves, the big chicken is talking to Liu Yun, occasionally, makes it up on the glans.

“Mom, stupid, if I have to play with you every day.” Liu Wei said, patted a sweet shoulders, Zhang Xiangxin gods got up and lied in bed, Liu Wei has come up from the bed, standing on the ground , Hold yourself already wet big cock, to give the glans to the sweet flesh.

“Everyday, I don’t have the whole dead … Oh! Ah! … Oops! Slow! …” Zhang Sweet, Liu Wei is holding a sweet and sour, and there is a big cock in the south, Pressing the glans into a sweet meat, although it is a smooth disposal, but also because the fierce extends to the end.

“Mom is a forced, this Sao Shui Zhenji”! “Liu Wei held a sweet thigh, slightly kept opening the posture on both sides, Zhang Sweet, with Liu Wei, the sound, the sound undulation, At the same time, both hands have a lot of hardships, but also pay close attention to the nipples.

“This chicken … Zhenji Bad … ah … ah … make it touching, nothing …” Zhang Xiang sweet after Liu Wei slowly picked up for a while, Zhang opened his eyes and looked at Liu Wei and said. “Said, Mom, this Sao.” Liu Wei took the sweetness and he was slightly ignited here, and he went down again, one hand held on the bed next to Zhang Sweet, and another hand Fighting her big tits, while starting to quickly pumping.

“Ah, ah … grabbiz the tits … When I grabbed her tits, I felt that the nipple had promptly convex. Keep this posture for a while, Liu Yu got up, two hands kept kneading with a sweet tits, there were a few pieces of Zhang Sweet shouting. After a few more people, after the waves, Liu Wei took a little on the side, putting the sweet legs on the shoulders, one hand pinned her butt on one side, and another hand in the big The cock is pulled with her clitoris while pulling. Under this posture, the Sweet Sweet Sound has changed, and the body’s twist begins to gradually increase.

“The comfort is comfortable … I am so comfortable … I fuck me … Operation … Oh! Ah …” In the middle of the time, Liu Wei pulled out the big cock, and the glans took out the sweet meat. Okilies, and Liu Wei quickly squatted down, smashed with a sweet thigh, and immediately posted on the sweetness of Zhang, sucking. Zhang Tiang is immediately clamping his legs, hugging Liu Wei’s head.

“Mom forced … Really fucking comfortable … At this time, I can’t stand it … I can’t stand … Ask you to fuck me, play the climax, come to the tide, ask you …” Liu Wei is pleasing in Zhang Sweet Under the sound, straight together, squatting with the goods, the Sao also returned the big chicken in the sweet sorrow, which grabbed the piece of Sweet foot to separate, and vigorously pumped sprints.

“Ah! Ah! Ah … you have to come! Come! …” Zhang Xiangjie screamed under Liu Wei’s sprint, and his hand was chasing a few times, and he grabbed the sheets, and immediately fused, When Liu Wei put her legs down, she was a heavy breath, full of red, and smashed sweat slightly.

“Shooting.” Liu Wei knows that he told Zhang Tweet, and then he didn’t have a slap in the beginning, and the sweetness of Zhang Xiang was in a fierce stimulus of the big chicken. When Liu Wei was shot, he was afraid of When I arrived at the bed, Liu Wei took the semen to his mouth and his mouth, and finally took the big cock and put all the semen. After that, the two had continued to fight until three in the middle of the night, they embracted in a groggy sleep.

After the two days, the two days did not have a passion event in the previous night, and the sweetness and the usual acting habits were restored. Liu Wei also followed the relationship between colleagues in the same relationship between colleagues, as always, in accordance with the usual customary relationship. When I went to get off work in the third day, people in the store were waiting to get off work, sitting on the seat and playing mobile phone. Liu Wei looked at a sweet and sweet, and the sweetness saw him in seeing himself. He was talking about himself, and Liu Wei didn’t respond, and Liu Wei had no reaction, and I want to say that I still say it.

After a while, I took a few towel paper in Zhang Sweet, went to the bathroom, didn’t have a while, Liu Wei mobile phone WeChat rang, he was lazy to pick up, suddenly showed a smile, write a few “Stupid, smile, let people see it, I will go first, open a good room waiting for me, after reading the deletion!” The sender’s avatar is a sweet.

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