Xiao Yi hit a light footsteps, because he saw that he had already named his list, and he had a high school in the North District. In this way, he can start to enjoy his life, because he wants to move out of his home, then alone That’s a good thing to live outside, it will be a good thing!

When he returned home, it was a three-storey building.

Dad is the chairman of the five companies, although most of the things don’t need to be tubed, but he is free to travel, but it is often traveling around, and the time left at home will not exceed two months.

Mom is a standard housewife, although it is 40 years old, but still beautiful, most particularly, her body still maintains 36, 23, 38, even Xiao Yi is suffering from the devil’s body like her mother.

He entered the living room, ready to return to his room, after the parents’ bedroom, seeing mother just took out, sitting in bed for yourself, looking away from the door, the tempting charm is not reduced .

Xiao Yi began to worry again. His meat stick began to grow up again. I don’t know when he will always have interest in my mother, and at this time, he discovered that he had a monster-like meat, almost 30 cm. Long and the diameter is almost six cm, which is only 160 height, this meat is really terrible!

At this time, he couldn’t help but pull the zipper, so that his meat came out of breath, but he did not pay attention to his meat is too big, so when he pulled the zipper, the meatball played out On the door.


Not only the sound, but also the door that is originally only on the top, but the mother immediately found that Xiao Yi was voying her outside.

Xiao Yi saw the gentle eyes of her mother, did not blame, reverse him, to hit him, to sit by her.

Xiao Yi slowly pushed the door, step by step to his mother, and sat on the bed, sitting on the bed.

“Xiao Yi .. You are interested in your mother’s body. In fact, it is very normal. In your age, you will be interested in the body of the opposite sex. Don’t feel embarrassed. Come, look at your mother ! “

Mother uses extremely gentle sounds and tones. It is necessary to turn around to look at her body. Xiao Yi turned to see it. It is naturally natural mother’s chest to 36C’s breasts in his eyes.

Mother grabbed Xiao Yi’s hand, let his palm on his breasts, soft touch, immediately convey from Xiao Yi’s fingers to the brain, he is slightly hard, and the mother’s breast is immediately present with your fingers. Traces of slightly concave.

Mom smiled and looked at him. Xiao Yi saw her mother’s smile, and the courage was gradually bigger. He also held another mother’s other breasts. He gently kneaded, feel very Fun.

“If you want, you can look at it ?!”

Mom saw he was just this kind of play. In speech, he encouraged him to have a further action.

Xiao Yi let go of the mother’s breast, put the face in the past, smelling a lightweight taste in the nose, he tried to use the tip of the tongue to licked the breast, and the mother’s mouth sent a “ㄡ ..” sound. Xiao Yi immediately looked at my mother. My mother smiled and nodded.

“What is a sexy belt?”

Xiao Yi is very curious to continue to ask.

Mom smiled and said; “Sexy belt is a particularly sensitive part of men and women. Everyone’s part is not necessarily the same, like me .. I like nipples …. A part is touched, as long as I encounter, I will not be excited by autonomously, and just Xiao Yi is touched by my mother’s nipple, and you still go to the tongue, so … “

Xiao Yi saw that his mother was carefully explained. Children’s heart, including the mother’s nipple, let go of the tip of the tongue, and hold her mother, let her have no way to break away, I only listen. Going to my mother constantly breathabling, but she did not have a struggle or to prevented it, but she is only constantly embarrassed.

After this kind of embarrassment, after the ear of Xia Yi, this has a bigger excitement, he is more exciting, I hope that my mother can continue to hear him!

“Ah .. ah .. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

After a while, my mother asked Xiao Yi to let her, at this time, the mother is cheeks, it is good, and it is more likely to love.

Xiao Yi let go of your mother, my mother wants to stand up, but just standing up, the whole person is sitting on the ground, Xiao Yi sees a large piece of wet on the bed.

Mom found Xiao Yi to pay attention to the moist, just say that you have justified it; “It’s all, you have just been very excited, so it will be like this.”

“But where is this flowing out?” Xiao Yi continued to ask.


My mother returned to the bed and let Xiao Yi go back to her and guided him to see her small hole. Xiao Yi saw that there were two hypertrophic lips, and the surroundings were shiny because they were contaminated with those liquids.

He also used his tongue to squat, I can’t think of my mother, I am so weak, Xiao Yi continues to launch, and my mother has not stopped, just continue to make her heartless 呻吟 .. “ah .. ..” Good comfortable .. I .. good comfort .. ah .. ah .. 喔 .. ah .. ………………….. .. ….. It is there .. It doesn’t matter .. You slowly .. 喔 .. is there .. Good .. Good .. Use force 抠 ….hh .. Good comfort …… Here is a woman’s small hole .. Also .. Men like the place where men are likely to play .. Ah .. Ah .. .. I can’t .. I have to lose .. Don’t stop ……… Ah .. Ah .. Let me lose .. Mom .. Please .. .. .. … .. ………. “

After the mother issued a long praise, after the body was jitter, she fought the whole person to the bed.

Xiao Yi came to front and saw that her mother looked at him with a smile. Mom want Xiao Yi to hug her.

My mother kissed Xiao Yi and said, “Since your father fan, I haven’t been so comfortable, I have just lost, it is a manifestation of women to reach the climax, thank you for my Xiao Yi, let Mom is comfortable. “

Xiao Yi heard that his mother said so.

When my mother took a break, Xiao Yi was lying on the bed, then she led over, including the big talents who smashed Xiao Yi, then gently set with the hand, make Xiao Yi is not happy! Moreover, the mother’s tongue seems to be a dexterous water snake, walk around Xiayi’s glans, and it will cause a feeling of a skinny hair, and smash it ..

“Ah .. ah .. Mom .. So strange .. .. .. I .. ah .. ..”

Even so, my mother continued to lazy, and this time Xiao Yi also found that my mother was smashing, and he saw that the mother’s head is up and down, that is, he will feel specially Comfortable.

I don’t know how long, my mother is finally tired. She let go of Xiao Yi’s meat, climbed into bed, lay together with Xiao Yi, said; “Xiao Yi, your energy is really terrible! I will help you like this The blowjob is about 40 minutes, have you not want to eat? “

“I don’t know, I just feel very comfortable, but there is nothing .. I feel the ejaculation!”

Mom saw Xiao Yi, she saw the big meat under Xiai, and I turned around, turned over the horse, and put the meat of Xiayi, she closed her eyes, slowly Swallow Xia Yi’s big meat into your own point. However, she didn’t think she had been loved to people for a long time. Although she had a birth, the vaginal has become more narrow, and when she didn’t lose the woman, she once again experienced a melon of melon, but she was only bad. Just There is no bleeding.

It’s hard to let the meat sticks of Xiao Yi are completely swallowed. At this time she is sweating.

Xiao Yi said; “Mom, you have it to get it, so comfortable!”

“Silly children, I will give you more comfortable!”

Mom slowly mentioned, Xiao Yi felt that this feeling is not the same, although the stimuli is not as strong, but the area is much bigger, the whole meat and the glans are in my mother’s small hole. Great satisfaction and happiness!

Xiao Yi also saw a pleasant look on his face, and she got a great happiness between them!

“Ah .. ah .. Xiao Yi .. You don’t know how many women will be fascinated by you .. ah .. .. …. Mom is so happy .. I am so happy .. I have a son .. The meat .. I am taking my little hole .. ah .. ..

“Ah .. Mom .. I am also happy .. You make me so comfortable .. I am happy .. I will give my mother to be happy ..” ok .. “

“Xiao Yi .. you .. is really good .. Mom will let you continue to live in the future .. .. .. .. I have to lose .. I have to lose .. I am in my son. I have to lose .. ah .. ah .. ah …. ah … “

Mom was in the body of Xia Yi again, Xiao Yi let her mother lying on the bed, then according to my mother’s point, put my mother’s legs, then slowly insert your own meat stick into my mother’s small hole, continue Delivery until the two are lost in two people …


Xiao Yi has been related to his mother’s relationship, he has become a husband and wife with his mother.

Every night, after the two are always crazy, they will be willing to sleep, while during the day, it is often a regular sex, no matter who, if they are sexually, they can be loved!

This morning, Xiao Yi just got back in the morning. After five kilometers running, his body is already full of sweat, but when the mother smells the taste, it is excited to hold Xiao Yi. Crazy, sweat on your body.

Mom opened the clothes on Xia Yi, her tongue started from the neck, slowly went to the body, and even the nipples did not let go, and then her mother continued to lick, came to the lower abdomen, the rat, then it was like this Giant meat!

After the mother’s lichen, Xiao Yi has already erected, and the giant pyth is licking. It is even more murdered. Mom turned to the ground, lifting her small hole high, so that Xiao Yi You can put the meat into her own little hole .. Xiao Yi quickly put the meat into your mother’s small hole, and was skilled, after ten days of making love, it is quite skilled in the other party’s reaction. It can fully stimulate the sensitive belt of the other party, let the other party get true satisfaction!

“Oh .. Good Yi .. Your chicken is really awesome .. Mom is so comfortable .. So happy .. ah ….. I like you. .. I .. ah .. ah .. ah .. .. .. “

Xiao Yi took the mother when he was squatting, and Xiao Yi quickly picked a few tens of times in a row, and his mother could not stand it. The whole person can only Zhang Da, can’t be embarrassed, and Xiao Yi is full of thorough conquering my mother. Pleasure!

This beautiful carcass is really good ..

Xiao Yi thought about this, while led her mother to enter the heaven. After the mother lost it once, the whole person was somewhat wilky, Xiao Yi held her mother to return to the room, and then rinse the body.

When Xiao Yi was rinsed into the body in the bathroom, the door of the bathroom was pushed away. He turned to see my mother nakedly, then slammed Xiao Yi, put her chest, the two meat balls in Xiaoyi The back, slowly grinding. The two will throw in the bathroom.

“Xiao Yi, you are really a good baby, make my mother is really comfortable.”

“Mom, don’t say this, isn’t you taught me, how do I know how to filialize you?”

“Xiao Yi, I still remember that my mother said to you, my mother has two sexually sensitive things ?!”

“Remember, Mom, where is the other?!”

Mother let go of Xiao Yi, go to his face, bent down, raise his hips, then open the thighs to say; “Just in your mother’s ass”

“Mom .. You are said.”

“Yes, my mother is another sex belt is an anus! That is to say, if you do anal sex, your mother will get a higher level of pleasure.”

Xiao Yi took the mother before, his fingers were inserted into the mother’s ass. Come.

But she immediately felt the pleasure produced by Xiao Yi to play her ass, and at this time she has been pushed down to the bathroom in the bathroom in the bathroom, and Xiao Yi is holding her lower body, but she is excited. It is Xiao Yi who is licking her ass! That is that Xiao Yi, his father, never wants, she knows that today will be a wonderful day!

She pointed to Xiao Yi first puffed a few times, so that after the meat was covered with prostitution, she was fun.

Xiao Yi was inserted into the hole, slowly pumped until the mother told him to stop, Xiao Yi took the meat stick out, then arrived on the fartheart of my mother, my mother is old and the anus is aligned with Xiao Yi’s meat. And relax the muscles, let the giant meat can enter smoothly..

Although the mother has already had a lot of experience, Xiao Yi’s meat is too big, so Xiao Yi still invested a lot of effort to insert the giant to insert the giant pythmily, but the mother has already thought that the part has been developed has been Completely being filled, she knows if Xiai is completely entering, it will be dangerous to her, so she wants Xiao Yi to insert it, and can start pumping.

At this time, Xiao Yi felt that his meat was clipped, it was uncomfortable, but in order to let her mother satisfied, he still pumped.

I didn’t think that when he started to pick up, the extent of mother’s laminates far exceeded, he had to grab the mother’s double breast, then continue to pick, so that my mother entered the highest paradise ..

“Ah .. ah .. My asshole .. To be worn by a parent son .. ah .. .. Good .. So beautiful .. I haven’t been there .. I’m so cool .. ah .. ah. Good news .. So cool .. I am happy .. It’s great .. ah .. Ah .. .. ah .. ah .. “


Good time is always the past, Xiao Yi’s father returns to China, after staying almost two worships, go out, these two weeks, the mother and child is always installing if there is anything else, so Dad has not found any Heterogeneous.

Then, my mother took Xiao Yi to Taipei. In addition to reporting, she arranged him to live in the home of my previous friend.

This friend is Xiao Yi mother who is very good from a child, but it is too busy with your own career, so I still haven’t married it yet. She is called Rita, she lives alone in a unit in the building, and I heard the friends, naturally, I will let Xiaoyi stay.

When Xiao Yi came to Rita’s residence, Rita was very enthusiastic to arrange a fairly large room to Xia Yi, and then invited Xiao Yi’s mother to sleep together, preparing to chat at night.

Xiao Yi looks at the room, there is a top size, and there is a bed, with some cabinets, he put it in the clothes, put it into the cabinet, and then come to the bathroom ready to take a shower.

He saw that the mother and Rita have been replaced by home service. They have a very sexy dress, and the mother wears a hot pants plus a linen shirt; and Rita is wearing a sports panties and underwear. It seems that Rita can also be a quite open woman. Xiao Yi came to the bathroom, flushing slowly, then deliberately not wearing a top, only wearing a shorts came to the living room. Rita is sitting in the living room at this time, Rita is sitting in the living room, see Xiao Yi, Mom wants Xiao Yi to sit by her side, then three people enjoy the show inside the TV.

Xiao Yi’s eyes have almost left Rita’s body. Listening to my mother, she is a little longer than my mother, counting this year, thirty-nine this year, but her body is more tempting than her mother, the pork ball in front of the chest is exaggerated, the long legs, order Xiao Yi did not look at the TV at all, and he did not pay attention to the giant pythmia in his arm.

“Xiao Yi, you. What is it in the trousers ?!”

Rita first notes the changes in Xiaoxi pants. Although she also focused on watching TV, the woman is always sensitive, especially when there is a man who looks at her body, it will always be perceived.

Rita has long noticed that Xiao Yi is vying her body. One thinks that this is a friend’s child, two believe that his body can also cause this young man’s attention is also a kind of boast, so she didn’t break.

But when she did not pay attention to the exaggerated changes under Xiaoyi, she couldn’t help but spend.

“Well .. Well .. Nothing!”

Xiao Yi didn’t know how to cope it at this time, or he was resolved by his mother.

“Rita, this child’s capital is relatively strong, not he stuffed in his trousers.”

Rita curiously came over, reached out, knead, she didn’t even believe in the mother, and the mother smiled and pulled Xiao Yi’s trousers. The giant bounced out, hit my mother’s hand. .

Rita couldn’t believe in the giant python, she reached out, my mother nodded, Rita slowly up and down, Xiao Yi knew that Tonight is bright!

“God! Meijun (Xiao Yi’s mother), Xiao Yi’s meat stick is really terrible ?! How can you give such a monster ?!”

“Hehe ..rita, if you taste Xiao Yi’s taste, you will know what is terrible!”

“You .. Mo .. Have you already with Xiao Yi ?!”

“Rita, you don’t know, Xiao Yi, his father is almost traveling outside, where is it? I have .. With him, to solve my own needs. And I have already ligated, but there is no relationship. What ?! Do you want Xiao Yi with you tonight ?! “

Rita couldn’t wait to open the meat stick to Xiao Yi, and used the tongue to pick it up. At this time, Xiao Yi felt how good is the mother’s skill!

Although the Rita’s tongue is also quite technically, but there is no good job like a mother, so Xiao Yi can easily let Rita help him, and still enjoy the mother’s beauty!

At this time, Rita helped Xiao Yi to smash the meat stick, my mother let Xiao Yi smash the small hole, and my mother is going to pick up the Rita’s small hole, and the three people help each other, and it is full of spring, spring!

Three people got a long time, Rita couldn’t stand it. Her mouth has no way to continue to include the meat sticks living in Xiaiyi, have to stop. At this time, my mother wants Rita to take off her clothes, then let Rita sit on and slowly swallow the meat sticks of Xiao Yi.

Although Rita is not married, she still has some sex life, but this majestic meat can still be a head, I saw her 龇 龇 嘴, hard to swallow Xiao Yi’s meat stick in three Second, there is still a big one!

Mom wants RITA to start the set, and she is between the two legs of Xia Yi, including the testicles that smashed Xiao Yi, this kind of gameplay, Xiao Yi can still meet, stimulation and pleasure are particularly strong But he can not be useless.

He still praises the spirit, dealing with Rita, let her taste the sweetness. Rita homogens in the gum, and also increasingly adapting to Xiao Yi’s size, so the action of Rita is also getting better. After the meat stick is in the case, it is already possible to completely retrieve the Rita’s body, and this time RITA has also started the wave.

“Ah .. Meijun .. I am so cool .. I was the first time I was so sticky .. 喔 .. is really great .. Xiao Yi .. I have to love you. .. You stay here .. You have to make me feel refreshing .. 喔 .. 喔 .. .. .. ……………… Ah .. ah .. ah .. This kind of good baby .. is really a treasure .. 喔 .. ah .. .. “

Inside the living room, you can listen to the routing sound of Rita, and Rita has made hair, shaking his head, and she has already entered a climax!

“Ah .. …………………………………….. ……..” Rita’s soft On Xiao Yi’s body. Xiao Yi hugged Rita and moved to the sofa, let her rest. But Xiao Yi has played another live spring palace in front of Rita.

Xiao Yi lie on the tea table in front of Rita, and then let his mother slowly swallow his meat stick into the small hole. Because my mother is hitting, so it becomes a mother’s positive pair of Rita.

Then my mother began to get down and down, and after the jacket, my mother put the hole on the hole, then the meat rod slipped out, and then her mother squatted to the tea table. This time, the meat stick is right, and slowly Swallow!

After being completely swallowed, my mother also came back, turning into a posture of the ironboard bridge, but she can insert the meat stick into the frightened look, exactly in front of Rita!

Rita saw this kind of appearance, the sorrows of the hearts, when she took the music, she went up, with the tongue, licked the small hole of the United States, so that the United States is cool!

“Ah .. ah .. Beautiful .. Good news .. .. Ah .. ah ..”

Under the clams of the two, the beauty of the two people, I was so fascinated, and Xiao Yi and Rita took my mother to let her lying on the sofa, then Rita came to the table with Xiao Yi, she lie on the table, Then both legs, indicating that Xiao Yi makes her cool!

At this time, RITA has already learned the meaning of Junjun, and they have been in a routine, but Xiao Yi is not tired and ejaculation. She wants such a baby to find this? And in the future, Xiao Yi still had to live in her family for three years, she has decided at least in these three years to Xia Yi’s workman! So at this time she is in mind, becoming Xiao Yi’s sexual slaves!

“Ah .. ah .. So beautiful .. Xiao Yi .. Used hard .. 肏 肏 我 小 ..rita is your person .. How do you want to play .. ah .. This is the case .. Let me high .. Let me lose .. Let me die .. ah .. .., .. .. .. .. ….. …. ah … ah …….. “

Xiao Yi first allowed Rita to shoot three times, only the semen in her body, but also ended the first night of carnival.


Xiao Yi after ending with Rita’s carnival, put two people back to Rita’s bed, and then returned to bed to sleep.

Since he is the tired person, he still sleeps in the morning. Rita and Meijun are waking up and is discussing things about Xiao Yi in bed.

“Meijun, yesterday is really great, I can’t think of Xiao Yi’s interest, I have no way to meet him, I have to rely on you to meet him together in the future!”

“I didn’t read you like a man, it seems that Xiao Yi can stay comfortably in you. I still have to keep it at home, I don’t know what his father turns out, actually beforewards After telling me that this is finally played, I have to accompany me in China, or take me together. I still have to take care of him, just let me enjoy it. “

“What is the problem there ?! Xiao Yi lived in me, I am seeking, Meijun, you are relieved. Just …”

“What is it ?!”

“I am afraid I have to make your wife!”

Mei Jun did not expect that Rita would say this.

Meijun said with Rita: “Rita, don’t open this joke, Xiao Yi can keep such a relationship with you, but you can’t marry you. I also hope that he can find an age, the status of a girl, good Enjoy his life. “

“Meijun, I just open your joke with you! How will I marry him ?! But I will let him enjoy the fullness!” Rita smiled and grabbed the United States.

At this time, the two came to the living room and found that Xiao Yi did not get up, and came to Xiao Yi’s room. Rita took out the lock to open the door, see Xiao Yi is lying in bed, calling big sleep, although the two people want to continue to live with Xiao Yi, but last night, the lower body has been injured, so I have to make a good job.

At this time, the big brother of Meijun rang, it turned out that her husband returned to China in advance, called her, she explained, her husband said, then she hangs.

Meijun cleaned it, then Rita also replaced a set of sets, then screamed Xiao Yi, three people went out to eat.

When I went to night, the husband of Meijun came over, took her back together, and only Rita and Xiao Yi were left.

At this time, I have been going to ten o’clock in the evening. Suddenly the doorbell rang, Rita went to open the door, Xiao Yi saw a woman standing at the door at the age of Jiemo 27, 8, dressed up, although the body is not like Rita Yan, but it is also very beautiful.

Rita made her in and saw the woman with a business package, Rita introduced with Xiao Yi, the woman called Nana, Rita’s efforts to assistrs. What is Rita asking NANA? Nana took out a stack of files and Rita reported some company performance, Xiao Yi saw that they were very strong, they went to sleep in the room.

The next morning, Xiao Yi got up, see no one in the living room, but there are still many files on the table. He walked over to sipely, then came to Rita’s room, push the door, Nana and Rita The two are naked and sleep!

Two beautiful nakedly lying in front of Xiao Yi, the blood immediately rushed to the meat, then the giant is standing up again!

He walked forward, reached out to stroke Rita’s body, Rita got two times, did not wake up, then Xiao Yi went to touch Nana’s body.

Nana also got a few times, turned into bed and raised the small hole, but she didn’t open his eyes, maybe she is consciously thought that Rita is ready to continue playing games? ! So simply put a posture waiting for Rita.

Xiao Yi saw such a beautiful point in front of him, where is it possible? ! He reached out and touched the Nana’s small hole. I found it inside, I know that I can’t come hard, so he returned to the room, took out a can of lubricant, painted on his own meat, then returned Room of Rita. At this time, Nana’s hole still towering high!

Xiao Yi first with the glans to live in NANA and slowly inserted. He is very careful, there is no impatient feeling, slowly grinding, slowly arriving, let Nana have not felt pain, and send meat into her small point.

At this time, Xiao Yi began to pump, and the speed of the puff is quite slow, and it is almost a minute to pump six or seven.

After Nana has been taking a few times, it seems to feel a little refreshing, and it will take the initiative to meet, but at this time she seems to find the size seems to be a little is not very right, Zhang opened his eyes, Rita still sleeps in front of her. But? There is a lot of full feelings that have been completely different from the past, twisted the head, it turned out to be Xiao Yi!

She almost can’t believe that Xiao Yi will have such a mask, but now she is in her own small hole but so true, and this time Xiao Yi has also accelerated the speed of the pumping, almost one minute to pump twelfth three, order Get NANA is more comfortable and happy, and you can’t help but start ..

“Ah .. ah .. …………………………………………….. .. ah .. ah .. “

Such a sound, wake Rita also woke up. Rita opened his eyes and saw that Xiao Yi had given Nana to give Nana, and she smiled slightly and smiled slightly, and took her body and drilled into Nana. With her breasts, I started to teeth with the tip of the tongue and make Nana waves more powerful. It quickly reached the first climax.

At this time, Rita took the bed and then said that Xiao Yi continued to get Nana. Xiao Yi continued to keep the same speed and continued to rape nana. It took more than a few hours, and gave Nana lost seven or eight times. In the past, Xiao Yi took the meat out, but he did not eat only!

Xiao Yi took the Rita, Rita hug Xiao Yi, said; “Good Xiaoxi, I have been playing too much these two days. I made a good night at last night. I will let me go today. Good?! Otherwise, I will find a way to help you find a fire, take a break first ?! “

Rita is because of a public relations company, so a model of cooperation, and the staff inside is almost all women, so that Xiao Yi has a woman who can’t finish play, and she is not a problem, and she hopes to use Xiao Yi to help her control some girl. So, she will give Xiao Yi like a thousand. At this time, Xiao Yi as long as there is a woman to play, he did not think so much.

Rita came to the living room, then Xiao Yi sat down on the sofa, he went to the kitchen to pour a cup of juice, gave Xiao Yi, and then gave the hole to Xiao Yi’s meat, slowly put Xiao Yi. The giant swallowed into his points.

Xiao Yi has some unexpected, and is it not to do it? How do you take the initiative now? ! Rita completely inserted the meat into his points, grabbed Xiao Yi, then slowly twisted his slim waist, say “If you let you take the initiative, I can’t stand it. But so slowly, I am It can also be accompanied. “Xiao Yi made Rita actively grinded, and he was a servant service while enjoying Rita.

This is a little tired, and Rita will stop, squatting Xiao Yi, talking about some sweet words, Xiao Yi look at the clock, thinking that today should go to school to report, just push Rita, then change Clothes.

After Rita returns to the bedroom, after waking up Nana, the dress is dressed up, and I will drive Xiao Yi to the school.


Xiao Yi is quickly launched in the school’s life. Because the class is the same class, there are many girls in the class. Xiao Yi is in the last school, it is flat, not too good, plus the body is not too big, so most of the girls have not noticed him.

At this time, Xiao Yi is also placed on Rita, Nana, occasionally going home to “filial piety” mom.

After the end of the test, Xiao Yi sorted out the bag and prepared to go home. Suddenly he was cheered by one person, looking back, it is the classmate in the class, called Li Mei.

Li Mei is a bit like Xiao Yi with Xiao Yi, not the pursuit of boys, but it is very strange, and her side is always less. However, I heard that the recent flower glow messenger has turned the goal to others, so ..

Xiao Yi thought here, Li Mei has already walked to him, saying; “Do you have time?”

“There is no thing.”

“I want to watch movies, can you accompany me ?!”

Xiao Yi thinks, there is no loss anyway, plus Rita will always give him a lot of zero money, but he never showed it in the class.

After the two came out of the school, Xiao Yi asked where to watch movies? Li Mei wants to say that the MTV goes to see it, between the time, and I don’t know where to see.

Xiao Yi proposal to say, anyway, there should be no one in my family. It is better to go to my home. Free money can enjoy large-sized screen with sound effects, Li Mei promises.

Xiao Yi and Li Mei took a taxi back to Rita’s place, Xiao Yi knows that Rita will not come back these two days, and must help a merchant company to prepare some products, so he will boldly bring the girl back.

Xiao Yi wants to put things on the door of the door, and then he will sit down. Limei saw a 50-inch big screen in front of him, and also saw a pair of landing speakers. Looking at the appearance, he knew that there were not much money.

Then Xiao Yi returned to the room for a set of sportswear, and then returned to the living room, opened the cabinet, and asked which films wanted to see.

Li Yimei came to see, these are all hot films last year, and even some are to queue up, so I am very happy to choose a film, I want Xiao Yi to let go.

The two sit back back to the sofa, open the TV with the remote control, and quickly appear in the picture, it is obviously in the case, actually ..a film!

“Ohh..ahhh..mmmm …”

The men and women on the picture are engaged with the exaggerated posture, and the meat sticks take out and insert in the small hole. Once again, the girl is shouting, the atmosphere of the whole room has become a bit strange.

Xiao Yi turned to look at Li Mei, she seems to be a little surprised to become a sustain. Xiao Yi turned off the disc player, this time, the whole person like venting the ball, fell back to the sofa, Xiao Yi turned on the side, sitting on the sofa, leaning on the side, kissed Li Mei ! She “ah” called out!


“I just want to make sure you are still awake, sorry, I don’t know the DVD is an adult movie, we still go to MTV to see the film!”

Xiao Yi followed the stood up, Li Mei pulled him and said, “Can we take a look at the film ?!”


“I have never seen yeah, can’t you see it ?!”

Xiao Yi knows that this old age will be very interested in this kind of thing, so he is also happy to continue to show the film to let Limei.

At this time, the picture has been reappeared on the picture, and the sensuality called bed voice is once again filled in the entire room. Li Mei is watching, Xiao Yi looks with a leisure attitude.

Li Mei’s hand did not consciously put on the sofa, but accidentally put it on Xia Yi’s thigh, and also touched Xiai’s meat stick. She seems to realize that people around me are a man, and there is a picture The same meat stick, can …

Li Mei thought here, the hand did not receive it back, and Xiao Yi was the way to use the king’s hard bow, and put it into her clothes in her clothes and unlocked her bra. Li Mei smoked a few times, and then fell to the stupid as you want!

Xiao Yi took her on the sofa at this time, then took off all his clothes, Li Meite saw Xiao Yi’s huge meat, scared! She turned her to see the meat on the screen, and it seems to be a little bit more than Xiao Yi’s guy. At this time she didn’t know whether it is still a happiness? !

Xiao Yi followed the beauty of Limei’s clothes slowly. Li Mei did not shy to peel itself, then continued to lying on the sofa, waiting for Xiao Yi’s next step.


Xiao Yi saw Li Mei’s surrounding frying, there is no scorpion, so put the main force in the part of the body! He squatted in the lower body, with his fingers and tongue to tease her, there is no two seconds, it will make Li Mei smiled. Xiao Yi does not care at all, continue to tease her.

Li Mei slowly felt a seemingly itching feeling from the small hole, it was an emptive feeling, especially when Xiao Yi’s tongue slipped through his labi, Li Mei specially weak, but Also give birth to a strong desire, always hope that something can continue to be deep, let yourself get higher satisfaction, but .. This time she can’t say that she can’t say it. I don’t know if I don’t dare to say because I am Is the strength? ! Today is your birthday, so I will have specially invite myself to spend the Xiai, who is in love. Originally thought of two people, then kissed what, but this time has developed to even the situation they can’t master! And think about it, you are likely to lose your woman …

I thought here, she found Xiao Yi to get into the small hole with the tongue, and she had already started a bit can’t stand it. Her whole body began to heat, and at this time, a woman was caught in the TV screen. What happened, she saw the woman’s waves, she couldn’t help but learn …

“Ah .. Ah .. .. .. ……………. ..”

Limei discovered that such a call can relieve his feelings in his heart, and feel better! It’s just learning to call, slowly she is called from the heart, she is in a different place, the feeling, listen in Xiai’s ear, there is a complete different feeling! The woman he had experienced before, and there were many women with many experiences. They called beds, not only had the role of venting, but also deliberately teasing the meaning.

However, Li Mei is a girl who has never sexually experienced. But looking at the demonstration inside the movie, you can call this pure and pure, so that Xiao Yi is shaking because of exciting!

Xiao Yi felt that Li Mei’s small hole has been fully moist. He stopped, stand up, then support his huge meat, close your body close to Limei’s body, and then align the glans to her small hole, Glants are slowly grinded in the hole of the hole. He looked at Li Mei, Li Me nodded, and licking Xiao Yi gave him a kiss, and then grabbed Xiao Yi, waiting for the moment to come ..

Xiao Yi continued to grind, he was stiff if the muscles of Li Meixiao were stiff. When he felt that Li Mei’s point meat was relaxed, he slammed the meat stick, and the meat was plugged in a small half!

Even so, Li Mei has hurts Xiao Yi, and there is tears, but she doesn’t regret, and I am very happy that my own virgin is taken by the people you like!

Xiao Yi is not impatient at this time, he slowly extracts the meat stick until only the glans stay inside. Then insert it again, maybe it is a mixture of prostitution and blood? ! At this time, Xiao Yi felt very easy to arrive in place, then, he tried to continue deep, although it was very tight, but Xiao Yi continued to take force, Li Mei smashed, but did not speak, even I also kiss Xiao Yi’s ear said, “I love you like this!”

Xiao Yi’s meat is inserted in almost twenty centimeters. He feels almost to the uterus, no longer continues to deepen, and he began to fly a small action.

At this time, Li Mei’s hands are still holding Xiao Yi, but she can feel that she began to relax. After Xiao Yi took the seven or eighty times, Li Mei began two eyes without God, and the consciousness said: “Good news .. Good stick .. This feeling is so comfortable .. Good news .. ah .. Good stick .. Oh .. Good .. “

Moreover, Li Mei’s finger began in Xiayi’s back to the piano, Xiao Yi also found that her point will cooperate with his own movements. Xiao Yi knows that Li Mei has begun to feel the beauty of sex, he decided Continue to get it, so that Li Mei can be a player after you!

“Ah .. Ah .. ..”

Limei played under Xiaiyi’s rape, the whole person was full of sweat, but she was in the end of the personnel, she can’t live with Xiao Yi, but the past!


Li Xiyou woke up, seeing himself lying on a single bed, covering a thin blanket. Get up, I feel that the lower body has some pain, reach out, there are some blood, think of the pleasure, she exposes the shallow smile.

Open the blanket, come to the living room, see Xiao Yi is sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Limei came to Xiai’s side, smashed him, then reached out and borrow that with many happy meat.

Xiao Yi turned over and said, “Are you okay?”

Li Me nodded and continued to make it.

“Do you want to play ?!”

Li Mei looked up and looked at Xiao Yi nodded.

Xiao Yi said: “If you stay in this night, don’t go back, I can play with you!”

Li Mei said: “It doesn’t matter, I have been living alone, I live in the same! My parents are abroad, I don’t care about me at all.”

Xiao Yi wants to help him with Li Yimei. Li Mei is very obedient to bending down, including the big talents who live in Xiaoyi, but she is in this kind of thing, I don’t know how to stimulate and teasing. Let men feel comfortable.

Xiao Yi smiled and pushed Li Mei, then said; “You have never helped boys to blow it ?!”

Li Mei red face nodded.

Xiao Yi pointers how to use the tongue to take advantage of the tongue, will make men feel comfortable, and how should she use her hand to stimulate the testicles and the killing of the meat stick, let the man have a bigger pleasure, Li Mei is in Xia Yi’s pointing, very Fast, you can change more tricks yourself! “Well .. Well .. Yes .. Pair .. This is very good .. 喔 .. ..”

Xiao Yi praised her technology in order to encourage Liemei, deliberately praise her technology, and Li Mei also in this kind of encouragement, got a lot of more than 20 minutes until his mouth is soft and weak.

Xiao Yi wants Li Mei to sit on, then slowly incorporate Xiai’s meat stick into the small hole, Li Mei’s luck can, Xiao Yi’s meat still has a left outside, Xiao Yi deliberately put down and down Safe, let Li Mei’s legs and sore, sit down, but then bounce, because the meat stick is in too much, the top of Lime will hurt!

At this time, Li Mei was overwhelmed by Xiao Yi on the tea table. Then Xiao Yi used the dog’s posture, from the back, Xiao Yi kept a relatively gentle speed, although this stimulus is not too strong, but Xiao Yi is very Clear, as long as the time is long, no woman is not in this trick!

Sure enough, when Xiao Yi took the nearly 100, Li Mei was again pushed into a climax, and under Xiaiyi deliberately continued to pump, Li Mei’s climax, and lasted nearly 40 minutes, her prostitute in her point, along The thighs and Xia Yi meat flow out, and dripped on the ground, at this time, Xiao Yi saw Li Mei again, and smoked the meat and took Li Mei, hugged in his arms.

This time, Li Mei quickly woke up, she saw her lying in Xiao Yi, plus just excited, between the time, she skepts if this is a dream? But Xiao Yi’s smell of the meat is still on her back. She is surprised, Xiao Yi does not seem to have ejaculation? !

Xiao Yi asked her to continue? Li Mei face is pale, because she feels some dizziness. Xiao Yi hugged her back to the room, and the two were sleeping together.


Xiao Yi, I went back to the south, but Li Mei to stay with her in Taipei, Xiao Yi thought, inviting Li Mei to go back to the south, Li Mei is very happy to agree, so the two will take the bus together.

When I returned home, Xiao Yi’s parents saw Xiao Yi to take a girl to go home, first asked privately, what is going on? After understanding, please stay in Li, then Xiao Yi will entertain people.

At night, Xiao Yi’s parents live downstairs, and Xiao Yi lived in the floor with Li, but Limeo will run with Xiao Yi with the same bed. Make Xiao Yi almost no chance to accompany your mother.

After a few days, Li Mei was so tired, so the whole morning was sleeping, and Xiao Yi’s father went out to play golf with friends, Xiao Yi quickly took the opportunity to find my mother.

At this time, my mother is cleaned up in the living room. I saw Xiao Yi came over, smiling and grabbed Xiao Yi, and then let her unlock her clothes until she is stripping her.

Xiao Yi crazy with his tongue to pick up every part of your mother, including her pussy, ass! Mom also cooperates with Xiao Yi’s actions, let every part of them can accept Xiao Yi’s service!

“Ah .. ah .. Good Xiao Yi .. Or you have a comfortable .. ah .. .. .. .. Good comfort .. I like it .. Mom is really happy ..”

Mother may be too long, there is no reason for Xiao Yi, so soon, in the career of Xiao Yi, I have reached the first climax! However, Xiao Yi did not stop his movements. On the contrary, he immediately immediately entered the mother’s point, and then smashed up …

“Ah .. ah .. …. 小 毅 .. Don’t be so fast .. Mom will not stand .. ah .. ah .. .. .. Mom is going to be sent to the sky .. I can’t stand it .. Beautiful Ah .. Ah .. Good .. Good .. Good …. “

Mom soon reached the first climax in Xiaiyi. Xiao Yi allowed the mother who was originally squatted, turned it, then put her legs, once again, the meat is in the small hole, and began to pick up, this mother will re-enter the climax!

“Ah .. ah .. So comfortable .. I .. is so comfortable .. ah .. ah .. 喔 .. ah .. ah .. 喔 .. Xiao Yi .. You use your fingers .. Plug in .. ah ………s you have no relationship .. You slowly .. 喔 .. is there .. Good .. Good .. hard …… .. .. Yes …hone ……….hh .. I can’t .. I have to lose .. Don’t stop ……….. Mom. .. Please .. ah .. ah .. ah ………. “

When my mother, I let Xiaoyi smash the holes, while let Xiao Yi smash the asshole, reach the climax again, my mother is in just forty minutes in Xia Yi, maybe she is really too Hungry!


After being smashed by Xiao Yi, I was lying, I took careful refreshing and just a beautiful experience, and then opened his eyes. I saw my baby son was still tall and lifted. She waved to come over, then reached out to catch up The meat, stuffed into his mouth, licking it.

At this time, suddenly, Li Mei also appeared. She didn’t wake up, and saw that Xiao Yi was selling his mother in the living room. Although she could not accept it, she has experienced the wonderful taste. I know that there is no way to get to the way, so she can accept it calmly. But she hid next to see Xiao Yi’s mother’s love, so that she also wants to stand where Xiao Yi’s squat, it is very good. However, at this time she saw Xiao Yi mother to continue to help Xiao Yi port, she couldn’t help but stand up, hoping to let Xiaoyi to play with her!

Xiao Yi saw Li Mei standing out, he nodded to mother, and then mother would let the mother of Xiayi’s meat, and then let Li Meng squatted to lying himself, Xiao Yi is proficient in gravity In the beautiful point, fly quickly …

“Ah ah ah ah ah..”

When she had just peeked Xiao Yi, her mother, she had already feel that the caves were itchy. At this time, the meat stick in the dream into the hole, and the happiness brought to himself is even more unparalleled. Xiao Yi took the top. It is also a little called, and the mother is not happy. !

Mom thought, this thought that the son will add a lot of young women, I can’t think of him, and the girl who can be old can be adultery. I can continue to find a lot of suitable girls in the future, so she is also more assured.

Xiao Yi took the ground, Li Mei felt the thick glans and the meat in the vagina caused a wave of tremors, so that he was cool. She actively swallowed waist, so that she can feel faster, but at this time she suddenly felt something in her asshole. She turned her head, it turned out that Xiao Yi’s mother took the fingers a little dripped in her, and then got aid of Limei fart!

Li Mei felt that the mother’s finger also inserted his ass, this time is really hard to describe, a thick meat stick pumped in his own point, bringing himself unparalleled; another finger Insert your own asshole, make yourself as if you want to diarrhea, and every time you take it out, you will feel a pleasure as if you want to faint past, so soon she is in such rape. Reached a climax!

“Ah .. Ah .. …………. ah …………”

Li Mei is shaking, and there is a lot of obscene water in the small hole, and her ass will talk about how cool it is!

Mom came over and hugged Li Mei. At this time, I was weak. Xiao Yi took Li Mei to the bathroom, then took a shower, rinse it, and returned to Xiao Yi’s room.

At this time, Xiao Yi was first lie on the bed, and then he gave Li Yimei together to help Xiao Yi licked the meat, the hands of the two, plus the tits, and smashed the smashing, and the two people were all right. Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi played one hand, three people lived down.

This is playing until it is in the day, it will end after Xiao Yi ejaculation.


Xiao Yi’s father went home on time, ready to go to dinner with the people in the house, but when he returned home, he found that Xiao Yi was not there with his mother, and only Li Me is sitting in the living room.

Because Li Meilai lived in more than two treasures, it was quite familiar, but the Limei at this time was quite attractive, she only worn in underwear, she was sitting in the living room!

Xiao Yi’s father he only liked to put the little girl outside. Since Li Me came home, he always had some non-divided things, but it is in this is the classmate of his own child. The people in the house are all, so I am so embarrassed to have any too much move.

At this time, he listened to Li Mei said that there was only her person in the family, and it was hot, and his heart began to itch ..

“Limei, is it habit to come home ?!”

He put down his hand in his hand, and unlocked the tie and taking off the suit and then walked to the sofa sitting in Limei.

Li Mei smiled and replied: “I am very habit, and my father is also very taking care of me!”

He unlocked a few buttons of the shirt, then sat in the side of Limei, reached out, and touched Limei’s arm. Seeing Li Mei did not react, his hand deliberately stretched, then put on the other side of Limei Preparing for an opportunity to move.

At this time, Li Mei moved his body and let him sit more close to him. The body at this time has been different, and the stimulation of sex, the auxiliary of being played, her chest already has The obvious becomes bigger, has been upgraded from the A cup to the B cup, although it can’t compare with the wavebape, but it is also considerable, plus the underwear is pushed, and there is also a seductive chest. Califier.

After he saw the culipulipourd before Liyu, he couldn’t help but wanted to do it. He originally stretched into the other side of Li Mei, he began to grab the shoulders of Limei, then slow down, deliberately Touch the beautiful breast.

At this time, Li Mei also took the initiative to put his body, and unfold his belt, he saw it, happy to jump, let go of Li Mei immediately, then take his clothes and take it off, this time Limei Pasively put it, including the meat, then start to help him! “Ah .. ah .. I can’t see it .. You are a little bit. Your small saga .. Is it often helping Xiao Yi licked .. Come like this .. .. .. .. You will play my testicular .. 喔 .. .. is really fucking .. So cool .. .. Wait! “

At this time, he suddenly stopped, because he saw Xiao Yi and his mother came upstairs, and he got some unsatisfactory. But he saw his wife’s face with a smile, the mood was first relaxed. At this time he saw Li Mei, he was already in the sofa, swaying Xiao Sao, waiting for him to come!

Then he also saw his wife took the initiative to take off her clothes, squat on the ground, Xiao Yi quickly took the meat stick, this time he was ate!

The relationship between his son and his wife is already surprised, but the son’s size is even more surprised! At this time he returned to God, or put the meat stick into Limei, and started to pick up!

At this time, the whole living room is full of flesh hits and women’s lustful waves. He quickly shot in Limei’s small hole, then he sat down to the sofa, watching Xiao Yi is being Selling to make your mother, that is his own wife!

He saw his wife under his son’s rape, his face was happy and called again and again. This is his first time. It is, why don’t you know that your wife will be so beautiful? !

Although the wife is in other people’s talents, it has emitted this beautiful look, but it will not feel jealous in his heart! Conversely, he feels that he loves his wife!

It’s hard, he saw his wife sent a burst of 呻 because of the climax, and he gradually fell, but he was surprised to have a man’s strength of his son! Because this time Limei has already taken his wife to continue to make his son.

He looked at the clock, his son had already got an hour, and there seems to be no signs of rest. He walked over his wife and then returned to the sofa, looked at this Live Spring Palace who was staged in front of himself!

“Ah .. ah .. I am so comfortable .. Big cock is so comfortable .. ah ..”

Under Xiao Yi’s tuning, now Li Mei definitely does not lose any of the romantic young women, and her bed technology is even more powerful. I saw that my father and my mother were also because of this, and on the sofa continued Second, Xiao Yi’s heart also felt very happy, and in the body of Limei shot a semen!


Since Dad has added sex life, Xiao Yi is really fast like a fairy, interested, and you can make love, and sometimes you will rape your mother or Li Mei.

This day was on the second day of the week. After Dad got up, I saw Li Mei lying on my side. He remembered that he was exchanged with Xiao Yi last night.

At this time, he looked at Li Mei, and his hand was unsettled to touch the lower body of Limei, Li Mei confessed to open his legs, and then enjoy the thrill of ticking in the hole in the hole ..

“Well .. Well .. Well ..”

Limei is a dream, and then sexyly twisted the body. Dad saw this Xiao Sizi’s model, and it was a big prostitution, slaughtered her little hole, and then told it.

This lichen, Li Mei has no way to continue to sleep, she opened his eyes, seeing Dad’s meat is swaying in front of himself, where is soft and unplenished to tempting her! And her holes have passed a pleasure of itching.

Li Meishi is moving the body, including the meat of Dad, so that the two will help each other!

Compared, the father’s hard work is still a technique, Li Mei does not have a way to continue to include the father’s meat, and the sure is lying in bed, enjoying Dad’s service, she is a wave of waves, making my father and dad , Get it more energetic!

At this time, Dad saw someone standing in his face, looking up, actually Xia Yi standing in his own, this time, Dad didn’t know what is thinking, actually Zhangkou with Xia Yi’s dick, then start sucking Life, Xiao Yi is shocked by first, but it feels that Dad is also very comfortable, and he will not stop him!

At this time, Li Mei saw that Dad actually helped Xiao Yi to suck the meat. She helped her father with blowing, got a little, and Dad finally couldn’t stand it, and first in Limei’s mouth.

Li Mei took Dad to swallow the semen in her mouth, and continued to eat the semen on the meat stick until the dry clean.

At this time, my father is also a little tired, just take a break in bed, and Li Mei continues to get the farthered eyes of Dad, Xiao Yi see such a scene, suddenly wants to get my father’s ass, so he came to Dad’s body. Then put your huge dick, to your father’s ass, slowly go to the inside!

Dad ever had this experience, and the pain almost bounced from the bed, but this time with a small Li-Mei Yi tightly him down on the bed so that he could only meekly accept the small Yi cock into his body in! After pumping a few small Yi, my father had fainted, Xiao Yi to see not what it meant, he took Limei go to the bathroom flushing the body, he and Lai Mei squeeze in the bathroom wall, pulled her legs , they play with standing up!

“Ah .. ah .. good man .. you made me so comfortable .. ah .. ah .. .. top of Chasi bit deeper .. I .. I .. fuck to die for .. ah .. ah. . ah .. ah .. “

“Your pussy clip was also very beautiful ah .. I’m so comfortable ..”

With small Yi Li-Mei wildly copulating in the bathroom until Limei get fuck in small Yi, lost three times after she fainted, a small Yi hold out. This time Xiao Yi saw my father was about to go upstairs, my father told him upstairs, still unable to see my mother lying on the bed, they unceremoniously arrested the mother, the mother of small Yi fuck pussy mom and Dad fuck the ass, one after the two sandwiched mother, happily adultery with her!

“Ah .. ah .. .. big dick in my body inside .. one into a .. .. I was going to die I want to lose .. ah .. Oh .. ah .. Oh ..”

Mom still asleep, it was two big cock fuck into the body and pumping wildly, and she quickly lost it the first time, but they are still not let go, continue pumping until my mother lost five times after that, my father only worked in a small mom creampie with Yi, the end of this dissolute morning.


Soon, the summer is over, with small Yi Li-Mei back to Taipei, ready for the next semester. Limei this holiday season inside the body has a great change, her big chest full three inches, into a small big breasts! Almost all the students were quite surprised at her such a change, especially boys, almost all began to target the United States to Korea’s body!

Limei In such an environment, gradually no dealings with small Yi, is queen of all the boys!

For the small Yi, Li-Mei already anyway, just a desire to vent his object lost and not much of a pity, but also tired of the small Yi Li-Mei’s body.

This day Xiao Yi was walking in the hallway and saw a new teacher, and he was greeted by the female teacher wearing a white shirt and a navy blue trousers, walking, graceful, so Xiao Yi think has a great visual enjoyment.

He even end with this teacher went to her room, to let him know that this is a music teacher, responsible for student teaching music classes.

Soon, small Yi hand information about her more and more, she is called Vicky, newly married more than a year, at present not yet born child, but her husband often go abroad, so she probably will be special guidance several students inside the school, In addition to kill some time, you can also earn some money.

Gradually, more and more small Yi can grasp Vicky’s whereabouts, or even guess whether she would stay in the music classroom.

That day, after class, small Yi came to the music room, walked out of the room where the music teacher Vicky, he used the glass window on the door, peeping inside the case, he saw Vicky was inside practicing the piano.

Today Vicky had a student to study piano, but small Yi has given him money, he skipped school to, so Vicky, who came to the knowledge of the students will not be waiting inside.

Xiao Yi knocked on the door, Vicky turned over to see a strange face, she stood up, and then came to open the door.

“What is it?!” Vicky asked to speak first, she saw the small Yi is also the university’s students, and my heart was not suspicious.

“Teacher, I want to piano, I do not know if I can trouble the teacher is teaching me?!” Xiao Yi opening requirements.

Vicky look at the time, should have been thought to be the students do not know why not come? Think about it, anyway idle is idle, it is better to take a look at whether the students have talent it? !

When Vicky turned small Yi put the door was closed and locked smoothly, Vicky this time and did not find anything unusual, Vicky smaller Yi to sit down, and then asked if there was a small Yi learned musical instruments, or is there any the basis of other music? !

Xiao Yi casually this time to answer some questions, his attention completely focused on Vicky’s body!

Vicky wore a green nylon jacket today, on her plump around, no cover revealed, her pants wearing a white dress, although the lap length is ten centimeters, but this time she sat down to reason, so there are still a part of the thigh can see!

Small Yi fiery eyes shot on the carcass Vicky, Vicky entirely clear in the chest, but she did not understand that his body would actually be staring because such a small Yi teenager, but there is feeling of excitement! His body under the small Yi vision gradually melted, and turned out to be eager to be in front of the teen occupied!

She was afraid to stand up, but she immediately sat on the floor. It turned out that her limbs were scared and weak. At this time, she had to move backwards, but she did not pay attention to the posture at this time. It happens to let Xiao Yi can clearly see the scenery of her skirt! Xiao Yi stood up and unlocked his trousers. At this time, Vicky was scared even the limbs kept shaking, because there was a giant that had never seen in front of her!

She turned and wanted to leave this room soon, but Xiao Yi quickly catching with her, put her down, then pulled her skirt, showing the sexy purple underwear, Xiao Yi is separated Panties start with your fingers and tongue to tease her small points!

Vicky’s body is completely betrayed because Xiao Yi’s move! Her body was excited to meet Xiao Yi’s movements. Her small points have already got a lot of obscene water. At this time she remembered that she had already loved it for a month, and it is no wonder that there will be such a strong reaction. !

Xiao Yi is skilled off her underwear, then slowly into the Vicky’s hole, and starts to pump!

Although Xiao Yi’s meat is very large, Xiao Yi already knows how to let the women who have loved him slowly to adapt to their meat, plus Vicky’s meat is full of prostitution, so there is no Let Vicky feel more unpleasant, reverse, Vicky quickly hiGh ……

“Ah .. Ah .. .. .. ……….h ..”

“Teacher .. Are you comfortable .. I will get you like this .. Do you like it ..”

“Ah .. ah .. .. .. I .. ah .. .. .. .. I .. .. ..”

“Teacher. Don’t be shy .. Tell your true feelings .. I want to know if the teacher likes my service.”

Xiao Yi continued to guide and stimulate Vicky. Vicky finally surrendered in Xiao Yi’s adultery induction, she started unscrupulous waves, issued an extremely lustful voice, and said that all of them were very vulgar, all of her change, all I hope that I can obey Xiao Yi’s request, so that she can get more fun!

“Ah .. ah .. Good news .. Big meat stick in my .. 小 .. inside .. 肏 .. dry .. ah .. Good news .. I like this feeling .. Express .. Fast .. Get me .. Let me high .. Let me die .. ah .. .. I’m really great .. I have to lose .. I have to lose .. ah .. ah .. ……………….. Ah … ah … “

“You .. I am so powerful .. I have been lost .. You haven’t yet .. ah .. .. .. I will be killed by you .. I will be trained.. Make me…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I like you like this .. ah .. .. .. “

Vicky lost two times in Xiaiyi, but also spread on the floor and unable to move, and this time Xiao Yi also took a break.


Xiao Yi took the vicky on the ground, Vicky took the initiative to lick Xiao Yi, but he did not send it. Xiao Yi took the initiative to ask Vicky to say if you want to continue? Vicky nodded, Xiao Yi said; “Go to my house or a teacher?” “My family” Vicky answered with a small voice, but Xiao Yi heard a clear!

Xiao Yi took the teacher with the teacher to returned to Vicky’s residence. After the two came to the house, Xiao Yi asked the teacher to have a bath, Vicky invited Xiao Yi to hold her into the bathroom.

Xiao Yi hugged her to come to the bathroom, saw a bathtub, two people took off her clothes, and Xiao Yi first cleaned the bathtub, then started to put water, this time Vicky has been caught up with Xiao Yi, and smashes small Yi’s mouth began to kiss him!

In the past, Vicky always suppressed her own infestain, embrace the gentleman, and always carried out men and women, as a big thing to breeding, ordinary intersection, and formulating process, I have already been able to meet Her demand in her body!

Today, Xiao Yi’s eyes lit the wilderness in her body, so that she completely torn her mask, she can love my love with Xiao Yi, how much experience is this? ! And now I can now with Xiao Yi at home, enjoy the thrill of stealing, how can I don’t make Vicky excited to act?

Xiao Yi kissed the vicious two, Xiao Yi pushed Vicky down, then took the tongue to pick Vicky’s labi and vagina, and Vicky really wants to die, but she is not Know that this is just the first step of she has become a small slave!

Xiao Yi took out the kung fu to Li Mei, and Xiao Yi was easily shaken, and then Xiao Yi was inserted into the small hole of Vicky in the middle, and smartly looking for the woman’s dreams of sexy belt ─G point.

Sure enough, very quickly Vicky started a madness because of the sexy belt to be touched, and her legs were exaggerated, and even almost became a shape!

“Ah .. ah .. there … .. .. .. I .. I am going crazy .. No .. No .. Don’t stop .. I beg you .. beg you .. Ah .. Pair .. … Continue .. ah .. I am going crazy .. I am so comfortable .. I .. I .. ah .. ……………………………………… After Vicky’s arms, he knows that this woman has been mastered! And he is too light, and it is very stimulating, so that Vicky experiences when he is just smashed, it is completely different!

Just when I was already, Vicky feld to be a big army’s pressure in her body, she caused a pleasant and climax, she didn’t resist the ability, and even said she didn’t want to resist it at all!

But at this time, Xiao Yi slowly stimulated the pleasure in her vagina, although it was very comfortable, but there was always something that was less than one thing, let her always have a feeling of complete satisfaction. Let her continue to ask, I hope I can enjoy it well, don’t be tortured in this way!

However, she found that such a torture will also make them feel the thrill of another layer, so that she doesn’t have a way to endure the gap stopped in the finger! On the one hand, she hopes to have a more strong stimulus, but she can’t stand the existing feeling disappeared, so she caught a two difficult and contradictory point!

Xiao Yi picks up the vicious, pay attention to it, he seeing the water in the bathtub is almost almost, so stopping the action and smoke the finger. The Vicky’s acupoints have flowed out of a sustainable water, and how excited she just had. Vicky didn’t have strength at this time, I had to lying on the floor, after a while, the climax of the body gradually retired, she can stand up.

At this time, Xiao Yi has bubbled into the bathtub. Xiao Yi saw she stood up, she had to come in, but .. Ask her to sit on, and use a small hole to contain Xia Yi’s meat!

Vicky At this time, Xiao Yi is a completely speaking meter. She immediately joins the bathtub, and separated the two legs, Xiao Yi supports the erection of the meat, let Vicky are aligned, and she wants her to sit down.

Vicky closed his eyes, slowly sat down, carefully taste the flesh, a bit of score, and excited to enter your own body! Some hot water also moved into Vicky’s points with the entry of the meat, making her feel more different.

It’s hard, Vicky swallows Xiao Yi’s meat in two, and there is another cut outside, but she has felt that the roof of the meat is in the uterus. Xiao Yi wants Vicky to squat, after she kneel, the two measis meatballs in the chest hang in front of Xia Yi, Xiao Yi is not polite, and with the mouth, it is sucking!

“Ah .. ah .. you .. get people .. So comfortable .. I .. I have never lived .. I am .. .. .. You don’t move below .. Ah .. ……. So I can’t stand it .. ah .. Ah .. ah .. .. I have to die .. I have to die .. ah .. ah .. “

It turned out that Xiao Yi took her tits, while deliberately pushed the meat stick, let Vicky almost crazy, plus the vicky is also soaked in hot water, such excitement and excitement, soon Vicky fainting past! Xiao Yi is holding her to continue to bubble.

After a while, Vicky woke up, Xiao Yi was made by the method, so that Vicky was fainted until the hot water became cold, Xiao Yi took Vicky and returned to the living room. And at this time, Vicky didn’t know how much climax has been experienced. ! But the only thing that can be determined is that she is agency to become a sex slave!


“Xiao Yi, after class, come to the music classroom to find me” Vicky after the music lesson on Xiaoyi Shi, specially commanded Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi nodded and walked out of the classroom.

After the burning flag, Xiao Yi took himself to the music classroom. When he went in, he saw Vicky to wear a sexy evening gown that popped the piano. The sexy evening gift is really beautiful, perfectly revealed, let Vicky’s back is in front of Xiao Yi, while the design of the small shoulders, perfectly showing the beautiful shoulders of Vicky, low-cutting, will Vicky is full of double breasts, which is just a short half, deep cleans, and is more fascinating.

Vicky looked at Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi grabbed her from behind, and his hands took her breast and clearly felt that she did not wear a bra. Xiao Yi’s hand is lightly kneaded, and Vicky has no way to continue playing, and the sorcerer is coming back, letting Xiao Yi to rape her!

Xiao Yi knead her breasts at this time, while letting her lying on the chair, Vicky took the initiative to sit on the chair, and her snow-white thighs came from the long skirt of the dress. The original dress also has a unique design. When there is a high-fork, when you stand, you will not go, but if you walk, the beautiful thigh will be hidden and even see a few close legs!

Xiao Yi set off the long skirt and saw that Vicky’s pussy is facing him. It turns out that the solder goods have been lifted by the whole body, waiting for Xiao Yi’s fortune. At this time, Xiao Yi got down, with the tongue to pick up with Vicky’s small hole, let his tongue tongue over the lips of Vicky again and again!

“Ah .. ah .. you .. get people .. So comfortable .. I .. so comfortable .. Good news …. Plug your fingers in .. I .. .. You .. Ah .. ah .. I will not be able to stand .. ah .. .. .. ……. I am dying .. I am dead .. ah .. ah .. “

Xiao Yi inserting two fingers into Vicky’s pockets, stir-up, make Vicky waves, lingering, the prostitutes in the hole are also straightforward, and the piano’s leather chair is everywhere, Xiao Yi see Vicky’s beauty The hole is already surprised, he takes off his pants and then reveals his meat!

Vicky saw Xiao Yi’s meat and did not erect, took the initiative to get up, with his mouth, and with his finger to stimulate Xiao Yi’s meatocapsules, I hope that I can make meat. Xiao Yi pulled the zipper behind Vicky and dialing her shoulder strap.

At this time, Xiao Yi’s meat stick has also been touched, and Vicky looked up. The clothes slipped from her body to the waist. Wait until she stood up, the whole clothes were slid to the ground. Vicky is already naked in front of Xiao Yi, she turned and bending, helping two hands on the chair, Xiao Yi’s meat sticks into Vicky’s point, and pumping up …

“Ah .. Xiao Yi .. you .. Good .. I have been waiting for this day .. I’m a week .. I am coming .. There is no way to love you with you .. You will not be angry. .. Ah .. Don’t this .. ah .. ah .. My uterus must be routhed by you …. ok .. I know you are not happy .. Express .. Fast .. Now my hole can Let you .. For what you want .. is right .. hard …

“Ah .. Do you know .. Although I come .. But I always hope that I can be a little …. I’m …. 肏 .. I …. Good .. Good …. .. ah .. ah .. ah .. “

Sensual waves and the sound of the flesh, echoing in the music classroom, Vicky with Xiai, shakes the body, her beautiful, like a white breast, rhythm with the body of the body Sharow it. Xiao Yi has risen for a while, turned Vicky over, grabbed her double milk, one side of the meat, the little hole of Vicky, don’t come!

Vicky reached three climax, although there was no faint, but it was a whole body, but fell to the chair. At this time, Vicky saw a personal shadow outside the door, her face suddenly Change……


Xiao Yi turned, the glass window on the door could clearly saw a man’s face. At this time, he heard Vicky with trembling voice; “Husband ..”

God! Xiao Yi felt like a bomb in his head, her husband? ! Vicky went to open the door, her husband came in, and looked back at the door.

Vicky squatted on the ground, lie Xiao Yi behind her, and looked at her husband. Her husband walked to Vicky and said; “You .. Do you with him again!”

Vicky stunned, her husband has never told such words, especially the word “dry”, but also his usual hateful words, how can I …

“When I saw you in the door, I actually felt the whole body slight, I thought I was very angry, but …. When I found my own words, I I know .. I saw my beautiful and beautiful wife, I was actually exciting when I was being smashed! “

He said, one side slowly taking off his clothes, Xiao Yi saw that his thin body is a little tall with the original body under the clothes packaging. But even more discrimination is that the meat under his arms is like a small sausage, about 11 or two people. !

However, at this time, there was an unusual exciting look, and Vicky learned that her husband used her husband only didn’t have the opportunity to see the scene of being raped, and will formulate love, at this time she also I feel an inexplicable excitement, take the initiative to raise my butt, squat on the ground, including the meat of your husband, then Xiao Yi also put his meat, inserting Vicky in the small hole, two people like this Behind raped vicky!


Because the mouth contained the sake of the meat, Vicky did not have a way, only a dull voice, but he could see her husband’s face full of exaggerated excitement expressions.

“Yes .. That’s it .. Mom .. You are so embarrassed .. I have a cool .. 喔 .. I like you. It is shot .. I .. Want …. shot … ………. “No matter how much, Vicky’s husband is in her mouth, shooting the semen At this time, Vicky is still still sucking to sucking, until the semen in his meat is clean!

At this time, Xiao Yi continued to get Vicky, and she can really enjoy the thrill of being robbed at this time, especially in front of her husband, is being raped, which is a unprecedented experience and enjoyment! Her husband sat on the ground and looked at the sensuality of his wife being revealed, he couldn’t help but praise!

“Vicky .. I really love you. This is a model .. is right .. is like this.

“Husband .. I am so cool .. Well .. Ah .. .. .. .. .. I have to lose .. .. .. .. .. I .. 要 ……….. “

Under Xiao Yi’s 肏, Vicky reached an unprecedented climax in front of her husband, and her whole person fainted. When she woke up, it was already on her husband and went to the way to go home …


After Xiao Yi and Vicky was found by her husband, Xiao Yi did not have much interest in Vicky’s body. Vicky fell in love with her husband with three people playing with Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi reluctantly copened, but after a ridiculous tang, Vicky was pregnant!

At this time, Xiao Yi finally found the excuse to gradually alienate Vicky, and Vicky also knew Xiao Yi’s mind, she helped Xiao Yi with another teacher in the school – Yuehua gave a relationship.

Yuehua is the school teacher in the school, very young, just graduated from the research institute, with relationships, to teach Xiao Yi’s school. She can also count in the school that is a championship, wearing a high-open long dress every day to the school, and the school’s male students will always cause a small unceotrans.

Vicky made a small moon from a child, but after coming to the university, it developed in different fields, but it is still more, this day Xiao Yi picks up Vicky’s phone, but see the Moon Master. Also! He didn’t know what Merma teacher came here at this time? It is equipped into a picture of the students, but I saw Vicky’s four-month stomach. When I came to Xiao Yi, I opened his zipper, with his mouth with his meat!

When Xiao Yi’s meat was in Vicky, when he became a giant pyth, he saw the feelings of surprised and joy in the eyes of the moon, he knew that this is also a prostitute, and is about to The sur grew under his meat and became one of his extent!

The Yuehua station got up, this time she still dressing with the usual school, is also a high-top long skirt, her style is moving, and that is full of hand, there is an extraordinary style. ! She slowly squatted, he greeted the little meat with her jade hand and the cherry small mouth, and put the thick glans in the entrance, skilled sucking!

Perhaps Xiao Yi’s size is too big, so the month is sucking for a long time, it feels a bit can’t stand it. At this time, she took the initiative to pick up the long skirt, fade his underwear, pick up the skirt, bending her charming The small cave, still swing on the occasion, Xiao Yi is happy to go, think of you can make this whole school boys, the moon, get your own slave, awesome!

Xiao Yi’s meat slowly entered the meat of the moon, Xiao Yi felt a very strange feeling, he always felt that there was a feeling of sucking in the beautiful point, He is very uncomfortable!

But he didn’t know that Moon’s feelings were strong. She has never been seen by such a big meat, when Xiao Yi’s meat is slowly entered, she feels that she seems to be opened once. ! And when Xiao Yi began to pump, she felt that every time the flesh rod, she made her almost to reach the edge of the climax, and her eyes quickly scattered.

She always felt that Xiao Yi’s entry can make her immediately reach the climax, but it is always a little bit, which is that she began to be anxious, began to be uneasy, she twisted her body, rushing in the mouth, pleading, pleading Xiao Yi ..

“Ah .. ah .. Fast .. Let people fly .. .. Ah …. ..”

Xiao Yi opened the way, everything was like a big shot deeply hit in the bottom of the moon, and the moon’s brain was shocked, slowly, she is already unknone. A climax!

“Ah .. ah .. .. .. ..”

Yuehua can only shout in Xiao Yi, then unconsciously, then fainting the past, but soon she was awakened by Xiao Yi, and again experience the feeling of the climax and blank! This day, the month has reached a seven climax!


Yue Hua has been sticking to Xiao Yi since she tasted the sweetness on Xiao Yi. This day, China left the school with Xiaoyi, and a heart of Yuehua has already flew to his home, waiting for the joyful! The month has driven the car to the place with Xiao Yi, and he saw that Xiao Yi has waited for her, she slides the car lightly slightly, and indicates that he got on the bus. Xiao Yi quickly drilled into the car and hid in the back seat. The glass on the lattice is posted on the heat-resistant paper, and there is no way from the outside, and the glass in front of the front, and Xiao Yi pulls the curtains, just take the student in the car. Service, then changed the clothes brought by Turi Moon.

When the two brought the car to the Hyatt Hotel, Xiao Yi did not see the teacher’s relationship with the moon, plus Xiao Yi at this time, it has been rapidly developed to nearly 180, so many people I thought this is just a set of quite ordinary couples here.

The two came to the counter, and the month had already booked the room before, took the card, and came directly to the room upstairs. Go to the room, the month will not wait to take off the clothes, and then grasp Xiao Yi to start kiss. Xiao Yi also grabbed the moon, two people poured on the bed, rolling back, until they fell on the ground.

At this time, I was pressed against the ground, Xiao Yi took the zipper of her trousers, and pulled out the erection of the meat stick. He was inserted between the two legs that had already opened early in Moon, and the glans quickly separated the vagina. The meat wall is directly arrived at the uterus!

“Ah …” Yuehua sent a long and pleasant voice, she finally was brought to it again by this thick meat, although I was less than one experience from the last time. Worship, but in the past few days, she dreamed that Xiao Yi’s meat was in the meat, led her to enter another climax, but when I woke up, I was in the hole. Empty feelings, always make her unbearable.

But this time is different, she can feel that the thick meat is entering and out of her small hole, and leading her to revitalize the first pleasure, the feeling of skinny hair is returned to her mind , The meat is once again, the top, let her small hole send a rocky and sound because of the entrance of the meat stick.

That kind of sound sounds, it is really lascivious, but it can make people feel comfortable, maybe it is a woman who needs big meat? !

In the case of the moon, I can’t help but float such an idea in my mind …

“Ah .. ah .. Good stick .. Good comfort. I like this .. I feel the feelings .. I’m really good .. I am…………………………………… .. Take me .. Dry me .. I really want to die under your cock …….. ah. …. “

Under Xiao Yi, the moon taught the speech that does not match the usual image, and then look at the kind of model she lying on the floor.

At this time, the legs of the moon did not consciously lifted high, her hands closed the carpet, her head is blocked, and the mouth is “呜呜 ..” low.

Suddenly, she lowered, and the two eyes were full of faint. It was originally hidden in the legs, as if stepped on the bicycle, it was softly put on the carpet …

Xiao Yi smoke the meat from the pussy of the moon, and the lascitation of the lascitation came out, and the carpet was wet, and then Xiao Yi stood up and went to the bathroom. When he came out, When I was lazy to lying lazy to the carpet, Xiao Yi put the moon’s legs, and then slowly sent the meat stick into her vagina..

Because of the vaginal that is more sensitive because the redness is more sensitive, Xiao Yi is not pity, and the vagina at this time, because the posture changes, make the meat stick more deeply, Her excitement is stronger, she will fall into Xiao Yi’s meat trap again, and cannot be separated from ….

“Ah .. Ah .. ah .. ………..h .. ..”

At this time, there is only the moon’s snoring, the body’s impact and Xiao Yi’s stable breathing, no more than five minutes, the month is again dizzy, and Xiao Yi took her bed, plugging the meat In her small hole, there is a rest.


Xiao Yi must take a few days later, and it is necessary to take a good moon, and sometimes, Moon Wah will also think of some special ideas to make Xiao Yi to rape her, between the time, Xiao Yi is on the moon. Get quite fun!

On this day, the month wearing a quite attractive dress, and opened the car to pick Xiao Yi. When Xiao Yi got on the bus, he found that the tempting of the moon, not only happened to see him. The place.

Original Xiao Yi only saw the tailor before the month, it has been very as good as possible, but still maintains two points, but then Xiao Yi also found that the back of the month is almost naked, her The side is also just relying on some thin lines in maintaining her clothes. At this time, Xiao Yi finds that the month has almost naked tendency.

Yuehua quickly opened the car to a villa on Yang Ming Mountain. After the car entered the garage, Yuehua wants Xiao Yi to get off. After two people get off, Xiao Yi saw that Moon has begun to take her own clothes, and throw clothes into the car. Yuehua, like Xiaoyi to go to the house in the whole naked. Xiao Yi couldn’t understand what the moon is in the game, but he faintly averaged, today I can have delicious enjoyment! Sure enough, when Xiao Yi came to the living room, in addition to the moon, he also saw that the other two naked women were sitting in the living room, and these naked women are also school teachers!

One is called Xiahui, and the other is the beauty of teaching history, and two beautiful teachers in the school. Many students like to see their dreams of dressing, to meet their own fantasies. However, Xia Yi did not think that the fantasy object of the students in the school, now they are all naked in front of him!

The month is actively walking, helping Xiao Yi officer, Xiao Yi also trip to her clothes, soon, his huge phenah has presented in front of everyone. The moon is started with the tongue and the hand is used, and “You haven’t seen it ?!” The eyes look at the other two women.

It turned out that in the past, these three people were already very good, this time, I was fortunate together in the same school, and three people were married, but there were few two husbands. Get along with them, because their husband often travels frequently or abroad!

Like today, here is the villa in the husband’s family of Junmei, because the husband has abroad, so three people are about to come here, ready to see if the giant boy is really awesome? ! Now, the light is to see the size, the other two people have been surprised and happy. At this time, Xiao Hui couldn’t help but took the initiative to help the Moon Hua’s meat stick!

The two got a long time, Junmei saw that Xiao Yi still did not move, and also looked at himself with a very prominent eye. “My cock is waiting to be 肏!”

Moon and Xiaowai two people lost, Xiao Yi’s chicken passed through the licking and kit, I have already talled over, the glans will shine.

Xiao Yi took a step toward Junmei, Junmei, this time, the lower body was already slippery, plus she saw that the moon and Xiaowai did not have a way, it was a bit soft.

At this time, I saw Xiao Yi to come from my own side. I didn’t struggle at it. Xiao Yi grabbed her legs, big separate, then reached out, I feel that her holes are already wet, The momentum will bring the meat stick to the hole, and then slowly put the meat into the graceful meat bowl!

Xiao Yi Shuo’s big glans slowly separate the tight point meat, slowly sent it, and Junmei felt that he was once again opened again! However, she found that Xiahui and Yuehua have never cheered when they came to their side, pressed their body tightly, and then they were like being raped to let Xiai’s meat sticks completely into their own. Body and start pumping!

“Ah … ah … Hao … I have a pain … Your dick is too big … I am … I can’t … don’t like this … Ah … ah … 喔 … 喔 … ah … you … don’t this … … ah … ah … 喔 … ah … 喔 … “

Although the Junmei is called, Xiao Yi still continues to pump, and it is as if he thinks, Junmei is beginning to shout!

“Hey … so comfortable … good news … ah … ah … 喔 … ah … 喔 … ah … ive ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Xiao Yi saw this beautiful teacher under his adultery, shouting out such a sensuality, and he can’t help but began to despise the teachers of these appearances, I can’t think of this. Xiao Yi continued to use his own meat stick, leading the beauty of the beauty!

Under Xia Yi, Junmei reached the climax, the whole person lying on the sofa like the virtual hair, this time the small benefits can’t wait to lying on another sofa, and then pleading Xiao Yi quickly come over!

Xiao Yi smoke the meat stick and moved to Xiahui, then lifted the small left leg, lifted high high, then taking the side into the posture, and slowly sent the meat stick into Xiahui’s point.

Xiaohui is the least in the three people, so when this cock is in, she is almost turned over! And she married people, but her husband’s ability was not good, so she had a relationship that he had ten times with his husband. If there is no premarital relationship, there is no more than twenty times! So, where did she get Xiao Yi, this powerful guy? !

Xiaohui just saw Junmei in Xiao Yi, this is so comfortable to enjoy the woman’s tole – climax, I think it is very simple, I didn’t expect my own big meat stick. After that, the whole person is almost dizzy, the next process, she doesn’t have a way to enjoy Xiao Yi, just in the painful taste!

Even so, after being smashed by Xiao Yi, Xiaohui still slowly climbed climax, plus she experienced this long time, so her feelings are also very strong, almost no way Speaking, just Zhang Da, what the voice can not be called, then fainting.

Next, Yuehua finally waited for the opportunity to enjoy Xiai’s meat stick.


Because the Junmei followed the two sofa in the living room, this time, this time, the month had just kneel on an inflatable sofa, and then towering the hips tap, like an extremely lustful bitch, is swinging hips. , Seduce the male dog to dry her!

Xiao Yi pushes the small benefit, go to the moon, then slowly push the meat stick! Since the month has already experienced experience, then she can fully accept Xiai’s meat stick in their own inbound, and more enjoyable fun of such sizes!

Xiao Yi slowly pushed, let two people lying on the sofa can clearly see the status of the meat stick in the moon, the small hole! In the past, although three people were good friends, they have never been in front of the rest of the two, and they really have love with other men, let alone this man just inserted the meat that picked into other two. In the hole.

Thinking of this, the body of the moon is not shaken by autonomous! She felt that her vagina showed strong and regular contraction. Xiao Yi was also very clear about the reaction in the Chinese body. He was very surprised, and the month will enter the climax today? In fact, it is simple. Yuehua has just helped other two people in Xiayi’s adultery, reaching the climax, although she can’t say that they feel the same, but they witnessed other people who were adulted by adultery, in fact, in the month, I have already been there. Start slowly accumulating the energy of the climax, waiting for the moment to be truly, it is natural, and immediately enter the climax, that is, the insertion of Xiaoxi meat, is let the moon have reached this climax!

Xiao Yi, although I didn’t feel tired, but I cope with three hungry women, I still have a bit breathed. At this time, I just let the moon on the floor, then Xiao Yi walked through the monarch, and she sat down, then Continue to touch the gill of the greenery, and take a rest.

Junmei looked at Xiao Yi to pay for the other two women, and I was afraid that Xiao Yi would continue to come over and have to vent it for the second time? ! But I saw Xiao Yi just sitting around him, and reached out and touched himself, and I was slightly relaxed. In fact, the body of the Junmei is the most close to Westerners. Height 168, with a weight of forty-eight kilograms, three per surroundings are 36D, 24, 36’s beautiful proportion, and her legs are quite well, many men are Look in her legs and attracted her!

Junmei watched Xiao Yi’s meat, she reached out, gently on the top, Xiao Yi showed her to sucking, Gommera nodded, then moved the body, then open his mouth Xiao Yi’s glans, and gently licked with the tongue, then guys who have just desire to die!

Her fingers also gently set, and also played with Xiao Yi’s testicles, and smashed Xiao Yi is not happy. When Junmei took half a hour, Xiao Yi shot semen in the mouth of Junmei. !

Since the mouth is really sour at this time, when Xiao Yi shot, she didn’t realize that the dodge, all the semen shot into her mouth, there is a part of the mouth that flows out along the mouth, slipping to the neck of Junmei And Xia Yi’s thigh, Xiao Yi will flow out of the semen, apply it on the mammented breasts of the monarch, and also make the beauty!

Three women have been completely conquered by Xiao Yi at this time, serving Xiaiyi in the monk’s villa, I think there is no other man to enjoy the three women’s service like Xiaoyi. After using the dinner, Xiahui said she must go home, because her husband will go home this evening, so I will send Xiahui by the month, and the moon is also in the evening, so Xiao Yi stayed in the monarch home. Take care of him by Junmei.

When Junmei sent other two women to leave, Xiao Yi turned to see Junmei, Junmei is unimped to low, pushing Xiao Yi: “How do you look at people like this?! Yet?”

Xiao Yi smiled and said: “I am thinking, how do you do you, will you let me be addicted ?!”

Junmei’s face is rubbing in Xiaoyi, saying: “People are yours, what do you want to play ?!”

Xiao Yi haha ​​laughed with Junmei back to the house, then came to the bedroom upstairs, Xiao Yi asked a beautiful to change the clothes that usually wear the school, but not to wear any underwear.

Junmei is not very understanding, Xiao Yi said: “You are the idol of the school boy, I want to conquer you, it will make me feel more happy!”

Junmei changed a set of black striped suit, and she was the whole body nakedly wearing a coat and short skirt, that is, if Xiao Yi’s hand guys, you can directly touch the wonderful carcass! Although this short skirt is not very short, it opened a high front in front of the right leg.

And when she is dressed, she rely on the dressing table, reach the right leg forward, the slap is really a temptation, hidden zone, if the hidden is.

The cock under Xiaoli immediately hit high-level, Xiao Yi went forward, put his hand from the jacket, grabbing her full double milk, because the jacket is a suit, plus At this time, there is no way, and the jacket will move down, then the top of Junmei is like a banana that is peeled off, Xiao Yi turns her, let her see her own breast from the mirror. In your hand, it becomes a variety of sensuality. At this time, Xiao Yi also pulled the Junmei short skirt, and the pussy immediately appeared in the mirror. Xiao Yi wants to grouse to the dressing table, separate the legs, then Xiayi slowly Insert the meat stick into the grace of the monarch!

Junmei is in the mirror, you can clearly see the meat stick into your own body, and the fullness of the body also makes Junmei recalls the beautiful feelings, she can’t help but squatting ………

“Ah … ah … ah … ah …”

Junmei also made a wonderful embarrassment, but the body would be slutly swung, she has become a backrest of the chair because of her hands, and she has been separated from the back of the chair. At this time, Xiao Yi has turned into a chair, and by Junmei herself in the female posture, the scene is in the eyes of the monarch, feeling a sensible feeling!

“Stop … Stop?” Junmei asked. Xiao Yi stopped her, she came down, and then took out a V8, after the machine, let V8 record Xiaoyi rape her own appearance! Xiao Yi will give him a copy of the monarch, nor does it oppose the process of making love in Junmei!

Then, Junmei was pressed against the dressing table, and the two hands were reanked behind the back, then from the back by Xiao Yi, the penis continued to puff it in his point, order the beauty of the United States to face V8, show various kinds Happy expressions until a climax!


Junmei and Xiao Yi have enjoyed the process of just making love. Unconsciously, Junmei wants to come again with Xiao Yi. She took the initiative to swear, then contain Xiao Yi’s glans, slipping Xiao Yi with the tongue Horse eyes, her fingers climbed to Xiao Yi’s meat column, she gently up and down.

After a while, she spit out the glans, then slowly kissed along the meat column until the root of the meat column, at this time she clampped the skin on the scrotum with her lips, gently looked up with Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi likes this to appreciate the woman, because most women will flow from the heart in their hearts.

Xiao Yi reached out to stroke the hair of the beauty, closed his eyes, enjoy the Junmei service, Junmei saw Xiao Yi’s enjoyment, more exciting to please Xiao Yi, because she knows, this meat will be How much is it brought to her!

Junmei licks a little tired, so she put Xiao Yi’s meat in her cheeks, then pleading Xiao Yi, come over to take her. Xiao Yi wants her to change a set of clothes, then come again, and this time Xiao Yi first goes out, wait until Junmei changed the clothes and then come back.

When Xiao Yi saw Junmei again, Junmei wore a black junk dress, and the lower is about 15 cm, with black stockings, and there is a different beauty!

Xiao Yi walked over, the waist grades Gem, and his hand stretched into the Junmei’s butt, gently picked it, full of flexible! Then shot two times, then Xiao Yi’s hand climbed up the Junmei’s chest. She was slightly lifted up, and she presented her beautiful neck and completely in front of Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi gently kissed the neck of the Junmei. Junmei is a little bit of a little sound. Xiao Yi uses the tip of the tongue to make the neck of the monarch, she gigbs smile, but and Did not struggle or not, Xiao Yi pulled the beauty shoulder strap, and pulled the zipper behind the clothes, soon, the top of the monarch was exposed in front of Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi went down, including her nipple, and rubbed another nipple with his fingers, such actions, ordering the Junmei couldn’t help but hug Xiao Yi, and she looked up a leg and wrapped the waist of Xiao Yi. With the movement of Xiao Yi, bite, 啃,, 摆 摆 像 像 像 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语

“喔 … Xiao Yi … you are good … 舔 得 家 的 好 舒 舒 对 对 对 对 对 点 点 点 点 点 点 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 奶 对 对 对 对 好 对 对 对 … … Crap with your fingers … I really play dead … ah … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … “

“Good news … 小 毅 … Don’t play people’s milk … 抠 抠 小 屄 … 人 家 好 希望 大 … … can come to you … 喔 … 喔 … um … um … … ah … ah … ah … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … “

Xiao Yi’s demands of Junmei, put the hand of her teap, reached into her skirt, Xiao Yi found that she did not wear underwear, so very smoothly, Xiao Yi’s fingers slipped into the vagina. Inside, and very smoothly found the G point of the Girl, Xiao Yi’s finger came back and forth to slide above G point, and make the Junmei straightforward addiction ………

“Ah … 对 … 是 哪里 … 对 … Continue …… … Good news … people are so comfortable … Good 喔 … Xiaoxi … You have a good family … Yes … Bar … good … good … Yes … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … continue … don’t stop … ah … I am going … I have lost … I want to lose … Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah ~ ~ ~ ……… “Xiao Yi did not think that Junmei had a climax in his fingers, but this time, the surprise level of Junmei is far from Xiao Yi, because this is the first time in men. The finger reaches the climax, and that feeling is quite different from the feeling of being caught in the past, so she still in the time.

Xiao Yi then put Junmei in bed, then lifted her legs, sliding the meat rod into the vagina and slowly moved. After the meat sticks of Xiao Yi were completely slipped, Junmei found that he had already fell again into the sex whirlpool of this man, and the meat stick slipped through the yuki, just because of excited and completely protrudes, so that not only Junmei Strong pleasure, even Xiao Yi also feels different feelings ………

“Ah … ah … good people … how can you be so powerful … ah … ah … so comfortable … good … Bar … Ah … How can your dick be awesome … ah … ah … ah …”

“Your holes are also good … I also feel very comfortable …”

“I like it more … I will be my … I am a good husband … my husband … ah … I want you all … let you … 肏 … let you do … ah … ah … ah … ah …”

Both people entered the climax because of the pleasure bonded by the sexual device, and finally after the Junmy was led, Xiao Yi also shot a deep semen in her vagina …


Xiao Yi got a few teachers in the school, but slowly, he likes to make love with the Junmei! Because Junmei is not only beautiful enough, and her home is still very rich. Every time I go out with Xiao Yi, I can let Xiaoyi people have two.

On this day, Xiao Yi received a phone call from Junmei and said, “Xiaoyi, can you come to my home? I am a bit uncomfortable. After Xiao Yi received the phone, I changed my clothes and called the taxi.

Junmei lives alone in a 20-story building, because this building is the industry in his own home, so Junmei lives quite comfortable, her unit has eighty pings. Xiao Yi already has the lock here, so he will open the door. He walked to the Junmei room, he saw that Junmei was lying on the bed, wrapped in a cotton.

Xiao Yi wanted to let Junmei turned over, then see what she did? Suddenly Junmei took Xiao Yi, then the cotton was slipped to the ground. At this time, Xiao Yi found that Junmei actually did not hang! It turned out that this is a monarch’s trick, she wants to call Xiao Yi to come over, then I can make love soon!

Xiao Yi saw her wandering, my heart was really love, Xiao Yi first put her down, then reached out to her, and it was already wet! Xiao Yi’s fingers immediately plugged in and continued to touch it, and smiled and said: “You have played this little, and I have to call me.”

“People want! Am I … ah … so comfortable … Let people lying down … People lying … next … Come … Good … let … you … do … I … ah …” Junmei side, one side Twisted the body, the depth model makes Xiao Yi suddenly have to let her thoughts!

“Good husband … let people … lying down … people like this … Still … there is no way to cool ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~~ … ah ~~~~~~ …”

“There is no way to cool, also called this, I will really do it later. You don’t want to call it ?!” Xiao Yi played with her while playing her!

But this time, Junmei has begun to cry, Xiao Yi holds her slowly lying in bed, Xiao Yi will quickly enter the big cock under his arms into the small mouth of Junmei, and then puff it violently !

“Ah … ah … so cool … ah … ah … ah … I am coming … I’m coming ~ … ah ~ … ah ~~~ … ah ~~~~”

Just after the Junmei was dried to be dried, it has reached the climax, and the whole person is soft in bed. At this time, Xiao Yi saw that she contained her smile lying in bed, and then slowly poured the cock in her small hole, so that women quickly recovered to the climax from the long run!

Moreover, Xiao Yi slowly pumped it, while guring the gamato legs, then let the lower body of Junmei, so the way is one of the favorite ways of Junmei, and this can let Xiao Yi’s meat stick Insert deeply into the small hole in the monarch, and let the glans once again and again to look at her heart!

“Ah … ah … ah … so comfortable … good news … my little hole … to be dried … 喔 … big chicken brother … Dry me so cool … Yes … hard … Let me die … I want to die … in the big … cock … brother … The cock … under … “

Junmei is in the dryness of Xiao Yi, it has been refreshing, until the climax is leaking, and Xiao Yi is the joy of the gamma.

At this time, Xiao Yi saw that Junmei has been dizzy. I put her legs down and then let her sleep well, and he himself flows to sweat, so I am going to go to the bathroom. Rinse. When he turned, I saw a woman standing at the door, I have a little similar to Junmei, but the age is very small, and the body is very hot, Xiao Yi is estimated, there should be 34F-24-36 body.



“I am a gamster, my name is Ruru!” RURU boldly walked to Xiao Yi, she saw Xiao Yi’s cock, the heart is already emerging, so I am actively embariling. She reached out and holding Xiao Yi’s meat stick, kneeling down, unlocking her own shirt, her bra is quite bold, most of her tits are almost open, she uses her own double milk to clamping Xiao Yi The glans and the left and right left and right.

Xiao Yi got this, although it is very comfortable, but it will not be very cool, Xiao Yi turned to see the beauty on the bed, still falling asleep. Xiao Yi came to the living room with the two people in the living room. ! Ruru is not just a double breast, she still lowers to pick up Xiao Yi’s glans, her skills are very good, but it is more powerful than Junmei, but Xiao Yi always feels that there is not too strong, but I can’t feel it. Happy with the monarchy!

Ruru has been playing almost ten minutes. Under the service of her, there are almost seven or eight people who have not been taken out. However, this Xiaoxi seems to be really like the hazelies, he actually does not move, and laughs and looks at yourself!

At this time, she stood up and took off her hot pants wearing him, and will take off her underwear. Then unlocked your own milk, revealing your own breasts, she raised the left leg across Xiao Yi, and then defend Xiao Yi’s meat, and slowly slowly Sit, let the meat stick into your small hole!

Although she has had a rich experience with more than ten men, this thick meat stick is still in the first time! She is hard to swallow the meat stick in the body, she looks up, closes their eyes, carefully understand this thick meat stick in the body, she even feels that the blood is flowing in the blood vessels in the meat stick, can pass through the flesh I feel closely!

She lifted a body slightly, the glans scraped the vaginal feeling, so she couldn’t help but slam, it was the admiration! Slowly, she sat down quickly! Let the glans struggled in her uterus, got almost the feeling of crying, but she loves this feeling, so she uses this way, let himself feel the meat stick. Her joy!

“Ah ~ … ah ~ … so comfortable ~ … I … so comfortable ~ … Ah … ah ……… 喔 … ah … ah … 喔 … Xiaoxi … you … good news … with your fingers … … my … butt … is there ~ … 喔 ~ … 对 ~ … is there … good ~ … good … hard 抠 ~ … 对 … ah … so comfortable … This way … ah … ah … ah ~ “Ruru didn’t help but speed up the speed, and this time Xiao Yi also swolked up with her movement, so that the two personnel combine closer, The physical collision has made a sound of the sound, and the meat stick is more because of the moisture of obscenity, slowly Ruru to reach the climax! “Hey … I can’t … I have to lose … don’t stop … Yes … ah … a … ah … let me lose … Please ……………..

She is soft to Xiai’s chest, the whole person seems to breathe, but Xiao Yi does not let her go so simple. Xiao Yi used the way to deal with the Junmei to deal with RURU. He slowly moved, let Ruru continue to stay at High Point!

At this time, RURU felt that someone was touching her butt! She turned into the past, seeing Junmei is wearing a false hi, standing behind her, she knows what Junmei wants to do, really, after her ass felt something, slowly drill it slowly !

“Ah … ah … my ass … I have to be worn by my pro … ah … ah … so cool … so beautiful … ah … ah … good … so cool … I am happy … really great … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … “RURU is even more reluctant, Xiao Yi is in the eyes of Junmei, the two exchanges, sitting on the sofa by Junmei, and Ruru takes down, then Xiaiyi put the meat stick In the eyes of her ass, the two of the two people have finally let Ruru dizzy!

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