After passing the light time at night, Beibei came from one person to a remote football field in the campus. Through the football field, she came to the old sports activities of the school. This event room is no longer used after school this year, because on the other side of the playground, re-created a new one.

A weak light in the event room, I walked in Beibei. Push the door, there is already a person standing there.

“A cuisine?” Beibei called that person.

A cherick, it should be an outer number. Babe and this person are not very familiar, but he is a boyfriend of a roommate. He often seen him when you play it.

“Hey, Beibei, you are coming.” A cherry hippie laughed.

“Well …” Beibei responded, and then watched a room.

Since some sports devices in the room have been moved, only the room is still placed in the room, but the net is also damaged. In addition to A cuisine and yourself in the room, there is no other person.

“What about other people? Fragrance?” Beibei asked. The fragrance is the roommate of Beibei, that is, the girlfriend of A. Today is also a text message, Babbe will come here so late.

“Evening event”. They used to play, after turning off the lights at night, a group of men and women in the school, playing poker or other students, playing a game between playing poker or other students.

“Um … this, she will not come tonight.”

“Don’t come? But she sent my news …” Beibei felt a little strange.

“No, the news is my hair. Oh, Xiangxiang is going home today. It is when she didn’t pay attention, she took her mobile phone – Otherwise, how would you come out?”

When I said, my face was still a smile. In fact, from the first time I saw him, Beibei didn’t like him. It makes people feel … is not safe.

“You ?! What do you call me?”

“Nothing, just what everyone is playing with …” Said, A cuisine is close to Babe, and then very light attempted to touch the cheek of Beibei with hand, “…” It is playing … “

“Hey … What do you do?” Seeing the other party’s Babe suddenly patted the hands of the dishes and retired one step.

“Oh, there is nothing, only recently, my brother always doesn’t have anything, it is sad, so … I want to help him. Hey …” Said, A cuisine actually had his own hand Lower body.

“… God … neuropathy …” Suddenly understood that the other’s intention of the babe suddenly felt a panic, then immediately turned, and ran in the door.

But the action of Ahu is more step more than her, and the Babe has opened the door of the activity room. A cuisine has chased it up from behind, and a hand grabbed Babe, and then pulled her from the door. Then hugged the Babe’s body ring from the back and dragged into the house.

“Ah … what do you do, stop! Let me go! You let me go! Help!”

The strength of a girl does not have a big boy, although she is struggling, her efforts will not let the other person drag into the house, but being dragged to the center of the house and was pressed on the table tennis table.

After the babe overwhelmed, A c came on the babe’s hands on both sides of her body, then looked at the girl under his body.

Babe is not a traditional sense of beauty. Her skin is slightly black, and the face is not a goose face. But she is very healthy, and her hair is very shiny, the eyes are very big and very god, the mouth is small, and the mouth is slightly upturden, and there is a small and cute, there is a small and cute, in short, it is also very fascinating Like the type. It may be the case, let A come on her idea.

“Hey, little cute, we come to Le Lei!”

After that, the dish took the body, kissed the cheese’s cherry, with the tongue to open the scubble, straight, in the oral cavity of Beibei, and full of fragrance.

“Hey … 呜 …!”, But in Beibei is completely another feeling, the fear of strange men’s violation is spreading a little bit, she is shaking dramatically, and I feel more fierce Sorrowful. She began to fight their own head and wanted to get rid of the opponent’s strong kiss.

Fortunately, Beibei has been practicing swimming before entering the university, physical strength and strength is better than the general girl. Babe desperately broke away from the hands of the imprisoned, and then pushed the face of the dish. Babe, who is separated from A., spit out a sigh of relief, then hold the table tennis platform, try to bring yourself back, to detach it from the bodies. At this time, the dishes have already wanted to fire, it is difficult to control yourself.

He hugged Babe with his hands and deeply buried his face into the chest of Beibei.

Since I have been practicing swimming, the Babe’s figure is still very good, the chest is full, strong, and the face of the dish is buried, only a softness.

“Oh … walk away … Don’t this …” Beibei holds his body with force, do not let himself be pressed under the body again, and the other can work hard from his own Push the chest.

“You this bastard … Start! How do you get fragrant …”

“Cut, I will not take the big dinosaur!”

Taking advantage of the dish because of talking about his face from his chest, the babe’s hand puts the body of the dishes from himself. And this time, the whole person of Beibei has been completely sat on the table tennis platform, and it is just to take the legs out.

Beibei brought the belly of A cuisine with his knees, making him unable to attach yourself. Although A cuisine is a boy, the strength should be relatively large, but the Beibei is now in danger. It can make her the potential of itself, so I still have a way for a time. Of course, Beibei himself is clear. If the time consumes a long time, his physical strength must not be more than A cuisine, it is really bad.

When I think about it, the power of hands and feet seems to be big. Beibei pushed A cuisine from the body, then quickly turned over to climb the table tennip table, I want to climb to the other end of the table, leaning against the table, Then wait for a long way to flee this room.

However, this is A cuisine, but also caught the leg of the babe, and I also want to climb it, and then pressed the babble.

In anxious, the other legs of Beibei took a force, and the truth was tried in the face of the dish. Only listening to the a cuisine, I have a pain, let go.

Babe, this opportunity climbed to the other end of the table tennis platform, with the Caisted a long table confrontation.

Since the feet just juggled out in an urgency, the strength and position were not very ideal, but it was still seen that the nose of the dish slipped a red liquid, it should be kicked by Beibei. nosebleed.

“Head! Dare to kick me! Today, I will clean you clean, and then live you die!”

A cuisine is chasing from the side of the table tennis table, and Babe has escaped from the other side. Several rounds, the middle of the dishes and Babe have always been a table tennip table. After a while, I suddenly rushed over the left. Beibei can only dodge from the right, but I didn’t expect this come, but I jumped on the table tennis table and rushed straight to Pay.

Babe is shocked, but it can only flee behind, but she will find that this room is too small, and after retreat, there is not a few steps behind the wall. A cherry is rushing over, pocked the Babe that avoids invasive.

Under the urgency, Beibei wants to turn to dodge, but it has not been too late, she just turned over, A cuisine has already rushed to her, and she died in the wall.

“Ah … you let me go! Go! Help! Come! Help!”

“Dead hoe, don’t worry about it. This is so far from the dormitory area, the ghosts listen!” A c cameoted and killed the Babe’s body on the wall with his hands. collar.

“Little beauty, now let us enjoy it!” After finishing, just pull the jacket down, and easily take the Babe’s coat.

The outer casing is a black short-sleeved T-shirt. Black is mostly outlined out of the body’s curve line, and the body of Babe is good. It is even more fascinated under the slightly tight black T-shirt.

A cuisine is almost streamd from the mouth of the water, and he began to tear the Baibei’s T-shirt. Only listening to “」 “, the right shoulder of the Babe T-shirt was torn, and the cuisixed had a bite to kiss the bare shoulders.

“Hey … don’t … don’t … let go … don’t like this … ah!”

Beibei’s heart is getting more and more fearful, and desperate seeds gradually broke out, although she still hurriedly shakes the body, trying to break free. But she is obvious that the strength is getting smaller and smaller, and it has been completely impossible to fight against A. At this time, A cherome of the gathered, turned it with Bay, let her face him with himself, and then grabbed the shell’s collar, trying to tear the T-shirt of Beibei.

But I didn’t expect that Beibei grabbed this opportunity, slammed his knee, and ate the top of the top of the dish.

“Ah!” The man’s soft 裆 was attacked, and the dishes were hurt, and they left their hands.

Beibei took the opportunity to push the A., running in the door.

Just when she had just opened the door to see, she fellually hit a “wall” and rebounded her back to the room.

“Chen Jie?”

It turned out that Babe hit a person. Chen Jie, is a boyfriend with another roommate sugar sugar, which is better than Bibei.

I haven’t come to the babe opening call for help, and the a cuisine behind him has already rushed, and she hugged the Beibei behind him.

“Ah, help! Chen Jie, save me!”

“Hey … Beibei? A cuisine? What are you doing?” Chen Jie has not figured out what happened.

“How come you are so late?” A c came to kill the Beibei, asked Chen Jie, “Don’t say so much, come over to help me! Press this death!”

“A cuisine … you … what are you doing?”

“He … he wants to be a gift … Chen Jie, save me! Ah! …” Beibei is struggling and wants to break free, and call Chen Jie. But A cuisine also torn a piece of t-shirt, right shoulder and chest large skin exposed.

“What are you doing ?! Let’s let go of Beibei!”

“Hey, Ajie, we are brothers, there is a good thing to share it! This little girl hates! This evening we have two brothers! How?” A cheriff said.

“No! Ajie, don’t listen to him, save me! I am the best friend of sugar!”

“Oh, Ajie, don’t you say that you most about weibabe? Say that she is always talking about your bad things on sugar sugar, saying that she is always a sugar sugar to do something you don’t like her. This opportunity Come, you can let you take a whole whole head! “

“What do you say? Your animal! Ajie, don’t listen to him … Fast … save me! Save me …”

Chen Jie stayed there. He thought about it. That’s right, he is really a good babe. Sugar is like going to the Internet cafe, the bar, KTV and the like, and I still like to drink. Chen Jie doesn’t like girls do these, especially their own girlfriend. For these things, he and the sugar candy have noisy many times. But Beibei always likes to go to those places with sugar sugar, so Chen Jie is naturally thinking that Beibei took her, she made sugar sugar without listening to her own.

When I think about it, Chen Jie is not angry from the heart. He looked at the two in front of him, and the dishes were killed, and Bubei struggled. Looking at the struggle of babe pain, the slim waist is stunned, and the clothes on the body are broken, and the skin is exposed to the outside, the whole pair of glazings is a mild, sexy.

When I saw Chen Jie in front of this scene, I thought of her painful suffering. The thrill of retaliation gradually spread in Chen Jie. He only felt that he was quickly rushing, and the lower body expanded.

Chen Jie makes the decision to go forward. I don’t know what it is the intention of the a cuisine and Beibei stopped.

Chen Jie went to the two people, suddenly grabbed Beibei, followed by torn the T-shirt of the left shoulder of the shell.

“Ah! Chen Jie, what are you doing ?!” Babe exclaimed.

“Haha, little beauty, you are dead tonight!” A cuisine said, “Ajie, hold her on the table tennis!”

So the two lifted Beibei on the table tennis and put her firmly on it.

If there is only a person, Beibei may escape, but now there is a strong man, Babe has no way to deal with two people at the same time. She was pressed at the table and she was struggling to sit up, but they were killed by two people, and desperate psychology begins to gradually spread.

“Don’t … I beg you. Don’t … Start …”

A cherish and Chen Jie have quickly torn the babe’s T-shirt, followed by a shell’s underwear.

“Hey … stop … Don’t … don’t …” Falling into a crazy Chen Jie with the right milk of Beibei, and the other hand holds the left milk of Babe, and pinch, but The dishes also unwind the babe’s trousers and took off the jeans.

Although it is not a white, the legs of the babe show a healthy color, and it is more beautiful and smooth.

Babe is desperately to push the pair of legs, but A c came out has prepared, so that Babe has no way to kick your own soft.

Chen Jie saw Beibei’s trousers have been taken off, and quickly took off his pants, and then pulled off the panties of Beibei, and Babe’s lower body was completely exposed.

“Hey … Help … Help … Don’t … Don’t …”

In the babe sexy thigh, the high tall is high in the lower abdomen, and it is unable to resist strongly irritation, dark brown incapacity, twisted, and inverted triangles covered in Beibe. On the dark, the bumps are red, the middle of the clouds are glow, the two slides and tender labs, high high protrusions, the middle of the case, if Zhang Ruo closed, reflects mature and charming Wonderful body.

Chen Jie got a rough root that he had expanded early, inserted the babe’s pussy.

“Ah !!” The pain of the lower body is trapped into a foreign body, making Beibei couldn’t help but scream.

Chen Jiexin is in a hurry in the frankss of Beta, crowded with the roots of the babe legs with hot and hard penis. Then I didn’t take the feelings of Bei Bei, vigorously pumped, and the thick-hot glans poked into her delicate meat, and the scrotum will push the babe’s ass as the scrotum is inserted. Sending “, 啪,」 “, Chen Jie’s sun root and the tender meat in the Babe is frozed once, the baby’s beauty will twitch, and she will tight in the small hole every twitch. Clip one.

At this time, Beibei has been completely powerless, and she tears, can only be raged by Chen Jie in her.

After plugging in a few hundred, a hot yang, suddenly incident on the vagina of Beibei.

Chen Jie only felt that a pressure suddenly vented, he satisfied his own root, brought a deep liquid and Babe’s blood flowing out of the blood.

“How? Is cool, Ajie?” Asked there. At this point he has already taken his clothes too well.

Chen Jie did not answer him, just walking aside, slowly put on his pants.

After Chen Jie was finished, the dish walked to Beibei, and once again, her legs were separated again, and then he took into his own mooy.

At this time, Beibei has lost the will, and the soft lying on the table tennis platform, and the body is unconsciously swing with the thrust of the dish.

Soon, A c came out of the semen into the Babe body, and then unplugged out, wearing clothes, leaving Beibei who is almost late, and left with Chen Jie.

The next morning, Beibei woke up, she trembled her own clothes, walked out of the activity room. Take less school people in the morning and return to your bedroom.

After seeing the return of the returned Beibei, her roommate decisively reported the police. After the investigation, the two of the cuisine and Chen Jie were returned to the case, and sentenced to the sentence.

Beibei is now a big student. Since the last time I was tramered with the gang rape of A., she walked out of the psychological shadow, but she always took a distance from the boys in the class, and rarely participated in the activities between my classmates, and I was also early at night. Back to the bedroom and rest.

But the tragic fate seems to not intend to let this poor little girl.

Due to the preparation of the stationery materials needed for the test, the afternoon, Babe leaves the school alone.

Originally she is going to call the roommate together, but it is not enough that this day, the roommate is just right. Beibei thinks that it is now a big day. Although there is not much traffic in the road to the stationery store, it will not be able to do the illegal committee. So she came out of school alone.

From the school to the stationery shop, there are about two stops, this area is not commercial, office area, and is located in the suburban combination, so it is lacking popularity.

Just when Beibei walked on the road, I suddenly rushed out a white bicycle, I blocked it in front of Beibei, and then the door was opened, and I will rush down the three men. I will at all. I don’t understand what I happen to drag the car, and then the door is firmly closed, the car will start again and take it towards the suburbs. A total of four people in the car, a driver, the rest is the three people who just lifted Beibei to the bus.

The car didn’t know where to open, Babe was pressed on the seat by three men, and the moving pop will not. The mouth has also been plugged in a piece, can’t make a sound. And the three men, while pressing the babe, the hands and feet have begun to be unclean, they opened the pink striped outerwear of Beibei, six big hands in the T-shirt in the babe chest, one side I still laugh at one side.

“Hey … oh!” Now Bebe is able to move, I am afraid only with fingers and eyelids. She can’t even be caught by her insult. I can only let the six dirty hands are chaos, one year. The disaster was again recalled again, and the tears have begun to turn in the eyelids.

“Hey, Xiao Nizi’s body is really good, although in clothes, the two tits are still so cool!” One of them said.

“Yes, it is a bit can’t help but I really want to put her now! Laozi’s younger brother is booming!”

“Pan Zi, Daxi, endure, this is a woman who wants to be a cold brother. Anyway, she is finished, and there is less than our share!” The third person said.

“Oh, but Ayang, watching the cold brother to play a woman is really enjoying, I saw the expression of the soul on the faces, and the fucking will automatically marke it.” Daxie said.

Hearing here, Beibei already knows that it is difficult to fell again to the end of the abuse, and this time may be more painful than last time. Thinking of this, Babe’s tears have already been out. !

“Hey! Hey …” Babbery, the sound of the sorrows, and it seems to be pleading.

“Hey, the little beauty has been crying.” Ayang said, “Daxi, this is you are not right, see you crying!”

“Hey, little beauty can’t cry, let your brother come to comfort you.” Daquan said, then inserted his hand into the legs between Beibei, after the jeans, it took the Babe’s lower body.

“Hey! … 呜 … 呜 … …” The body attacked Babe violently shakes, it seems that she wants to struggle, but she is firmly suppressed by three big men. Resistance, only the stimulation of the lower body can only be extremely resistant.

Since I was gang-raped a year ago, the lower body of Beibei became very sensitive. Even Beibei himself should be very careful not to touch it. Once they come into contact, the acid and itchy feelings will come through the whole body This feeling can only bring her back to the disaster.

Nowadays, the lower body has been defeated by another person, although in jeans, but still feels like a million ants.

In this way, Beibei stopped in front of a villa in the outskirts.

Subsequently, the four people lifted Beibei into the villa.

There are not many furnishings in the villa, and it seems not to live. Four people lifted Babe into a room, put a big bed in it, and put a couch on the other side. In addition, there is a camera in the room. There is a coffee table in front of the sofa. There are many things that are scattered above, which seems to be an electric bar of various shapes.

Four people threw Bebe on the sofa, then extracted the cloth strips on her mouth.

“Who are you ?! Why do you catch this ?! Let me let me!” I finally couldn’t call the Babe Lima.

“Pan Zi, Daxi, look at her, unan (that is, the driver), get a good camera. I went to the cool brother.” Ayang told the room and went out of the stairs.

“What do you want to do? You put me …”

“We said so much in the car, why don’t you understand? Hahaha.” Panzi said, while laughing.

“Little beauty, wait for our cool brother, you will naturally know what we have to do.” Daxie said.

At this time, a man walked into the room, which is already “cold brother” in their mouth, and Ayang followed him behind him.

The cold brother is about four years old, medium body, there is no superior place, but Beibei see him, I feel some faces … Cool brother goes to Babe, squatting down, hold the Beibei one hand The chin, the double eyes are fascinated with babe.

“Oh, it’s true, more attractive than you see on the photo.” Guyong said.

“… you … who you are, I don’t know you, why do you do it here …” Beibei asked.

“You don’t know me, but my son, you know!”

“Your son?……”

“Oh, my son is Lu Qin!”

“Lv Qin …?” Beibei thought, suddenly thought of the owner of this name.

“A cherish ?!”

Yes, the name of the dish is Lu Qin. This person is the father of the dish, it is no wonder that some faces are familiar, and their father and son have a few points.

After thinking about this name, Beibei can’t help but get a shock. Although it was awarded a punishment due to rape, it was punished, but the experience of the night was indeed a nightmare of Beibei.

“That … what happened to you?”

“Haha, what do I want? Oops … I want …”

Said, the cold brother has made three eyes to Ayang them. The three people who came to the command immediately walked to the Babe’s body.

“You … what do you do … Don’t come over!”

Daxi climbed the sofa. Beibei just wanted to escape, and he was caught by him. Then the burly big Kii directly took the Beibei, put it on his body, then quickly took off the garment of Babe, and Firmly buckle the hands of babe.

A Yang and Panzi also grabbed a foot of Babe and separated them on both sides. Although Babe tightly clamps his legs, the two have a very strong strength, and it is completely separated by Babe’s legs.

“I want to see it today, what is the goods that make my baby son bigger!”

The cold brother walked up, picking up a white device from the tea before the sofa.

The material of the device is plastic, with a handle, the end of the handle is connected to a wire, another head of the wire is an elliptical device, which is also densely equipped with a semi-circular ball.

“In …” The cold brother pressed a switch on the handle, and the elliptical device inserted with a small ball immediately turned the high frequency.

Liang Ge took the shake device and went to Babe, squatting.

“Little beauty, know what this is to do?”

“No … no …” Babe shakes his head.

“Oh, don’t know. It doesn’t matter, I demonstrate to you, you will know what this is doing it.”

After that, the cool brother puts the device toward the chest of the babe.

“No … don’t … what do you do … Don’t!”

Tiangle brother slightly touched the chest of the babe, just in the position of the nipple.

“Ah … what are you doing … I will get open! Don’t! Don’t!”

The vibrating device touched the Babe sensitive nipple, a bung itching, and the feeling of acidity was all over the body.

“Haha, I saw it!” The cold brother smiled and said, “This thing is called” sexual love high frequency jumping egg. “This thing is equipped with a powerful oscillator, which can produce up to 12000 times per minute, specifically to stimulate Women’s sensitive parts. How is it, cool? “

“You … you have neuropathy! Take it! Good … so uncomfortable … …”

“Hey? It seems that it is really not cool enough, then it will come again!”

After that, the cold brother took a single jumping egg from the coffee table, with two high-frequency vibration hops, put them on the breast of babe.

“Ah! Don’t … Start … Fast hand … Don’t do this, please don’t like this … so uncomfortable! Hey …”

The vibration of the ultra high frequency rhythm strongly stimulates the babe’s double breast, although the clothes are closed, but a strong touch is still screaming in Babe.

“Haha, uncomfortable?”

“The cold brother, the little people have not taken off clothes, they can be comfortable, how can it be comfortable?” Ahnam, on the side of the camera. “Hey? Yes, if it is unannous, I have forgotten … Hahaha!” Cool brother said.

He put down the hops in his hand, and put it a little bit little bit.

“Stop … You have a born … don’t … don’t …” Babe twisted with the body like to break free, but Daxi will hold her very tightly, let her move.

The cold brother did not have a lot of effort, and the upper body of Beibei did not hang.

The cool brother is countless, and the baby’s double milk is not very perfect. But the purpose of Takano today is designed to retaliate, and Beibei is painful, the more excited.

So I saw that Babe desperately twisted, and the lower body of the cold brother quickly expanded.

“Little beauty, is it ready?” The cold brother asked.

“No … don’t … beg you … don’t … ah …”

Babe’s pleadings can only be more exciting.

He increased the horsepower of eggs, then circled them around the babe’s nipple, full of stimulating babe’s nipple.

Beibei powder tender nipples becomes striped by high frequency of eggs.

“Ah! Stop! Stop! It’s so uncomfortable … Don’t this … Stop … I beg you …”

“Haha! The little beauty is very sensitive, the nipple is so very!”

The cold brother couldn’t help but contained the right milk of Beibei. He let go of the egg, holding the left milk of Babe, and the other hand touchs the bottom of Babe.

“Ah … don’t … don’t …”

At this time, Beibei has been died, but the disaster is just just starting.

“The cold brother, try to try with the egg.” Ayang said.

“Good!” The cold brother released the babe breast, replied, “Aun, take a good!”

After finishing, I will do my hand of Beibei-Di jeans and then take it off.

Babe’s legs have sleepless, although the skin is slightly dark, but it makes people feel very healthy and sexy.

The right hand of the cold brother touches the legs of the babe, and then moves up one bit, soon reaching the root of the thigh. Subsequently, his right hand slowly explored the baby’s underwear.

“Don’t … don’t like this, don’t! Start! Hey … don’t …”

The fingers of the cold brother swayed her inclusions in the underwear of Beibei, and then detected the location of the yuki with the index finger.

“Ah!” The yuki was touched to a moment, and Beibei sent a excitement.

The cold brother did not extend the finger into the Babe’s lower body, but directly pulled off the baby’s underwear.

Babe’s lower body is with fine hair, thin rounded labi, the labia is a lovely light pink, both sides of the lips close the vaginal mouth, the cold brother opens the labé of the babe with two fingers Out of the closed vaginal mouth, then the head is blowing at the vaginal port of the babe.

“Hey … don’t …”

The cold brother opened the switches of the egg and then put it on the yuki of the babe.

“Ah – Stop … Take the thing … Don’t … beg you … I beg you … Stop … Ah!”

The egg is strongly shaking the babe’s yin, bringing strong stimuli to Babe, impacting the inner heart of Beibei. She struggled to struggle with her body, but the result is still futile.

When the cold brother is still, I will take a small session from time to time, put it up in a second, bring the impact of Beibei a burst.

“Ah … I can’t stand it … Don’t this … Start … Hey … I really can’t stand it … I beg you to stop … … don’t …

The stimulus from the lower body makes the shell’s eyes out of tears. This kind of turmoil is deeper than the impact of the year, but also the body and mind of Beibei.

“Small saga, you can’t stand it so soon, this is just a warm body. Wonderful is still behind! Haha …”

The cold brother puts the egg to the table and pick up a pink plastic rod. There is a circle of threads on the stick, and the handle is brought out of a short hair.

Cool brother, one button on the hand, the threaded stick is slowly rotated, and the short-haired is dramatically vibrating. Babe does not guessed and also know, this is another sexual abuse tool.

“No … don’t …” Seeing that the cold brother stretched it into his own body, it was a fear in his heart. I don’t know what this thing will bring you a terrible feeling.

“Hey, this thing is called” Iron A Rhino “! It will soon let you feel the pleasure of being a woman! “

The cold brother smiled and gently touched the Babe’s yin with strong vibration. Subsequently, insert it into the vagina of the babe, and the rotated thread was rubbed with the inner wall of the vagina. He strongly stimulated Babe’s nerves. And that might shakes the yuki of Beibei like just the egg just jumped.

“Ah! Don’t, take it! Take the thing, I can’t stand it! It’s hard to suffer! Don’t …”

Beibei’s ability to bow his body, let the lower body have to raise, want to get rid of “iron armor rhinoceros” control, but the level of lifting is very limited, and Beibei raises a little, the cold brother will “Iron armor The rhinoceros “sent a little,” Iron A Rhino “is always in the vagina of Beibei.

Takano will take the “iron armor rhinoceros”, the rotating thread is scraped with the inner wall of the Babe, and the inner wall that is stimulated will also follow the heart of Babe.

What makes Babe don’t want to be born, that is her body gradually reacted. She naturally knows what a shame is producing such a reaction, even if it is raped by A cherish and Chenjie last year, there has been this reaction. However, in the abuse of the glacial brother, this reaction is produced.

Babe’s vagina begins uncontrollable secretion of liquid, and it has not been cleaned, and it has begun to flow out.

“Haha, small prostitutes wet!” The cold brother said, “Brothers, plus hard together!”

“Good Liangqiang.”

I don’t know when Daxi is more than two eggs. He released the hand of Babe, but his arms still hugged Babe, and then put the hop egg on the babe’s two nipples.

A Yang and Pan Zi also took a brush and slammed the babe.

The feeling of itching spreads all over the whole body, and the babe is desperately struggling. Although her hands came out, it was still grabbed by Ayang and Panzi. The body stimulates her hands with her hands, and I want to push away the happiness of Daxi. I will want to catch the hands of the cold brother, pull the “iron armor rhinoceros” from the body, but she has no physical strength to complete these things. It can only be used by them for what they want, and they are also collapsed at a point.

Soon, “Iron A Rhino” has been covered with Babe’s body fluid, and the cold brother is mature, and it has pulled out “Iron A Rhino”, and then put his index and middle finger into the vagina of Babe, quickly 抠Get the vagina of babe. As stimulation is getting more and more aggravated, the reaction in the Babe is also getting more and heavier, and finally, it is unpacked.

“Ah … ah! Ah! Ah !!!”

Under the insuluants of the cold brother, the Babe’s body finally collapsed, the honey liquid of the lower body was in the case of incontinence, splashing is everywhere. “

Beibei has reached the climax, Daxi, Ayang and Panzi have released her.

The belly of the belly is lying on the sofa, and the legs are tightly clamped, and the arms are hugged in the chest and protect their own double milk. Because of a loss of insults, she left her physical strength, Babe has a large mouth. But more painful is a spiritual shame, and the tears fell to the cheek of the babe.

“Haha, the little girl, cool, is it like the gods to be happy!” The cold brother smiled.

“I beg you, let me go … You have already wish you … I beg you …”

“Wish? Xiaomei, you are a climax, cool, the grandfather is still not cool, there is no climax!”

When I heard this, Babe was surprised to raise his head, and I saw the cold brother who had taken away, and the five huge moats were on the day.

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