Yan Ming sat on the chair, and Huizhen buried his face in front of Yan Ming, and his mask was licking. Her thin body is between two thighs, one hand is put on, and the other hand holds Yan Ming’s waist.

Huizhi has always maintained this posture, which has been more than 20 minutes, and the hand holding the waist in the inside of Yan Ming’s thighs and the tail bones. Yan Mingxi smokes smoke, drink whiskey, let the fingers of Hujin touch. Huijin tongue subtle movement makes Yan Ming closes his eyes from time to time, and Yan Ming is enjoying. He is fine to taste the different flavors of Huijin and his wife jade leaves.

Yan Ming accepts Huixiang’s work is already the next day. The so-called work is to accept the sexual guidance of Huizhi, he is only in his wife’s jade leaf accepts guidance. Yushui has accepted the five-day study of Huixing’s husband’s philosophilus. At that time, he decided to take the next time to accept Huijin’s work. Although this is returned, but the five days of the philosophic couple, the jade leaves are immersed in sex, and Yan Ming will not be able to fight for success because of the relationship between work.

Ou Zhe Xiong – a professor of economics, a year of forty, and his wife Huijin has just been 30 years old. Yan Ming can fully enjoy the sex of this mature woman. The second couple’s first meeting is a restaurant in a restaurant, an exchange of spouse, who is often gathering. At that time, Yan Ming and Jade did not know. It is the first active, he sees that Yan Ming’s husband and wife are new faces, so move from the counter to their nearby seats, the warmth is polite and talking about them. He continued to say that he was so gentle and beautiful wife. After a few points of drunk, the topic is turned to the sex. Zhe Xiong asked Yan Ming, the number of sex, the true fun of sex, always talking about going to them. In short, Yan Ming and Jade Leaves step by step by Step by Stephen.

However, Yan Ming, who tasted the flesh of Huizhen, no longer had a jealousy and humiliation. On the contrary, he feels that this exercise makes him harvest.

Huixing spit out of the thing, sucking the skin of the glans with his lips, and issued a snoring. Yan Ming has reached a state of high, and he reluctantly insisted. Yan Ming extinguished the smoke, a hand stretched into the neck of Huizhen sweater, grab the soft and flexible breast.

Huizhi still contains the mask. Yan Ming gradually became anxious, and another hand put it into the neck of Huizhen sweater, grabbed another breast. Huixing’s breasts have been enjoys, and the nipple protrudes.

Yan Ming felt a breakdown, pulling up Huixing, no longer let Huizhen contain his mask. Yan Ming quickly took off the clothing of Huizhi, so that Huizhizhou sat on his knees.

Yan Ming used his mouth to sucking the breasts of Huijin, and he stretched between the two legs of Huizhi. His palm is posted in the pussy of Huizhi, and there is rhythmic oppression. He felt that Huizhen’s pussy picked up in the palm.

Yan Ming opened the two legs, and the two feet of Huizheng were also opened, and the meat hole was opened.

Yan Ming’s finger along the crack, a vagina that did not enter the vagina. Yan Ming’s three fingers did not enter Huixiang wet fever vagina. He used a small finger to stay outside to explore the anus of Huizhen, and the napper clace.

‘what. . Um. . ‘

Huizhi fell from the nose.

Huixing lays your legs, but Yan Ming’s knee supports her unable to wish. The three points expanded in the inside of Huixing. The other hand is wandering in Huixing.

‘Um. . .嗳 -. . . . ‘

Huijin called. Huijin felt like three men to play.

Yan Ming’s finger clearly felt that Huijin’s vagina was heated and slipped.

He pulled out his fingers, attached to Huijin transparent, and tabulated love liquid. The fingers seem to be so long-awaited, it looks whiteworn.

Yan Ming picked up his finger to the side of the nose, the nasal smelled the taste of Huizhi’s love.

Yan Ming stretched his fingers to the mouth of Huixing, Huijin did not succutively with the mouth, rolled with his tongue to eat his love.

Yan Ming put the Huizhi and was transferred to Huishi on his legs.

Yan Ming’s mask is high, the glans stands in the pussy of Huizhi. Huixing uses his hand to open the lips, and Yan Ming’s penis slides into the vagina of Wet and hot.

‘Ah ~~~’

Huizhi is satisfied.

Yan Ming’s hands wrapped around the breasts of Huixing.

Yan Ming cooperated with a knee one to open a rhythm.

‘what. what. what. what. . . ‘

Huijin also sent a shortness of joy.

Yan Ming did a smoke. Huijin twisted his waist and completely indulge in the joy of sex.

Yan Ming is not awkward. The penis covered by wet and hot meat, becomes more harder in the depths of Huijin. Yan Ming felt that Huijin’s meat hole was slightly twitching.

‘it’s time’

Yan Ming thought.

Huijin shouts on the side.

Yan Ming took the waist of Huizheng. Huijin is terrifiedly tightly tightly.

Yan Ming cooperated with the martial arts fans, and pumping hard. He wants to be more urgent, but it has reached the limit.

Huixing’s body slipped to the floor, Yan Ming was stuck to fall. Yan Ming continued to sprint the back and back of the support of the support.

Yan Ming’s glans felt the depths of the vagina, and the twitchings. It seems to suck his glans under the suction cup. He knows that Huizhi has reached the climax, and he can’t help but. Yan Ming put the energy that has been accumulated, and it takes force in the depths of Huijin.

After Yan Ming and Huijin got off work, he met at the restaurant that he and Zhe Xiong met. I can’t help but I can’t help but I have already burned it. It is getting more impatient for work in your hands. There is a woman in my colleague named Qinghui, and I’m carefully discovering his abnormalities, and it is specifically over. And clearing is another story. With the first two days of experience, he is now so desired to see Huijin. Yan Ming feels that there is a boom in two stakes that gradually rise.

Yan Ming still couldn’t help. He went down early and rushed to the restaurant. He wants to pay attention to work, maybe it will be early!

He called about Huixing, do not wear leggings, as long as wearing sweaters and skirts. He is so eager to benefit Huixing, he is not willing to waste any point to touch her opportunity. Occasionally, he will think about how he is so eager to exceed the jade leaves. He has never understood, but he doesn’t want to understand at this time.

I rushed to the restaurant, and Huizhen didn’t have it to come early as he thought. She sat in the corner and drinking a drink at the door. Yan Ming went over, this location is really the most embarrassing seat in this restaurant. The seats sitting in Huixing are a large piece, and it is back to everyone. If you want to see what people here, you have to go around. And the service is only called them to come. As a result, this seat is isolated from other people in the restaurant. Yan Ming smiled, a good support, you are also a person!

Yan Ming sat opposite Huijin and quickly got a cup of hot coffee and hurriedly sent a waiter.

Yan Ming: ‘Do you have straw pants? ‘

Huizheng quietly rolled up the skirt, open his legs. Yan Ming’s eyes immediately looked up. Huizheng sparse hair, curled slightly covered her full of pussy. This picture is better than the world’s famous paintings. Yan Ming feels that his little brother is uneasy. Yan Ming quickly changed the seat and sat on Huixing. Two hands have long been familiar with the double milk under Huizhen sweaters. Huijin’s right hand grasped Yan Ming’s hard hi, laughed: ‘Hey ~, I can’t help it! ‘. Yan Ming did not glyten, and he also stretched his hg. The finger just explored into the hole, a wetty love liquid has been covered with the whole finger. Yan Ming took a finger and got Huizhen’s eyes: ‘What is this? ‘Huijin is embarrassed, the head, but the corner of the mouth is smile.

Yan Ming is very happy, but it is better to fall in the wind, otherwise it is more no face by the European joke. He doesn’t know what happe, rises in your heart and the longevity of the European. However, his reason tells him that it is not possible, because with the description of his wife jade, Ouzhe is much better than him. He has to go up to this study, and he has learned some of the skills from Huizhizi, and then compared with the European. He wants, however, however, Europion has been forty years old. Just as a strong year, how can I lose him?

Huijin visited Yan Ming in a daze, suddenly has a thought, a zipper that opened Yan Ming Pants, Yan Ming’s younger brother gave it. Yan Ming uneasy first look at other people in the restaurant, and then look back at Huijin to do what. I saw the cheeks of Huixing, I don’t know what, the head is low, and I will have an old two of the Qing Dynasty. Yan Ming couldn’t help the low call: ‘ah ~~’. It turns out that Huijin mouth is in ice! A strange pleasure is accompanied by a cold touch straight brain. The hot penis is surrounded by ice cubes, not only without retreat, but it is more seen. The mouth of Huizhen is almost accommodated. She looked up with the ice cubes into the cup, said: ‘It originally wants to let you’ calm ‘, how is it more intense.’. Huijin looked at Yan Ming in the innocent. Yan Ming also aflaimed the remaining rhyme just now, I still have to answer Huijin, and Huijin thought another idea. She saw Yan Ming still closed her eyes, I thought, so the opportunity, I will do it right away!

Huijin quickly ended Yan Ming’s hot coffee, including a bite, immediately bowed and contained Hi Yan Mingrui-like penis. Yan Ming has not returned from the cold, suddenly by the glans, the penis, and the complete opposite hot heat. Do not! It is not hot at all, but it is more intense than just now. Surrounded by the vagina that is wet and hot, there is a very different touch. The little brother who is allowed, can’t help but surrender. Huiqizi has not been reacted, Yan Ming’s glans have emitted a deep concentrate. After Huishing waited for Yan Ming, he lifted his head and lifted the coffee and Yan Ming’s semen. Huizhen wants, I have to taste it. After all, this situation is also encountered by Huizhen himself. She is a bit dropped to taste the extra greasy feelings in this coffee.

Yan Ming and Huizhen have been used up for dinner, and pay for money.

Since Yan Ming’s home is relatively far. Therefore, Huizhi proposes, it is close to her home. She said, Mr. Her is going to the field to meet, will not be at home. So you can play with confidence, will not be disturbed. Yan Ming think about it. When the steering wheel is playing, it will turn to the europe to go to the ears.

The Ouz Zhixiong’s home is on top of a ten-story apartment, and there is no other higher building nearby, so the field of view is very good. The entire city has just been enjoys, and the far-reaching lights are lit. Huixia proposes to the top floor, look at the city in the twilight. When I came to the balcony, Yan Ming found that there was a small garden on the balcony. A few chairs on a lace in the corner. He can’t help but admire. This is life, he is sincere admires Ou Texiong. Sitting on the chair, looking at the evening of the dusk, I took a scene of the restaurant just now, and there was a warm body with a gentle and arrogant woman on the leg. The hand was grievated. Yan Ming did not hurry. He wants to be good, careful, and it will be completely open to him. A mature and feminine, a woman who is full of women, is completely different from his wife’s jade leaves.

He picked up a strawberry sent in Huizheng on Huizhou just now. There is no stop in the hand, and I have been moving in Huijin. Yan Ming’s hand slowly finally traveled to the two bits between Huijin. Yan Ming carefully carefully stroked, he found that Huijin’s pussy is rich than jade leaves, and the small labia is large and reveals it outside. Huijin’s hairy is sparse, and the hair is not close to the brown, and it is not similar to the jade leaf and curled the meat. The little clitoris gradually increased in Yan Ming’s caress. Yan Ming took back to Huixing’s chest, and his hand put it from the bottom of the sweater. Because someone suddenly hit, I didn’t dare to fade the clothes. Yan Ming did not see the breasts of Huizhi, the color of the uli, the size and nipples, and the jade comparison. However, Hujin’s breast is smaller than jade leaves, but is flexible than jade leaves.

Yan Ming’s hand returned to Huijin’s pussy. At this time, Huizhi has been quite pleasant, and the yin outdoor is full of excited love. Yan Ming’s hand is more slippery.

I am murmured in Huixi: ‘Um ~ ah ~~ 喔. Oh.喔 ~~ fast – um ~ fast – ‘.

It turns out that Yan Ming has inserted his fingers into the giving of Hujin, and step back. Yan Ming suddenly thought that the scene was just in the restaurant. Although I enjoy the incomparable pleasure, I will pay it soon. After all, it is quite unopened. So he also wants to whole her. I saw a strawberry on the table left and right. Heart rises an evil idea.

Huizhi sat on the leg of Yan Ming, the whole body was smashed by Yan Ming’s hand. From it, he is two fingers of Yan Ming, left right in the secret. It is almost all to dissolve, and desperately moved her waist. She felt her prostitution constantly swimming, along Yan Ming’s finger, palm, elbow dropped. I feel that I want to die, suddenly a circular thing inserted into my own meat. She thought, finally came. But feeling a bit different. Huijin looked at the eyes and found that he was not Yos Ming’s glans to pierce his secret. I saw that Yan Ming took a strawberry in both hands and entered the meat. Strawberry is covered with love, Yan Ming picks up strawberries that are filled with prostitution, and satisfied with the mouth of the mouth. Huijin is admired, this is a good idea, why didn’t you think about strawberries? Yan Ming took one, but he sent to the mouth of Huixing. Huijin smelled it, and swallowed it in a bite.

Yan Ming continued to make the remaining strawberry, such as the law ‘, and Huijin fell into a deeper madness. In the excited trembling of Huijin again, the fine sweat, the ruddy face opened his mouth.

Yan Ming thought that his face had been pulled back, but it should be a real game. Yan Ming read in the book, and women can have a long climax. Especially at this time, if you attack, you can not only make women climb the peak, or even the upper floor, reach the peak in the peak.

Yan Ming has covered a little brother who has covered the drum in the restaurant, and it has once again been sent again. Yan Ming first set off a dress of Hujin, and opened the zipper of the trousers. The little brother does not have to guide the long-standing meat. Yan Ming is very good, the glans slipped into Huijin, which has been finely opened.

Yan Ming picked Huizhi, plugged in, slowly went to the back of the water tower. This will not see them even if someone comes up. The top of the roof is large, Yan Ming’s penis is covered by hot vagina, and the scrotum is coldly blown. This makes Yan Ming and more exciting. Yan Ming also felt that the convulsions of the vagina of Huizhi were so obviously contracted. A sucking, it seems to be launched in the enlargement of Yan Ming, filling her deep emptiness. Yan Ming still didn’t want to launch. He wanted to let Huizhen have never had never had never had an unprecedented feeling, and it is necessary to exceed any pleasure of her. So Yan Ming strives to stick to it. He is more powerful, faster, and more deeply.

‘Ah ~~~ Ah – “Huijin has fallen into boundless carnival, indulgence shouting.

Yan Ming also couldn’t help but spray all his. Huizheng meat is strong, there is a contraction of rhythm, such as juicer, and hard to extrude his semen.

The two finally sat down. Huizhen pleasant affinity, Yan Ming’s cheeks.

Huijin: ‘It seems that I need your work, not I teach you.’

Yan Ming: ‘No, there is a good teacher like you to inspire my potential! ‘

The two will laugh at the heart. . . . . . . . . . .

Night has come to this city, Yan Ming and Huizhi leave the balcony back to the downstairs. Yan Ming felt a bit greasy, and he decided to take a shower.

After Yan Ming entered the bathroom, it was found that this bathroom was really big. The bath foot can accommodate five or six people with a water, and it is still a jacuzzi, and the strong water column is strong in the middle of the bathtub. Yan Mingshao ignited, lie down, closed his eyes, enjoy this comfortable massage. Yan Ming opened the limbs, the body relaxed, but the dried in the mind is that Huijin’s gliitive body, smashing the grades, strong jade milk.

I don’t know if this massage is specially designed, it is so smart, there is a water column that is rushing to Yan Ming’s little brother. The penis shake of Yan Ming did not stop, two small meatballs hit. In the unconsciousness, Yan Ming’s little brother once again arrived, looking up his mind. Yan Minde thought that in such a short period of time, he stood up again.

Yan Ming opened his eyes and remembered the body to smoke. He found that Huijin didn’t know when to enter the bathroom, and a pair of eyes stared at him again, smiling.

Huijin is obviously to take a shower with Yan Ming, and the body does not hang, and the towel is taken in his hand. Huixing found that Yan Ming opened his eyes, quickly removing her eyes staring at his hook. Holding a towel into the bath and sitting on his opposite.

“Do you help me wipe it a lot of milk?” Huijin said.

“Okay! Of course!”

Yan Ming will bathe in the palm of the palm, reach the neck, back, breasts, waist, thighs, all the way, and finally come to Yan Ming to wipe (I think it is also the most hoping to be rubbed) Bicious.

Yan Ming wiped more carefully, from two large labians, small labs, clitoris, and finally put the fingers deep into the vagina. Yan Ming felt that the vagina of Huizhi contained his fingers. Obviously, the thrill has not completely subsided, congestive, so that the cavity is tight. Yan Ming’s naughty slammed the finger, Huijin immediately came again from the plenum that had not yet retired.

“Hey! 喔 ~~~”

Yan Ming saw that Huijin was again high, and more relieved. Yan Ming’s finger is stamped up and down, and Huijin felt a pleasure of a penis that could not produce. The penis is more powerful, it is straightforward, it is better to go to the finger, and the song is good.

After Yan Ming played, he began to find the legendary G point. He is very patient and trying, finally, he found it! He found that there is a small place in the vagina about two fingers. Every time he stimulates here, Huijin is a burst, the meat hole is also tight.

He began to attack the firepower, attack again and again, this is the most sensitive, and most embassy G point.

“Well! Ah! Ah! Ah! ….”

Huixing took every attack in Yan Ming’s finger, a burst of shouting. The body is also gradually softening on the floor of the bath, with Yan Ming attack again and again, once.

Yan Ming only felt that the finger was so horses the striker, and finally it was hard to stop again, I had to smoke it. Turn and appreciate the arrogantity of Huixing into a semi-state, the labipings outside the meat, and then take a look at each time. Yan Ming smiled:

“The original meat can also speak! Hey!”

Yan Ming took a root smoke and sucked two, and looked at Huijin still opened a meat. Suddenly, the smoke in the hand is inserted into the meat, and the meat is actually smoked with a smoke! Yan Mingco is happy! The nose is brought to the meat, and the smoke to the smoke is absorbed, it seems that there is a very delicious, not wasted at all, completely sucking in the lungs. However, very fast, the smoke is over. Yan Mingzhi’s last silk smoke and took out the cigarette butt. And Huizhi has also woken up by the joyful coma. Huijin did not intend to tell her about Ji Yan Ming, Yan Ming did not intend to tell her, looked back, and got her browbood for Yan Ming.

After the experience of this continuous climax, Huizhi decided to give Yan Ming a special service.

“Yan Ming ~~~”


“People still have a place you have not wiped it! You have to help me wipe it!”

Yan Ming did not solve it, clear all the whole body, even the meat is no exception, and where there is a place to rub it?

“Have it?”

“Yes, I have!”

“Hey! Where is it?” Yan Ming asked in confused.

“It’s here!”

Huixing said that he took Yan Ming’s hand and moved to the hole between the two hips.

“Hey! Is it just wiped?” Yan Ming was confused.

“It’s inside!” Huizhen said with a smile.

“喔 ~~~~” Yan Ming suddenly realized.

Yan Ming quickly smashed his hand, rubbed it, wiped out in the hole, was hesitant to really insert it, Huizhen’s hand stretched over, Yan Ming’s index finger is immediately in the hole.

Although Yan Ming’s fingers are shower, but Yan Ming is still be careful, slow, and the test is thrown. After determining that there is no painful expression on the face of Huizhi, he can safely accelerate the action. Slipped fingers, in the hole, the smooth entry, so that Yan Ming is very novel. Yan Ming feels that this hole is not as close as the other, it is disappointed.

“So you must be satisfied!”

Yan Ming nodded and thought: ‘There is a trick! ‘Dark sneaked.

“Then use your own to help people, wash it!”

“Which one?” Yan Ming turned to ask.

“That one!” Huijin used his hand, squatted, put the ass, waiting for Yan Ming insertion.

Yan Ming knows that his hood is much more compared to your fingers. So I slowly tried a few times in the hole, finally, the glans slipped in! Yan Ming felt an unprecedented new odd. The meat of the hole is generally tight, tightly clamping the meat column, and the bundle of pensions are moved after the incremental movement. I have been inserted into the whole root, and the hoop is also bunch the root of the penis.

Yan Ming slowly retired, and the hoop was slowly moved forward. I have been arrived at the edge of the umbrella, and the hoop happens to buckle the ditch and not let it exit.

“Ha! Wonderful!” Yan Ming admired.

Yan Ming’s wife, jade, never let him do this, so he feels more intense to know.

Yan Ming continued to retreat, and the giant umbrella broke through the shackles of this hoop. Yan Ming quickly inserted again, withdrew, inserted, and exited. . . . .

After Yan Ming did a burst of piston movement, the hole of Huijin was gradually released. Yan Ming also increasingly pumping his giant gun. Every time the delivery will make 嗤, 嗤 sound, seems to be accompanied by their happiness symphony.

Yan Ming went around and reached the arrogance of Huijin again from the front. The angle of the palm is too just right. After the finger is inserted, you can touch the G point just discovered as long as the finger is inserted. If you are quite, you can feel your own little brother, in the body of Huixing, from the two parties to sand, more exciting for the glans.

Huijin was again fell into the Nth climax, prostitute DC, a mistake contraction, and put Yan Ming’s finger down. The force of the contraction is so strong, even in the penis of the rear hole feels! Yan Ming finally reached the limit, broke out in the depths of Huijin body, deep. . . .

Yan Ming and Huijin have a breath on the floor. After Yan Ming’s penis saved, he slipped out by the hole, and the semen in the depths of Huijin also flowed out. The hole in Huizhen seems to be still open, looking forward to the re-appointment with the penis.

“It’s enough to wash enough!”

“Well!” Huijin’s answer was satisfied.

Yan Ming raised Huizhi, entered the bath, truly well, and took a bath. . . . . . . .

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