Legend (Thunder Police One)

On March 21, 2012 23:55 quiet night, Yang Fei still sat in the desk and looked at a thick piece of information.

Yang Fei: On November 17, 2011, XX Road, abandoned house, found the first victim, Dusasha …


Yang Fei: Dusha, female, 21 years old, Hong Kong people, engaged in professional as XXX hospital nurses, through forensic identification, the victim has taken a lot of drugs, and in the death of people, there is still sexual relationship with people, in vivo There is a residual semen, and the death is being suspected of rope, and she falls.

Yang Fei got up the long deposit of the shawl, and then started from the beginning and started some records on the file.

Yang Fei: On December 16, 2011, XX Mountain, public toilet female toilet, found a second victim, Li Xia …

Yang Fei: Li Xia, female, 22 years old, Hong Kong people, engaged in the professional as XXX TV reporter, through forensic identification, the victim took over a large number of drugs before death, and in the death of the people, the residual relationship The semen is completely consistent with the residual semen DNA in Dusasha, and Li Xia’s death is completely consistent with Dusasha, which is suspected of rope to take the neck asphyxia.

Yang Fei looked into his eyes and continued to look.

Yang Yifei: On January 20, 2012, in the lane lane in XXX Road, the third victim, Zhang Wen ….

Yang Fei: Zhang Wen, female, 16 years old, Hong Kong people, XXX high school high three female students The residual semen in her body is consistent with the residual semen DNA in the body of Li Xia, and the death is still suspected of rope to hold the neck asphyxia.

Yang Fei gently knocked his eyebrow with his fist.

Yang Fei: February 24, 2012, XXX No. 2101 XXX Building 2101 room, within the bathroom, found the last deceased, Guan Hui …

Yang Fei: Guan Hui, female, 26 years old, Hong Kong people, XX middle school junior high school teacher, with the previous three victims The victim is consistent, and the cause of death is suspected of rope.

Yang Fei’s back, heavy relying on the back of the chair, she closed his eyes, the lights in the bedroom illuminate the face of Yang Fei’s beautiful Tianxian, let people can’t help but think about the sky …

This tricky continuous murder, and Yang Fei has been almost a month. In this month, Yang Fei’s victory group A group of people have almost run broken legs, but there is still no progress. Four victims did not meet each other, and all the suspicious people around them were all checked over and over again, but until today, there is no harvest.

According to the current information, the suspect seems to be able to act once every month, and this month, soon, it will go to an end ……… ..

Yang Fei looked down and saw it. It has been zero …

Yang Fei’s head hurts the lamp, slowly standing …

Forget it, after tomorrow, visit Master, by the way, please ask him …


Yang Fei, 27 years old, is the captain of the XXX Police Rest Camo Group A, at the same time, it is also the most beautiful woman with the police team ….

Beautiful, although the woman has a huge killing weapon. However, with beautiful, it is not enough to control the position of the victory team, the cases of the victory group, those criminals are often extremely dangerous Sex, every heavy case member must have a healthy hand, flexible mind, and the strain ability of the alert, and as the captain, it must be more stringent. In addition to the above requirements, the captain also needs to have a coagulation team. The ability, while also makes the most rational judgment under any circumstances, leading the entire team, these, Yang Fei, completely.

Yang Fei has been self-studying near the police school, whether physical strength, or training, or cultural knowledge, or willpower, far more than other students, but her advantages have been completely covered by another advantage of her. That is, Yang Fei’s beauty …

At the beginning, even Yang Fei’s Master, Zheng police officer, also believed that Yang Fei’s beauty, not to do a star but to support the police team, it is a pity …

Under the eyebrows, it is a pair of clear eyes, and this is in the moment of the watery, and it is time to emit a strong breath! ? Early and quite a nose, a cherry mouth, the fine five senses are quite cautious with the white skin of the skin, and the black hair is black and black and bright. If it is working, it is Tarn the horsetail, one meter seven second height and work needs, Yang Fei barely wear high heels, she always likes to wear more comfortable flat shoes. As for the fitting, Yang Fei is hard to pay attention to, and the woman is beautiful, I have no big need to dress up, and no matter what Yang Fei wears, her perfect figure can be very good … a little girl so clear, such a beautiful little girl, actually running as a policeman, this is really What a pity.

In fact, Yang Fei has proved himself for a few years, and she is not in her beauty.

Over the years, Yang Fei has repeatedly broken the grateful case, and this time, this series of rinsing magic, but Yang Fei felt incomparable huge pressure ….


March 22, 2012, March 22, 9: 00XXX Police Right Camo Group Yang Fei: I know that everyone is very hard, but the case is still there, so we have to continue to support, and take this metamorphosis .

Dressed in black suit, white shirt, a knee skirt, meat stockings, Yang Fei, in the hands under this tricky case opens the Nth meeting.

Yang Fei’s hand, a total of five men and one female, except for the female players, the remaining five male players still shake, did not show too much exhaustion, this is mainly related to Yang Fei, because five In the male player, there are four single, they all listen to Yang Fei, even if the older married players, I also want to express myself in front of Yang Fei. After all, Yang Fei is too beautiful, can be so Some talented young female borset is a very pleasant thing.

Yang Fei: Rethond Yang Fei, according to the time of the above four deceased, the criminal suspect is very likely to commit the fifth case before the end of this month, so we must be more rigorous in this few days … …….

Yang Fei once again arranged for everyone’s task.

However, soon, in the past day, there is still no progress, fortunately, but there is no new murder before get off work.

………………………………………….. ..

March 22 18:00 Yang Fei looked at his dress before the mirror, some feel inexplicably …

Yang Fei: Why, when you visit Master every month, I have to dress yourself this way?

Yang Fei in the mirror, compared with the time of work during the day, there is a feeling of Ming Yanyu …

Under the two microwneople, the upper and lower eyelids were painted, and some golden highlights were accompanied by the illumination of the light. A pair of leopard patterns, and it is very beautiful, and the whole white face is also evenly applied to the high-end foundation, making Yang Fei look more spirit. Under the cheekbones, the faint blush looks that Yang Fei, which is originally beautiful, because it is painted, so the original sexy colorful red lip is always emitted with a dazzling bright powder ….

More than the face, Yang Fei also has a significant change in wearing.

Working in the suit wearing together with underwear wearing today, put on the ground.

Yang Fei, dressed in a buckle long wool sweater, and in the sweater, it is a black dress with sweaters. The neckline of the dress is very low, Yang Fei is nearly half of the breasts. Leaking outside, a non-shallow ditch, looked at it, can’t help but somewhere …..

The dress is not long, and the knee has a distance from the knee, and the two white and slender legs are put on a thin black stockings. As for the feet, it is a pair of blacks. And knee high heel boots.

The whole set of makeup is compared to the pure, refined policewoman when working in the morning, Yang Fei seems to be a noble, bright, gentle beauty image.

Yang Fei, finally looked at the bed, the clean underwear, hesitated, leaving home.


18:30 Yang Fei, carrying a lot of fruit, tonic, and responding in front of the doorbell. The doorbell rang two times and the door opened.

Yang Fei: Master is good!

Yang Fei smiled and greeted the old man in the door.

Zheng Long: How many times have you told you, come see me, don’t have to bring these things.

This spirit is shaking, the middle of the man is naturally the master of Yang Fei, retired from the admiration in advance, Zheng Long.

Zheng Long put Yang Fei into the door and then closed the door.

Zheng Long: I don’t have to change the shoes, I will come to clean up.

Yang Fei wants to take off the boots on the feet, change the slippers, and Zheng Long sees a hurry to stop.

Yang Fei: Still change, it is not good.

Yang Fei holds the wall with a hand, while slowly bent down, take off the leather boots.

Since Yang Fei wearing a dress is too short, she is too big, so her whole skirt, there is no reserved exposure to the vision of Zhenglong behind him … ..

The black stockings’ lace is tightly sticking to the fairy thigh root, and because of the long-term exercise, Yang Fei’s leg type is quite beautiful, the stockings are bonded to the right leg, there is no more flesh …

And the championship is, in the stockings, Yang Fei’s crotch is completely vacuum!

Summary, meat gaps under the illumination of the living room, clearly exposed to Zheng Long’s eyes ….

Yang Fei: Master …

Yang Fei has changed the slippers, and he hasn’t come yet, he was held in his arms by Zheng Long …

The nostrils gasped Zheng Long, and has been kissed with Yang Feng … …

After being suddenly a kiss, Yang Fei’s body was trembled, but then, she slowly relaxed her body, at the same time, catering Zheng Long, open his cherry mouth ….

How many people’s dreams, Yang Fei, so quietly in front of Zheng Long, take the initiative to open his mouth, put the sweet tongue, reach it, Zheng Long is full of smoke, and his stinky The baking tongue is striding together …..

Yang Fei is like a hungry swallowed with Zhenglong’s saliva, while smashing his eyes and Zheng Long’s fierce tongue, while reaching out his cover sweater away ….

Zheng Long’s hands, rude, piloted Yang Fei’s dress collar, a pair of snow-white meat balls, there was no cover, it turned out that Yang Fei did not only wear underwear, but even the bra did not wear ….

Zheng Long, 使 揉 揉 对 对 对 对 对 对 是 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 修 健 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 必 必 必 必 修 必 修 必 修 必 修 必 必 必 修 必 修 修 必 修,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The soft group, but tenacity, in the future, no matter who married Yang Fei, it is really a thing that is happy to die, but now, Yang Fei is holding Yang Fei. People, actually will be Zhenglong …

… ..

Two people, kissing a side of the stepped walking, Zheng Long put Yang Fei’s rude bed, followed by taking her own clothing ….

Yang Fei took his dress from his own body. At this time, she only left two black stockings on the legs. …


Yang Yifei: Call … Call … Master, in fact, this time, I still want to ask you a … ah! ……


Yang Fei, bow, like a bitch is usually squatting in Zheng Long, and Zheng Long is a mouth, kissing Yang Fei’s neck, when Yang Fei is going to talk, Zheng Long has kissed On the pair of pink jujubes before Yang Fe …

On the two white peaks, the middle position, that is like the red dizziness of the jujube, naturally Yang Fei’s two nipples, Yang Fei’s nipple is a typical intact, if it is not very emotional, or or It was sucked by people, it was difficult to stand, and Zheng Long, it was rude to contain the nipple of Yangfei’s left breasts in the mouth, followed, it was like a suction screw, so sucking Yang Fei naturally felt pain, so she shouted out …

Yang Fei: This time, I still want to ask you, about a recent case, that … .. serial …

The pain of the breast has just been relieved. Yang Fei will not be easy to speak, but this will work hard, it can’t talk well … The face of the dragon, Zheng Long, one hand holding the legs wrapped in Yangfi by the stockings, one hand of Yangfei’s back court, finger gentle in the soft back court of Yang Fei, but it is already in Yang Fei legs. The meat is brought together …..

In this kind of teasing, Yang Fei can then say a complete words, I will see the ghost!

Zheng Long is so licking Yang Fei’s vaginal foot for five or six minutes, until his mouth is a liquid secreted in his mouth and the Yangfi vaginal, it satisfies Yang Fei lying down.

Faceful Yang Fei, see Zheng Long sitting between his own legs, she grabbed her own flesh, lifting his ass, stretching his wet vagina to Zheng Long, has been hard Black meat stick ….

Zheng Long, half slammed in bed, gave meat stick, gave Yang Fei’s two legs, the wet hole, then nodded, and Yang Fei, it was slowly, with his beautiful and sacred The vagina, a little bit of a little bit of the meat sticks of Zheng Long ….

While the meat is one inch into the vagina, Yang Fei is not from the autonomous ..

Yang Feihong face, moved his body, moved to the body, because she is supine, so this posture wants to take the initiative to move the body, quite difficult, if not Yang Fei’s physical strength is much more, I am afraid, she is two minutes. It is not supported.

The meat stick is covered by a hot, slippery feeling, looking at Yang Fei in front of him, so I don’t know how to breathe, and I will start a smile again on my face.

Zheng Long: (Chen Jiayao, you are a monk! Although, there is no feeling of you forever, but if you have the spirit of the sky, take a closer look, your baby daughter, what is your baby now!)

In the sight of Zheng Long, Yang Fei gradually changed, Yang Fei became another face, although this face and Yang Fei were like … ..

After a few minutes, Yang Fei Mobile’s frequency has dropped significantly, it seems that this posture is really a considerable amount of physical strength.

Zheng Long: Forget it, let me come.

Zheng Long slowly pressed Yang Fei’s body, and Yang Fei was lying down. At the same time, I wiped the sweat of my forehead …, then, I used two slender arms to hold Zheng Long. The neck, and the two legs also interlaced at the buttocks of Zhenglong ….

Zheng Long: How is it so long, are you still so tight?

In Yang Fei’s vagina, it is already an absolute flood flood. Even if so, Zheng Long can feel clear that his entire meat stick is all tightly adsorbed by the tender meat on the inside of Yang Fei’s vaginal, each Inserting, you can feel a strong suction, even, you can feel that the tender meat in Yangfei’s vagina is almost all taken out of the meat rod each time …

Yang Yifei is closely closed, and she is constantly caught. She is wrapped by sex, she can’t answer the sensuality of Zheng Long.

Zheng Long: Can you dream your parents recently?

Zheng Long sighed slightly, then intermittently said.

Yang Fei: Occasionally … or … will be … .. will … …………………….. ..

Obviously, Zheng Long slowed down the frequency of thrust, so Yang Fei can reluctantly answer Zheng Long.

Any sound of the scorpion, can’t compare with the woman because of the snoring of sex, and Yang Fei’s snoring is even more unparalleled.

Zheng Long: Are you still waiting for him?

Zheng Long’s frequency is slower.

Yang Fei: ………

Yang Feihong face, accompanied by Zheng Long’s throduction, his expression is extremely stunned. After a minute, he only answered.

Yang Fei: Yes.

After listening to Yang Fei’s answer, Zheng Long suddenly sold the crazy, Yang Fei also looked with a frustration …

A large number of prostitutes, accompanied by Zheng Long’s thrust, from Yang Fei’s vagina, dyed the two people’s inclusion, and dyed the sheets, 啪 啪 啪 做 做 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 混 混 混 混 混The snoring, echoating in a small bedroom …………

19:00 Zheng Long sat on the chair in front of the dinner table, and Yang Fei is a hint of sitting on the legs sitting in Zhenglong. Yang Fei: Master, eat more.

Yang Fei, with a spoon, a scoop of a scoop of Zhenglong, and Zheng Long, the back of Yang Fei, one hand, constantly swimming in Yang Fei’s double milk and Yin, the so-called “show” … …

Zheng Long: What tricky cases have been encountered recently?

Zheng Long’s left hand, has been dyed by Yang Fei’s obscenity, Yang Fei is almost soft and eating, while answering.

Yang Fei: Recently … There is a case ……………… So … I … I want …. Ask … Master ….

Zheng Long intermittently listened Yang Fei finished everything about this case.

Zheng Long: You have been investigated for so long in accordance with the method you know, and there is still no smilly, then I think there are two possibilities.

Yang Fei finished everything, the time is 19:45, even if the rice has been eaten.

Zheng Long leisurely in the sofa of the living room, and Yang Fei, it has been worn back to the skirt, and the derived of the two legs of Zheng Long, will be buried in Zhenglong’s crotch ….

Yang Fei sucks Zheng Long’s meat rod, and constantly uses a meat, and listens to Zheng Long’s judgment.

Zheng Long: The first kind is that the suspect is no target, and the random choice of the victim is violent. If so, then there is no practical feasibility plan, only to strengthen patrol, and pay more attention to the city without camera monitoring Area.

Zheng Long’s sentence, it is also very difficult to finish, after all, Yang Fei’s little mouth is really a set, soft butt, constantly licking the meat stick, plus the same moist, warmth, and Yang. The Philippine is so pure and beautiful, including the kinky picture of the meat stick, makes Zheng Long have some distracted, but Zheng Long does not intend to let Yang Fei stop.

Zheng Long: As for the second, I think that the four victims must have some fatal common point, but you haven’t found it yet, you should go more deeply to investigate, four victims, if, if they are four There is no intersection, there is no more intersession, then, there is no four common hobbies, such as, you like a brand of costumes, cosmetics, or say, they all like the same sport, film and television star, or even, they Whether it is the same star, it is also within your investigation.

Zheng Long has intermittently said some other elements, and Yang Fei is listening to God, obviously, she is thinking about what.

In the next second, Zheng Long is standing, holding Yang Fei’s back to the brain, stroking Yang Fei’s hair, constantly putting the meat stick to Yang Fei’s throat is very close, so many deep throat blowjob, Yang Fei The tears could not flow down, at the same time, she also went a few times, but even if she didn’t stop, she still endured her pain, constantly using the tongue to teach the sensitivity of Zheng Long meat. .

Finally, at 19:55, Zheng Long smashed the fine solution in Yang Fei’s mouth ….

Yang Fei’s beautiful face has been shaped in this time. She strives to swallow the semen in his mouth, then Zhang Da, gently gasping.

Yang Fei: Thank you for your teachings.

Yang Fei once again opened his mouth, put Zheng Long’s soft meat stick in the mouth, helping him clean up.

Zheng Long: Ok, don’t get it, time is not early, you are getting ready to go back.

Zheng Long’s breath suddenly urgently, his face also became quite ugly ……

After Yang Fei listened, it was nodded, followed, will put on the stockings on the coffee table.

Whether it is wearing stockings, or a sock, it is a temptation for men, let alone Yang Fei’s beauty in stockings, but Zheng Long seems to be a little appreciation, he Just trying to calm your own breath.

At 20 o’clock, Yang Fei has returned to wear, standing at the door of Zheng Longjia.

Yang Fei: Thank you, Master, with your help, I think I will soon solve the case.

Yang Fei is still a smiling Zheng Long said.

Zheng Long: Well, you go back to the road to pay attention to safety, the car is slow.

Zheng Long is a tone who cares about the late generation.

Yang Fei: Ok. So, Master, I will go first, I will see you next month. Zheng Long: Next month, Yang Lan, she also came back, and she also brought her, I haven’t seen her for a long time.

Yang Fei: Ok.

Yang Fei left.

I have been downstairs, I’m going to the car, Yang Fei felt some tiredness, backache, but also, two gangs also had a little faint pain, as for the lower body, I feel that I have grateful, but also, in love, it seems to have What is out of …

However, like each month, Yang Fei did not put this matter at all.


Standing on the balcony and delivered Yang Fei to the departure, Zheng Long was slowly returned to the bedroom …

Zheng Long: Time, getting shorter and shorter …

Zheng Long: Looking like this …

Zheng Long’s dignity opened the door of the big wardrobe, pulled out a similarity from the inside, but there was a similar similar, but a little naked woman.

Zheng Long: Your sister returns, you can work.

Yang Lan: Yes, master … This naked young woman is Yang Fei’s kisites, Yang Lan!

Yang Lan, there is no expression, both eyes are not afraid to enter the living room, mechanical, and have no expression to clean up the table.


At 21:20 on March 22, I took a shower again. Yang Fei sat again in front of the desk, re-viewed the information. More than two hours ago, the integration of himself and Zheng Long Yangfei had forgotten a s dry. Just like never have happened, but Zheng Long’s suggestion, Yang Fei, has not been forgotten.

I was thinking, Yang Fei’s mobile phone rang, Yang Fei saw that the calling is her sister, Yang Lan.

Yang Fei: You finally gave me a call, happy?

Yang Fei said.

Yang Lan: Yes, sister, I am telling you, I will come back in the beginning of the month, what gift do you want?

On the other hand, Yang Lan’s voice is very happy.

Yang Fei: The gift is not necessarily, you bring you back, just right.

The two have been very happy to talk about a few words, and finally hang up the phone, Yang Fei, and continuing to study the case.

Yang Fei: Hey …

Yang Fei suddenly wanted to talk, and call a call with a mobile phone.

Yang Fei: It’s so late, I am really embarrassed …

Yang Fei: I want a copy … ..

Yang Fei: Can you complete it tomorrow morning?

Yang Fei: Thank you ………

Yang Fei: Yes, can you help me check it, except for me, who have been checked in the police …… ..


Yang Lan: Master … um … um … .. The phone is finished … Sister, she hangs ………

Yang Wei did not hang on the coffee table, bow his waist, look back to Zheng Long.

Zheng Long: Well, very good, did she not doubt?

Zheng Long hugged Yang Wei’s white butt, constantly using the meat stick in Yang Lan’s brown flesh.

Yang Lan: No … .. ..

Yang Wei twisted his butt, constantly catering Zheng Long.

Zheng Long: You really can’t be more than your sister …

Zheng Long looked at Yang Wei’s white ass, and her brown back court, felt emotion.

Yang Lan: Sorry … master …

Zheng Long: This can not blame you, after all, for so many years, you will stay with me far more than your sister, and you still have three tires for me, the body is not as good as your sister, it is also normal.

Yang Lan: Thank you for the understanding of the owner …

Zheng Long: Walk, go back to bed …

With Zheng Long’s number, Yang Lan slowly came down from the coffee table, followed Zheng Long, came to the bed with Yang Feixi, a man and a woman, one less than two red strips, continue to carry Get together ………………………………………… ..

The night is already very deep, Yang Fei, and fascinated the nightmare that followed her life ….

In the dream, I looked at my eyes. The father who died, and Yang Fei shakes his father’s body. When she cried, she shouted “Dad”, and then, in the room upstairs, my sister came Tearlessly cracking crying ….

Yang Fei, ran all the way, running upstairs, kicking the door, shouting “Mom” loudly.

In the sister’s room, the sister in the cradle is crying, and the mother closed his eyes, and he didn’t sleep in the middle of the bed. Mother’s body, there is a man who is not hanging, this man, with a huge stick between two legs , Constantly rubbed between my mother’s two legs.

Yang Fei: Why are you bullying my mother … ..

Yang Fei passed the little fist and played on the man’s ass.

? : Oh, baby, you are still small, don’t understand, your mother can like to be bullying by uncle, in the future, uncle will be built like this and your sister.

Men’s appearance is not clear.

Yang Fei: How can you lie, how do moms like being bullied by you, you look, she cries, my mother! !

Yang Fei clearly saw the mother’s eyes and shed tears, saw her mother cried, Yang Fei couldn’t help but cry.

It is precisely because Yang Fei’s cry, Yang Fei’s mother woke up …

Chen Jiayao: Yes you! ! ! ? ?

Chen Jiayao was shocked.

Chen Jiayao: What did you do for me! stop it!

Chen Jiayao urgently cried, and at the same time, Chen Jiayao also began to struggle, shouted loudly, but this is naturally futile.

Men: Wake up? Wake up better, you listen, if you dare to shout, I will kill you two daughters!

The man said this sentence, at the same time, Chen Jiayao is quiet.

Men: This is right, if you have never been me early, you will not have today.

The man released Chen Jiayao’s hand and continued to start using action.

Chen Jiayao: Fifi, with sister … Go to the study …

Chen Jiayao is very painful to say this sentence.

Yang Fei: No! Do not! I want my mother!

Yang Feiqiang’s answer.

Man: How? When the daughter is embarrassed? What is big, anyway, we are not twice again.

The man smiled and said.

Chen Jiayao: What do you say?

Chen Jiayao looked very shocked.

Men: You don’t often feel a little dizzy when getting up in the morning? Sometimes I feel confusing menstrual period, isn’t you suspected?

Chen Jiayao: Your animal! ! !

Chen Jiayao shouted and started strong struggle again.

Men: Do you think I am alone? I tell you, if you dare to yell, you have two daughters, there is no dead!

The next thing, Yang Fuji can’t say, she only remembers that she has repeatedly requested her sister. During her study, she had sneaked back to my sister’s room, and went to see my mother.

I don’t know when I have a man in the room, and my mother is not sleeping in bed, but sitting in a man, “big stool”, because the mother’s buttocks have a long-term “stool”, but My mother is around, how many people, mom is eating a stick in his legs.

Regarding the latter, Yang Fei really can’t remember, she only remember, after a huge movement, the family came to many people, then Mom and Dad also have a man who has just eaten his stick, was covered with white sheets, lifted away NS…..

Then, Yang Fei has to go to my mother’s house with his sister …

Then, Yang Fei gradually grew up, and understood everything about Mother Chen Jiayao for a child.

Yang Fei, resolutely introduced a police school, met the teacher Zheng Long … .. Soon, Yang Fei remembers that he was smashed by the medicine, lost his woman, and then, with the help of Zheng Long, Yang Fei I have a new house, and I also take the sister Yang Lan to live together. Not long, myft is sick …

At that time, the police were defined as a rape killing, a gangster, sneaked into Chen Jiayao’s home, for Chen Jiayao, the midway, Chen Jiayao’s husband returned, after being cruel, Chen Jiayao is in the process of being invasive Woke up, she is desperately resistant, with the gangsters.

The conclusion of this case, Yang Fei has been unwilling to admit, because Yang Fe is clearly remembers that the man who is sexually invading the mother has two, but because of time long, the evidence is too difficult, this case is so hanging … ..


March 23 9:00 Yang Fei: Today, there is a good news to tell you.

Yang Fei is quite happy today, and it is also a spirituality.

Yang Fei: I have mastered an important identical point of four victims. I believe that it is a large extent, this is also one of the criminal suspects to choose the victim. I have mastered this. I think everyone is finally like. There are no heads of flies.

All players look at Yang Fei, why, within one day, Yang Fei will suddenly think of the key to solving the case?

Yang Fei: We used to think that four victims did not meet, and there is nothing more common, but in fact, four victims have a complete birthday.

Zhang Min: No, I remember, although the birthday of the four victims is very close, but it is absolutely not the same day.

Like Yang Fei, Zhang Min in dark suit interrupted Yang Fei.

Compared with Yang Fei, Zhang Mingen can’t be a beautiful woman, but she also has a high popularity in the police station.

Zhang Min has a black curly hair, supple to be shaped on the shoulder, the white skin is like a sheep fat, a pair of black paint scorpions flashed in pure light, high-spirited, pink thin lips slightly, There is a pair of shallow roses on the cheek, like a red apple.

As for the size, although Zhang Min is far more than Yang Feon’s sexy and tall body, but it is quite good to cooperate with her own appearance.

Zhang Min is approximately one meter, and there is a kind of baby fertilizer, but it is not fat, but it can’t say a fullness.

Yang Fei: Shou’s birthday, four victims have the gap between the annual month, but if the algorithm of the lunar calendar in the mainland, all the four victims are all the same day, which is the ghost festival on the lunar calendar.

Yang Fei’s voice said such a word, everyone stunned.

Yang Yifei: Today, everyone does not need to continue the original work, but the focus is looking for women with the following birthdays, aged between the ages of 16 and 26, and finds, what unit has these birthday girls, and Who has some people to master?

Yang Fei said, sending a list of everyone.


When the break, Yang Fei called Zhang Min.

Yang Fei: According to the information, you may also become the goal of the suspect, so ….

Yang Fei worried about this little Loli in front of him. Zhang Min was only 23 years old this year. Yang Fei is also very likely this little sister. Therefore, she feels that it is necessary to remind you that the same righteous, cute little girl.

Zhang Min: Reassured, Fei Sister, oh, the chief. I will definitely with everyone to make this metamorphosis of the magic rope!

Zhang Min shredded a small fist, confident and slowly smiling.

Yang Fei: This amulet is my last month. Now I will give it to you, you will wear it.

Yang Fei said with a small yellow amulet and handed it to Zhang Min.

Zhang Min: Fei Sister, I have to believe this!

Zhang Minyi’s face is incredible, but she has accepted Yang Fei’s kindness.


A few days ago, according to the efforts of everyone, Yang Fei’s hands already have a lot of information. At the same time, through everyone’s investigation, the scope of suspects is getting smaller and smaller. On March 30, 20:58 Zhang Min, a taxi from the bar.

Zhang Min: Please go to XXXX Road.

The driver did not speak and launched a car.

A good girlfriend today has lived today. Therefore, today, Zhang Min has dressed up, and also drinking a lot of wine. On the taxi, Zhang Min did not notice that the taxi driver did not send, and He also wears a very thick duckling cap … ..

The driver continued to secretly observe Zhang Min, the route of the car, the route of the car, and slowly deviated from the address said by Zhang Min …

The Zhang Min, who closed his eyes, was not angry. The distance from the bar arrived home is not far, up to 10 minutes, why, but today is used for so long! ?

Zhang Min: Parking! Where are you going to take me!

Zhang Min is open his eyes, and the hand also stretches to his handbag ….

However, the driver’s movements faster, he has taken a bottle of spray from the side since he heard Zhang Min, and is aligned with Zhang Min Yi ….

When Zhang Limin, he can’t prevent it, it feels a dizziness in front of him ….

The last eye saw by Zhang Minxiang line is the driver’s duckling hat, the hot eyes, and the eyes of the eyes, the strict faces covered by a pair of masks …

At the same time as the driver solves Zhang Min, he fadedly discovered that after his car, there was a car with a weird …

This way, no matter where your car is driving, there is always a car to follow yourself, all the way, open for nearly twenty minutes, or like this …

The driver fierce accelerated the throttle, whispering, and the car behind him, then speed up, followed by it.

Yang Fei: Please note that the suspect has discovered our arrest operations, everyone immediately fought the suspects immediately, and everyone immediately implemented the suspects! Yang Fei sitting in the car, while driving, while talking with everyone while talking.

Not a few seconds, four “received” from the walkie-talkie, four different colors, different models of cars from all directions to the area where the taxi is located!

Yang Fei’s car is closest to the taxi. Therefore, it is reasonable to rush in the forefront. The remaining four cars are followed, but it is very unfortunately, due to some special circumstances, Yang Fei and others Taxi slow a rhythm, when Yang Fei, etc.

Taxi, parked downstairs in an old building, the face is dead, and there is no trace of Zhang Min and drivers.

Yang Fei: Ahui, you and I am, AL, Awei, you are two groups, we can go to search, Aqiang, you will take us here, waiting for support. Looking at the building has two entrances and exits, Yang Fei looked at an instrument in his hand and made a decision quickly, five people, and pulled out the pistol …

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