My name is Xiaoyu, it is a Jilin, but the university is on Harbin, haha, is a fans of the girlfriend. My girlfriend is a small rain, is a county town near Harbin. Little rain is 1 meter 70, melon face, big eyes, slender body, strong legs and a pair of fascinating jade.

I am not a university and a university university. When I saw the rain, she was still a girlfriend.

That is the university I am going to Xiaoyu to find a fellow, at noon, the fellow is called his girlfriend to eat together, just a little rain and my fellow girlfriend are a bedroom, the relationship is good, the fellow girlfriend is called Xiao Yu one. Just, I know this.

Although I didn’t have a beautiful girl before, I saw the light rain in the first side, and there was a voice in my heart: “That is your life companion. After the first time I met, I started collecting all information about light rain through the girlfriend of the country. Although the fellow girlfriend told me that there was a boyfriend, but still on the land continued to tell me some information about light rain.

Little rain is half a half years old, now is also a big two; the present boyfriend is suffering from nearly half a semester, and she has to hold the beautiful people.

Although I know that there is a boyfriend, but I firmly believe that “Only the hoe makes it good, there is no wall to dig.” Because my family is good, I also take some kind of little life in my own professional, so my funds are abundant, making me have sharp offensive weapons. So I first bought all the little sisters in the small rain bed with gourmet and small jewelry, and I have mastered everything about the rain.

I didn’t expect the sky to help me, and Xiao Yu broke up with her boyfriend. After the news from the little rain bedroom, I learned the reason. It turned out that after the boyfriend of the rain has been in a small rain, it has also contacted with a female netizen of the school. I just want to play with the female netizen. I didn’t expect to let the rain discovered. This is a heavy rain, and the little girl in the small rain bedroom has been bought. At the same time, the news is determined to break up, the news is quickly transmitted to me.

With the help of the little rain bedroom, please add my unremitting pursuit, after three months, Xiaoyu finally invited my boyfriend. Since then, handle, hug, kiss, touch the chest … I step by step to capture the body of light rain. For the convenience, I rented a house near the small rain school, so convenient date.

Finally, one day, in the house I rented, I was intimate with Xiao Yu for a long time, and I made love requirements to Xiao Yu. Little rain sinks, clearly telling me that she is not a virgin, if I want to disappear, everything is still coming. Ha ha! She knows where she is in my heart, the more I love, the more love.

I solemnly tell her, I love her, as long as she loves me, don’t say that she has done it before and other men, it is to do with others, I love her.

Listening to me, I don’t know if it is excited, it is shy, and it is slim. It’s gently, and it is said: “I’m talking! I will follow you, how can I have someone else?” So in a tenderness, light rain is stripping Your own clothes, put all the best in front of me.

I saw the naked body of the small rain and white, excited to shook. I didn’t worry about the body of this dream, but slowly started kissing from the eyes of the rain. I kissed every place in the body, from the black long hair, to the slender toe, from the flat small belly to the smooth jade back, the rain tremble with my dedicated kiss. Until finally, when I kissed the pink asshole, Xiaoyu couldn’t help but kiss the tears, crazy and kissing, can’t wait to synthesize myself.

When I rushed to the peak of the happy, the rain was lying in my arms, and I swear for me: “” I only love you alone in this life. “I also excitedly hug Xiaoyu, solemnly swear: her swear to her: “This life is now in this life, no way to give up.” The day passed a day this day, I started all of the lives of men and women in love.

Once my parents came to Harbin to see me, I solemnly introduced the rain to them, my parents also like light rain, the default, this quasi-in-law.

When my parents have seen light rain, Xiao Yu is very happy to get the old man’s recognition, so that I have lived in my fiancee, so I am more intense with the sexual life of Xiaoyu. Under my question, Xiao Yu also frankly said her past sex history.

I am a fourth man in light rain. The first time in the rain is in high school, taken away by the first boyfriend, not long after the transfer of my boyfriend. The second boyfriend is a good friend and the first boyfriend is a good friend. After the first boyfriend transferred, he received a friend’s girlfriend. According to Xiaoyu, her second boyfriend likes to listen to her story, but also keeps changing the feelings of light rain, once in sexual intercourse, I have to do light rain together with the first boyfriend of the rain. I heard here, I am in my heart, it turned out to be in the same way!

The second boyfriend in the rain is not in a city, because it is not in a city, naturally break up.

In this way, the third boyfriend of the rain, that is, the long-term pursuit is hard to hold the beauty, and I didn’t expect that it was because I had to get my hand.

I listened to the rain and gasped to tell me the process of she and the three boyfriend. The sexual desire was sent. I sent a lot of rain again and again. I also won the white eyes and delicateness of the rain: “Dead metamorphosis, I like to listen to my wife.” Ded out by others! “If there is no accident, I will marry after graduation, and I have a lovely baby in a few years, starting ordinary and sweet life. But because my special hobby, how can I not accident?

I have a dead party, called Ahui, is a Cantonese. This guy is not on the university in Guangzhou. Wanli came to Harbin to go to college, and we have two first see them.

I also collected a lot of articles about this, I also homped to this article, and I hid these articles, hidden in the most mileage of a data sheet, generally impossible to discover. Unnenably, I am going to play, I am going to play, I just want to go out, I will throw him at home and play computer, go out to do things, say it will come back for a while.

My death party played a game, and downloaded a few stand-alone games, but I found toxic in a game because my account is safe, so my dead party began to kill. In anti-virus, I found my secret.

When I mentioned the wine, I looked at the novel I collected. After I saw me, I laughed and said: “Agua, I didn’t expect you to have this hobby!” I heard it after hearing The face is white, the “嗡” in the mind is almost numb, I don’t know what to say.

The death party saw me, scared a jump, and did not dare to joke, and quickly helped me to sit down and began to comfort me. The Dead Party said that he grew up in Guangdong, the thoughts there were very open, this is nothing, but also vowed to keep me secretly, absolutely do not tell others.

I slowly slowly came, my thoughts were slowly settled, and I recovered it normally, so I started drinking with the dead party.

I have a drink with the dead party, and I have a little emotional, I keep relieving me, and tell me some of his secrets. According to him, he was broken with the girls in the class in the third day, and he was in front of him before he came to University. He also gave a friend’s girlfriend with a friend of a high school friend. At that time, my girlfriend’s girlfriend drunk wine, but it was absolutely awake, so he experienced the first 3p in life.

Listening to the relocation of the dead party, my heart gradually succeeded, and a evil thinking slowly, especially when he heard the high school friend of the dead party, I couldn’t help but said to the death party. : “I want you to get rid of the rain, how?” The dead party listened, I thought I used it to Xiaoyu to block his mouth, I am not happy: “Agua, what is the relationship between the two. I said. Don’t say it, you will not give others, you don’t have to use this! “I explained to him. Since he read the novel I collected, I should know what kind of mentality I am. I like to see someone else to do my girlfriend, let others don’t worry, worry about problems; but when you let him do, safety, but also satisfied my desire, one fell in two!

The dead party hesitated, if he is not a heart to my light rain, it is definitely a lie, but I am very good, when I have a girlfriend, he still can’t open it. After my persuasion, he still agreed.

The dead party solves this, I have begun to consider how to speak for my girlfriend. After a day, my girlfriend came, I stripped my girlfriend’s clothes, looked at the girlfriend’s snow, thinking that this body is going to be used by my friends, and the cock is stressed, and the girlfriend will die.


After the girlfriend, my girlfriend looked at me while saying: “Husband, you are too powerful today.” She didn’t think, I told my girlfriend who said: “I am finished.” My girlfriend was shocked. “

I am embarrassed to tell my girlfriend, because I have always been forced to ask my girlfriend to be done by the former boyfriend, how much she also knows some of my psychology, so it is not very strange, just shameless red face . But when she heard that my secret was discovered by the dead party, her face was white. Yes, if this secret is coming out, I must be a faceless face and I am gone, and I don’t even know how to explain. My girlfriend is anxious to say: “Is Ahui and you are not a dead party? He won’t say it?” I explained the death of the dead party with the light rain, the girlfriend is only a breath, and I am angry with my special hobby. worry about what.

I am worried about my girlfriend: “Although he promised not to say it, how do you know that he will tell others?” Listening to me, the girlfriend began to worry again, and quickly pursued what to do. I deliberately swallowed and say: “Unless … unless …” girlfriend is anxious, say: “Unless? Is it? Is it? Unless you can do it with him, we can rest assured! “My girlfriend understands what I mean,” ah “is called, the face is red to the neck, and the head is buried in my chest, don’t talk NS.

I said with my girlfriend and said to her: “I know it is grievance you, but if he accidentally said, I really didn’t see people!” The girlfriend suddenly bite me, I hit it out. . My girlfriend has a red face, saying: “Is there really this way?” I kissed the red face of my girlfriend, muttered: “Little rain, nothing. I love is your heart. You are for your heart. I did this, I would love you to love more. “My girlfriend bit bite me again, saying:” Don’t you love to see your wife is being worried? Is it this also deliberate? “I scared I jumped, and the oath of the sky was absolutely unexpected, and then he said: “This time is two roses, both blocked his mouth, and satisfied my … 嘿嘿 …” in my persuasion Under the girlfriend, my girlfriend has finally been pushed. I am joy, I have seen his cock when I took a shower with the dead party. It was much longer than me. I saw that the dead party used his big cock in front of him.

I started to be excited again. The weak cock began to be hard. I started to touch the rain, and I found that my girlfriend was already excited. It is estimated that she thinks that she is going to be killed by her boyfriend. The stimulus also infected her! So, I was excited with the rain again and again.

After another day, I called my girlfriend and the dead party to my housing. The girlfriend and the dead party are very familiar. I used to eat together, go out to go shopping, but in the current environment, I think about what I have to happen, two people are very unnatural.

I am sitting on the bed and smashed my arm, and the body is still a little shaking, and I don’t talk low. The dead party is sitting on the computer chair and is also awkward.

Or I broke this embarrassing situation, haha ​​laughed and said: “It’s not not to know, what is embarrassed?” And then said to my girlfriend: “After the future, Ahui is also your husband, will be very good I hurt you. “I deliberately add stress on the word” hurt you “. The girlfriend and the dead party understand what I mean, the dead party “嘿” smiled, my girlfriend slammed me.

I looked at my girlfriend’s waist, and I lied in my girlfriend in my girlfriend. I started to gently unlock my girlfriend’s shirt, my girlfriend cooperated, soon I was taken off the top and breasts, turned into half naked Beauty, showing a smooth upper body. The dead party smashed a breath, and his eyes stared at your girlfriend.

I grabbed a breast of my girlfriend, I took a few times, then slowly push your girlfriend on the bed and started to take off his girlfriend. The girlfriend was pushed down to the bed, and her hands were shy, and her eyes did not dare to see the direction of my death.

I started to pull the girlfriend’s trousers and started to pull down. My girlfriend hit hips. I quickly looked down with my girlfriend’s underwear. My girlfriend finally didn’t hang it in front of me and the dead party, she lies in bed, two The legs are also pulled in the bed. The shy girlfriend grabbed the lower body, and wandered two breasts with your arm.

I showed a dead party, and I dial on the bed and opened my girlfriend and grabbed my face. The dead party quickly took off the clothes, and the cocks walked to the bed. I continued to lick your girlfriend, indicating that he went to the side.

I got a bed and gently opened my girlfriend’s hand, grabbed one by hand, with a mouth, and started the breast of my girlfriend. A very fast girlfriend was attacked by my and dead party to the goddess, and there was water in the small hole.

I stood up and made a eye on the dead party. The dead party gave the body of the girlfriend, separated the legs of your girlfriend, picked up the hard cocks into the small hole of your girlfriend, and began to twitch. I also stripped clothes, sitting on the bed while looking at the pistol. The dead party dried, while the lips of the relatives, my girlfriend first hesitated, but it was still opened and the dead party. On the side of the death party, I kissed my girlfriend, and I only heard the sound of “啪”. I can’t help but pull up my girlfriend, I put on my dick, my girlfriend glanced at me, or grabbed my cock, I took the opportunity to start the breast of my girlfriend.

The dead party got up, put the legs of your girlfriend on his shoulder, and stroked his girlfriend’s slender thighs, while licking his girlfriend. It’s almost twenty minutes, the dead party finally suppressed the finery, and began to vigorously pummer, and the semen into the vaginal depth of his girlfriend.

When the death party is over, I have seen the blood of the blood, and I turned over the body of my girlfriend and started a fast thrush. The girlfriend has also been dizzy and my relay is dizzy, making my back, there is no mouth to say: “Husband … husband …”

When I was shot in the dead party, my girlfriend was shot when I was shining. The first time and two men sex, or the boyfriend and her boyfriend, the stimulus, plus the relay of me and the dead party, let your girlfriend experience the happiness from never.

The first 3P ended, because of it is shy, the girlfriend has almost spoken, and the dead party is also going back to dumb. But the second time they just have more.

After a few days, I called my girlfriend and the dead party. This atmosphere is relatively relaxed. At the beginning, the party and me, my girlfriend also opened a few jokes, soon, we sat together to bed.

This time the dead party took the initiative, took the initiative to hold the girlfriend to start kissing, girlfriend also catering him. After a while, the dead party began to take off his girlfriend, and his girlfriend was half a half, and he was taken off by the dead party. Soon, the dead party who took off the clothes was posted with my girlfriend, and the dead party just started the little hole of his girlfriend, his girlfriend also took the initiative to start touching the buddy.

I also took off my clothes, I saw that my girlfriend was so active, stimulating the cock immediately, I couldn’t help but grabbed a bright foot of my girlfriend, first parenly, I touched it for a while, then put the chicken The foot heart starts to rub.

At this time, the dead party gave the cock to the mouth of your girlfriend, let the female friend, the girlfriend first looked at me, seeing that I didn’t oppose it, grabbed the died of the death party, gently contained it into the mouth, started to the death . The dead party was licking straight to the girlfriend, and a hand was in the breast of your girlfriend. I finally couldn’t help it, turned over to press the body, one plus it, my girlfriend was inserted, and I felt that the vagina seems to be full, and a sense of satisfaction is spreading from the lower body.

The girlfriend hit his hands and held the neck of the dead party and took the initiative to send his mouth to kiss. On the side of the dead, the red lips of his girlfriend took his mouth, starting to accelerate, and the body was dead on his girlfriend, and the double breast of his girlfriend was flattened.

After a while, the dead party made his girlfriend, began to grab a full buttock of girlfriend, and inserted it in. I looked at the red, while slamming the pistol, I touched my girlfriend.

When I fade in my girlfriend, I have been lying together after the girlfriend. I and the dead party put the girlfriend together, my girlfriend has been completely released, and I laughed with us, taking each other, until I and the dead party once again erect.

Since then, Xiaoyu has become a common girlfriend in my and the party, but it is just that I have to marry the rain with the rain, and the dead party is just this paragraph. We often together 3P, but the death party is also very particular, never contact with small rain, each time we are three.

However, I didn’t expect that I gave a chance to be a dead party and my girlfriend, and the dead party actually had so stimulus. Please look back in the seven days of holiday.

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