In the class, there is always a strong man’s funeral. Since the students come back, she is not so important in the boy in the class, always around the beauty of the transit, causing her to pick up. Yu Jia is strong, plus the Antai she loves is also very unbalanced, and there is no in the top three rankings in the class, but it is getting more and more poor. Heaven, Fang Min worried that the next subject is not good, so use Wen Book to go to the library to read the book, have arrived at night. . .

Fang Min feel tired, walk into the Tibetan book, want to find a novel book. She took along the bookshelf, I liked the book, I was ready to go back to read. I didn’t know the deepest place between the Tibetan book. There is a turn here.

“Touch!”, And people hit a person in Afmini on the ground.

She looked at it. It turned out to be a classroom Hong Hua. It was very surprised to say that the teacher is sorry. Hong Hua seems to have a premeditiously do not think about it. In the evil Hong Hua, Fang Min this angel face, with a F cup The 170-cent high sexy esteem, soon becomes his slave!

Fang Min is white and tender, a bit of a little pantial, tail, face protein, faint powder, usually arrogant, always unhappy. Hong Hua is busy with her to help her check the book, and Fang Min is very polite.

Fang Min wore a large T-shirt today to cover up his big breasts, fast to the lady skirt, quite casual dress, the thick book, full of filled, Hong Hua and she kept moving The body goes to make up, sometimes the fulary pose will make Hong Hua eaten ice cream, sometimes the two feet is shocked, let him see the two thighs of Fangmin, and the dark mysterious zone deeply The fat is blocked, and the white underwear has a little lace, and a large shadow of black black is displayed on the trousers. Of course it is a hairy.

Hong Hua is in the heart of the situation, but it is also conservative, but the underwear is fashionable. So I deliberately squatted in front of her, my hand fake, and my eyes took the opportunity to stare at the world of her skirt. Women who have not been developed like Afangmin, the snow-white legs are full of yin, although there is a triply to the package to block, but more temptation and appeal, Hong Hua felt that the meat stick is stupid.

Fang Min did not know the spring out of the spring, continue to pick up the book, did not pay attention to Honghua’s big wolf greedy vision. After a while, it was completed.

Hong Hua fake stitched: “Fang Min, how do you still watch the exam outside the exam, tomorrow is going to test? Are you ready?”

“Report teacher! Ready?” Fang Min was very confident.

“But, I changed to my test yesterday … not very good …” Hong Hua is tense.

“Teacher! I have taken a few points!”

“Teacher? It’s gone to go to the eight-door office!”

After the two put back, the anxious fulary and Hong Hua gave up on the eighth floor, and Hong Hua, who was behind, first noticed that Aville was brought by the buttocks of the stairs, and the round rolling, it looks quite Elasticity, especially in the narrow tight of the lady skirt, and shaking around when walking, the traces of the trippers are clearly visible.

Some of the legs exposed, although the fattest is more meat, but the white skin is still quite a sense of line, and I know the girl who is honored. Going to the Eight Building to enter the faculty office, I don’t know if there is no air conditioning relationship, it is very stuffy.

“Teacher, where is the test volume!” Fang Min was eager to see himself, but also secretly selling the clearance.

“Don’t worry?”

When Hong Hua took the test paper from the drawer, Fang Min hurriedly came to see, Hong Hua went to her taste, not fragrant, and it is really the smell of the body. He smelled, the room is too stunned, and the two have a sweat. Later, it was too hot, Hong Hua took off his shine, leaving only one sleeveless vest. Fang Min, certainly can’t take off the T-shirt, but the sweat gradually wets the fabric, and the white T-shirt has a little transparent feeling. Hong Hua is deliberately smashed by her. In fact, she is not cared to be, because in Fang Min, I only want to find a test.

“How … how! I only have thirty-nine points !! That will be left!” Aromato’s face change.

And Hong Hua only noted the front of Fang Min, all were wetted by the sweat, and the clothes were close to the meat balls in the twitch, and there was no different transparency. He is greedy staring, turning his head to ask the teacher’s fulary discovery, embarrassed, quickly turned back. Honghua, I knew that this floor didn’t have anyone else, and suddenly it would rise, I went to hold Fang Min from behind, and my hands were holding her big milk.

“Teacher you … what are you doing! Stay!” Fang Min was shocked, I didn’t know what to do. How does Hong Hua may stop, turn the fellow body, hug, and kissed her thick lips.

Fang Min earned him not to take off, and he kissed him, his tongue stretched over and tried to open her teeth, she was not breathable, her mouth opened, the tongue was captured by him.

Hong Hua also sucked and kissed Fang Yi. Fang Min did not chase it because of the beautiful boy, and now he is hugged and kissed by a respected teacher.

“Hey? Fang Min … good service teacher, guarantee all dispass?”

Aromato resistance becomes small until cooperation …

Hong Hua put her on the work desk, and kissed her mouth again, and went to her breasts again. Fang Min was a full breast, and it was a big breast. For Fang Min, compared to other girls, these two meat balls become a very proud place, they will love them in their usual, so they are very sensitive. Now I have been explored by Hong Hua, and I also have a subtle feel.

Hong Hua was blinking on a soft fat, and gradually unlocked the buttons of the fulagress shirt. Fang Min was kissed by him. He couldn’t help his hands into the shirt. Half of meat, Fuyu except the bra except the bra, Hong Hua has been hindered, no longer taking off them, directly put the bra and the cracks, two big milk suddenly bounce.

He even took the hands, gently on the soft meat, there is a rhythm, and the papillary will not stop the nipple, the nipple is fast, highlight the top of the meat ball.

“It’s a big big thing? It’s so beautiful and elastic.” Hong Hua greedily stroked.

The lower head came to see the fulagnous nipples like a red bean, and the round powder was soil, so the mouth is full, and it is slight. He also kept biting and teasing the nipple with the tip and the tip of the tongue. After a while, he changed another foam system, and he had an angry and weak, lying on the table.

“Well? Well? Teacher …………?”

# 2 and eat, Hong Hua is empty, and it is groped to the waist. Fang Min was touched by her, couldn’t help but judge. Later, his hand found the Lattice of the Fangyu skirt, gently pulled down, it was easy to fade the skirt.

After the skirt took off, Hong Hua didn’t want to eat the nipple to stand up and carefully looked at the fulary body. She is now half naked, only a tripage in the lower body, and she will see this pants downstairs, and now it is true.

The vaguely and now high-spirited, the fat pussy is booming, and he stretches, and it has fallen enough to overfill. Fang Min was heated by him and did not want to struggle, but he had to cover his face Pang him.

Hong Hua is in her yin outfit and kissed, but I feel that the triangular pants is interrupted, then take it down, then squatting between the two legs of Fangye, and the fulary is in a list. Fangyin’s hairy is more and long, the whole Yinfu has been long, the big labia is fat and thick, the small labia is particularly developed, the sophisticated is blurred, the jeapline is slightly revealed, and he gently uses the index finger Touching it above, the fragrance is shocked, and the water flows more. He turned his fingers to turn soft and slammed it, and the fulary snow whitening the thigh kept shaking, the flesh was not self-opened.

“Um … um … light … ah …”

He seemed to find a react, knowing to find the key, and then the action of heavily, the winning pursuit, squatting, licked the pussy. Availability was passed by a warm and smooth beauty, and I have never experienced this feeling in the past. I can’t help but be curious. I saw that the teacher used the tongue to take her. This is too beautiful, she re-closed her eyes, the nose is heavy, and my face laughs more happier.

The posture of Fang Min was originally opened, and now the lower body is full of obscene, Hong Hua deliberately lets the gods tease the door to make her quite not a taste, it is inevitable to twist the ass, hints to the meat stick. He as a blind eye, continued only to let the glans on the laborastin, and Fang Min had to turn to a good fortune, I hope to eat the meat stick, but when she is tall, I can’t stand it, I can’t bear it. The ear is whisned: “Insert me … Let me be a real woman? Let me try it!”

“What …” Hong Hua deliberately decorated without hear.

“Insert me …” Fang Min was full of red.

Listening to her, I have to have a sensuality, Hong Hua ass, the big talents go in.

“Ah! Big …!” Fang Minith’s incomparable sound. “Old … teacher … don’t want it? Hao hurt! Hao hurt! Ah ???????” Hong Hua continued to get a deep arrival.

Fanglele pain is even more tight, and the words crying are constantly moving.

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