I wore a tie in a suit and combed a handsome man.

As such, it seems to be a young workman.

I walked in Lin Senbei Road to see a good girl in front.

I think this is a very good goods.

The brain in this girl is also turning this

“This man’s suit is a mid-to-money person.”

“Do you want? One night 15,000 yuan, let you be happy,” girl said

The girl is thinking “um … There is a holiday in this holiday in this holiday!”

I heard her greeting, my appetite

I am going to a apartment.

“Do you still have a very tender high school?” I said

“Well .. I just didn’t like it this year.” She said

“Don’t you don’t match my appetite”, I am in my heart, I am like a climax.

This is a dark apartment that I follows her into a room in the third floor.

This apartment is not too enough to have a wet mold.

“Well … this is the apartment of my classmates. We are so embarrassed to come back.”


Looking at this girl, my heart is thinking, waiting for how to start

The girl wants “Well … I can earn this 15,000 yuan to make this 15,000 yuan.”

“Seeing his suit, it should be these money.”

I am just cold, watching this girl is full of excitement.

It is also a bit pitiful for this girl.

“This man is really not a monkey” girl thinks “then let me first stroke him.”

Looking at this girl, take off her clothes.

I touched the guy in the pocket.

The girl quickly faded the tight dress, only the black lien is left, lined with white skin, divided into color

My male that is fired, I can’t help but stand up, my heart has emerged in a very unsuccessful hammer …

(More like her body !?)

(That look at her face, there is a few pieces to be similar to her)

(Well !! Breaking, play again)

I don’t pay attention to me, I put the guy into the mattress, and the fades of my top.

She came over to help me with the band, I introduced me into the bathroom, get up.

The sound of the salad, why, steam, I feel blurred

(It is also such a night !!)

Under the water column, the water beads splashed, her white face reveals the micro-red, delicate dripping

(More like her !?)

I actually had a few emotions, and I am standing up, my hands started upwards in her good flesh.

She closed his eyes and gently screamed, like intoxicating this flesh.

I seem to have returned to the night before, and the night lingering with the first love lover.

What is the Iraqi ??

(Most of her eyebrows like she !?)

I looked at myself in the bathrobe, I’ve been stars! Essue in your life, I am happy to spend !?

Under the stirring of lust, I actually hug a prostitute with a long-awaited caress.

As she is my first love.

(Yes !! It is also like this, so linger !!)

I kiss her, so she is so angry.

Without the drops of the water

I quickly felt her on the bed, more fanatics, and all the beautiful youthful flesh.

(Even this chest milk, this small belly, this repair is so appearance)

(You don’t have to pay for it, I can’t get it, I give it to me)

She is uneasy to twist the waist, and I screamed.

In her excitement, I quickly pushed my male to her palace.

Let her tremble

I have been recurred and reviewed for a long time.

(She after leaving, there is no meaning again)

I quickly fell into the frenzy of love.

It’s just like brewing volcano.

She has already twisted the waist, and it seems that they are not uncomfortable.

Bed, already already flooded into disasters

The air is filled with our smell of lust and sorrow.

(Ah !! Is you!?

I can’t help but call your name ….

She is softly blurred below ….

(Yes! Yes! Yes you !!)

I am more striking, putting our soul to strip this body, …

“… …. … …”

“Hey … Hey ………..”

In the body’s lust, I sublimated to the highest point, I sprayed all my

(I have reserved everything for you !!)

She seems to have to bear the movement of the ancient times, the whole body is trembled.

I actually got a tears, I didn’t know that it was touched, it was a entertainment.

(Yes, she is your avatar)

I am holding her … tired and satisfied ….. her body is still hot

I feel that there is no feeling of relief … I just want to sleep.

At my confused moment, she climbed to me and started to kiss ….

(Wow !! More enthusiastic women)

She said: Let’s come again.

Regardless of my answer, she didn’t know where a rope was tied to the bed.

“Let’s play some fun …”, she said softly.

I nodded.

She is asked in a secluded:? “Do you love me?”

“Of course,” I reflected the answer.

She said that she said: “My mother told me not to believe in men.”

“They just play with you, will not seriously think about you (this speech, so familiar)

She lowered, took out the knife that I pre-hide under the mattress

(Ah !! I forgot my knife)

“Don’t be like her, be cheated, !!”

She suddenly displays a murderer, the expression is sorrowful

I have a cold sweat …..

(is it you?)

She shook her head, and she preused to kill the knife, stabbed down

I seem to hear the crisp sound of my chestbone bone.

Don’t feel pain

I saw my blood like a fountain.

As I shoot, the semen

I feel that there is a pleasure …

Just standing in front of it, now it is the protagonist !!

My body is getting more and more


But I saw that I was blinked to me, smiling.

I looked at her.

She goes down Nuui

“Our daughter, can you do it !?”

I can’t help but I love my heart today, but I’m not energetic.

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