On Friday, the same time as the past, it is time to overtime.

It’s hard to do the company’s things, it is already ten hours in the evening, hurriedly called the girlfriend in the university: “Ling?”

A lazy voice is lazy on the side of the microphone: “Qing? How can I call me now …”

“Sorry … I just took the work, isn’t it coming? I haven’t had dinner yet.”

“Ten hours! Oh … don’t come out. I saw the face, finished dinner, I have to be twelve times, I can go back to the dormitory. Today, I have been in a few hours, I am so sleepy now!”

“Yeah! Is it for Monday exam ………

“Monday exam accounts for 40%. Can’t be ready! You will go home soon, your catch is still complete, don’t run around.”

I heard the sweetness of my girlfriend, sleeping over the head. I hurriedly dragged my work for more than ten hours, my back pain, bought some eating, and ran home.

When I returned home, I just took a few mouthfuls of takeaway, I opened a TV and found that I was broadcasting Liu Dehua’s music program.

(A few days ago, I still watched this show, I don’t know if she knows that it is broadcasting here?!)

Pick up the phone, dialed the number of her mobile phone.

What? ! Is it turned off? ! When I didn’t go to sleep at eleven? !

Eat my dinner, watching Liu Dehua singing, the more I want to feel wrong …

Lling is the same as me, it is the kind of person who can’t sleep one or two, and tomorrow is Saturday. She doesn’t have to go to school, and she is not sleeping at eleven. I also call me to sleep early … I may not be able to carry it to play where I will go …

This problem turns into the brain, I can’t help but call the friend Jia Jia …

Bingo! It is also shut down!

I know that in addition to the friend of Ling, she also went to jump to Disco, falling pub, and foaming. And her ghost idea is particularly very much. They have two people shut down their mobile phones.

I want to think about it, the darkness of my heart has pouring the scene of the exalty boy dancing …

I have made my determination, I am going to peek, what kind of good things are they doing!

(Do you want to change your dress first …)

Still thinking so, I have opened my brother’s wardrobe, took a picking, and took his sunglasses.

Fortunately, my younger brother go abroad, don’t use much to explain with him.

The somatling of some sides of the water, made a chaotic hairstyle, looks like a mirror, and sincerely feel funny. My brother is bigger than me, wearing his shirt, plus such a hairstyle, really unlike me.

I have eaten two colds … with a weird mood, go out.

At the time of Disco to buy tickets, I was shocked at my fantic.

(Our habits are coming this DISCO, but don’t necessarily come here today!)

Did not tell the law, the money has been paid, only go in and see it …

Dip the curtain, rumble music, the hustle and spoke, the shining lights come.

(Sure enough, the evening of Friday, the atmosphere is really good …)

I walked quietly to the dark corner of the wall, and I learned every girl in the dark corner of the wall.

I just found the position to sit down, I have been next to the long water bar before the dance pool, I found that Jiajia who twisted the body as music.

(Hey! Didn’t find the wrong place! Fortunately, they are here!)

(How do I think “Fortunately” ?! What is I thinking ?!)

I can’t see the figure near Jiajia, I put my eyes back to Jia Jia.

(Ling may really sleep …)

Jia Jia is forgotten to twist the body. She is a twenty-one, two-year-old boys, seems to be good, smile, dancing, while talking to Jiajia.

Jiajia is actually very beautiful, high five feet, three or so, petite body is also lined with a good curve. The eyes are old, they are looked at each boys, and you will see her, and you know that she is a shopping. But her self-righteous personality is the personality that I don’t like her. I think about it, I have seen the man’s already held Jia Jia’s dancing, the face of the two passes very close, the nose is facing the nose, and it is looking for a laugh. One of the men’s hands, I am not welcome to press Jiajia ‘s hips with music.

Looking at her moving thin skirt, I seem to feel her flexible little ass … in my hand …

(Sure enough, it is a sluggish! Why didn’t I think about it! Her little butt does not know what is the wave in bed?)

I still want to find a way to find her, but I don’t know where the smile is coming out of the dance pool. She is a man behind, but also with her hands tightly!

I am blank in my brain …

(She is really … also in the bubble …)

I saw that my girlfriend was tightly held in another man. The old set is described, probably like a big hammer with a big hammer like the chest.

I don’t know if it is anger or embarrassing, I pinched my fist, stand up, to stop the good things from Ling!

Just crossing the first step, see Ling, hello hells with Jiajia, and it is very tips to gently push the boy’s hands. Seeing the action of Ling, there is also the expression that the boys have lost, so that I have lost the driving force behind the forward.

(Now, it is probably easy to be explained here ?! Still look at …) Thinking, I sat down again.

The location I sit is on a platform that is less than a foot. Plus that high bar commonly used chairs, you can clearly see the position of the dance pool and the position of their stations from the high direction. And there is no light on the wall where there is no light, you should not give them that I am staring here? !

In the next more than ten minutes, I saw that Ling and Jiajia were talking, and occasionally had a question with the man. I saw the male brought some disappointment, I couldn’t help but felt a cold.

I don’t know if the atmosphere of DISCO is, because there is no relationship with a wonderful lens, I feel a little bored and turned and called a bottle of beer.

(I just just served a cold, what kind of beer ?! … Mom … tube …)

Just at this time …

Next to a woman: “Hey, handsome guy, please drink beer …”

Talking is that it seems to be two or three years old, thirty women.

(Ha! I also called the handsome guy.! Ok, please drink beer.)

Take two bottles of beer, then the men and women of the temp: “Are you alone?”

“Is it often coming to play?”

“Is it before you see you?”

and many more……

I learned that her name is Feifei from the answer.

The shiny hair seems to sprinkle some silver powder. It is a purple blue, and the small vest that is popular with flash beads has been popular. The embarrassment is quite rich, and the fragrance is fascinating, and there is the red lipstick. When she talked, she was a smile to me, but this exposed her shallow fish tail line …

There is a kind of flavor … I like it!

(This kind of woman is the most fun in bed … will have a feeling of rape by her …)

The next two or 30 minutes, it is a chat with the Philippine, but also talks. Of course, I didn’t forget to steal the link.

The boy seems to be cold, I don’t know where to go.

However, in just twenty minutes, there are other two or three boys running with Ling, and Ling seems to have not much interesting.

(唔 … Ling is very attractive!)

In pair, Jia Jia is always biting that high school boy does not put, full of her character. And it seems that she hugs with the boys, it seems to be more and more hot …

More than a time, DISCO’s atmosphere is very high.

At this time, Fira is my: “Go to dance!”

I thought that there was no movement at this side, and she pulled her to the dance floor.

I don’t know if this is hot atmosphere, or the power of beer plus a cold, so that I feel the throat dry, in fact, the biggest impact should be the relationship of Philippine! Her snake-like dance, flashing eyes, half-open red lips … plus her size happening is intentionally unintentional in my chest … Make my heart hot After this important task is also thrown, I can’t help but hold the snake waist and dance.

Philippine waist and buttocks are like them to be twisted. Her pubic skeletal bones have grind my meat sticks tall with jeans. And when I put her hand on her hips, she was excited to gently squat.

Just when this is, Ling suddenly wrapping them! !

(Good insurance! She can’t recognize me!)

It turned out that the boy who saw it was, and she pulled her out to dance.

(I have a constant heart …)

I am holding the feet, be careful to adjust the position, continue to jump my personal dance in the place that is not far away, while watching the movement of Ling.

Probably it is mixed, and there is not long-lasting pair and he dances with him.

Ling is also the material that will dance. Although it is not a degraded body, but the twenty-three-inch lumbar is very tall buttocks!

Ling’s appearance is not very beautiful, but there is a feeling of the kind of Sao in the bones. Especially that is not too big, it is not a non-not.

I used to go to DISCO to bubble, I know that she is very easy to attract the attention of boys. At this time, I added her hot-fitting with the boys, and I have already attracted a few men and women next to them.

The man seems to be very proud of this, and his lower body is still a lap. Ling seems very excited, facing Hongxia on the face …

(I don’t know … Ling … will it be wet ?!)

Ling, in many strangers, I have to dance with other boys. My boyfriend is silent, and the woman who has just been recognized is, and the philosophic is constantly grinding … this My mood really doesn’t know how to describe it, but it is not to stop the meaning of the Ling.

I only know that the sweat has penetrated the hair line and flows down along my cheeks.

My hand secretly touched the Philippine tits, and I saved her in my ear …

When I was enjoying the soft tits of Philip, Jiajia also walked into the dance pool. Ling turned and he took a few words with her, and she wandered a few smiles. Jia Jia waved.

(Jia Jia wants to go first? Will not …)

Sure enough, Jia Jia walked out of the dance pool, pulled the high boulty to leave, and maybe it was going to open a house.

(Hey! This is the goods, caught to the handsome guy, is you eager to try his meat stick ?!)

It is still imagined Jiajia to give the boy’s situation, Ling, which has become very intense.

Ling changed a posture, back to the boys, but the butt was next to the boy’s body. The man’s hands holding her waist, like a buttock that is not allowed to leave.

Philippine also changed the same position as Ling, and she continued to get my meat stick with her meat.

It seems that she also pays attention to Ling: “How do you always look at the woman? Do you know her?”

“… …” I don’t have it.

Fili, I am, in my ear. “She … jumping!”

I heard this, I felt that the throat dried … The effectiveness of the beer plus a cold seems to be played. The surrounding situation is not too noticed, just the flashing ass that is only flashing in Zhongli, I feel that Philippine is desperately grinding me. I have swelled the meat stick … overlap, but in my mind The boy’s meat stick is slid out to slide out …

I don’t know if it is still a minute or ten minutes. I saw that I didn’t want to see the most, the man kissed the ears of the Ling.

The days together with Ling is not short. I know that Ling’s ear is most sensitive. When I kiss, I will have a soft body, and I only lying down the next part. If you see the Ling, you will also give a soft back to the boys, and the power of twisted the ass is not there.

Looking at the man’s appearance is old and old, it will take the opportunity. One hand turned the red face in a hands, and sent his tongue into the mouth of Ling.

I daydream staring at them in overlapping red tongue out for a while, only to find Ling’s hand has slipped behind in the man’s crotch what song about holding tight …… (that men like a lot of weight …… Well ……)

Has not been given to God, that man has been along ling Fenjing, kissed her ear, his hands still holding Ling blunt lower edge of the breast. Again snout erogenous zones, Ling face more severe red, half-closed lips of atmospheric trace, left eye line, further Shuiguang bare faint.

In my awareness of Ling, I know that she looks like, given that sexual secretion has washed away the labia, coming out ……

(Well …… like …… too, right? !!)

Suddenly the Philippines ︰ said to me, “What are you thinking? They want to leave ……”

I saw that the boys took Ling, hastily across the dance floor, walked to the side door.

I also pulled Philippines ︰ “go, there are good movies to see!”

I dragged the Philippines, do not move with the sound of Ling told that the boys out of the side door. This is the alley side door, the left is attached to the street, turned the corner on the right is that disco is located behind the building.

I expected, Ling took the young man to turn right to go to that back alleys.

I made a gesture to keep silent with the Philippines, tiptoed also turn into the back lane.

It is very dark back alleys, only a small light bulb wall. I stood at the convenience of the corner lights shine to the body, I have in front of a pile of bamboo baskets of debris, thought should not let Ling to find.

(In retrospect, I realized that exposed the old Ling had no meaning ……)

Ling has not stood still, has been with the young man violently kissing it. Ling hands untied his pants, his cock dig out.

Watched his girlfriend holding another man’s dick, the impact was so much that my head was actually thinking ︰ (That man …… …… very thick ah ……)

Philippines then had to suit the refining pulled my pants, my cock also dig out gently with Taonong, still in my ear quietly said, “You distended amazing ah …… “Having also squatted in front of me, his hands holding my cock, looked thin close, what looked like a treasure like.

Go back and see the young man rudely pushed up a little vest ling and bust, Cuonong ling breasts a few times, he gave Ling turned over, her hands on the wall, tilt the ass. Grilled two sets of lifted him three ling skirt, slipped out of her white panties, which makes Ling genitals exposed to light, shining in the pubic hair, sexual secretion seems to flow quite a few ……

(Thigh seemed to have ……)

Ling did not know where to dig out condoms ︰ “use ah …… this ……”

That man took over, fiddled a few times, while Ling carried away when they secretly onto the ground. An ass, big cock whole root has not into the inner Ling wet pussy.

(This! How to !!)

He stumbled all night, then suddenly wake up. Ling was about to run out to stop, only to find that the Philippines still squatting in front of me, his hands clasped my cock, made me unable to move.

Philippine That being painted red lips with distended my purple glans, from between her fingers Delicate I also see now the vascular pedicle engorgement kinky …… this Yinmi images so I fall back sensual whirlpool.

Philippine gently kissed my horse eyes, looked at me with a crafty light flashing eyes, his face a little mocking smile and said ︰ “She’s your girlfriend, right ……?!”

I heard light Sa ︰ “Nonsense!” He gave the glans into her lips, she was also hard to get sucked up ……

I do not know how much time coming, but also the brain a chaos ……

Look at pussy under no roots sticking Ling at the young man’s big cock, look at the Philippines lips tight with my cock with get, look at Ling trembling in the air breasts, look at the Philippines little hand Cuonong I the OVA ……

“Ah ……!” Ling heel off the ground weigh stood, her wrinkled brow ︰ told me she has reached a climax.

That man also shouted ︰ “I …… I want to come ……”

But heard Ling Road ︰ “Come inside …… …… …… is the rhythm.”

(Original …… …… she would have known he did not use sets ……)

And saw that the male plug doom multi dozen, then clinging ass Ling, Ling semen all vent in the body.

The man took the meat stick into the pussy, and Ling still supported the wall, lifted his ass, feeling the long waves of her climax … Looking at her can’t get up, it is still unconscious. The butt and trembling thighs, my climax has come …

The fierce in this climax is never feeling … it is a bit like a slow mirror in the movie … The glans is like to crack, closely stick the mucosa in the Philippine mouth, tightly pierce the throat ……

When I only know that the semen truly poured, I saw a drip white liquid, and the lip of the lips was opened.

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