My brother-in-law is very handsome, very man with a man, he and my sister have been married for a few years, I am very happy, I am very hoping that my brother-in-law can comfort me, but this is just thinking about it. We live very close to your sister. , I can often go to his house.

I have been 19 years old this year, I have just graduated from high school. Although I have done twice in schools and two male students, I haven’t feeling in addition to some pain, I have been in a male classmate, before he I took me for a long time, and I touched it for a long time, I could do it for a while, he shot, and because of the age of 17 or 8 years old, the things were only 10 cm, and there was nothing, I often fantasize my brother-in-law. The thing must be thick enough, and you will be comfortable, because you can see it very much every day after marriage, sometimes I really envy her.

One day in this summer, I passed here in the afternoon and good friends, we went to my sister home to find water, knocking on the door, just wearing a neat, seeing us, let us go home at home, my sister is behind I went to the kitchen to give a tea. She walked everywhere, and she was not big. She was a little different. I said to me. Who is a man sleeping in bedroom, I said that anyone else is my brother-in-law. I have finished watching tea, I have to look at it. Ling also came with me. I came to the bedroom to see the door and pushed the door. I suddenly screamed. I saw the sister. Pattern is sleeping, looks like there is a drink at noon, the sister’s body is near naked, really a man’s style, itchy, especially the lower body, a place, the drum A big bag, look at my eyes, don’t stay there, Ling from me, I took a few steps to the bed, while appreciating my brother-in-law, my heart was immediately in mind. A vinegar, this is how my brother-in-law can make others appreciate it, I pulled Ling and said that we went out, Ling looked at me and said, let me see again, I can’t go out.

When I came to the living room, I said that I said to me, your brother-in-law is really great, you must have gone with him, I said that you don’t say that she is a smile, you have to put this so much. The brother-in-law doesn’t have to say death, you don’t have to let me. I realized that I can’t let her stay here, and I will leave.

However, the words, but I can’t calm my heart, yeah, I have such a great brother’s light is what is the use of my heart? However, after a few nights of insomnia, finally came up with a case, stealing him with him, neither let him know, do not let my sister know.

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At noon this day, I had a meal with my sister. After the meal, my sister went to the suburban interview at night to come back, my brother-in-law went out to drink, and I have eaten a meal, and my sister said that I would go first. The brother-in-law said a few words and I told me. I brew a glass of glucose water. I went to the bathroom. I didn’t lose it. I immediately act immediately. I took out a few sleeping powder from my bag. In his water, you will drink it from the sister from the bathroom. I hide in the kitchen heart straight. After drinking, the brother-in-law will go to the bedroom.

After ten minutes, I quietly came to the door of the bedroom to see from the door, seeing the sister, just like the trousers, lying on the poem, I gently walked to the bed, standing in front of the bed After a while, I pushed him without the reaction with hand, and even the ribbon said that you went to sleep, I left, still didn’t respond, I know that he has already slept. I will be bent on his face, I will kiss a few times, and I have a little fever on him. I kiss my sister’s mouth to squeeze into his mouth with the tongue, so that I will succeed, I wiped it. Going to the lipstick, I can’t leave traces in him. I turned my eyes to his underwritment, gently touching his bully big bag, put his face on his big bag, sniffing his real man The taste, slowly took his underwear, really scared, his things were soft and bent there, half of the glans, I couldn’t help but grab it, breathing is also very urgent, I put it towel in the face On the hot, there is a strong man’s breath, so that I can’t make myself, and I feel that the wet call is wet, I put it in the mouth, suck him with your mouth and tongue, it sucks him, it is slow in my mouth Slowly become bigger, I’m not big, it is long and thick. I took it out of my mouth. Mom, it’s more than 20 cents long eggs, straight straight up, if you let I suddenly saw that this is the case. I am unimfred enough. I stick to my saliva above it. I will take it into the mouth and slowly taste it.

At this time, my lower body is very harmful. It is full of obscene water in the vagina. I took off the skirt and underwear. I was pressed on his naked body in my sister. At this time, I found that the woman is on the top and men. The same, the man can insert a woman’s vagina at will, but the woman is not convenient to squat, I have to ride on my brother-in-law, and the vaginal mouth is aligned with his thick mask. Slowly sit down, and immediately feel The vagina is full of the feelings, so hard to sit down, the sister’s entire penis is all inserted into my body, ※ | JKF Czech Forum I moved, my brother’s penis is in my vagina In one out, this feeling is really unable to use words, it is never a middle school student’s thing, it is better than this time, I can only say it twice, because my brother’s penis is very long inserted. The body is very deep, can climb in him, how many years of desire finally became reality, I am sitting on my brother-in-law, climbing a burst of plugging, straight, I feel uncomfortable, suddenly I think the body Tighten, there is a sharp injection and weight, I can’t stand it. I suddenly hit my brother-in-law at once, and I shot a swearing in the vagina. I couldn’t help but self-esteem. I know that I have reached a climax. After the climax, I sat down on my brother-in-law. Suddenly I felt that my brother-in-law breathed, I was deeply inserted in my vagina, and suddenly, suddenly sistered, the penis slammed, I only I feel that a hot flow is accepted into my small belly, my brother-in-law is ejaculated in my vagina, followed by his penis, there is a heat shot into my body, I tightly zoom in the vagina, carefully experience In this wonderful moment, it finally didn’t shoot, it seems to be a bit soft. I rushed up from my brother-in-law, and I won’t let my brother’s sister fired out of my sister.

My heart has been finally raped by me, and I am very satisfied. I wipe it clean with the sanitary paper, I can’t leave any traces, then give him a pants, and then wear your clothes. I have left it. I didn’t think that I just went to the street. I started to go out. A large piece of sliding in a while, and later, I came down in the left thigh, and there was no way to wipe it with your hand.

Since then, I have a feeling that I can’t say clearly, after all, such a big man is given “rape” by his own little scorpion. If you see my sister, I have a little guilty.

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