A friend gathered, met a small hospital nurse, called Zhou Qin.

She is not high, only 158, although it is not very beautiful, but very cute, the body is also very thin, is a very well-behaved girl, it is the type I like, I pursue she makes her become me The girlfriend gradually discovered that she had a nurses unique gentle and obedience to me.

At that time, she was 18 years old. I just graduated from the nurse school. After about three months, she was on the hospital in the hospital a night. I went to accompany her. There were very few patients in the hospital that night. I have been around ten o’clock. Also go home, Zhou Qin returns to the lounge, wearing a white nurse, faintly seeing the bra, and tie a white scarf.

“No one is now, it is nothing.” Zhou Qin sat on the bed and took his feet from the shoes and hanged it and swayed back to the bed. I am sitting on the bedside chair, enjoying the little feet of Zhou Qin, so cute! She is wearing a delicate faint stockings, such a feet is more attractive. I couldn’t control myself at the time, I reached out, I took her two little feet, and I took it, twisted, her foot is really small, and my hands are as long as my hand, although I still have a stockings, but still You can feel the softness and smoothness of her feet.

“Ah, itchy, no, don’t do this.” Zhou Qin gently struggled, I didn’t care about her, and Zhang took her toe in his mouth and sucked her toes. “Ah, don’t, my foot is over.” Zhou Qin tried to take the feet back and grab it. I am fully enjoying her feet, Zhou Qin is looking at me with a weird eye, I hugged the Qin in his arms, kissed her deeply, Zhou Qin gently resist It is also slightly opened, and it has been opened and reached out.

I contained her tongue sucking in my mouth, but my hands gently saw her clothes, kiss her neck to her chest. Zhou Qin wearing a white lace bra, more appeared in the chest and smart, then Zhou Qin closed his eyes, but suddenly seems to have been observed, trying to push me: “Don’t, don’t do this, someone will see.

I didn’t care about her, took her nurse out.

At this time, I will only have a breast cover. In the trousers stockings are white underwear, half-naked white body is more attractive, and Zhou Qin is rushed to bed, and looks at me, “” “” “I grabbed her pantyhose, and Zhou Qin also grabbed the underwear. I quickly pressed her on the bed and took off her bra. Zhou Qin hurriedly saved the chest with both hands. I play her hands open. Zhou Qin’s small breast is completely exposed to my eyes. I used one hand to grab her hands, and the other hand climbed her breasts at will. Zhou Qin’s breast is very small, it is a standard little girl. I can completely grab it all, I can pinch it very casually. Her nipple is like a red cherry. I am in a hurry to contain it in the mouth, bite •••••••••••••• is almost a crying; at this time, I am very excited! Zhou Qin’s breasts have been completely bitten by me, and the other breasts are also kneaded smoothly. She twisted her legs and wanted to break away; my mouth firmly biting her breasts, and the right hand touched her culuces and went to her lower abdomen. I stopped and stroked for a while, then grabbed her small underwear again ••• Zhou Qin saw my intention, but the hands can’t be smashed, I don’t have a lot of power to take her underwear. Down. She tightly clamped his legs, and the middle of the legs was a little thin, but very dark fluff. I still caught her hands left on her hand, she didn’t push it out.

I slowly appreciate the eyes of this smooth carcass ••• Zhou Qin is full of tears desperately look at me. I gently stroked her thigh, very fine and tender. Zhou Qin is tightering in my stroke of the leg. I put my hand in the middle of her legs in the middle, gently moved her little labipings and the middle of the small hole in the middle ••• “, beg you, don’t.” Zhou Qin slammed Body. I grabbed her pair of hands to lift her legs. She did not resist anything in my hand, but she was doing the final struggle, holding his legs tightly. I held her foot and smoked it. “Ah!” Zhou Qin painted, the legs also relaxed, I went to her legs, and looked at her little hole at close range • Zhou Qin is the first time. This look, I am so worried: “Don’t do this.” Her holes are gentled. I carefully open her vagina, so good! Her women’s film is still a complete and clear visible. I opened her little hole in my mouth, sucking, both hands grabbed her milk and rushed. ••• Zhou Qin gradually became a suggestion. I don’t want to break her female film now, I turned over and let her kneel on the bed. I quickly grabbed her little butt, very soft! I strongly kneaded, dig it a little bit, revealing her beautiful chrysanthemum. I used my fingers, and her chrysanthemum quickly contracted it. I slowly put my fingers into her chrysanthemum, and I came back and forth. •••, don’t, don’t get me here. “Zhou Qin wants to struggle to see the climb, but was firmly held in firm NS. Her chrysanthemum is very tight, wrapped in my finger tightly. I am very hard to go back and fly. She cried in bed helplessly. Slowly, her chrysanthemum was soft by me. I took it back from the side to the stool dry patient invested in her anus ••, “What are you doing?” Zhou Qin still doesn’t know my purpose, I put two pillows Put it under her belly, put her ass, put my fighting spirit, high-spirited, hidden, and the fierce force plugged in! “Ah,” Zhou Qin painted, the upper body lifted it, I took the double millet, pinch it hard, the ankle once again, put my mask completely inserted her. Chrysanthemum ••• “Ah ••••••••” Zhou Qin painfully screamed, but he can’t control it firmly. I ran back and forth in her chrysanthemum. Zhou Qin’s chrysanthemum is still very tight, I can feel her rectal like a spasm. With my throduction, she screamed, but I didn’t dare to make too much sound, and then I made me more excited. Zhou Qin’s milk has changed the shape in my hand. After ten minutes, I have a sense of strong shooting, I will pull it out, seeing her chrysanthemum has been swollen, then the Zhou Qin has turned over, shot to Zhou Qin’s face and the chest ••• At this time, Zhou Qin has become a pear flower after heavy rain.

“How are you doing this to me ?!” Zhou Qin is already a bit difficult, want to rub the semen on his face. I also grabbed her hands and bundled her hand with white tape.

“You let me go, I beg you.” Zhou Qin pleaded. I took a break in the bed, and I saw that the semen on her body didn’t do it. I dragged her legs to the bed outside, and I took my hiang to her chrysanthemum. ••• “I beg You, don’t! “Zhou Qin cried and pleaded, the legs were firmly grabbed and did not move, I said:” That’s okay, open your mouth. “I dragged her head outside the bed. Puting her mouth, I put my mask into her mouth •••, my legs closed her head, and I can’t spit it.

“Give me clean, don’t bite, otherwise!” I ordered, and screwed with her nipple with her hand, Zhou Qin painted a tremble, began to gently licked my mask, I caught She started her feet, bite her feet in his mouth, screwed her small milk, one hand, back and forth, and sometimes her thighs and ass, and my mask is also It keeps moving in her mouth.

I feel that Zhaqin struggles in my body, and my hi is fully erected in her mouth. I looked up her butt and looked at her red anus. Although I have already been developed. After that, it seems to have something short, just pick up a flower water bottle to put the little head to the anus, and I took my mask at the same time.

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