Xiao Jing is a nurse, and Ayuan is a graduate student in Engineering College. Others don’t matter, just now they have just become a good couple. He feels that she is very cute and is very gentle. She thinks he has wisdom and protects her. Male is a high priest, which is very normal.

Few people will think that Xiao Jing is a big beauty, but in fact she looks quite show. It is a bit stupid, sometimes it will show a slap in the skin, which is the most lovely and most sexy, and it is also close to her true personality.

The two have just become a couple, because Ayuan is a person who ignores the secular rules. As for Xiao Jing, although she did not know herself, in fact, her inheritance is very strong. Directly, her mother’s sexuality and sexual desire are very strong, and it is not possible to clean up.

After several hugs, close behaviors such as kissing, the two are more and more intense to the opponent’s body, and the two of the two people in the movie theater. There are very few people in the hospital, they are a couple, because the show is a love movie. Xiao Jing and Ayuan are far from others. At the beginning, Ayuan only took care of the movie, and the skin of Xiao Jing originally expected that Ayuan will have actions to her, and it is unhappy to push away Ayuan.

When he found that she was spoiled, she pulled her back and pulled her back. Xiao Jing sat on the right, and Ayuan handed almost exhausted her, hugging her. The right arm slammed her small waist, and the hand just could reach into her short shirt. He touched her belly and navel, and decided to explore it.

The cinema is black, no one knows what they have. His hand stretched into her skirt, reaching into the underwear, only touched a soft hair. He said that she would like to take a few commemorative, but she said that she was afraid of pain, and she would make it.

After that, he wanted to explore again, but his hand is not long enough, just touching a piece of things, it turned out to be a sanitary pad. He had to slap his thoughts and gently rubbed her right breast. It is just that day before the menstruation, the breast is big but not soft, but it is not important to him.

He pulled the cream down, so that he can touch her skin directly, then he finds that he is looking for, tall and talried nipples. He lighted the nipple, and the other hand caught the hand of the young and closed his pants touched his hardening penis. Xiao Jing’s body enjoys strokes, and inner heart, I feel very happy for the first time in contact with Ayuan for her erection.

She closed her eyes and gently, the whole body was softly lying on the seat. But Ayuan feels a little bit of pose, and puts her gently. The hand and then explored her body, this time he didn’t pull the cream, but from the bottom, holding the entire breast in the inside of the cream.

Xiao Jing is like drunk, just like it, when Ayuan wants to explore the next, she gently unlocked the buckle of the skirt and separated the legs. Ayuan also buckled her left foot with the right foot, and took the opportunity to separate her legs. Xiao Jing can’t stay, the sanitary pad also displays her flowing love.

His hand reached out of the skirt again, this tried from underwear left and right, but did not touch her most sensitive part. He once again reached into the underwear, and the bushes pushed the pad, and finally found something he was looking for. His index finger entered a teenage of the most sacred slit. Although I can’t develop it to the cave, I have a forefinger by the warm and lips in both sides, and it is also the same. His finger found the clitoris, he heard Xiao Jing Zhang opened his mouth.

He immediately stretched his left hand to her mouth into her mouth, got her tongue and teeth. She sucking his fingers and felt that the body has been occupied by him, she will always remember the feeling of being paid by Ayuan. At the end, he smoke his finger, the left hand is her saliva, and the right hand is a liquid. I am afraid that there is no more sensuality than them. She suddenly shy, but her heart was afraid.

After a while, the two feelings have increased, the degree of entanglement is increasing, and the trail behavior is more and more. She is very gentle to him, he also cares for her. This day is an inconspicuous day in the early summer, two people have dinner in a high-end restaurant, and Ayuan takes Xiao Jing back to his work to take some things.

There are not many people who remain in the school in the evening, and all the class has ended, Ayuan pulls Xiao Jing to a unmanned classroom, and the two will not help but kiss. There is a twenty small classroom, each with a single bed. Ayuan took the door and took a further action.

I can’t wait to pick up her clothes and attack her double milk. Hands in the right milk, the tongue is turning on the top of her left. After that he sucked the nipple, it was not easy to add the small nipple.

Ayuan is further, she lying on the table in the table, so that he will drop the pet to her. He kissed her mouth and face, and his hand was still talking. He pressed Xiao Jing, she realized that there would happen tonight. She is a bit resistant to and restless, but she can’t help her deep desire, I have to let him put. Api’s focus move down, unlocking her skirt. At this time, her feet was landing, and he was easy to let this obstacle to the ground. He touched her thigh and decided to take her underwear. Although the light is dim, Xiao Jing knows that her private parts have been fully exposed to him, shy, and close the legs.

He dially her hair, then use a finger to try to enter the area between her legs. The finger touches a wet, prove she is enjoying. Xiao Jing began to relax, he used his hands to separate her legs, then attacked with his tongue. She is shy, and she said that she still took a shower, but he said not tight.

He smelled the girl’s urine and sweat, and it was very exciting with his incense with her neck. He first hits the clitoris with the tip of the tongue, and then advance it to the small hole. He pushed his strength to be in force, and the half tongue swims in the middle of two labips. Xiao Jing excitedly screamed, Ayuan was shocked, afraid that someone nearby, stopping actions. But he immediately judged that there is no danger, and he continued to do things.

He used his hand to gently dial the clitoris, appreciate it carefully, and then let it kiss the little mouth and the red face, to show your love, and then he began to unlock his trousers. Male symbols have been quite straight, but he doesn’t know how to do it, just try to advance toward the goal, and there is certainly not successful posture.

He put her all the whole pose to the table, and now the table is the big bed of the cave. He thought that the position has been aligned, but it is always only to bring the glans into two labians. Xiao Jing saw him helpless and started to take the initiative. Her hand caught his penis, this is what she truly held his first time.

She used her index finger and her to help his penis and led him into her body. He felt that the position had been found, and he pushed into her vagina. She felt strong stinging and screamed. Ayuan is afraid of her pain, stopping the action. She has a few times. The two stopped soon, he moved again. She endured her hike, enjoy the thrill of vaginal filled and the uterus suffered hit, and the heart was sweetly enjoyed by him, the lower body and the hearts felt very warm.

After a while, he went to the vertex, broke out, full of semen into her body. She suddenly surprised she didn’t want to be pregnant, I want to push Ayuan, but it is too late. She climbed up and cried, and Ayuan hugged her and said that she would protect her. She calm down, two people grabbed each other.

Since then, the two relationships are more intimate. Skip other plots, today, no one in his family, take her back home. She knows in advance, so prepared a set of pink sexy pajamas. After visiting his house, she replaced the sleepers in the bathroom.

He hugged her. She is lying on the bed, he climbs to her. He pulled the sling of the pajamas. Not a few, only the bra was left in her body, and after another, her naked body was present in front of him.

I saw the whole body and white and slipped Xiao Jing, and the Ayuan was drunk. He kissed her whole body, starting from the lips, to the ear, neck. He pulled up her arm kissed her, she suddenly shy. He kisses her chest, double milky, and then specializes at the small nipple.

She is shy and excited, and at this time he again, kisses her belly and navel, suddenly jumping to the bottom of her feet, then up to the thigh. The skin of her foot is not beautiful, but does not reduce his interest. Especially between the legs, he dials her hairy and then started to touch and kiss her clitoris and labians.

At this time, Ayuan has taken off the clothes, but also specializes to Xiaojing’s body, and caught her hand to touch his penis, and then put it over her pussy and screamed. She opened the thigh to allow it to enter, but he fails to be in the case of an incomplete position. Xiao Jing issued a sensuality, impatient, called him to insert it quickly.

Finally he succeeded, not stopping. She will enjoy this wholeheartedly, that is warm, open up the original closed vagina, impact her deep, so that she has endless pleasure. He whispered to she cums in her body, she nodded. He continued to pump, Xiao Jing looked, it had completely uncomfortable feelings. She holds Ayuan with my legs, closes my eyes, and I am shocked. The breast is also shaking it.

Finally, he took the semen into her body, and the naked two was embracing on the bed. He touched her back, two people were sweet, and then the four eyes were looking forward. She afquered his emperor, he afquered her symbolic snoring. He climbed up, two naked to sit. The semen in her vagina flows out, covered with the labians and the entire lower body. He saw it, there is an inexplicable excitement and pride. After the event, Xiao Jing wore underwear and pajamas, but Ayuan was still unfained, and she was not willing to afford. He sat on the chair, she stood in front of him, he reached out into her nightdress and wanted to take back her underwear. Her desire has also been evoked and took the initiative to help him and rode to him. Entered, she holds the back of the chair, take a look, and he also cooperates. He deeply inserted into her body, she was excited to be like crazy. Finally, she tired, I want to stop, but Ayuan refused to let her serve him until he vent it.

Xiao Jing took him with him, and he contained him. He used his tongue to make it, but he didn’t know how to excite him. Sometimes his teeth are still painful. So he decided to use his own hand. Ayuan is lying on the couch and rides on her, touching her body while touching himself. She has been looking at him, and the penis is facing her face. Ayuan said that he had to launch, Xiao Jing is afraid to close your eyes. The white semen shot her face. She is a bit annoying, but she can’t take him with him, and I have a hurry to wash my face.

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