Kiki is not high, there is no legendary devil figure, but it is good to be small and exquisite, very popular. After graduation of nursing, I made a nurse in the hospitalization department of a big hospital. The job of nurses is required, so when I have time to go, I will always go to the hospital when I will go to the hospital. Look at her, give her a little bit of diet, so that she is not so boring at night. In fact, the work environment of the evening work is still relatively unlicensed, and there will be no major events, basically sitting in the nurse station.

In fact, there is another reason to go to the hospital to explore, that is, I like the nurses when I went to work. Now the uniform temptation is very good, my girlfriend is very cute, plus nurse clothes, it is just a Loli small nurse.

When I met Kiki, she had just broke up with the first boyfriend, and she was in a sad period. At this time, it is actually very easy. It is also a flower, but also a sweet words, let her feel in the pain. When it is warm, natural is my girlfriend. As a normal male animal, it is of course the body after getting the heart, the woman does not often say that the man is the animal who is considering the next half!

Further chance finally came, once went to celebrate a birthday, everyone gave a time to meet, when his girlfriend, the girlfriend, wearing a white sexy back-handed tube top skirt, basically hollow design, There is a black big bow in the back waist, this is still when we buy together!

Going to the bar, my girlfriend’s wine is not good, drinking two cocktails, dizzy. When everyone scattered, it was already more than 1 o’clock in the morning. Kiki has stopped unstable. I was helped by the CLUB step by step, stopped a taxi, holding her carefully. After sitting on the bus, the driver asked me, where I made it difficult, so late, what? The girlfriend is now drinking so certain cannot be sent to her home, otherwise it is unpleasant. Finally, I decided to go to the hotel, so I called the driver just a hotel.

In the door of the room, I put my girlfriend in bed, my girlfriend was lying on the bed. From my point of view, my girlfriend’s legs opened, because there is no pantyhose, it is exposed from the short skirt. Cute pink pants, my girlfriend has always likes to wear, saying that it is more breathable. I don’t know if my little brother is a bit hard. Look at the face of Kiki’s red, like a red apple, can’t get up with a bite right away.

I climbed the bed, and I went close to the ears, called the “Kiki” girlfriend did not respond; I extended his tongue on the ear of my girlfriend, my girlfriend suddenly reacted, the body twisted. I continued to lick, gently blow it to my girlfriend, and my hand has reached into the tube top skirt, because it is a tube top, so I don’t wear a bra, only two milk stickers.

Stroke Kiki’s tits, soft and flexible, I surely pull the tube top and make my girlfriend a pair of breasts to the air. Be careful to tear the milk stickers, my tongue also gradually moved from her earlings to the nipple of my girlfriend. Under my constant sucking, the nipple gradually became hard, my girlfriend also began to make a snoring, the body twist is also starting Increase.

At this time, I have a close contact with Kiki. I used to pull a hand, kiss my mouth, take a few butt and breasts. I am excited at this time! The hand began to rope down, extended to his girlfriend’s trousers, pants used the design of the side straps, as long as the side is gently pulled, Kiki completely relieved armed.

Looking around, I have a little water, I started to secrete the juice, I extended the middle finger, gently circularly on the laborary, the juice is more and more, the fingers will slide into the vagina, starting back and forth Insertion. As the speed is constantly rising, Kiki is beginning to be constantly embarrassed. The conscious begins to wake up; I added two fingers, continue to add, increase the friction of the labia, and Kiki has begun to become a loan.

I haven’t seen the opportunity, so I took off my pants and put the thick brother. At this time, my girlfriend suddenly began to resist, and retired back, shouted “Don’t, don’t”, don’t care, I will pull her back, but I’ve been breaking away by her.

My girlfriend got up and hugged me, said with a trembling tone: “Don’t … I am not ready yet.”

I am a little angry when I hear my heart: “I am not ready, don’t you love me?”

Kiki said: “I … I … I …”

“What are you!”

I am very uncomfortable.

Probably my snoring was scared, she started crying, tears, bulld. My heart suddenly came down, I had to comfort her: “The baby doesn’t cry, it is not good, it should not be so fierce.” My girlfriend said: “In fact, people still have a woman, I … I … I am afraid of pain. “

I listened, I stayed at once, the original girlfriend is still a woman! I have not asked her before my boyfriend, and I thought she had done by the former boyfriend!

“The former boyfriend is because I refuse to do it with him, I will borrow my breakup.”

My girlfriend continued to say.

My heart began to loosen. It turns out that my girlfriend is so conservative, or it is also a serious reason! I said softly: “Then I will wait for you to prepare! The baby should not cry, the father-in-law loves you, will not force you.”

Having said that, the sword is in the string, you have to send it! I said: “But your baby, the little brother is so hard, what should I do?”

The girlfriend was silent, and looked up at my eyes and said: “Mong Kong, or do you help you use your mouth?”

I nodded, lying on the bed, my girlfriend climbed to my brother’s side shy and helped me. Because the younger brother rose very big, barely stuffed into the little mouth of your girlfriend, his mouth of his girlfriend sent a “…”

The voice, it seems that the girlfriend has tried to make his mouth.

As her little tongue beats on my glans, I really feel so comfortable, a stimulus feels from the glans to the whole body. Just like this, my girlfriend has a girlfriend, I began to get the girlfriend, so let my girlfriend be squatted on the bed, my two legs were separated, standing in her, and the glans lay again in the mouth of my girlfriend. .

I started slowly, starting more shallow, gradually I started accelerating the speed, and the glans also began to arrive at the throat of my girlfriend. As I turned down, my girlfriend’s saliva came down with my meat stick, I looked at this lascivious scene and began to be more powerful.

The girlfriend began a little uncomfortable, constantly coughing, my glans is under the stimulation of deep throat, a full of messenger is spread all over the whole body, the whole body began to tighten, under this stimulation, I finally broke out in the mouth of my girlfriend. After I broke out, I was constantly sucking my glans. I left my protein and left her mouth. When I pulled out the meat stick, the white semen flowed down along the mouth of my girlfriend. The picture is really a lot of sensuality! The A film has also seen a similar picture, but it is immersed, that feels more exciting.

I only knew afterwards, my girlfriend did not let the ex-boyfriend didn’t let the ex-boyfriend, so often helped him, and no wonder the technology of blowing!

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