Beautiful young woman walks into the book, knocking a teenager sitting at the desk. The teenage seventeen, eight years old, a pair of thieves slipped everywhere.

“Little Moon, I am hungry! Now I have 5 o’clock, do you want to do it again?” Beauty young woman is a high school teacher, and Lin Yue is a military, all the year round is a person at home. So, often received a one-stop family, and this family’s child Wang Wei, I just thought of high three this year. Because the course is very heavy, I have to ask my tutor to make tutoring, so take the initiative to make a high three lessons.

“Which of you don’t know? Ok, take a break, let your parents are not at home tonight, you are eating. You go to the living room to watch TV.” Lin Moon looked at a wall I said with a smile.

In a blink of an eye, Xiao Wei has finished hard work has been 11 o’clock. Lin Yue stretched his arms, hurred, and the proud chest completely developed in front of Xiaowei, Xiao Wei couldn’t help but stare at everything in front of him, tough swallowed a spit.

“What?! From small, you will not learn.” Lin Moon glanced at Xiaowei, knocked his head with his hand.

“That’s because the little moon is too beautiful, I can’t help but help.” Xiao Wei touched the head and said.

“Okay, don’t be poor. I am so late, I will sleep today, anyway, your parents are not at home. I will go to the house next to it. You know how you are turning around.” After returning the room, I closed the door.

Xiaowei looked at Lin Moon sexy back and striped the smell of saliva, the twisted body under nightgown, the dry mouth of the mouth, the lower body, the lower body, also supported the small tent. However, there is no way, I have to pack things on the table, walk into the bathroom and flush, solve my physiological problems, then wipe the water and go to another room.

Such a lesson continued for a month, and the middle small gains were still in the middle of the house. Sometimes they live in Lin Moon, and the two familiar with us often, and Xiao Wei Mom also cares for this neighbor.

This day, Xiaowei came again to Lin Yue family to make homework, but the window is dark, and the thunder is big, and it will look at the rain.

“Xiaowei, always thunder today, do not open the lights, I will sleep early today, I see the sky is not good, I will sleep in my house today.” Lin Yue came over from the window, laughing Xiao Wei said.

“Oh yeah, it’s great, I can finally take a break!” Xiaowei excitedly jumped up. “Hey, Xiaoyue, how do you knock me again?” Lin Yue saw Xiao Wei’s excitement, he did not feel angry, and he was a little lesson.

“Today is a bad weather, learn more efforts tomorrow, and think about playing all day.”

“Yes, I will work hard tomorrow.” Xiaowei quickly lowered his expression, and his eyes closed his face to Lin Moon. It was found that there was no life.

“Well, go to bed early.” Lin Yue, Li Wei, turned and turned to the bedroom.

Xiao Wei also entered his bedroom. It couldn’t sleep over. It’s all the enchanting body that I thought in my mind. Every time I twisted it as if I have a good time. I want to give up today. It is a pity. . So the courage, holding the pillow to the forest moon door, gently knocked three. But I found no one’s response, I couldn’t help but feel happy, and I slept softly, but I didn’t want to lock it. Xiaowei looked at the lock was also disappointed. Put the last hopes and knocked the door door.

“Who?” The question of Lin Moon came from the bedroom.

Xiao Wei, I am busy, “It is me, Xiaowei, Xiaoyue, you open the door.”

“Xiaowei, what’s wrong? Why don’t you go to sleep?” The door opened, and Lin Moon looked at Xiao Wei asked.

“I, I am afraid to thunder, I can’t sleep.” Xiao Wei lowered his head, panicked, and was afraid that Lin Moon saw his own mind.

Lin Yue saw Xiao Wei’s face uneasiness, thinking is a big boys afraid to make a thunder, and there is not much thought, so I asked.

“What should I do? Is it good to go home so late?”

“Little Moon, I am sleeping with you?” Xiao Wei saw a chance, and he quickly said his idea, and the restless waiting for Lin Yue’s answer.

“Well, but …”

“Ask you, the little moon, just one night, ok? I guarantee that I don’t want to snoring.” Xiaowei wanted to refuse, she didn’t wait for him to say quickly.

After Lin Yue, “Hey” smile, “Okay, sleep, you can do it.”

“Grace, must.” Xiaowei’s relatives and thought, even busy nodded. Then follow Lin Yue to the bed, put the pillow on one side and lying along with Lin Moon. Although the plan has been completed, how to act next, Xiaowei still does not have a half-point method, thinking, thinking about it, is it possible to plan this? If it is suddenly shot, it is determined by Lin Moon, then tell his parents, it is unbearable. But abandon the plan, that … just at this time, suddenly thunder, the windows, deafening, Lin Yue, the forest, the whole body. How can Xiao Wei look like this good opportunity? So, “Ah”, then the hands and death hugged the next Lin Moon, the nervous face brushed white, and Lin Yue was also scared, but Xiao Wei “scared” is white, and also I have to break free, I have to comfort it.

“Xiao Wei is not afraid, oh, it’s okay, I will pass it for a while.” Although the words, the window is still rumbling, Xiao Wei is willing to release hands? I even hug it more, I murmured.

“Little Mason, I am so afraid, let me hold for a while? I will take it! It is usually to hhip, my mother is holding me.”

Lin Moon has no way, and the heart wants Xiao Wei is still small, this is no wonder. So gently took Xiao Wei in his arms. Xiaowei saw the plan, immediately buried his face in the long chest of Lin Moon, and roses a few times from time to time, to express the comfort of lying. And Lin Yue saw Xiao Wei actually put his face in his chest, I wanted to launch it, but I feel somewhat improper, I also have a little hand. Xiaowei saw his face is buried here. Lin Yue, even has no objection, but also happy, but not too big, still slowly rubbed in the elastic chest of Lin Moon, then Lin Yue has already taken off. The bra, Xiaowei shakes more proud.

Lin Yue did not feel, and it was a bit fever, and it was very comfortable. Lin Moon’s ability, it should be immediately pushed away, but it is so comfortable that it will be so comfortable. Something is a little, and if Xiaowei is still a child, will not push away But it is slightly tight. Xiaowei is even more exciting, and the action is also slightly increased. It feels that Lin Yue is getting hotter and hotter, and there are some breathles in the mouth. Lin Moon feels that his mouth is dry, and it is a bit weak. The lower abdomen seems to have a fire, and there is also a big trend. I can’t continue this. Wei said.

“Xiaowei, sister has some thirst, you will let me get up, I drink some water.”

Xiaowei saw, which is willing to let go, I have to go, “Little Moon, I am very afraid.” Said that he had a more tight, and his movements were even bigger, and the lips were touched from time to time. Turning nipple. A burst of pleasure is constantly impacting the nerves of Lin Moon, the body is even more powerful, and it feels that Xiaowei is constantly gasping, so that the whole body is thinking to put it away, and the mouth called.

“Xiao Wei, you will release me first, or I will tell your mother tomorrow.”

Xiao Wei felt that Lin Yue had some rebellion, and he quickly increased its offensive, reach out of the tongue, licking the pajamas on the mouth, and biting, absolutely biting from time to time. “Well”, the pajamas only has a thin layer, and the naked eye can see the crisp in the inside, and it will not be able to attack the attack of Xiaowei. Lin Moon feels that the whole body is like being shocked, the whole body is stiff, and the thrill is instantaneous, and the nipple that has been hard in the chest spread throughout the body, and it is not allowed to hug Xiaowei’s head. “God, just like this, I actually reached a climax! Is it so powerful now?” Lin Yue can’t believe that when you want to push Xiao Wei, when you want to push, there is no strength. There is a whispering in the mouth, and even the body is not twisted by the autonomy. I didn’t have strength. After some struggle, Lin Yue did not not push Xiaowei, but let his head and hand drilled into his pajamas, just in pajamas, it is still so sensitive, now evolved into direct contact, Lin Yue Even the brain can not continue to think, only feel the soul seems to be subjected to Xiaowei’s dexterous tongue, and the body that is absorbed by the body, and the mind is like his husband is usually the same. Naturally unconsciously filled with Xiaowei, hugged his head to make it more convenient, the mouth is also consciously whisper, “Um ……”

I don’t know when Xiaowei left the left hand, reached into the underwear of Lin Moon, and constantly recovering the body, maybe it is so wet, and a left hand is constantly innecting. Small obscene pockets and yuki friction. Just when Xiao Wei took the little peas, Lin Yue was trembled, and then immediately woke up, but found that there was only one underwear left, and the pajamas did not know when they were dragged. I think of my own expression, even Lin Yue himself feels shameless, but now it is not to be more than these, now I must stop Xiaowei as soon as possible, I don’t know where to come, Lin Moon opened. The hand on my own body, so that my tone as a fierce fierce, said to Xiao Wei. “Xiaowei, you, you will stop now, I just didn’t have anything. Or, I must tell you these moms tomorrow.” Although I have made myself fierce, but the face is shy, but also Gas and red expressions, how to see it can’t get a variety of functions. However, Lin Yue is still a threat to the mother of Xiaowei’s most fear.

At this time, Xiaowei was also shocked, and his hand was slow, but it was also difficult to ride, it was really finished. So Xiaowei is also a heart, it is necessary to do it, and it is exported anyway. Laughing on your face.

“Little Moon, you just didn’t say this! Just like the ‘hardship’?” After finishing, there is no scruple, put Lin Yue to the bed, one hand is moving straight into it, and the other hand is not idle, and the mouth is attacked by the mouth of Lin Moon.

“Ah … Xiao Wei … you … ah … you … let go … I … ah … 喔 …” Lin Yue saw Xiao Wei first, thinking that it really gave up, Fortunately. After seeing the little power, I said that the words, Lin Yue is ashamed to find a seam, just want to refute him, I didn’t expect him to suddenly, completely disrupt their own ideas, especially the upper and lower clams. The sudden pleasure is even more likely to be in some words. This time, I have just attacked my own crisp, just have an illusion in the morning, and this wave of pleasure is constantly stimulating the nerve, making yourself more and more awake, but this is the most awake Make people, she has already felt that the lower body has been obscencing, the feeling of emptiness, I really hope to be inserted, fulfilling myself. The desire of reason and the body is going to fight, torture Lin Moon is not awkward, and the body is not complying with Xiaowei’s movements, his legs, the lattice is completely present in front of Xiaowei, Lin Moon is ashamed, and there is no need. Nowadays, I have been fainting in the past, but the reality is often violent.

“Don’t … don’t … don’t … Xiaowei … ah … ah …” Lin Moon feels that Xiaowei’s hand is touching a nerve in his honey, so that he is constantly warping The comfortable pleasure can not be described in the language, just like the soul fly out of his body, just like the paradise, but this feeling Lin Yue has never experienced, the soul is constantly flying, but the more flying is like there is no end. And the lower body actually rises such a urine constant so his own nerve. When you have peeing in front of others, this is just that Lin Yue can’t imagine, but this urocem is a wave of moral bottom line that is shameful. Now there is a gap, Lin Yuezhen hopes that it will be turned away immediately. This also makes her very fearful and shy. This kind of fairy is like death, the distance is like heaven is like hell feeling to make his nerve to the limit, and this kind of means of justice, the psychology, so that the pleasure has doubled.

Lin Yue did not know how to push the man’s own man, but let himself have to be tolerated, I actually open the thigh to open the biggest, so that my private parts are completely exposed to their own students, let her ashamed is I actually work with Xiaowei’s actions, and I can’t stop. “Stop, stop, stop! How can I make such a sensuality in front of a child ?! Is this still me? Oh, the sky! Don’t I am a lascivious woman? I beg you, stop Come down! “Lin Moon constantly wanted to call his own ingredients, but the body has already been dominated by desires, completely does not listen from his own command. In contrast, a pleasant plenary invaded himself, and the sorrowful Lin Moon has gathered against resistance. “Give up, this wonderful pleasure, you are a woman, give up. This is comfortable, oh … too cool …” “No, don’t. I am his teacher, I, how Can so sensuality … ah … this is not me … this … is not … Oh … for, why can’t stop … “

“Ah 喔 喔 … Xiaowei … stop … um um … stop … Quick stop … Ask you … Fast … fast … ah … stop … I … I have to do it. It is … ah … ah … “Lin Moon evoked only a little reason, swinging his arms in his mouth, shouting in the mouth, borrowing from this to hope that Xiaowei will stop, but Xiao Wei is obviously not stopped. Meaning, but the movement is getting faster and faster, getting bigger and bigger, and attacking the lascites of Lin Moon, the milk white lascivious water is constantly moving, and the butt stream is on the bed. “Ah … Scorpio … ah … no … … ah … fly … Have to fly … ah … ah … ah … um …” Lin Yue only feels that the “bang” is suddenly broken, and his soul is also broken, it is like a uroce in the vagina, like a fountain, and shooting Xiaowei. One, and a blank in his own brain, his eyes closed, the body can’t control the convulsions, just like this to fully understand the world’s bliss. Xiao Wei was shocked. Fang Lin Moon’s legs, constantly, tall, and they have no hesitation, but they have not hesitated, and they are constantly increasing. After Lin Yue spurted the water, Xiaowei’s movements were also stopped, and it was also confused, but it was constantly convulsive. Will it be true “dead”? Xiaowei is also more fear, but there is no way. At this time, Lin Yue suddenly sat down to hug Xiaowei.

After the short shock, Lin Moon gradually slowed over. Just a pleasant feeling is like entering paradise, it is unforgettable, and women can sacrifice everything for those happiness, and even died. And after it has just been, the desire has already hit the rationality, and it is a little ashamed. I found Xiao Wei in front of you, and I didn’t hesitate to put it into your arms and put his head on his own full chest. Xiaowei’s head buried on the soft breasts in Linyue. The woman was in the aroma to move into her nose. When he hesitated, he immediately turned to the brain, his eyes became popular like a bull, desire again. Occupy the wind. Both hands are in a breast enhancement that is in touch with yourself.

“Well, light bit, um, right. Under sucking.” Lin Yue is like a silk, whispering.

At this time, Xiaowei quickly took out the cock from his trousers, and the greenness tangled giants had already risen. Xiaowei gave the pussy in front of the prostitute DC, and did not say, “” is income.

“Ah … so comfortable …” Lin Yue felt that he was completely stuffed, and the big glans stimulated with flowers, and the moon trembled.

And the sound of Lin Yue seems to blow the charge, Xiaowei’s speed is getting faster and faster, a wave of pleasure hits again, but this pleasure is completely different, but it is so happy. Such as the fairyland, Lin Yue loudly, constantly routing, venting himself.

“Ah … ah … good … so comfortable … ah … you have to die … so cool … don’t stop … ah … cool … ah …” Lin Yue did not expect himself to say such a sensuality If it is, it is even more pleasant than the original consistent depression.

The two people constantly spread out of the “”, “哧” collision, the intersection of the flesh and the body, and the flavor of the erosion is diffused. Xiaowei looked at the Xiaoyue Sister, usually, and his own happened, and he was very excited, and it was an unusual excitement. Xiaowei? The feet of the starting month is a deeper inserted.

“Little Moon, Cool, Cool?” Xiao Wei’s gout looked at Lin Yue.

“Cool … ah … cool dead … Small … Xiaowei … ah … dry … Dry me … Don’t stop … Oh … oh … don’t … not … ah …… Comfortable and dead … “Lin Moon hands smashed his full double milk, showing messy, and there was no meaningful lace.

“Ah … fast … Xiaowei … ah … hurry up … Fast … hurry to die … Ah …” Lin Yue’s hands continued to grasp, make a pillow, was shattered in a mess, try to His own pussy is higher, it is obviously a climax. Xiaowei see this situation has also accelerated the speed of pump, and it hits the heart every time.

“Ah, ah … can’t be … oh … too cool … is … It is coming … I am coming … ah, ah … ah … ah … “Lin Moon grabbed the sheets, his eyes closed, the pussy was constantly struggling, the more, the higher the body trembling, Jiaojiachang. Heroes also constantly shrink, sucking Xiao Wei’s dick. Xiaowei’s temperament of the melted steel, and suddenly can’t hold it, he couldn’t hold it, and a smashing is mad.

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