I got a university. I saw almost all of my girlfriends, and the school-owned households were not at home.

Just said that the first grade girlfriend in the class, only had a university, and scraped two uterus. It is said that this may have a bad impact on fertility, but the sea is quite uncomfortable, but also says Not the most, because their group has three girlfriends, the number of abortion in the three girlfriends is second … The gossip is constantly, I am too tickle in my heart, I always want to pay My girlfriend also slows my sexy compression; but there is no choice but to say that I can’t say a few words, I will be embarrassed, and people have little and thin – I will not take the initiative, I have no girl. So yourself.

When I was in the last semester, I bought a computer in the bedroom, so interest is placed on the computer, but I often have some confusion, I will search for some of the a piece from time to time, but I don’t often be Classmates shared, I feel uncomfortable, and I am often only one person in the second bedroom.

This night, only me in the bedroom, I took Zhang A to look up, it is Japan, raped students, really fun!咦, how is it so late, someone else hurts? It is definitely the small East of the next door to the film, I am jealous: I am bored! Standing up and pulled the door straight.

Ah? ! why you? I am surprised: Xiao said that in front of me – Xiaoyu is a member of our class, I secretly loved her for a long time, but I have never expressed her. The classmates often open me and her joke. If you come back late, you will say it. Sluit, I have never seen her close to her: there is not high, about 160cm, wearing a thin white short sleeve, two small white balls if there is a hidden, dark blue shorts, pink slippers, no socks, two Only the little feet are white and tender; in fact, her body is not outstanding, it seems to have only 33 inches, but the appearance is very beautiful, short hair is shoulder, the lip red is white, the melon face with a pure temperament, eyes And a pair of white and sliding thighs are naked in shorts, and people want to be non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non –

Why, don’t you welcome? Xiaoyu looked at me, the cherry is a tale. How is it? Please come in! I quickly let go … Ah – this … this is? Xiaoyu called, holding his eyes with his hand.

I think I am still watching a film! ! ! I saw a huge penis on the picture, and the whole person was suddenly pushed … I suddenly stiffly, I thought I was really finished this time. Single is my dream, Xiaoyu, is not dead. I also made me have a half-life. If she told the class in the class, one pass ten, ten pass hundred – class teacher, parents …

what are you doing? I …, think about how to get off, I secretly looked at her, I found that she rose red face, breathing urgently, did not expect her to be so beautiful at this time.

At this time, I had a blood of my brain. I can’t take care of it. I saw the opportunity, I took her, kissed her, muttered with her: I love you, I love you … she is stubborn Toring the head, but I am more intensely moved, blocked her actions, my tongue slid into her mouth, sucking her Jinlui, the tip of the tongue, with the tip of the tongue, to the tip of the tongue, white teeth, then contain Live her naughty tongue.

Our double lips are tightly lean, my breathing begins to make it. This is my first kiss, but actually uses this kind of violence! Xiaoyu’s soft lips, let me have a feeling of current.

I pressed her on the closet and drove her lower abdomen with my knees, and my hands closed with her hand, sucking her incense tongue! I can’t even imagine, I don’t even talk to girls, I am so violent now. Xiaoyu is still in tenacious resistance, um, don’t … Head wants to break free, I am more hard to kiss her … Gradually, her resistance weaken, and slowly cooperates with me.

A burst of current constantly impacted me, my little brother is about to swell, and I don’t hesitate. I have a thin shirt, and I stroked her, and then hosted her size. The hips, Hold her to bed.

Xiaoyu, do you know how boys and girls do love? I just know what I want to put the boys’ younger brother into the girl. I don’t know what I do. Xiaoyu is blushing and said gently. so cute! Let me tell you! I pulled my pants and pulled out my penis from the inside.

Said to pull out, it is better to say that it is jumping out, and there is no standing on the venue, towering above. Xiaoyu has created a sinful feeling of seeing things that should not be seen. It immediately closed his eyes. He lowered the pretty face of the red, and saw such a cute beauty, I am more passionate.

You see, this is my little brother, that is, the penis, you touched. Xiao Yu is shameless, I am sorry. I grabbed her slimmer, holding my penis, so huge penis her little hand could not hold full, the up and down the rock, it will also become bigger. Xiao Yan curiously looked at this monster. The upper and lower sets of the obedients were suddenly turned. And short sleeves, then take themselves to take themselves with the fastest speed.

She is wearing a very ordinary white bra, covering her pair of flexible breasts, can see her raised nipple, very attractive.

I stroked her breast over the bra, oh, how much flexible! The lower body is a pink silk panties, her underwear is already wet, and she can see her hammer, as well as the bright red small hole, I am excited, I feel that the little brother seems to have risen to the limit.

I turned her bra to her breasts. God, I never read the breast of the girl! Xiaoyu’s breasts are very flexible, with a small pointed nipple, I take the left hand tightly hit her jade girl, gently knead her nipple with your fingers, where to get this kind of teasing, breasts Quickly striking, my throat is slight, tap; my right hand started to move down, reach into her underwear, when I just met her private parts, I felt her body slightly Shock, no, don’t … her face rises.

I didn’t stop, but slowly stroked her hammer, her hairy is not much, but very soft, I feel that she is very humid, don’t, where it is dirty.

Hey, she is afraid that I know that she is wet, and I am sorry! More cute! Xiaoyu, don’t be shy, it is normal physiological phenomenon.

I said softly. Hey, hey – Xiaoyu gently squat.

My hand finally arrived at her little hole, and I learned a piece of male protagonist to make her big ladle with my fingers, turned away from her little labipings, and play with her joyucleot.

Xiaoyu is constantly embarrassing, and her petals have a slowly seep. After the finger feels warm, I put the petals more boldly, the finger continues to advance, and the middle refers to her small hole.

Ah – Xiaoyu is in this moment, the whole body is tense, and the long eyelashes began to tremble.

The small hole is wet slippery, I feel that the fingers will be hot as hot. Slowly, the middle finger has entered the root, the soft meat is completely wrapped in the finger, my fingers are stirred inside, then the wet meat is strong, it seems to take my fingers.

The fingers inserted in the petal are rotated like stirring, and the petals open in wet are unreasonable.

Ah … don’t … don’t … “You have seen my little brother, now I will see your little sister? Ah … no – I don’t wait for Xiaoyu, just put her The legs are lifted, becoming a very sensual posture, and then push the panties into her foot tip, smoothly put her trousers to the foot root, and then take it with hand, move the head, I finally Have a chance to look at the secret of the girl! I saw the black and bright inconsistency, and there was a piece of flesh in the center of the thigh.

I put the whole face in the past, and I look at it carefully. Her lips were slightly opened, but I saw two pink little labips inside, so I was careful to separate it. I saw the clitoris, and I only saw some sides. I saw an atomic pen thick. The small hole, surrounded by the tissue of the meat, it may be her mirror.

I stretched the nose and smelled, and there were soaps. It is too tempting!

Let me taste your honey! Do not reply, I have buried my head between her legs, taste her little tender point – I quickly lick Xiao Xiao’s labie with the tongue.

Don’t, dirty – ah, ah … never been so exciting Xiaohui gradually began to snoring loudly, this strong pleasure made Xiaozu’s tightness in my waist, My hair, but she was red, shy to see people because of strong shame, ashamed to see people.

Looking at the shares that are separated from left and right to the limit, I used the tongue from the downward and dig the crack of petals. The crack is separated, and the flower buds are exposed from the inside, and the little meat is mixed with honey.

Oh, don’t … Hey, – Little muffress is very fast, that feels that Xiao Yu feels.

The more and more powerful, so that her body is vigorous, and their hands have grown my hair. Her thigh followed the sound of the sound, it seems that I have echoed the voice, and I also passed the intermittent snoring from the mouth of Xiaoyan.

Ah … ah … ah … a kind of feelings that cannot be sent in her physical and mental.

Under my strong offensive, a honey juice is sprayed from Xiaoyan’s tender points, and the laborary is also non-stop; Xiao Yu’s mysterious stream, because of the sputum and saliva, It has become a shiny temple, and the pink honey lips are also completely turned into red, and the small meat inside is constantly trembling.

Xiaoyu has been in the exciting swirls … I know is time.

I looked up and unload Xiao Yu’s bra, brought to her hips, said to her: Xiao Yan, the real test is coming.

Is it a little better? I am afraid … pain … she said that she is red and said. I nodded, separated her legs, let her knees bend, so she is so good.

I can’t figure it out. In the end, it is still too much, and the prostitute has wet her butt, and then looks at my bed. It is also wet a large piece; see Xiaoyu’s so many obscenes, I am extremely enthusiastic .

I first grab the little brother around her clitoris, then sang down on the middle of the two small labs, and then provoked it, and put her prostitute once. The whole pussy.

Come in! Don’t … this … “At this time, the heart in Xiaoyao is completely tawned.

After I heard, I immediately put the little brother into it. I only plugged into the glans, she kept squatting, and her hands closed the bed, and the teeth were bite the lower lips, and the breathing was more urgent.

I will continue to advance, but the little brother has entered half of the way.

I am also the first time, not how much is more skilled than her, just a piece and porn novels, I think some of these plots, skills, I suddenly force it to come up, with “ah” scream, penis I finally broke through her house, I suddenly felt violent pain in the shoulder – I used Xiao Xiao bit my shoulder – that but she never experienced tremorial feelings! I stopped waiting for her, and I also feel the feeling of her entire vagina.

Is this doing love? The feeling of curious feeling, feeling is not the same, the light is the softness of the meat, and it is difficult to describe, this feeling is difficult to describe, hot and smooth, it seems to be a lot of hot and very smooth. The warm water is tightly wrapped; not to mention beautiful faces, delicate double milk for actual love.

Is it still painful? After a while, I asked her softly, she nodded.

I know that she is still very painful, kisses her, gently stroking her breast and body on both sides.

Slowly, Xiaoyu started. I also slowly, gently twitch the penis, look at her expression, her expression is cute, sometimes frowning, sometimes bites with a lips but takes a pleasure.

I slowly twitch, every time I move, I feel that there are many small points in stimulating my penis. Her obscenities have grown out, wet my whole penis, even flowing to me. On the thigh … Xiao Xiao is tightly holding me, the nose calls out a burst of hot, the eyes are fascinating, the cheeks are like fire … Hey, hey – hold me, I want, I want … – she It seems that it has been completely indulged to this lust game.

Perhaps it is too close, and even the tears are squeezed out; her butt is constantly twisted, her hands are constantly pushing, shaking me.

Under this stimulation, my beast desire continues to expand strongly, I accelerate my intersection speed.

Gradually, the inserted movement gradually became smooth, my movements were faster, and the body touched in Xiaoyu butt, and accelerated.

Ah, ah, ah … fast – begging you – fast -, she constantly said, urging me to speed up the footsteps.

I heard Xiaoyu’s urge, my speed was more sharply accelerated. I raised it in the meat, and the penis rose is even more powerful, and it is more harder.

Interrogate you, kill you! ! ! I called in my heart.

My penis was deeply embarrassed once and I didn’t enter her meat.

Xiaoyang shakes, can’t make the body reply to the original position, my impact sent it up again. Once again, Xiaoshen’s finger’s face showed a horrible distortion, and it is also a very exciting distortion. Full of bright blush; frequently pumping make Xiao Zai fails to spit the snoring, they were rushing away by the next snoring, repeatedly, just like an will be overwhelming in the water. That is a kind of excitement that cannot be met, like violent.

The expanded glans rushed to the left of her vagina, and the hard columnar is fiercely stimulating the poor small meat core and labipings, and the capsules of the meat ribs violently hit the petals of the sputum, and the spectrum came out of a chaos. War of war.

Even her secretion is not enough for me to enter and exit, once secreted, immediately by the talls of the glans, the two people are wet, and the following wet is wet, such as water.

For a while, a frenzy, the top of Xiaoyu is crazy, her feet are in bed, and the hands are in trouble.

My cheek is posted on her breasts, forgetting to open the mouth, let the smeal don’t know how to shame in her chest; I take the roots, hold her slim waist, keep pumping, the more healing The tight meat, to stimulate the congestive glans, go to the frictional meat stick, so that you will fly, the higher the peak of sex.

Xiaoyu is a huge and vigorous and thrilling, it is a fainting! Her big mouth is shaking, and the opening of the opening, it is difficult to imitate, how can it be tremble with the vagina? My little brother seems to be tightly covered by warm meat, there is a kind of feeling that is not put; her belly has also begun to shrink quickly, dramatically undulate.

A strong stimuli suddenly overfits into the brain from the lower body, it is a sudden, even the stimuli that I don’t have to prepare, it is very intense.

I suddenly became a black, and the warmth of the sky was gathered in our two places. It seems that there is something to explode in the body, change my abdominal muscles and horses, can’t make the whole Under the end of the hole, I shot at half of her wet hole wall.

The closed feeling of semen rose, the semen feels that it is liberated, and the happy pleasure has risen to my brain. Every time I have a tick I strongly thoroughly, I struggled to spit out a semen, I Fantasy wants my semen into her vagina, filled her uterus … Inserting an injection of about more than one hour, I am weak in Xiaoyu.

But my penis is still intermittently swelling, and every time there are some burning liquids scattered in Xiaoyu’s uterus.

At this time, Xiaoyu felt the thrill of expansion has been interrupted, and the body has a loching sense of the end, but it is still in the instinct. I will shoot a semen. I will shoot a deep place in the deep body, shooting The spermous meat rod is slightly shrinking, so burying in Xiaoyu, enjoying the long rhyme after the climax.

… finally, I took out my penis from her secret.

I went to the waist and saw the mixture of semen, obscene, and saliva in the small meat hole, and rushed down in the thigh. I took the paper and wipe the inside of her thigh.

Xiaoyu scorpion breathed, I used my hand very much pity that I just combined, and smashed a cluster cluster.

Is it still painful? I looked at her, my index finger and middle finger were hob hobbone to the labie labelling, and then pinched the slippery small meat.

As I have a move, she constantly trembled, and she shook his head. After a while, she was unable to shoot my hand, and I don’t allow me to continue her chair.

After a while, Xiaoyu replied to the sensibility from the pleasure of the climax, close the naked body close to me, lying on my chest, with a happy, satisfying the face, losing his fingers.

Looking at the little bleeding that has been rescued on the body, it is like the Wigs’ goddess, the flesh show in my eyes, ah! This is the beautiful body of my dreams, the dream of the soul! Muscle Yinsue snow, mix With sweat, reflecting the red color of the white, next is a beautiful neck, shoulder, and pink pepper, and then the cherry, the upper teeth are gently bite the lower lips, which is mouth-watering.

Xiaoyou saw me looked at her, and the little face was red and red, and closed his eyes tightly.

My little brother has a head of the head and has a desire to vent all things in the body …

Xiaoyu, is it tired? A evil is born by my heart. Xiaoyu did not answer, nor did it blink, just told it a little. Do you drink some milk? I have it here. Um.

I was secretly happy. She didn’t understand anything … I put it forward in front of the penis, Xiao Zhu felt my movement, opened his eyes, ah! No, I thought it was true! . This is really good to drink, there is nutrition! I constantly use the penis to her lips, Xiaoyong did not get up and fled, but she swayed her face left, always avoided, I rubbed my meat stick on her face.

Finally, after I was teased in a wave of waves, Xiaoyu stopped resistance, but still closed his lips.

I have gripped the penis and put her mouth as a small hole, and the left and right advanced, but still blocked the teeth of Xiao Xiao.

My glans front end has secreted a mucus, pulled out a transparent filament on Xiaoyu’s mouth, and this scene is solemn. Xiaoyu finally finally succumbed to the tooth seam, I will take the meat stick into her mouth. My firm younger brother entered a half, and her little mouth was full.

Um … um … um … Although I contained my mask, Xiao Yu still kept passive, I had to pick up in her mouth like a hole.

You move, or you can’t drink milk! I pulled her hand to hold my meat stick, “I lick it with my tongue.

Xiaoyu has been pumped by my meat stick, and I hold my penis to take the initiative to take the initiative. When the tongue encounters the glans, the meat stick also swayed, and a pleasant feeling of saying that I can’t say it. It is like a short feeling! I have a happy feelings, and a pair is not idle, one side The ground is roofed to knead her breast, and her scarlet nipple with his fingers. After a while, they become very bright.

Ah … ah … um … um … ah … “At this time, my little full body conversation, once again in the extremely exciting state.

Xiaoyu began to rush to rose the meat stick, while the tongue also started to turn to the head of the glans.

Yes, it is there. Then suck it up and down. “

Xiaoyu’s consciousness began to blur, I didn’t want to hold the meat stick in the grass, put the congestive glans in my mouth slowly sent it, and lick it to the top by the roots of the meat. Root; then put it on my glans, roll up the tongue up and down, stimulate my gentleman; then put my glans into the mouth, one side of the upper and lower, while stimulating in the mouth with the tongue Glans.

I can’t help but I can’t help it, I turned myself, so that we both became six-9 style.

I used one hand to fix Xiaoyu’s buttocks, swing before and after, sliding the hot meat stick in her mouth.

With the swing of the penis, Xiaoyou shakes up and down, constantly issues “,” 呻吟; hot glans constantly hit Xiao Yu’s soft incense tongue, her moist mouth, gentle tongue constantly stimulating Every of my nerves, I enjoy the endless pleasure … At the same time, my other hand has a ruddy gap, frivably rubbing …

Oh … her mouth contains erect penis, and the speech is unclear. Ah, I have flowed out! I checked low and sighed her full of honey.

The tongue is constantly speaking around my glans, I can’t help but stick out the tongue, I will roll up the love liquid with some smell, I feel a bit sweet.

Ah, ah … she yells in mixed.

I pinch and put her small core, with my mouth with your mouth, then more intensely suck more of the liquid liquid from the depths.

More strongly stimulated to her body, making her crazy, a trembling, I feel that my little brother is hooked tight by her cherry, and has a feeling of being sucking … I I can’t stand it.

A trembling in the waist, I officially declare in a strong convulsion, my lust is sprayed out, and the white turbid liquid is incident in her mouth, and a sudden pleasure rushed to the brain. ……

Greeway! I can’t help but call it. Ah – – I didn’t expect Xiaoyu to swallow my semen in a breath!

I looked at the semen from Xiaoyan’s mouth, and I climbed the peak of the pleasure again.

what about the taste? I asked gently. It’s a bit stunning, Xiao Yu’s beautiful face, a burst of red tide, you lie to me, how can you drink milk … This is my love for your love! I truthfully said half a holiday.

Her hands slowly relaxed, and the floating chest gradually; I lieked around her side, closed my eyes, tightly licking her, silently enjoying the peaceful storm, quietly waiting for pleasure. I am lying in bed with Xiao Zaimi, and she has already slept. Only I turned it, and slept for the just passion. Her thorns have been incense, and my lust is teased. Although the little brother has been exhausted in the passion of the appropriate tale, it is now being smooth, and it is sleeping. But I know, I will continue to pay for the flesh, and I will have to rest. I turned over to see the table, turned over and hug Xiaoyu, sucking her taste and vessel. One hour, two hours, three hours … I still turn difficult to sleep, I will be unveiled, and I will explore Xiaoyan’s double peaks, soft and can be profitable.

I played with a lotus tip, a light clip … The little brother is like an induction and hardening. I reached again and directly explored her deep forest … she turned over to be supine, and it seems to be asleep.

I left the left hand again, until the triangle of the triangle, I dialed her curly soft body, and gently stroked her secret, not a few, I feel finely flowing slightly.

I slipped over her skin, sucking her sweet milk tip, breathing the milky in her dumlate, then attached her lips, biting her tongue, and finally the red cheeks; at the same time and gently gently The entrance of her mysterious passage … Her breathing is slowly urgent, not a few, open his eyes, express the expression, the lips are slight, it seems a bit breathing …

…, I call it. Well …, she gasped, it seems like a suppression. Give me good?, I am pleasing. ……, she is ashamed, and her face rose red, and the look is delicious.

Soon, I heard that she said with an almost no sound: you are so bad … The little brother seems to be in the order of action, and the oblique is very hard.

I started to open my peach blossom, I am excitedly manipulated my meat stick, fiercely into and out of her palace … She also slammed, I got a breath, the air is the taste of love.

I took her and sat up, her legs rushed to my waist, we slammed down … The dance of the limb is staged, and the accompaniment is only a breath.

Oh, this lust night … Starting my action is not big, but every hit is very close, she is tightly leaned against my lower body, strenuous friction makes her yukota have a lot of sexy current, A large amount of secreted juice wet the wet, let the friction be reduced to the smallest.

After a while, let me have unexpected things happen: Xiao Wei holds her upper body, and the father is slightly supporting her lower body, starting to dramatically undertake her beautiful buttocks, let her meat Frequently rubbed with my meat stick.

I have never had a feeling of feeling, making her unable to control himself, and make me deeply intoxicated in this wave of impact.

“Well … do you like this …? Xiaoyu is not allowed to breathe, very blurred, and it is very intense. Strong pleasure will pass from the meat across her to me. On the meat stick, this kind of feeling is different from just a different.

When my penis is deep in the vagina that is lubricated due to obscenity, I seem to feel that my penis seems to be sucked in with Xiaoyan’s minced wall. Every piece of thrust makes me feel like it is a happy holiday. So, my movement became more and more fast, my breathing became more and more urgent. Xiaoyu also shaken her lower part with the strengthening of my penis movement, and he cooked in his mouth … ah …

The violent hand is again flexible, and the lips are attached to her lips again, and they are not commemodally disconnected from the Liyu cheeks of the Look. My finger clamping the firm nipple, crossing half a body, with an index finger into another entrance to her body.

Ah, ah – along with a stronger current, slamming from the lower body, Xiaoyu crazy, twisted his butt, shuddering.

She is tightly licking me, the beautiful face is not a noisy, and her throat is like a stuffed, and she can’t call the sound, and then the hot vagina begins to keep moving. The feet began to spasm … The hot meat is almost to make my penis burns, and the slippery mucus almost slid out.

I feel full of heat, a warmth is accompanied by the fullness of the whole body, the little brother feels that the bodies are switched, like the decisions, ah … I suddenly shouted, then a lot of semen started to spray, I feel that the whole body seems to be Once all energy, virtual off, pleasure, pleasure, criticism … row mountains and pick up … My body keeps temporary.

Xiaoyang seems to have arrived at the climax. She is shaking, and her mouth is depressed, full of low voice of the exile.

Hey … ah! – After accepting the most beautiful feelings between men and women, she is very helpless, weak, weak … I have been holding her, holding tight, sleeping with her, blessing with her, chewing this passion Pizza and lazy.

Woke up the next day, she was originally in bed, but it was no longer seen.

From this night, we were deeply frued in love with each other. Whether in the body, psychology, grown agglomeration, but not only the intelligent communication, but also young and dynasty love, our love, then do love ……

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