This article is for fantasy. I am not mature, and discomfort is not in. Do not imitate. Otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

The sun in the morning has illuminated the white curtains, the director of the Association Hospital Liu Jia habitually woke up. She remembered that she was Saturday-shekes today. Look at the son of the son sleeping with the same naked body, she can’t help but laugh:

“No wonder! If we are all in today, how can I let him play one night with me ?!”

After touching it, I still have a little hurting ass, Liu Jia’s smile flies on the cheek:

“This little beast! In the past, he only let him poke his eyes. He quarreled every day. Now let him insert it? Also, I always leave the back door.”

The heart is swept with, she reached out the blanket on her son, looking at the long and longevity of his son’s legs could not help but stretch.

I have been divorced eight years, I have been moved to this city for five years. Only the most recent month is the most fulfilling, happiest, sweetest day. This sixteenth year old teenager gave his 38-year-old mother tasted the most beautiful taste.

But when it was first, she never thought that things would have developed to today. But out of control to now, she never wants to return to the past that everything is getting controlled!

Things start with a night in early summer.

She is already 11 o’clock. The TV at home is still open, but the son is sleepy on the sofa. It turned out that I woke up my son back to my room to sleep, but a busy job a day made her very tired, and I would like to take a shower first.

So she didn’t wake up his son, so she took off the clothes to the bathroom, and even the door did not turn on the horn to start taking a shower.

For a while, the son of sleeping eyes pushed the door, and even the seat of the toilet was not unveiled, I took out the urine. She is being shampoo, seeing her son from the face of the bubble, screaming on the seat.

“Jun Jun, how do you don’t have a toilet seat? You look at it soon!”

The son is shocked, and even if you stop your nile, pick up your toilet seat:

“Mom, is it late today.”

She continued to wash her hair:

“There are many patients in the hospital today. After you are so stool, wipe the seat. Polyfang! Thanks to the son of the doctor.”

Waiting for her to wash the head, rushing away the bubble but found the son to look at their body, and the chicken is very straightforward.

She first slammed, but the doctor and mother told himself:

The son is sixteen years old, knowing things. Although I have 37 eight, but because of maintenance, the body remains more beautiful, the breasts are still drooping, the waist is still delicate …

The son must be the charm of the woman from the nakedness of this mother.

“Jun Jun!”

She called, her son is like a dream, and she will be busy with her trousers. I wiped a few seats.

I took a shower, she went to the son’s room to turn, and saw her son still sitting on the bed along her soul. The double responsibility of the mother and doctor made her feel that I needed to be a physiological class for my son.

She explains her son’s physiology, and teaches the son how to treat Spring, how to treat masturbation …

Just took out the genital genitals of my son, teaching the son how to clean the dirt in the foreskin, son’s strong semen shot in her hand.

“Mom, I am sorry. I … I can’t stand it …”

“I can’t do this in the future. … There is a need to masturbate, you can …”

Since then, she suddenly found the son secretly masturbating. But she just makes her son have a less vent and have not been placed.

One night, my son suddenly ran to her, revealing the rough and hard, rough, said to her:

“Mom, it’s broken! I got an hour I haven’t soft! It is still not soft! What should you do?”

She sighed, she reached out and holding her son’s mask began to give her son.

… Gather and slowly, and rush to rush … A young man’s breath is sprayed from her mastery. The son is in the ear of her teasing. For a while, she seems to go back to the sweet life of the teenage girl and Jun Jun Dad.

At that time, she was a student at the medical school, with a young teacher hiding in a single dormitory of a male teacher.

The two closed the lights, leaning against the quilt on the bed, I mean, I said, I said. The teacher’s hand creep in her chest, that a little breast is already a bit hard. Finally, the two will no longer speak, because the language has demonstrated it by action.

Luo Skirt is half-solved, the belt is divided, a man’s trembling hands have been outside her underwear … Her fracture has also held a grillers with the same caliber … and there is also a thick white Pulp in your own palm …

“… ah! …… Mom! You have really comfortable …”

The son’s horror woke up her. She is a bit wooden loose mince stick, cleans the semen on the hand, and pour the bed.

The next day is night shift, no patient, very idle. Without a son, she feels less. She has never had such a strong need since divorce. In the past, I always thought that the number of years was large, and sexual desire can be available. But what is it now? Is it …

This time, Junjun is a meat stick to drill into the nest, let your mother give him masturbation. She is just a non-player to play it without saying. I don’t know if my son is satisfied, she still makes her own enjoyment, she is very investing, it seems that she didn’t find that the son’s hand was not honest, but he had been creeping near the butt thigh.

After Jun Jun, she wiped her hand with her hands with the hands of the hand, and did not get up and clean, and did not catch my son to go back to my room. The two will sleep in a while.

She faintly realized that the day may come soon.

As a doctor, she doesn’t want it to come; as a mother. She dare not let it come; as a woman, she is eager to come!

Sure enough, after dinner that day, Junjun was attentively packed up the dinner table and let her watch TV. Sure enough, after a while, the son is on her side:

“Mom, are you tired? I will come to you a massage?”

I didn’t respond to my mother. Jun Jun started to take the head for my mother, then the shoulder, still asked my mother:

“Mom, is I am comfortable?”

Mom naturally nod smile, thinking in my heart: See what the tricks are there. Massage to the waist for a while, Jun Jun breathing begins to promote:

“Mom, you lay on the bed, let me massage it ?!”

“Little ghost, what bad idea? I am your mother!”

Watching my mother and answering, my son started to spoil his mother’s waist, put the head in my mother’s neck:

“Mom, my son just want to filial your filial piety.”

Said, hands were squatting on the soft belly of your mother.

“Don’t make trouble! Let your mother finish this TV series.”

Get this suggestion, Junjun is not troubled, but his hand still goes up in the mother’s abdomen and gradually moves up. Finally, I met my mother’s breasts who have been nurtured …

Slowly, my mother can’t stand it, my face is emerging, and breathing has begun to urgently.

Junjun can obviously feel the breathing and hard breasts that have suddenly begun.

Finally, my mother turned his tone:

“Tell you, bad son!”

Looking at the mother of breathing, the mother of the face, Junjun also suppressed the violent beating in the heart, closed TV, and walked at the mother to bedroom.

After fell in the bed, Junjun came to solve the mother’s shirt and exposed a white breast. After the breast cover, Jun Jun wants to solve the mamber’s buckle. She is somewhat shy, whispering:

“Jun Jun, don’t … don’t like this ……… I am your mother … You can follow your girlfriend in the future …”

“No, Mom. I just want to suck your grandmother …”

Jun Jun hinds, entangled in the breasts to solve the mother. She also suppressed impulsive, residual approach to delay:

“Jun Jun, turn the light.”

The son jumped out of bed and opened the bedside lamp and closed the chandelier in the bedroom.

“I want to take a good look at my mother.”

Junjun can’t press the mood of his joy, and quickly take off your clothes. Mother, my mother looked at the son, and the long jade stems came to you. But she has no warnings that have a half-time force to stop 理智!

The cream is finally removed, and the son’s mouth also sucks a breast, and the hand is pulled another. Pleasure hit the whole body of mother, let her add her to the ocean of desire …

Her hands also explored the son’s penis, and the reason has been in Java …

The son’s lips slowly moved down with the palm, and he was unfair to pull the mother’s white underwear after passing the navel. I smented the wet marks between the pants, praise:

“Mom is so good here.”

He threw away the underwear, and he took the mother’s leg. Turned, Jun Jun used to separate the two thighs of my mother, and put the mountains and gums. He scored the canyon and explored the inside of the cave inside with the fingertips:

“Do I have been born here?”

Liu Jia used to be tall and waist:

“Yes! You are drilled here.”

“Is it so small? Are you hurt?”

“The day of the mother! Do you understand? The days of the son is the mother’s difficult relationship.”

“I know, my mother. I want to repay you!”

“How to repay me? Do you use the way to bully your mother?”

“is this okay?”

Said, Jun Jun put his lips on the mother’s flower house, it took a while, squat. Liu Jia simmed to fly over the sky, in addition to the 呻 吟 and asthma, there is only one thought:

This kid is so good for the first time, it is probably a father?

If the son’s mouth is loose, it is tall with jade stems. But after all, it is the first time, not a diameter, and the mother will be able to top one. I’m reminded by pain, she immediately grabbed the key:

“No! Can’t, can’t be like this! Jun Jun, after all, I am your mother. We are too much. I can’t insert it!”

“No, my mother let me try again! I really want to … You are so hard here.”

The son is screaming and sticking to the mother’s body. Liu Jia also can’t eat a little, breathed the airway:

“Jun Jun, if you want to vent, your mother gives you a masturbation? Or … or … you can take it out with your mother. Ok?”

The son is still not entangled in anant:

“Mom, I want you here! …”

The meat is entangled, the Junjun’s meat stick has a mother’s ass, and there is a downward trend. Suddenly she thought of the moment I have had to have a father with Jun Jun. Suddenly, she has decided: “Jun Jun, don’t make trouble. Mom gives you a place to use. You can plug in, you can have more happiness than inserting my mother. Don’t insert your mother’s hole, ok? ? That will make your mother uneasy. “

“What is that mother?”

“Picking your mother’s ass. Your father also likes to insert your mother when you are in your mother.”

Turned, and the mother gave a round ass, a hand, holding a hole, and the other hand opened his ass.

Looking at my mother’s round buttock, my son can’t help but feel dazzling. This is the naked ass that he has the first time I saw in the first time.

In the dream, he once thought about a woman. Before I saw my mother taking a shower, I thought that the beautiful female classmate, a beautiful female teacher, even a beautiful female star, but never thought of his own beautiful mother, although mother always cares about himself. … But play with your own child’s butt before you can’t imagine!

But since the mother’s naked, he gave his own masturbation, he felt that he was in love with his mother. Especially in my mother put the ass – naked buttocks, he can’t help but kiss the flower bud in the mother’s ass.

Liu Jia’s nerve is now sensitive. The slight son’s lips and their anus have made her shook.

She wants to tell the son: Be sure to get my mother’s ass before the fartheart inserted into the mother. But she suddenly can’t open the mouth. She only feels outdated, and the efforts to educate their son don’t know there.

Sure enough, the entry of the son has been greatly difficult. Not only the son is called:

“Mom, I can’t go. I hurt my head …”

Her own anus has also been greatly torn pain. Forget it, or solve it with the hole? But she immediately excluded this tempting thought. She strongly took the itch and sat down and took the son’s meat rod into the mouth. Let’s know how to suck a few times, Jun Jun rushed out.

“Mom, your mouth is really powerful. I can’t stand it.”

Liu Jia did not say more, continue to lick the son’s genital. Sure enough, Junjun’s meat stick will be quite quite ahead. She spit out the son’s meat stick:

“Jun Jun, my mother will give you a good time?”

“No! Mom, I really want to insert it into your body. Can you let me go to me?”


Liu Jia’s mouth came to his son, but the following points were already in disaster. She strongly calmly smashed some obscenes in the hole, and then leaned over the helping ass.

Although Jun Jun said something unwilling, he has only poked his mother’s ass when it took. This meat stick is lubricated and the asshole is lubricated, and it is finally inserted.

Although Liu Jia was attacked by the first time with the farthered eyes, it was already a matter of many years. She only felt that one of the fartings, and the muscles in the anus seemed to push out the son’s meat sticks.

But the son’s meat stick continued to advance. The bleak straight stab in the glans is excited to be rectangular. Every move, she feels the opportunity. I don’t know if it is pain, or the feeling of happiness makes her can’t stand it. She wants to stop, but it is also my own advice with ass. Can you always make your son poked your own points? !

The son began to smoke out. She fell to her son:

“Jun Jun, slow down … Yes, right! I stopped it. Yester!

The son is inserting his life for the first time in his mother’s teaching …

“To … ah … Yes, son! … just in this way … don’t worry … Let’s take a look …”

The gradual son’s thrust movement began to be skilled. She also stopped the sexual teachings of my son, and I have a long time to enjoy a long time. The hands of my son tightly grabbed my mother’s ass, ah! I feel back! Tasty!

I don’t know how long, she felt the shake of the rectal wall and his son’s body. Jun Jun is finally ejaculated in the mother’s body!

At the end … she is sitting up. But his son’s hand helped his mother’s ass:

“Mom, slow. I want to play your ass.”

She listened to his son’s order, high-grade butt, buried his head on the sheet. She clearly felt that the son’s hand strokes on their ass. Then the son’s face is also posted. She still has some painful chrysanthemum bud sensitive feelings of the son’s nose. Son’s voice is mixed:

“Mom, you are really cute here. … I love my mother your ass …”

The son’s tongue moves around the flower bud. Sometimes a large piece of meat in the hip tip will be bitten, and then the son’s tongue is in an ice cream likes to taste the souvenir.

Her brain is already a blank, only the itch in the hole, the slightly smile in the back court all over the body.

Junjun’s tongue is moved from the back court. The most sensitive hole begins to be stimulated. Although the tongue of his son is not satisfied with the desire of the mother. But it’s good to make her better ………

She didn’t know how she came over. The impulse is suppressed, let the dear son in the assassination of your ass. She originally thought that her son with a love mother would love to play mother’s breasts. But each child is just a grass in the mother’s grandmother, let the mother take the ass ……… But every day with his son’s intimate contact, unconsciously let her herself began to put down the mother’s shelf.

Going home, seeing his son, she will first touch it at the son’s crotch, ask:

“The bad son, want my mother?”

The son will also hold my mother.

“Sao mother, my son miss.”

When she is busy in the kitchen, her son will help it. But the son’s hand will always touch it on my mother’s butt, let my mother smile.

After dinner every day, she will check my son’s homework. She won’t worry about my son’s homework before being intimate behavior with my son. The son is smart! But she is afraid that her son is playing, and she begins to care about my son. After all, Jun Jun is 16 years old.

But the son is still very competitive. Every day’s homework will always make your son with his ass after checking.

The son’s mask is now her most loved toy every day. Not only her ass, she started to accept her son’s meat stick, but her mouth also loved it. Even the birds just came out from their own ass, she would not hesitate to swallow it into the mouth.

Of course, she has never forgotten her own health knowledge. The first thing to go home every day is to go to the toilet. Then it is a hole before and after cleaning. The cleaning of your son is often done by my mother.

Every day’s anal accummed to let her almost forgotten normal vaginal exchange. Her asshole’s impact on his son is getting more and more pleasant.

In the past, I also had anal sex with Jun Jun Dad. But that is just an alternative to when it is inciting, only a pattern of small couples when they are hot.

But now different. It is now my son and myself a must-have homework. In order to be afraid of the anus, she also practiced the stake every day, keeping: taking the anal … exhale … Relax … Other doctors think she is going to practice the health, still in the hospital, set off with Liu The doctor practiced the boom. Dr. Liu is in order to let the baby son in their asshole!

The son is very embarrassed every day, and there is no matter what to mention the poke.

Give your mother to have your own place, he just served with your mouth. Liu Jia also began to relax to prevent the hole. Originally, the fidel is more exciting than the poke points. But she didn’t expect his son who had never inserted a woman’s point to the temptation.

She has been deceiving himself self-deception: can control the relationship with the son in the mother and child to enjoy the fun, but it is not the most perfect point of truly incest. But even if this false lie has been out of control!

It is another lastrophic night.

After the son took the meat stick from the mother’s ass, the son began to pick up my mother’s ass. After the cleansing of the sperm of the mother’s ass, Junjun began to suck himself the ass.

After the son’s soft tongue squeezed into his mother’s ass, she felt that itching from the direct intestines spread throughout the body, the muscles of the whole body could not help but ignite. There seems to be stimulated in the vagina, and a love liquid has flowed from the yard …

The son still flows in the hole in the hole in the mother’s pulling, and there is no difference between the dear mother who has passed through the things that I have learned. Is it a place in your favorite place now? !

Mom is still high as a trick, so that my son also makes yourself enjoying happiness. The excitement of the anus has come. As a doctor, she is also difficult to understand how the Physiologically used the hole that will be excreted will also be poked after the thrill? But now she won’t think about why. She just happily!

Slowly, the son’s tongue moved to the moist cave below, licking the love liquid absorbed, and immediately stretched the tongue in the deep tillage.

She enjoys a new round of excitement and gently send a satisfactory 呻. In a few months, my son’s follow-up rules have made her awards that she has to defend their final ban. Until the son’s mouth left the mother’s secret, re-opened his mother’s ass, she just thought that Jun Jun would enter my mother’s ass.

Suddenly, she “约” is a rush forward, I only feel that the part of the body is too long to be filled. The son’s penis is twitched back and forth in the vagina’s vagina, and the frequency is much faster than the fart in my mother.

Suddenly, the coolness of the bursts came from the lower body, and she didn’t think about the son and reprimanded. She couldn’t help but swing before and after, with her son’s attack, loudly.

Jun Jun saw that mother not only didn’t turn his face, but the way to enjoy it was also encouraged. He began to speed up the speed of twitching …

“Ah! …” screamed, Liu Jiada has a biggest climax that she has been married!


I didn’t know how long it took, she woke up and found that I have lie on the bed. Son Jun Jun is watching around, laughing at yourself. She grasped the mask of my son:

“Bad children! Doom mother not let you poke your mother’s hole? Why don’t you listen?”

“Mom, are you happy?”


She didn’t answer, just answered his son with a deep kiss.

Think of this, Liu Jia is not from the red face, the breast is boosted, and there is a bungling in the hole.

Holding the son’s gradually rough mask, she is eager to hope that this robust son can fully satisfy their desires again.

“Or take the opportunity to meet the vagina! This child has recently played only to play my ass.”

When you think of it, she holds her son’s masculine, then sit down slowly.

what! It’s so comfortable, it’s so good, so cool!

She began to sway the body up and down, let the son’s penis rush to return in his birth.

The son’s hands stretched back from behind, holding the breasts that have been nurtured. Young people’s waist is powerful. The buttocks of the ass will send his meat stick to the bottom of his birth.

She only feels that the happiness of the lower body is integrated with the pleasure on the breast. She didn’t know it in the end, she didn’t know. She only knows that she was later pushed down by Junjun, and the thigh was pushed to the chest, and the entire perines were exposed to the son.

The son will gallop in the mother’s point, and I will deeply cultivate in my mother’s ass … and the explosive pleasure countless times, the whole body of my mother …

When her mouth contains the son’s mask, the son is also cleaning the mother’s labi with the anus with tongue.

Suddenly, Junjun is open:

“Mom, this time I am shooting in your point.”

“Any questions?”

“The question is: I remember these days, you seem to be a dangerous period.”

“Is it afraid that my mother is pregnant, or I hope that my mother gives you a son younger brother, or a sister daughter?”

“Born boys and women, can you control?”

“Don’t forget, my mother is a doctor! Say, want men or women?”

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