Tao Wei originally had a very happy home, and the husband is handsome, and it is a micro, and the husband and wife are as early as the beginning. However, unfortunately, it was so sudden, half a year ago, so that the husband lost the “capital” of men, and also made their families into desperation. Tao Yu loves his husband. She vowed even if her husband will never recover, he will never betray him, go to him.

Tao Wei is a nurse in the city hospital, the appearance is beautiful, the body is outstanding, and the unfortunate family is unfortunate, and many male colleagues want to enter non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-unfortunate. Tao, gentleness, every time you encounter this kind of thing, always smile, neither is not angry and not hook, still guarding you.

Her morality and sage have more let the colorful wolves tickle, among which Cao Da in the night shift, Ma Bin is hard. Cao Da is 35 years old, married, healthy, like a cow; Ma Bin is twenty-three years old, unmarried, is a small hemp face, and is ugly. The two people look at the peach peach every day, but it is really anxious.

There is an emperor who is not a person, and this day finally waited.

This day, it should be Tao Wei, Liu Xiaohui, Cao Dao, Ma Bin four people value night shift. Liu Xiaohui suddenly had a holiday, leaving only the three people, Cao Dao, Ma Bin was happy to dance, and Tao Wei did not know the danger.

It’s a good patient and returned to the lounge tired. There is only one large room in the hospital, and the middle is separated by two meters high. On the other side, the other side is three huts: the female is in the most inside, there is a door; male in the middle, there is no door, only Blindness is blinded; the outermost is a simple bathroom.

“Dr. Tao,” Cao Dad said, “Today Xiao Hui is not, it is better to sleep with us.”

“Don’t say!” Tao Wei said with a smile, she has been used to this joke.

“Yes, my sister.” Ma Bin said, “Is a person not afraid?”

“Go to you,” Tao Wei said, “How do you learn from him this little?”

“Where is my little?” Ma Bin said, “Hey, it is big.”

Tao Wei played his face, “I am going to be angry.” After I finished the housing.

Cao Da and Ma Bin laughed, they knew that Tao Wei was the best, not really angry. Looking at her twisted back, the two eyes discharged.

Time passed at all, Cao Dao and Ma Bin did not sleep well, they talk about Zheng.

“Pony, have you have a girlfriend?” Cao Dado asked.

“Yes,” Ma Bin said, “Can be positive.” The tits are big. “

“Have you touched?”

“Of course, how can I let her go.”

“Is she willing?”

“Don’t want it when you start, then you have to call a non-stop.”

“How is she called?”

“Ah … ah … ah” Ma Bin loudly, they knew that these words were passed to the ears of Tao Yu.

Sure enough, Tao Wei protested, “Don’t make trouble, don’t sleep!”

Cao Dada did not hear, and asked: “Do you have a relationship?”

“Yes.” Ma Bin said, “” The first time I slept in Tao, my sister. “

“Ah!” Cao Da exclaimed, “Is it here?”

“Yeah, I am a person value in the afternoon, my girlfriend came to me, I didn’t think about it, I took her into the house. I hug her kissed, she said no, I said it doesn’t matter, no relationship If someone comes in, press her on the bed. “

Tao Yu moved his body, “” It turns out that they are in my bed … “

I only listen to Ma Bin to continue to say: “I kissed her while taking her tale, she quickly soft, but I was harder and harder.”

Tao Wei knows what he does what he said, the face flourifies.

“I took the opportunity to take off her top, kissed her chest. Her reaction is getting stronger, I put it into her pants, you guess how?”

Tao Yu knows how will it be, this feeling has passed.

Cao Da doesn’t seem to know, “What?”

“She’s already wet. I immediately ripped her pants and panties, she was lying naked on the bed and I jumped, resistance from her thighs to work. Her vagina is very narrow, tightly wrapped me big cock, I’m very comfortable, quick thrusts up. Zizi Zi Zizi Zi …… …… “Tao Lan felt his heart beating fast, a surge of heat from the chest slid lower abdomen. She sat up, she wanted to urinate.

Soda know Tao Lan quick help, and he got up and heard the sound of Lan Tao. Then, it is Tao Lan’s footsteps. “She was going to pee.” Cao Da Ma Bin also got up, slipped front bulkhead. To peek at the two women, they dug a few holes in the bulkhead.

Lan Tao really opened the toilet light, but also plug in the door. Lifted the white coat, slipped out of underwear, pink buttocks exposed. She squatted down, but not in urine. Soda knew she could not fast clip, the woman wanted to clip could not urinate.

Lan Tao only a few drops of urine, the sound is great, and she blushed, quickly clean up, ran back to the back room.

The two men next door was still talking, but talking into Soda.

“My wife and I used to be a loving newlywed every day doing that. My wife is a lawyer, big learning it, usually sanctimonious, but at night it is like kneeling on the bed Ass, I stood behind the plug from under the bed the kind of posture. this posture can be a plug in the end, top to bother, so women are like. and man can see scenes of pussy dick out, more and more direct, more and more hard. “

This is the kind of posture Taolan Xi Huan, she has been feeling beautiful, now I say it from his mouth Soda is so lewd.

“I have strong sexual desire wife ah, sometimes I can not cope, so I was worried about her affair. Pony, pony.”

Ma Bin seemed sleepy, but still very spirit of Cao. Tao Lanxi hope they go to bed early the next, but deep down they want to continue to listen to the following story.

“Sure enough, once I was caught.”

“So his wife had an affair.” Tao Lan suddenly feel Soda pitiful.

“I get off work early that day, open the door, I felt something was amiss children, the house has happened. I quietly remove the key, went around to the back to climb the wall. I looked inside the window, I saw two men stripped naked positive or that thing. men do not know, woman is my wife. male ass moving back and forth, and my wife to kneel on the bed and he did chirp sound. I can imagine her sexual secretion Koana really and more. that man dick has two feet long, thick and large, sizzling sound when thrusting. “

“There are so long it?” Lan Tao think.

“I asked the man while doing” is not doing more comfortable than your husband? “My wife said,” Let another man doing too comfortable. “”

“Oh ……” Tao Lan Di Hu can not help but cry. She was getting hot, so simply take off the white lab coat, only underwear briefs, covered with a towel. She touched the lower body, actually already wet, urine and wave hit.

She got up, wrapped in a towel, opened the door and ran out again.

Cao Lan Tao got up to hear the voice, know she wants to pee, quickly got up and dived into Tao Lan hut.

Lan Tao was not a lie down on a surge of men breath walking towards me, her right hand to pull the bedside lamp, hand immediately caught.

“Who?” Tao Lan rhetorical, heart pounding.

“Hush!” Soda said that “the pony on the outside.”

“What are you doing?” Tao Lan whispered, “Go out quickly, I call people!” Took out a large pair of scissors from his left hand under the pillow.

“Do not, do not cry, let hear good colt.” Soda did not think she had weapons, quickly pleaded: “I just want to see you, no other meaning.” Then, in the body to the bed shift the shift.

“You Freeze ah,” Tao Lan little relieved, but his left hand still holding the scissors, right hand break Soda, tightened the towel, cover bare Jiaoqu, shift the shift to the bed, his eyes tightly Cao staring up.

Soda did not see her cry, and my heart is very happy, he said: “I’ve always liked you, my mind every day is your shadow.”

“Oh ……” Tao Lan sighed, “our people are married, and you would not. You go back to it, we like this Whatever next.”

“I sat for a while, while on the past, you are not very easy, I will not bully you.”

“Ah …… you know like.” Tao Lan burst terribly upset that he actually lying on a bed with another man.

“My wife … you also know, I am also connected to you.” Cao Da said. “I am tall than you …” Tao Wei is sad.

“I am bitter than you.” Cao Dad said, “I haven’t finished it yet.”

“How is the following?” Tao Wei wanted to know the future story.

“The man is a repair pipeline, quite strong, and it is quite experienced, and my wife is very comfortable.”

“I also say these underflow words.” Tao Wei said, but did not stop, she really wants to listen to the end.

Cao Dad saw that she did not oppose it, and her heart was dark, lended through moonlight, he secretly looked at Tao Wei, although she was wrapped in a towel, but the chest or a part of the white smooth skin. Her long hair is hit on the chest, more charming. The towel can not be wrapped in her, the body, and the calf is exposed, like a white root.

Cao Da continued: “I opened the window and rushed in the kid. He scared away. My wife gave a matter of the matter. It turned out, once, I was not at home, the repairman came to repair the pipe. My wife just finished The bath, I still wore pajamas, commanded him to do it, and the body was seen by him. He couldn’t help but pouncefully pressed the bed, reached out her pajamas, she didn’t wear anything in her. The kid explored, my wife was soft, wet below. The kid took off his pants and plugged in … “

“Oh …” Tao Wei exclaimed.

“You know, from behind, the woman is most comfortable, my wife struggled to cooperate with him. In the future, he often came. I asked my wife, he said, his wife said, he is big. I am bad. In fact, I am not small below. “

Tao Wei sneaked with a look, it noticed that Cao Da was shirtless, only shorts. When she saw the part of the short pants, my heart was flustered.

All this fled Cao Dao’s eyes. He deliberately made a sneeze, said, “Cold, I have to pass.”

Tao Wei is disappointed, out of mouth: “” Wait will wait, later? “

Cao Dad said: “It’s too cold.” The corner of the towel is on the body.

Tao Wei was shocked, the scissors in the hand fell to the ground, and did not dare to turn over, and I didn’t know what it was.

Cao Da continued: “Later, my wife ran with the boy.”

“Ah!” Tao Wei did not expect this, a female lawyer will run with a repairman.

“Hey, I am tall!” Cao Dad said, the body rely on Tao, and the skin has been in contact. “Do you say that I am so ugly?”

Tao Yu turned his head and saw that Cao Daden eyes were very eye-catching, actually quite handsome.

Cao Da suddenly said: “Can I kiss you? Just, I will pass it.”

Tao Yu did not speak, when considering how to do, Cao Dao’s lips have done their own cheeks. How familiar feelings are this. Cao Da’s tongue opened the lips of Tao, allowed her. Tao Wei seems to return to the newly married night and is accepting a sweet kiss of husband. A husband’s arm is on his neck, and the other hand takes away his bra, caress his nipple …

“Hey … no, no!” Tao Wei hurriedly said, “Take your hand out! I … I can’t lose the chapter.”

Cao Dadi is so funny, “We are already like this, let me kiss you again, I will pass.”

Cao Dao’s lips were repeated. Tao Wei seems to have returned to the dream. She felt a hands and touched her chest, then this hand sliding from the chest to the lower abdomen, crossed the navel, touch the mysterious triangle area of ​​women …

“Ah!” Tao Wei exclaimed, from fantasy, she found that I didn’t know when I was all naked, I was covered by Cao Dadi, and his hand just touched his own hamma.

“You don’t do this, ask for you, we can’t …” She struggled, guarding the last line of defense of women. Her hand stretched down, did not catch Cao Da’s hand, but caught his “life roots”, Cao Da also took off the light, his hood was like a donkey, let Tao Wei shocked, and let her give up The last shores were ashamed.

“Husband, sorry, sorry.” She silently prayed, “What should I do?”

The pussy of Tao Wei has long been granted in the river, and the “ship” of Cao Da is easily drilled in, and the waves are swatched, and unimpeded.

“Husband, I was inserted, I betrayed you.” Tao Wei dark …

Tao Lan Cao reached in and out of the body, he knew this woman had not tasted that feeling for a long time, and his movements gentle and full of teasing, he let the modesty of women completely become their prisoner. Ma Bin woke up, maybe he did not even fall asleep, he secretly admire Soda’s ability to easily integrate a loyalty collar woman on the bed. He secretly opened the door of the back room, the moonlight, the tower-like Cao stood up under the bed, and kneeling on the bed of white Tao Lan stark contrast.

“They dry behind it!” Ma Binli that is emotionally.

“Shu uncomfortable?” Soda asked.

“Ah ……” Tao Lan said drowsily.

“say clearly.”

“I …… comfortable.”

“I stuck you like it or not?”

“Woo …… like.” Tao Lan is fully immersed in the joy of sexual intercourse.

“I said plug you like me.” Soda continue to play with her.

“I ……” Tao Lan hesitated.

“No, I left.”

“I …… I like, like …… you put me.”

“What I plug you?”

“You …… you with a stick.”

Soda heart chuckle, “where I have a stick ah?”

“You, you have the following ……” Tao Lan is fully conquered.

“Stick is what to do?”

“Yes …… is Rougun child.”

“Where are you plug Rougun child?”

“I …… I below.” Tao Lan does not say lewd words.


“I …… I ……”

“Say it!”

“My …… pussy.”

Soda fast hold on, he has been ejected once in Mixue Lan Tao, is now “second gun”, he did not think this shy woman once the outbreak is so out of hand. He saw Ma Bin, beckoned. Ma Bin take the hint, and immediately stripped naked, bulging penis went over.

Lan Tao at this time has entered the realm of ecstasy, his mouth issued a low moan, unaware of where you are. She only felt the impact of a cock in your body happy. Pussy suddenly empty, and she was about to turn back, big cock and plug in, the more violent and more coarse. Also hit a pair of hands on his chest, pinching his nipples, more than six months of loneliness, to solve together today. Soda, they have this nasty people, tonight gave her the greatest satisfaction.

Cao did not go up, standing behind Ma Bin, he said: “? I plugged well or not.”

Lan Tao feel extremely comfortable, “Good, good!”

“I often willing to plug you?”

“Willing!” Tao Lan did not hesitate.

“That often willing to let me fuck you.”

“I …… I …… I wish you always fuck.”

“Yes fuck your pussy.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Just uncomfortable, or comfortable now?”

“Oh …… now.”

Ma Bin proud smile to Soda. Soda laughed, quietly slipped out.

Ma Bin and Tao Lan Mixue violently in the next few sprint, finally ejaculate comfortably in Tao Lan Mixue years.

Finally, the two men fell to the bed exhausted ……

“What did I do?” Tao Lan getting sober, “Why am I not ashamed?” She wanted pain.

Tao Lan looked around the tummy of a man, this is no trivial matter to see outside, “Ma Bin !!!” Tao Lan soul flying.

“Of course it was me, my sister.” Ma Bin satisfy laughed: “My sister is really human creature, made me food for thought ah I really admire coup Cao brother, otherwise life can not get the younger sister ah.”

“Ah …… you? What did you say?” Tao Lan momentary trance.

“Brother Cao’s wife did not run with the others, I do not have a girlfriend, but want a sister. So, Cao brother set the coup, called” It Happened One Night. “In the future, you are mine. Haha,” and then he pounced to ……

Tao Wei did not resist, she finally understood, not only toned tonight, but also … Yes and two men, let two men shot in their honey, now the womb is still filled with these two men The semen together is really want to cry without tears. However, what is more terrible? How to get rid of the future? Sure enough, the next day, Liu Xiaohui was invited to come, at night, two men directly entered the Tao Yu’s room, hug her and took off her clothes. Tao Wei did not dare to yell, but he had to fight against the resistance. But two men grab her arms together, easily take off her clothes, and raped in bed.

So, Tao Wei no longer resists, she knows that it is useless to resist, but they have to listen to life …

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