I am a teacher of a university music.

The university’s life is monotonous and calm, the school is not a lot of lessons, my days are leisurely, and even there is no passion. But when I faced the face of my female students, I can’t help but look at them, from their body, I can always find my shadow that year, I can see my past. I am also from the age of this age, and I have my own hot first love and my mindful sex. However, after years of interaction with one man, I still have a single person. There are still some enthusiastic people in the school. They always want to introduce me a boyfriend that can form a family, all rejected it. There are also some male teachers in the school, always think with me, can be on their body, I can’t find a half-silk passion. Some female students ask me: Do you not be lonely? I always answer them like this: Is a person not very good?

To be honest, a person is not lonely. Every time I am deep, I always love to recall the past, like a man walking around me like a horse. They have brought me passion, bringing me a happiness, of course, they have also made me sad and make me. As a normal woman, I also have sexual needs, usually I use “self-touch” approach to solve personal problems. I have to touch myself “Death” is very fast, in the almost two or three minutes of work, I will “death”, when I stayed, the window has been white, and the new day begins again.

In this long message, I want to tell me about a story with another man love and sex.

First, I will make love for the first time, I am very enjoyable. I am a girl who has a relatively early.

When I was very small, I found my own hand to make myself a happy method, and later, I later read the physiological health book, I knew that this way called “Masturbation”. At that time, I didn’t know this very professional noun, but I didn’t affect my feelings with my fingers. In the evening, I finished my homework, lying in a warm and comfortable bed, I will always carry my parents to care about my peas, the electric shock general feelings bring me an unusual feeling, so that I am later very Falling like this, just like smoking the smoke.

My first child is called Ang, from the primary school, junior high school, we all go to school. He likes me very much, of course, I also like him very much. Just studying the high bidney, Ang took me to his home, and his parents did not live at home. Among I bought me, put his mouth on my mouth, I still don’t know what is going on. Aunt said, give me your tongue, I will put my tongue into his mouth. The first kiss, the feelings brought to me are fresh and curious, I only feel that it is fever, and there is also a wet track below. When A Mao came to touch my breast, I actually had a little excitement, not from autonomous. Next, Anghu launched my clothes and included my nipple. I am shameful and anxious, but Anghua is like a dog, how to let go, I was almost faint.

After a while, Anghui came back to my pants, I can’t help but het, I don’t want it, but I don’t dare.

The attitude of Angao is very firm. Three minutes and five, put me like a white chicken that took off the hair. I looked at the bottom of the Aunt, how is the meat * stick, and the chicken with the little boy I have ever seen is completely two things. Auntie took his chicken back and fell back, I wanted to find the hole inserted in, and accidentally met my little peas. I only felt that I was too powerful, and a water sprayed out from the vagina. Mao’s chest. Amazing: Are you urinary? ! I don’t understand, it is also very harmful, I don’t understand why it is in this time. Amang used his chicken to find my sister, I grabbed something like iron rods, and the death will not let him enter. He lied to me in a little bit. Before this, I don’t know what is going on. I want to go in a little. If I don’t feel comfortable, let him take it out. Ai Hair put his head in, asked me that I hurt, I said that I didn’t hurt my face. So inserted into inch, I not only didn’t feel painful, but I feel particularly enjoyed, even couldn’t help but come. Ai Mao is in my encouragement, plugging in, but not a few, just like killing the pig, there is a few times, squatting in me. Later, I knew that this is ejaculation.

Anghu is busy looking for a toilet paper to sweep the battlefield. He looked at it under me. Say, listen to people, I have to bleed for the first time, how do you not flow? Where do I know these, he almost didn’t listen, suddenly wow, cry, and cried. Amalaping, said, what do you cry, I didn’t say you!

I estimate that when Ang’s father went home, I left his home. At that time, my heart was very complicated until I can’t describe the psychological activities at the time today. I don’t know if it is a woman who is happy, I still feel sad, I can’t say it!

Second, taste the sweetness of the honey from Angjia, my footsteps are very fast, and the mood is pleasant. What I didn’t expect is that the communication with the boy will bring such a better enjoyment. I am holding a small song into my home. My mom and dad work in the provincial song dance group, Dad is the chief violin in the group, and my mother is a solo actor. My mother’s gene is sent to me. I am also born a good scorpion, let me examine the University of Art, I have given me two. Mom is cooking, Dad is sitting in the living room, drinking tea while watching TV. Dad saw me said that my daughter is good today! Don’t be crazy everywhere, take the empty practice piano, practice the scorpion, prepare for the exam. I promised, put down the bag, entered the bathroom, in the mirror, I saw my face red rushing, it seems to be with Ang’s passion, I have not saved from my face.

Things with the bed of Ai, no matter how you can’t let your parents know, they will kill me, of course, they will not know this.

After turning off the light in the evening, I recalled everything in the afternoon, I couldn’t help my face, this is my first time, and the first time I am so beautiful, what is uncomfortable, painful, I have no, there is no This way. I have a sweet memory into a dream, after falling asleep, I have done a lot of dreams, all are pleasant, pleasant.

I went to the school the next day, I was deliberately didn’t look at him. Amang has a little heart, thinking that I am angry, class, he put a note in my school bag, meaning that I am sorry, if I don’t agree, he will not make me unpleasant. He knows, do that matter, I am not only happy, but also.

In the afternoon, Angi followed my body until I got out of the school, he walked side by side and invited me to play again. I have a sink: Go to your home, is it not enough to hurt me? Amach is afraid, and the mouth can not say it. I am smile, this silly boy is really unimped. However, I still followed Angham to his home. Anghu took a disc from his drawer, asked me that there was no, I said no, he said, I didn’t want to see, I said, I want to see it. A Haoyra is a film taken by Private. Later I knew that this company is specially taking the mask, and the hair is too much, and many awards in this film. The film was very realistic, and the cold hair on the performer could clearly. The hostess is beautiful, the male owner is chic, especially their sex, and it is now presented in my eyes. The first time I looked at this film, I was very excited when I was, I just thought that the following continued twitching, and there was water to come out, look down, I feel that I have to faint. A Mao did not know when he stood in me, his hand reached in my top, gently knead on my nipple, I will pinch the left, I will pinch the right. He took me into bed and took my clothes. I almost ignorant. When he shot on the horse, inserted into me, I immediately had an excitement, I closed my eyes, I was awkward, my one A good scorpion is playing in bed. Abai is afraid that I am called too much, don’t live with his mouth to block my mouth, where it is blocked.

That day, Ang and I came twice, the second time longer. After the event, I am almost in bed. If Anghu urges me, saying that fuck is going back, I still don’t know when I will lie.

It’s like a child in bed. I am like a child taste the sweetness of honey, I will not be revenue, every few days, we have to eat a big meal on the bed, so that Ang’s face It’s too thin and yellow.

Third, the teacher teacher, I borrowed me as a girl, often there are many people “惦 惦”;

Especially as a little girl who is a little bit, “惦惦” may be more. Today, I still don’t dare to say that I am a beautiful girl, but I can say proud: My appearance should be a matter of not bad.

What made me didn’t expect, my teacher teacher is “惦 惦” I, hit my idea.

After graduating from the Chinese Department of Normal University, it is a three-year time to graduate from the Chinese Department of Normal University. He is tall, the face is white, and it is polite to people. In particular, his class is very good, a standard Mandarin, everyone says that every word is so love, just like a broadcast.

Later, I had more contact with him. I heard that he was a school amateur drama. He has the advantages of hard work and hard work from the rural high school entrance examination, the hard work of rural students. He said that he was in front of the school diaquity, and the ordinary words were extremely unbelieving, and even dialects were still very heavy. At that time, the school rushed to drama, his shape was very energetic with the actor in the drama, that is, Mandarin is not very good. The head of the drama talked, I thought of the idea of ​​A, B corner, and Mr. Wang was determined as a B corner. It means that only A corners of the A corner can be replaced. A angle is from the city, Mandarin is good, but the shape is slightly different. The female classmates who played against his opponent were also from the city, and he had a hostess in the local radio station. Of course, the Mandarin said first. The female classmates don’t know how to like him, saying that he played passion with him, and he wants to “fulfill him” him. After school, the female classmate has been tutoring him to learn Mandarin, and the word is buckled with a word, a sentence strict requirements. Our smarter is, after pondering efforts, these lines in the drama come out from his mouth, there is no way to run. When the school student meeting and the Youth League Committee reviewed the candidate, the board was played on the spot to play the male people in the play. Teacher Wang took more seriously, and the “May 1” section of the school organized in the school, and became a “star”, a “star”, a lot of classmates, some of the low-grade students also took this book to sign.

Teacher Wang can win the praise of the classmates, but also the seriousness of his preparation and lectures. The text in our textbooks, whether it is a vernalent or a classical Chinese, he can go back, this is a incredible thing in me and my classmates, let us take a text, how difficult it is One thing!

Teacher Wang is reading the text for us, and the accuracy said that it is not reading, but a performance, and the platform has become his stage. We are all proud of having such a good!

Teacher Wang raised me because of my composition. Now I want to come, my composition is just that it is normal. After the teacher, I can have a contemporary writer. I learned the language of the language since then, it is getting more and more strong. I have done it all according to the teacher’s request, the record, the back of the back, I still write a diary.

Teacher Wang’s girlfriend, I have seen it, it is a very beautiful girl, and it is quite flavor. She is teaching foreign languages ​​from another middle school outside our school. On the afternoon, I saw Wang Teacher Wang and his girlfriend walked in the campus. When she saw her moment, I was shocked for her beauty, and I can find such a good girlfriend to find such a good girlfriend.

That is after the day of the language class, I will give the school news of the school newspaper to the teacher, please give me a pointer to modify. Teacher Wang smiled slightly and took the manuscript to his lesson plan. In the afternoon, Teacher Wang let me go to his dormitory and office, I know Wang Teacher wants to talk about the manuscript. Sure enough, Teacher Wang said this thing. He sang me and gave me a pass, and I gave me a rough look. Wang Teacher used Zhu Zhu to change many, and he is in my own student.

I took the manuscript to leave, Mr. Wang said, what is anxious, talk. Time has been a long time, the specific content of the time has been blurred, I only remember that he was very excited, the facial expression was extremely vivid. Later, he hugged me in his arms, kiss my face, still licking my breasts outside the clothes. I am eye shy, I have never thought about the teacher’s respect for the teacher. He touched me while he said liked me, but also said something I like to understand the love, I said my heartbeat. Later, he took his hand into my clothes and touched my breast. I don’t know how to do other women, my breast is like a lust switch, as long as I control it, my people are soft. At that time, I was soft in his arms, and he applied it. When he reached his hand to the secret place to touch my, he said not to do not, but he did not stop him.

I don’t know how to take off my pants. He put me on the bed, put his us usually used us to “off, deed, confuse”, in my lab Ignitefully kissed, and then, I came to my little peas. At this time, I have happened to me, a bureau is trembled, I started to spray the water in my vagina, these water sprayed the king. The teacher is full of face. Mr. Wang regardless of his mad, faded his pants, and gently enter my body. Because there is a sexual experience with Angao, when he enters my body, I feel so good, ah, it hits it. Teacher Wang’s bed technology is better than Ah, it will be light, it will be heavy, a deep, a shallow, got me to die. When Teacher Wang was ejaculation, took his things out and shot on my yin, he was afraid that I was pregnant.

After doing things, Mr. Wang helped me put on clothes and changed his wet clothes. During this time, I have never dared to look at his face. When I got me, he patted my head and said two words: love! Fourth, the bed after the college entrance examination was prepared by preparing for the college entrance examination, and there was a match with Anghuai, not he didn’t want, but I refused.

Amao’s little wolf, the age is not big, the adult is that thing, and learning achievements can be imagined. It’s the last time with the teacher’s teacher, it is the last time, because he will get married soon. He loving his tenderness like water before marriage. After marriage, he supervised him strict, he didn’t think of the opportunity of the wall.

Now, Wang Teacher’s wife is definitely a woman who is ate, and the teacher’s request is endless. After Wang, Mr. Wang has not been in the past, and there is no spirit of the past, and it comes from time to time. Once, he made us self-study. He looked at an simulation test paper on the hall, looked at it, and he fell asleep, and he had snoring, and the classmates in the class secretly laughed. Abai Under Tell me, marriage is not a good thing for men, you will see that Mr. Wang is tired. I glanced at him, you will do more yourself, people are already a teacher, the teacher’s things do you still manage? Amao is embarrassed to laugh, and I made a face of me.

The second day of the college entrance examination, Anghu was tired of leaving me, he said that the test is complete, let’s relax, to go with me. I know what I think in my heart, just in my heart, I will go with him to eat. After dinner, he said to me that his family just moved into a new house, I have the key of their home, do you want to see it. Auntie this ghost thing, in the middle of the brain, not willing to move, play my idea, his head of the head. I don’t want to reveal him, so I am happy to see, I will see it, I like to see the new house of others.

Going to Auntie aunt but two stops. This is a new community. There are more than a dozen buildings in the community, and the green is very characteristic, rockery, artificial lake, cloister, and there should be. His family decorated, the living room, the toilet, the kitchen were carefully designed, compared to our home, the old house, is really a height. Aunt Auntie made a clothing business, his coward made a lot of building materials, which has earned a lot of money in the past few years, and lives such a good house from reasoning. Auro, I look at the bedroom of his cousin. Although the bedroom is not large, it is so beautiful. It will be very warm.

In the bedroom of his cousin, A Mao took me, I couldn’t help but tell him, I pushed him, said, be careful of your family’s people back. Aunt said, they all busy business, they came back at night. Summer dress is thin, A Mao explains my shirt, opens up the mouth, including the nipples who lived, I think the head is lively, and the situation is in bed. Anghu is like a dog. After eating this nipple and eats the nipple, two dog paws refuse, in my body, touch me, I am ambitious. Aunt’s hand is in my next, ridicule, but also refuse, you look down on what is wet, saying that I am very embarrassed.

Because there is a close contact, it is a simplified program before making love, and we will don’t hang each other. Ang’s words are on my thigh roots, hard and hot, and let me have a strong desire.

AUG, I kiss my face, bite my earlobe, from top to bottom, I will kiss it. In my below, his mouth stays the longest time, flexible tongue teasing my thigh root, lab and little peas. I twisted like a snake, the two legs went to a clip, and the Anghu did not help, the upper and lower lips, and I contained my little beans in my mouth. I touched the high-voltage wire in the face. Tighten, it starts sprinkling.

The length of water spray is long, the range of the range, the traffic is large, and the Anguo “scared” is not light. In the process of spray, I experience sustained pleasure. Achi had already caught up early, and the previous is a strong, then I entered my body, and I was selling.

After the first round, Anghu hugged me. He said, every time you do it, why do you love to urine, get it everywhere. I said, I don’t know, I want to live, I can’t hold it. Auntie said, is this? I don’t know. Among the few boyfries that I came into contact with, they all said that I sent water when I did love, and there was a boyfriend called to the radio consultation. I asked my girlfriend how to treat it when you love. Until I later met a “senior person” boyfriend, he said that this is normal. I don’t know if I don’t know if it’s ill.

I have been doing years, I have love for many years.

That afternoon, Ah Mao Yixian did six times, every time my climax was from the end. Although I am very enjoyable, I wet the bed of the Yoshan’s bed but not clean. Ang Hui put the wet sheets and lets it on the balcony. I said that I will go first, you pack the house, Anghua agreed.

Downstairs, my legs suddenly some soft, are not called stagger. You see this love to do! Fifth, I was pregnant with my child Amauri’s waiting for the arrival of the college entrance examination admission notice of that time, my heart anxious. The only way to dispel anxiety, another is to find activities that interest at the expense of this anxiety, or break up the anxiety.

This time with my closest contact is the Amauri. My parents, aunts and uncles to the factory with the song and dance troupe of rural grassroots “Heart to Heart” go, gave me and Amauri to create an excellent opportunity to get along. He is like to work every day, to my family and me together, every time, he would bring a raw footage, whether I would be willing, into the player to put up. Kan Maopian that time probably too much to see hurt, and now I firmly reject the raw footage, I feel too boring, watch the sheer waste of time and effort, over and over again so few erupted, worth nothing. If I do not have raw footage of the impact, we can not afford to hook my passion, that is false, and I often watched Amauri, just stick to together. On my couch, the carpet, the bed and I have become Amauri sex battlefield. Mom and Dad “Heart to Heart” for a week, my house filled with lust everywhere.

In terms of the books I read in high freshman, then take a look from time to time, life will get pregnant is one thing I have been most concerned about. Shihai beginning with Amauri relatively alert, nothing happens many times in succession, Flanagan string tight on the Panasonic came. Even more appalling is Amauri, he always said all right all right, know how to control, so I’m hanging in the heart down here.

Finally it happened. During that time, I felt him very awkward, very original, I can eat, appetite suddenly gone. I most love to eat braised trotter, Amauri bought for me when I looked at, it was very nausea, vomiting desire. I said to Amauri, the bad, it might’m pregnant. Amauri little face went white, the sound could not say, how could how could. I nest hard at him, how impossible? ! Amauri trembling lips said, that may be how to do? See Amauri went to pieces the way, I actually laughed, how do how to do the chant, you can not now put the child gave birth to Come!

My vacation has always been on time, that is not on time, and my response more and more intense. I accidentally pregnant will promote the embarrassing situation, one side was fighting back discomfort, while the parents have to pretend in front of jubilant look. Amauri also carry a heavy burden of thinking, the smile disappeared from his face. There are days when I come home, he just wondering how to do things in the way, let a tricycle blown to the ground, his knees were rubbed raw. I said to him, there are what matter to say what matter, anxious useless, it is not, find a small clinic to do the calculations. Amauri critical time still a man, he said, can not go to a small clinic, in case the point of what matter, more trouble.

Amauri my pregnant aunt told him, let him think of ways to help aunt. His aunt did not angry with him, he also jokingly said, this proves my home Amauri Well, no problem! His aunt had a friend in the hospital when the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, make a phone call, I went to the hospital and Amauri. After the test results came out, although I’m already mentally prepared, or was the result of scared, I really was pregnant. The doctor said that surgery should have to wait about 10 days to come back again.

Not out of the hospital door, I wept bitterly. Amauri know what to do, I wanted to comfort me, could not find the right words, anxious straight stamping. After that, I think, in fact, this thing can not blame Amauri, if I let him touch repeatedly insisted, there would be no such a thing happened. However, when the time comes passion, did I and beyond his control, she says. This is life, this is life, this is the world of men and women forever in the endless interpretation of live drama.

Before an abortion, my parents made up a circle, said the original class of students to organize to play outside for three days, my mother gave me pick up something to go out, repeatedly told my attention to safety, to busy her go. After the operation, I live in the house for three days Amauri his aunt, his aunt gave me a very tasty meal, the moment I appetites, eat can not find the North. That thing you said do not blame blame, which goes something so small, could not eat anything immediately, the thing did not, eat anything sweet.

A week later, the body is fully recovered. Then my heart itch, began to desire that something between the men and women!

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