Xiaofang is just a general clerk, and the month is only a few rounds, but because of the end of the meeting, last year, I went to Japan to travel twice.

So, when the boyfriend Ajun said that when the New Year was treated to Japan, I naturally said a word “again”.

Ager saw my reaction, with a little dissatisfaction: “How is the same, I didn’t stay with you twice before …”

To put it, I really didn’t travel with my boyfriend. I accuses Ajie: “Do you know? I have known you for so long, I didn’t have people to play!”

Ajie immediately sells: “So this time you play with you, when you are honeymoon …” said that the whole body is over, your hands are still stroking my chest.

I said, “Who is honey with you …” Although the mouth is, the heart is sweet.

In fact, Xiaofang also likes to play to Japan, because the little girl has exposed tendenchers, and Japan is really suitable for Xiaofang, plus people overseas, and the courage will also be large.

But your boyfriend is around, will Xiao Fang will be bold to expose? This may be a test …

I asked Ajie: “Go to Japan, do you have money?”

Ajie is ready to say: “Although I am not very high, I am still stored with Xiaofangdao.”

Recently, there is not high yen, and it is really a good time to go to Japan …

As a result, I and Ajie embarked on this first trip, Ajie knows Xiaofang, so she participated in the free travel group, the itinerary, the travel agency, the ticket and the hotel.

We will not say a few days in Japanese. Miss, the Japanese girlfriend of my brother, is the best wizard, but this time (old New Year) is not a holiday, there is no reason to be a special fake to play with us?

However, Xiao Fang is not too worried, because I didn’t like to watch the list of homesicks, I went to buy clothes, I was my favorite mouse …

(Of course, the exposure is also the heart of Xiaofang …)

But in accidents, I will tell Mr. Deassisto will play the plan to Japan.

Mr. Deassover is the Japanese customer of our company. I have seen it once before Japan, I have seen it almost on Xiaofang. Later, Xiao Fang is responsible for his company’s products, so we often have a call.

Mr. Deassover, I heard that Xiaofang will go to Japan to play immediately, but also said that it will do the landlord, take us to play, of course, I think he is so good because Xiaofang is cute … (laugh) though Zeng once he did not be able to know our relationship with Ajie, but think about what we didn’t have happened, it was not afraid.

(This section is the plot of exposing yourself, but I’m sorry, Xiao Fang has not writted) Plus, Mr. Deassover is very handsome, and I am also very wonderful to see him.

Xiaofang itself is a person in anxious person. It is already my limit for more than three hours on the plane. So I think I still can’t go to Europe and the United States.

Because at all, you can’t stand the long-distance machine.

After arriving in Japan, we will take the train to the hotel Checkin. After washing, Ajie asked me: “Fang, I want to play there?”

It is already 6 o’clock in the evening, you can also go there, only to visit all around.

At this time, I suddenly remembered Mr. Deassover: “When I arrived in Japan, I will give me a phone, I will take you to eat the japanese food!”

But I don’t know how to talk to Ajun, I always have a man who will find another man, it is easy to misunderstand what we have. …

(Although it is almost almost)

I thought about it for a while, and the result is still can’t stand. I said with Ajun with a test type tone: “I have a Japanese customer, saying to take us to eat, don’t you go?”

Ager asked me: “Is a male is a woman?”

I can’t think of him, I will ask, I don’t know how to answer, the result is strong, “Of course, is a woman, do you think I have a boyfriend in Japan?”

It is also angry.

Ajeron is afraid: “I just ask, not this, do you like it …”

Also said: “Today your friends are invited, tomorrow, your brother girlfriend is invited, save a lot of rice!”

Hey … you will think so.

I got the consent of Ajie, I immediately called Mr. Deassover, he was also very happy, about 8:00 to pick us up. I was talking to my boyfriend, whispered: “My boyfriend is with me, you also have a girlfriend to come …” Mr. Chi understands what I mean, laugh: “No problem …”

After a while, I will wait for them to the lobby. Just eight o’clock, the girlfriend came, it was very guilty. The most fascinating is that the girlfriend, who is the first to give her girlfriend and shake her girlfriend. It seems that Xiao Fang really seems to be having a friend with his girlfriend, and it is a very careful person.

Say that Mr. Deassover is handsome, gentle, and money (is a boss of a company …), it is a very perfect man.

Ajie saw this situation and didn’t doubt. I didn’t know that the man didn’t only read the naked my girlfriend. I also became a small born, and I took us to eat a good body, checkout It is actually more than five Hong Kong dollars. It is a salary of Xiaofang for half a month … I am very embarrassed, constantly speaking Thank you, but Mr. Chi smiled without relationship.

After I asked what we want to play?

Already ten o’clock, what else can you play? Will not say that place?

A Jie is listening, and it is very interested in expressing: “Where is the place in Japan?” I stared at him, said with Cantonese and said: You don’t want to go to the place? My girlfriend is around, you dare to get a lot of wine?

Ager said: “Of course not, but I want to see it, go to see the dancing dance, can you?”

Mr. Redshi looked at me, smiled and said, “General is not fun, I will take you to play some special.”

He knew that Xiaofang had exposed tendenchers, which was obviously tangled in Xiaofang.

Hello, what do you want …

Finally, we won four people on Mr. Boss, starting with the special game he said.

What could it be? The heart of Xiaofang along the way is constantly rushing, but it is afraid of expectation.

After half an hour, Mr. Deatellis beside the car on the road, it seems to be. He took us on the fourth floor of a building, and there was only one small card below, and it was written in Japanese. I and Ajie I don’t know how it is.

I don’t ask: “What is this place here?”

Mr. Redshi smiled: “Waiting for it, you will know … Xiaofang you must like it!”

… This kind of saying, Ajie must know our relationship, I look around my boyfriend, but fortunately he did not notice.

The door of the lift is open, which is a store in a coffee shop, and Mr. Devo and the department of the door have two sentences. We are sitting outside the chair.

I can’t help but curious, ask again: “What is this place?”

Mr. Redshi smiled and said: “” This is a couple of coffee room, which is a place to talk about love. “

Talk about? What is it fun?

After waiting for a while, the waiter came out to take us.

The layout in the store is really like a coffee room. The lights are secret. There are 6 roses in the store. There are about 8 sofas per line, but the most special is that the sofa is not the back to the normal coffee room, and it is out of the outside, sitting On the sofa, you can see a guest of a row of seats.

However, the most surprised is not a placement, but the couple on the sofa, they are not drinking coffee, but when talking about, it is of course not a general talk about talking, but is intimate. There are kissing, there is blowjob, or even do it!

Mr. Redshi stretched out my ear, whispered: “General couple cafe can’t really do it, but it is more remote, so it can.”

I also smiled slightly.

Although Xiaofang likes to expose, today is with Ajie, is there a performance?

We both really stayed, just follow the passage of the waiter, and later, one of the sofas sat down.

The most excessive thing is that the two of Deassover are just sitting opposite us, and it is clearly arranged. (Probably coming in, following the waiter)

Just sitting down, we have already made red ear. I said to Ajun: “What to do …”

Although Ajie is color, it is obviously awkward: “Let’s take a look at it.”

Mr. Deassover is probably known that we are embarrassed, so he is in power, starting with girlfriend, and also stroking his girlfriend’s chest. If they are completely, they are like being intimate in their home, and each action is very nature.

Kissing for a while, Mr. Deassover pulled his girlfriend’s clothes, then pulled her bra, a feng and full breast jumped out.

Ajie stayed at this time, probably did not expect the girl who had just eaten together to show the wave of myself.

But I didn’t blame him, because even Xiao Fang also saw it.

Mr. Redshis suddenly aimed to us, but also smiled and smiled. My eyes are in touch with him, and I immediately feel ashamed, hurriedly put the line of sight to other, who knows the scenes that you see is more scared, and a girl is blowing with her boyfriend.

The little mouth continues to swallow the thick mask, and people are afraid of shame but not.

Oh … Xiaofang has always thought that he likes to expose the body, the pioneer of the times, I can’t think of the place where Japan even make love, I am too small.

When I saw it, Xiao Fang suddenly felt that the chest is itchy, it turned out to be Ager in touching my breast.

I am panicked: “What are you doing?”

Ajie replied: “You see, people around you are watching us, come here, nothing, isn’t it very strange?

Waiting for people think that we are deliberate, isn’t it worse? “

Being said by Ajie, I saw the people around him indeed looking at us, as if said: “How do you not start?”

Seeing this situation, I didn’t oppose the movements of Ajie, in fact, Xiaofang thought about it. Ager healing excited, the suret handles into my clothes, pull the bra high, and play my nipple directly. Ajie said in my ear: “Fang, you are hard …”

In fact, Xiaofang is very hard. I touched a few times, Ajie also said: “Fang, do you want to see your Boo?”

Xiao Fang originally liked to see it, but he is ashamed by his boyfriend.

Ajie didn’t care about me, pulled my clothes at one hand, and I didn’t consciously raise my hands to cooperate with him, hehe … I didn’t know that I secretly exposed my secret.

The clothes and bra are taken off, and my chest is completely exposed. Although Xiaofang’s exposure experience is a lot, but in front of her boyfriend, it is the first time. After my shirt, Aji took my hands to make my tits, still said in my ear: “Fang, you see, everyone looks at you …”

Just off your clothes, everyone is of course curious, what is so strange?

I looked at it, I found that Mr. Deassover’s girlfriend is already on the ground, his pants took over half, her girlfriend is blowing with him!

Due to the head of the girl, I couldn’t see Mr. Chiczi’s mask, but I feel very excited, and his eyes are also staring at my breast, and the eyes seem to have a little jealous.

Hey … When a man who is almost become a lover, he is stroked by his boyfriend’s complicated mood. Xiaofang finally felt.

Ajie also pays attention to Mr. Chiczi’s eyes, saying in my ear: “Your friend’s boyfriend seems to like to see your wave.”

I am a lot: “How can I, my girlfriend is much better than me …”

Age said: “But the shape is not as you.”

Follow it, you will be happy.

Although the couple here is very bold, it is just a part of the clothes, and puts the whole upper dress off, Xiaofang is the only one.

It took a meal, Ajie said to me: “Fang, see there, the man’s younger brother is big …”

Being said by Ajie, my eyes also look forward to the left of the opposite side. I saw a man who was behind his partner. It was indeed very thick.

I saw the real performance to make love, my face is going to die, telling the words: “Hello metamorphosis, you want your own girlfriend to see other men …” Ajie is relaxed: “Just look Xiao Fangfang likes, don’t talk, it is not angry with others! “

Good wow … is what you said …

This is clearly the same as the exposure yourself, why do you change your topic? Therefore, I will make a deficiency, it turned out to be deceived …

(There are few recently responded … Everyone doesn’t love Xiao Fangfang …)

I showed an unsatisfactory expression. How did Ajie say this? Ajie knows that he is wrong, don’t dare to mention, just sell my neck, and continue to touch my chest. Oh … can be said to be kneaded, because he is quite vigorous, put my breasts a little deformation, although my breast is not too big, but the meat is a lot, so I don’t think too much. Bad.

In a while, Ajie has picked up in the nipple with the 3rd section of the index finger, so that my nipple jumps, I have made a few times, the two little beans are harder than just.

Usually, he will not be like this to engage in my breast. Today, the situation is particularly particularly, plus the Sale of Ajie, and the excitement of Xiaofang is quite high.

My shoulder didn’t consciously calmly, the throat is also “… …”


Ajie laughed in my ear: “Fang you are so sensitive today … Is it that it is very excited?”

I am full of redness, I don’t want to answer him, looking around the opposite side, the two have been dry, and the girlfriend of the Biis is sitting in his body and vigorously shaking the ass, because it is back to us, I can’t see the girl. The expression.

Followed by Mr. Deassover, there is a middle and look at us.

Nowadays, I also boldly, I didn’t escape his eyes, under the dim light, he won’t see my red face.

At the same time as I have a perspective, Ajie has changed their posture, kissed my nipple, although the number of times we did did count, it is very familiar with everyone’s body, but today in this situation It is still a rainy. I feel a hot feeding of the nipple.

Ok … it seems … It is another man who kisses me.

Oh … what should I say … Although Ajie is a small boyfriend of Xiaofang, I have a little bit good for Mr. Deassover in front of him, so in front of him, there is a feeling of stealing. And this kind of stealing feelings brings unpredictable pleasure.

I am not messy …

“Oh … … Yeah … Yeah … 喔 … 唔 …” With the 阿 阿 的, I feel comfortable, I don’t consciously send a small sound, Jay laughs in my ear : “It’s so comfortable to see your friends.”

At this time, Mr. Defront is dry with his girlfriend on the sofa. He caught his girlfriend’s ass, and he pushed it, and every time you enter and leave the girl exaggerated. “Yeah …” 呻吟The actress in the film, a pair of hanging big tits are also swing before and after, it seems that it will fall.

Xiao Fang has also seen Mr. Deassatis, nor too much, no need to be so exaggerated …

Is it like this when Japanese girls do love? At this time, I didn’t help but let me think about Miss Miss, Miss Miss.

In fact, this kind of voice has not stopped in the field. Under this obscenity atmosphere, Xiaofang is also more exciting. I took the initiative to put your hand on the pants of Ajie, touch his mask, It’s completely hard.

I touched his mask in western pants, as if I explored the length of the mask. In fact, this is a small Fang knows early, but I don’t know how this time, I want to know this little thing.

Ajie was touched for a while, and couldn’t help it. Pudging the trousers chain and exposed the excitement of the whole hard.

I saw this familiar guy actually felt a burst of heartbeat, as if the little girl saw the boy’s words for the first time.

Ok … so cute …

I gasped, I took the bag, I saw that the glans out of some transparent liquids, and I knew that Ajie was very excited, so she held the stem, wiped the transparent liquid, and then put it on the glans. The glans are filled with liquids, sparkling light.

Then the palm of the palm is pushed up from the stem, and the baubles of the glans will take a little liquid, I once again massage this little life.

The left hand is touched the edge of the glans.

Ajie can’t stand it, ask me: “Fang, do you learn this?”

I whispered: “Do you like it?”

Ager is a bus with the answer: “Like … like …”

… Men is like this, my girlfriend doesn’t play with you, I have to put a little doubt, I am really annoying … Ager looks Xiao Fang to make him comfortable, come to repay, he takes me The skirt is tall, and the hand is placed on the trousers, gently swept the inclusions inside. Oh … this feeling is good, separated from pants, and the skin under the incapacity has a tickle, and the pores are as if they stand.

I think the lower body has a good hot feeling. When I have just been touched, the lower body began to wet, now … more flooded into the disaster.

Ajie’s right hand points to the small depression of the trousers in the middle of the trousers, and you can call: “Hey … Fang you are wet ……”

… … shame … No one has come in when we are not a Japanese, now Ajie speaks Cantonese, the people around you are looking for … It seems that I am appreciating foreign countries. I put it hard. Let me know what I am angry, don’t say anything.

He opened my little pants, stretched the right hand, touched two times on the inclusion, and touched my wet.

Ajie’s middle finger made two times in the small hole, stretched out, put my love in my right nipple, as if I said “see … so many …”.

Oh … The small hole of the people is touched by him, and it is very comfortable. He took the finger so soon, really mad at me, I swayed, the small voice said: “I have to 喔 …”

Ager laughed: “You will contain it …”

Do you want to give you a bounce in front of Mr. Deassover? Xiao Fang Ning can die …

I am sure, Ajie has no way, only put it in my trousers in my horses, and use my finger to please me.

Ajie’s middle finger is constantly entering and out, and the index finger is massage the bacons on the top, oh … really too … great … this feeling … especially the little peas is touched, it seems to have a trembling I don’t care, I don’t care about the loss of people before people, relax the whole body lying on Ajie, straight legs, become “big” glyphs, buttons also match the rhythm of his fingers to twisted, even a little twitching.

Ajie said in his ear: “How? Is uncomfortable?”

Basically my reaction told him that I caught his left hand on his left chest: “Boo also wants …”

Ajun smiled and smiled, the left hand was put on my left milk, and the tongue continued to lick my ear.

Oh … it’s too comfortable. I feel the strongest place in my body. I can’t help it: “Good … Shu … service … … 嗄 … 嗄 … 嗄 …”

The whole body seems to be in general, but only the two feet is straight forward, and all force is concentrated on the ankle.

I … my nerve seems to be much more sensitive than usual, every action feels so strong … then … then … moving.

I opened my eyes slightly. I saw Mr. Deassover on the sofa, carrying us both, her trousers have been taken over, and the buttocks do a girlfriend.

I saw his strong ass muscle, and I felt very sexy. It is a pity that he is carrying us, can’t see the sexy appearance of Xiaofang’s face, there is a little disappointment.

My hand reflected in Ajie’s mask, except for the eggs of the masher, they did not let go, greedy explore the true.

Ajie can’t buck, a heavy breathing sound, say: “Fang, you are wet … Insert you?”

Hey … I really feel it itch. I want to make the mask to plug in and fill the battle, but I actually have an evil idea: I think Mr. Chi look at me …

I thought they were almost almost, I … I … I want to wait for them to do it … Hey … What do I think?

Still a little passion, I can’t express it … I have to learn more …

The response is too bleak, and I haven’t worried.

This is written, please don’t be there …

I am catching the mask of Ajie, said softly: “Don’t you think that I use mouth? I … I will give you a look.”

Ajie probably did not think that I will suddenly change my mind, I thought it was an emotion. In fact, I just want to delay time, and I will have two people.

I caught the mask from Ajie, I don’t want to swallow the hard glant, why do you want to force yourself? The reason is that I am afraid that the mask will send out the odor. I didn’t like it before the cleaning, but I still have to wash it anymore, it is really a bitterness …

I am on the breath (because I am afraid to smell the smell), my tongue is switched on the glans, oh … a salty taste …

Although Ajie is my favorite person, it still feels a bit uncomfortable.

A Jie enjoys it, and said to me: “Fang … you get worse … Do you really like to swallow …”

Not too … It’s hard to die … but every time the body will not consciously flow out a lot of love liquid, it is not excited, why do I don’t know if I don’t know.

My mouth is constantly licking Ajie’s sexual device, but in fact, my eyes have always asked the previous Spring Gala, and the muscles of the muscles of the Mr. Dead did a sense of sexual impulse. Hey … I really want it, but It is desirable to endure, it is the unreasonable exposure mentality.

Finally, I saw that the speed of the event of Chibi is getting more and more, knowing that he is going to ejaculate, I also increase the speed of the mouth, and I will touch the lower beans below.

Oh … … I … I have a pleasure that is floating from the lower body like the waves, I can’t help but spit out the mask, send a burst.

“Hey … Yeah … A … Ajie … I … I want to be …” The right hand is holding his mask up and down.

Ajie probably, I haven’t endured, I listened to me, I immediately stood up and pulled my trousers. Pressing me on the sofa. I don’t want to insert my small hole.

“Hey … I feel like it …” I seem to have waited this, like a good, obscenity, enjoy the pumping.

(Good strange description …)

Ajie seems to be much more hard than usual because of the relationship between atmosphere infection, every moment is inserted to the end, and the snacks are sent. My thigh was opened by him, almost hitting a cross.

Although it is also very comfortable, but because I am lying, I can’t see the opposite two, is this not lost? I caught the waist of Ajie, saying with a near-awkward voice: “Yeah … Yeah … A … Ajie … I … I have to sit up …” Oh … I usually want to sit up. , Ajie has a little strange: “How … What happens … I want to see you when you are done?”

I am not afraid of it. “Yes … is … I … I want to see me … My Bohu …”

Ajun smiled and left my body and sat on the sofa.

I stood up, I saw the opposite side, I have finished it. I am sitting and appreciateing us. I am carrying Ajie, my feet is on the sofa, like a little frog, then put the mask into their own Pussie.

Hey … aware of the eyes (actually more people …) ‘

Because the lights are dim, Mr. Deassover can’t see my little hole, plus the skirt is not taken off, even the inconstruction, but still can see the straight mask to disappear in my pussy and then appear. People don’t go through their eyes, I am more exciting, but the movement of the ass is also accelerated.

“Ok … so comfortable … Yeah … Ajie … so comfortable …”

“Fang … you … you do this today …”

I have always looked around the opposite side. I saw Mr. Dezi’s girlfriend began to fight his hook, got a few times, and they raped again.

It’s very good … I have a little longevity, I’m afraid … (laugh)

Suddenly I saw Mr. Deassistan stood up and went to our sofa.

No, … What do you want to do … Ajie is …

He seems to be ignored, go to my front, kiss to my mouth.

I … I didn’t refuse, and he picked up kisses …

Hey … What am I doing … Ajie is behind me ……

The most exactly he caught my right hand, put it in his own mask, I actually happen, and his hands greedily stroked my breast.

Although Ajie is blocked by my back ridge, it must know that her girlfriend is playing with another man, I don’t know how I feel? “Good hard … Mr. Deassover … The …” I quickly moved the right hand, although the same male sex, but feeling and the boyfriend actually like two different things.

Mr. Redshi said whispers in my ear: “Fang … Next, I must do you …”

I … I actually say this: “You … you are now … you can do it …”

He shook his head and smiled: “Your boyfriend is awkward, don’t destroy your happiness for a moment.”

Hey … I have a good person … I have listened to this, I would like to do with him …

Mr. Redshi touched my breast, returned to his sofa, kissed his girlfriend.

This posture has been a bit tired for a long time, so I changed back to the posture of the woman in the man, and the arms were tightly catching the shoulders of Ajie, said in his ear: “… Hey … husband … so comfortable Oh … “The fingers also tapped his nipple.

Ajie was can’t help but I was, “said” Fang … I … I want to shoot … “

I closed my eyes, um, and enjoy the arrival of the climax.

“Um … um … um … ah … um …”

Oh … Xiaofang’s climax is not much, this can be said to be more fierce … I feel a burst of hot hot hot in my vagina, Ajie shoots in my vagina … I think the lower body seems to be a while. The stunning convulsions, the upper body hugged in Ajie’s arms, enjoy the feeling of love after the climax.

The two don’t know how long it is quiet, Aji slowly, laughs: “Fang, so many people look, is it particularly excited?”

“Not too … No you become transformed …” I tied my mouth, in fact, the performance just proved that I was very excited, how can I defraud him?

I sat up and found that Mr. Chiczi was gone, probably we were embarrassed, pre-extroverted waiting for us.

I wore a blouse in red, and hurriedly left this mousse city. I saw a pair of couples to make love, I thought about my own appearance, I can’t help but feel it.

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