I listened to my friends and said that he and his girlfriend’s love story. I feel that it is necessary to write a love porn story cough, I am now talking about my friend’s position. This story is a small letter. Big 3, the present girlfriend is like, we are very loving, and this is a story, the little girl who knows before I have to graduate, she is 170, then I just enlarged one, and her Just a good country, one day I waited for me in the school, I just bought some drinks to go home, by the way, I bought it, and the little girl came out at this time, such as: Excusete, you are a big garden Did you send a delivery person?

I: Hey .. No, I look like?

Small like: Just see a bag of drinks on your locomotive, haha: Oh … 妳 妳 中 中?

Small like: Yes, should you be a senior? I seem to have seen you in the school: Yes? … 妳 高 阿?

Xiao Su: 170 me: …. I 165 too much, Xiaoxi: Hahaha, the seniors, you are so handsome, but unfortunately, I am seriously stabbed … T_t), then I think I am like learning. My sister’s face is still round, but I have a good time. But after I am interested, I found that Xiaoyu is adding me to my FB. From that day, we will be more often talking, but I haven’t talked about it later. I have been boring to this year, I am bored, so I will send it to Xiaoxue, I haven’t seen it for a long time. Do you want to see it?

Small like: Ok ~ (after meeting)

Small like: You are … Xiaofin Subgrade?

I: Is it as small as? ….

Small like: How did you become higher than me? … How many people are you?

I: I am 178 Xiaoxi: Dry ~ I am too much, I: ~ 脏 小 小 如: 阿 …. Sorry ~ I: It doesn’t matter ~ 是 是 好 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 小 小 小 小 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 小 如 如 小 如 小 如 如 如 如 小 如 如 如 如 如 如^) Do you have a lot of you: Is this praise? …

Small like: Yes! Is my girlfriend must be very positive?

I: Well …

Small like: What happened? Nothing?

I: Hahaha ~ For A ~ There is no intentional little as: Let’s go to the chair under the tree, let me: um, um ~ (we slide the phone)

Me: Is it like a boyfriend?

Small like: I have no boyfriend, my: why?

Small like: You are not yet?

Me: Of course, there will be no boyfriend. Hahaha, you are very strange (quish my waist but we have become embarrassing …

Me: It is said that the truth change in the past few years is quite big.

Me: I used to be a farton == small as: Who is giving you a child? You used to be short than me: Who said that he is a fare?

Small, usually, it is a lot, and I know a lot of things, very mature, I said, what did we just know before?

Small like: To my: What do you know? … can you understand?

Small like:, for example, … Adult topic, me: ah?

When I was shy at this time, I also looked at her, as if the two of the new love, like slowly put the head slowly, I slowly approached her, then kissed it. It is about a few seconds to distinguish it, and the mouth is small.

Small, like this: This is just kissing … Small, you kiss others with others?

Small like: Nothing, this is a kiss me: Do you give me a kiss …?

Small like: um,> _ <…

I: I am not the first time.

Small, like: …. Oh … that is not the relationship, I don’t care, although I don’t care, I know that she is a bit more concerned, so I automatically rely on the head, and then kissed the little girl, this time I But use tongue kiss … XD is like: um … <3 …

The more you are more and more hot, and it is also like it to be pro. I don’t know where the hand is going. At this time, I have passed my lower half. I have touched my brother, I am already smashed. As: ah …

I: ah ….. (hurriedly took a shy shake)

Small like: Dear, you are hard …

Me: Less talk less nonsense …. Boys are excited, of course, will be hard as: Hahaha … Why is excited?

I don’t have to say it …. Can I kiss and kiss me? Small like: Yes? ….. I have seen my boy from our country: Chicken?

Little like: Well ~ They will take out to pistol, so I don’t think there is anything: Hey … really small as: Your length? Hahaha: …..

Small like: Which is not as short as China?

Me: I prove to see you (immediately out of the horse) ….. I have been mad … (this is the general method)

Small like: Wow …. This should be 15 cm. I: I am like: You still have yourself?

I: Curiously, I’m smothering, like a small meat stick, like: Can I take it?

I: Hey … good …

Small like my meat stick, saying really a little stimulus, no one next to it is asking me to say: Secretary, I am very curious …, can you let me?

I thought in my heart: (taste! Tenste! Tensile! … with? !!)

I: Hey .. Can not be too long … I saw it after I finished Xiaoyan, I contracted my chicken, I was covered, my chicken hopped, small If the technique doesn’t seem to be the first time …, I was sucked to the fairy ….

I: ah ….. Stop …

Small like: um, what happened …?

I: Is this the first time?

Small like: um, I: Technology is not very like the first time …?

Small like: I look at me like this: Ah? Will you watch a film?

Small like: Who doesn’t look? Have you seen it? (Said, if you continue to include my meat stick: Oh … oh …

Small like: Well … Poz Poz, I know that I have to shoot in my heart … because I haven’t had this experience for too long: I haven’t used this .. The school is shot [Email protected] * $ (Ah .. ah .. School girl … 妳 .. Is there any hearing?)

Small like it seems that I have never heard it, continue to make it for me …

I: ah … ah … you want .. shot .. ah! … ah .. (shot) .. (shot)

I put the super large amount of fine in the small mouth, after the short shot, Xiao Ruo lifted it, then swallowed all, then I contained my meat stick and continued to put the remaining semen to clean me. Ah …. Too comfortable ….

Small like: Senior, you ….. Fight is quite fragrant ….. XD me: Yes? …

Small like: You should have a sports?

I: Hmm ~ Xiao You: No wonder ~ I: God … I first in the wild …

Small like: I am also …

Afterwards, we will go home, and Xiaorui is also confession with me, I certainly be very happy

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